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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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winner, with five number ones. she is survived by her husband of 14 year and her only daughter. olivia newton-john dead at 73. rest in peace. ♪. >> happening now, new questions surface about the path of our economy as president biden heads back this hour from touring the deadly flood damage in kentucky. the white house is downplaying recession still as the democrats push for a 740 billion-dollar bill that will only add to your inflation woes. another violent weekend across the united states. these smash-and-grab robbers in new york city caught on video stealing more than two million dollars in high-end jewelry. it was a heist. we got that for you.
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the gloves are off. new york city mayor eric adams ripping into texas governor greg abbott after a second bus of migrants arrived in new york city but critics say he should be pointing the finger at the biden administration. plus the deadline arrives today for the fbi to turn over documents linked to hunter biden's business deals. legal experts a guilty would likely happen if hunter biden goes to court. we're digging into that. i'm jackie deangelis. in for elizabeth mcdonald. the evening he did starts right now. "the evening edit." jackie: we begin with stocks. the eyes are on the inflation numbers. this is coming as fresh questions arrive about the path of the economy after senate democrats pushed through their
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$739 billion climate health and tax package and by the way they are calling it that now, not the inflation reduction act. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with more. hillary? reporter: good evening, jackie, the president is taking a victory lap with the senate passing the inflation reduction act. he is one step closer to getting a small part of his "build back better" agenda through congress. $700 billion in new government spending part of which will pay for things like climate change and also health care which the president says will lower costs forever -day americans. president biden: do i expect it to help? i -- when you sit down at kitchen table at end of the month you will pay a hell of a lot more bills, pay less medical bills. reporter: not all democrats agree the inflation reduction act that the senate passed will do just that. >> i want to take a moment to say a few words about the so-called inflation reduction act, and i say so-called by the way because according to the cbo
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and other economic organizations that studied this bill it will in fact have a minimal impact on inflation. reporter: some economists predict the package will bring down inflation long term but paying down several hundred billion dollars of u.s. debt there is wide agreement in nothing this package will bring down inflation before election day. republicans say things in the package will raise costs for american, tax hikes targeted at corporations republicans argue will be passed down to consumers. jackie. jackie: thank you, hillary. failure to prove how the 739 billion-dollar bill will help struggling americans, senator majority leader chuck schumer painting a very different picture. >> at least we arrived. every member of my caucus is elated about what happened because we really, we've changed
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the world in a way that you rarely get an opportunity to do that. it's going to make a difference to my grandkids. the world will be a better place for my grandchildren because of what we did today. jackie: vice president kamala harris placed the tie-breaking vote. joining us now to dig into this, welcome congressman dan meuser from house small business committee, along with former cbo director doug holtz-eakin. congressman, i want to start with you, the president said when americans start to sit down at the kitchen table when they figure things out at the end of the month things will be better. even bernie sanders acknowledges that the models out there, the penn wharton model, inflation will go up the next two years. americans are suffering as it is with inflation at 40-year high. how can the president willfully tell an untruth to the american people? >> it is pretty unbelievable. this bill ace terrible shame and
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unusual to be agreeing with bernie sanders of course. i mean this is an enormous power grab by the federal government. it is in fact filling the left's, woke agenda covers because they frankly know they're going to lose in november and they will still have money to spend, jackie. and your question is a very good one, who does it help, mr. president? i would really like to know, because all this bill does is spends on green energies so it will help their friends in the, in those industries an help those who put the green new deal as their most important issue. it will build to help build wind turbines which don't stand on their own if it were not for subsidies. it increases the size of the irs. how does that help anybody, mr. president? it doubles the size of the irs at a cost of $80 billion. and on top of that taxes which certainly will get passed along.
