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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 12, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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markets at the close today. all three major averages ending the day in red. energy, health care, technology, those were the sectors dragging on the market that will do it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: okay happening now, the president today again misleads trying to downplay inflation ahead of a new read tomorrow expected to show it is still running hotter, worse than europe and asia. the january 6 hearings again today, will it move the needle against trump? the surprising findings there. with us tonight congressman darrell issa fox news contributor liz peek, miranda devine, economic pro, carol roth, former federal prosecutor jump trystty with us, mayor of
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miami francis suarez and nicole neily. the new revelation hitting the wars did hunter biden break the law. warning it is graphic and disturbing. a new headache for the white house. first lady jill biden apologizes after comparing latinos to quote, breakfast tacos. what everyone is missing on what hispanic voters really want. out of control crime forcing starbucks to shut stores in states like california but california is instead focused on banning new gas stations. the inconvenient truth on that for the green movement. how this could backfire. democrats plan to ramp up illegal protests against supreme court justices to turn out the midterm vote. the president and democrats still silent on those protests. plus this, why a school board official should be fired for shutting down a father trying to show evidence of pornography in school libraries. this, the head of a teachers
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union, randy winegarten tries to complain schools are quote, too politicized. critics say, look in the mirror. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we got breaking news coming in. twitter moments ago filed a lawsuit against elon musk to force him to go through with his original 44 billion-dollar merger deal. musk backed out of that deal over what he says is a lack of detail on fake spam accounts on twitter. look at your money today. stocks ending mixed in choppy action, mostly down. worries over economic growth and inflation. oil is tumbling back below $100 on a strong dollar and demand concerns. oil trending around the flat line. now the u.s. dollar, look at this, the dollar briefly hit parity with the euro today. look, a u.s. drone strike took out wanted terror leader of isis in syria as the president heads
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to the middle east and saudi arabia. hillary vaughn, she has a lot story in washington how the white house is going after mom-and-pop gas stations over high gas prices. hillary has the story. reporter: good evening, liz. the president told the federal trade commission to look into price gouging and back in november. it has been six months and the ftc has not released any proof that price gouging is happening at the pump. democrats on capitol hill continue to insist businesses are to blame for high prices but oil producers and gas station operators we talked to say that is not exactly true. 80% of gas sold in the u.s. by convenience stores, mom-and-pop shots. the national association of convenience stores said gas stations make on average 15 cents per gallon that they sell. the vice president of the group telling me today, sometimes it can be even less. quote, over the course of the past five years factoring in ups and downs related to gas prices
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the retail markup averaged less than 30 cents a gallon. after factoring in expenses, especially credit card fees, stations make about 10 cents per gallon selling gas. sometimes gas stations are even selling that gas at a loss when the price of oil goes down. they try to make up what they lost when the price of oil was up. liz? elizabeth: interesting stuff ahead of the saudi arabia trip. hillary vaughn, thank you so much. joining us now congressman darrell issa from house foreign affairs along with fox news contributor, great economic writer liz peek. congressman, first to you, the january 6 hearings today, there is still a question how this is damaging trump. you will see this. show cnn's data analyst harry henson. he said the january 6th hearings have not moved the needle before the midterms or moved the needle against trump. >> the top issue for americans at this point is not the january 6 hearings, it is not donald trump, it is inflation according to 33% of americans.
