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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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accessories dubbed doggie parton. that includes a big blonde wig that is not fair. part of the proceeds from doggie parton sales will support animal rescue will owe by farms. good luck, dolly. thanks for watching. "the evening edit" starts now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, president biden speaks in less than two hours. critics saying well he is talking about uniting the nation after slamming half of all voters as maga semi-fascists. we have got the details from a new book how toxic and bad it really was between biden and obama. and the gop talking suing, they may file lawsuits to block biden's student loan bailout as quote illegal. with us tonight michael cloud, brandon judd, "newsweek" deputy opinion editor, flock post
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columnist miranda devine, economic pro steve moore, gop strategist, ford o'connell, margot cleveland from the and former acting attorney general matthew whitaker. chicago mayor lori light fight claims it is ratist for texas to send immigrants to chicago. the mayor talking about the border crisis. instead blames trump. this is happening as crime breaking out. a major cocaine bust at the border, drugs disguised as baby wipes. brand new details of hunter biden demaking with china using the white house and house gop tells facebook preserve all communications after the fbi had warned about russian disinformation. they did that before the hunter biden laptop story broke in the "new york post." plus california officials now warning the state power grid is at the breaking point from going green. this is undercutting the
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democrats climate agenda. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: well tom to the show. thanks for joining us. stocks ending mixed today, kicking off september historically the worst month for the market. the nasdaq back in correction territory after its bull run. okay, here is what is going on, markets are nervous ahead of the jobs report tomorrow. it may come in weaker than forecasts and watch nvidia. the u.s. ordered the chipmaker to stop sell, sell, selling two advanced chips to china and russia usinged in technology like facial recognition. the president speaks tonight in philly. polls show voters are really focused on the economy, inflation and crime. fox news's bryan llenas in philadelphia with more. bryan. reporter: crime and fear is top mind for philadelphians.
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361 people have been murdered, 1600 shot so far this year. it's a record pace and worse than much bigger cities like new york city and los angeles. george will smith's 35-year-old son shane was shot in the head in a targeted attack driving last month. reporter: do you think politicians and leadership in philadelphia is doing enough to make chester, parts of this city safe? >> no. absolutely not. i bet you that ain't what they going to say. they may not, not in the black community. reporter: philadelphia's progressive district attorney larry krasner is being criticized for being soft on crime. pennsylvania's house of representatives voted to investigate philly's gun violence problem and it could lead to recommendation to impeach him. philadelphia police commissioner said yesterday it as though illegal guns are falling from the sky. liz? elizabeth: great to have you on, bryan. thanks for your reporting there. joining us congressman michael
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cloud from house oversight. we welcome to the show "newsweek" deputy opinion editor. great have you both on. pleasure to see you both. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: congressman, first to you, congressman, what do you expect from president biden tonight? polls show voters don't like a nation divided. they're anxious, worried about economy, crime and border. what do you think is coming? >> this is what we've seen before. hugety by the left our way or the highway. what inclusion means if you believe our way, then great. if not you're excluded from the group and so tragically what we've seen is the extreme left embraced ideology if you don't agree with me you're evil and will do anything including march in front of your house do whatever we can to put pressure on to you make you force, to force their will and make them do what they want to be done. so this is not what the rule of law is about. >> yeah. to what the congressman is saying, you wrote a terrific
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"wall street journal opinion piece everybody is talking about, basically talking about this. you know the president is president of all americans, he is not just president of the democrat party and the white house is making the midterms about trump. how do you see this playing out? >> you know, it is so interesting because you know, biden's having his, they cling to their guns and their bibles, bigotry moment right? remember when president obama said that about these industrials towns that had been absolutely decimated by a handshake agreement between both parties to ship working class jobs overseas. president obama essentially caught them racist objecting to this. at least he knew it was a gaffe, right? you have now president biden going out literally campaigning calling half the nation fascists, semi-fascists. 75 million people who voted for president up trump because he was talking about things like nafta, back in the day in 2016. i think they're saying the quiet part out loud.
