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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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pushing back against him and it's got to be enough people. if we get enough people to push lack against him, in his own party, we can possibly get this solved. liz: brandon judd, thank you for joining us. i'm elizabeth m macdonald and you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business and tune in tomorrow with our interview with dr. deborah burkes. that's it for us. have a good evening. kennedy: is there a doctor in the house because we need to be treated for burns from all this gaslighting and the culprit of course lord fauci himself and will he be held accountable for his role in botching the world's pandemic response? as you may know, anthony fauci at the helm of the white house covid team since 2020. the country has been a mess ever since. a million americans are dead. lockdowns destroyed lives and livelihoods and school closures
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love rajed the men -- ravaged the mental health and education of our kids and this afternoon on fox news, fauci claims he didn't lock anything down, compliance. >> do you regret particularly the last one, the shutdown, the sweeping shutdown that some said made things worse? >> no, i don't, neil, and in fact i think we need to make sure that your listeners understand, i didn't shut down anything. there was a lot of consideration among the white house task force that we were reaching a point where the hospitals such as in new york city and other places were being strained to the point of practically being overwhelmed, and when dr. burkes and i came with the proposal that we take 15 days to essentially get to the point where we slow if not shut some things down, not completely, and
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the record will show, neil, that we didn't recommend shutting everything down. kennedy: yeah, you did. two weeks to stop the spread. my sweet asker. arse. last night he said he never flip-flopped and his critics don't understand all the great work he did. >> with covid, the things we thought we knew in the beginning after the months went by turned out to not be the case. that was interpreted as many to be flip-flopping and not knowing what was going on but it was the evolution of the science. >> there's a weird obsessive violent ongoing demonization of you by the right that is hinged on covid. >> what we're dealing with now is just a distortion of reality, making it look like trying to save lives is encroaching on people's freedom. kennedy: it was encroaching on people's freedoms that destroyed
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their lives and then not taking any responsibility for that. republicans and a lot of democrats whose kids were kept out of school and whose businesses closed, they aren't buying it. republicans vowing to drag fauci's arse into the capitol to answer difficult questions, washington. >> dr. fauci retirement or not is going to be spending a lot of time in front of a congressional committee and committees if republicans take back control. >> he hasn't ever testified in front of the house since covid started. there are so many questions that members have. we've already told dr. finau economy to preserve all of -- fauci to preserve all of his documents. >> i hope if republicans take control that they'll get to the bottom of everything from the origins of covid to all the manifest failures of the public health establishment, particularly dr. anthony fauci. kennedy: and as "the wall street journal" today suggested, thanks to fauci, americans will never trust government health
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officials again. so what will his legacy be? hero or villain. meet the party panel and contributing editor of the post steven miller and democrat poster and cohort of the five, jessica tarlov and cofounder base politics and education policy correspondent brad palumbo. steven, i will start with you tonight. my problem here is no one is immune to criticism. i don't care how long you've served in government, i don't care how important you are. anyone's job is fair game if they have made mistakes so why does fauci keep reframing this as a character assassination? >> because he's science itself and he said .s said people are going to medical school because of him.
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he's a science denier now and he'll classify in addition as character assassination. when we start trying to figure out how much u.s. taxpayer in the form of grants filtered to equihealth alliance in wuhan to study bats, he'll call that character assassination. when we see private e-mails that contradict his public statements, which we have, he'll say that's character assassination. so i find it hugely kind of ironic that we've spent now two years of congressional hearings over a single jay in january two years ago, but we have a biden administration and a democrats in congress who show zero curiosity about the origins of a pandemic that has killed 60 million people worldwide and locked this country down for months. if it takes republicans to try to get to the bottom of this without too much grand standing, i'm all for it. kennedy: yeah, there's always political grand standing. all they want to do is score points. jessica, what is most important in all of this? it's not just fauci, it's china,
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and it's also what he knew about what they were doing, how they were using the money, and what could possibly go wrong with gain of function research. i will grant dr. fauci that he's a smart person and he's been doing this a long time and someone that smart and well versed in this type of research would know that once the genie is out of the bottle, it's really impossible to get a handle on things. that's what i want to know, i want to know how far back his knowledge goes of what could possibly go wrong and, you know, some of the issues in wuhan that weren't necessarily safe. >> s i have no problem with that. i've been consist on whether it's an examination of the origins of covid or even, you know, hunter biden's influence over his father they think that whoever is in charge is more than welcome to have congressional hearings on this. to steven's point, it can't just be grand standing. the american public will absolutely turn it off.
