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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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"fox business tonight." "the evening edit" is up next. starts now. ♪. elizabeth: happening now, the president now tries to blame the gop for high gas prices that he ignited. he campaigned he would end u.s. fossil fuels. we have a "new york times" poll reveals majority of democrats and millenials say biden should not run again in 2024. we've got white house anonymous leaks against biden ramping up. here is the question who is doing the leaking? who. congressman marsha blackburn, michael burgess, jason chaffetz, economic pro, andy puzder,
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fraternal order of police joe gamaldi, former acting ice director tom homan. biden white house says high gas is the price americans must pay quote for the liberal world order. as the white house sends millions of barrels of oil from the u.s. strategic reserves to europe and china including to a chinese oil company hunter biden's equity firm had invested in. no twitter censorship of this. far left group tweets out that it will pay money for the whereabouts of supreme court justices as transportation secretary pete buttigieg defends illegal protests against the justices when it is against the law. there is no free speech right there the backlash against the secrecy surrounding climate czar john kerry's office as biden unleashes a massive new whole of government climate spending blitz. fbi director, he is out criticizing christopher wray, criticizing weak on crime
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prosecutors for letting out violent felons who go on to attack again. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. take a check of your money. we'll start with stocks. they're down as inflation is swamping corporate earnings season. that is kicking off this week. also this week the president heads to saudi arabia to get more oil as high gas drives down biden's polls. this after the president campaigned he would make saudi arabia a quote, pariah state over its human rights record and the 2008 killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. now saudi arabia wants the white house to reassure them on iran as the push to revive obama's 2015 iran nuclear deal looks like it is now dead. edward lawrence in washington with more.
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reporter: president joe biden justifying his trip to the middle east as necessary for stability. in an op-ed in "the washington post" the president writes specifically about saudi arabia that this trip will reorient the relationship with the saudis moving them closer to the u.s. experts of the region says that president biden may not get what he really wants out of this trip. >> nothing tells us they have oil number one. number two, why would they want to sell more oil at less money is another reason? we're backed up, our supply is not meeting our demand right now and we're going you there the roof. there are a lot of things we can do but right now we're just trying to beg. i don't believe that is the way to solve the problem. reporter: white house maintains the gas prices are about russia, not saudi arabia. >> remember this price increase is due to putin's, putin's tax hikes, putin's war, brutal war on ukraine. that is why we have seen the increase of gas prices. reporter: president biden will become the first u.s. president to meet face-to-face with the
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saudi prince that ordered the murder of a journalist working for "the washington post." the white house vague on if the president will bring that subject up during the meeting with he and the king. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence always great reporting, good to see you. joining us now senator marsha blackburn from senate judiciary. senator, always a pleasure to have you on. >> good to see you. elizabeth: we'll get a new read on inflation likely wednesday. probably shows inflation as high as 1981. your reaction to the president tweeting and blaming the gop for blocking him on rises gas price, food and energy? >> this is something that is just absolutely laughable. the white house would try to blame us, but look, he has blamed everybody else. he is blaming putin. he is blaming trump. he is blaming everybody. nothing can be his fault but what everybody knows and tennesseans certainly know this, i talked to a lost them the past couple weeks, we have had an
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inflation issue because of joe biden. much of it is because of his attacks on the energy industry. they know that when they go to fill up the tank, that it is costing them twice as much as it did a year ago. our counties, when they look at the budgets for first-responders and law enforcement, school buses, heating, cooling buildings, they're saying we're having to double what we spent last year in order to plan for our budget this year. this is not anybody's fault but joe biden, his administration and this green new deal agenda that is pushing all of this. elizabeth: you know, senator, the president did campaign saying he would not be blaming others. that the buck would stop with him but it is not stopping with him as harry truman had said. >> no. elizabeth: we're in a different world right now. you know this new inflation read coming out, senator, americans are seeing 20% price increases