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this is a big government socialism versus free-market capitalism and unfortunately big government socialism is winning right now. jackie: the way i see it, the average american will suffer as a result of this at least in the short-term. i think models are looking at it correctly. the expansion of the irs the congressman points at, seems like our leadership is essentially looking at the average american as a piggybank to tap into to pay for its climate agenda, to pay for more health care, for people who across the board. people are getting fed up with it. as a matter of fact it is showing in the polling numbers. when it comes to president biden and his job on the economy, 29% only approve how he is handling inflation. 37% approve how he is handling the economy. 69% say the economy is getting worse. your thoughts? >> well, the average american will bear a lot of the burden of this particular bill, there is
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know question about it. on the inflation front this will push inflation up, not down. i remind you, jackie, listeners, while everyone is focused on the ira congress passed a 300 billion-dollar science plus chips bill, 600 veterans bill, trillion dollars in veterans spending. congress is up to the usual things, spend now, worry about later. if the inflation push will be very real. jackie: yeah. >> tax increases everyone says corporate income tax, doesn't affect individuals. non-partisan joint committee on taxation took a look half of that will be borne by individuals who make list than $400,000. eat effective standard of live something going down from taxings going down from inflation that is real pain for the average american. jackie: when it came to this bill joe manchin flip-flopped. first he said he would not vote for anything that would encourage inflation, congressman. it was up then to krysten sinema. what i found interesting that krysten sinema focused on the
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carried interest loophole. she did not want to close it. that was in the bill. they took that out? protect hog? protecting hedge funds, high income earners that take advantage of that. i find that staggering that is what she focused on to make sure she keeps her high earning donors on board versus looking at the average american here. having said that when it comes to sinema, joe manchin, former president donald trump vowing to campaign against both of them, manchin specifically this weekend. watch the sound bite. >> joe manchin has totally sold west virginia out. what he has done to west virginia i don't believe, i don't believe they're going to stand for it. i will go down and campaign against him as hard as anybody can. jackie: say what you want to say about president trump, but, congressman, everybody said this was the last nail in coffin, a red wave is coming and congress will turn over in november, your thoughts? >> you know it is and there is not going to be any positive
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effects from this. so the american people are going to see that yet at the same time, we have a massive, tragic new level of spending after spending trillions to get out of covid. then biden folks come in with the rescue plan which accelerated inflation and they're putting fuel on the fire because this is what got us there. now they're adding taxes to it. so we're artificially increasing demand and we are diminishing, putting a burden on domestic production. so supply will go down, demand will go up, inflation will increase. jackie: speaking of the supply demand model specifically when it comes to energy, doug, i want to finish up with you because there are economists out there essentially saying, warning, if you will that the inflation reduction act is nothing but deceptive marketing this is coming from a research fellow at the heritage foundation saying the greatest example of the deceptive marketing the democrats name chosen for this piece of legislation does
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absolutely nothing to address the problem of inflation. when you look the climate change initiatives in this bill, for example, is that going to help us at the pump as we funnel money over to alternative energy rather than get our domestic suppliers to supply more oil domestically so prices come down? no. economists are saying gas prices stay as high as they are or go higher from here. >> certainly those provisions are not intended to help with gasoline prices, oil prices in general. they are supposed to accelerate the use of alternative fuels and have cleaner cars. the problem here even those climate incentives were badly distorted by the white house's pro-union objectives. you get these extra bonus points for using union labor that undercut the ability to have an efficient renewable power system. that is not desirable at all. entire strategy sun likely to work. now we're sinking hundreds of billions of dollars into a strategy that would not deliver genuine climate benefits.
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that is an enormous problem. this is the issue that the president said was his top priority. he continually lets it get undercut by other things. jackie: gentleman, we'll have to leave it there. congressman dan meuser, douglas holtz-eakin, great to see you both, thank you. >> thank you. jackie: new york city mayor eric adams ripping into texas governor greg abbott after a second bus of migrants arrived in new york city. critics say he should be pointing the finger at the biden administration. and another violent weekend across the united states. these robbers in new york city, they were caught on video stealing more than $2 million in high-end jewelry. former nypd darren porcher will be here with us next. >> what we need is 87,000 more officers on the street to stop these, stop soft on crime policies democrats put in place, increaseing criminality. increaseing criminality. ♪
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♪. jackie: crime continues to escalate in new york city. this time thieves got away with more than two million dollars worth of jewelry in a smash-and-grab. a gang of robbers pulled off this heist in the bronx on sunday. the high-end jewelry store. david lee miller in new york city with more for us.