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literally and figuratively if this is just about people trying to, you know, get on a sinker to get a cable news hit by 10:00. that's unfortunately what happens on this. you can absolutely guarantee the faces you are going to see on tv at night, the night that x big thing happens, and they're crisscrossing in terming of their messages and it's a sad state of affairs as your country to a whole about hero or villain. we don't share heros or villains anymore and there's so little that unifies us and getting to the bottom of what happened in terms of a pandemic that took over a million of american lives should be one of those things. when the continued demonization of dr. finau economy is coming out of the right and i can understand and sympathize with the left that will gurt their loins and push back. kennedy: there's a different between the gurting of loins and sainthood. i don't think he deserves that
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and there are mistakes here that, you know, it's interesting, brad, because dr. fauci talks about this is revisionist history and people critical of him, they're revisionists. what if history repeats itself? what if we haven't internalized enough of these lessons? what if we're dammed to repeat this whole entire scenario again because of people's inability to be honest about what they know when they know it? >> yeah, look, i think dr. finau economy is the one engage -- fauci is engaging in revisionist history. he said he didn't lock anybody down, that's technically true but he advised people and put out the standards and recommendations they've followed. i've said from the beginning, he was in an incredibly difficult position when covid struck and no one saw it coming as one of the nation's top government health officials and i don't envy him that. his legacy will ultimately be one of dishonesty and a lack of transparency and arrogance. he misled the public about masks, admitted to misleading
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about herd immunity and very, very dishonest and shifty on the gain of reservice connected and have extent his agency was involved in funding it in wuhan and then, you know, there's been a real arrogance to him this entire time. this idea that he thought they could recommend government solutions because they were the experts and nothing could go wrong, well the lockdowns had unintended consequences a million times over from, you know, drug overdoses soaring to mass unemployment to domestic abuse hot lines going off the hook ringing. i mean, these were all things that happened because of his human being rhus in the centrally planned solution and i want real accountability for that. kennedy: even being pushed on the harm it's done to children, he brush that had off, which means he's been almost entirely unserious about the mental health and learning loss, which are two great deficits that society can't afford now and certainly not in the future.
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i've been wise to his nonsense from the beginning but the liberal media has been si kissig his ass for more that two years. fauci on a good-bye tour, they're throwing roses at him like an oprah singer. >> always pushing for science first in president trump's white house, fauci at times exasperated his face in hand. >> the doctor that guided the u.s. through the coronavirus pandemic and saved countless lives. >> there's never been anyone else like him and there never will be again. >> he was through the face of the messaging as he was pushing strategically and diplomatically against the president who was often pushing in the wrong direction. >> i don't think it's an exaggeration to say there are millions of human beings alive today who would not be alive if not for the work that dr. fauci did, coordinated, and led. kennedy: well, if killing beagles weren't bad enough, what would it take for the media to flip on fauci now, steven?
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>> nothing. they've -- it's like you said, they've [inaudible] him enough and i'm not surprised if every one of these people in the clip have a fauci candle sitting above their bathroom stall. he was a foil for donald trump and that's it and whatever reflexible position trump had to take and fauci takes the other and they have to jump in his corner and that's it. with congressional hearings and they'll spin it away from him and say whatever and we'll get to enjoy his, you know, citizen medal ceremony in joe biden's white house. kennedy: oh, god. mendez signed off the other night saying "in fauci we trust". i can't summon up enough bile to barf all over myself. >> as someone who began the ban temporapandemic as a cuomo-sexu.