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>> that is interesting. >> 95% of the time when you hear an accusation from the left of racism, what is hiding behind it class divide elites are benefiting from and the working class is paying for. elizabeth: that is what your op-ed is about. trump is not on the midterm ballot. watch the white house press secretary and house minority leader kevin mccarthy rebut it. watch this. >> we understand we hit a nerve. we get that. we understand that they're trying to hide and we understand that ultramaga officeholders want to play games here and dodge accountability for their extreme proposals and actions but they're just telling on themselves. we're talking about agenda that is not popular. we're talking about agendas that is incredibly extreme. we're talking about an agenda is not in line where majority of americans are. when we talk about the extremism, we're talking about a very small piece, component of,
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of the american public. >> the problem that joe biden is, he does not understand the soul of america. the tens of millions of people of hard-working, law-abiding citizens that he vilifies. they want a stronger, safer, more prosperous america. all he does is vilify them, to distract from the disasters and no plan he has to save america from where we are today. elizabeth: you see the press secretary, we're talking about a small piece but they're making the whole thing about it, right? you know what i mean? they're making the whole midterm about trump and maga voters. we heard, congressman, they want strong border, lower inflation, good trade deals, giving parents more power in the classroom. the soul of the nation is constantly not about attacking each other and dividing each other. >> exactly. you know when you've been in washington for 40 years haven't really left the beltway that much you begin to believe your own press release when you say things like 0% inflation, people are not walking across the border but the american people are still shopping at the
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grocery stores and seeing higher prices and people across the country easily watch the videos and feeling effects of fentanyl in their communities. it is crazy the fact that they continue to push this agenda thinking that americans are going to buy it when really they're the ones who left reality behind in the dust. elizabeth: yeah. you know we've seen the polls. bill clinton would be considered conservative today by this party. obama would be considered conservative by this party. biden speaks on the same day new details from a book reveal biden's bad relationship with obama. obama thought biden was so bad, so many mistakes connected to old washington, obama didn't even want biden on the ticket in 2012. he wanted hillary instead. he backed hillary in 2016 and 2020 as well. >> yeah. it is very interesting to read these revelations. i love you focus on the fact that americans are a lot less divided than the elites want us to believe. you bring that up again and
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again. it is so true. americans are totally united on the most important issues. they want a strong border. they want rule of law, they want no crime in their communities, right? they want their children to go to good schools, good education and safety. these are all things the democrats used to represents, they used to stand for the little guy, they used to be stand for labor and working class, even in revelations you see joe biden somehow represented that stuff back in the day when he was opposing president obama who he saw as elitist. fast forward to today, president biden has become that same elitest. he represents the elites of the democratic party, student loan forgiveness, open border, rampant crime this punishes the working class and benefits the elites. elizabeth: what she said, state attorney general from missouri, reportedly other states talking about suing to block the student
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loan bailout as unfair, illegal. it does not help the blue-collar middle class worker who didn't go to college or "joe the plumber" or people that paid off their loans. one thing stood out from the book, from "new york" magazine journalist gabriel benedetti, biden should not run in 2020 the campaign something draining. to what bat yaw is saying we miss the context, we don't see the 30,000-foot perspective what people want, where this nation is. it's a moderate, mainstream america, right? they don't like to see how far to the right or far to the left d.c. has become. >> well generations gone past the difference between the political spectrum was really us talking about the role of government in getting to that shared space of what we wanted for our families, our communities, our churches, our nation and what is happening is
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you see right now the left has gone so extreme in this marxist ideology that they're questioning whether america is a force for good in the world and most americans can easily study history say yes we made our mistakes, but by and large we're a force for good in the world and we need a strong america to continue to be a stablizing force. elizabeth: what the congressman said, batya, america is good. the people are good. they're optimistic, they love this country. people who come from korea, cuba, north korea what are you doing? what are you doing? what nation do you live in? you have freedoms we don't have in our home countries that are communist. they continue to undermine it and treat the u.s. constitution as all-you-can-eat buffet salad. go ahead, final word. >> i would urge americans to remember watching the president-elect ture them about democracy we are much more united than we are divided.
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people really attacking our democracy are people who don't believe we should have national border, don't believe rule of law, don't believe black children should be able to get to school without being shot at. don't believe the people we disagree with on this issue have the right to have different opinion than they do. elizabeth: good to see you. new details about hunter biden deal making with china using the white house. house republicans tell facebook preserve your communications with the fbi after the fbi had warned about russian propaganda, told that to facebook before hunter biden laptop story broke in 2020. plus, sanctuary city mayor lori lightfoot claims it is racist for texas to send illegal immigrants to chicago even though she boasted about chicago's sanctuary status. we have national border patrol council's brandon judd on "the evening edit." >> now these blue city mayors are realizing the problem. imagine what is going on at the southern border.