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reporter: jackie, the entire smash-and-grab from beginning to end lasted 47 seconds. it began friday afternoon, when a man wearing a white t-shirt, is buzzed into a story by an employee. instead of entering he holds the door open for three masked accomplices. within seconds, using hammer, glass display cases are smashed and trays of jewelry are removed. some are dumped into a red shopping bag. others are carried out of the store. all the while man in the white t-shirt stays outside serving as a look out. the store in the fordham height section of the bronx, it is on a busy street with big box merchants with small local stores. a number of people can be see walking by during the robbery a few glancing in the store as window. most seem indifferent or unaware of the robbery taking place. the recording ends with all four men racing down the street. in addition to the video nypd released freeze frames, hoping
6:17 pm
someone will help identify the crooks. as of this hour, there have been no arrests. police say, total value of the loot is $2.15 million. in the last few months there have been similar smash-and-grab thefts nearby jewelry stores. according to the latest crime data, robbery in new york city is up more than 37% compared to the same period a year ago. jackie? jackie: david lee miller, thank you so much. here to discuss all of this and more, former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. darren always great to see you. you watch the video, it is horrific. 47 seconds. imagine being the jewelry store owner, will you fight with these guys? of course not. they come in. overtake the store. looks like they were using things to smash the cases that they could have effectively fought with as well. you say to yourself, this has become run of the mill in new york city. we were hoping mayor adams would do something about crime, but he
6:18 pm
really hasn't. total crime is up 37%. robberies almost 40%. burglary up 33%. you know, people are getting impatient, getting tired of waiting for change. your thoughts, darren? >> this is a problem because this is a high pedestrian thoroughfare in the bronx on fordham road. there should be standing omnipresent police officers. in addition this happened in broad daylight. where are the uniformed police officers in a place that has a high pedestrian magnitude such as fordham road? it is testament to the failures of the eric adams administration. as you mentioned earlier, we had higher expectations for eric adams being the mayor based on his past background as practitioner in law enforcement this is rolling out under this administration, subsequently evolving into bill de blasio 2.0. jackie: i tell you where the police officers are, darren. not like you don't know this. call for number two if we can,
6:19 pm
42% left the department last year. 71% left before their pensions were up. so people don't want to be police officers anymore. i mean that is the bottom line. you and i discussed this over and over again. when you take the power away, the authority away from the cops to be able to do their job, makes it very difficult for them to actually be out there patrolling and fighting crime when they're worried the liability will come back on them? >> i agree. however, you need it revolutionize your recruitment process. granted the attrition rate in nypd is steep, not just on new york city but the national level in connection with this defund police, anti-police sentiment that plagued us as a country. by the same token, you as chief elected official in the city of new york, that being the mayor, you need to focus on a recruitment campaign that will make your ranks more robust. he just hasn't hit the mark as a result.
6:20 pm
jackie: i don't know what he is focused on to be honest with you because not only are we seeing crime rates go up in this city i was discussing with a colleague this city is absolutely filthy, darren. you see it walking around. almost seems like they don't do any street cleaning at all at this point. or maybe they do it, then it gets filthy again afterward. difficult to imagine what is happening here. it is summertime. homeless, mentally ill are strewn across the streets. camping out, living on the streets as well. is there anything you can point to that eric adams has actually done since he got here? >> that's the million dollar question. as you mentioned the sanitation issue, this is something that started with the de blasio defunding the new york city department of sanitation by $100 million. when we look at quality of life, people sleeping in the streets, coming to the point if new york city is reflective of san francisco and los angeles. something needs to be done because we as 8 1/2 million residents of the city of
6:21 pm
new york deserve a better quality of life. jackie: i never thought it would happen here, darren but obviously you never say never. it took so long for mayor giuliani to clean up this city. michael bloomberg of course contributed. he held the standards pretty high. it was so quick, for bill de blasio, to take us down and i don't even think we've reached rock bottom quite yet because things are getting worse before they get better. i want to talk to you about jose alba, the bodega owner. remember the video defending himself. the d.a. puts him in rikers for murder. then finally acknowledges this is self-defense. jose alba now is essentially saying he is afraid for his life. he doesn't want to live here anymore. he might move back to the dominican republic. we'll talk about this later as well. we had a second bus of migrants coming to this city and there were 40 on the bus. only 14 when they arrived. migrants didn't want to come here, darren, because they knew what they were walking into.