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in energy, in food, in the price of cars. that is like 2/3 of the u.s. cpi, right? so let's by the way, you mentioned the president being misleading and blaming. senator, let's take a listen to this, what you just pointed out. let's watch this. president biden: today's inflation report confirmed what americans already know, putin's price hike is hitting americans hard. oil companies. shipping companies. republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop nye plans to bring down costs. >> our economists conveyed the impact of our proposals will be transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> what to you say to the families who say we can't afford to pay 4.85 a gallon for months, if not years? >> this is about the future of the liberal world order, we have to stand firm. elizabeth: senator what does that mean, the future of the liberal world order, that americans have to pay high prices for that, what does that
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mean? >> in is the this is the liberal utopia. they thought they would transform the country under barack obama. they would have hillary clinton and get the job done. it would be socialism. they would be in control. they're all about punishing people. and you look at what they have done. 42 regulations that make it more expensive to, for the oil and gas industry. killing keystone, taking alaska off-line, ending offshore drilling. no more leases and they're not giving drill permits. they're not fracking. all of this drives up the costs. in the meantime he is taking five million barrels that he is sending, much of that to china, to the company that hunter biden has been involved in. so is hunter biden the chief negotiator on this? nothing gets the price down at the pump, nothing. it drives the price up this is
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hitting hard-working americans in the pocketbook. they see it every time they fill up, every time they go to the grocery store, every time they check out at any store. elizabeth: senator, the president's approval rating is among the lowest of any president within the last 75 years. that is according to gallup. harry truman had historic low approval. so did former president trump. he was in lower 40s a year-and-a-half into his presidency. you have that. there are white house leaks, there are anonymous white house leaks, white house officials are leaking to "the new york times." that is on the rise. they're telling biden may be too he would to run for re-election. that he quote, shuffles when he walks. staffers are afraid he may trip on a wire while walking. he stumbles over his words. "new york times" sienna college poll, 2/3 of democrats, nine out of 10 millenials don't want biden to run. who is doing the leaking and who do they want to run instead?
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>> this is something that will make itself evident over the next few months. clearly the democrats figured out the biden-harris ticket is a loser for them. you have democrats admitting everything they're doing to the country what is happening with crime what is happening with the border, what is happening with our foreign policy, the embarassment of joe biden not going to houston, there is a solution in houston to the gas problem, but flying to saudi arabia and begging, looking like a beggar, going to ask for more oil, it is an embarassment. people are ready to turn the page with this administration and this is why you're going to see a change in the house and the senate with these november elections. i think that many in the democratic party realize this. elizabeth: yes. >> they know this has not been successful. elizabeth: congress is back from
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the july 4th recess. hillary vaughn, our d.c. journalist, is reporting that democrats want tax hikes as they seek that as a big legislative win ahead of the midterms. watch former president trump. let's watch this. watch. >> i gave you the largest tax cuts and regulation cuts in american history. the radical democrats are working like hell to impose the largest tax hike by far in american history. you can pay for the green new deal. elizabeth: the president, former president trump, his words are resonating with people who support him across the country. he says this as steve bannon is set to testify at the january 6th hearings. paul ryan quoted in a new book, he was somebodying when he watched the tack on the u.s. capitol. how do you see this playing out when it comes to former president trump and the election? >> when i'm out and about in tennessee, people regardless of
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whether they're democrat, republican, independent, they miss president donald trump. their pocketbook was a little bit fatter during that period of time. they had more money at the end of the month and economic policies times were good. they miss that. elizabeth: but the capitol riots are hanging him up, right? there is lot of weariness, worry about trump candidacy, right? >> there are three issues people are talking about, inflakes, inflation, inflation. elizabeth: senator blackburn, good to see you. come back soon. this, u.s. and british officials out with a new warning about china spying on u.s. and british citizens as new questions surface about china and hunter biden's shady business deals. and twitter slammed for censoring conservatives but not taking down a tweet encouraging harrassment of supreme court justices. we've got andy puzder on that. what transportation secretary pete buttigieg has to say about all of this.
