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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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bottles shipped back to you, sean. sean: grady trimble thank you. i don't know how you got that assignment. that is awesome. that is it for "fox business tonight." thank you for joining me in your living room. "the evening edit" starts right now. there we go. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: happening now, a new bombshell from gop senators. china actively trying to recruit informants inside of the federal reserve, fed workers allegedly giving china data about u.s. economic policies. disturbing charges of lax security there. after the fbi reportedly probed china after china using way way he telephone equipment on telephone towers to spy near military bases is. brian steil, kat cammack, gordon
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chang, fox news contributors miranda devine, liz peek, jason chaffetz. from the fraternal order of police joe gamaldi. the debate intensifying, the white house seemingly not aware of the history of u.s. recessions as it tries to downplay a downturn. the media pushing back on a white house trying to message its way out after potential recession. breaking news, the democrat mayor of new york now demanding that the governor of new york hold an emergency legislative session to get rid of new york's weak crime laws after a suspect visioning schussly assaulted a cop but then was set free on no cash bail. government whistle-blowers disclose a high level push inside of the fbi and doj to bury the criminal probe into hunter biden as quote, disinformation, to help out joe biden in 2020 election. this disturbing development, the fbi player behind all of that, he is in that, on that story.
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also, a top player in the fbi's botched trump-russia probe. and this climate czar john kerry out with this new whopper claims inflation will drop but only after more government spending on climate change. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. let's get a check of your money. stocks down today. retail stocks clobbered. walmart cut its outlook. warning consumers pulling back on spending because of food inflation. we're looking at target, amazon, kohl's, costco, they took hits at trading. consumer confidence dropping a third straight month but mcdonald's said higher prices helped its earnings. let's get to this story, new bombshell senate gop report china actively trying to recruit informants inside of the federal reserve to feed information and
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data back to china. edward lawrence is live in washington with more. edward, good to see you. reporter: good to see you, liz. the new report showing decades long campaign by china to infiltrate, compromise the federal reserve is intensifying, but it may have succeeded. the report coming from the minority side senate government affairs and home hand security committee meeting. shows the federal reserve possibly lacks sufficient counter intelligence expertise and cooperation with law enforcement with the intelligence community to go forward. the report claims that the fed does not have the right policies and procedures in place to prevent the theft of information. the report highlights how the federal employees, federal reserve employees with ties to the thousand talents plan in china maintained access to confidential information and at least one employee was detained in china as well as threatened to hand over information. now fox business obtained this response letter from the federal reserve chairman jay powell. he writes, they have invested in
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technology for security as well as educated employees about overseas travel. the letter says the fed thoroughly investigates any allegation and violation and takes the appropriate actions. the fed chairman says the fed is deeply troubled by what the fed sees as unfair, unsubstantiated and unverified insinuations that the report about the individual staff members. if true in this report it could show that widespread the reach of chinese illicit activities has become. back to you, liz. elizabeth: good reporting there, edward lawrence. thanks so much. a pleasure having you on. joining us congresswoman kat cammack from house homeland security along with china expert gordon chang with the gatestone institute. congresswoman, your reaction to that report? >> it is good to see you liz, but also this is incredibly disturbing but we've known so long about china's attempts to undermine our constitutional republic and they have worked diligently at all levels whether
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through the thousand talents program, confucius institutes on our university campuses infiltrainfiltng otius encies. willtop stop atothing.othi here we are arehis wk lngt a bil bil spend bon of llars tllhat tulcodotential en in china.. wewe too bee very serious about ot our i iellectua propprerty aernd b sg s mguch of th at man mturing bringring hriom when we look at the espionage attempts one attempt is one too many. we need to take every attempt very seriously and stop worrying about the political outcome and focus on the policy and the national security. elizabeth: gordon, you've been all over this story. to what the congresswoman is saying, critics might say of course china would try to spy on the fed. china own as trillion dollars in u.s. treasurys but this disturbing development coming out of senator rob portman's office, senate homeland security, that china detained a fed economist in shanghai during his 2019 trip there. they detained him four times.