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now you really can do better! switch to the fastest mobile service - xfinity mobile. now with the best price on two lines of unlimited. just $30 a line. ♪. elizabeth: okay, a big fight broke out today. the mayor of chicago lashed out as texas buses illegal immigrants to the sanctuary city of chicago for the first time. grady trimble has more in chicago. grady, good to see you.
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reporter: hi, liz. we were there as the first two buses of migrants arrived here in chicago. some of them waved at our cameras. one man even said something to the effect of thank you to president biden. [speaking in native tongue] the two busing had just under 100 migrants on board. after half an hour members of chicago's's office of emergency management showed up. they loaded migrants into two city buses. they said they were taking them to a shelter. governor greg abbott pointed out in a statement that mayor lori lightfoot has repeatedly called chicago a sanctuary city that will welcome, everyone and provide resources regardless of legal status. mayor lightfoot says the city will do that but she is also going after governor abbott. >> governor abbott's racist, xenophobic practices of expulsion have only amplified challenges many of these migrants have experienced on their journey to find a safe place.
6:18 pm
reporter: governor abbott says, chicago will be a new regular drop off location for migrants in addition to washington, d.c. and new york city which already received thousands of migrants. liz? elizabeth: grady trimble thank you for your reporting there, joining us now. national border patrol council president brandon judd. so good to see you again. reaction to the story? mayor lightfoot recently said her sanctuary city was prepared to take them? >> i'm so upset at her i can't even begin to talk. it is really upsetting when you hear political rhetoric, racist xenophobic, when you don't have the argument you rely on rhetoric like that instead of providing evidence. what we have seen, what wes are going to sanctuary cities like chicago. all governor abbott is doing sending those individuals to the cities they're going to anyway. now she is saying it is racist
6:19 pm
xenophobic. those are lies, like other mayors like eric adams and muriel bowser. all they're giving rhetoric to the american public, rather than giving evidence of what is currently going on and that makes it upsetting because border security fails when that happens. >> you know, the mayor, mayor lightfoot called out trump but not biden and his collapsing the border. we've got crime and drug gangs pouring in. pretty easy to moralize when its someone else's problem like texas and border stated but why aren't chicago, d.c., new york mayors calling out biden for his word he collapse? you have got the size of kansas crossing including goat aways. 277 terrorists trying to cross caught this year more than last year. this is generation away from 9/11. shouldn't they all call out biden on this? >> they should. these individuals, they have a huge voice in this administration. they could get president biden to solve the problem on the border where it needs to be solved, rather than going after
6:20 pm
governor abbott who has to deal with thousands of individuals every single day. now lori lightfoot has to deal with 200 people and she is crying about it? yet governor abbott is dealing with thousands? all they have to do is talk about solving the problem at the border where the problem needs to be solved. but they won't do that. elizabeth: but the problem they're saying they're sanctuary cities, right? like walk the walk then. you see border protection and -- >> of course. elizabeth: in texas they just discovered $12 million worth of cocaine, the most they ever found in two decades disguised as baby wipes. that is a huge drug bust. by the way listen to biden's border chief mr. ortiz testify in that florida lawsuit, that yes the border is in a state of collapse. yes there is a crisis and there is no accountability, as dhs secretary keeps calling it quote a challenge, watch this. >> since president biden was elected does this document indicate that aliens, illegally
6:21 pm
entering the united states perceive that they will be able to enter and remain in the united states? >> yes. >> is the crisis that is currently ongoing at the southern border making the border less safe for americans and aliens alike? >> yes. >> so if migrant populations believe that they're going, they are not going to be consequences they will, more of them will come to the border is that what you're, saying? >> there is an is an assumption if migrant populations are told that there is a potential that they may be released that yes, you can see increases. >> so it will increase at a exponential rate, is that what is being suggested here? >> i do think it will increase, yeah. elizabeth: he is admitting that, right, brandon? but the other thing -- >> absolutely. >> i need you to take this on. critics are saying that the texas governor is using these illegal immigrants as political
6:22 pm