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6:16 pm
abandonment of the deal is invalid and wrongful. the question for wall street, why did elon musk let twitter get awayp? author of the book, the capitalist comeback, andy puzder. andy, they will not see a 44 billion-dollar deal again. they should held elon musk's hand. want to tell you about this, twitter is getting blasted for not stopping this harrassment, censoring this. of the shut down d.c., the tweet is still up. they are a liberal group. they say they will pay up to $250 for information on the whereabouts of the supreme court justices who overturned roe v. wade. talking justices alito, gorsuch, and kavanaugh. this is a month ago a california man was arrested in a assassination attempt at justice kavanaugh's home in maryland. how is this okay? >> clearly it is not okay. this is really a horrific attack
6:17 pm
on a cherished american institution through good times and bad times. we may not have agreed with the supreme court, but we're always very supportive of people on the court. they have reached a lot of decisions that i didn't agree with. didn't run out decide i will harass the justices on the next restaurant i saw them in. it is wrong. to get back to twitter, twitter is run by a bunch of leftist children who are out there trying to accomplish political goals. they are not trying to be fair or just. if they were the hunter biden laptop story would have been run. these justices would not be harassed based on information on twitter. >> we're not a bana republic. we're the united states of america. we're a beacon of light of freedom to the world. stalk something condoned, a paid side job, really? stalking of justices is okay, right? "axios" is reporting that twitter is saying in an email to "axios" this is not in violation of twitter's safety policy but
6:18 pm
harrassment, intimidation of a justice it is against the law. justice kavanaugh had to leave a steakhouse restaurant in d.c. after protesters showed up outside. there is no free speech right to intimidate and harass sitting justices. >> no there is not. there ought to be asterisk on each of the policies to twitter they don't apply to conservatives. they only apply if you're attacking a liberal, leftist, progressive. then the policies apply. if you attack a conservative move to the front of the line. move back to the elon musk question. keep in mind, elon musk is negotiating. he knows he is negotiating basically with children. people that don't understand business or how to run a business. he may be trying to get the price down. there may be a musk deal out there yet. elizabeth: yeah, there might be. >> just for a lesser price. he is a smart guy. there is nothing wrong with doing that. elizabeth: i have to move on to this, transportation secretary
6:19 pm
buttigieg is moving to michigan, that is his husband's home state. he is not moving for the taxes. michigan has high property taxes. i want your reaction to this, the transportation secretary catching heat for defending the intimidation and protests of supreme court justices there is no free speech right to this, to do this. watch this. >> so yes, people are upset. they're going to exercise their first amendment rights. >> okay. >> as long as that's peaceful that is protected. compare that, for example, to the reality that as a country right now we're reckoning with the fact that a mob summoned by the former president -- >> let me follow up mr. secretary. >> attacked the united states capitol for overthrowing the election and very nearly succeeded transferring the peaceful transition of power. elizabeth: you see how he contradicted himself. by the way it is not okay. it is against the law. there is no free speech first amendment right to intimidate and harass justices. this is threat to democracy. he brings up the capitol riots. he is not bringing up how
6:20 pm
protesters in arizona broke into the state capitol last month. police had to use tear gas to get them out. not bringing up how the biden doj moved to crack down on school board parents over school board meetings that they are teaching their children. democrats are okay about what you're seeing on camera? >> look, the democrats have two things. neither one of them is working. one of them the january 6th claim there was a riot. the other is the abortion issue. that is it. economy is in the tank. foreign policy in the tank. the border is porous. nothing going on. people can't go to the gas station or grocery store without getting mad at democrats. anytime they get caught, they bring up january 6th and abortion. that is all they got. elizabeth: january 6 was bad, that was a bad thing. it should never have happened, right? >> no. it was stupid. elizabeth: not in our democracy. what is going on with the justices is wrong. fbi director christopher wray said last week there is arise of
6:21 pm
attacks and threats on pro-life establishments. justices are still getting harassed and bounty put on information about them and their whereabouts. >> you wonder how the institutions would have reacted if conservatives gone after the supreme court justices when the abortion decision came down when confirmed in the casey case in the early '90s? if we had done, if conservatives had done, pro-lifers had done allegedly what the pro-choice people are doing they would have been thrown in jail. there would be no snort in in any media out let even though twitter was not around. there shouldn't be any support for what these people did and shouldn't be any support for what they're doing now. twitter is not being run by any way objective. they have liability limitations congress put in place to protect them from being sued. they should be eliminated. make them responsible for what they publish. elizabeth: this is dangerous stuff, if something bad happens, anything you and i talk about
6:22 pm
it. andy puzder a great writer. >> good to he sue, liz. elizabeth: new questions surfacing about hunter biden's questionable business dealings with china. u.s. and british officials out with a new warning with china spying on u.s. and british citizens. we're taking this on with congressman michael burgess just ahead on "the evening edit." >> we have a two-tiered justice system, one that will treat with kid gloves or cover-up for democrats and their powerful friends and the elite. i think we're seeing that big time with hunter biden and all of his very suspicious transactions. ♪. finding my way forward with node-positive breast cancer felt overwhelming at times.