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they threatened to imprison him. they threatened his family. they tapped his phone and computers unless he agreed to give china non-public information and data about fed rate policy. >> yes we know that the chinese have done this against u.s. money center banks where they have gotten sensitive information about an employee, blackmailed him, and done the same types of things. you know, liz, the important thing here is that we have known about china's unprecedented attempts to collect information in the u.s. we've known this for decades but we don't take the appropriate measures to protect ourselves. year in, year out we failed to stop this we have the power to do it but we don't. the american people should be outraged at their leaders over this. elizabeth: to what gordon is saying, congresswoman, this report says 13 federal reserve workers in eight of the 12 federal reserve banks had connections to china's influence campaign. one federal reserve worker
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allegedly gave the fed's own computer modeling code to a chinese university tied to china's central bank. another fed worker tried to send large fed data to a external website. how do you stop this? this seems like a no-brainer, staring everybody in the face what is going on? >> well there has to be consequences and that is exactly what we don't have right now are consequences. we see in a perfect example in my own backyard, my district, the university of florida. there was a chinese national who was stealing intellectual property and research and once there was any whiff of a suspicion they fled to mainland china and have never been heard from again. yet we still continue to do business with china. we reward them with favorable trade deals. we continue to allow the lion's share of manufacturing and lion's share of our rare earth minerals to come from china. what are we doing? we continue to reward bad behavior. until we get serious about
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putting america first we'll continue to have situations where the chinese communist party will work to undermine our sovereignty beyond our own shores. elizabeth: gordon to what the congresswoman just said, reports from cnn the fbi is probing whether china is using equipment made by china telecom giant huawei on u.s. cell phone towers essentially guying on u.s. military communication around montana's air force base. this one three oversee missile fields in the u.s. this is national security, gordon. reporter: it certainly is. we know about huawei. huawei says it is private but we know 99% of it is owned by the central government. this is a state-owned enterprise. we have so many instances of, china using huawei equipment to surreptitiously take data from companies including huawei equipment in the african union headquarters. five years they were downloading information every night. we know about this liz and we
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don't do anything about it. elizabeth: what is the danger here? what is the danger here for the u.s.? >> there is two of them. first of all they take data. they can actually manipulate some devices. remember, huawei is putting in 5g equipment around the world. that gives, your cell phone, your front door, your pacemaker, your car, they're all connected to the internet and with huawei 5g equipment they can actually manipulate those things like turn off your pacemaker. elizabeth: to what gordon is saying the fcc announced huawei was considered a national security threat in january of this year, congresswoman. we have a chinese-based food producer buying land in north dakota 20 minutes from grand forks airbase. some of the nation's most sensitive drone information is stored. getting back to the federal reserve story, what is the danger there, congresswoman? >> it goes right back into national security. talking about farmland, food
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security is national security. what are the threats all this data poses? the biological data for example, so many covid tests we sent off for two years plus now, a lot of that is owned by the chinese government. tiktok is a great example. you mentioned military bases. let's not forget our local law enforcement is receiving free drones from manufacturers like bgi, they're saying use our stuff. hey, go back to your members of congress to encourage them to actually let you use this technology. this all poses a national security threat. this is intellectual property data that is being stolen. they are utilizing it in mainland china and let us be clear, china is a human rights abuser. they care not for your privacy. they care not for human rights. elizabeth: okay. >> they are nefarious purposes. we need to be standing up, pushing back holding them accountable. elizabeth: there are reports coming in that china is a top foreign buyer of u.s. housing. watch newt gingrich on the story. watch. >> the chinese corporations are
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allowed to break the rules that americans have to follow. the chinese are routinely subsidizing and bribing professors and researchers. there is no question but that china is waging a software against the united states against almost every front. at the same time they're trying to intimidate us. of course with a weak, confused biden administration intimidation is all too easy. why i called for nancy pelosi to follow up on her proposal and go to taiwan, take a bipartisan congressional delegation and just look right in the face of the chinese communists and say you are not going to intimidate the united states. elizabeth: gordon, your final word, your reaction? >> yes. speaker gingrich is right on all points but one point that is fascinating that we've allowed chinese diplomats to intimidate american academics and others