6:22 pm
>> when we look at what greg abbott is doing in connection shipping migrants from texas to new york. this is a clear example of eric adams being upstaged on the political front. we profess to be a safe haven for unlawful immigration, that being new york city but if you want to take that position as a sanctuary city, there are other things that come into play. don't beg the federal government for funding if you don't have the resources here. jackie: right. >> as it relates to jose alba. this is a terrible situation. the testament to alvin bragg, manhattan district attorney colossal failures in office as d.a. jackie: i'm pointing to the irony of this. he claims that new york city is a sanctuary city. people don't want to come here because they know how much trouble they will be in, how difficult survival is at this point. darren porcher, always great to see you, we appreciate your perspective. >> thanks for having me. jackie: we are going to dig into that more because new york city
6:23 pm
eric adams, now he is ripping into texas governor greg abbott after second bus of migrants i mentioned arrived in new york city. critics are saying don't point the finger at abbott. point the finger at the biden administration. plus the deadline arrives today for the fbi to turn over documents. those documents linked to hunter biden's alleged shady business deals. we'll break all of that down with ford o'connell and, hans von spakovsky on "the evening edit." >> we have a lot of questions. the spinks that we've been looking into on the house oversight committee involve around hunter biden's suspicious activity reports. ♪♪ you had me at allison® 10-speed transmission.
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♪young people having a good time with insurance.♪ ♪young people.♪ ♪good times.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ ♪. jackie: welcome back. this sprawling federal investigation into hunter biden's business activities is nearing a conclusion. former prosecutors predicting a generous guilty plea deal to minor tax or gun charges, that would spare the biden administration further embarassment and help keep the scandal's aftermath from upending critical midterm elections. liberal media outlets can no longer avoid talking about the president's son. listen brian stelter this weaken. >> what about hunter? >> hunter under federal investigation. charges could be become coming anytime this is not just a
6:28 pm
right-wing media story. this is real problem for the bidens. could he decide not to run for re-election given his son? jackie: this is almost two years later first we heard about this. cnn finally acknowledging this is a real story. here to take this up with us, heritage foundation senior legal fellow hans von spakovsky and republican strategist, ford o'connell. hans, from the legal perspective what we're expecting, what charges could come, how will this play out time wise? >> we don't really know that. we know the grand jury has been investigating this quite sometime, the rumors after special plea deal for him, that is just rumors. i can tell you this. if they give him a sweetheart deal in the face of what could be potentially pretty serious charges, everything from tax evasion to potential money laundering, that is going to damage the reputation of the fbi and the justice department even more than it already has been damaged by that are activities.
6:29 pm
jackie: i think you're right. i think it would be sweeping a big story under the rug, ford, essentially because this isn't just even about the tax aspects of it or the minor gun charges. this is about hunter biden benefiting from his father's position as vice president, part of an administration with foreign nations like china, our enemy, and, and sort of repercussions from that are you know, got joe biden who is president now making deals with china. so many people sit back and say, is he selling out the american people to save his son? it's a legitimate question. >> yeah it does, it raises -- >> jackie, hans, i think hans is absolutely right. if hunter biden gets a sweetheart deal it will be a serious miscarriage of justice. let remember as much as trouble hunter biden is. this is not a hunter biden story. this is a joe biden story. forget the money laundering and corruption. you have a compromised president
6:30 pm
who is dealing on international stage taking millions of dollars, his family from china, while simultaneously going soft on china. the american people need to get to the heart of the matter. understand that joe biden has let them down, both as a president and as a vice president on the international stage. jackie: hans, please jump in? >> look all of this comes on top of something really shocking that happened a week ago when chuck grassley released information from fbi whistle-blowers who told him that a fbi intelligence analyst two years ago did everything he could to stop the investigation of hunter biden and also the special, assistant special agent in charge of the fbi field office in washington did the same thing. they accused him of a double standard and in fact this guy was so partisan, that his social media posts showed his
6:31 pm
anti-trump, anti-conservative attitudes and these were the people in charge of supposedly the investigation that did everything they could to stop it in, during the 2020 election. jackie: you are absolutely right. this was a very slow, slow, investigation. viewers can draw their own conclusions as a result of that. not only did they stifle the investigation before the 2020 election, ford, i want to come to you, social media outlets, also left liberal media, they quashed the story too. this is a story that the american people might have wanted to know a little bit more about before they cast their vote at the ballot box? >> no, they certainly -- >> suppression of the hunter biden, the suppression of the hunter biden laptop story is the single greatest media manipulation in modern u.s. political history. polling shows that if voters had known what was going on that donald trump would still be sitting in office. so you not only have bureaucrats in washington, d.c. slow walking this story but you have the media fully suppressing it,
