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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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fully developed, that subject matter this process that i think it is immoral and unconstitutional. elizabeth: come back soon, great to have you on. i am elizabeth compelled, even watching "the evening edit", that does it for us. we hope you have a good evening and thank you for watching. ♪♪ kennedy: hello and welcome to it, a huge day, second amendment supreme court today willing americans have a right to carry firearms in public for self-defense. it's now called the biggest gun ruling in the generation. centered around century-old new york city law that made it difficult to get a license for concealed handgun. essentially an individual has had to prove they had a specific mean to defend themselves and those licenses were always turned down, 63 ruling, conservatives ruling it's
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unconstitutionally vague and restrictive not to give people permits and every american has a right to defend themselves. natural right i might add, democrat losing their minds. among them, the president and vice president. >> i am disappointed the supreme court, i think it's a bad decision and but i'm disappointed. >> i believe the supreme court's decision today decide logic in terms of what we know we are capable of doing with reasonable gun safety lost to secure the safety and well-being people of our nation. kennedy: she's such a complainer, she wouldn't know logic if it bit her pant suit. the department of justice they disagree with the rulings. they hate your freedom, republicans would be different,
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house minority leader kevin mccarthy who represents district and the deep blue state of california said in a statement, the constitution protects the right of law-abiding americans to own a firearm for self-defense to the second amendment which states like new york have tried to restrict that right through burdensome laws and regulations, supreme court has on multiple occasions recognize it and strengthen it. today's ruling ensures the right of all law abiding americans to defend themselves without unnecessary government interference. the plaintiffs in the case out of the lawful legal gun owner of new york state is no longer going to be persecuted by laws that have nothing to do with the safety of the people and will do nothing to make people safer. maybe now will start going after criminals and perpetrators of these heinous acts. very important differentiation there. thank you. on a scale of one to ten, how correct did the court rule? he with me now libertarian party vice presidential candidate and chair of you are the power,
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spike cohen. welcome back. >> thanks for having me on. kennedy: people now have the power, people have the ability to defend themselves, how necessary was this decision? >> i think it was absolutely necessary and i think the majority led by justice thomas knocked it out of the park with this one. they not only said it was a violation of the second amendment which clearly was, also a violation of the 14th amendment, equal protection clause because saying they would on a case-by-case decide who they should or not exercise their right to carry a firearm outside of the home, they were just ruminating against people by their own admission, that was the ruling, to discriminate and violate people's self-defense rights, is a great decision. it will not only affect new york's gun laws, it's going to affect at least six or seven other states that have so-called may issues when it comes to gun permits. kennedy: as opposed to shall
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issue. >> and it sets the stage, the wording used, sets the stage for future challenges to gun laws that could eventually lead to what we really need which is constitutional carry, you being able to carry a firearm without getting the government's permission at all. kennedy: people are losing their minds because they are conflating unlawful acts and bad people with the right for law-abiding citizens to protect and defend themselves. how can you convince people that this is a good thing for liberty when they lump everything together as the governor of new york holds a gun culture? >> the first thing is to keep underscoring the fact that criminals especially violent criminals, mass murders, they don't care what the law is. with murder for that matter, we look at the uvalde shooting in texas, that shooter went through the background check and everything else and came out
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okay. got the gun, would have gotten it illegally had he not been able to get legally because he demonstrated he didn't care what the law was and it is illegal to murder multiple people and we saw the government's reaction. they stood around outside, they stopped armed civilians trying to go in to protect their loved ones and the students as well. there's the old phrase, police are minutes away, now we know they are minutes away but then they stand outside for an hour or more and we need to underscore that if you or someone especially on the left who believes police are unfairly enforcing laws and horrible and equitable way and why would you want them criminals to be the only ones properly able to defend themselves? kennedy: this is the other thing governor of new york didn't address, there are guns on the streets already here in new york city and people who wish harm have access to them so how does something like this do anything
