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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: welcome to the show let'ste green the dow rallies 800 points to close out the week to the accident d.c. congress to the president's desk the most sweeping gun reform bill in nearly 30 years, a historic day the supreme court ended roe v wade back to the states. hillary vaughn is in washington with the latest. >> good evening liz, president biden has a rallying cry for his base headed into the november he says abortion rights are on the ballot read president biden says he doesn't want the supreme court to have the final say. he wants congress to act. >> he made the united states an outlier among developed nations in the world. but this decision must not be the final word.
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congress must act. with your vote you can act. you can have the final word. >> republicans are trying to turn down the temperature. senator marco rubio saying to give states the authority to decide whether or not to allow abortion there are 26 states were abortion would become illegal. some democrats like bernie sanders are calling for an end to the filibuster to codify roe v wade into law. biden himself admitting they don't have the votes right now to do that. president biden addressed the protesters that it been swarmed outside the supreme court saying any protest have to remain peaceful but also attacking the high court calling it radical and conservative control. even though the president asked protesters not to get violent he did put a target on the back of the three justices. justices brett kavanaugh, amy coney barrett in neil gorsuch that trump put in those
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positions making them essentially targets. liz: hillary vaughn, thank you so much and your congresswoman claudia tenney along with jim trusty. it's great to have you back on your reaction to this historical decision there is a push by the president to codify roe v. wade and the law. let me just give you an update nine states are moving to ban abortion. there are trigger bands in more states about 26 states in total are moving to restrict abortion, what happens next in congress. he was happens now a win for the constitution all this does is overturn roe v. wade incense this back to the state and their elected representatives to decide. i come to the state of new york that has a late-term abortion law. this was defined by the democrats as a law to codify roe v. wade. everyone knows which is a first trimester abortion decision.
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it's really up to the state of their elected representatives to come out with an alternative. this does not ban abortion particularly in new york and some have the most extreme positions on abortion. liz: what was your reaction when you heard the ruling we have a new usa today poll found a majority of people oppose overturning roe v. wade. what's your take. >> i'm not sure what people get what this ruling means. a lot of people are equating overturning is outlawing abortion. it's clearly not. for all the emotions and maybe well-deserved emotions associated with abortion. when you get down to it kavanaugh's concurrence has it right. he says the issue before us is not the philosophy or the morale of abortion. it's what the u.s. constitution has to do with abortion. what has to say about abortion.
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this is a question of federalism. it affects people's lives in a way that feels personal. a very academic cerebral exercise where justices have to wrestle like sizes or president and determine whether or not the federal constitution should remain expanded as it was in the 1970s under roe v. wade and they chose to close the expansion and return it to the state. i don't think it was surprising it was interesting. much less of the opinion poll on abortion that even joe biden seems to make it out of his comments. liz: ruth bader ginsburg said it was this accessible challenge. there is also privacy fights about it too let us into the out ogem f f >> i itsitlear t w tady.odwa w tointo m in novembe nem evhing is a a . ou are a wom wom i wf c c c ababomen, i respect women, you know this is disgraceful, disgraceful judgment that they made.
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>> will you condemn the violence? will she not condemn it? are you not condemning the violence? so i guess no condemnation. >> do you see this crowd out here, you ate seen nothing yet. women are going to control their bodies no matter how they try to stop them to. to hell with the supreme court. we will decide. liz: maxine waters telling americans to take to the street, aoc saint elections are not enough. congresswoman your reaction to these responses here, what will be the effect of the midterm election? >> maxine better not get lifted with chuck schumer and let the committee to convene to go after the end to reactionary language. this is not going to have as big a impact as the midterms as they think it is because as the guest
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of the other side said, this is not a ban on abortion is a realignment of the constitution. even as you mentioned in the latest ruth bader ginsburg said we need to have a conversation about this. she said in the past roe halted the particle progresses, and the divisiveness differed the stable settlement of this issue. now were going to have this debate in the debate we should had 49 years ago. the public is going to get a right to decide it's not going to be decided by justices that are appointed at the supreme court. we can have our elected representatives and the people decide what this moral decision is going to entail. i am pro-life and i'm unapologetically pro-life. but i think we need to have this debate and we need to talk about it a compassionate way where we respect the differences of others and kudos to president biden for at least taking a small step in condemning the violence, not condemning the violence, he was hoping for
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peaceful protest. it's interesting that the democrats refused to condemn the violence in their not enforcing the law. today justice kavanaugh, justice thomas and justice alito's address were being given out under protest in the supreme court today in direct violation of 18 usc 1507 which prohibits the prorating or the protesting loudly and disruptively in front of justices homes during the deliberative process. let's hope they stand up for this against this. liz: the issue that gorsuch, kavanaugh and cody barrett in the confirmation hearing to what the congressman was saying, the footnote to that, they say they would reaffirm roe v. wade and now they're sending it back to the states. and now there is a fight, justice alito saying this will not hit contraception and it will not hit same-sex marriage but clarence thomas indicating it might. >> that was a most dishonest or disingenuous part of president biden's comments today.
