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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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elizabeth: austin city workers in texas will soon see hourly wages increase. the texas city council voted to up the minimum wage for city workers for $22 an hour. some city workers demanded it because of inflation. 22 bucks, wow. that does it for us. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> tonight the nation braces as the supreme court is set to release its decision on abortion. now the far left is ready to launch more protests nationwide. hillary clinton is warning democrats they risk, quote, frightening losses due to extreme positions like defund the police. remember when the left were gearing up the gotcha moment, catching cops behaving badly on bodycam footage. new footage show courage and danger cops face every day.
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congressman mark green, brings westerman, joe gamaldi, federalist, mollie hemingway, former councils of economic advisors, tomas philipson and dr. marc siegel. the president plunges off his bike at full stop. they blame trump for the recession. then says there is no recession. wall street economists say the white house float as new teartive. the recession is quote a transition. does that mean your paychecks are transitioning down? president biden and secretary granholm contradict each other on biden's visit to saudi arabia. talking to them but not u.s. energy. white house scrambling even more biden plunders. we've got more of them. we have more details from hunter biden's ex-wife, revealing more alleged abuses by hunter biden. plus a shocking report, a staggering number of teens getting poisoned by fentanyl
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pouring across the border. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we have a new recession red flag. barclays are reporting consumers cut in half spending on travel, restaurants, and home repairs. we'll stay on that developing story for you. also a growing backlash across the nation against weak on crime d.a.s and judges. voters are getting fed up. they ask how is it compassionate to release known felons back on the street to commit more crimes against innocent people? fox news dan springer in seattle with the latest. reporter: sentencing a gang member who shot into a crowd hitting five people in seattle the judge seemed more upset with
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society than the gang members. >> struggle with gang violence matters to me and our entire community shares responsibility for that struggle. reporter: the same judge allowed two teenagers charged with a string of takeover armed robberies one which was pistol-whipped. they cut off ankle monitors, robbed a pot shop, robbed and killed an employee. a homeless man accused of breaking into a house, trying to fight his way into his son, was not even required to post bail. this is big push toward bail reform and relaxed sentencing guidelines there. is a counter effort in harris county texas, the d.a. who happens to be a democrat is trying to get her prosecuting attorneys to run for judge positions. liz? elizabeth: dan springer, thanks for your report. this is happening across the country. mark green joins us, fraternal
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order of police vice president. he is joe gamaldi. great to have you both on. congressman, we have to deal with this how concerned are you about violent protests with the supreme court releasing opinions potentially tomorrow and thursday, on 18 cases including abortion, likely putting it back to the states? when do you think? >> i'm very concerned. obviously the communities where the judges lived have shown they're not prepared to protect the justices. we've seen already an attempt made on justice kavanaugh's life. there will be riots all across the country on this. they're prepared. we heard they're ready to do this. this is really bad. it is tragic. they're trying to influence the court to stop this decision. that is the whole point of it. elizabeth: it is illegal to do it. where is merrick garland on it still? congressman? >>, i missed your question there? elizabeth: where is ag garland
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on the illegal protests? >> well, he doesn't seem to have an opinion about it. he would rather go after school boards and parents protesting at school boards than people threatening the lives of our justices. he seems to be absent from his job. elizabeth: joe, they're putting up barricades around the supreme court right now. they're doing fencing. joe, we're already halfway through 2022. already five major cities, los angeles, d.c., baltimore, milwaukee, atlanta, they're on pace to surpass their steep 2021 homicide totals. how are weak on crime policies compassionate to an innocent public? >> well, i tell you what we've seen with these policies. it is creating a culture of lawlessness in this country. nobody is accountable for their actions. there is no consequences anymore we're seeing it played out in the urban communities every day. over the weekend we had dozens of people shot in chicago.