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but protect people who have done everything and gone through all the hoops and legal processes to have a firearm in the city? if you are caught with that, that is to felonies. >> exactly. many people, i may be dating myself and possibly you as well, remember the bernie just scandal in the 80s were bernie just. kennedy: -- sorry, go ahead. >> apply for a gun license and denied the carry license in new york city so he got one illegally and it was a matter of days he was assaulted again and used it to defend himself and they weren't able to get him for assault because he clearly defended himself but they crossed, prosecuted him for unlawfully owning a firearm. it shouldn't have been against the law to own one, he's a law-abiding citizen checking himself multiple times of being bugged and this is the thing
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that's not going to happen in the future thanks to this decision. kennedy: no, you are the future, spike cohen. >> thank you. kennedy: that's a compliment. thank you for being here, i always appreciate talking to you and we will see you again very soon. thank you, spike. supreme court's to -- >> red flag laws. kennedy: absolutely right, "god bless america". i'm glad you brought that up because the ruling comes at an interesting time in the gun debate. congress trying to pass its own gun safety bill that relies very much on the red flag laws. the senate tuesday pass a procedural boat with bipartisan support, the bill will likely pass with the full house and senate this week. the legislation is the most comprehend of congress has considered in decades and comes in response to the uvalde school shooting. both the supreme court decisions are very controversial so what does it mean for gun rights in this country? let's talk about it with our man panel, former trump advisory board member managing director
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of risk investors, jason meister is here. comedian and host of fox across america on fox news radio, the man in blue, jimmy failed. young americans for liberty chief of staff, sean t the is back. welcome, horton. great to see all of you. jason, let's try to reconcile these two things happening simultaneously. what does it say about guns and what does it say about society and can they be reconciled? >> they can be and i think this was a historic case. the opinion was unbelievably written. it's a time when you have spineless republicans working with democrats on gun control and the supreme court fiercely defending our second amendment rights. the gop in my opinion should be ashamed of themselves and what they have done in regards to gun control and blood flag, it's
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terrible, awful. i think what we have is american citizen, we need this kind of decision we had today where no law abiding citizens should have to come up with an excuse to exercise second amendment right to carry. our founding fathers wisely said they wanted us to have the ability to protect ourselves and i think this decision was historic and i think it made president trump one of the most consequential presidents in modern american history. kennedy: he should be enshrined on mount rushmore. jim, let me ask you this, you have people who now will have the ability to carry firearms in places like new york city. do you think there will be people on the left particularly democrat who will use the new beefed up red flag laws to go after gun owners since there is not the due process required to
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execute these laws? >> that's why republican's who voted in favor of this are in big trouble because of how it's utilized. are you going to tell me the party refers to me as literally hitler and white supremacist isn't going to do something rash if they think it will infringe upon my rights? that is the problem we have here, somebody who's probably unstable themselves could report me as the unstable guy and no due process i get it taken away and to be clear, i'm not concerned about me because i can't pass a background check anyway but what about the good people out there who will be screwed by this? one 100% i think this will be abused and that's why people pushing back a right to be pushing back. it's not lack of compassion, every time one of these laws are passed, it does nothing. to be clear, nothing to stop the bad guy that tramples on the good guy. no different than an illegal, he wrote half specifically siding mass shootings in buffalo.
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this is healed carry ruling would not have prevented the buffalo shooting. it's like they piggyback off grief but the actual policy is not aligned with specific incidents they are trying to piggyback off. everyone of these rebellions, maybe i don't know if they think their heart is in the right place but the heart certainly isn't. kennedy: can you have republicans celebrating both? and mitch mcconnell be like this is john cornyn is a genius? we need more mental health care and public schools? we need all of these red flag laws bolstered in all 50 states and i'm glad everyone can go out and conceal carry. can the same person be excited about both things? >> i don't think. kennedy: that was for sean. >> okay. >> don't worry about it, they are pitching this as a bipartisan bill in d.c. and when they say bipartisan, it usually
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means greater than normal deception is about to be carried out so this bill will be nothing protective second amendment despite what john cornyn goes around trying to deceive us with. red flag laws are great cause for concern. when you've got funding for a law that can be used and abused to weaponize police to kick down your door and take your guns in some cases even kill nonviolent gun owners like duncan, how does that protect the second amendment at all? my dm is open if you want to tell me but i don't think it does. kennedy: nine, two but for different reasons. [laughter] i do get a lot of pictures of guns, a different kind though. jason, do you expect crime to go down in major cities because of the supreme court ruling? >> i don't. i do think because of the supreme court rulings we can protect ourselves from criminals and bad guys with guns but what
