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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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wakes. it's warning swimmers to be aware of these predators. in new york a shark may have bitten a man swimming at jones beach on long island. officials note that the only way to avoid sharks is to stay on land. that does us for us on "foxbusiness tonight". the evening added which is on land it starts right now. ♪ oco. >> happening now more than 47 million people traveling this july 4 weekend. not only are people facing soaring food and gas prices they are also dealing with delays at the airport. we will tell you why. this, as critics turned to president biden after he slams a supreme court on the world stage. plus, violent spiking and soft on crime chicago. officer shop this morning by a convicted felon after more than a dozen people were shot since last night.
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we are covering all of that and more. i am brian and for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. first up, misery is more than 200 flights are canceled ahead of fourth of july. delta ceo apologizing for what he calls unacceptable airline chaos. meanwhile president biden returning from his high-stakes trip overseas with no answers on key issues. including an oil fix. edward lawrence is in madrid with more, edward. >> brian, only one new solution, the nato meeting the g7 for g7 leaders will decide to stop trying to ban russian oil on global markets. it has a price cap on what countries will pay for that oil. president biden falling back on what he's already been doing with their record gas prices the president's top energy advisor defends those moves.
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>> we are not looking at this with what the price of oil is today or tomorrow but how do we systemically bring the price of oil down? how do we systemically solve the problem we have gasoline, diesel and heating oil on the east coast and other parts the united states to make sure we have enough inventory. it's least one democrat now break with the president over rolling back legislation for. >> i am a one democrat speaking for myself who would support some streamlining of regulations both to help with transmission lines that are critical for a transition to a cleaner energy economy. and for siting of renewable projects and for pipelines. i think we needed all of the above energy strategy to meet this strategic global strategic moment and make sure putin's aggression is defeated progressive european unit made the pivot on regulations for the u.s. is not, brian. brian: edward lawrence, thank you sir. joining me now as congressman bruce a westerman house natural
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resources ranking member low with capitalist comeback author andy. welcome to both. congressman, i want to start with you. former obama advisor is axelrod biden has no answers on key issues, listen to this. >> when the president got into those questions and gas prices and inflation and abortion rights, there was a lot less of the certainty. a lot less of the emphatic nature of his initial presentation on nato because he does not have great answers. >> congressman i don't think anybody would disagree the president does not have great answers on these questions. but they are becoming such a big issues at this point. think america's crying out for a path forward. what do you make of what you're hearing from the president particularly on this last trip? >> that was the understatement of the week the president does not have answers. i wish she would start to people
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who have answers. this is something we can solve but we certainly cannot solve it the way the president is going about it. we cannot be going to saudi arabia another opec countries and begging them for energy when we can produce it here in the united states as a cheaply and efficiently as any place better than anyplace in the world. but that's on the route the president wants to go down. he is shutting down pipelines for them not turn on new pipelines. his administration has promised have a new five-year plan out on shore up short leasing. this president energy has the aipac bat and incompetent this administration is. >> and i think the lack of the vision the lack of a path
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forward has got consumers, it is got businesses feeling incredibly pessimistic producing record lows on the front. the atlanta fed coming out now sing the estimate for second-quarter gdp is a negative and a pretty got negative. that is recession territory. talk about where you think we are with the economy and what you think happens now and that weeks and months we may be in a recession right now. >> we are in a deep hole whether rated technical recession certainly the american people are feeling the effects of a recession where they believe we are in a recession. if the everyday products index that people buy every day. year over year is up over 20%. larry summers the former secretary of the treasury under clinton and obama economist just came out and co-authored a
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report or was it during the carter administration which led to the huge recession we had back in the early 1980s. knife got not only feeling and it we are actually in a recession or spite what you've been hearing from the white house. on this energy point nailed it was a good discussion. russia is now exporting more oil than it did before the pandemic. we are producing about a million different discourage banks and lending money. won't grant leases is longer energy independent. it should be the leader in producing fossil fuels. biden said in the white house steps that were back in the energy business we're going to
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start producing oil like you have never seen before, oil prices would come down he just can't do it. >> congressman andy make such a good point there. putin is exporting more oil then he was before the sanctions took place. we are producing less. u.s. companies shortly since the administration has failed to create a plan for. how devastating is that the administration cannot even meet its own deadline to get lease opportunities approved for u.s. producers. instead of looking for solutions to the problem the president is blaming others.
