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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 20, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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tied to the pandemic as well because in the pandemic, depression, substance abuse and altogether skyrocketing out of control, kids have not been able to socialize properly, they go to snapshot. elizabeth: it is you, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: red lights are flashing and get ready for a recession. that's going to hurt. the biden administration claiming every thing is fine, this is exactly how we want it. at what time does their delusion become dangerous? according to "wall street journal" survey, leading economists, there's now a 42% chance of recession in the next year. the paper claims that's the highest percentage since they started keeping track in 2005. on top of that, bank of america
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claiming a 40% chance of recession in 2023. they say the chance this year is lower but either way, not good news. nobody wants recession, particularly after how crappy things have gone the last two years the president biden apparently has petito's in his years. >> even more than ever. >> not the majority saying that. that was a joke. all kidding aside, i don't think it is, i talked to someone this morning and there's nothing inevitable about the recession, all the stuff we hear about and you have to report that biden and oil, 90002 claim and use it or lose it. kennedy: maybe 90000 leases. that malarkey about larry summers, larry summers has been saying there will be a
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recession. one of the loudest people proclaiming we have to be careful because the federal government has been doing it wrong. we'll have more on the oil situation with scott horton in a moment but first it appears biden entire economic team, watch this. >> i expect the economy to slow now, we expect the transition to stable growth but i don't think a recession is inevitable. >> inflation is happening globally, recession is not inevitable. >> not only is it not inevitable but we we as policymakers can take steps to build on our unique strengths in the american economy and tried to get to that stable steady growth we all want to get to as quickly as possible. kennedy: there incompetent or they are lying. that's bad news for us because we're the ones who will get
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screwed. why does the administration keep ignoring the warning signs? tonight party panel, great way to kick off the week with host of the guide buns and show on fox news radio, political editor at, guy benson is back. fox news political analyst, we can't get enough of him, juan williams and part of the capitol reporting live and foundation for economic education, writer and liberty activist, look at that gorgeous hair, olivia rhonda. i love it all. god, what is better? let's think about in terms of how people's behavior is affected when they listen to those in control of policy, those who know the data and their the ones who have access to it first, is it better to be delusional like optimistic to
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the place of delusional or skeptical when it comes to the economy? should we act like we are already in a recession as individuals or should be like the biden administration and say things are great, this is the best? >> i think neither is advised because you could be delusional and you could pretend everything is basically fine and ignore all these warning signs. you could also be so down you talk yourself into a recession and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. the problem is, history is what is. larry summers, i'm not one to say he's a grand oracle was right about everything but he was extremely specifically conspicuously right about the inflation problem year ago, he was pooh-poohed and dismissed by the biden team saying pay no attention to that man, he's wrong, he was right about that issue and now he sank look at the last 70 to 80 years when you have these exact conditions we have right now, a recession arrives within two years so between summers in history, biden and frank and say is
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something a republican politician talking or whatever he said at the beach earlier, that looks like reality right now and they been slow on the uptake before it looks like they are behind the curve again. kennedy: larry summers doesn't have a political dog in this fight but what guy is referring to, when inflation is over 4% and unemployment under 4% in two years you have a recession. low employment numbers are necessarily great news long-term health of the economy but janet yelling, she was the fed chair, the treasury secretary, she should absolutely know better, she was wrong about inflation. she had to come out and up and that publicly, one of the few in the administration has done that so why is she downplaying all of this? is it just to help the administration through the midterms? it seems like more of a political play than anything else. >> let's talk politics then because i think this is a lot of
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politics. right now you got a situation where inflation is the number one issue concern for voters in those midterms and what they are hearing from republicans is we are already in a recession. most republicans say they think we are already in a recession. kennedy: majority of americans say the same thing. >> that's not true, right now majority of americans are worried about recession but majority of democrats think we are not in recession and is slightly higher with most independents saying we are in recession, close to a split but in terms of democrats and republicans, there's no split. one thinks is a recession and the others think we are not headed for a recession and part has to do with consumer spending which you know is trending downward, still remains pretty strong, hiring still pretty strong, business investment still pretty strong but to me, a lot of this is a reality.