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that is the top issue. who is trusted more on the issue of inflation? the margin right here is absolutely huge. republicans are trusted over democrats by 19 points and that is why at this particular point republicans still lead on the generic congressional ballot. >> congressman your reaction. >> it is pretty clear we didn't have inflation under president trump. we do have inflation from day one under president biden. it is because of his executive orders and activities he began on day one. it couldn't be clearer than that that is in the previous segment, you hit on something pretty essential. in california we have a 51-cent tax on gasoline plus 18 cents from the federal government. there is almost no convenience store that makes 18 cents per gallon after you take away the credit card charges. the reality is the president is doing something reprehensible at the wrong target. elizabeth: liz peek, to the
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congressman's point what do you think? "the new york times" sienna poll show half of republicans it appears would go for trump. that number has been trending down in that poll. the average approval rating according to "realclearpolitics" has trump at 43.4 versus biden's 37.7. "politico," morning consult their polls the hearings are falling voters deaf ears? >> i think the hearings are so partisan, one-sided they have not turned the needle that trump did something illegal. that is the issue i guess they're trying to get at. i think what democrats are all about keeping trump front and center because they know biden won because of people voting against donald trump, not voting for democrat policies or for joe biden. so the more they can keep donald trump in the headlines, the happier they are but, liz, americans have moved on and they're much more concerned
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about inflation. they're worried about crime. they're worried about hundreds of thousands of people per month coming across our southern border this has nothing to do with donald trump, except that joe biden undid all of the things that trump did to solve these issues. so you know, this is, i always thought this was a stupid undertaking by the democrats. it appears it really has been a waste of time. elizabeth: you know the president, former president trump, congressman, has been roundly criticized for what went on with the capitol riots and what ensued on that day and in the aftermath and lead-up to it. to liz's point, we have this, this is what's happening now. the white house press secretary is down playing tomorrow's new read on inflation. it is expected to again show a 40-year high. you can't fault president biden, blame republicans democrats control the congress and white house. we want to show the president
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again misleading on inflation. watch this. >> stuff from inflation imposed consequence of what is going on in ukraine but we have the lowest rate of almost every major nation. elizabeth: that is not true. u.s. inflation is higher than europe and asia. what do you say, congressman? >> well, it won't be higher forever because the reality is we're going into recession and the fed is at the same time tightening monetary policies. these are all things that the president is counting on. he is counting on beating inflation. the only problem is, he will beat it with a severe recession. that is bad economic policy and as you say he cannot tell us the truth which is, yes, we're at a 40-year high in inflation and our policies are making us less efficient and less competitive. elizabeth: to the congressman's point, the kansas city fed president, liz, is saying, listen, inflation was running at around 2%. when you average it out every year since 1991. now it is quadrupled.
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jerome powell saying inflation is greater than recession. economists are warning that the fed is raising interest rates will not bring down gas prices or fix the supply chain. china or russia would love to see the fed cause recession to discredit the u.s.? >> yeah. and in fact, wait until china begins to role again. we are blessed right now which has zero covid policy which is up didding down their growth and demand for oil. oil could go through the roof if china gives up that policy or begins to accelerate in terms of growth. look, the reason joe biden is going right now to saudi arabia because he is desperate to have opec begin to pump more oil because we have a basic demand imbalance. why do we have demand imbalance? because the united states is sitting on our vast oil and gas resources. guess what, liz? american voters know this. when you poll not only about inflation but causes of it, they are spot on, they blame biden
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and they think the energy policies are ridiculous and they are. elizabeth: to liz's point, congressman, we see a lot of rhetoric and sound bites, right? we see a lot of, it feels like a run around, when you hear the white house trying to topspin what is going on with these numbers. it is really frustrating. i said time and again, listening to them, like fighting with a flock of seagulls. the sound bites come out. you see our money go up in smoke minute by minute when you listen to taxpayer paid for salaries by officials talking about the subject. biden is draining the u.s. strategic reserve. nearly a million barrels sold to china. china is stockpiling oil and energy. >> you're exactly right. the important thing is where is the american voter? the american voter wants to make things. they want to make them in america and employ americans. they're seeing the pipeline that was smut down. they're seeing oil exploration not going on. they're seeing american jobs be put somewhere else. as we speak the president's
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heading off to saudi arabia asking them to produce what would otherwise be american jobs. that makes no sense at all to any american. that is what it is all said and done. when you ask why senator manchin is voting with republicans so often because the people of west virginia are a energy producing state where people want to work in america. elizabeth: congressman, liz, what the congressman said, it's such common sense but you know, you've got like biden and the g7, they're talking up a go nowhere plan to put a price cap on russia's oil? russia would have, russia would have to agree to that. so would china, india and turkey. this is like watching them push a wet noodle up a hill. watching them all the time. jpmorgan chase is saying watch out, russia could retaliate and cut its oil production and oil could shoot to $190 a barrel. what are we wasting our money on with junkets overseas that go
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nowhere? >> look i think opec, they, if i biden gives them enough, i thought it was very interesting jake sullivan came out today accusing iran of supporting russia in ukraine. why did he do that? they're paving the way fora approachment with saudi arabia. they hope to be paid back increased oil. everything they have done has been so incredibly backwards and nonsensical, liz. i mean, it's depressing that we have right now for example, the epa threatening to impose ozone restrictions on the permian basin where 43% of our oil and gas comes from. what in the world are they thinking? this is political suicide for democrats. are they not talking to the white house? do they not know they're in trouble? it is amazing. >> got it, congressman, darrell issa liz peek, great to have you both on.
