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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 28, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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they are raising women in the process. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth macdonald, he been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, thank you for watching and we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news, tuesday during election there are several states with poles starting to close. the first since fridays blockbuster roe v. wade overturning so how will the abortion the races? what happened? about the midterms and november setting things up nicely for the future? we are following primaries since eight states. we got house and senate races, gubernatorial battles and special election in alaska.
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secretary of state showdown, all of these play into what many see as a massive red wave coming this fall. the balance of power on capitol hill and governor's manchin across the country, analysts will bring tea leaves to see if the abortion ruling will change, the dynamic of the election. will it by up democrat voters enough to stop the red wave? with the economy and a potential recession continue to be the driving political force impossible to say now. here's what we know, the ruling increased the drama and what could be one of the most important midterms in the last decade. how are things going to shake out? was only one person to ask, special report anchor and fox news chief political anchor, brett baier joins me now, welcome back. >> good evening. kennedy: what's at stake in one of the most important races you
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are looking at? >> with got five primary states, two runoffs and one special election. i guess most interesting big picture is the primary for republican governor in new york and that has a number of republicans and lee zeldin and giuliani topping those. they will grow up against likely the incumbent kathy hochul and that could be an interesting race come fall. i think a lot of the other races tonight could potentially be upset in house races in illinois and colorado and special election in nebraska but it is the first time we are seeing any voting after the supreme court ruling you talked about, roe v. wade overturned. a lot of these races don't deal with that, special election nebraska will but it's setting the table, you will see a
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republican democratic turnout and how it starts to look and frame beyond the issues of the economy and inflation come fall. kennedy: you brought up to new york governor's primary first so let's talk about that. the first thing that might strike people who don't live here is obviously from a president trump's endorsement has been he in some races, nonstarter in others but he hasn't endorsed a candidate in new york. lee zeldin has been running as a trump republican. andrew giuliani, the son of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani worked in the trump administration. do you know why the president has not split the baby in half? >> that's a great question, i don't know the answer. i do know former vice president mike pence has run and campaigned with congressman lee zeldin, he's endorsed congressman selden as has the state republican committee in
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new york so i think heading in we don't have great poles there but it would seem as selden is positioned but we will see if giuliani pulls an upset. kennedy: let's talk about the illinois governor's race, what a name, he sounds like a wealthy person, is he a wealthy person? >> he is, very wealthy, former commerce secretary and the governor is in a position to win the nomination but that could be an interesting race come fall. it's one in which illinois, one of these states were businesses have been leaving because the economic situation and how it lines up for that government will be interesting to see. kennedy: you think republicans have a shot in the fall of turning that into a bluer state? sorry, writer. >> writer.
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kennedy: my teeth right now. >> purple state, it's tough in illinois, it's pretty blue but it depends on the economic situation, a lot of these states how something happens that changes the dynamic and i think inflation will be the driving story by the time we get to november i know abortion and guns are on the edges, maybe make a difference in some independent districts but really how people feel at the kitchen table i think is the driving force. kennedy: i think you're right in a place like illinois, they've had so much union and political corruption over the years that people have to be getting sick of it and in places like chicago where john caldwell lost his brother to gun violence in chicago and that something that resonates with people, they want to feel safe and feel their money is safe and going to be able to afford basic things so that will certainly be want to keep an eye on.