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you look what you just put up on the screen from bank of america, even "wall street journal" economists, a lot of people are saying we are in tricky economic wars that could easily result in recession but 40% is not 60, that means 60% of people say we may avoid it but. kennedy: but i'm glad you brought that up because in 2008, it was an even lower number. in 2008, it might've been the larry summers of his time, the only one seeing what could happen if all of these bubbles pop at the same time but it was a much lower number, the upper 20s, that is the percentage of economists who said we were heading into recession so now is even higher numbers saying we are heading into recession so olivia, he says it's political, i say monetary.
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>> is not partisan at all. i'm one 100% green, i look at the "wall street journal" right now and they are never completely unbiased but they predicted this 2008 recession and accurately predict that the 2020 recession with much lower percentage. now we are at 44% which is what they predict first recession in the next year so i believe it's going to happen and it's probably higher because there's a higher probability probably more than half and it's not partisan, it's not political, it's pretty much strictly monetary, it just happened democrats are in charge handling the money but republicans do it, too, the federal reserve is i think the root cause. kennedy: absolutely and you are one 100% right when we talk about it almost every night, both parties have gone addicted to spending but when you've got dry grass all around you and one person says is a really high risk of fire because we got high
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winds and democrats are looking lit firecrackers into the grass, you will have a wildfire at some time and it is irresponsible. the panel will stick around, we have much more with them but now a delusional attempt to order recession, president biden planning and neatly timed visit to saudi arabia, our allies because they are the best. we'll bake this out is to produce more oil but don't worry, the white house says they are not desperate for help. >> are you worried about the optics of a visit to saudi looking like we are going hot in hand needing to help? human rights abuses are documented, the killing of jamal khashoggi, there are real worries and democrats are speaking out saying they don't think the president should be saying this. >> was behind this is a simple proposition, when it is in u.s. interest for the president to engage, he will. if he believes he can advance national security interest in economic interest for american families.
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kennedy: sounds like politician speech for desperate. if the white house is looking for a quick fix to the energy crisis, why the president trying to make nice with the country he was only called a pariah? twenty now, director of the is a two, brand-new book hotter than the sun, time to abolish nuclear weapons, scott horton is back. we have so many problems saudi arabia from jamal khashoggi to 9/11, how can the president possibly threat this needle? >> he says i'm going to a big meeting in the saudi's will also be there and then was now they have to admit he is going hand-in-hand to meet with the crown prince to bake him to increase oil production to try to drive down the cost of fuel which raises the question, what he's going to offer them instead
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or in trade, will he kill the iran deal once and for all? is he going to ignore saudi litigation or shiite women even more than before? promise in another seven years to genocide in yemen? the creation of nato in the middle east, alliance of arab states, iran. yet, i wouldn't doubt there, we got to recruit all of these to join our side in the fight of the democracy versus autocracy, everyone knows that. then a joke here it's not going to work because they are discussing with the panel, the price inflation is because of the monetary inflation. remember two years ago all the government, 50 state government locked the country down, forced great oppression essentially and created a few trillion dollars to try to make up for that and
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that's leading to the massive price inflation we have and it's not going to until they raise interest rates so high they deliberately cause the inflation, pardon me, recession they are denying is taking place now to essentially crash the economy to prevent price inflation and then start all over again. kennedy: yes, and that is the cycle we are in because of the systems we've created and it's a horrible choice, we have inflation order recession? i don't trust anyone in this economy, i don't trust jerome powell or the president to successfully navigate through that but you also have one wing of the party saying this is the best thing ever, what a convenient moment for us to get off fossil fuels and force people to buy electric vehicles so if that is the case, we are ready to do that than why is gas all of a sudden so important the president goes to saudi arabia
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of all places? you've talked about in america first foreign policy agenda, why isn't there an america first energy agenda? >> america already is self-sufficient, donald trump complained all the war in the middle east to secure oil resources is essentially securing oil resources with china or so-called political adversary and also the oil resources over the heads of our allies like korea and japan and australia and other countries dependent on middle eastern oil where we are not. it's a global cry of course is americans scream about the price of fuel, we are still exporting, waging a war in ukraine spending billions and ukrainians are still importing russian gas in the whole thing is madness but i'm glad that this is scandalous the president is meeting with saudi royalty, it should be, and
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should always have been, it's a terrible country there. this gives us real opportunity to force a vote, a win in the house of representatives for this new house resolution called hj 87, invoking war powers resolution providing support for the saudi war in yemen. it's so important because it's iraq or two, hundreds of thousands. kennedy: and we don't talk about it enough in this country. >> that's right and of total media blackout right now there's a real piece fire, 13 of real piece fire and abandons the major goal of the last dictator. we push top resolution, this could be the pressure we need for congress to force the president to force the saudi's. kennedy: what is the toll-free number people can call to encourage their congresspeople to vote for that?