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come back soon. the first lady apologized after comparing latinos to breakfast tacos the day before president met with mexican leader. what they are ignoring and what hispanic voters want. republican senators growing more concerned by the day about u.s. national security risks over new and shocking revelations in the hunter biden case. we're on that with author, columnist miranda devine ahead on "the evening edit." >> can you imagine just for a moment if you had one of president trump's children doing this with an adversary, there would be no end to the outcry. [whistling] with technology that can scale across all your clouds... it's easier to do more innovative things. [whistling]
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elizabeth: with us now, fox news contributor, the author of the terrific book, the "laptop from hell," miranda devine. always a pleasure to have you on. this story, "the daily mail" is reporting claims that hunter biden could face prostitution charges and violations of manner act transporting prostitutes across state lines. he helped transfer three woman from boston to new york, what do you say? >> that could be so. i guess i'm not so interested in
6:18 pm
alleged crimes of hunter biden. we know he was a crackhead. he was addicted to prostitution, important if i and pornography and crack cocaine during this. what is more important from the revelations from hunter's laptop, what it shows about joe biden's family involvement in the influence peddling scheme. in china where he had carriage as vice president. tens of millions of dollars that came into his family's bank accounts. into hunter's and also his brother jim biden's bank accounts from china, russia, ukraine, kazakhstan, romania, lots of places that really has a bearing on our national security today because we know that joe was involved in at least one of these chinese deals where he was supposed to get 10% for the big guy and he was the big guy.
6:19 pm
tony bobulinski, hunter's former business partner told us that. elizabeth: yeah. >> it is relevant now because as president how do we know that china policy is not being dictated by his private concerns, you know, his, you know the fact that he may be compromised? elizabeth: the issue, getting back to the offense over prostitution, that got former new york attorney general eliot spitzer in trouble. spitzer resigned under threat of impeachment because he was alleged to have transported prostitutes across state lines. but to your point, the reports that hunter spent a, he spent a huge $30,000 in just five months on prostitutes from places like ukraine and russia. in the same time frame that hunter reportedly got $100,000 from his father. that is what "the washington examiner" reports. to your point gop senators chuck grassley and ron johnson are demanding that the justice department investigate this. they reported in their probe in
6:20 pm
september of 2020 hunter's links to a european sex trafficking ring. they fear this is a national security risk, right? hunter is disguising reportedly payments as medical services, checks to prostitutes. what do you say to this? >> look, hunter definitely was a national security risk ricocheting around the world in the highest inner sanctums of china's president xi xinping and vladmir putin to name two. so, yes, and i would not be surprised if the cia run by john brennan at the time was fully aware of what was going on but look, i don't think it's important what crimes or otherwise hunter biden might have committed. it is really about joe biden. i mean hunter biden is just the son. he is just a private citizen. what's important is what his activities tell us about joe biden and we know that joe biden has lied about his knowledge of hunter biden's
6:21 pm
activities, his business dealings overseas. we know that he said repeatedly during the campaign, and during his presidency and so jen psaki from the white house podium told us too that joe biden knew nothing about hunter's business dealings. we know from his own voice on a voice mail in that recent shot of data unencrypt the from the iphone back up on his laptop that joe biden was knowledgeable of those business dealings at the very least. elizabeth: right. you know what is wild too, you know to what you're saying is that you know, the, even banks, including jpmorgan chase were red flagging these overseas transactions what are called suspicious activity reports to the u.s. treasury, including the payments reportedly what hunter was paying prostitutes. let's listen to the audio of hunter arguing with a prostitute about drugs. watch this.