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be able to afford fuel and afford groceries. the price of food is going to the roof as well. we are seeing the fourth of july picnics we are talking increase over last year. this is absolutely nothing to help energy affects the whole economy. it is just multiplying all these input costs sing high energy prices. we are feeling at the pump if you are the south where i am heating and gas prices are even higher. there's less food than increase food cost i wish the administration would focus on a real solution.
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across-the-board these prices really quickly the president says how long are you going to have to deal with higher gas prices as long as it takes. your take on the message with that? rex president biden be done with high energy prices. the high energy prices. cheap economists the economic council. they said yes but got high energy prices. got to preserve the liberal world order. the liberal world order is that how he got elected, i don't think so. message democrats within the fall. >> is sustainable the daters think now is in the indication of got to live there congressman bruce, andy thanks for being
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with us. >> crime is spiking and soft on crime chicago. officers shop this morning by a convicted felon dozen people were shot since last night. plus critics tear into biden slams the supreme court on the world stage. and in honor of july 4 and each commercial break we are paying tribute to our nation's hero. we sing our teams or are currently serving in the military. thank you for your service. we will be right back. new poligrip power hold and seal. clinically proven to give strongest hold, plus seals out 5x more food particles. fear no food. new poligrip power hold and seal. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire.
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congresswoman claudia. congresswoman, great to have you with this type of thing serving with this. want to get your reaction to the president for this is extraordinary to me. on the world's stage, foreign soil talked about our supreme court and ripping a decision is outrageous. talk about what that means for the president of the united states to be doing that. >> this is completely unacceptable. he is undermining our own institution. not understanding part i have looked at this present culture his impeachment over the border issue alone because he does not understand his important role in the executive branch at his his obligation to uphold our laws. also in terms of energy he is energy illiterate. now her friend and he doesn't really understand how the constitution works. the constitution is basic document that is about rights and protecting those rights. it is about freedom.
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all of these decisions have done particularly the roe versus wade overturned as everyone is calling it. it really what it is is a realignment of us realizing the overreach of an erroneous president which was roe versus wade. rolling that back and make it constitutional sending this moral decision back to the states and their elected representatives. so claire would joe biden is a career politician someone who has enriched himself his family and himself at the expense of the taxpayer, using his political position very does not even understand the importance of the judiciary pretty think it's great if you look at our founders one of my favorite quotes in the decision of justice alito comics quotes alexander hamilton who said gives the judiciary neither force nor will. the sole authority of the judiciary is judgment. is this something the judiciary should be weighing in on? or is it something the states and the people need to decide? all they did send it back to the
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states and the people. we have late term abortion which is lawton land in york state. it's not a moderate position. it is an extreme position. most new yorkers do not even realize because the democrats sold this bill in new york as codification of a row which is abortions illegal up to the first trimester. we have late-term abortion statute of people do not even know it. >> he is a career politician and most of his career he said the filibuster really matters part b cannot get rid of the filibuster. now he is saying he is willing to support removing the filibuster on the issue of abortion. do you think he is going to find enough support to do that? what does it mean if he actually does? what does it mean if in fact the senate blows up the filibuster on this issue, congresswoman? >> competition illiteracy which
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the present is now establishing, scary this goes on judiciary committee in a chair of the judiciary committee within the senate, does not even understand this is a political maneuver. we're going to make an exception for certain political decisions that we don't positions we don't like. were going to list the filibuster for it. probably one of the most controversial. probably one of the most emotional decisions. and where the most emotional of our time were we have seen an erroneous or precedent that was overturned by constitutional court. and now we have a president that says we are going to change the filibuster rule that he stood for, for purely political reasons. it's going to be causing another earthquake just like roe versus wade because years ago. brian: you wish you had a president of the constitution backward and forward. that would seem to be one of the main things a president should be competent at. but you are right. the basic difference. judiciary and voting on laws
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that a legislature it makes seems to allude the left. seem to elude the president. congress want to got to leave it there. always good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thanks so much. >> biden's blunders keep piling up at we take a look at some of his gaps that critics say undercut our credibility on the world stage. plus, crime is spiking and soft on crime chicago. officers shop this morning by a convicted felon after more than a dozen people were shot since last night. we've got a report ahead on "the evening edit". (fisher investments) it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same, but at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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brian: tonight soft on crime chicago being hit with more violence but one of its police officers is now hospitalized in serious condition after being shot multiple times by a convicted felon. mike tobin is in chicago with the very latest, mike. >> will break on a tablet police always prays for violence of the fourth of july holiday weekend. but this time the violence did not wait for the weekend. police officer has been shot. there's a mass shooting left two people dead but it's far as the