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>> that didn't age well. >> not my finest crush and has an appeal and did very bad things and shouldn't be governor anymore. don't give that face, ken kenne. you know he's got appeal. it's very hard at moments of mass fear, which is what was going on when the covid pandemic hit, to not look to people in positions of power and people who are especially doctors and have been studying these kinds of things for decades who have gotten us through previous crises like ebola and say, yeah what, that guy says make essence to me and i should stay inside when this is going on or wear a mask so i'm not inhaling germs off other people and that's how it spread. the problem with everybody and even jerome adams, who was the surgeon general under president trump and reversed his stances on masking is they didn't update
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us in an honest way saying the science is evolving on this and we'll do our very best to move along with it. there were just positions that they were stuck too far to cyclone left people, something like me who's a democrat through and through to have to question things for myself like eating outside. er wearing no mask outside. kennedy: or kids going to school. it was also clear that kids weren't getting covid and not transmitting t and we had that science for a long time and in florida they read the science and said we're going to let kids go back to school and let businessing open and people went, okay, i'm going to be safe and open my business and send them to school. those kids are fine and have a competitive advantage over kids in places like new york and california who were virtual shut ins. especially kids lower income families, single mom, has to go work and has no choice, works at a grocery store. kids stuck at home, no laptops, no ipad, no zoom in a room. no learning for them.
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yeah, i guess that's worth it. they'll probably rebound and i wish the media were skeptical as normal people are now, brad : >> yeah, i wish they were too but they'll be glowing and fawning over him and my message is simple to the ladies and gays out there, find you a man who will sim symf for you as hard ae mainstream media symfs for fauci. doesn't matter if you lie and are not honest, if you make mistakes, they'll stick with you through everything. that's the mainstream media for dr. fauci and i think to those of us looking for dedicated partners who will let us do whatever we want, maybe that's a good model. but it's not a great model when it comes to government officials wielding vast amounts of power over our entire country. kennedy: our public health and it's interesting how rochelle
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walensky lied through her keith and worked at the teacher's union and she's hung out to dry and fauci is like i'm amazing and best one every and it's a character assassination not to say my narcissism isn't perfectly wonderful. what a hack. party panel is sticking around because i love them all. twitter has some explaining to do when it comes to national security. is the platform putting americans including you as risk? how will elon respond? former white house hacker, dave kennedy, no relation, answers next. ♪
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kennedy: hello and welcome back f. your name is elon mussing, do i have some -- musk do i have good news for you. twitter's former head of security filed a whistle blower complaint with the sec claiming twitter is misleading users about it is security and privacy and is posing a national security risk. even more interesting, the former hacker's claim that twitter uses bottom uses bots t is numbers and elon musk will use that to try and cancel his
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$44 million purchase. musk tweet add meme seemingly a big fan of blowing whistles. will the whistle blower's claims hold up in court and what does this mean for millions of twitter user's privacy information and security? joining me tonight to discuss, cofounder and cto of binary defense, u.s. marine corp. retrococveteran and former white hacker dave kennedy is back. welcome back. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: what is most concerning for you about this complaint from mudge? >> if you look at what was put through, it's two parts. first he directly talks about the bot issue around twitter and directly looking at twitter direct statements calling them fabricated and a lie. peter is someone within the industry that has a lot of credibility. he's worked for department of defense, darpa, head of google, his background is one of the best in cybersecurity. he's known for being one of the
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top cybersecurity professionals and notably ethical throughout his entire career. coming from him, we take notice and look at this and say, okay, what's going on here? it looked like they were inflating the numbers that the alga rhythms they use to determine the bot numbers were also basically designed to show a lower percentage and that was well known throughout the leadership team. that's the first part and now you have all these security concerns and vulnerabilities within twitter that was explaining to peter, do not actually commune kit that to the board. hide the -- communicate to the boards and hide the findings and make us look better in front of the board and we don't want to look bad with all the security issues and that's a big red flag. kennedy: yeah, two things going on. spam and bot accounts and the executives like it and the more people using the platform, the more they make. nay have no incentive to be honest about that . the structural issue with the servers and the security should