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i think is unbelievably hypocritical of democrats as they don't hate guns and walls, they surround themselves with them, they just don't want you too. kennedy: absolutely. that the same for mask mandate in public schools and school choice in anything that has to do with prohibition, it's not prohibited for them before you, dirty little people, you shall have a moment of it. panel will be back, it's going to be a good one. it's official, the fed band jewel taking over. i will tell you why it will do more harm than good. the last few weeks have been a crazy crypto ride. now after some kind, is it time to jump in? ceo and crypto probe, joining me and moments. ♪♪
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juul is up from of the feds want you to think. the fda announcing they are officially banning dual, not all faiths, just juul willy-nilly. the company says they plan to appeal the officer said who respectfully disagree with the
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findings and decisions and continue to believe we've provided sufficient information and face-off research to address all issues raised by the agency. don't get me wrong, smoking is not good for you but people are still going to get their hands on vaping and they could end up with dangerous knockoffs. does this achieve anything? journey to discuss, cater is to do senior fellow, practicing general surgeon, doctor jeffrey singer is here, welcome to the show. great to see you. i think this is a horrible idea, it not only dangerous for kids will be the first ones to find the dangerous knockoffs, it bad for adults who are going to be forced to smoke low nicotine cigarettes which means they will just smoke more and get cancer faster, what are you seeing? >> i think first of all, it's interesting they banned one of the most popular vaping brands at the same time they cleared
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biggest competitors, both owned by tobacco companies. the cynic in me might make me suspect cronyism but the doctor in me is upset because it looks like the fda lost all interest in our production. vaping products have been shown to be really effective means of getting people who want to quit tobacco smoke off tobacco smoke. it's more effective than nicotine patches and nicotine gum and in the uk public health asked doctors to tell their patients who smoke cigarettes to consider moving to vaping and hands them out. here we have the fda, i can't call it, it's wisdom deciding they want to make it, remove one of the most popular established brands from the market making it even harder for people who want
7:20 pm
to vaping to get products they like to use. as far as reducing nicotine content of cigarettes, another one of their plans, nicotine by itself, that's the substance that does the addicting but the other components of the smoke that does the harm that causes cancer, high blood pressure and etc. and heart disease but nicotine is relatively harmless, sort of like capping, a stimulant but also has a calming effect. many people smoke for the nicotine effect so if you reduce the nicotine content, government-funded studies that the fda wanted and based their decision on showed when they reduce nicotine, people take longer drags and more cigarettes because they are smoking. kennedy: of course they do because they want the nicotine obviously. i have a feeling it was some nosy nancy calling the president gnarly, my child is vaping, mr. president, you have to ban it and he's like okay, i'll tell the fda, they are dumb, not doing anything except stirring up what's left of the pandemic response. vaping has helped a lot of people get off cigarettes, 450,000 cigarette deaths every
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year in this country alone. that is pandemic prohibition doesn't work, at least vaping is an alternative to get people away from the thing giving them heart disease and cancer. >> exactly. in certain regions of the country where municipalities or states clampdown on availability of vaping products, studies are showing university studies showing tobacco consumption is going back up because people enjoying vaping can't get the products they want so i don't understand, there's no logic. if the fda says they are concerned about public health, this is the opposite of public health. kennedy: and tobacco use rates have been declining for years. we have a lot of problems right now and it seems like the odd place for the federal government to focus their attention, are there any benefit to nicotine? >> there's research being done
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that nicotine may be a useful treatment for parkinson's disease is other research that might be hopeful in psychiatric diseases. like any other stimulant if you take too much you can get toxic levels just like toxic levels of caffeine. it is a relatively harmless product but the sensations it gives the user is what makes the user get addicted, a tendency to be at the. kennedy: what would you rather have them be addicted to, being sedentary, fat smokers or very excited, soothed nicotine addicts? i know i would choose the latter. we run out of time, you are fantastic, thank you for everything. a great champion of free market in the medical fashion, i love