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you have an interesting interview last night and by interesting i mean completely went off the rails because the woman running for governor in arizona, carrie lake, she was so defensive that i think her defensiveness and inability to answer a question disqualifies her from running for office. i was watching and i was angered on your behalf and i fire interviewing her, i would have lost michael and called her and unhinged which so how do you keep calm when someone is so clearly being a dingbat? >> good thing she didn't go on your show. kennedy: she has an open invitation. a bunch of drag queens dance around in the back. >> what i'm always trying to do on the left and right is ask questions the potentially will come up in their race. if she becomes the nominee in arizona as a republican nominee,
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she will have to deal with all kinds of stories out there and this is one democrats were probably have. the washington post did this story, i referenced it so she could address. he chose to attack me an answer, say that we were cnn, how dare you? but listen, i gave her the time to answer, pressed her on a couple of different things and she believes joe biden is not the president, he's illegitimate, the election was stolen. there are a lot of republicans who feel that way, there hasn't been definitive proof brought to any courthouse any state legislature, any governor that has overturned anything. there's a lot of stuff out there don't against the wall but as far as definitive proof and a lot of people talk about this 2000 mules, i've watched it, i've looked into it, attorney general mark talked about it and
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said there wasn't hard evidence, she's running up on the 2020 election stolen. the other question is one that popped up there and got offended by it. kennedy: there is a way of diffusing those questions which is something she's going to have to learn how to do if she's serious about taking office and the lighting is and always going to be that soft, that's all i have to say. great job, thank you for coming on to talk about tonight's primary and beyond. >> all right, sia. kennedy: dancing drag queens in our future. abortion debate still on. the white house going on offense, obvious becerra calling for increased access to so-called abortion pills. the of administration considering travel vouchers for those looking for procedures over state lines. progressives are getting desperate, aoc offered this
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golden idea. >> there are actions at president biden's disposal you could mobilize. the baby is of the baby, abortion clinics on federal land. [cheering] kennedy: at yellowstone. that sounds like a winning idea. the white house showing that idea down, it looks like mixed messages here. what is their plan? tonight party panel, washington opinion editor and fox news contributor, charlie hurt is here, democrat holster and cohost of the five, jessica tarlov and foundation for economic education content manager and base politics cofounder, hannah cox. welcome back. charlie, i will start with you. obviously this was an incredibly divisive issue before the actual decision came down. has it unleashed more division?
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>> perhaps, it brings it to the service but i would argue it's a divisive issue for 50 years largely because the court wrongly 50 years ago decided, nine justices decided to do abortion to the rest of the country and told the country to start arguing about it and follow their edict and what we are seeing now, there's a lot of confusion, you know when the white house down and insane idea from aoc about opening, performing abortions at yellowstone or wherever, you know there's real division going on but that's what happens in politics so i would argue what we are seeing with this confusion are the healthy first steps of the country grappling with something that is a very
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touchy moral issue and as somebody who lives in virginia, i can guarantee you i'm not going to be happy with what my state winds up determining is the legal threshold for abortion but it will be me and my neighbors and a bunch of idiot politicians making that decision, i'll be happy with her and the idea that 50 years ago, nine dudes in black robes told me this is the right they found and for all of us to shut up about it. kennedy: so, what is the solution here? do you encourage women to practice better personal responsibility? perhaps accidents? do you hang your hat on the abortion pill which will terminate a pregnancy for up to 70 days? >> i think certainly more that than accidents, the people will
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stop having sex, everybody should be responsible. kennedy: that is a big tik tok trend, younger people are like we are going to not let the man stick to us. >> me, as a mom and like yes, do that. >> you thought you like your boyfriend, how about a vibrator having boyfriends something is exactly the same but i do know if that's what's happening on social media. i think charlie touched on something super important there, we are in the midst of chaos with this judgment coming down because the law across 50 states saw different takes and not all of them are even laid out, we have trigger laws over 100 years old back to come into effect. we have liberal governors saying they will not let that happen like what's going on in wisconsin so the problem is, we don't know the rules and we've
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seen clamping down from ohio and texas in terms of getting the abortion pill which allows you to have an abortion after 70 days post conception across state lines, that something important the administration can help us protect but i talked about this earlier with jimmy failla, i think democrats should consider pushing manchin and sinema for the filibuster to have a national policy on abortion at a lower week threshold, not to birth, something that goes on in europe, women in states like ohio, louisiana, arkansas with the most prohibitive policies can have a chance. kennedy: that's interesting to bring that up now because democrats are really only ringing that up now, they've had essentially 49 years to come up with a better plan than maybe we should just have abortions in national parks. glaciers really pretty this time of year. >> their solutions are getting
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more and more desperate, the federal court suggestion to expanding the court, i hear tons of ideas and was evident is while the legal movement has been almost laser focus on this for the past 30 years, democrats have been asleep at the wheel, they've had so much time to pass policies, work with the american people who actually do tend to want abortion to be legal and where like initially promised, they are usually okay with the first trimester, health and safety for the mother but that wasn't good enough for democrats, they wanted to sit back and rest on their judicial activism instead of doing the real work to pass policy that met the people where they are instead of going with progressive agenda and they are going to pay for it. kennedy: there is a very, very big difference between a condom and the morning after pill and terminating a pregnancy at 38 weeks. that is infanticide, that's for people have a real problem but
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we have to crop stop calling all of it the same thing because these are all very different issues and to a lot of people it's like morning after pill, it's more rational idea than six months in deciding i don't think i'm cut out for this. all right, the panel was stick around and we have much more to discuss including ghislaine mask well learning her fate, she was convicted on sex trafficking and being disgusting. does the punishment fit her crime? is the sentencing the end of the epstein saga? that will be discussed next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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justice prevails, jeffrey epstein's ex-girlfriend and matt of an permit, child molester ghislaine mexico sentenced 20 years in prison for trafficking ring, she's 60 years old, she could send the rest of her life in the gray bar hotel, less than the 30 to 55 years prosecution was asking for. can she appeal the case? will there ever be justice for the other predators in epstein's inner circle? in studio criminal defense attorney former prosecutor, he knows both sides of the tennis racket very well.