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>> thank you, 833 software. today's a big holiday already but the mall begins a huge push, and entire week of action by antiwar activists on this issue so everyone call 833 soft war and tell them you want to support hj read 87, war powers resolution to end the atrocity and yemen. kennedy: if you call tomorrow, he will get to free. thank you, always good to talk to you. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, deadly holiday weekend in d.c. and new york with homicide through the roof. i've major cities. so why are states with the strictest gun control laws seeing worse bloodshed in the streets? ted williams joins me to solve all the problems next. ♪♪
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crime waves off to a roaring start, there were two mass shootings on father's day, one in new york city and the other in d.c., two cities with some of the toughest gun laws in america. homicide rates are up in almost every major city but the biggest increases are l.a., d.c.,
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baltimore, atlanta and walking where it's gone through the roof. there are all on pace to shatter records, what's going so wrong? why does it always seem to go so badly democrat stronghold? joining me tonight, former d.c. police detective and fox news contributor, ted williams is back, welcome back, ted. >> thanks for having me, kennedy. kennedy: victims and their families and cops and even those in command and law enforcement, they are blaming the d.a. and the fact that a lot of these das like alvin bragg here in new york city is issuing bail or prison for gun violation, why is that? >> we have das around this country where lookout in san francisco, it recalled the d.a. where you look in manhattan or you've got alvin bragg and the
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d.a. in los angeles, all of them appear to be very soft on crime. there's a gun problem in this country but we also have the folk problem in this country. what i see as we are going to have to use drastic measures to bring down crime. i know in new york you have the controversial stop and frisk but i do believe you're going to have to enact some of those kinds of situations where you stop and frisk the thugs on the streets. maybe unfortunate a lot of good people caught up in stop and frisk situations but these folks out there carrying guns because they know they can carry them and get away with it. kennedy: they do absolutely and it's almost like when there are shootings in black neighborhoods, there's a shrug.
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it doesn't get as much coverage and it has to change because these lives are still valuable, there are people involved in gangs and they are not beyond redemption but there are a lot of people in society to feel they should just be thrown away. i think that is the wrong attitude. one of the solutions eric adams has come up with cops in danger and he said police officer, nypd are going to go on solo patrol as opposed to being in pairs, is that a good or bad idea? >> i think it's a bad idea. put a police officer out there on solo patrol, you do in the cities unfortunately need to have a partner, a backup. to put a cop out there on solo patrol is putting the cup in a
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zone of danger by himself. i hope he will rethink that, what they need to do is hire more police officers and yes there is a problem in the black community, black on black crime and that needs to be primarily dealt with because a lot of the violence unfortunately in black neighborhoods, you got a lot of good law-abiding citizens saying we want help in these black neighborhoods. other neighborhoods naturally need help but i think black neighborhoods definitely needs help. kennedy: yes and this is not the way to rethink policing if officers aren't gauging with the communities because they feel like they are being targeted. we are so out of balance in these major cities and passing more and more gun legislation, it isn't going to make them safer obviously. politicians have to do the harder more honest work and not willing to do that so hopefully
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something will turn around, another shift where crime trend downward, i don't see that happening anytime soon but good smart people talking like you, hopefully we will. [laughter] >> and thank you, kennedy. kennedy: always. coming up, president biden taking a tumble over the weekend, he's caught on the pedal. i'll tell you why it is that. my mama is next, hard to watch. stay here. ♪♪
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for president biden, that poor faster can't even stay upright on a bicycle. a humiliating butter for over the weekend for the commander-in-chief got his foot caught on a pedal strap and fell over like a fainting goat.