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he trotted out the language for justice thomas' concurrent which is saying he questions whether there is a thing called sensitive due process and therefore we should look at these other cases that you will contraception or same-sex marriages. that was a lonely voice, there was a majority opinion that rejected that to trot that out and say this is where it's going it's a slippery slope of the evil supreme court it was really inflammatory for no reason. liz: you think contraception and same-sex marriage doesn't get touched? is that what you are saying. >> i take them at their word at the different analysis, the different issue you not talking about prospective life, you're talking about other liberty interest. again i think you have to take them at their word, is not part of the equation it is not coming and the president announced as if it was a majority opinion which i thought was throwing gas that already emotional fire.
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liz: jim trusty, thank you so much for joining us. more on the dui arrest of nancy pelosi's husband. did pelosi's power influence what happened there and anyway? were discussing it with james, a head on "the evening edit". >> is almost like hunter biden smashed up his porch. have you ever seen so many people come together and cover up something to happen? nancy wants this bottle up. woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st.
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let's welcome to the show the ranking member of house oversight congressman james comer. before we get to the dui involving nancy pelosi's husband, your reaction to the supreme court decision sending roe v. wade back to the states today? >> this is a huge win for life, and issue over the course of two decades the public service in kentucky mostly as a kentucky state legislature. this is the biggest issue for the majority of the base in my district. the majority of the people, our conservatives and this is the number one issue. elizabeth: is it going to affect the midterms? >> people are happy in kentucky and most of the republican districts. i don't know the reaction and
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the bluer districts, i think the academy is always the most important issue and i think that plays very well and very poorly for the democrats. elizabeth: let's get back to nancy pelosi, there's criticism of the speaker even though she's been there since the reagan administration working on numerous pieces of legislation. she has a grip on the democrat party, she's emptied out the moderate bench, there's no moderates, they basically been squashed by nancy pelosi. the speakers husband paul charged with two misdemeanors for driving under the influence with injury and he blew through a stop sign and crashed his porch into a jeep near their home on may 28. why did it take a month to bring these charges, are they afraid of nancy pelosi out there? >> i'm sure they are, nancy pelosi is completely ruled the democrat party with an iron fist over the last several decades. she has transformed the democrat party into a party that once
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stood for workers rights into a party that stands for san francisco values. i think the people that live in california especially the prosecutors. the mainly elected to the democrat party structure i think they're scared to death of nancy pelosi when we saw her husband was not treated like a normal california citizen would've been treated under the circumstances. elizabeth: the da is not releasing the body cam footage or the dashcam video footage. first they said that could compromise the investigation but the charges were filed but the investigation has been completed for you how much was there to investigate? >> it should be a pretty cut and giant case. we spend a lot of taxpayer dollars funded those body cameras and police cameras. i think they should be public record anytime there is a high-profile case or something that stirs controversy among the public. that's why we have those.
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it's important for whatever reason they're not disclosing that to the public. elizabeth: he could face five days in jail he's doing court early august. again nancy pelosi has been there and office rather since oregano administration she is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. her husband runs a venture-capital real estate firm. the question about the timing of his stock trades connected to legislation nancy pelosi overseas. what are you hearing about this, this is the third rail for nancy pelosi she won't talk about it. >> this is the ultimate example of hypocrisy by nancy pelosi. when she gets on other republicans for making stock trades, average stock trade being around five or $6000 in her husband is making $100,000 stock trades it's pretty hypocritical. another thing her husband as he trades in stock options. those expire and those are very risky investments that only have a small time.