7:20 pm
next up, staring, randy, welcome back to the show. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: was this a fair sentence from the judge? >> when you look at the definition of a sentence as far as federal statutes go, there is a list of what is in the justice sentence. a sentence is supposed to be no greater, just sufficient but not greater than to meet certain goals of sentencing. one of the goals? and sure just punishment, and sure and promote respect for the law. then there's deterrent, that the two headed monster, to deter the defendant and differ -- deter the next ghislaine maxwell who thinks it's a good idea to groom young girls. then there's rehabilitation which i don't mean to make light of the critical pieces are just certain punishment, promote respect for the law and deterrence which is individual
7:21 pm
and then to the rest of the world. kennedy: jeffrey epstein was a monster, there's no debating that fact. it doesn't mean because she's a woman that she also wasn't capable of being a monster and after we heard testimony from the young women abused not only by epstein's but also by her. you come away from the trial and the other trial saying women can be just as bad as men in some cases. >> that is true and what is so compelling in the sentencing hearing, you can ask a federal judge in particular to a person, that's probably the most difficult part of the job because at some level you are playing god with another human's life but those victim impact statements particularly when they are lives, to sit there and listen to these women, formerly young girls talk about what they
7:22 pm
were subjected to, how the trajectory of their lives have been forever altered, you don't know whether to run, hide or jump out the window, it's just awful so yes, apparently being a monster is not specific too whether you are a man or a woman. kennedy: in her statement she said jeffrey epstein compartmentalized everything. that was not the case because she knew what was going on, she was grooming the women in some cases molesting them herself. she knew what he was doing to them. she knew the entire thing, no compartmentalization there. she had access to all of it. has hillary engine already sent her a prison scarf? >> i don't know, perhaps one is in the works. kennedy: where she going? >> i believe she would like to go to dan barry. kennedy: why? >> it's a nice place to live and to visit but her dilemma is when you are out at liberty, when you
7:23 pm
get sentenced, you can go to the judge and say judge, could you please recommend to the bureau of prisons echo here? i go to otis bill, dan barry, i go to the air force base. when you're in custody, you can make that request but it's far less likely to be granted because when you're out, go to the facility. when you're in, the fewer prisons, the marshals will decide there's a spot for you, that's where you are going. kennedy: if they have kids and don't like her, she's going to a roach infested hellhole. it seems like the jury recently has gotten it right, i think the judge got it right but the judge gave her 20 and not 30 to 55 years so will ghislaine maxwell see the light of day? will she have time off for good
7:24 pm
behavior and all of that or are federal sentences different? >> pencil on a piece of paper or a napkin what you do, you take the 240 months, she will get 15% off that time for what we call good time credit so 240 is now down to 204. then the extent she avails herself programs while she's in, she teaches, takes classes, they say jump, you say how high? she may be able to shape additional time plus when she's getting ready to go home, she will be sent to what we call a halfway house, exactly what it sounds like but let's not forget, she's got an interesting appellate issue, most times you don't, she's got a juror who, did i forget to mention that i was a victim? the judge it slipped my mind. kennedy: as a defense attorney, he would notice the judge dismissed the request to dismiss the whole thing. >> that doesn't mean the second circuit will feel differently.
