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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 8, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> look, 87,000irs agents instead of fighting crime and securing the border, it was never the inflation reduction act. jackie: yeah, great to see you. jason, thank you so much. folks, that's it for me. i'm jackie deangeles in for elizabeth macdonald and you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we thank you for watching and have a great evening. kennedy: so what's the worst thing the federal government can do during an inflationary recession? raise taxes. good job, guys. that's what reckless democrats have done passing the inflation reduction act. that's a comical name and it owes its to the splitting vice president who couldn't explain the difference between inflation and inflammation if we're tackling existence depended on it. it's a $739 billion monster that the c bo declares will have a
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negligible effect on the spending and what are the dumb dumbs in the senate doing? spending more money and paying for it by force. it would make the lowest learner join the tea party and irs performing 1.2 million new audits every year and throw you in jail if you don't comply, they're coming to rob you behind at gunpoint and somehow that's legal. there will be 14 times more money spent on enforcers than for tax services. you know, the people on the phone who pretend to make nice as they separate you from your hard earned cash. there's so many thousands of new agents, they won't just target high earners, they'll come after you for sport because they can and have a mandate and quotas don't give a rip if you make under $400k.
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read my lips, mr. president, these are new taxes you requirement so what's as bad as raising taxes during an inflationary recession? raising gas prices when energy costs are spectacularly out of control. there'll be new tax on coal, oil, natural gas all in the no name of appeasing climate hysterics that are less empathy than sense by a lot and they don't give a damn if tithing their climate re-ledgeon leads to your suffering. the cost of everything else is shooting up and some nasty letters are about to arrive from the irs demanding your head on a stick if you don't fork over fees and penalties to a new army of satan's arrogant agents. i wish i could save you from this fresh hell but the dc dopes claiming they want to save the economy are sending it straight to hell and that's the memo. hi, monday. you need more proof this irs
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plan to hire more agents is insane? once the agency staffs up, it'll have more employees than the state department, the fbi, and border patrol combined. why are they still claiming they won't be auditing more people? that's a lie. we have institute fellow douglas murray and joined by democrat strategist, radio host, and another fox news contributor leslie marshal and cofounder of base politics and foundation for economic education policy correspondent brad palumbo is back. all right, let's set the record straight, why should anyone trust that the irs, douglas, is only going to go after wealthy americans when they've got this much manpower and a pretty brodmann date? >> the irs the only tax
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collecting body with an armed military wing. in my own country of birth, great britain, the tax authorities didn't come after you and very least thrown in jail if you evade and avoid taxes, but actually the idea of the tax authorities busting down your door and coming in will guns pointed at you would seem extraordinary overreach of government and in america people are used to it. as you say, it's not just the super wealth they they're going to come for. the problem in all of this is you have a system in the u.s. which isn't even understandable by the most brilliantly educated figures in the country. remember a little while ago after donald rumsfeld died, there was a letter published in the wall street journal submitting tax returns for his returns and said i worked in the government for most of my life and don't know if this tax return is accurate or not because i can't understand all the rules nor can my attorneys
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or my wife who's an expert as well. that's the reality in america. it is so hard to understand what an earth your tax situation .s then the threat of them busting down the door to tax you. that's outrage yous. kennedy: yeah, instead of satisfying the tax code and immigration, these are things they should be doing and making it more complicated and it's very difficult for people, especially who do their own taxes, you know, small business owners who don't have money to hire an army of accountants to cross every t and dot ii. they're the ones that can run afoul, why not simplify it? >> whether it's my party or other parties that pass it, there's usually things i like and don't like. i don't like this aspect of the legislation. i don't like the irs. i'm being audited right now.