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before they become worthless. the very speculative to be depend on the high lines depending on the day. she's the only member of congress who is immediate family member who i've seen and trades in stock options, these are big stock options. i think nancy pelosi has been very hypocritical on this issue and it's something the american people have spoken loud and clear. >> silicon valley big tech companies are in their home district california. she has been on the food of tim cook with apple lot. i don't know how you get to the bottom of that. you have to move on this and take back control. >> this is something when you talk about insider-trading we've had a couple of republicans, just since i've been here had to resign for office with insider-trading much less dollar amount on the line. silicon valley is the home for the big tech companies most of the startups come out there and
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who knows how many lucrative stock deals and stock option trades he's made with insider knowledge. elizabeth: congressman, it's always a pleasure having you on. we all have love having you on. john kerry, the stunning new outrage that has the gop moving to defund kerry's climate office. plus democrats cracking down on mom-and-pop gas stations despite no evidence of price-fixing collision. were digging into with joe concha ahead on "the evening edit". ♪ meet jessica moore. jessica was born to care. she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪ ms. hogan's class? yeah, it's atlantis. nice. i don't think they had camels in atlantis.
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life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones elizabeth: this is more political eater at a democrat. they're going after mom-and-pop gas stations. your gas price gouging, price-fixing collision. there is no evidence of that. if they were able to collude why would they wait until now democrats can't answer that. kelli o'grady in los angeles with more. >> great to see you live president biden continues to play the blame game it was rather surprising when he accuses gas station owners with price gouging. what goes into the bright enterprise of a gallon of gas. taxes on average comprise 15%. in california that's about 25%
6:25 pm
employees to increase more on july 1 distribution and marketing as well as refining under 20%. the majority of the cost comes from oil out of the control of the gas station owner. you might think big oil control so station but whatever 150,000 in the u.s. over 95% are mom-and-pop. the local station might say exxon or but is likely franchise. we talked to station owner and he makes two or 3 cents a gallon at most a nickel most of these are small business that make more on a cup of coffee than a gallon of gas. now a separate proposal in los angeles plans to ban tilting new gas stations in order to folks to go green. lots of blame being thrown around the last time i checked it's not the responsibility of a small business owner of a gas station to solve the energy crisis for the white house. elizabeth: that's a great point. joining is now fox news contributor on the hill media columnist joe concha. we gotta move on to this. who's in charge of the president biden accidentally flashed a cheat sheet that his staff had
6:26 pm
prepared with step-by-step instructions for his meeting yesterday with wind energy executives where he should stand, when to say hello, when to sit down and what is going on here? >> of a 6-year-old that i'm pretty sure i would not even have instructions for him and disregard. you see it on the screen you entered the roosevelt room, you call on this person you take your seat, you depart. these instructions i get heavy notes if you need to resort, we need a stat on this or i need to quote this or we need to accentuate or articulate this particular policy talking points. i have no problem with that completely as a public speaker but then you see this card and you think about this is the greatest country in the world and we have our leader needs to know card like this. this is why he is pulling where
6:27 pm
he is this is why david axelrod who worked for the biden obama administration said that joe biden said he probably shouldn't run because the prospect of a joe biden closer to 90 in his second term as opposed to closer to 81 were seen in the late 70s this is something that should be disturbing to all americans that he needs instructions like this. elizabeth: may be the instructions should of said you keep this card facing you not facing out on. what stood out you take your seat. is he seat stealer? are they worried he's going to steal somebody seat. biden was asked about the chinese tariffs he said we have not made up my mind yet. who is the committee running biden spring? >> that's the thing we don't know that the part that most americans are unsettled about. you have a situation is that ron klain running the white house in
6:28 pm
running the president. it's the chief of staff. joe biden is the first lady, barack obama the former president at this point. the thing is speaking of barack obama and bill clinton for that matter in their first term they were pulling that well either not like joe biden who is pulling lower then any first-term president and pulling history you're talking truman to trump but at least with obama and clinton they were in their 40s and you thought maybe the best days are ahead they need experience and they went on to win reelection because in clinton's case he pivoted towards the middle with joe biden you only know that it's gonna get worse as he gets older will be 80 in november. most americans now, the one who got more votes than any president in presidential candidate history. they don't want, that is telling, the problem is there is no plan b to backfill joe biden.