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and our diplomats in china are restricted who they can talk to. this is an issue of reciprocity. there are some things wrong with our relationship with china. we need to cut those links until we get a handle on it. elizabeth: got it. congresswoman cammack and gordon chang, thanks for being on. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: government his schedule blowers expose a high level push inside the fbi and doj to bury the probes into hunter biden as disinformation to help out joe biden in the 2020 election. more how nancy pelosi and chuck schumer reportedly got in on the act. the debate intensifying white house saying there is no recession. that is undercut by history. the media pushing back hard as the white house is trying to measure its way out of a downturn. brian steil ahead on "the evening edit." >> the biden plan to end recession, avoid recession, to change the definition of
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now from house financial services he is
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congressman brian steil. great to see you, sir. okay, the white house trying to do preemptive damage control on the gdp report this week expected to show the second quarter also shrunk again. we could already be in a recession. congressman, michael strain at the american enterprise institute, white house is saying it is not, recession is not two straight quarters of negative growth. he is saying each of the past 10 times the u.s. went through two straight quarters of negative growth a recession was ultimately declared but the white house is denying this. talk to us about that. >> this administration wants to redefine recession. you got to remember, this is the administration that told us reckless spending wouldn't cause inflation. when it caused inflation, they told us it was temporary and transitory. when it wasn't temporary and transitory they blamed putin, they blamed corporate greed. they refused to take responsibility. i warn you, they will try to redefine responsibility because the responsibility of this administration is to change course, unleash american energy,
6:18 pm
get wasteful spending under control. because americans are suffering. call it a recession, call it something else. we know people are feeling pain at the pump, pain at the grocery store. the lack of responsibility in this administration that is causing these problems. elizabeth: congressman, let's get your reaction to this. the white house press secretary getting criticized for claiming economic indicators do not show a recession or even a pre-recession, watch this. >> if you look at low unemployment at 3.6, if you look at the average amount of jobs that have been created, about 400 per month, those indicators do not show that we are in a recession or even a pre-recession. again we don't, i'm not going to define it from here. i'm just going to leave it to the nber as we have stated how they define recession. >> you won't declare one until they declared one? >> i'm saying we're not going to define it. we use indicators that the nber,
6:19 pm
the national bureau of economic research has used. elizabeth: all right, not to sound too snarky or persnickety, national bureau of economic research their definition of recession is tighter. it is a significant decline in economic activity that lasts more than a few months. a few months, not six quarters, not six months, rather, not two quarters. plus the nber can take up to a year of a recession to announce one. so we may be in one. >> yeah, this administration doesn't want to do anything to actually help people. they want to redefine terms so they can shirk their responsibility but come talk to somebody in wisconsin in kenosha who is getting clobbered when they go to the pump and they can't afford to fill up their car with gas. come talk to people across the country who can't afford their grocery bills, who are making decisions they can't take their children out to dinner for pizza on friday because costs keep going up. this administration is so concerned with optics that they're redefining words like
6:20 pm
recession rather than actually addressing the pain americans are feeling. that is ridiculous. this administration needs to change course immediately and the american people need to vote democrats out of office to change course come november. elizabeth: how are republicans going to stop the spending because republicans have been spending a lot too? >> we saw $1.9 trillion in spending under one party democratic control just after biden came in office. that is what set gasoline on a fire that was already burning at that party with reckless spending in washington. we need to change course, get spending under control. the other piece of this we can unleash american energy. energy is a huge driver in the inflationary environment we're feeling, having big impact on forcing this economy into recession. this administration would rather go to saudi arabia to beg and plead for additional resources rather than going to places like
6:21 pm
north dakota and texas unleashing american energy to allow people to not be getting clobbered at the pump, to bring inflation down. they're doing everything wrong. elizabeth: you wonder how of what you just said, also what has been called gaslighting by the white house, whipping fastballs by the american people, how much of that is causing the polls to collapse for the white house. quinnepiac, 66% disapprove of how biden is handling the economy. 67% say things are worse now than they were a year ago. that's consistent with a recession. show republicans have been jumping all over this. you will see tweets here from jim banks. you can't message your way out of recession. more from republicans. biden appears to be changing the definition. that is tom cotton. much first quarter weakness, congressman was concentrated in international trade and inventory. consumers and businesses were continuing to spend and invest but now that is, consumers, businesses look like they're