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mass shooting in washington, d.c. a 15-year-old murdered and officer was shot. robberies there are up 34%. it is playing out across america. seattle murders up 55%. portland, 21%. new orleans, 36%. the list goes own and on. we have the clown prosecutors to thank for it. nobody is worse than chesa boudin, thankfully he got outed. next up, george gascon. you're up next on the chopping block. he cut a sweetheart deal to a violent felon. selling in potential after firearm. what idiot could give someone like that probation? when they were out murdered officer paralysis and santana in cold blood. if d.a. gascon had a integrity he would resign for what he has
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done. history will judge his cowardice. elizabeth: the known felon was out on a me deal. he was arrested for illegal gun possession. they're blaming weak on crime george gascon. the left was gearing up gotcha moments catching cops behaving badly on body cams this video is coming in. we see the courage and danger cops face every day. dramatic moment, 28-year-old suspect with a cop doing a traffic stop, he charges at him with a huge axe. before he is shot dead. this is what they deal with every day. crime is getting out of control. >> the left doesn't seem to understand the difference between the good guy and the bad guy. they want to defund police while putting criminals back on the street. that is why d.a.s like out in san francisco, positive recalls are happening. america had enough.
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just like with the education transparency stuff in virginia. people are waking up to liberal policies what they're doing, destroying our country. i reiterate, they don't know the good guy from the bad guy. they give $85 billion worth of stuff with the taliban. they want to cut a deal with russia while there is war in ukraine to actually build a nuclear reactor in iran, defund the police. these guys, they're upside down. they don't know right from wrong. they don't know the good guy for the bad guy. elizabeth: we'll show hundreds gathering in california for what joe was talking about for the vigil of roush.for two california police officers. hillary clinton says there will be frightening losses to republicans because they keep taking quote, extreme positions on things like defunding the police.
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they need to stop that she is claiming the nation is on the verge of losing democracy to the gop. take that on. >> well, i'll tell you, i think a lot of people are waking up, just how big after loser defund the police. shocker, people want police officers in their community, right? anybody with a brain should understand that. but you know what? the american people are not stupid. they're pissed off. they're tired of this woke agenda and the fact that these revolving door criminal justice policies are ruining their communities for a generation. we want safe streets. we want to feel comfortable walking our kids to school. i'm telling you right now, liz, there will be a reckoning at the polls. the american people are fed up with it. they want law and order in their communities. they will let people that will give it to them. elizabeth: what is disturbing what joe is saying congressman, crime is hitting u.s. cities hard. they locked down, shut down americans. then they defunded right as borden letting the border
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collapse as drugs pour into u.s. cities. we see dozens of gangs in chicago. the number of terrorists on the fbi watch list caught at border is passing fiscal 2021. you see that. you see texas governor abbott dealing with this. we're going to watch this. watch. >> this is the president's job, national security and our national security is at risk because of all of these terrorists who are on the watch list who may have come across the border. the president of the united states is failing in his most fundamental duty and that is to keep our nation safe. elizabeth: and so, i want to roll to this. watch cnn van jones whacker is wrong with the democrat party. watch this. >> listen, we're in danger of becoming a party of very high and very low. if you pull out the working class, you have people well-educated and people well-off. those people talk funny, latin
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x. i never met a latin x. i never met a bipoc, weird stuff these highly-educated people say is bizarre. nobody talks that way at barbershop, grocery store, salon, the community center. that is how we talk now. elizabeth: are democrats reading the polls, congressman? gallop is saying americans are more concerned about crime than they afternoon have been in the last six years. so why are they so out to lunch and not reading, listening to people on the street are telling them via the polls? >> yeah. they're just doubling down no one seems to understand why. hillary clinton herself says it fails to common sense. you said earlier she said democracy would be extinct. i think democrat party will be extinct, americans have had it, whether it's the border, whether it's the criminal situation.