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it. it may be summer in the real world but online it's a crypto winter. that's what experts call the huge downturn and global crypto currency. it's lost two thirds of its value, it is rebounding ever so slightly today, what a tease coin blown to bits, is now the time to buy? he with me not in studio, overline ceo, hello. a lot of people who watch this show love crypto and want to believe in it but they are terrified right now. they are worried crypto is dead because all their traditional investors are telling them they made mistakes, can you offer comfort? >> stop listening to do she friends, step number one. crypto is not a bear market, the misconception is looking at this from price, not from what's really happening in society. society is adopting new technology, crypto winter doesn't have to be do she friends telling you to buy this
7:24 pm
or that. kennedy: doesn't have to be the fed raising rate stock market crash in? >> it will be less and less about that. people move away from playing the game with money and look at the relationships and connections and technology through this stuff, you are going to look at crypto winter is a time to take a breath and pick up a book and figure out which one you really like how you integrate this in your business or inside your home. kennedy: so you are telling people do more research, should they be buying? >> the answer shouldn't be go read a book but there is a way to buy when you are buying, never try -- don't try to catch a falling knife. kennedy: i've done it, not good. >> i've never caught one. kennedy: i've tried. >> been yeah, that can be next but in this, catch a falling knife from a market perspective
7:25 pm
never works and bear market, the one thing we can take to crypto work winter, stop looking at the charts. if you look at the things you like and look at and of t-square there are not a price, they are a community, you will get an x factor to help you in two, five years. by the time next the winter like me, you don't care. kennedy: you are going to be a billionaire. >> not a billionaire, you have to express it in crypto terms. kennedy: number one, two things, should it going be calibrated by the government? should there be more government control? >> there should be safety and i like safety so where the government can provide safety, we should do that. kennedy: by going after people committing fraud or should there
7:26 pm
be full regulation? >> in terms of safety, sometimes the government does a great job of being the educational informer, the dmv does make sure you know how to participate in this thing called a vehicle and organized traffic? if you think about do we want the dmv involved in regulating silicon valley? the answer is no. kennedy: or crypto. >> in crypto i don't see any place for regulation but i don't think it's possible to regulate. once you learn more about this, it's a kind of technology like a computer need to use it for good just like a car, drive it will it is a new thing, not something you say after we give you the keys, there could be guys like don't drive off this way but it's your car to drive. kennedy: and lamborghinis. >> no, a lot more lamborghinis will be sold in the next couple of years. kennedy: dry have to wait? that's all i want to know. >> the knife catching thing but also the entrepreneurship side, if you have an idea and i
7:27 pm
promise, there are viewers who hopefully will watch and listen to the intensity i'm trying to say this, crypto winter is the time to start your idea. it sounds like do it now. step out of the project started during the bull market, a lot of speculation. for your idea, the viewers idea, now is literally the perfect time to do it right after noise it's out, go to conferences, meet people, you will find conferences less noisy and full of people who like to build stuff. kennedy: your like a fortune cookie, i don't understand what you're saying but ultimately it will be a very good fortune. >> i'll be back on and keep trying to explain it. thank you so much. coming up, game night. time to get a little weird, fake news or florida? one of our favorites. phony baloney, you will have to yes, this is happening in the
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sun shine state. the panel, they are our next. ♪♪
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welcome back. we all know florida is nuttier than a squirrels breakfast. we taken some time states weirdest but real headlines and mix them in with fake news stories we made up. beautiful contents is, can they tell the difference between the truth and tricks? time to play america's favorite drinking games, fake news of florida? the winner gets a free alligator neck tattoo in jacksonville. jason meister, jimmy failla and game night ringer extraordinaire kat timpf. [laughter] don't watch the show, i want it to be a surprise. all right, are you ready to play? >> let's get him.
7:33 pm
kennedy: that was not good. okay. [laughter] here is headlines number one. a lawyer arrested after entering bar naked refusing to put clothes on ones inside. fake news or florida? >> fake. kennedy: jim, sometimes they doesn't win. jason meister does. >> i thought that sounded boring. kennedy: drunk and naked -- a beach bar, they finally got her to put it on. she was arrested without bail. >> i thought i was allowed in florida. [laughter] >> she paid her bail in singles. kennedy: headline number two. florida woman sues her access to the gym and pool of her ex-boyfriend gated immunity just because they broke up. fake news or florida?
7:34 pm
>> it's real. kennedy: of 34, everyone is on the board. >> that solves the problem. >> maintained access to her property. >> you would be surprised. [laughter] kennedy: are you saying the bedbugs had a right? headline number three, woman arrested for shooting a flare gun at people, fake news or florida? >> i'm going real. kennedy: i'm going hungry. it was real. kennedy: you've got to, you got free, you've got one. william admitted he was drinking when he shot a flare gun multiple times at people trying to serve legal papers. his companion, karol harwood, they were both arrested.