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have been updated years ago and he was alleging he was told to keep that from the board. all seems like a handwritten love letter to elon musk and if nothing else maybe a late birthday present to him because this helps musk in his fight to dump the twitter sale. >> what's interesting is that musk's legal team subpoenaed mudge prior to this coming out and had a good idea there were issues here. secondly the leadership team is incentivized on the amount of users they have not considered spam or bot so it's in their best interest to report better numbers than they typically have and the security issues, he basically said there's over 500,000 servers completely out of date and security practices were just abysmal and he didn't want to address the security concerns and that there were major concerns that from a nation state perspective like with china, russia, the influence it can have from a
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social media perspective. this is used by world leaders across the world and our way of communicating now in the digital danger, this has issues with privacy and scute for people using the platform and the information presented and the amount of bots and information potentially on the platform and puts it all into light. at twitter we've seen breaches happen in july and there was 5.5 million twitter acts hacked and personal information stolen and twitter had a laundry list of issues that we've seen from the outside and never got internal view of it before. kennedy: it's interesting because for as much money as they'd like to make and they were standing to make from the musk deal, they weren't taking that aspect of it very seriously, which is pretty shocking. we'll see more of this as the story develops, dave, do you know much? >> do i -- i do. mudge and i go back quite a bit and know him personally throughout his security career and he's one of the folks that got me into cybersecurity and i
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was able to forge my career from. i've known him for a number of years and someone i highly respect and think is ethical in many ways and what he does and has been his whole career. kennedy: does he like to party? >> he does like to party, yes, he does. kennedy: that's it, dave. that's what we're looking for. thank you, talk to you soon. primary tuesday and stakes couldn't be higher in florida and new york. polls close soon and party panel returns to discuss and pick their favorites in moments. ♪
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>> the midterms, election alert. polls are closing and results are trickling in as major races wrapping up in florida and new york and oklahoma is okay ok. down in the sunshine state, democrats clambering to take on republican governor ron desantis and voters choosing which democrat will challenge senator
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rubio and open for democrats fighting for their house seats and there can be only one. congresswoman jerry nadler and larry maloney thanks to redistricting, one will lose. democrats are looking to make a statement. we're 77 days away from election daytime how are things shaping up? party panel it badge steven miller, jessica tarlov, and brad polombo. steven, let's go to florida. charlie christ. that leathery relic. what is he hoping to achieve here? is he the only person that can beat ron desantis at that point? >> good luck. that's what i would say, yeah. florida's only options down there is like a very online twitter thirst trap who cares more about her re-tweets than likes and charlie christ changed
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positionings more than sandwiches. have fun. kennedy: yeah, that top gun add was super cheesy. jess chasm >> yeah, it was real bad. kennedy: i'm maverick and super positive and i love florida. it looks like he's going to cruz to victory in november. think that either of the top two democrats in the race pose a threat, jessica? >> well, no. but also i was just on twitter and the -- during the b block also listening and it was inciteful but looks like charlie crist won and it was called for him and it'll be charlie crist in november versus governor desantis. i think desantis should be fine there. what will be interesting is value democrattings is the nominee for the senate race to go up against rubio and let in the last couple polls and i
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expect that to be close and one of the people i thought should have been strongly considered, but apparently she and was gotten the vp spot over joe bind biden. if you have a former orlando police chief that rides a harper lanesly out there as a -- harley as a democratic nominee, you have a chance of making major waves in florida. kennedy: no, value demmings is far more impressive than kamala harris and it was during the defund the police movement and they've had to go back and eat their words but i agree with you. she'll pose more of a threat than senator little marco rubio is comfortable getting at this point. what do you see, brad. what's sticking out to you, young man? >> yeah, look, i think the florida democratic primary for the governor's race is interesting because nikki
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friday, she's constantly trolling desantis and putting out basement level democratic talking points and constantly blowing up and getting so many re-tweets and likes and they called the race and she took the l by 7:00 p.m. and it's remarkable how much twitter is not real life. kennedy: i'm so glad you said that and people get so wrapped up and think it's real life. this is how people feel and majority of people really love me. no, that's not the case. it's just not. so let's talk new york a little bit, steven l. miller. poor jerry nadler. i think he's going to get creamed. just cause he's little. i think caroline maloney will take him. >> yeah, someone will need to pick him and you happen give him a hug or pat him on the head after tonight. he's going to have o waddle off the stage by his little old self and maybe go back to barter town and ride master blaster or smug. something. i don't know.