6:22 pm
>> -- out the back. it is 2.06. >> 2 point -- 07. without the bag. elizabeth: okay, so that's, that's pretty damning stuff but to your point the issue is that this is coming up in suspicious activity reports coming from u.s. banks to the u.s. treasury, red flagging these deals and suspicious transactions hunter and james biden were involved in with overseas transactions. house gop oversight has 150 of these sars reports. your final word. >> exactly and look we've seen from those suspicious activity reports there were red flagged because some of the individuals involved had been involved in human trafficking, sex trafficking, prostitution but also because hunter was a politically exposed person as
6:23 pm
the son of joe biden and now we find that the treasury department is trying to block access of the republicans to those suspicious activity reports and they have -- janet yellen to insist she just lift this new rule that she is imposed, that means that only you can only access it if democrats say yes. that is not going to happen. elizabeth: got it. miranda devine, great to have you on, come back soon. the head of the teachers union randi winegarten complains quote, that schools are too politicized. critics say, look in the mirror. crime forcing starbucks to close stores in california. california is instead focused on banning new gas stations. we break down an inconvenient truth on that with economic pro carol roth ahead on "the evening edit" a tree weathering a storm? (thunder) lions? nope.
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elizabeth: let's get you up to speed on this. there is a dangerous outbreak of crime in california. deadly shootings at 611 -- 7-eleven dosser in california and culver city dealing with a crime wave. william la jeunesse with more. reporter: l.a. is seeing a crime wave. five shot, two killed, including six robberies at 7-elevens. the city's murder rate is the highest in 15 years. culver city is just next door, near lax where sunday a gunman
6:28 pm
entered a mobile phone storm, jumps the counter, takes 500 bucks but accidentally drops his car keys, leaving him without a getaway car. blocks away police catch him wearing an ankle monitor from a previous crime. one day prior a man enters a rite aid drugstore, pulls a gun, and demands cash. walks out is never found. friday morning a man entered a subway in a black ski mask. he was so confident of no consequences he waits for the employee to finish making his sandwich while the clerk fills his bag with $300 in cash. culver city violent crime rate is up 90%. in june, two men entered a shell station, pulled a weapon, rob the register and leave. 94% of cities in the u.s. are safer than culver city. in june police warned people to avoid this mall, following a shooting and armed robbery. bottom line, liz, like other
6:29 pm
progressive cities l.a. has a crime problem. great. elizabeth: great journalism there, william la jeunesse. we have author carol roth. that is an insane report. crime shut of control, but california is focusing on banning new gas stations over climate change? talking about four cities in the san francisco bay area and los angeles and west hollywood is focusing on that too? this is what they're focusing on. >> liz, you can't have a life if you're living in in fear for your life every single day. the reason we have crime is because of these progressive policies that are decoupled from reality. they think that if you believe in sunshine and puppy dogs, crime will just go away. predictably as we've seen it has exploded and then now they're focusing on something else that is decoupled from real think. that is taking away energy. it's a fantasyland all of these
6:30 pm
people are living in and we have to stop indulging the fantasies of these people because it is having a tangible impact on all of our lives. elizabeth: carol, to your point, california is moving to stop selling cars in the state fueled by gasoline. they want to do that by 2035. officials keep warning that the power grid in california is not ready for electric cars. it is hit with blackouts and brownouts. nearly 80% of the electricity from the power grid comes from fossil fuels. when is the green movement. when are elected officials waking up to that? >> i mean it's a good question. kind of like i would love to wear a size zero, good to have a goal, by zero i will wear a size zero but i will not throw my other clothes away with nothing to wear when that doesn't come true after near years eve. they don't have a plan to have replacement. we have not transitioned to anything. they have to stop until we're ready. this is proven out at scales that it is affordable.