6:22 pm
dialing back. the other thing changing too, the media now is saying to the white house, stop with the bad messaging, watch this, watch. >> i was laughing to myself with in my view thing that caitlyn highlighted. in my view i should be drafted into the nba. >> in my view. >> i would make millions of dollars. >> it doesn't really matter what you think. there is a technical definition to two straight quarters of negative economic growth. they clearly believe that is likely to come to pass later this week. they're trying to prebut it. we get why they're doing it politically. >> right. >> at the same time we have these terms for reasons. elizabeth: what do you say, congressman? >> people in wisconsin and across the country r getting clobbered. they're darn frustrated about the excuses from this administration, with lack of responsibility from this administration, what their attempts to redefine words that we have used for decades. they want to do anything but
6:23 pm
take the responsibility for what's playing out across the country right now and that is so many families can't afford the things that their family needs. that rests at the white house, the biden administration and one party democratic control. i think voters will pour out in november and take it out on democrats as they should. elizabeth: congressman "style," thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: government whistle-blowers tell senator chuck grassley there was a high level push inside of the fbi and the doj to bury the probe into hunter biden as, quote, disinformation, to help out joe biden in the 2020 election. plus an fbi player behind that, also a player in the fbi's botched trump-russia probe. miranda devine takes it on next in "the evening edit." >> he has been lobbying the government, his dad in particular and not registered as a lobbiest. that is also a federal criminal violation. ♪
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6:28 pm
alleged criminal activities as quote disinformation. miranda he is saying the whistle-blowers say this happened from the top down from fbi headquarters, to bury it to help out joe biden in 2020, what do you think? >> well, what i can say is really thank goodness. at least there are some patriots in these organizations who realize that the bad guys have done so much damage to the institution that they need to speak up. thank goodness also for senators chuck grassily and ron johnson doggedly pursuing this, the first report of hunter biden into corruption in august of 2020. that was when the fbi, these rogue elements it seems within the fbi who were trying to obstruct their investigations and also who buried other information that came across that was damaging to one of the
6:29 pm
two candidates for president in october 2020, and that was of course joe biden. october 2020 was when the "new york post" ran our first story from hunter biden's laptop which was very damaging or should have been to joe biden because it showed that he had had communication, had met with one of hunter biden's ukrainian benefactors in washington when he was vice president. now this information was of course -- elizabeth: you point out october 2020, when your newspaper ran the story out. senator grassley is quoting this whistle-blowers inside of the fbi and doj saying that the fbi assistant special agent in charge of the washington field office, timothy ordered aggregate hunter biden information shut down. despite the reporting was verified or verifiable via
6:30 pm
criminal search warrants. that is happening at the same time there is pushback against "the new york post." >> exactly and there was also interference by the fbi with johnson and grassley's investigation earlier on. so this adds up to really many "todaying" information about the fbi and about this cabal at the very top of the fbi which was covering up for joe biden which sat on the laptop, hunter biden's laptop which they had in december 2019 before they had it, information that would have been helpful to donald trump in defending him against that impeachment. the fbi sat on that and, john paul -- was forced to hand over a copy of that laptop to rudy giuliani and to us at the "new york post." elizabeth: you know the senators said whistle-blowers told him the d.c. field office ordered the matter closed in september
6:31 pm
of 2020 without providing a valid reason. they attempted to bury the case and restricted fbi computer systems so it could not be open in the future and also this the same fbi analyst, brian outen worked on the fbi botched trump-russia probe accused of burying the reports of hunter biden as disinformation. reportedly the same fbi analyst cited by the doj inspector general in 2019 who improperly oversaw fisa wiretaps on the trump campaign and carter page. so you know, i want to talk quickly about the timeline because you make a good point so what happened was the doj starts probing hunter biden 2008 potential tax evasion, money laundering, foreign lobbying violations. then in july of 2020 the fbi briefed, the staple fbi team on hunter biden probe burying it. briefed democrat senators in 2020. senators chuck schumer, mark warner, speaker pell leslie,
6:32 pm
adam schiff, send a letter to the fbi that disinformation. that story leaked before the 2020 election. then they attacked senate homeland security their probes into hunter biden as russian disinformation. you see the timeline there, right? >> absolutely. it's a concerted effort, the fbi acting as sort of the private police force of the democratic party and you named the names of pelosi, schiff and co, and chuck grassley made a point of naming those two fbi operatives, tim thee bolt and brian austin, sorry, he has done that, because calling on basically christopher wray and merrick garland to do something about these two agents. they should step aside pending an investigation at the very least. elizabeth: miranda devine, maybe we'll see that happen if bub republicans take control of congress.