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hello, hi, katie. and i have to tell you, you know, my husband and i pay a lot of taxes but they come at you again and they come at people and we see the research that has cop out that they have come in the past years especially in 2021 after lower wage earners, which doesn't make any sense because if you want to get more money for the government, go after the richer people who can hire people to hide their money overseas and those are the people most likely that are not paying taxes and not claiming all of the money that they have. does it bother me you can get arrested for not paying your taxes? no, because if you break the law and not paying your taxes is a violation of the law, that doesn't bother me. what bothers me is not just myself but so many other people out there and people who earn less than my husband and i, especially to be honest with you, they're auditing people for
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2020 and asking how come your income went down? we were in a pandemic and a lot of people didn't have work and had to shut businesses down. weren't allowed to operate, the list goes on. there used to be years ago, kennedy, in my home city, a bumper sticker that the meter maids eat their young and i think the irs does. kennedy: absolutely would love to abolish the irs. unfortunately, brad, we're not quite there. here we are talking about the hell that is to come for many low-income earners in the country. what does this have to do with the climate or inflation relief? >> absolutely nothing. it's all just budget gimmicking and this plan does nothing to address inflation and a bunch of different objective agencies from the tax foundation to the cbo to wharton school of business said it'll have minimal impact on inflation. even bernie admitted it on the
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flat floor and it's not about reducing inflation and it's about globing up more of our money to hand in waste and crony capitalist subsidies to welcome industries and the expense is a tax crackdown that affects low income people the most. according to the joint committee on taxization, 90% of the revenue raised on people that learn less than $200,000 and only 5% going to people that earn more than $500k and it's not progressive in any meaningful sense of the word and it's an irs crackdown on the working class. kennedy: progressives hate the working class and wouldn't have gotten the hunk of red meat that raises taxes on the energy industries. now to the red hot economy, friday's jobs report was a huge surprise but does it tell the full picture? according to the labor
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department, there was 528,000 new jobs last month and more than double what forecastingers thought. think that would be a great thing for the economy but former clinton treasury secretary said maybe it's not. >> our core problem is that we have an un-sustainably heated blue and heating to high inflation and cutting people's paychecks. that unfortunately has not been addressed but i have to say i'm more worried about inflation tonight than i was last night, and i think it's misleading not to see things that way. kennedy: summers has a track record of knowing how to do math and being correct on this kind of thing. are his concerns real? douglas? >> i think they are. larry summers is not something i always agree with and i think he's onto something. the oddity of what's happened at
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this moment in america and other countries we're in one form of a definition of recession without a doubt and yet we're not seeing the sort of joblessness numbers you'd normally see in a recession. in fact, you're seeing a need for labor that often isn't there. how many small businesses and others are trying to fill gaps in jobs and finding it very difficult to fill the gaps and that's a very unusual thing to happen in a recession. this is a very complex picture we have. it is true that ordinarily you'd have a decline in employment rising unemployment figure and gets you out of inflationary cycle and it is possible that larry summers is right and we should worry about inflation and what is effectively happening is people will continue to be employed and wages will stay stagnant, but the inflation will
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continue to go up. that gets us into a very, very danielous economic situation. kennedy: i think even though more jobs were added than they thought, leslie, i think the jobs picture is more fragile than people even realize. when you raise interest rates and you make it expensive to borrow money and it's more a tight labor market, sure, businesses will try to pay more to fill the positions but then they have to raise prices and that's what exacerbates inflation and larry summers is one of the few people that's been honest in that they have to raise the unemployment number in order to tamp down a recession. that's one of the jobs of the fed. >> and the pressure is on the fed when you have unemployment this low, a record historical low. when you have more than double the expectation of a jobs report. look, i like and respect larry summers and sometimes i agree with him and sometimes other economists agree with him and
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sometimes they don't. not everyone is of the same mind when it comes to increasing unemployment numbers. i think everyone is of the mindset that again, the measure is on the feds -- pressure is on the feds with this and i'll say it again, they were slow to act so they ended up instead of titrating up, they ended up pushing together very quickly increases, which really freaked the american consumer out regardless if you're rich or poor. kennedy: yeah, and that's one of the problems, brad, is, you know, we talk about the president. what can the president do? what can the senate do? their answer is to always spend more money, but we don't talk enough about the ills of central banking and what really caused this. the problem is when you get to this point where the economy very easily could fall off the cliff, there's nothing they can do except for make a bad recession a global recession. >> yeah, i mean the federal reserve got us into this mess. one of the biggest causes of inflation was their decision to
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print, digitally print trillions of new dollars out of thin air. when you have more money chasing the same amount of goods, prices go up. this is econ 101. inflation at almost 10%, you'd have to raise the interest rate up to 11% or 10.5 to even get us into a real interest rate that's positive because right now they're raising rates, but we're still technically in negative interest rates when you account for inflation and now we're between a rock and a hard place and the only way out of it is intense economic pain unfortunately. the jobs numbers are strong and that's the one upside of this economy with inflation and declining real wages, but we're not going to stay that way for long and tamp down the inflation. it's hard to see how we can do both. kennedy: yeah, it's like we don't talk enough about central banking and the real cause of inflation and we don't talk about the labor force participation rate. you know, that is the iceberg
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under the surface, and that's what could really complicate this entire picture so we have to be honest about the data, what we see and what we don't see. it's like dark matter. it's pervasive throughout the entire universe. party panel sticking around. we've got so much show, including marijuana legalization. does it lead to more teens on the weed? new research may shock you. dr. drew with me in studio to discuss with me right now.