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maloney, those two have been there forever so it's like we're losing, you know, out of 100 -- combined age of 273 years, we're only losing like 120 of those years. i mean, good riddance to one of them. kennedy: jessica, who are you polling for in this? >> you guys are so mean. this is my district and i think jerry nadler will win and it's interesting that mayor mike bloomburg was leaving his polling station and ran into a patel staffer, he's the third progressive. and bloomburg voted for patel who has no chance to do this but it was an interesting statement about the pushback against the democratic establishment. i live in the new york 10 district and voted for daniel goldman but that's a crowded and interesting primary as well. i thought jones would have moved ahead there but looks like it'll be danny goldman's night. but redistricting, both of these states has really up end add lot
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of races and changed, you know, the landscape completely. kennedy: more more things should be up ended just for fun, don't you agree, brad? >> yeah, and when in doubt, always bet on the establishment. jerry nadler has the establish expect that's the one thing of redistricting and two sitting members facing off against each other. it's pretty unusual and it's interesting to watch. >> yeah, we'll see what happens. i don't know. kennedy: i saw him at morton williams and i wasn't impressed with him. he was wearing a trump for prison button. it's like, come on man. get a life. party panel, thank you so much. >> was he sits on a phone book? kennedy: yeah, standing on an apple box. hi, jerry. steven, jessica, brad. great work. onish that will literally hit home with voters, the rising cost of rent.
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the census bureau reporting 34% of american households are renters over 50% of lower income earners and according to bank of america, median rent payments were up 7.4% in july from same time last year. here's the thing, it may have more to do with government b bungling than greed. here now with kings view wealth management and chief investment officer, scott. >> nice intro and don't forget the body kansas city chiefs rays there and i need it. kennedy: we need you on this wall. why is rent so damn high? >> well, recovering from the pandemic, the exact that demand, ken, is high. the demand goes up and price goes up.