6:24 pm
officer who was shot he's a 15 year veteran of the chicago police force by the superintendent says he was responding to a domestic violence incident pretty got up and elevated the suspect shot him in the arm in the abdomen. the officers now in serious condition but separate chicago police officer shot so far this year for the suspect is a convicted felon according to the police superintendent. overnight the westboro chicago sloop a group of men came out of a building according to police there was an argument and an unknown man open fire but one man was shot in the head and diaper another shot in the chest and died. three were injured but if you start counting just before sundown last night, 50 people were shot overnight. seven died. chicago's mayor went back to familiar talking point, guns. >> but we continue to aggressively address the violent dangerous criminals harmed communities and work to bring them to justice as well let's continue the important goal of taking illegal guns off our streets were quick to demand acquisition in chicago police officer was arrested all the
6:25 pm
other cases from overnight. the gunmen are unidentified and got away. brian back to you. brian: thank you mike tobin. well, violence also breaking out in newark, new jersey last night after nine people were shocked including a teenager. kentucky police officer was also fatally shot his line of duty while serving a warrant spiritual insight to discuss arkansas congressman rick crawford. congressman, we're glad you're with us on the tough subject. what to get your reaction to some of the day that we are seeing in the stories we are seeing. particular think about chicago. so many officers shop in the line of duty per it looks a continuing response or continuing activity resulting from the fact we have so many soft on crime policies. your reaction to it congressman? >> that's it exactly soft on crime open should be apprised to
6:26 pm
see this level of violence continues to wrap it up in the cities led by these progressive democrats. the incident and newark officer out of kentucky. we are continuing to see that level of violence. when you say deeper in the police see city council members echoing that sediment i'm putting that into actions big cities across the country. this should come as no surprise to anyone. i hear from people in l.a. have got family that live out there. the stories about it. there's a gallup poll that came out recently, 70% of americans feel unsafe. we have not seen that level of the insecurity since before 2016. so yes, this is a really serious problem. it should surprise no one that we continue to hear the democrat mantra of defining police. what you hear mayor lori lightfoot take their getting aggressive by their getting aggressive action part i think a lot of people look at it and say where were you when he really needed the aggressive action?
6:27 pm
we needed the aggressive action months ago, years ago in some cases. now the problem seems to have grown to a problem that is almost out of control. you think the problem is out of control? and these very deep blue cities congressman do that there's that path back place like chicago, new york, san francisco and l.a. is there a path back? >> there is a path back and that includes letting the police do their job. these police officers or support law enforcement officers. they know they're there to enforce the law per you handcuff them no pun intended. you've got them handcuff they cannot go out enforce the law. they want to, that is their calling. they are not in this for the money they are in this because they love serving their communities because they are good people to want to help their community. let them do it. don't make it impossible for them to do the jobs for hear this and police officers all the time. that is the path back is get out of the police is wavy equipment
6:28 pm
maligning them, quit questioning their integrity i let them keep us safe. brian: i want to get your take on this as well congressman shifting gears just a little bit. just days at the 53 migrants were found dead in the truck and the san antonio preview artist ruling the moments in officer arrives on the seat let's look at that tape. >> all we have right now is hispanic mail favor on the railroad tracks or toward mechanic shop right there to the highway. >> are too many bodies here. >> reloaded the tractor-trailer curing those migrants had successfully passed a checkpoint governance abbott said state police will be adding surprised checkpoint to catch cartels effective immediately. it just seems like the problem is too big on the border, congressman. there's just no way to catch all of this when border agents are
6:29 pm
stretch that thin your thoughts on that? >> it's part of the problem border agents are stretched too thin. they're been a retest to be social workers as they are processing migrants in. this administration is open at the borders and said come on in. everyone is welcome. meanwhile the cartel has locked on the border in mexico their people cooperating on our side of the border which makes it that much easier for them to move. relate their private cargo in that as humans. so yes there moving drugs. we know that. the cargo of humans is a renewable resource for the most part. they get across the border predict to get caught in get sent back to come right out with cartels and they get more money to move them across the borders again. what sources they get help on our side of the border. that has to be stopped as well. brian: congressman rick crawford got a leave it there. thanks so much your time too. >> yes thank you. brian: critics a targeted press
6:30 pm
inviting seriously both overseas and at home. that is because of the number of gaffes he is making and they keep piling up. we will break it down for plus inflation taken a bite out of fourth of july barbecue. we'll tell you how much food prices have gone up since last year. it is all ahead on "the evening edit". meet jessica moore. jessica was born to care. she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle,
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brian: remember this tweet from the white house last year? the divided administration bragged about saving you a whopping 16 cents on your fourth of july cook out due to their economic policies. so, how do the numbers stack up this year?