6:29 pm
elizabeth: there is an issue they should be transparent with american people, tell them what's going on he said to bring in a ransoms. now we have democrats coming up with the midterm rescue plan on inflation but doesn't mention at all government spending or deficit spending or even biden's crackdown on u.s. energy. by the way this isn't the first time he was spotted using cards. he did with reporters about ukraine let's watch the cleanup crew on biden's gas again. watch this. >> this man cannot remain in power. >> we do not have a strategy or regime change in russia. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> the united states remains committed to our one china policy. we do not support taiwan
6:30 pm
independence. >> of chemical weapons were used in ukraine with that trigger a military response nato? spin a military response in time. elizabeth: what is your reaction. >> a response in kind. if russians use chemical weapons were getting use chemical weapons on the russians? overall cleanup on aisle five. again and again, and again, with this president and its why he has not done a real interview on television and 135 days read only time he has gone on television to take questions from anybody has been from jimmy kimmel who is a democratic activist posing as a comedian on television this is why they don't put them out there because time and again, this president shows he is not command of his message and he's been incompetent from day one even when he was in command of this message. elizabeth: we have obama, pelosi and granholm say the gas tax holiday that biden wants is not a good idea. the media touted it after they said biden cannot affect gas prices at all now they say he can. it's all over the map that's
6:31 pm
watch this. >> were arguing over a gimmick to save you half a tank of gas. this is not an idea designed to get you through the summer it's an idea to get them through an election. >> the trial is very showbiz rebuts do something where it is but it's not necessarily landing in the pocket of the consumer. how do we help people directly. if you can have to pay for and you don't want it to come out of the trust fund. >> part of the challenge is that it funds the roads and we just put a big infrastructure built upon the roads. if we remove the gas tax that takes away the funding that was just passed by congress to do that. >> you might think lawmakers want to help american save gas money especially the midterm elections by democrats and republicans are throwing up roadblocks. elizabeth: there's even more people in the media saying the gas tax is a good idea. it saves you less than a gallon of what it cost for milk at the pump.
6:32 pm
>> is a gimmick barack obama was right when he said and pelosi was right when they said it. americans overwhelmingly, democrat, republican want american independence in terms of energy open up the keystone pipeline, expand that pipeline open up drilling in anwar, open up oil leases in the gulf coast and the alaska coast. this president has forded that every step of the way. that's how you get to lowering prices not this stuff which is smoke and mirrors. elizabeth: come back soon, have a good weekend. questions swirling around john kerry the study new outrage that has republicans moving to defund caries climate office. we take the on next with ford o'connell on "the evening edit". ♪
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elizabeth: gop strategist ford o'connell, it's always a pleasure to have you one. this is heating up for john kerry. we have congressman chip lloyd saint were not going to give your climate office john kerry the big 16.5 million budget for your office. no one knows what he's doing, who's on the payroll, he's been stonewalling and blocking any information on how he's changing u.s. energy policies. the boston herald we have the top editor on with us, they were fighting with his office for a year to find out what he's doing and who's in his office but he is blocking them. >> john kerry is a hysterical climate so and his views are killing the u.s. economy, destroying the american middle class and lining the pockets of the chinese communist party. i my hat to chip roy and others like greg steube who want to hold them accountable and defend his office because that's what the american people deserve.
6:38 pm
elizabeth: why does he need 16 and a half million dollars. was he behind getting rid of the keystone pipeline, was he behind shutting down leases, federal lands for drilling and now this, the washington post is reporting that climate czars and activists led by john kerry, they are trying to stop a new law meant to block china's solar panels and green energy products coming here that are tied to slave labor camps over there imprisoning minorities in china. even the white house joins human rights activists around the world saying this is part of china's ongoing genocide. john kerry is okay with moralizing and lecturing everybody about climate change. he's okay with this genocide of china. >> john kerry is a hypocrite whose policies on solar panels are aiding and betting a genocide in china. to your point he's trying to circumvent u.s. law that was
6:39 pm
passed last year end signed by president joe biden that says we cannot be importing products from china that are built by slave labor with a 16 and a half million dollars being allocated in the budget. nobody knows what he's doing and who's advising him. he's operating in a clandestine way and all the boston herald and journalist around the country like yourself are advocating for transparency and that's what his office needs to be defunded. it's hurting america and no one knows what's going on. elizabeth: he say life is full of tough choices when he was asked about this last year about human rights concerns should not stand in the way of working with china on climate change. that is his position life is full of tough choices. china solar factory panel factories run largely on dirty: how can you split hairs on that when the chinese government has systematically imprisoned millions of uighurs and other minorities, thousands of labor camps and they separate a
6:40 pm
family, smash their freedom, forced sterilization and more. >> that's exactly right read the whole hypocrisy is that the solar panels that the democrats are pushing for are made in coal power plants in china. there made by slave labor. i think unfortunately the issue with john kerry is completely naïve to believe if you go soft on china somehow china is going to help you with climate change with in fact the chinese communist party sole goal is to destroy the american economy and joe biden and john kerry are giving them the tools to do just that. elizabeth: the president met with wind energy executive they did not meet with oil executives down the hallway. as john kerry telling biden what to do and biden was caught with the sheet sheet.