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the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. kennedy: welcome back. turns out the kids aren't all going green according to a new study that shows legalizing marijuana for adults does not increase usage amongst teenagers. so don't believe all the reefer madness of propaganda. on the other hand the number of adults 21 and over trying cannabis for the first time found a double or triple after legalization. what are the chances. is this another reason to support widespread marijuana legalization? joining me now internist and host of the ask dr. drew podcast. my friend dr. drew. >> here we are, kennedy, once again kennedy: this is funny. i met you 31 years ago. >> wow. yes, k rock.
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kennedy: neither of us to my knowledge were smoking reefer at that time and the worry was more states added recreational marijuana that kids, middle schoolers and high schoolers would start using pretty regularly. what does this study show? >> it was an outlier and it was different. it suggested that -- it was from michigan and it was a good study and well done. it looked -- based on the study that you don't see an increase in cannabis use in teenagers when legalization comes around. i thought about it and thought it could be wrong. they're outlying studies are flat out wrong sometimes. it made sense early on what states were adopting legalization. colorado, you saw a marked up tick. this was in the face of everything we've seen in the early adopters of -- kennedy: but then, colorado's numbers go back to baseline. >> correct. they all did. california did. they all go up and then go back to baseline. i think what's happening is so many states adopted legalization, young people are smart, they got the message. it's no big deal.
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don't worry about it and it's baked into their youth right now. it's normalized and it's doing it whether it's legal or illegal and when your state gets around to legalizing it, it's not going to make much difference. kennedy: we don't give kids nowadays much credit because they're exposed to so much more information than any of us had growing up. they're hype con degree cassioppis and they're more concerned -- hyper-coendure acts and they're more concerned about fentanyl. >> not risk avers and noted adults. covid, this is a whole other topic but they made them very preoccupied and anxious. that's devastation for young people. now with cannabis, i don't think my daughter would mind. she's been very public about this. she's in recovery from cannabis and her position has been, if you know somebody that's using
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dabs, which is like crack use of cannabis. you have to melt it, heat it and blow torr and have it's incredibly powerable cannabis with opioid effects, you have a problem. you can cross over really easily and physically what we're seeing now, a lot more of the cannabis hype emesis syndrome where people are spontaneously vomiting all the time and if you're vomiting and smoke weed on a regular basis, that's what it is and it's very common. the high, high potency. kennedy: that's about marijuana, it's no one thing. for some it's like adderall and for some it's like mel tonen. you can get addicted to it >> yeah, especially with the high potency.
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you and me we get anxious and paranoid. it's not for me. >> not for me either. kennedy: better than chardonnay? >> it wasn't. all i know is i develop sensation of motor activities and i stop moving. kennedy: i barf and feels like my stomach is being pulled apart and i have auditory hallucinations. >> that's no bueno for you. imagine the hypo ten seizure disorders stuff. kennedy: no, i don't want it. >> sometimes it's problematic and be realistic about it. that's the important thing. kennedy: and make the decisionss and do that assessment for yourself because the government has done a piss poor job of doing it for us. >> yes, and the adolescent brain is developed mentally by cannabis. kennedy: what's worse, vapeing or cannabis?
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>> vapeing would be. when it comes to getting off cigarettes, do not use tobacco. nothing worse than tobacco. it's bad but cannabis would be worse. kennedy: interesting, dr. drew says go ahead and vape, kids. >> didn't say that. didn't say that. kennedy: always great to see you, especially in studio. thank you for coming in, my friend. breaking news, president trump says moments ago, the fbi is raiding his house in florida. details, few and far between, a little sketchy but this could be quite the development. the panel returns and they're coming up next. stick with us.