6:35 pm
grady tremble has the story. >> brian, no tweet from the white house this year boasting about the cost of a fourth of july cookout. probably because it's going to be a lot more expensive then it was last year. the american farm bureau federation as if you are looking to feed ten people that will cost you about 70 bucks. a 10-dollar increase from year ago. 17% more than last year. we are firing up the grill to go item by item for you. this is our producer phil read the master of the grill today. grounded beef, chicken breast and baked beans with pork. that will cost all a bit more than 30% more than it did a year ago. we've got this table felt that sides and fixings or graphics department spared no expense today. lemonade is up 22% from last year. hamburger buns will run you 16% more than a year ago. potato salad costs are up 19% from last year. and of course you've got to have
6:36 pm
dessert. chocolate chip cookies whether they have red, white, and blue m&ms or not will be about 7% more than they were last year. if you are looking to feature guest only items that are cheaper than they were on fourth of july weekend 2021, then it is going to be a pretty sad barbecue. the only items he farm bureau said cost less this year our potato chips, strawberries, and cheese slices. even our decorations when you're at the dollar tree were everything used to cost a dollar, now everything is about 25. an expensive fourth of july cookout this year. brian: i am hungry and depressed. grady trouble thank you for that report we appreciated. starting to sell with his reaction is now the wheels up president salvatori style. great to see it today but i hate numbers i've got to tell you i am looking at this am excited for the fourth of july. but look at some of these numbers on what you'll be paying to barbecue.
6:37 pm
over $11 for 2 pounds of ground beef. nearly $9 for 2 pounds of chicken. you've got your cookie sound that you got your ice cream on the gutter pork chops on there. salvatori do you see it, or not going to get up by the fourth of july that's obvious. do you see any point this summer it's leveling off and maybe come down in price may be a little bit. special with the supply chain is still fragile area. we are going into our peak season all the back-to-school and holiday goods are coming in. it is really a mess out there. it's really unfortunate us think about this this morning when the greatest nations and the entire world and our independent state is being celebrated july 4. it reminds us how dependent we are on so many other foreign nations with our total reliance
6:38 pm
on imports that impact us american citizens in every which way. i think that is something that is so ironic in many aspects. >> one of the highlights around the fourth of july for many people as the towns a firework display. even as we get out of the pandemic there are many places still canceling their fireworks shows one of the pointing to? same thing as usual supply chain, staffing shortages, you are transportation you are a supply chain guy. we keep hearing those things are getting in the way of everything. including the fireworks are seeing any easing up on the sub by chain front? i ask again in the near future do you see things leading up or our all the same problem areas staying in place when it comes shortages to supply chain? >> it's like the sea goes up and down for it that coined the
6:39 pm
phrase in china where you'd never know what is going to raise its head for another disruption. but basically i don't see these ports reducing i think we are in for a another issue going into 2023. i think it is a problem. for six talked make sense on this program but the trucker shortage for this off obviously a key into moving things, getting supply chains back online. if you seen any easing up from that? are beginning to the point were more people going into that profession were some of those backlogs are being dealt with? the backlog is only been partially dealt with before the peak season we had to dip. the fuel prices not only the goods that are contained are moving substantially but the average fuel increase now to move goods from several months ago is up 20%. i would also like to mention we
6:40 pm
talk about supply chain getting better sometimes with getting quicker and the ports of l.a. there's been a material shift to the east coast ports were now they are waiting two weeks to basically get unloaded. right now there's over 50000 containers on the port of l.a. and long beach that been sitting at the pier that are waiting to get offloaded and moved by truck or rail. we are at the numbers were out last november. this is not getting better. brian: are part of that story is the price of fuel, the price of diesel for these trucks. gas prices have come down a little bit in the past few weeks but where do you see them going during the rest of the summer particular during a very busy driving season heats up? >> let's face it gas per gallon went down about 20%. to the average family it's not material enough or think the less amazon with you, the gas
6:41 pm
raise over a dollar for that wasn't too long ago. it's a very volatile. to think we do have to look for more internal resources to reduce the gas issue. i see a lot of soundbites out there and see a lot by the administration. i see a lot of intentions. let's member a good intention does not correlate one 100% into a good result. that is the issue. he did have good intentions with positive results and that is my opinion. brian: whatever the intentions are for the buy administration it is resulting in go lower gas prices or any of the lead up we have seen when it comes to supply chain and shortages. salvador we've got to leave it there thank you for being with this. >> good to see you thank you. big tech executives making wild business decisions as we are on the cusp of a recession. whitley about musk and mark zuckerberg are doing that is raising eyebrows. we will fill you in. les biden's keep piling up. look at him of his gaffes that