7:25 pm
judge nathan now sits on the second circuit, she was elevated and came back to try this case. not to try the case, to sentence ms. maxwell. kennedy: and she did that. you are sentenced to come back on the show, thank you very much. >> every time. kennedy: coming up from a president biden frustrated the chatter, he shouldn't run for reelection in 2024. vice president harris dropping another clue about their plans. but could we see hillary clinton as the big spoiler? what about howard stern? the man returns to discuss all of it next. ♪♪
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well, president biden run for reelection in 2024 when he's 124 years old? report claims is getting irritated by democrat say he's too old, it's too loud or they
7:30 pm
will not openly back him to run again on top of that, vice president kamala harris now trying to shut down the heaters saying of course he'll run again. >> your friend, congressman jim clyburn said it president biden doesn't seek reelection, he be first on the list in 2024. have you talked to president biden about reelection and what do you say to congressman clyburn? >> joe biden is running for you election and i will be on the ticket. kennedy: she wants to laugh so badly. [laughter] biden currently is 79 years old and he's going to be 82 at the end of this term. is he physically and mentally capable of handling another election cycle? charlie hurt, jessica tarlov and
7:31 pm
hannah cox. is he already a lame duck? >> i think in a lot of ways he is but it is astonishing to listen to the people like aoc on the far left of the party totally fail or refuse to rally around joe biden when this administration has done more to give the far left of the party more of what they've asked for than any president, far more than obama gave them from afar more than any president and i'm sure we are at the zenith of power aoc will ever hold and for her to turn around and bite the hand that fed her better than anyone else, it is shocking to see. kennedy: should the hand be snacking her metaphorically? >> we don't advocate for violence. kennedy: not even metaphorically, very clear. >> no, we draw the line. kennedy: absolutely. >> when you be angry if you are
7:32 pm
joe biden and everyone was talking proverbial about you? he has a right to be angry. he got the american rescue pack, bipartisan infrastructure, he got elected and be donald trump, the greatest threat to democracy and we are watching it play out at the january 6 hearing, joe biden deserves to be riled up against this and i understand individual senators need to make a decision whether he helps them or hinders in terms of campaigning with them but show him respect, he's the president of the united states of america them got bernie who's always difficult on these things finally said he supporting biden, he got him dinner invitation out of it but come on. >> he's always in for the free dinner. kennedy: is he the best the democrats have? >> president biden x i think -- there's a lot more talent out there and people give them credit for like who you have?
7:33 pm
joe biden was right for the trump moment and he had stopped about being a one term president, i need to be a caretaker to get us back on track so i think joe biden is talented, hugely important american figure with the right person for this time. if you want to run again, i will be there happily to vote for him but i'm not scared we are going to have no one else if he chooses not to run. kennedy: unfortunately we are back on track but it's a one-way track, the express to help. the economy, no matter who tries to shellac, the economy is not doing well and voters know that. >> i'm not surprised joe biden is cranky, he's old man needs to go home and take a nap but at the end of the day we can agree no matter your political persuasion we don't need an 82-year-old running the country, i'm sorry, i don't know why this is offense for anybody, we need people energy and cognitive processes in place, in touch with the culture and with where the culture needs to go and
7:34 pm
understand everyday problems of americans. joe biden has shown that's not him. his administration has been so much worse than i even predicted it could be. the country is on fire so i think democrats need a serious conversation, something publicans did not do in 22 and did not serve them well. i do think it makes sense to rally around joe biden, he's been a failure and i would hope the democrats have better to offer although i'm not seen it yet. kennedy: they might. listen to this, the wicked witch of the west wing, she may not be vanquished yet, listen to the people, hillary clinton giving denial on her plans to run for the president's in 2024. >> former first lady, former secretary of state, former senator, you miss politics? is there any scenario in your brain you would think i want to get back in? >> no but i miss it, there's no scenario in 2024 to even
7:35 pm
remotely consider. i can't imagine, i really can't. kennedy: she imagines it every day, every waking moment of every single day, that's all she does is imagine it. another liberal darling throwing his name in the ring, howard sterling saying he might run for president on the platform of abolishing the electoral college, would either of these two have a better chance against sleepy joe 2024? >> i don't think you can do it, this is the problem the democrats have, i don't know that you can do much worse than joe biden or much better than joe biden either. the same forces in the first place, they are still at play. i don't think howard stern has a future. maybe hillary clinton, obviously she needs to get her name back in to make more money but other
7:36 pm