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the court: breaking news, this is crazy. kennedy: former president trump claim the fbi is raiding his mar-a-lago home. he said such an a assault could only take place in
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broken third world countries and america has become would be of the countries corrupt at a level not seen before and they broke into my safe! "what is this all about? the party panel is back. it's new to them as well. douglas murray and plum bo. >> there'll be significant portions of the united states seeing the fbi being used as a political tool. it's an unbelievably highly political thing to happen and to see a former president's residence raided by the fbi, i can't think of a time where anything like that happened. the country will be horrified
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but part will be saying fantastic. we're going to get him and all those left wing greens of seeing trump and his entire extended family locked up and they're one step closer. a lot of people just see this is the sort of thing we talk about the way in which the united states is being divided. this is the sort of thing that can easily be a serious moment. kennedy: what do you make of this, leslie? this seems a little heavy handed and a number of investigations going on concurrently, but it's a bad precedent to set. leslie: we can't have a precedent. i think the department of justice is doing its job. they're the department of justice. if the allegations were true and there were documents and some believe classified documents stored at mar-a-lago for over a year. that's a violation of the law.
7:30 pm
how do you find out if the documents are there and if they're in fact classified. if i was a former president, i would want them to find, if he is in fact innocent, take a look, look around. i have nothing to hide. kennedy: that's not how due process works. that's not how it works, leslie. let me come into your house: have you read the institution or seen the fourth amendment? that's a tricky one for this story. hillary clinton also stored thousands and thousands of classified documents, maybe not in paper form in a safe. did the feds seize on that? the president also tweeted here -- or released a statement that read in part "hillary clinton allowed to delete and acid watch, great jeans, # 3,000 e-mails after -- 33,000 e-mails after being subpoenaed by congress and nothing happened to hold her accountable and took antique furniture and other
7:31 pm
items from the white house". not antique furniture. brad, what do you make of hillary clinton's name being inserted into this statement in i think there's parallels. brad: it was always with trump finding a way to bring uphill reigns leading. i find this -- up hillary. i find this news concerning and possible the fbi crossed their ts and dotted their is and a judge would have to sign off on this and it doesn't always mean a lot unfortunately and it's moments like this that i'm glad conservatives are waking up that we can't and shouldn't trust the fbi and it's the same agency that harassed and back mailed martin luther king jr. and the actual russia investigation, and we learned in 2022 in april they have surveyed 3.4 million people's texts and e-mails without a warrant. so in other world where they have more credibility, we could
7:32 pm
trust behindly they wouldn't do something that isn't by the books but we can't have that faith in the fbi. if this is another reminder to republicans who have historically pushed surveillance and law enforcement to have sweeping broad powers and that was a mistake, maybe it's good in the long run, but we'll have to wait and see. kennedy: yeah, mitch mcconnell one of the republican lawmakers who had no problem concentrating more power and more spy power in the hands of the fbi so hopefully enough of the country will be outraged by this. maybe it's on behalf of someone they look up to, a political leader donald trump, but this sort of spying and this unconstitutional overreach, it has to end at some point so, douglas, i want to bring this up quickly. we only have about a minute left. this is happening in florida and some democrats are waking up to the reality that ron desantis actually poses a bigger threat
7:33 pm
to their power than donald trump. is there something about this symbolism and could this be the forcing of the passed torch? >> it could be. i don't think myself that donald trump will give up that torch very willingly. i don't think he particularly wants to be part of a relay race and hand over to desantis, but he has an awful lot of favorables related to him. not least if he was elected, the united states could break the cycle of electing people to president only if they're about to touch 80. i myself will be very in favor of us just going, you know, a decade back and thinking you don't have to be in your 80s to run the united states or any other country. kennedy: run it into the ground. thank you, nancy pelosi. doug, leslie, and brad, great to talk to all of you. thank you so much. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: meanwhile the last two and a half years have been awful for kids in the u.s. and now the president of the country's largest teacher's union who pushed for kids to go remote and
7:34 pm
worked with the c dc to do so is blaming it all on conservative. randy wine garten saying "conservatives are working consistently to undermine educators in this country. they're in the same race as we are between fear and hope, aspiration and despair, democracy and autocracy. they're doing this because our members worked so hard during covid. covid". worked so hard, she made it so teachers barely worked at all during the pandemic. anyone with kids can tell you that. when will these unions get the hell out of the way so kids can finally get an education in this country. in studio is american federation for children's senior fellow, cory deangelo doing the lord's would recollect on this topic. welcome back. >> thankers for having me. kennedy: she's full of hot garbage and everything she's saying there is wrong, and her organization makes teachers look bad, even those who don't want to pay dues to the aft, she
7:35 pm
single handedly makes them look awful. >> yeah, randy winegarten would resign today and if she wanted to hurt the school choice pop would resign today. we should give her an award for doing more to advance the chase of school concept and homeschooling more in the last two years but the top tier gaslighting and look at her own poll that her own union commissioned last month found that democrats are more likely to politicize education and not republicans. her union is a deeply, far left, progressive, radicalized institution and completely politicized. look at the open secrets data for example, 99.997% of randy's campaign contributions in 2022 have gone to democrats as opposed to republicans. kennedy: that's not politicization? i mean, that is the definition
7:36 pm
of it right there, she doesn't want fairness, she doesn't want equality and this whole notion of equity, it is nonsense. >> well, she's not even trying to hide her politics when it comes to the education system. i think this is why the same poll from last month and another one by another left wing group, the democrats education reform, found republicans for the first time ever on the issue of education by 1-3 points and up by about 9 points with parents. so the gop has a golden opportunity here to become the parent's party if they take it. if they want to give a gift to the democrats, republicans will stay quiet on education like they i have for far too long but the reality is glen younkin laid a blueprint for success for education freedom and coming out against educational rights is a form of political suicide.