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it is just, i hope, i hope they get trounced and the radical socialists woke people running their party are thrown to the curb. and hopefully we can have you know real freedom joe congressman green, joe gamaldi, thanks for coming on. more details about hunter biden's ex-wife book. not just about money. messaging mayhem. president biden and jennifer granholm contradict each other on the trip to saudi arabia. white house tries another trial balloon, downplaying recession as transition. saying it is not inevitable when ceos and wall street economists warn it is coming. we'll break that down next with tomas philipson on "the evening edit". >> majority -- president biden: majority are not saying that. don't make things up. you sound like a republican politician. i'm joking. that was a joke.
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elizabeth: okay. federal reserve chair jerome powell now admits its hike in
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interest rates will cause some pain for you and companies are getting set to pass that along in the form of even mower higher prices. edward lawrence is in washington with more. edward. reporter: liz, republicans are saying that the president is living near a river in egypt, he is living in denial. the president continues to say he is overseeing a very strong economy. the president says likelihood of recession is not inevitable. there also might be some more stopgap measures he says to try to bring down gas prices, specifically a pause of the national gas tax. >> [inaudible] >> rebate cards? president mt. that's part. president biden: that is part of the whole operation. reporter: national fast tax is only 18 cents. removing it will cost $20 billion in revenue if it pauses through the fiscal year.
6:18 pm
kevin brady said the president did all of this to himself. >> unfortunately recession is inevitable because president biden made it inevitable. not only worse does he not have any plan, but this is the same plan he is using for a year-and-a-half. he wants more spending. reporter: president joe biden will be back a few hours here in the white house for the vacation he had at his delaware beach house. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you very much. we have former white house council of economic advisors tomas philipson. the optics are weird. he is doing four-day work weeks. he is going to his beach house talking about inflation. secretary buttigieg may crack down, fine, personize airlines for flight cancellations after buttigieg's flight was canceled the day after he met with airline executives. what do you think is going on here? >> the white house is confusing what is going on quite a bit.
6:19 pm
so the inflation is poorly perceived. in fact your viewers are better at forecasting inflation than the d.c. establishment was. if you look at inflation expectations by the population it's much more closely aligned with actual inflation than what the federal bureaucracies in d.c. have said and there is still inflation expectations are 2% higher than the bureaucracies are predicting essentially. that is worrisome. it feeds into consumption. consumer confidence as can sequence is lowest on record. elizabeth: yeah. >> that translates into consumption. consumption has dipped. retail sales dipped last week. consumption is 70% of our economy. it is spelling recession all over the place right now. elizabeth: why isn't the white house grabbing what you're saying, thomas? near is the thing, even the faa has a worker shortages. there are worker shortages at
6:20 pm
bars, companies, restaurants, small businesses nationwide. there are two job openings for everyone moment i had unemployed worker. now capital riots. they have a new narrative. they say presession just a transition. >> prices are unacceptablably high. where we are in the economy is in a transition. i spoke to ceos the past week from sectors across the economy. >> they're planning around a recession. >> they're planning around transitions in our economy. elizabeth: you know what? tomas, cut it out. the white house needs to cut it out with the rhetoric, knock it off with the political flannel. this is not a transition. they're talking a about a downturn. inflation took off right before russia's war in ukraine, way before that even. we know that obama officials larry summers, steve rattner,
6:21 pm
jason furman even said, san francisco fed said warned massive 6 trillion spending in two years, fed money printing did trigger inflation. what do you say? >> yeah. i think the transition they're talking about is also from fossil fuels, green energy and i think it is very, very misleading. the whole reason we have a climate policy period is because green energy is more costly than fossil fuels. if it wasn't, we wouldn't need to have a climate policy. everyone would go to green energy. the market would adopt it much quicker than any government trying to push us into a more costly energy source. they're pushing us into even costlier energy source than the costly fossil fuel on record right now. that is very, very worrisome. i think the white house doesn't even themselves believe in their energy policy because at the same time, they're regulating away the fossil fuel industry. they're asking ceos to