than that, i don't know what possibly she could offer either subsequently or politically. kennedy: she could lose again and that would be entertaining. >> very entertaining. kennedy: but never underestimate the power of howard's reach and his deep fan base, he still has a lot of listeners and a lot of people think of him as being practical i don't like his politics, used to be far more libertarian in the 90s toying with the idea running for governor of new york. do you like the idea of howard stern at the top of the ticket? >> no, i like the idea of him as a politician but i like howard stern and the idea that people are saying the things folks are saying in their homes, the system isn't working for us, these are ideas that are popular, we want some one to
7:37 pm
advocate for them, i jumped in my talking points, howard stern and michelle obama, that -- michelle obama could win, end of story. kennedy: she's a lawyer, she has more practical experience goes she was in the white house for two terms, i like her a lot more than hillary clinton if she were limited government person, i think should be fantastic because she has that one thing that saluted so many democrats and that is likability and she's got more cognitive capability. then joe biden. if there were one of these high-profile democrats to run, would you vote for any of them? >> absolutely not because none of them are limited free-market kind of candidate that i would say they would have to think the lucky stars, should be the best shot they have a long time. but i think is delusional is the fact that anybody would look at hillary clinton or anybody else
7:38 pm
from these legacy war longer families with that so pervasive in our political system for decades, read the room, the american people are no longer grow war, have to throw obama in their, i think it is crazy to look at people who have the same failed ideology, on the left and right, they need to look for people on the concerns people have, focus on features domestically and some kind of place where we have civil liberties and individualism in this country, that would be the winning combination we need to pull independent and strong and republicans but that's not what they are doing, they tried to go more and more progressive into the old deep pockets and it's not going to work so they need new ideas and energy. kennedy: they do and i'm sorry, people sometimes have to realize the two-party system has failed america. it just has. and i say this a lot, i was the libertarian party were better organized and better poised and
7:39 pm
greater self-esteem and took themselves more seriously so that could be a liberty minded candidate to pose a real challenge to the duopoly. i am optimistic and love the conversations we have. charlie, jessica and hannah, thank you so much. coming up, for the july barbecue's getting a lot more expensive, you can't even look like a hobo, prices soar. jonah smacks ferris, he's got your spoon and the deserted amtrak next. ♪♪ when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right?
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♪♪ kennedy: that was last night
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maltreatment monday song, mark worthington was the winner. speaking of eating, for the july barbecue is about to burn a hole in your wallet. ground beef reportedly up 36%, chicken breasts, 33% hike. lemonade, cool refreshing drink will cost you 22% more than a year ago. vanilla ice cream up only 10%. overall, standard fourth of july cookout is expected to cost 17% more than it did last year. the biggest jump ever recorded so even if you got you could pay gas money by not traveling, you're still getting smoked like a juicy texas brisket. this holiday we can is time to declare federal independence from the federal reserve. he with me now fox news contributor, jonah smacks ferris, welcome back to the show. it's not all horrible news, there's some categories where things are more affordable,
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strawberries, i love strawberry margaritas, i love strawberry shortcake, i could probably account of strawberries on the words of july and be fine. >> sliced cheese, potato chips, entire place you want to put your diet save money, the owner reversed atkins diet, only meets, those up through the roof 20, 30%. protein, once you go into carbs though, it is cheap. ice cream, positive prices are lower than a few years ago i think, that's where your budget will have to go, they can say inflation is low cards and out of proteins because the proteins are the roof this season. kennedy: don't wear a glucose monitor to your fourth of july it if you're following his cooking tips. let's talk about the fed rate hikes, they are not done and it will eventually bring down inflation but could have an effect on the real estate market
7:46 pm
short-term, how could that affect the economy? >> because everybody is blaming everybody but themselves and wants the fed to do the heavy lifting, the fed will have to raise rates higher than they would have to if the white house was helping with stimulus reduction so what happens if they raise rates, they need to slow the economy, get money out of the consumers hands one way or another, higher interest rates is the main way when you're not having a fiscal plan and when mortgage rates go up, you can afford less house so that will keep the price of the house when going up but can also backfire if you go to high on rates, house prices can plunge and then we have a cascading problem like we had in zero eight. higher than they were in the bubble of all time back in zero eight so dangerous market to play around with a seven or 8% mortgage, car loans and everything is based on race, credit card, all that.