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bungling is a nice way to put it and getting involve second-degree a problem. and the fact too that a lot of folks are stressing with regards to buying homes these days. not a ton of supply, rates are off the charts, home price off the charts as well, sales way down because of that as far as new home sales and got that data recently. multiyear lows so you're kind of stuck in a problem here because the landlords are the ones that have the power here so you're seeing that come through in price. kennedy: so in new york, you know, people are getting absolutely hosed in terms of rent and, you know, there were some covid discounts but once people came back into the city, the robber barons here, they started jacking up rents left and right. will there ever be a correction because there's some greed there and i know a lot of people who were gainfully employed and did not pay rent and they should have but because the federal government monkeyed around so much during covid, people felt they didn't have to. same thing with student loan debt so are rents ever going to
7:37 pm
normalize? >> jack down -- jacking up rents like they're reading the cam sue kamasutru in the morning. very gross but true. imagery that delivers the point here, kennedy, you mention the fact too people weren't getting kicked out of apartments so landlords were getting upset and still having to pay their property taxes by the way, that didn't go away. upkeep on the building and so they're probable getting some -- probably getting some of that back from the wrong people and good people paying their rent and the demand coming back. there's all so i understand of things going on and the economy is kind of in this woozy state where it's good and bad and good and bad and the answer that's not good is if the government gets inv involved and messes wih the free market. don't mess with the free market and it'll work itself out and that's with the government out of it. kennedy: yes, that is an unfree market. that's socialism and not free and bad and hurts people, especially poor people. >> it hurts me. kennedy: well, scott, you're a
7:38 pm
man of steal so that's saying something. >> i care. i'm flying through the air. kennedy: hotty scotty with the naughty karate body. how does she have anything left to complain about? the answer will shock you. we've got 500,000th in line for the crown. jimmy in studio tonight. >> the king is here. kennedy: there he is. ♪
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♪ kennedy: that was last night's mouth trumpet monday song. and the winner was mindy. the duchess of santa bash barbaa releasing the first episode and
7:43 pm
hopefully the last of her new podcast series and spoke about the pressures of royal life and how she's been discriminated against for being a woman with a vagina. >> you heard in my chat with my dear friend, the notion of ambition comes with many judgments and nuances, especially for women. the misconception that if you're ambitious woman you have an agenda, must be calculating or selfish or aggressive or a climber. kennedy: or a climber. she is a horrible actress. after hearing that gem, aren't you dying to hear episode two or take a handful of pips to die so you -- pills so you can die and not hear episode two. here with me now is big jim. now, this is it. the tens of millions of dollars they got from netflix, this is it? >> i love meghan markle because she's a tone deaf idiot and 60% of the country living paycheck to paycheck and it's so hard
7:44 pm
being a member of the royal family. the string quartet that serenades me while i pop. one called in sick and hi to poop in quiet. she's a sociopath. kennedy: agree with you. >> she's an actual sociopath and tries to make the case that women, she's highlighting how women are being held back in the country and interviewing women worth $100 million. do a podcast about food shortages with the cast of my 600-pound life. it's the same thing and understand, women are not oppressed in this country. we have a black female vice president who is so stupid she studied for a covid test. women can do anything in america. kennedy: here's what i love about it, this is where she thinks she's on par with serena williams, which is ridiculous. serena williams, one of the best athletes that ever walked the planets. she is truly phenomenal and
7:45 pm
could not get to where she is without ambition. here's a woman who's family, her dad and sister and everyone just steeped in ultra ambition and serena says that during the podcast. it's like please stop saying that ambition is holding people back because little girls look up to these -- they don't look up to meghan markle at all, wow, what an annoying home recker and look up to serena williams and say i can be whatever i i want to be. >> serena williams got there by winning all of the grand slam tournaments. meghan markle only won a spin the bottom panel bill with a woe prince. tune in to where she stashed his balls. i'll tune n. where are you hiding them? i'd watch. the other thing is she's wining about in the tra trailer it's hd to raise children in the pub lib eye but she is the started a
7:46 pm
production company and podcast. kennedy: it's hard, they couldn't give us security. look at me right now but stop looking. give me privacy while you're looking at everything i do. literally, is every podcast going to be about her? >> of course it is. kennedy: she's making up new stories about the brief time she spent in the royal family. >> the most self-absorbed lunatic and watched her do an interview in africa in a village of victims of land mines and she was talking about how hard it was for her and they'd like to walk a mile in her shoes if they had feet. kennedy: yeah, someone asked how she was and she was on the verge of tears like no one ever asked me that. princess diana hugging lepers and licking their sores clean like i love you so much. >> princess diana was the real deal. lot of miles on the old chevy. i don't mean to say it but it's true.