6:33 pm
the "laptop from hell," miranda devine great writer. thank you very much. elizabeth: democrat mayor eric adams demand new york call a emergency legislative session to stop the weak-on-crime laws after a suspect viciously assaulted a cop. but was set free on new york's no-cash bail. plus climate czar john kerry out with this new whopper claims inflation will drop but only after more government spending on climate change. liz peek joins us ahead on "the evening edit." ♪ who's on it with jardiance? we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're hittin' the trails between meetings.
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♪ elizabeth: look who is back. fox news contributor liz peek, a great columnist. liz, the deafening silence on this, good to see you. john kerry, jennifer granholm, gina mccarthy, they're all silent on environmental damage from green energy. we have activists, native tribes they're trying to block two lithium mining projects in
6:38 pm
nevada. toxic waste, water pollution, ruining environment. they need those mines for electric car batteries they want everyone to drive? >> no, we really don't, liz. guess what? we'll continue to import everything from china. i love biden's comment, when i hear climate change i hear jobs. where are the jobs? they're in china. they're making 2/3 of our solar panels, processing almost all of the lithium going into all of these batteries and mining a lot of it too, by the way. but look, these are not serious people. if they were serious people, liz, we would be talking about nuclear power, right? because nuclear power is safe and it is completely emissions-free but environmentalists don't like that. they don't like the fact there is going to be some problems mining lithium. they're not into solutions. they want to stop everything. they would be happy if we didn't go anywhere. it is ridiculous. elizabeth: it's a good point to your point, environmentalists
6:39 pm
are saying, the white house is not doing enough to stop the harm to the environment from green energy. china is firing up coal factories to make solar panels. outsourcing our oil and gas needs to dirty iter oil suppliers, how will that help the climate? >> it will not. there is smog sensible about this. it has been a long time since i heard anybody on air talk about the fact that china produces twice the emissions here in the united states. our emissions are going down because we switch away from natural gas to coal. china continues to build new coal-fired power accelerating the construction of coal-fired power plants. now germany has gone back to coal. there is no, you have to be practical and if we are going to transition, it has to be done in such a way that does not injure our economy. elizabeth: we have to pay for their ideology. to their point, taxpayers have
6:40 pm
to pay for it, china, india, wiped owl u.s. gains in carbon emissions in 2005 and 2006. listen to john kerry. he is claiming we need more government spending on climate change to fix inflation. watch this. are we going to show, anyway, that is what he is he saying but the thing is with john kerry, liz, i'm so sorry, we didn't have the sound bite, what do you say to his claim we need more spending on climate change to stop inflation? >> well this is joe biden's claim, right? we'll spend more to spend our way out of inflation. if john kerry can point to one sensible project that will improve the climate, can be done within five-year time frame to have any impact on emissions, i would love to hear it. i can't imagine what that would be. we're ramping up ev production as quickly as it can be done. we're building solar facilities, all over the country. there is a limit to what we can do and the government stepping
6:41 pm
in with hundreds of billions of dollars more, that is how we got into this inflation problem, remember? it doesn't work that way. elizabeth: john kerry is stone you will withing the "the boston herald." won't say what his agenda is, no accountable, no oversight. he is still flying private jets around the world when he could face time, zoom or skype. watch this claim from democrat congressman eric swalwell. watch this. >> we have attacked inflation. the president went after the oil companies and worked with countries that produce oil and you're seeing gasoline, it has been down 32 cents over the last four weeks. the republicans, they pander to grievances, they don't have a plan. elizabeth: you know, everything he said is false. biden did not secure assurance on oil production increase when he met with saudi arabia and the gulf states. opec is meeting august 3rd about producing more. they actually cut their production. what did you think what swalwell just said? >> liz, why are gasoline prices going down a little bit?