6:31 pm
i don't mind the goal setting but the idea that you're going to all of a sudden getting rid of fuels the lifeblood of everything in our lives? look to what is happening in europe right now. look what is happening around the globe. this is an economic and a national security issue that again is just completely decoupled from reality. elizabeth: you know, i have a goal too, i wish i was a better cook i could stop eating as well. i use my smoke alarm as a cooking timer. i can't cook. we have mo off on. here's the thing, to your point, carol, california governor gavin newsom, seems like he is sort of taking notice, yeah, fossil fuels power the power grid. he is putting up his own strategic reserve for that but he is going after florida governor ron desantis saying floridians moving to california. listen to governor desantis fighting back. these two, might be 2024 contenders. who knows, watch this. >> let's just be clear, california is driving people
6:32 pm
away with their terrible governance. some of the best weather in the world in southern california. they have some of the best natural advantages, probably the best natural advantages of any state in this country and for the entire lift of california, they never lost population until this recent governor got into office and now they're hemorrhaging population. elizabeth: i think hemorrhaging for sometime. carol, what is your word on this, final word? >> i completely agree. i love the weather. i love the geography in california but the policies there are complete lunacy. you have people relocating from all over the country in droves to florida. so i think it is kind of hilarious out of every fight that gavin newsom could potentially pick, he picks it with potentially the most popular governor in the entire country. might be a preview what we'll see in 2024. elizabeth: who knows. carol roth. great writer.
6:33 pm
come back soon. we love having you on. this story. backlash against the democrat's new strategy. ramp up illegal protests against supreme court justices to turn out the midterm vote. democrats, president, still silent about the illegal protests. we take this on next with jim trusty coming up on "the evening edit." >> attorney general merrick garland refuses to enforce the law, refuses to prosecute the violent threats. the democrats have decided mob violence furthers their political ends. i grew up an athlete, i rode horses... i really do take care of myself. i try to stay in shape. that's really important, especially as you age. i noticed after kids that my body totally changed.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. "the washington post" now reports even restaurants in washington, d.c., are bracing for protests against supreme court justices dining out there as activists offer cash for the whereabouts and sightings of justices dining out. fox news's david spunt has more from washington. david. reporter: liz, this was a hearing to focus on a post-roe v. wade world.
6:38 pm
senate judiciary chairman dick durbin, the democrat from illinois invited witnesses forward to talk about the path forward for those who are pro-choice. listen. >> it is easy to see why families are living in fear that some of their most cherished rights are now on the conservative chopping block. reporter: republicans want to know why attorney general merrick garland is not prosecuting protesters who are outside the homes of justices. remember someone is behind bars for threatening to kill justice brett kavanaugh. just a few days ago a mob tried to catch up with him while eating dinner at a steakhouse in the nation's capitol, forcing him to sneak out a back way. there is group online offering money for anyone who can successfully interrupt or protest a justice in public. >> the lack of a response from both the justice department and the white house is extremely, extremely disappointing. reporter: the marshall of the supreme court reached out to local officials in maryland and virginia where these justices
6:39 pm
live said to enforce local laws such as disturbing the peace. so far no arrests of mass groups. back to you. elizabeth: david spunt, great reporting as always. thanks so much. joining me former federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, what do you make of this story? democrats are making a gambit, ramp up against the justices to have voter turn out as they face losses in the midterms. what do you think? >> they're feet agriculture of emotionalism and criminality. i go back to the attorney general, this letter from ted cruz the attorney general explaining why he would not enforce 1807, is spot on t was not a dusty law t was used for protesters inside of the supreme court. you have a political decision not to protect sitting justice even after an attempted assassination. the political decision is kind of grasping for legal
6:40 pm
justification claiming they have got concerns about the constitutionality of the statute. it is absurd. it is sending a message and the mob is feeding off of it. elizabeth: we have aoc, representative cortez saying to basically senate leader chuck schumer investigate whether the justices misled congress. that is one issue, right? on the other side you have transportation secretary buttigieg, pete buttigieg criticized for defending the illegal protests. he is saying this is free speech. he said they should be free from violence, harrassment and intimidation. he said this is exercising their first amendment rights. that is not, that's not the issue here. they do not have free speech rights to intimidate justices. what do you say? >> that is exactly right. 1507 doesn't cover you at morton's steakhouse. it covers at the residence or at the supreme court. there is too much tolerance and fostering of raw emotionalism. harrassment is a crime. you know disorderly conduct is a
6:41 pm