6:22 pm
basically to bo out and pump more. it is just, they're trying to raise and cut supply at the same time. elizabeth: tomas, here is the other issue. you need to look at the producer price index, right? feedstock of inflation, that is the wholesale prices companies have to pay. when you raise rates, rules and regulations the companies pass it along in the form of higher inflation. when you look what is going on, rate hikes will not produce rice in rates and economy. collapse in partisanship, nancy pelosi on and other side of the republicans this is going on since the early '90s. watch republican senator ben sasse on this. >> they have two moderates. why is it that joe manchin and krysten sinema get so many vial
6:23 pm
threats from their own party? their party has no room for intellectual diversity although they claim diversity is one of their fundamental touchstones? elizabeth: you shouldn't call them progressives. there is nothing progressive about wiping out your moderate bench. that they should be called militant. >> thank god we didn't have "build back better," what would have been the case if "build back better" got into place. this inflation would be tiny compared to what we've seen on that plan. elizabeth: thank you, joe manchin and krysten sinema. tomas phillipson, thanks so much. good to see you. this story, we're staying on it. white house messaging is all over the map. energy secretary jennifer granholm is contradicting president biden, contradicting each other on the trip to saudi arabia, talking to the saudi arabians after they don't talk to u.s. energy after they destroyed the biggest supply chain of all, our u.s. oil and
6:24 pm
gas sector. we're covering that with house natural resources ranking member, he is bruce westerman on "the evening edit." >> after joe biden's 18 months, trying to steer this country, people are less hopeful for a good future than they have ever been. ♪ meet jessica moore. jessica was born to care. she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪ ms. hogan's class? yeah, it's atlantis. nice. i don't think they had camels in atlantis. really? today she's a teammate at truist, the bank that starts with care when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show ranking member house north
6:28 pm
resources, along with transportation committee, he is congressman bruce westerman. congressman, great to have you on. thanks for joining us. have you seen what is going on with the messaging on the president's trip to saudi arabia because it seems like there is chaos even on this? biden energy secretary granholm says the president will meet with the crown prince of saudi arabia next month. the president says he is not explicitly meeting with him. it is part of a broader international meeting. how can they not even get this one straight as they're not talking to u.s. oil? >> good to be with you, liz. i think it is metaphorical of their own energy plan. the left doesn't know what the right hand is doing. they have an itinerary, they don't have a plan to get there. they don't know what they will do when they get there. i'm not surprised. this is what we come to respect for this administration. this illustrates how haphazard they go a long way, how little of real plan that they have.
6:29 pm
they have got an agenda, zero carbon, neutrality, all this stuff but they have no reasonable, rational plan to get there. what the american public needs is a plan how we produce reliable, affordable, the cleanest energy on the planet, do it in a way that doesn't drive prices through the roof, that doesn't affect peoples everyday lives and pile on inflation. elizabeth: let's watch the president climate czar. by the way, let me back up. we're going to talk about this instead. we're going to watch biden economic advisor jared bernstein. he is claiming that the president is the best president in history on basically rocketing gas prices. you're going to see the treasury secretary admit to a drop in oil production and refinery capacity. you will see representative steve scalise and hbo's bill
6:30 pm
maher way weighing? >> the president is doing more than every president i've worked for. >> what happened the production has gone down. refinery capacity has declined in the united states and oil production has declined. >> the natural resources had a committee hearing on big cats, that's right. amidst this gas crisis, that's crushing american families, taking money out of their pockets every single week. >> in 2020 biden said no more drilling on federal lands. >> no keystone pipeline. >> when people get off fossil fuels before they have a replacement they wind up going back to even worse fossil fuels. we said saudi arabia go [bleep] yourself. you killed a journalist. now biden is going over there hat in hand begging them for oil. elizabeth: biden has been undercutting u.s. energy, congressman. at least seven executive orders, multiple initiatives, undercutting, cracking down on u.s. energy. your committee, democrats are
6:31 pm