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to concern you unsurprised yes, the president, he's old. he's tired, he's almost 80. his approval ratings are in the toilet and the dems are ready to push them aside and help some new unicorn donkey hybrid can pounce in and save the party but that's not going to happen before the midterm. you know what will happen? higher gas, was inflation, kids dying in the desert trying to make it to safety and the president is going to fail, fumble and screw up all while drowning in a bucket of excuses falling on deaf ears. every time the president tumbles free style causing nuclear annihilation, his committee of minors followed him closely behind in queens thing up with phrases like what i meant to say and what really happened -- even his latest propaganda is failing and flailing when she's asked basic questions about her bosses
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recall. >> does the president have the stamina physically and mentally, to continue even after 2024? kennedy: if you are asking me this question, oh my gosh. the president of the united states. i can't even keep up with him, we could just got back from new mexico, california, that's not a question we should be asking. look at the work he does, how he's delivering for the american public. kennedy: what is he delivering? a burning bag of dog crap? is exactly the question we should be asking about the president of the united states. she can't keep up with him? what is wrong with her? healthy 47-year-old woman can't keep up with the frail total geriatric? is she the one we should be worried about? remember when then-president comes physician ronnie jackson
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withstood a 50 minute press onslaught when he gave 45 clean bill of health, does a trump wear dentures? is he addicted to drugs? where is that level of skepticism now from man can't stay on his feet without training wheels and water rings? if numerous polls from every major news organization ought to be believed, the president has fallen and can't get up, the country deserves better than to be held hostage by a man whose foot is caught in the pedal and bike. as the country crashes and burns. can have that, that's the memo. the president said he's doing five after the incident, he spoke to reporters today about the whole ordeal, we are glad he's doing okay, we want him to be well, it was an embarrassing episode but what does it say about our rapidly aging leadership? the panel is back, guy benson,
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juan williams, olivia rondeau. guy, is there an exhausted little pixie at the white house who has to turn out excuse after excuse after excuse? >> that's more exhausting than trying to keep up with the president. everyone can keep up with this president so the line from the press secretary was a bit much. i'm glad fine, it was a scary moment because serious when you get older, i'm not saying that to be smart or sarcastic, it can be a serious thing and he tries to keep himself in good physical shape, the timber moment you hoped he was okay and he is but you're right, it's a metaphor about the presidency, nothing seems to be going well including this insult to injury all over social media and these are not the best of days for the biden administration and the damage is self-inflicted. kennedy: it's interesting because there's so much concern
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about president trump physical and mental health from the early days of his administration, a lot of people were talking about invoking the 25th a minute, why are we hearing more with the biden administration? >> i think we hear from republicans all the time, they all talk about him as demented, weak. kennedy: libertarians. >> the guy is almost 80 years old, he's an old man, i don't think there's any question about that. i think in some ways he's out there biking is impressive but he did have a fall i was surprised today it was the number one most read article in the new york times sunday about joe biden's fault so it's not just -- i think a lot of people think he's elderly and you hear this from the left wing of the party who said why isn't he more aggressive? i like to have a democratic president taking on another old
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man, mitch mcconnell and another old man, donald trump, those guys are going out there. kennedy: all approaching 100 but it is kind of exciting because you never know what's going to happen next. >> it is a little exciting, also a little scary. i almost feel bad for him, if not for the 94 bill, i might say why are we laughing, somebody's grandpa and i am laughing. it's a little bit of elder abuse, it is anybody else, people will be like among grammar, time to retire, let's back up, if you are the ceo of the company, the shareholders and board members would have gone together to be like this guy has run his course, he's not mentally all there, he's physically depreciating, we've got to get him out, is causing our company to lose money, he's causing our country to lose money so that's where i stand on that.