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elizabeth: welcome back, fbi director christopher wray, says his fbi agents are pushing ahead on investigations into china spying on u.s. taxpayers and companies despite the biden white house getting rid of trump's china initiative to stop china spying and stealing u.s. intellectual property. david spunt is in washington with more. reporter: hi, lies. the fbi opens up an investigation dealing with china on average every 12 hours. think about that for a moment. that information coming directly from fbi director christopher wray who spent time in london last week meeting with top british intelligence officials. earlier this year outside the department of justice a group
6:27 pm
protested to get rid of the china initiative a program that began in the last administration to root out chinese espionage, especially in academia. attorney general merrick garland and his team disbanded the initiative over concerns of racial profiling. i sat down with director wray in london on friday. i asked director wray specifically if it was a mistake to get rid of the china initiative. here he is what he has to say. >> we'll not engage in profiling by ethnicity or national origin. we haven't. we'll work jointly with universities, in many cases that is one of the most effective ways to prevent stealing of research. reporter: doj officials insist even though the china initiative doesn't exist anymore in name prosecutors and fbi agents continue to pursue investigations. liz. elizabeth: thank you, david spunt, great journalism there. welcome to the show congressman michael burgess from house energy and commerce. congressman, always a pleasure
6:28 pm
to have you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: reaction to that report? need to put it in this context, the trump white house was tough on china but the biden white house is doing away with what trump did being tough on china. not just getting rid of trump's initiative. getting rid of tiktok, china's social media platform believed to be collecting personal data of u.s. citizens. going easy on china's huawei. going easy on chinese origins on covid, trump tariffs and more. why is the biden white house going soft on china? >> look that is an excellent question. we never had the type of congressional investigation into the origins of the coronavirus as we should. we all know, everyone will talk about how dangerous fentanyl is coming across our southern border. where is it manufactured? it is manufactured in the peoples republic of china. it comes into this country illicitly across the southern
6:29 pm
border. here is the tragic, heartbreaking part of all of this, amidst of everything we know, the biden administration turns around and sells our strategic petroleum reserve to the peoples republic of china, none of this makes any sense. all represents a dereliction of duty. i cannot tell you why this congress currently has not stepped up and done its duty but i do know in the next congress with a different majority we absolutely will. elizabeth: we did did a 180 from trump to biden with china. brings up this issue, we have more video of weird odd, hunter biden behavior. like this. >> take a walk. >> where are you going? >> my pants off. got its cold. it is -- elizabeth: goes on and on. hunter biden popped up at thursday's medal of freedom ceremony to network. he faces potential indictment by a federal grand jury in delaware over his questionable foreign
6:30 pm
business dealings, mostly lucratively in china. to your point, the biden white house sold 950 million barrels of oil out of strategic petroleum reserve to sin opec after the bidens invested in sinopec? >> i don't know if anyone is paying attention in the white house. we're starting into a hurricane season. this means a lot in louisiana, texas and florida. we have seen bad hurricanes before. we depended on the strategic petroleum reserve in katrina and christina in 2005. we given it all away. we given it to a country that ostensibly is a significant adversary. more than a significant adversary i already again with coronavirus, with fentanyl, with the theft of intellectual property from universities, this
6:31 pm
is serious, serious problem and one that cannot just simply be dismissed. the fact that you have, can you imagine, just for a moment if you had one of president trump's children doing this with an adversary? there would be no end to the outcry that the media would put forward. on this it is all strangely silent. elizabeth: let's back up. sinopec, reportedly wanted to buy russia's gazprom in 2015. seven years ago hunter biden's investment firm invested $1.7 billion in sinopec. his lawyers say he divested that. we don't have the paperwork to prove that, right? when you see what sinopec and china is doing, helping russia finance the war on ukraine, right? what is the foreign policy initiative, objective here? >> this is extremely difficult, what is happening in ukraine
6:32 pm
completely, it's sad and abhorrent, you want to be helpful but at the same time the administration cannot articulate a policy even some of its staunchest defenders in the the congress are now asking questions. we have not a general classified briefing in congress, we have not had a briefing since before russia invade. i can't tell you with clarity what the administration's intentions are. elizabeth: okay, congressman burgess, that was enlightening thank you for your perspectives. come back soon. here is the big debate overpaiden's border collapse. how come congress is not stepping up? why is border security increasingly decided by the courts? this is a national security issue. we have this, more crazy crime stories coming in as polls show rising crime is a major concern of voters nationwide. take it on with the fraternal order of police's joe gamaldi ahead on "the evening edit."
6:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show from the fraternal order of police, it is national vice president joe gamaldi. joe, always great to see you. let's go through the latest mayhem on u.s. streets. our team has been reporting, we're cathing police contacting police in chicago. still no word on whether arrests were made in the mob incident caught on video, a mob of over 100 people in chicago attacked a state trooper's car, jumped on the hood, shattered the windshield, kicked the car with rocks bricks fireworks. why is there no arrest going on with any of this? >> see that video, liz as a police officer. it is actually infuriating to
6:38 pm
see this mob much miscreants throwing bricks, smashing a windshield, firing fireworks on them, with the idiots in the background film it and laugh. this is the perfect example of lawlessness we're seeing in our communities. we have an entire generation of people who are told they're not accountable for their own actions. they have no respect for authority or police officers, and we know for sure nobody in chicago will actually prosecute these times. look at the leadership there. you have kim fox who is under investigation for her own domestic violence case. she is not exactly a authority on law and order. mayor lightfoot is too busy virtue signaling whatever woke issue on the week it is to give a damn about hundreds of people being murdered in her city every single day. the leadership there should be ashamed of what they have done to chicago and the people there need to hold them accountable, because you no damn sure they will not do their job to arrest these folks.
6:39 pm
elizabeth: this other story, a former eolympic volleyball player kim glass, brutally beaten by a homeless man in los angeles. suffering real gruesome injuries. that is kim glass. 14-year-old boy was stabbed and killed on a manhattan subway. san francisco, a shocking video, elementary schoolchildren trying to make their way through an open-air drug den after school. the list goes on and on. >> it's horrible and we continue to see it nationwide. i just don't know, how many stories do we need to see before everybody wakes up, realizes this woke agenda being pushed in every single urban community is literally killing our communities? it is killing individuals there. and now some of these incidents are certainly high-profile but how do you watch that video of that open-air drug den as a parent and not say, we can't do this anymore? we can't have this in our streets if we want a civilized society? recent polling data shows in san francisco just how fed up
6:40 pm
they are. 88% think homelessness is out of control. 69% say they don't even feel safe walking the streets. the current path we're on is not sustainable. we need to bring back law and order in our communities. elizabeth: we have also this. fbi director christopher wray is talking about the frustration on the part of law enforcement about weak on crime, weak-on-crime prosecutors letting back out on the streets violent felons. watch this. >> i hear this from chiefs and sheriffs all the time across our country. more and more some of the worst offenders, one way or another continue to find themselves back out on the street and if there is anything more frustrating to a law enforcement officer than putting a bad guy behind bars who should have been behind bars, putting the same bad guy behind bars over and over again. elizabeth: you know, joe, if voters, polls show voters are saying enough already. i mean crime is write up there with inflation in terms of voter
6:41 pm
concerns. releasing known felons, criminals with long track records, back on the street, no bail reform laws. cities are dramatically less safe, right? now we've got the shocking new video obtained by the "new york post," harrowing moment a manhattan bodega worker, jose alba, had to defend himself. he almost got killed by a violent ex-con, a career criminal. he tried to attack him. the ex-con girlfriend appears to pull a knife on him as well. now this, this individual has been stabbed to death. alba has been charged with murder. your take on this story? >> liz, i've been a police officer for 17 years and i have never seen it this bad on the street. the criminals are laughing at us when we catch them. they will be out with a pinky promise to show up in new york. this case in new york you're talking about. this is the utopia d.a. alvin bragg promised. cut sweetheart deals for murders, rapists robbers.