6:32 pm
putting the finger on the scale for their preferred candidate. for brian stelter at cnn to now admit the truth, that is not exactly a profile in courage. they had should have have been doing journalism. jackie: there was another sound bite of stelter talking about couldn't go to air to confirm it. i understand if you're not trying to confirm it you're not going to. we're out of time. thank you to both of. >> you thank you, jackie. jackie: china extending its military exercises around taiwan. how the white house is responding to that. nancy pelosi out with a whopper on china. you have to hear this one to believe it. plus the gloves are off. new york city mayor eric adams relationshipping into texas governor greg abbott as second bus of migrants arrives in new york city. >> this is a complete catastrophe caused by president biden, his own party, mayor
6:33 pm
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♪. jackie: the u.s. border crisis reaching new york city this weekend in a feud between red and blue states. texas governor greg abbott sending dozens of migrants from his overloaded border towns north, a move that democrat leaders in the big apple were quick to condemn. >> the more they say the numbers rise the more they will be asking the federal government for assistance and it will create a situation for the biden administration where they are trying to help these liberal coastal cities in the northeast deal with the immigration system while they're not helping the state of texas. jackie: here now texas attorney general ken paxton. great to see you, attorney general. you know, this is really interesting because governor abbott is taking so much heat
6:38 pm
for this. we've been essentially living with this crisis over a year now. texas is so overloaded. many understand why he is doing it. it sends a signal to washington, d.c., new york, for example, you declared sanctuary city status. help us out here. when it comes to actually doing it, eric adams doesn't want to do it. no, i can't do it unless i get federal funds. it is really, it is really interesting. >> it is almost hard to believe this is happening because they're experiencing this to a really small degree relative to what we deal with every day. i think new york city has less than 4,000. we have that many almost every day. so this idea that somehow they have this terrible problem, it's justice they're having to deal with this i would love to see either of these mayors come out to tell the american public that the biden administration should help them but how about the border states really suffering. jackie: right. when provided with the opportunity or invitation to come down to see what is actually happening a the border said i don't want to go down there.
6:39 pm
it is just a photo-op for you, governor abbott. i'm not giving you that opportunity. what i said that, i found it was really interesting, i'm not laughing here, but there is irony in it, the second bus on the way to new york city had 40 people on it. only 14 arrived in new york city because as the bus stopped along the way, people declined to get back on for the final destination. even people that are illegally coming into this country know that they don't want to come to new york city. it's mind-boggling to me. >> it is pretty mind-boggling when we have this many people coming across the border only 14 made it to new york city. despite that you see the new york mayor complaining about it. he really has a minor problem relative to the huge problem that we've been dealing with for the last year-and-a-half. his has just started. it is just hard to believe. jackie: attorney general, if i may while i have you i just want to review some of these numbers for our viewers. migrants crossing the border 2019 to 2022, to give viewers a sense how staggering this
6:40 pm
becomes, the numbers keep getting higher and higher, june of 2022, 207,000, more than 207,000. so you can see that was an increase over the previous june. the numbers continue to go up. we're not even accounting in these numbers for the got-aways. they're talking about in their inflation reduction act wanting to staff up, to beef up the irs. custom and border patrol would say, why don't you send some staff our way to help us do our job a little better? >> i think the answer is simple. they're not trying to solve this problem. they're creating the problem. they announced on day one, biden announced on day one there would be no deportation. they have done everything they could to tell the cartels bring as many people to the border as you can and we'll take them and you send them where we want to send them this is a partnership. they're not trying to stop it. they would love to see even more and that's the problem that we have on the border. jackie: yeah. governor abbott, just tweeting that he will continue to send
6:41 pm