talking about cats? >> that seemed to be the most important subject they could come up with how we regulate big cats, next show people watching during the pandemic. we want to talk about how do we produce more energy? how do we lower costs? how do we create more american jobs? how do we use energy as a national security weapon. how do we help our friends across the world, all of those important issues that should be coming before our committee, as the whip mentioned the topic, headliner bill was big cats. you can't make it up. i hate to wish my life away, but i can't wait to see the american voters speak in november. hopefully we get some common sense back. elizabeth: house democrats on your own committee cracking down on disinformation, anything negative about the green energy like climate czars gina mccarthy, john kerry are doing. are they going to crack down on the president saying this? watch this. president biden: i grew up in a
6:32 pm
family, not a joke, where the price of gallon of gasoline went up there was a conversation at our kitchen table, it mattered. it mattered with my mom and dad. it made a difference. we felt it. elizabeth: no he didn't. he didn't feel gas was going flat. it was not going up. there were no food shortages, no price of gasoline when biden was growing up in the 40s. the price of gasoline had plateaued. how is the president allowed to get away with this and american people are supposed to believe what they say? >> they come from a fantasy world, they make it up. i think people are smarter than that. they see you there it. they feel the price at the pump. they see the price at the grocery store. it is affecting american families every day. they will not have the wool pulled over their eyes. elizabeth: congressman
6:33 pm
westerman, great to have you on. good to see you. we have been reporting this story every year unfortunately it is getting worse. fentanyl is exploding across the border and fake pills like adderall poisoning college students. the number will shock you. hunter biden's wife that he is a abusive husband. a political liability. that his overseas business dealings are deeper than we realized. "the federalist"'s mollie hemingway joins us next.
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♪. elizabeth: look who's back, "the federalist" mollie hemingway. terrific writer and columnist. mollie, good to have you on. hunter biden's ex-wife kathleen buell, she has a new memoir. when you go through it that
6:38 pm
hunter biden was emotionally abusive husband. it is beyond alcohol and drug addiction, mollie. >> we've known for years hunter biden is a broken individual. we know that he has major problems with drug addiction, makes sexually unwise decisions. hearing this memoir from his ex-wife, we learned from her perspective at least, he was abusive, belittling, mean. comment how she wasn't intelligent as he was. all this is very sad. the reason it is interesting to us in this country, not because of these problems or how salacious they are because we know hunter biden is extremely close with his father, involved in a family business in which hunter biden sells access, he gets money for his access to his father. so those details keep coming out suggest this is not not a good individual to have in charge of
6:39 pm
family business. that family business is not a good idea, only thing traded when your father is high-ranking government official, is u.s. policy or taxpayer money. elizabeth: getting back to his shortcomings, verbal abuse. he called her god damn dumb, the dumbest person he met. get away from me, you idiot and more. there this other post, mollie, from the "new york post," laptop emails now show that hunter biden was working and helping, the crown prince of serbia along with the crown prince's wife, knew that hunter biden had access to his father, so much so, that they turned to hunter biden for help with money. what do you think of this story? >> well it is just so interesting, we have country of a country, where the wealthy and powerful oligarchses, royalty, communist associated business heads are working with hunter in order to gain things from the united states. and you know, we saw it with
6:40 pm
ukraine, in serbia, russia, china, it seems that you know, what is interesting here too, that serbia was under, part of vice president biden, then vice president bide's portfolio of management at the time this request came in. there were trips that biden made to serbia, visiting the palace, the crown prince and his wife hoped to get help renovating there is so much here. you think about how if this were the previous administration, it would have been donald trump, jr. done one one millionth of this type of business dealing, if he had non stop stories, example of a example. it is not major news. elizabeth: what they're reporting is it is an open secret among people in the upper echelons of society around the world. quote, the prince said to the "new york post" we were hoping that hunter might be able to help with his father to solve
6:41 pm