7:37 pm
kennedy: there are and politicians siding with the teacher's union. tell me about arizona and you've been instrumental about working with state legislators and having the money follow the students and fund students and not systems. what happened? >> yeah, 19 states enacted or expanded programs to fund students as opposed to systems but last month governor doosey in arizona one upped all the states and biggest school choice victory in history and every family can take their children's education dollars about $7,000 per kid in education to the provider of their choosing. can be the government school or if not a charter school, private school, or home-based education option and one last thing, every single republican had to vote in favor of that in arizona. they have a one seat majority in the house and the senate. of course the governor's a republican too and he signed it. if the arizona republicans can get it done, other red states should be able to get this done
7:38 pm
too. kennedy: and purple states. >> texas, oklahoma, every state but the thing is the democrats, whether we like it or not, are controlled by the teacher's unions, disproportionally the funding goes to democrats over 99% of the funding and the democrats are in a catch 22 situation and getting slapped from randy or parent who is are the new special interest groups in town. kennedy: yeah, and they're missed and not going away. they've seen what happened and have been activated and i love to see it happen. thanks for joining me. coming up, remember when the brewers and distillers started making hand sanitizers to help during the pandemic. the irs cracking down on those small businesses and it's infuriating. i'm joined by distiller aaron
7:39 pm
berg next.
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kennedy: wait till you hear this story, it's going to make you mad, no good deed goes un-punished, especially by the federal government. during the early months of the lockdown, distilleries produced desperately needed hand sanitizer and you couldn't get it and it was like $90 on amazon and couldn't find alcohol to make your own. they did that with fda approval and now the fda is threatening some companies for recalls and fines for the same sanitizer they approved. cal wine spirits in california one such distillery. they're not taking this lying down. so what gives the fda the right to come back at the companies that helped save us all in 2020? here with me now, is founder of cal wine spirits in california, aaron berg, welcome, aaron. >> thanks for having me,
7:44 pm
kennedy. kennedy: in 2020, you're trying to do your part and keep your company up and running and like we have alcohol, they need alcohol, you start making sanitizer, and they wanted to fine you for it back then. what is going on now? aaron: well, i thought it would all be over after 2020 and tried to fine us and that didn't go well for them, but after they took samples 18 minnesotas ago, they said your hand sanitizer has an impurity called fee al aldehyde and we need to audit your records again and we need you to recall it and we might issue a fine and it's a big mess now, which doesn't make any sense. if it is a a problem, when i don't believe the fda truly believes it is, why did it take them 18 months to tell us? kennedy: yes, you are allowed, i believe it's 1,000 parts per million of this substance, which
7:45 pm
evaporates and it is non-harmful. you've got one 60 parts per million and they're coming after you and other small businesses anyway. when they did that in 2020, the fda had to issue an apology and retraction and say that was just a mistake and we owe these people a debt of gratitude who jumped right into action in the front lines to save people's lives, especially first responders, but the fda is a political body, isn't it? aaron: yeah, it sure is. you know, they came after us during the previous administration and the previous administration was right to reign them in and tell them no and actually hhs secretary brian harrison got on twitter today and he was the one at the time who told the fda to knock it off and he did it again today, but unfortunately not in power today so right now it's secretary biserra and up to the biden administration to put the fda
7:46 pm
back on their leash again and reign them in or else they're going to dis-incentivize small businesses from helping out during the next disaster. kennedy: yeah, and there's going to be another one with the incompetence between the cdc and world health organization, we've never gotten to the bottom of it. we have people, patriotic people like you, empathetic out there doing whatever they can so you didn't have to sacrifice your businesses so you could keep going, but there are the bureaucrats, the ones in power and, you know, i don't trust them to identify any of these causes that put us all at risk, but i would like to identify some of your alcohol like big sir gin, i hear it makes a mean gin and tonic and ax hole whiskey. what's the best concoction with that? aaron: i'm a manhattan guy and named after axel whiskey after
7:47 pm
my great, great grandfather and the feds caught him making moon shined and hacked up his still with an ax and we have the still with the ax holes still and my family has been attacked for generations. kennedy: yeah, and you were a bootlegger in college and that's phenomenal and now you're legit and trying to be out in the open and no more bathtub gin for you and you're doing your best carrying on the family tradition and the fed won't leave you loan. we'll keep telling your story. keep at it. it. aaron: thank you for having me on, kennedy. appreciate it. kennedy: screw them all. topical storm is next.