crime. these may be low-grade ones. i'm not suggesting everybody goes to jail. i'm suggesting use law enforcement to do what they're supposed to do. protect patrons after restaurant, residents of neighbors around supreme court justices from undo harrassment. you got whether you call it a political decision or cowardice, you have law law enforcement wag their hands even after an attempted assassination. elizabeth: right. >> to me i can't imagine this type of historic indifference to the risk of lives from the supreme court. elizabeth: why the silence from the white house, president, vice president, from democrats on this? we alleged assassin indicted. faces charges for showing up outside of maryland home supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. he had a gun, knife, pepper spray, other tools to kill him. he said he wanted to kill justice kavanaugh. why the silence on that? why not more outrage over these
6:42 pm
illegal protests. >> yeah. i don't know. sad to she. shouldn't be a partisan issue. the guy came from across the country to california. shows up in the middle of night with house breaking, murderous weapons, murderous intent, gets talked out of it by the last minute by his sister. sister said call 911. good for her. this was close. we were close to a horrific incident. we're lucky it didn't turn into some sort of suicide by cop. clearly the gentleman has mental health issues. elizabeth: we can no-go by luck. you do not, harass, intimidate our justices. first lady jill biden comparing latinos to breakfast tacos. she said that yesterday. what both parties need to know to win the powerful hispanic vote. we take that on with miami mayor
6:43 pm
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find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet. elizabeth: joining us now, the mayor of miami, mayor francis suarez. mayor, great to have you on, sir. let's get your reaction to this sound. it is good to see you. the first lady jill biden comparing latinos to breakfast tacos and mispronouncing the word bodegas. watch this. >> raul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community as distinct as the bogadas of the bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of miami and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio [laughter] [applause] is your strength. elizabeth: what is your reaction? the national association of hispanic journalists slammed this, saying we're not tacos. what is your take on this.
6:48 pm
>> well i mean it's unbelievable. i think what, what has happened is the democrats have been seeing hispanics trending republican now for a few election cycles and part of the reason is they misclassified hispanics monolithically calling them latinx. no one that i know goes by that moniker, identifies at all with the latinx term. trying to show that they are understanding of the nuances of hispanic culture mispronounced bodega. talk about the blossoms of miami. i have no idea what they're talking about with regard to the blossoms of miami, of course compare san antonio hispanics to tacos. it doesn't get worse than that understanding nuances of hispanic culture. this is precisely why hispanics are trending republican. in addition to the fact hispanics care about conservative agenda, family,
6:49 pm
pro-economy where the current administration is failing miserably. elizabeth: mr. mayor, to your point, "the new york times" sienna college poll, 2/3, 56% of hispanics do not want the president to run again. to your point, we've seen polls in quinnepiac and monmouth. hispanics care about crime, inflation, and upset about the border collapse where in texas republican mayra flores won special election for a house seat that democrats held for more than a century. hispanics are way more than heartland, mainstream than many people realize it seems? >> yeah. i think there is four hispanic republican congressional candidates that are doing well in their respective seats and, and as you said, in miami, in the miami area the former president won florida in 2020 by an expanded margin that increased from 100,000 vote trickery in 2016 to a 400,000
6:50 pm
vote victory. you can attribute that almost exclusively to him doing better in miami-dade county where policies that were aimed specifically at cubans and venezuelans really resonating with those hispanic minority groups. they understood the nuances and what were the issues each group wanted. unfortunately you're seeing democrats first misclassify them as as a monolith. talking about hispanics in their individual capacity, completely messing it up. elizabeth: mayor suarez, good to have you on. come back soon sir. >> anytime. elizabeth: here is the next story, why a school board official should be fired for shutting down a father trying to show evidence of pornography in school libraries that children had to see. also this, the head of the teachers union, randi winegarten, complains that schools are quote, politicized. critics are now saying look in
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
ring is now, the president parents defending education nicole, it's always a pleasure
6:55 pm
to have you on. you have been tracking this problem nationwide. let's watch of florida school board officials in clay county europe jacksonville, florida cut off a father, shut him down, he's trying to show how children are exposed to pornography invokes in a local school library. >> i'm going to read things, children watching, cover their ears. >> onward to stop you right there. turn off this microphone, please. the problem is, these meetings are broadcast, people at home are watching on youtube, people watching on community television. are you going to listen or run your mouth? there are federal and state laws that prohibit you from saying the things you're saying on television. state laws that inhibit federal vacations lost the prohibit you from publishing these things to a child. you don't have the ability to determine who's watching the television show and for you to say everybody cover your ears doesn't cut it.