7:47 pm
kennedy: you say it with love and reverence. >> thank you for cleaning up that mess. you did a good thing there. kennedy: no, it's like, how are you? oh, how am i? it's like, so her reason for being now is to tell us how she's -- i don't want to know. i don't think she's a creative person. >> nobody cares. kennedy: no, she has no content anding in she talks about will make anything better. >> if they wanted to make money, they'd put her in front of a live audience and tell them to get out. i can't listen. kennedy: old ginger balls there will never be the same. no, he launched the days when he was shamed in the natzi uniform. >> i miss the fun harry getting thrown out of the pool at mandalay bay. kennedy: naked harry bobbing for strippers. those were the good times. >> that was the good harry. bring him back, free harry. kennedy: jimmy. the topical storm is next.
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kennedy: let's get free ginger balls trending. thank you. president bind's personal assistant is leaving his job, he says it was nothing personal. he was just ready to make a change of something other than diapers. yeah, that's giving notice to the podus and this is the topical storm. topic number one.
7:52 pm
a virtual rapper by artificial intelligence was signed to a record label and making him the fakest rapper since ja rule. looking as colorful as takashi 69 and rapping about florida water and raps about tons and tons of imaginary money also known as u.s. dollars and brags about wearing gucci, sporting diamonds on his fingers and exclusively driving foreign cars. i've driven foreigns my entire life, toyotas, hyundais, and kias. they're all created by ai, which scans popular rap songs from the past and recycles them into new amalgamations. in other words, he's just like every other rapper, fun. topic number two. now to israel and some incredible video of a bull going
7:53 pm
into a bank branch and terrorizing employees. here it is. the only bull left in the global banking industry and the fiercest israeli. the bull was angry because it saw a red flag on its accounts and witnesses say it all happened so suddenly even the deposit boxes couldn't get to safety. then just when everyone thought the chaos was over, the bull started charging again and we all know there's nothing worse than getting double charged at the bank. the rampage lasted 30 minutes before someone finally tied up the bull, not literally. they tied it up with a 12-year-old adjustable rate loan. topic number three, a real estate developer announced plans to create an entire guinness beer-themed neighborhood known as south boston. yep, it's happening in dublin, ireland, at the historic st. james gate where over 300
7:54 pm
new apartments will be built on the ground at 260-year-old guinness brewery so you can live at the guinness factory like the children that worked in it. the plan for the guinness quarter calls for a hotel, two acres of public park and performance venue and open space and limitless places to pass out drunk. great news. it'll preserve the historic landmarks like the spot where patty threw a potato. or the spot where they threw patty at the potato. that hurts to get socked in the potato, ask prince harry. topic number four, oh, prince harry. oh free ginger balls. a german car thief tried to disguise himself as a teddy bear or a bear faced life. this was the scene in the english town of roshdale after police found a wanted thief hiding inside a 5-foot tall hed
7:55 pm
i did bear. looked like the thief recked this bear. police say they were executing a residential search when they came across a giant teddy bear that appeared to be making human sounds. the british are used to encountering talking bears because that's when paddington is from and james corbin. someone said check under the bear bottom and he confessed to the crime and beared his soul and he's now convicted of car thievery, driving out a license, and ripping a tear in a bear where the sun don't glare, also known as splitting hairs. before we g here's tonight tickle me tuesday joke, you guess the punch line on twitter using the #ticklemetuesday. don't look it up. how do you make a water bed bouncier? ♪
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>> ha. ha. time for tickle me tuesday. how do you make a water bed bouncier? add st spring water. >> that was not an impressive laugh, janet, jeff, hailey and kathy worthington got it right. i love it when the
8:00 pm
worthingtons win, thank you for watching the best hour of your day. wasn't it a hoot. e-mail kennedy at fox business. tomorrow night, a barn burner. look at this dave smith. chris baron. and neil mccluskey. holy underwear. >> media followed this like a war. >> racing rivals with everything to gain and everything to lose. >> it was built in a hurry. >> a lot of crime. >> a ma mid a war between north and south, i dream to link east and west. >> some people called them crazy judah. >> people thought it was the impossible. stuart: steel, spikes ande ties thanot bound america. >> it seemed crazy. stuart: transcontinental


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