7:35 pm
kennedy: out, it burns, do it again. headline number four. florida man leaves his stolen car on train tracks which get catapulted into a nearby home by the train. fake news or florida? >> wrong? >> how is this possible? kennedy: he told police he stole the car in good faith because he couldn't find his. the slung into a house after being struck by a train. >> wow. [laughter] kennedy: never coming back. >> that was a sentence, you have to watch that video. >> he probably thought the train tracks taken out. [laughter] kennedy: it is thursday
7:36 pm
thursday. [laughter] florida man steals flowerpots from a restaurant entrance behind the flowers replanted in 5-gallon home depot buckets. fake news or florida? >> jim and jason with the fake. >> what is wrong with me? kennedy: you are normally so good. >> i think somebody put a hex on me and i think somebody cursed me, not cool. kennedy: did you meet my mom? kennedy: that would be my grandmother. [laughter] are you mad? [laughter] headline number six. florida man caught wrapped in blankets to order off the kids menu at texas roadhouse. fake news or florida? >> i think it is real. kennedy: nice to see you back in the game. >> that was worth twice all your points.
7:37 pm
that's when i was informed of . kennedy: you can have one more. [laughter] >> what is this, 2020 election? stop the steel. [laughter] kennedy: headline -- immaculate changing agenda as we speak. kennedy: florida man arrested for repeatedly calling 911 to declare joe biden belongs in jail. take news or florida? >> i think it's real and it was hunter. [laughter] kennedy: jason and jim back on the board. 29-year-old jacob ryan arrested after calling 911 repeatedly, saying joe biden taken to jail and l chabot shouldn't be freed. >> who is arguing with this guy? kennedy: he's probably a prime viewer of this very program so i
7:38 pm
am paying his bail. >> you wanted to go to the police station and tell them but he couldn't afford the gas. kennedy: deputies on a ten hour chase, police never found out where the kangaroo came from. fake news or florida? >> i'm going to have to do this. kennedy: cap got it right. >> yes. [laughter] kennedy: anyone can win this, anyone of you can win this. florida daily called bagel new york reopened as florida bagel after repeatedly tag with anti- new york graffiti. fake news or florida? >> i'm going real. >> fake for the wind. kennedy: it's fake. >> whatever, at least i'm not jimmy failla. >> i love you, ma'am mom.
7:39 pm
kennedy: a picture of his loops from 15 years ago. [laughter] kennedy: you get the next tattoo. >> joe biden school of cycling, this is amazing. kennedy: congratulations, thank you, kat, jason, game well played. golden state warrior showered with love after returning home with the nba title and they are feeling higher than the golden gate bridge thanks to canvassing the goodie bags. the man who supplied the high, always is next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: talk about the goodie bag. golden state warriors rewarded with a parade and piles of gifts
7:44 pm
after the big nba finals went over boston, party favors including his bags filled with marijuana products from a california canvas, called sunset connect. nba no longer tests for marijuana, still on the band substance list. under federal law, still illegal but the players do not seem to mind so is it time for the weekend law to fully embrace the devils let us? joining me now, sunset connect founder and ceo same physical canvas oversight committee chair, lee jim volume, welcome to the show. were the golden state warriors pleased with the gift bag in the gift bag? >> we heard they enjoyed it but we didn't have direct contact with them. kennedy: really? i would think they would call you and say i loved the pineapple grammys, where can i get more of those? >> we did it more of for
7:45 pm
warriors, once they one, it was the excitement that took over and wanted to get of gift bag for them so it wasn't a planned stunt or anything that was pr related, it just happened organically. we might not have had to follow up in place to get testimonial. we don't want to get anyone in trouble. kennedy: of course we don't. do nba players enjoy canvas historically? >> absolutely and i think there's a lot of retired players not far john sally, there's a lot of players who got into the canvas industry post career as well and i think is the recovery product for professional athletes in general, it's a good way to be decompressed but the topics we put in the work developed with strength and conditioning. obviously the coaching and medical staff is pretty
7:46 pm
convinced canvas has benefits for the players. kennedy: tell me about the topical cream, i think it's interesting, what is the ratio cbd to thc and how does it help recovery? a lot of people watching is saying it reefer, it's just snake oil and the young people are going to live in tents. >> right. you indirectly are already bringing up the stigma, there's a lot of stigma to it. the topical we make is a gel, a muscle joe, it has absorption and uses other things, arnica, mental, a lot of homeopathic remedies that will work. the one we gave them is pretty loaded with thc, low cbd, high thc products. they have otherwise some