migrants elsewhere until somebody responds in some meaningful way to this problem, attorney general. and you know, i don't blame him, of a dealing with the crime, of a dealing with the drugs crossing over the border, of a dealing with the humanitarian crisis that we continuously talk about, there is only so much each state on the border can take at this point? >> yeah. all you have to do is talk to anybody living on the border. reality this is affecting all of america. we're all border states. so happens texas experiences this worse than any other state. we have people dying that's the sad part of this. there are kids dying from overdoses of drugs would otherwise still be alive. people are dying because of more crime. yet the biden administration made the calculated decision that those losses are worth what they're getting in this illegal immigration. jackie: yeah. i was covering a story, an investigative report into what happens to some of these children that do come across the border, attorney general, and in some cases they end up working
6:42 pm
because they have to feed themselves. they have to find a way to survive, under grueling conditions but they can't open their mouths or complain about it because they don't have the legal status to do that. so they essentially get exploited. this is an administration that turns a blind eye to that. if you make the treacherous journey here and survive, then what you have to deal with in this country to a certain extent is really difficult too. it's a tragedy. >> well look, they know this is happening. they have encouraged it to happen. they know human trafficking is a real issue and it is getting worse as a result of their policies. again just like the fentanyl crisis we have in america, more kids dying, they know all about this problem, and they're still encouraging it again, for them. it is worth the trade to get as many illegals here and work with the cartels doing it and they're willing to trade american lives even children. jackie: texas attorney general ken paxton, thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> a republican primary race for governor in wisconsin tomorrow
6:43 pm
is turning into a trump-pence showdown. we have the latest on that. china extending military exercises around taiwan and critics ripping into speaker pelosi for a comment she made about china. congressman darrell issa will take that on ahead. first we want to pay tribute to olivia newton-john, the grammy award winner died after a long battle with breast cancer. newton-john was 73 years old. [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout]
6:44 pm
[acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout]
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6:48 pm
taiwan last week. biden is not worried but concerned about china's increasing threats around the world. i want to welcome house foreign affairs committee member, congressman darrell issa. the president is not worried but has concern given by the military exercises china is enacting around taiwan. many people say it is possible it could take place before the 2024 election. possible he should ratchet up his concern to worry. many are worried right now. what do you think? >> jackie, thank you for having me on. thankthank you for showing the concern apparently the speaker doesn't show and the president doesn't show. it's a lot more than concern. when they are running these kinds of manuevers it is all too reminisce sent on the borders of ukraine just a few months ago. they are clearly testing us and testing their capability to extinguish this democracy in asia. by the way, they're going further to do these tests than it would take to get to japan
6:49 pm
because japan's closest island is much closer to taiwan than china is and as an ally in the region i'm concerned, i'm worried and i'm worried about a president who isn't worried. jackie: that is the problem, right? other nations around the world are looking at this administration, looking at joe biden as a leader and they're not necessarily taking him seriously. as a result, congressman how he handled certain situations. we're just about a year, facing a year anniversary of our botched withdrawal from afghanistan. you've got the russia invasion of ukraine. this country was not able to help in any way to deter that from happening. now you have xi xinping looking to solidify his position for a third term in congress and wanting to tell the world essentially that china is not to be methed with. i think that message is coming across. that message is coming across loud and clear and there is nothing this administration has
6:50 pm
done about it. >> there is nothing they're doing. back in the reagan administration we knew two things, strength in your enemy that they may do something reckless that draws you into war. strength in the united states keeps us out of war. right now the united states and its allies are not showing strength, particularly when time and time again presidents of both parties have sent basically fleets to the straits between china and taiwan to show our resilience and refusal to have this entity taken by force, something that has been in place since richard nixon cut the deal with china gave them a seat on the u.n., gave them legitimacy. in return they agreed not to take taiwan by force but they're thinking that again in their political season, one that we have to take seriously and if we don't, we could end up with wars on two fronts but you know, jackie, in the case of ukraine,
6:51 pm
we we lost the wheat basket of africa. in taiwan we would lose the ability to make electronics of our generation. jackie: it would be a serious, serious problem. americans expressed they are not interested in any kind of military conflict as well. congressman, we've got to go. good to see you. >> thank you, jackie. centrum multigummies and took one more step towards taking charge of your health. they're packed with essential nutrients for energy and immunity support. so every day, you can say, ♪ you did it! ♪ with centrum multigummies.