the problem hunter, in other words has direct pipeline to his father, who vice president was overseeing serbia at that time. it was like an open secret around the world. >> there is a lot of evidence suggesting that it is true hunter biden was able to get list father to do what he wanted. a few days ago we saw email greek orthodox was trying to get joe biden come coming to a conference. joe biden's people said we're not coming, we're not coming. hunter said, i will get him there. he said some tapes came out of the laptop he gets his father to do what he wants him to do. if he cares about a policy, he will get him to care. joe biden says hunter is the smartest individual he knows. he is taking cues from what hunter biden is talking about. this is serious issue. elizabeth: this is rampant corruption, how much did president obama and his team
6:42 pm
know about it and turned a blind eye. mollie, final word, 10 seconds. go ahead. >> we heard we know there were people in the obama administration were expressing concerns about hunter biden's relationship particularly in ukraine and they did tried to sound the alarm. nobody did anything about it. elizabeth: mollie hemingway, great stuff. come back soon. how much longer, this story, how much longer can the white house plunge protection crew scramble to save the president from his growing list of gaffs and blunders knocking down his polls? that is next on "the evening edit" >> tech: cracked windshield? schedule with safelite, and we'll come to you to fix it. >> tech vo: this customer was enjoying her morning walk. we texted her when we were on our way. she could track us and see exactly when we'd arrive. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: we came to her with service that fit her schedule. >> woman: you must be pascal. >> tech: nice to meet you. >> tech vo: we got right to work, with a replacement she could trust.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now gop strategist, ford o'connell. everybody saw this. the president fell off his bike at a full stop. his foot got caught in pedal. it was prepared photo.
6:47 pm
he is bullying reporters. how much longer than the white house protection crew stop his numbers and polls from plunging? >> liz, joe biden falling off the bike was the perfect analogy for his presidency, american under joe biden. it is cratering. he is turning america into a third world country in record time. that is why he has the lowest approval in mood earn polling history. joe biden will continue to same thing he always does, blame donald trump, regurgitate tired talking points and not address the problems that most americans are concerned about. >> mop-up crew is really earning their salary. he is coming across as not the sharpest tool in the shed. he is a spoon among knives with constant clean up. watch this. president biden: for god's sake this man cannot remain in power. >> we do not have a strategy of regime change in russia. >> are you willing to get involved military to defend
6:48 pm
taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> the united states remains committed to our one china policy. we do not support taiwan independence. >> if chemical weapons in you in ukraine would that trigger a military response from nato. president biden: it would trigger a response in kind. elizabeth: this is geopolitical strategy and foreign policy we're talking about too, ford. >> look, what is truly most concerning for americans is biden's mental miscues, his mental energy. 65% of americans don't believe that he is, is responding to crises too slow. you're absolutely right. when it comes to regime change in taiwan and russia that is damaging. but when it comes to the border crisis americans are not buying what he is selling. elizabeth: this is affecting democrats. more democrats are openly saying the president should not run in 2024. white house advisors david a
6:49 pm
sell rod, david gergen, the president is too old, he will be 86 at the end of a potential term. what does that mean for the ticket. >> in midterms there will abu palm any. i'm not convinced biden will finish the term. they will try to push kamala harris the oval office an make pete buttigieg president. they recognize the biden is dead end trail when it comes to 2024. they will look to have a different person in the white house. elizabeth: "the economist" magazine a few years ago, ford, said, enough already nancy. she wiped out the moderates. she wiped out the utility field players, the moderates who could have stepped in. many like rahm emanuel, kirsten gillibrand to get away from pelosi. she ruined the moderate spine in the party. you can't think pete buttigieg
6:50 pm
or harris will run for the presidency. as republicans have a list of targets and probes if they seize congress as expected. border collapse, doj controversies and more. >> here is the problem, you're absolutely right, liz. the democrats believe they have a communication problem. what they really have is a policy problem. they jump to conclusions on cultural issues too quickly and don't pick up economic issues. this is militant democratic party. they have driven moderates out. that is why americans are seeking a change not only in 2022 but 2024. elizabeth: ford o'connell terrific stuff. come back soon. we love having you on. growing number of tank ion teenagers and college students are dying from fentanyl. we've been reporting on this for over a year. china is working with mexico to bootleg these drugs. dr. marc siegel has the latest next on "the evening edit."