6:42 pm
violent crime is up in new york. we have this case, an elderly bodega worker with no criminal history, violently attacked and choked, he defends himself, charged with murder. it gets even better, the girlfriend of the attacker stabs alba and she is not even charged. this is a complete miscarriage of justice. it is disgusting. but this is so on brand for d.a. bragg. because shows he cares more about coddling criminals than he does about victims. in this case he is maliciously prosecuting a victim. he is embarassment to new york city. he should resign. every official in new york if you care about your constituents you should demand his resignation. i'm talking to you, mayor adams. you ran on a platform of law and order. now time to grow a spine and call for alvin bragg's resignation. elizabeth: thank you for your service to our country. good to have you on. okay, the white house revealed
6:43 pm
the payroll detail of its workers but will not disclose who exactly is on the payroll for climate czar john kerry as he puts a lot on americans in terms of paying more for energy. also the white house is now doing a major climate spending push by the entire government. we're digging in with jason chaffetz next on "the evening edit". she always had your back... like the time she spotted the neighbor kid, an approaching car, a puddle, and knew there was going to be a situation. ♪ ♪ ms. hogan's class? yeah, it's atlantis. nice. i don't think they had camels in atlantis. really? today she's a teammate at truist, the bank that starts with care when you start with care, you get a different kind of bank.
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elizabeth: back with us now, fox news contributor, former congressman jason chaffetz. congressman, good to see you. what is your take on this story? the white house discloses the annual salaries for nearly 430 white house workers last week but why didn't the white house reveal the payroll and salaries for climate czar john kerry and his office? they're shutting down u.s. fossil fuels. americans are paying record prices at the gas pump and face rolling blackouts depending where they live? how come we can't find out what john kerry and payroll staffers are doing? >> you should be able to see it. they're paid for by the american
6:48 pm
taxpayers. they work for the american taxpayers. congress should answer those questions. they are the ones that appropriate the money. we know this number is at least $16 million but it is undoubtedly billions of dollars he is able to influence and push. you have gina mccarthy who is essentially the climate czar but then you have john kerry who is also a climate czar. he is flying all over the world. he is making promises. he apologizes for the united states when he wants to. he gets the president in trouble by saying well joe biden doesn't know about that but i do. and he is saying who knows what overseas. he was doing that while trump was president. now he is doing it in an official capacity. i think everybody deserves to know how much money is he spending and who works for him. elizabeth: you know, i mean the president campaigned saying he would be the most transparent presidency in u.s. history but now we can't find out what john kerry to affect our
6:49 pm
pocketbooks and the question is, what if trump and his administration did this? >> yeah. it is such a double standard. we all know this, liz. what is revealing here is that they revealed everybody else's but his. so begs the question who there in the white house decided oh, boy, we better not let anybody see that. you want to follow the money. the things you can't see are the things you want to see the most and it begs more questions. and i don't understand why and if any member of congress or any member of the senate would push the appropriations committee, i think they could go figure it out. elizabeth: the other thing real clear investigations is revealing a massive new climate spending push by the biden white house. they're talking about a whole, a whole of government climate spending blitz. climate wants 2/3 increase of climate spending $45 billion. they're talking about every bureau, department, agency has climate related budget lines. cdc, hhs, homeland security,
6:50 pm
state department, hud. talking a lot of money going out the door right now but we're not allowed to have any say or you know, any, knowledge about what is going on. >> again, i think this is the fault of congress by just giving him too much money. one of the reasons we're having this rapid inflation. for instance they want seven million dollars to buy electric vehicles for the state department. really? i mean is that really what we have to be doing right now in order to save the planet is just spend into oblivion? there is no cohesive plan other than we'll spend money anywhere. that is why you get inflation. there is, john kerry on the screen flying private. looks like a private jet, all over the globe. it is disgusting and it is too much. elizabeth: it feels like a shadow presidency too but that is for another segment. jason chaffetz we'll have you on to talk about it. come back soon. congress still not acting to stop biden's border collapse.