6:42 pm
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when a normal day is anything but normal, we fit your schedule, with our unique tub over tub process installed in as little as a day. bath fitter. it just fits. visit to book your free consultation. >> president biden is facing awkward anniversaries the things he should not have said. this is also recently contradicted himself on that meeting he set to take in saudi arabia just a few week, listen. >> i guess i will see the king and the crown prince of frequency per riot that they are
6:47 pm
there's very little social redeeming value in the president government in saudi arabia. the taliban is not north vietnamese army. we also know that as our economies, ringback you see some price increases. some folks those raised worries this could be assigned of a persistent inflation. must the price increases we have seen or expected and are expected to be temporary. brian: turner said not to discuss hill media columnist joe concho. joe great to see you. all of these things the president said is a pr cleanup or media cleanup. i think what really matters is also a policy cleanup and every one of these situations for the united states. it has been fairly costly for us on the number of fronts. your reaction to some of these contradictions to make cleanup issues were seen with the president as he rolled to the july 4 weekend?
6:48 pm
>> we have run out of iles port i'll five, il-6 assumes the cleanup every day this leave the place trashed were constantly cleaning up with this president has to say. here's another anniversary with the president said two years ago as a candidate. it's hard to believe this has to be said but unlike this president trump i will do my job and take responsibility. i will not blame others i will never forget the job is not about me it's about you. what is the end up doing as president? he blames others for it on the border he blames trump he inherited a broken border. he blames a vladimir putin on inflation and that insidious invasion of ukraine that happened four months ago even though inflation has been going up for 18. that is out you go on and on his heart placing blame not take responsibility been writing a book on joe biden's wife verse 18 months of his presidency assault come on man which of pretty appropriate title. [laughter] was a reason he's pulling lower
6:49 pm
than any president in history these are emblematic of his entire adult life. member in his own defense secretary said about him when he was vice president? joe biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue in the past four decades it is true. pete recommend to barack obama not to go into pakistan to get osama bin laden. this is the guy who argues we should send trillions more because that's going to an inflation for your and economic i am pretty sure you know that's not how it works but. >> is not how it works. joe you've got a great tie on today you are proud american that is obvious. fox news did a poll recently. i want to get your take on this poll because it said just 39% of americans were proud of their country. i looked at that number it was shocking to me. i understand it's a reflection of how i feel things are going right now. as we head into this weekend
6:50 pm
your reaction to that sentiment among people and what it means for us politically? what it means for us economically. that's a big overarching issue, joe and it seems to miss point of real ramifications. >> big time any time use numbers in this business the cable news business unit context of 39% of americans are proud of their country. then you look at ten years ago which is not that long ago. the 69% at that point think about what's happened to think about oh right we have media, we have extremis on capitol hill saying that this country is racist and it has a bad history and we should be ashamed great that begins to resonate after a while. we've lost the trust must import and their institutions with government, media even the supreme court now. when all of that happens, i'm sorry that's why so many people that is part of their country as it used to be such a shining city on the hilt like it used to
6:51 pm
be. but i think it is still as though. brian: joe concert and a great job are going to keep around for the next block. stay right there. yes indeed you get to stick around for a big tech executives making wild business decisions as we are on the cusp of a recession for this summer resident said they feel like they're being exploited by bill gates. we will fill you in next on "the evening edit". (torstein vo) when you really philosophize about it, there's only one thing you don't have enough of. time is the only truly scarce commodity. when you come to that realization, i think it's very important that you spend your time wisely. and what better way of spending time than traveling,
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brian: back with this fox news contributor joe concho. joe, we are going to talk about what billionaires like you are up to these days peter going to start bill gates. [laughter] don't look around like that. he is making news this week after bill gates 13.5 million-dollar farmland purchased in north dakota they were my home state of minnesota. it was cleared by the state attorney general for there is some question whether he could do this as a corporate entity.