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kennedy: a new york times writer claims president trump tried to flush potentially incriminating evidence down the toilet. turns out the president just misunderstood when his lawyer told him to wipe his hard drives. that reporter is in the tank for the democrats and this is the topical storm. topic number one. after pushing democrats out of public office, florideans have moved onto a different group of slithering pests. that's right, it's the florida python challenge. every year florideans sign up to
7:52 pm
win cash prizes by killing invasive pythons in the florida everglades. the more you kill, the more money you make. so it's just like being a clinton, allegedly. last year's grand prize winner took home $10,000 for capturing 41 pythons making him the only person that's caught more predators than the libs tiktok account. the contest is open to anyone who wishes to join as long as they take an online training course on how to catch pythons by grabbing their necks and florideans have practiced for years on their spouses. topic two, we meet the face of delusional paranoia and fraud and patetism. this is 29-year-old cory johnson and he's only 29? wow. he was arrested after allegedly driving a stolen car to a florida space base and claiming he had been sent by president biden to warn them about chinese
7:53 pm
dragon space aliens. our president is so famously clueless they called the white house to ask it was true. cory stole the vehicle after claiming he heard the sound of president biden in his mind and you thought the president was in his sound mind. this is president biden speaking telepathically and usually does it on the telepromter and cory charged with grand theft auto and bail at $3,000 and party cash, cory is the exactly the type of florida man that will earn that money by catching pythons from a swamp. can't wait to see it. those bare hands right by the neck. just like my prom night. topic number three: a baby goat has been born in pakistan with 22-inch ears giving it the silliest hearing since the amber
7:54 pm
herd trial. she wracked up more than 8 million views on facebook and simba is a master at catching social media trends. he identifies as a he because of his goat wean and always keeps his ears to the ground and has become a local celebrity attracting people from all over the country and not everyone is celebrating his appendages and some say his ears could get hurt by scraping against the ground calling for them to be surgically removed like hear today and gone tomorrow. simba's owner won't allow the surgery and instead he's designed essential pouches to hold -- special pouches to hold his ears as he walks. if that doesn't work well, he'll tie them in a knot or in a bow and throw them over his shoulder like a continental soldier. do your ears hang low?
7:55 pm
topic number four: a former stripper auctioning off what she says is a pair of prince harry's underware. what, obtained during his infamous las vegas party days and the contents of his underwear kept safe in a jar inside meghan markle's purse. they claim ten years ago prince harry handed her this pair of black undies parties naked in vegas or she stole them during one of his royal duties and selling the pair at auction and expected to reach maybe a million bucks making them the most overpriced boxers since logan and jake. carrie says she was one of several women that partied with the prince that night and he was naked the entire time, except for a glove that he used to cover his crotch. the embarrassing part, he only needed the pinky finger. we'll be right back. you know why?
7:56 pm
it's not trumping monday. that's why. stay here.
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kennedy: the #malltrumpetmonday. that's all you get. all right, go to twitter and use
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#mousetrumpetmonday and try to guess it. try to follow me on instagram and other social media networks. tomorrow on the show, we have a full lineup for you and so much freedom you'll have a hangover. can't watch then dvr and make every day a ken-e-day. bye.


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