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jot republican primary race for wisconsin governor turning into another trump/pence somehowdown and they're in a dead heat going into tomorrow's crucial vote and grady trimble is live in wisconsin for us. grady: hey, jackie, pence and trump are 1-1 when endorsing them and donald trump held a rally in wisconsin, friday night hoping to give his pick, businessman tim michaels a last minute boost. former wisconsin lieutenant governor rebecca clay fish serving with scott walker is former vice president mike pence's choice. president trump attacked clayfish at his rally calling her a career politician and
6:56 pm
political insider. >> president trump endorsed me because he likes to win and sees a winner in me. he knows i have the background that stands in stark con strays to tony evers and that's the winning formula here. >> folks are asking nonstop about endorsements and the only ones that matter are the ones of voters counted on election night. grady: the winner of the primary will take on tony evers in november and evers is determined to hold onto power because if he loses, republicans could have car blanch in wisconsin controlling the state's legislative and executive branches. jackie. jackie: grady trimble in wisconsin for us. thank you. jason, great to have you. your reaction to that report? you know, trump endorsements do matter to a certain extent, and we've seen them, you know, help certain candidates prevail. having said that, i kind of look at this and say it's unfortunate
6:57 pm
there's incite between trump and pence and everybody should get on the same page for the sake of moving ahead and try to take the house and senate come midterms. >> this is the trouble when a state has a primary that's so late in the season. you know, many states they start back in march and april and gives time to mend fences and a rally behind the idea that the true person you're trying to defeat is the democrat. when these things come so late in the system, it doesn't necessarily allow for that because early voting happens so quickly after the turn of this. nevertheless i, you know, it's all about who does show up, no notoriously small numbers of people can show up. who knows. jackie: yeah, if it's not wisconsin across the country and four states wisconsin, st. and connecticut connecticut. are people fed up with the extra spending passing the senate over
6:58 pm
the weekend and looking at futures concerned about things right now. will that rally them to get out and vote? >> yeah, i think it's -- people think about a couple things. they like who they know and that's who they gravitate towards but they'll also get behind and vote for somebody who they think can win in november because i think they understand that the balance of power in the senate and house of representatives, congressional races are top tier races and governor's races are very important, but they want fighters. if you're running for the house or senate, they want somebody that's going to get in and fight. if you're running for a governor, it's a bit more of a statesman-type of position. whether that man or woman is running for office is going to kind of rise above the fray, it's got a bit different attitude towards it in how they approach these races. jackie: you're 100% right and coming to the house, people get out and vote and easier chance to turn it and coming to the senate, it's very tight and see what happen withs a 50/50 senate
6:59 pm
after this weekend and kamala has reigns leadings breaks the tie and the democrats get what they want. wisconsin senator ron johnson poised to win tuesday's primary, but these are critical seats that we have to make sure are held onto. your thoughts about how the senate is going to look after the midterms? >> well, got to hold onto wisconsin if you're a republican. look, ron johnson has shown he's a fighter, he's not bashful, he has an amazing good business background. i think he'll prevail. he's always been, you know, pushed aside as somebody who won't prevail, but he always does. they spend millions and millions of dollars to try and december e him, but i think the people of wisconsin know who he is come november. jackie: in the final moments, i want your thoughts on the bill that passed over the weekend, $740 billion more spending and not reducing inflation, that's what the experts say and here we are in america with inflation at
7:00 pm
a 40 year high. 20 seconds, jason. >> look, 87,000irs agents instead of fighting crime and securing the border, it was never the inflation reduction act. jackie: yeah, great to see you. jason, thank you so much. folks, that's it for me. i'm jackie deangeles in for elizabeth macdonald and you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we thank you for watching and have a great evening. kennedy: so what's the worst thing the federal government can do during an inflationary recession? raise taxes. good job, guys. that's what reckless democrats have done passing the inflation reduction act. that's a comical name and it owes its to the splitting vice president who couldn't explain the difference between inflation and inflammation if we're tackling existence depended on it. it's a $739 billion monster that the c bo declares will have


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