6:41 pm
there's issues with joe biden cognitive abilities. is it john kerry and jennifer granholm telling them what to do and obama and everyone else? >> absolutely, there's no question that john kerry, jennifer granholm, barack obama they've all talked about choking off the u.s. economy from fossil fuels and joe biden is doing what his advisors tell him and he has no idea what the long-term effects are. elizabeth: this is a national security issue. thank you so much for joining us, it's good to see you. chicago's mayor lori lightfoot snapped at a reporter asking about soaring crime. it's getting so bad in chicago a third of the company is now fleeing. we're gonna talk with the federalist chris bedford ahead on "the evening edit". >> what i want you to do is ask a question, don't give me your right wing nonsense and spewing of facts that are completely untenured. ♪
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throughout today's longer retirement. that's the value of ownership. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show the federalist senior advisor chris bedford. chicago mayor lori lightfoot getting angry when asked about the spike in violent crime in her city. >> people that i speak with in chicago every day tell me that they're very frustrated with your lack plan to violent crime. >> don't give me your right wing nonsense and spewing of facts that are completely untethered from the reality this is a great beautiful global city and the right wing characterization diversity is something other than what it is. i categorically rejected. elizabeth: murders in the city are up 60% in last year versus
6:47 pm
2019. shooting up 66%. why is she politicizing that. >> exactly what the reporters question was followed by a number of statistics or a number of incidents he talked about a product under pregnant women being shot across the street from the press conference a week before he talked about a hispanic couple dragged out of the carton executed over the weekend over 60 shooting that happened over the holiday weekend and she dismissed those and said she was only speaking with facts. she called that right wing. this is the kind that we are seeing more and more in american politics where people want to say this is a right wing conspiracy, this is a right wing conspiracy but whether or not inflation or crime these are things that real families are dealing with people are actually moving out of places. just in my parish alone the entire leadership of the columbus are moving out of this whole area and washington, d.c. because of crime that's happened across the country and they can try to politicize it and say it right wing opinions but if you look around and go to the grocery store you are seeing reality. elizabeth: can griffin is moving
6:48 pm
his hedge fund citadel out of chicago to miami. he's blaming chicago's inability to stop rising crime. it's hitting his own workers. this is the third company and boeing and caterpillar just left there getting their tax base eroded. a billion dollars in revenue out of those workers coming out of the state of illinois over the past decade or so. >> in their moving to florida in that particular case. this shows ford is not just a fad at the seismic ship with complete the different priorities on taxes and corporations on a place that businesses want to be. even a place where employees want to be. if you want to raise a family and become an investment banker and work for caterpillar and raise a family and move them to chicago right now or do you find that dangerous, then you put your kids in private school and have to be worried about the safety of your children coming home from school because of the silence. is not a friendly paste for business or families which means people are living in is going to
6:49 pm
ruin chicago's tax base. elizabeth: let's move on to the abortion decision from the supreme court sending roe v. wade back to the states. what was your reaction when he heard it. >> i cannot believe it that's why i'm underdressed i just came from the supreme court where it's pretty wild all day. the response so far the court is more muted than i expected that might be because things were leaked beforehand but ryan's plan throughout the city and ryan's plan throughout. this is a wrong decision wrongly decided 60 years ago it was wonderful to see the supreme court, with clear language that say this is wrong and is good for federalism. is not banning abortion it is kicking it back to the states. if you want to fight to protect life or fight to protect abortion that is between you and your politicians, people cannot hide from and the politicians cannot hide. elizabeth: 60% is done pharmaceutical via pill. this could be interesting we see nine states moving to ban. you will cipro taste in the states as well. thank you chris bedford. come back soon.