6:51 pm
the courts are deciding our nation's border security. this is a serious national security crisis that the white house created. a growing number of states are suing the white house to stop it all. can they win in court? former acting i.c.e. director tom homan next on "the evening edit." >> two years ago we had the lowest number of people coming across the border in apprehensions under president trump. president biden took over and eliminated all the policies that president trump put in place. it has led to this unprecedented, overwhelming number of people coming across the border. ♪ i'm a performing artist. so a healthy diet is one of the most important things. i also feel the same way about my dog. we got her the farmer's dog sent in the mail. it was all fresh. i want my dog to have a healthy and long life. the farmer's dog helps that out. see the benefits of fresh food at i grew up an athlete, i rode horses...
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take,
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i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. twenty is now, former acting director tom homan, here's the story. great to see you. where is congress on biden for collapse? the white house has disregarded the role of congressman border security. congress has done nothing about this national security crisis in the court are deciding border security. what is going on here? >> congress under the control of democrats, they will not address this. this is what they want other than maybe a few of the dogs over there but i met with over 100 gop congress meant a month
6:56 pm
ago and we gave them a roadmap of administration and what policies will change. we gave them the exact on how they can close the loopholes so we are working with that and hope to take congress back but as far as the court, i'm well aware. the state of texas, i written affidavits for arizona and florida. we are five and zero. ice lawsuit we one, i was on the stand for several hours testifying against the administration and we one that lawsuit and throughout the mayorkas ice priorities and asked for a stay in the judge said no and now they were taken to the supreme court. i've been engaged in several states, i've written more affidavits to this administration that an agent the entire career. elizabeth: that's interesting what you said. let's break this down. the biden white house has asked the supreme court friday to stop the texas louisiana louisiana
6:57 pm
lawsuit. the state don't like the white house move to restrict ice and agencies to from detaining for illegal immigrants. biden's policy, they are instructing ice agents to prioritize three categories of illegal immigrants for arrest and deportation. recent border crossers and national security threat and those with serious criminal conviction so there's a lot of loopholes, it feels like a breakdown right here. >> first of all, there's no recent border entry. the number is pretty close to zero and because they are looking for national security address and most significant criminals however, the biden administration to find the significant public safety that i
6:58 pm
knew, for instance, i think robberies are probably a safety threat, i think dui is a public safety threat. i think sexual assault is a public safety threat so we testify and what we showed under the trump administration when i was running ice, 91% of everybody we arrested was a convicted criminal, that's good prioritization. nine out of ten. what was the other%? collateral because sing tri-cities we couldn't get the bad guy in jail which means find them and the others come with so great prioritization. the memorandums have done one thing, it decrease ice arrest by 40%, 40% less rapists and murderers and as far as sexual assault, down 60%. a number of arrests in the history of agency so the policy is about arresting anybody and removing anybody for themselves. they didn't release the ice report, they release it every year. it's past due, they are not releasing the numbers because it will improve our case. i was able to 34 years explained
6:59 pm
how the administration works and how this administration shut down immigration enforcement. it wasn't about prioritization, the numbers clearly show they shut down and what they intended to do and the judge agreed plus there's three things, they must detain those convicted drug offenses and final courses orders and those involved with crime involving servitude. they weren't detaining any of them so the law is clear and secretary told ice to ignore. elizabeth: those are clearly security threat everything you enumerated so who's getting to decide if this and define it? the white house says they don't like the lower court judges blocking their policies. your final word? >> i'm not going away, we will sue as much as we can to keep immigration enforcement back. who wrote the policy? i'll tell you, immigration activist the white house, the reason i know is when i first got the memo, i looked into the
7:00 pm
data and they didn't clear the data, the trail. she wrote it in immigration activist in miami, florida wrote the instructions for ice. elizabeth: thanks for your insight, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald, he been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness, thank you for joining us. that does it for us and hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: twitter is gearing up for war in the world's richest man is now the enemy but will the edge lord have the last laugh? roller coaster of the last 72 hours when elon musk announced he's pulling out of his $44 billion deal to buy the social media giant. yvonne claims the company will reveal how many accounts are actually bought and today we learned twitter is assembling a powerful legal team to take them to court. potentially force musk to go through with the mer


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