6:51 pm
>> we've seen over 3hundred pounds of fentanyl captured at the southern border. the problems this administration is creating, they're impacting every city in the united states of america. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... matching your job description. that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look.
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6:55 pm
border, large groups of illegal immigrants flooding in from places of border agents have never seen before. asia, even india. the white house wrapping up the number of secret trips transporting illegals into the u.s. interior on buses, taxis and airplanes. casey steagall in rio grande valley with more. >> out of more than 239,000 migrant encounters here at the southern border for just the month of may, close to 46000 of them have been right where we are in one sector, rgb or rio grande valley of south texas. more than 60% jump from the same month last year which means since the start of fiscal year 2022 which began october 1 more than 1.5 million migrant encounters have now been reported across the entire us-mexico border. that is not include known
6:56 pm
getaways which cbp says is close to 446,000 for the fiscal year. lawmakers who have seen it with their own eyes say enough is enough. >> republicans saw firsthand going to the border the problem this administration has caused. over 3 million illegal immigrants have come across the border since president biden took office. >> drugs are also a major concern. cbp data shows it seized more than 400 pounds of the dangerous drug fentanyl so far this fiscal year. elizabeth: great journalism, good to see you. we're staying on the story we covered last year, mexican cartel working with china to mass-produce fentanyl and market it into the u.s. and counterfeit pills. doctor marc siegel, great to have you on. what is your take, how bad is this? >> casey atlantic, we are talking about transnational criminal organizations that gets
6:57 pm
fentanyl made in china and now india is being added. they take it and now even more disturbingly they market it with petals that look like adderall or percocet or xanax so kids are buying it on the internet or social media who aren't even addicted, who didn't have a painkiller need sows not only, i'm told and you told the story, physicians prescribe something and it leads to illicit use, this is different, thus without that even happening so is expanding and criminal networks are expanding and as casey said, it's pouring across the border from mexico. elizabeth: you ghost to say tik tok or snap and teens on their phones can click on and emoji, icon on the social media site and by directly. the drug cartel are literary targeting young kids this way.
6:58 pm
>> correct and i said adderall, a drug i happen to think is overused to begin with but kids and teens like it because they get more focused, better scores on tests. it works whether you have adhd or not so they want to bypass the physician and go to stamp check to buy it, only somebody places it with fentanyl. by the way, not just fentanyl, there's another drug called iso 20 times more powerful than fentanyl now entering multiple places in the united states again through mexico. elizabeth: everybody talks about china white, powerful heroin and now i so as you pointed out, really dangerous. the dea, we've talked about this, dea cut 20 million fake bills in 2021 but this is more than a prior to your combined. >> that's just what they've reported, dea is on this but a lot has leaked past the dea. i want to emphasize it's because
6:59 pm
it's 100 times more powerful morphine meaning sentinel. another 20 times more powerful than that. they cause you to stop breathing with one pill. two grains of it with fentanyl and you could stop breathing before it happens and not a lot of narcan around. if we had antidotes, we can fight it and the narcan wears off so we have to get people to the er, we don't have enough to health or emergency personnel, it's an incredible mess. elizabeth: and a big wake-up call for parents across the nation. also marijuana is being placed including gummy's with deadly fentanyl, we see it in tennessee, connecticut, new york, western california and colorado. >> marijuana, thc is not what we used to know it us, we call it marijuana or pot but is laced with hallucinogens, fentanyl and we seen people overdose and die thinking they are smoking pot. it's another issue and again is
7:00 pm
tied to the pandemic as well because in the pandemic, depression, substance abuse and altogether skyrocketing out of control, kids have not been able to socialize properly, they go to snapshot. elizabeth: it is you, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: red lights are flashing and get ready for a recession. that's going to hurt. the biden administration claiming every thing is fine, this is exactly how we want it. at what time does their delusion become dangerous? according to "wall street journal" survey, leading economists, there's now a 42% chance of recession in the next year. the paper claims that's the highest percentage since they started keeping track in 2005.


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