6:42 pm
by the way they're still up 45% year-over-year. not a huge decline we've seen, because the high price is driving down demand. demand is not what it was two or three month ago but most importantly it is what is happening in china. china was importing 11 million barrels a day before the pandemic. and now they are down under nine million barrels a day. between biden releasing some oil from the strategic petroleum reserve and china being very, hit very hard economically, we have basically a rebalancing of supply and demand and the price has thankfully gone down a little bit. that is the story. it has nothing to do with democrats proposals. i mean that is ridiculous. elizabeth: you wonder drawdown in strategic reserve, that should be called an oil bailout for biden's bad poll numbers. liz peek, you're terrific. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: we have a new revolt by moms across america against tiktok, leading the charge to
6:43 pm
get children off the app. jason chaffetz takes it on next on "the evening edit." ♪ and doug. [power-drill noises] alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and you could even save $652 when you switch. ok, i need a crowbar. and a blowtorch. [teddy bear squeaks] [doug sighs] limu, call a mechanic. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment
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save $500 on the sleep number 360 c4 smart bed queen now only $1,299. lowest price ever. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now former utah congressman jason chaffetz. it is great to have you back on, sir. what's your reaction to this story, how serious is this? we're seeing moms and dads nationwide, they're saying everybody stop downloading, posting pictures of your children and putting them up on tiktok or other social media because predators are downloading them? what do you think of the story? >> it is a very creepy story and parents better beware because there are a lot of creepers out there. you don't know who is looking doing what but the statistics coming in on the numbers of these perverts really downloading this, doing who knows what with your childrens pictures, it is one thing to set the privacy setting on instagram.
6:48 pm
it is another thing to put it out on tiktok which the intelligence community is long said is a tool of the chinese communist party and, parents beware. don't be so naive what is going on on tiktok. elizabeth: to your point this is the sinister side of social media. this story was, it also was ignited by a three-year-old whose mother kept posting images of her on tiktok. she has more than 17 million followers. parents got angry what they saw. she started deleting the images, followers are red flagging that these images are being downloaded and saved by potential predators. this is creepy story. it is horrendous. we want to warn the viewer about it, tell everybody to stop night they're happening by the tens of thousands. it is almost too creepy to talk about but imagine the worst-case scenario with some pervert out there doing something with your child's photo. the other thing i think we need to look at as a nation which is
6:49 pm
what europe is looking at, the right to be forgotten. you get on to social media but they decide later on when they're an adult they can make informed decisions for themselves what they did when they were 12 years old, that was wrong. i think parent alike should be able to take these photos down and make sure that these social media companies are held accountable for destroying them. you enter into a contract to trade your information and your photo to be able to access their information, you ought to be able to get out of that contract. elizabeth: so it's hard to do, right? we have callahan walsh -- >> it is impossible. elizabeth: the executive director of the national center for missing and exploited children. he is the son of "america's most wanted" host john walsh. saying to fox digital, think twice, trust your gut. bad people are out there. keep your children safe. how hard is it to be forgotten and wiped off of social media? >> i think the rule of thumb if you put it up there it will be
6:50 pm
there forever and that ought not to be the case. if the facebooks of the world have sophistication to do what they do, they should be able to take your account and delete it and erase everything out there. they ought to know where all that information is. they choose not to, that is where i think congress and the law should mandate that parents and adults and people have the ability, the right to be forgotten and to have that stuff deleted if they so choose. elizabeth: that's right. sounds good to me. jason chaffetz, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: more on the breaking news. the democrat mayor of new york city, eric adams, demanding the state hold an emergency session to get rid of its weak crime laws after a suspect viciously assaulted a cop but then was set free on new york's no-cash bail. joe gamaldi next on "the evening edit." >> if this doesn't demonstrate how far things have gotten out of control i don't know what will. this would never happen years ago. they would have the fear of being prosecuted.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
police movement as the midterms approach and their polls drop amid rising crime.