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kennedy: speaking of crashing, we all know gavin newsom, what he's done to california, he's run it right into the ground so naturally, the left is navigating to bill him as a possible 2024 replacement for president biden. the left-leaning atlantic magazine this week out with a profile of governor hairdo. they claim biden is not up to the job. battling republicans on hot button issues like abortion and gun control, gavin newsom's, look at my teeth. how likely is a presidential showdown between newsom and his arch nemesis? florida governor ron desantis, guy? >> a newsom harris to get, they used to hate each other but they work something out and they could work it out again. power sharing dealer something. i think the publicans would be thrilled to run against gavin newsom, against california in a national election. if you want america to be
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california with this greasy man as its standard bearer torch carrier? yes or no? that could be the decision we make collectively as a country, i think most americans would say no and a debate would like to have. kennedy: i love california, i really do, i don't like the direction it is heading in. he got high taxes, a ton of homelessness no one has gone under control. crime soaring, they run out of u-haul's because so many people are trying to leave the state. how does gavin newsom make the argument that he's been a success? >> i think what he does, he compares himself to ron desantis in florida or greg abbott in texas and a lot to work with if you want to start that comparison. kennedy: lower taxes in florida, kids went to school, people would be like it looks more
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pleasurable there. >> you are going. >> not if you are the victim of gun violence or gay or a major corporation who says i want to be in a state that supports environmental concern, all that. kennedy: look at the corporations that have left california and moved to texas and the cap gun violence soaring in los angeles and l.a. county. look at the economy -- >> i'm just telling you if i was running gavin newsom's campaign, i would say where is the highest rate of violent crime in the country? red state run by guess who, greg abbott, desantis and all those guys, not in the democratic-controlled state and i would say . kennedy: l.a. and san francisco, gun violence, larceny is up, homelessness off the chart, quality of life plummeted and
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dislike of course if you run graphic candidate like larry elder, gavin newsom will win the recall while he and his thumbs are at french laundry ordering, olivia rondeau. >> objectively they are where way better places, look at the numbers, look at the mass exodus of people. liberals and democrats leaving california and l.a. in mass. places with lower taxes, lower prices everyday items such as gas. i am in l.a. county, gas is over $7. it is ridiculous and i respect you a lot and like what you have to say most of the time but to bring up such as environment and things for some are influential, i think it's elitist to say because most people are leaving these places with high taxes and inflation because they simply can't afford to stay to florida and texas are better places survive and raise their families. kennedy: the average cost of an
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apartment to solve the housing crisis publicly funded in california, 1 million jobs, $1 million, good job, guys. thank you. coming up, international federation making a landmark decision for trans athletes, they make the right call and what does it mean for women sports? kate and jenna is in studio. the goddess arrived, she's breaking it down next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: this is where the party is, three months ago lia thomas became the first transgender woman to win a division i swimming championship today she
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was effectively barred from international competition in her sport. the governing body band transgender competitors for moons swimming of us and lesley transition before puberty. there will be an open category. is this protecting women's sports or discriminating against trans athletes? he with me in studio, former olympic u.s. athlete and maybe the greatest olivia of all time fox news contributor, caitlyn jenner. >> well, yes. i've done it with you, i have to admit a voice is a very powerful thing especially recently signed on with that's news to be a contributor which makes my voice even bigger. when this issue started with lia thomas and of never had a problem with lia thomas, i hope she has a wonderful life and
7:45 pm
nothing but the best for her but when this issue first came out, i made my first statement which i stuck with all the way through and i said we cannot have genetic boys competing in women's sports in school, it's just not fair. that's the first statement i made as i was getting into my car and i still believe that today but for the last six, nine months, i've worked very hard lobbying trying to do everything i can to do right to protect women sports and i've taken a lot of flack for it. the transmitter comes after you, you don't like trans people and this and that, i voice been a conservative republican, i haven't changed anything and the community is very woke. it's not a lot of them, most of them agreed with me but the 10% who disagree, the media is picking up saying it's worse than it is. so i took a lot of heat, i lost speaking engagements, but in the
7:46 pm