6:56 pm
but to me the thing is bill gates is one of the if not the largest farmland owner in america. what do you make of that? >> i did not see that coming. he does not look like the type of guy you would see out there making sure the crops are okay. like michael landon and little house on the prairie. i guess that is surprising becomes he comes across as a dork he's a very rich window. in the end though i come down on this. he can buy whatever he wants wherever he wants if it is legal. farmland in north dakota he has earned he created this great company and now we have some money to spend. if you must open a bunch of farms more power to my guests. what do you think? brian: there's something more noble about that than buying a yacht maybe. or going to talk about yachts in just a second period i want to go to this one for next billionaire on the list elon musk a leaked e-mail shows he
6:57 pm
sent a quote super clear reminder to tesla employees early this week think everyone at tesla is required to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week. and they are tracking this predicts the e-mail on the screen preview are receiving this e-mail there's no record of you using your badge to enter a tesla facility on was 16 days over the 30 day period ending june 23 choate we know elon musk on to some place in the office. frankly i think that is a good idea. but do you think he's going a little far with the reminder e-mail saying you haven't swiped in yet, what is going on there? >> it's a little "big brother" or should i. i get it he runs a company and once his companies on sites. if ran a company maybe this is marie differ i would be all for allowing my employees to work from home two or three days a week. in places like new york you could spend three hours a day commuting to and from work we
6:58 pm
that's 15 hours a week that is 16 hours a month loss will you are in car you try to take a train but around for the transit system is horrible. you end up being more stressed or probably less productive and you are less happy being with your hat be being with your family i try to find that balance somewhere you allow what about this, four-day workweek. but you just go in ten hours a day instead of eight hours a day. you get people on a three-day weekend parade that could be nice. brian: joe i don't think it would last long if you are at tesla. i think you better stay away from trying to go work for elon musk. quick as i say this to my studio by the way. [laughter] i can see that. from farmland to tesla let's talk about the cherry on top. jeff bezos' had plans to dismantle a landmark bridge in the netherlands first 417-foot super yacht to pass through before scrapping it. imagine that, due to public
6:59 pm
backlash. jeff bezos wants to dismantle historic bridges, joe. i've you try to do anything like that in recent times? next i have a raft in my pool that seats two. i cannot quite relate to this. but this is what i mean. gates at least farmland, he's growing step it's a good thing i guess. but peso such as evil. destroy a bridge so your super yacht can go by. that's a big bad reflection on the post. like that to could be owned one and 17-foot yacht you've got to know there are some things you sh not do like dismantling netherlands.bridge in the but we've got to live there joe concho parade thank you for sticking around for a doubleheader. we always appreciate see you here. have a great fourth of july. >> you juice or have a good one. doubleheader like that.
7:00 pm
brian: i am brian brenberg and for elizabeth mcdonnell. it was fun tonight per your watch and evening edit on foxbusiness. that does it for us. thank you for watching and have a great evening and a great fourth of july weekend. ♪ >> and the fox studios in new york city this is maria bartiromo's wall street. maria: happy we can to all but welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. happy july 4 weekend everybody parade there is frustration in america this weekend and it is growing as inflation soars the majority of the country now believes we are on the wrong track. i'm spoke of the former ceo of home depot and chrysler. of what needs to be done right


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