7:47 pm
you raise that cost, that cost will go up more a big part of financing, you may not see it in the same way, mortgage rates and stock prices, one of the main stocks are down, everything is based on interest rates so when the number is hi, everything is expensive and things will are worth less. did they go to high? that's why they've been trying to push off and unfortunately we will have to go higher than they already have the likely going to cause a mild recession continued plungers feature shall be in a recession? >> i think we are in a recession already, it takes traditionally, we had one bad quarter and probably another one so i think they will quote that in a few months or we could have a slightly positive order and another bad quarter and not officially a recession but i
7:48 pm
think you have to have a recession to get inflation away. kennedy: and on again and off again relationship, so hard to plan a wedding especially when meat is so expensive. thank you for your expertise and insight. >> thank you. kennedy: and topical storm next, he's waiting for you, such a good boy. ♪♪
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fbi rated florida art he's been alleging some of the paintings are forgery but the paintings say they were framed. this is topical storm, topic number one time to bear witness to an incredible video of a bear. not brett baier, a real bear wandering through a florida neighborhood. this is the biggest animal in florida since gronkowski. wrong. this one won't put a shirt on either. the bear was wondering around the officials said it was looking for loose garbage but it he really was a trashy neighborhood, he should try tallahassee. just kidding, i'm just reading words. actually if the bear went to tallahassee, would double the counter the entire city. neighbors were terrified to see the bear going door-to-door but grateful he wasn't a jehovah's
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concentrations with over 400 insect species reportedly found in a single green tea bag. well done, your module latte has more bugs microsoft windows. dna from russia bugs process with leaves so next time you're offered a full body of tea, make sure to ask how many are in there. topic number three. hearty food in your bag, here's a product for you. an artist telling limited in addition pasta themed purse. i love a good italian designer bag. it's made to look like a box of dry penne because joe biden's america, only pasta is now a status symbol. thanks to inflation, anyone who steals it will be disappointed to find money inside instead of noodles. the bag is called must-have accessory because of dresses, chicken farm and unfortunately they are all sold out. you can buy a knockoff on edgy
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but then you would be in pasta. [laughter] topic number four. a new top dog has been found, let's go to california to meet the winner of the 2022 world's ugliest dog competition, mr. happy. a chihuahua mix, or dog can use a bone. cheek bone. the dog is so ugly never dogs meet him, they think his face, they would have to get drunk before they hump the legs. he's giving people please and making people flee. i hear you can only take him for a walk on halloween. he was awarded $1500 for being ruled ugliest dog. he will be sent to florida to scare wayfarers now. here's tonight to go me tuesday joke. guess the punchline on twitter. don't cheat. what is the force they after it
7:56 pm
tripped? ♪♪
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> did we make it to tickle me tuesday? what did the horse say after it tripped? help, i've fallen and i can't giddy up. >> she that is why she is
8:00 pm
smart. cathy, mckenny, janet they got it right on the twitter. thank you for watching me everyone. the best hour of your day. brian kilmeade tomorrow on the night. what are the chances? you can't watch the show, dvr it. good night. if you are lost, you are rail lost. >> trailblazers with a long, winding idea. to build a rock road from coast-to-coast go way better than a muddy road. >> the mud, blood, sweat and the gears. >> a little bit of a life and death endeavor. >> how they created the ultimate road trip, the lincoln


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