6:56 pm
>> should this guy be fired? this father can't read out of school board meeting but schoolchildren can read this in school libraries? he say are you going to run your mouth? this -- we don't work for him. the father doesn't work for the school board. taxpayers do not work for the school board, the school board works for us. what is your reaction to the story? >> i'm not surprised. we have seen district after district across the country get inconvenienced by the consent of the governed idea but parents are up in arms about the books their children are exposed to because as pointed out, it doesn't violate the laws. independent woman form tried to run an ad before the election in virginia with expert projected on ftc obscenity grounds so why are we allowing children access to this material? elizabeth: you are saying it happened nationwide, right?
6:57 pm
this school district father, he tells fox news digital the books are file. there's no literary value to any of it, it's poison. children should be taught reading, writing and arithmetic's and that's it. what is your take on this? when you saw this the school official in this father, what are you seeing here and what do you see happening nationwide? >> we are seeing district come up with tons of reasons why people shouldn't be allowed to read excerpts from books. by the community should not be informed about the kinds of books their children have access to. in forest hills, michigan, a district said reading experts would be a cooperate violation and the school board association so again, this goes up and down where we can let the children read the books the let's not tell the parents and not tell the community or taxpayers. elizabeth: it is scary for parents with their children are exposed to.
6:58 pm
it is immoral and wrong. these people have to go. not you have a teachers union president randi weingarten is getting slammed on social media was she said schools are too politicized. what is your take on this? >> let's remember 99.99% of union donations go to democrat candidates so let's start there. last week at the annual meeting, they created an enemies list of those who opposed the radical gender is him. a list about critical race theory agenda. let's talk about who's been political and intimidate and bully families to stay awake and keep their mouths shut. ironic. elizabeth: how did common sense fly out the window on this issue? here's the thing. children are not ready for adult topics. but there's critical race theory, issues about racism or sex or gender, you have to wait for children to be ready for these mature topics.
6:59 pm
how dare they push this on children were scared already and feel quickly guilty and rapidly deal guilty especially little girls and little boys, both. who are they to do this to children? how are they suddenly experts on what children should be taught? >> the back of the school administrators are so determined to rip our children's innocence away is appalling and were it not for covid two years ago, many parents would still have no idea about the lessons and activities taking place in classrooms throughout the school year. they have children 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. most cases and many of us it's a black box. we been kept at arms length, we do know the lesson plans and we can't are asked, we are mocked. organizations we used to trust like the teachers unions and school board associations and national pta have stabbed us in the back and they are more interested in their power and money than our children. elizabeth: what are you most worried about?
7:00 pm
>> we are worried about curriculum, social and emotional learning and parents are going to start to be seen because of the big education blog and a lot of bad guys to fight. elizabeth: the education club, thank you for joining us. you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. that does it for us and hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: drop the murder charge now. that's the demands of new york city's district attorney as bodega workers insist on the right to protect themselves from criminals but will the d.a. listened or will he once again side with criminals? now the fight scene around the world after cashiers dispute with a woman over a bag of chips. her ex-boyfriend goes behind the counter and attacked the cashier. the father of three tried to fight back and reportedly grabbed a knife


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