6:50 pm
the supreme court accused sending roe v. wade back to the states but the white house is being accused of a war on female athletes by them and their families because their moving to weaken protection and title ix. asra nomani on the international women's network.
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elizabeth: the white house created an uproar with female athletes and their families proposing changes to title ix joining us now asra nomani of the senior fellow at the international women's network. a senior contributor at the federalist and a former wall street journal reporter and journalist. there is a lot of emotions around the story. you're a journalist and training can you break this down, what is going on? >> the phenomena of girls in sports has become a part of her adulthood in her childhood for the last 50 years because this wonderful thing called title ix was created to end this termination in schools. that's how we got a flourishing of athletic sports for girls and women in college and k-12.
6:55 pm
unfortunately in recent years we had the entire lobbying effort by community that wants to make sure that transgender biological boys that help identify as girls can compete in girl sports. this is the end of girls and women sports if this continues. yesterday a ball to is the anniversary of title ix. biden administration put forward proposed language where they are going to consider of an idea biological boys able to compete in girl sports. elizabeth: even women's groups are protesting this in d.c. this sounds like a well-funded campaign to do in aggressive campaign to change the wording on title ix, right? >> absolutely. this is being formatted by interest groups and is happening
6:56 pm
in states all across the country. school districts all across the country. one of the towels that was put out yesterday our bodies are sports. 39 women athletes and advocates stepped forward. some of them came from the lesbian rights organization. some of them came from radical women is feminist organization. all women and girls can recognize that competing against boys as a direct threat against a woman and a girl's ability to succeed in this world. you know it's a multibillion-dollar industry sport. scholarships, endorsements. we had an amazing skateboarder there yesterday and she testified to how she ended up losing at a red bull competition to a boy who was identified as a girl. we had swimmers, lacrosse mom, volleyball mom who rode with me to the rally. she told me how the coach at her high school said that they need
6:57 pm
to let the ball hit the floor with his biological boy spiked because already five concussions had been tallied just because of his hits. it is a safety issue. we had a taekwondo coach who said she gets her girls when they have to compete against biological boys to just scratch. elizabeth: this is crazy. >> it's unbelievable. let's listen to your point, it's unfair to. at female athlete in tennessee let's listen to what she had to say after she was forced to compete against biological males. >> i feel like i've lost my confidence because i felt like the race was over before i began so i knew that i needed to stand up and speak out and tell my story and hope the other female athletes will do the same.
6:58 pm
elizabeth: there's that and also this people are stepping up along with what you're doing international swimming federation voted to approve a new policy restricting most transgender athletes from competing in elite women's aquatic competitions. and there's something going on with the international rugby league, to? >> same thing, people are coming to the common sense now. unfortunately that young girl who testified. so brave and so courageous. they want to be competing, they want to be training and here they are public spokespeople for their sport. they are remarkable. i could have not imagined at a young age taken on such a big issue. but this crazy jacket that i'm wearing is because when i was a girl it was late 1970s and i ran cross-country. they did not have a girls team
6:59 pm
at morgantown high school so i had to run jv. four years on the jv team met you got a letter. my senior year my knee went out and i could not get my letter so yesterday i made myself this letter women's jacket and amazing lacrosse mom named deedee put it on me and now i have my own letter woman jacket. diy letter woman jacket. but she said this young athlete is exactly true. i did not go want to win gold medals. you know my life story but i did have to go out there in the world and speak with confidence even go before the camera now and speak. these were all fears that i had. when i was a runner i would look at the top of the hill to michael and that's what athletics give every young girl and boy and every transgender child should also be supported and affirmed in this world but not by taking the place of a girl or a woman in sports.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: you are going to stay on the site? >> absolutely. this is a very difficult issue people have used a lot of slurs against anybody who speaks out. it took me a lot of time but i hope everybody stands up with courage. elizabeth: we will have you back on, thank you for watching. have a good weekend and join us again monday night. >> from the fox studio in new york city, this is "maria bartiromo wall street". >> happy weekend everybody welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo presidential priorities joe biden skips a crucial meeting with oil executives but makes time for a meeting on windmills. is that what is going to bring oil prices down? i'm asking rick perry about this federal reserve chairman jay


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