7:47 pm
nations, we set out to mitigate pain which thc does a great job of so -- sorry, go ahead. kennedy: a lot of people. >> the on has like 1000 milliliters, milligrams and it. kennedy: well done, that's a lot. a lot of people watching think since marijuana might be legal in their state, probably medically but perhaps even recreationally, it is legal everywhere. there are still people incarcerated canvas crimes. >> absolutely. it is a big problem. i think as recently as yesterday, a life sentence for an inmate in mississippi was confirmed which is pretty sad. with my background having been arrested myself, we work together with the 40 tons project, he was pardoned by the last administration by life sentence so we have teamed up,
7:48 pm
they are a community-based organization and help people with their expungement and canvas brand. we are there manufacturing partner. kennedy: now you have made a bunch of basketball champions very, very happy. keep fighting the good fight to keep good people out of that places like jail. thanks again. >> appreciate it, thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next -- you want some of his what's? we'll be right back. ♪♪
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china invented a mind-reading device second verdict when a man is watching pornography. it's a piece of pacer that says when his wife leaves the house. this is topical storm, topic number one. thursday thursday. he's been a good boy get a reminder that it's not enough to be thirsty, you also have to look thirsty. just ask miley cyrus. in japan, turning beer waste products into pants so you can be covered in beer is the floor of my office. you're welcome. it's a new way to turned use of
7:53 pm
garbage into value-added products at the time they made paula abdul into an american idol judge, amazing. the brewery teamed up with the company who turned mulch, stems into denim jeans and you thought liquid beer went straight to your hips. if you want the pants, you will need to deep pocket each pair, over $300. good news, if you drink enough beer, you don't need to wear pants my mom they told me, what's? topic number two. shift gears from drinking to driving a seamlessly as paul pelosi, good job. watch this video from new york city the cops used a moguls or to destroy 92 illegal dirt bikes. check out mr. big stick here. mayor eric adams raging against the machine making good on his promise to wind the streets of loud and dangerous dirt bikes. sadly, they are still full of loud and dangerous dirt bikes.
7:54 pm
can't rid of them mentally bulldoze new jersey. the most pressing thing in new york since rangers lost the eastern conference finals. also the most brutal field since this one -- [laughter] i'm okay, i like to get these dirt bikes worth between two to $10000 depending on how full the gas tank is. the most expensive packet -- [laughter] that looks like -- topic number three. vice president kamala harris visited american university yesterday to celebrate women's sports. did i say celebrate? i met down the great. here is the vce entering the gym with a smile that could light up an insane asylum things to return when she decided to try her hand at basketball a huge risk for kamala, her only count on the court is keeping innocent men in jail. she begins with this lobbyist dribbling i've seen since
7:55 pm
president biden tried to say the word oligarchy while eating soup. then she gets nothing but met before joining to finish the southern border wall. actually the vice president plays better near the border because is the only place she doesn't travel. [laughter] you can see she continues to fail miserably, they keep cheering her on. until you know she went to journalism school. she court scored with the help of the first gentlemen so for the first time in hundreds of public appearances, she finally made some points, good job. topic number four. speaking of cheap shots, time to hear from you, you dingbat. you are male, paul starts off with @kennedynation, child please? what i look like, paul, the adoption agency? perverted weirdo. are you insane? i will tell you these prices on
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liberty and everything has to go because prices are insane. no, no, no. come back. no, no. alberto writes @kennedynation, you dress like an old lady on a ukrainian food line. it makes me hungry for your balls. you are perfectly average. as a compliment. so are you, billy. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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[laughter] we are talking about nba draft. thank you for watching the best hour of your day, follow me on twitter an instagram. while. podcasts kennedy saves the world, fox news every day. bye-bye. previously on "legends & lies: the patriots." (guns banging) - liberties of our country have purchased at the expense of our treasure and our blood. - life, liberty, property, i am not prepared to cede these rights to any man,


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