6:55 pm
fox news chad is in washington with more. chad. >> liz, where democrats stand with police is an issue in the midterms. cops in danger. >> the suspect ambushed us when the next door was opened. >> police pleading with politicians for their safety. >> he was waiting for us with a shotgun. he fired two shots striking killing sergeant smith. >> at a senate hearing on protecting police, they questioned if democrats have they backs. >> the defund police movement has done more damage than anyone can imagine. >> democrats are shifting away from the defund the police message and recalibrating the narrative to focus on guns. >> we are funding the police as we should. we cannot ignore the dominant role of guns in assault and killings of police officers. >> police advocates blame progressives for undercutting officers. >> the demonization of police has added to the problem greatly. >> republicans find it rich that democrats say fund the police after supporting the confirmation of controversial
6:56 pm
justice department officials. both of whom pushed for police defunding. saying police organizations endorsed both. democrats question how much the gop supports police after the capitol riot. liz. >> chad, terrific journalism there. thank you so much. we're staying on the breaking news. new york city mayor eric adams demanding cathy hochul reform weak on crime laws after no cash bail after vicious brazen assault on caps by two 16 -- cops by two 16 year-olds freed without bail and tried to jump a subway turnstile in new york statement welcome back from the police fraternal order. your reaction to that story? >> it's nice to see politicians reacting against violence against the law enforcement and fop has been talking about this for years. 2021 was the deadliest year for
6:57 pm
law enforcement in intentional homicides in 20 years. we've had 204 police officers shot in this country this year. that's a 14% increase over last year, which was a historic year for officers being shot. this hearing, it is great to see, it's a positive step but for the 800,000 police officers going into work every day with a target on our backs, we want some action, which is why we're asking for congress to pact the protect and serve act that would make it a federal crime to knowingly assault a police officers, which like this miscreant in new york who viciously attacked and choked an nypd officer -- by the way he was out on a robbery charge too. he was out the next day. he didn't have time to take a nap and get his sandwich at the jail before he was out. u how many more police officers need to be shot? how many more need to be killed before our politicians start taking action because the time to about is now. >> to your point, it's a lot of citizens say this is outrageous because these democrats demand
6:58 pm
all these things and they have to live with the consequences. look at other brazen attacks, a man's life saved in las vegas and his attackers gun got jammed. a woman shot by cops after opening fire in a dallas airport and we've got more and more mayhem coming in and more u.s. cities see a drop in crime solved in arrests. dcs solved less than half of homicide cases through july of this year and solved two-thirds last year. in cincinnati, the clearance rate is 61% and drop from 71% of crimes solved and arrests. so you see that all across the board. you see it in tampa, boston, the number of arrests and cases solved is plummeting. >> yeah. you know, crime is through the roof. it's no secret to anyone. there's -- atlanta up had 15% and dc up 17% and philly up 100% in the last three years and denver about to have the highest murder rate since 1981. these are victims. their families are left behind asking officers to pick up the
6:59 pm
pieces and solve the cases but witnesses, nosey neighbors, snitches, they done want to talk to us anymore because there's not going to be any consequences. >> there's a 2020 new york state law, no cash bail law, and left police without the ability to promise an nemty to witnesses and give the name and contact data with any witness of any information about a case, even if a person won't testify to trial. you need a judge to prove an order to protect witness' identities now? how are you going to solve crime s? >> do you blame the witnesses for not wanting to come forward because they know that this dirt bag is going to back out hours later and he'll take out his revenge. this is the collateral damage of the revolving door criminal system you're seeing. rogue politicians that continue to push the policies and they're not successful and it's leading to increase in crime and murder rate, and they continue to push
7:00 pm
them. it's truly goolish behavior and has to stop. >> thank you for all your service and all the men and women in blue, thank you to you too . i'm liz mcdonald and you've been watching fox business. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. mask mandates. once again rearing their stupid ugliness but this time some liberty lovers are fighting back. will they prevail with covid cases on the rise and numbers of states, counties and cities announce mandates might be coming back on the agenda and never mind they may not do anything and they've ruined the lives of children for years now. among the places looking to bring back the masks, you guessed it: la county. the department of health


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