end and grab i open up the eyes of the governing bodies of olympic sports. in november, international committee said they're going to leave it up to each individual federation to come up with their own rules last november so swimming was pushed hard because of lia thomas. kennedy: she said she wanted to compete in the olympics. >> it was not even a close vote, 71.5% of the people say this is what they want to do and i have to agree so lia thomas is not able to compete, i feel sorry because i think she really wanted to as a person but in fairness to women and women in sports, i think it's the right decision to make. now they say the age of 12, they showed a lot of research, scientists, about male puberty and going through mail puberty
7:47 pm
and the effects it has not just right away but forever, he become bigger, your muscle structure, this and that. boy did i go through mail puberty, i did. even a million years later when i did transition, i've been through this last seven or eight years, i am taller, i got longer arms, i can hit the golf ball 280, 290 yards, i'm 72 years old and i'm just fine, kind of what i've got left over so i hope lia thomas does well, i'm happy she brought this issue up. kennedy: do you think the open category is a fair compromise and do you think they will acknowledge it at the olympics? >> the only person i know is lia
7:48 pm
thomas, the trans community, the media built the trans community as being this huge group. it is extraordinarily small, thank god. and there's not enough people to do that. you can have regional competition, there might be two athletes show up. we just can't, it's almost like a white wash on top of all of this, overdoing something. we are saying lia thomas is of the world can't compete because they went through puberty so we will make up a whole new division but does not enough people, not enough interest, a lot of money going into it. kennedy: thank god there is you, it's great to see you in studio, you belong here, this is your palace. >> this is your home, you sleep here? kennedy: every night, a little caught with my french bulldog.
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>> i'm getting ready -- pacific palisades. you have a party going. kennedy: if you show up, it will be a party. good seeing you. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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a woman in england making headlines for cutting off her arm tattoo and mailing it to her ex-boyfriend. her friends say they are proud of her for staying strong and not calling him. that's giving yourself to a relationship. this is topical storm, topic number one. much out monday, you need a mad cow who belongs in the funny farm. this is richard anthony pennell, hey there stepdad to my children. he's one of six people arrested in the florida trafficking bus, i can look past that. sure, he looks like a darling here but in the bigger picture, he's actually quite an animal. his a picture of richard at the time of his arrest. good lord, utterly adorable cow pajamas.
7:54 pm
it turns out there's of matters to this mess, trafficking operation, they are milking him for information asking how the crew moved around the drugs grilling him over whether their gang has a beef with others just like you would expect, richard speeding them a bunch of bull crap. so handsome. topic number two. pile of is caving uninjured after making an emergency landing on colorado golf course, just like everyone is ever step foot on a golf course, he was offered $20 million from the live league. this was the scene of the fourth full of the golf course. before this, this was with the pond. planes falling out of the sky. ironically if this works. airlines, the landing would be par for the course. the emergency witnessed by 150 kids getting golf lessons at the
7:55 pm
time. could have been extremely traumatizing but luckily not one looked up from their cell phones to see it. they have no idea what to do but they saw wings and mark did a pretty. officials, emergency officials picked up and moved the plane which caused the private a one stroke penalty. topic number three. del monte corporation teamed up with an illinois grocery store to build one of the largest display of while the world's largest display of nuts, still msnbc. you're looking at 77000 pounds of bananas in illinois, the parking lot which is still not as bananas of the parking lot at laguardia airport. basically a one banana town 40 minutes from the banana republic of chicago but if you like small towns, this one is really appealing although i'm not sure this is the best idea during a monkeypox outbreak, could attracting more, guinness world records from this the largest
7:56 pm
group display in history, bananas donated to a food bank and feels were spread along president biden's favorite bike path. he's such a winner. we will be back with mouth trumpet monday. ♪♪
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[mouth trumpeting] thank you for watching the best hour of your day. tomorrow night stephen l miller, kristin, california republican congressman darrell isa. can't watch? kenne-dvr it will make every day a kenneday. way with me night. we humans have developed an appreciation for that, which is resistant to huffing and puffing, or whatever else might conspire to blow our house down. never mind its impact on fairy tales, the impact of brick on modern construction and civilized life as we know it, it's mindboggling. tonight, i'm excited to introduce you to a company that i had the pleasure of working with years ago. at old carolina brick, they still do things the old-fashioned way, by hand, one brick at a time.


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