tool for a stunt. what do you say to that? >> no. he is not. he is actually transporting them to where they're supposed to go. he getting them out of texas as he quickly as he possibly can because he has to do that. if we continue with catch-and-release, look what ortiz said, if we continue with catch-and-release what biden policy this problem will continue to get bigger. it continues day over day, week over week, month over month. the administration knows now to fix it but they won't because it is not politically expedient for them. elizabeth: brandon, good to see you. we're hearing from california officials, they are warning that the state is doubling down on green energy. all of this has the state power grid at the breaking point. how all of this undercuts the democrats climate agenda. new details about hunter biden again using the white house to make deals with china and the author of the book, "laptop from hell," miranda devine, joins us next on
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elizabeth: look who is back, "new york post" columnist, author of the book, "laptop from hell," miranda devine. so good to see you. miranda we had representative james comer with us last night. he said some pretty eye-opening stuff. he said house gop, they do have hunter's laptop and finding evidence of potential crimes on it. let's watch this watch. >> they're saying that he has blocked this from the very
6:27 pm
beginning and i can tell you as someone who is in possession of hunter biden's hard drive that, there are so many things on there that you just wonder why the fbi hasn't already done something before now? but what hunter biden has done clearly warrants, at least some type of a major formal criminal investigation by the fbi, if not prosecution, indictment. elizabeth: what are the crimes? >> you've got potentially money laundering. you've got all sorts of drug transactions there. you have potentially got, you know, prostitution with you know, potential victims that were human trafficked or underage. elizabeth: so, mir rand dashes the doj is already probing hunter for tax evasion, money laundering, foreign lobbying violations but congressman comer is saying it is bigger than that. >> well, look, i am sort of
6:28 pm
uncomfortable with this sort of off-the-cuff, you know, declarations of crimes from the hard drive. i mean these are series matters and i don't really this the republicans should be treating this in a cavalier fashion. i mean these go to the heart of the president's, joe biden's involvement in his son's overseas business dealings. that is really what brings the laptop, hunter biden es alive in his business dealings to the level of warranting congressional hearings. that is what we should be looking at, following the money, seeing whether or not joe biden is compromised by the millions of dollars his family, not just his son hunter but his brother jim biden took in from china and also ukraine, russia, romania, et cetera. what kind of involvement -- elizabeth: did joe biden have,
6:29 pm
about to say, did joe biden have in it? >> yeah. elizabeth: i think congressman comer saying it felt like it was a sense of surprise and it was more extensive. they're tracking treasury records, bank records, 150 suspicious activity reports from banks in treasury. that is what congressman comer is detailing collecting for probes. this too, miranda, your reaction to this, fox digital is finding more details and emails hunter biden selling access to the family name using the white house, that hunter helped organize a meet-and-greet event at the chinese embassy in 2011 for rosemont seneca after a luncheon hosted by vice president biden and hillary clinton in 2011. more evidence is popping up. >> this is classic example how hunter biden parlayed his
6:30 pm
father's intimacies and power within the chinese communist party to get favors and make money for various business partners. so to utilize the chinese embassy is a pretty big deal. you can see from the to and fro of letters this is not something that the chinese did very often, they were will to do, and they talked in fact about the family. when hunter biden is doing these kinds of deals with china and russia, they don't, they always seem to talk about his family, which is obviously a euphemism for joe biden and then vice president. so you know -- the fact -- elizabeth: the other thing too, miranda, in the emails the vice president's executive assistant was giving hunter the head's up, other family members if there were meetings coming with chinese you know communist officials, you know what i mean? even the executive assistants were given a heads up about it.
6:31 pm
your final word? >> of course. hunter biden was not getting just a head's up. he was being invited into the bm of. his father famous in 2013 flew him with him on air force two into beijing to meet president xi in china and shake hands with hunter biden's new business partner. elizabeth: miranda devine you will come back soon. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: what happened in portland, oregon, growing voter outrage over bail reform groups hurting americans. a bail reform group helped get an alleged domestic abuser out of prison who went on to murder the mother of his prison. california doubled down on green energy but that green energy has
6:32 pm
the power grid at the breaking point. that is what the officials are saying. all how all this undercuts the democrat climate agenda. steve moore, gop strategist ford o'connell, next on "the evening edit." >> look at the cost of electrification on average americans, what i calculated it would be about $300 a year more for your electric bill. that in california would be about a 17% increase in your electrical bill, just so people could drive their electric cars. people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now economist steve moore and gop strategist ford o'connell. great to have you gentlemen on. it is good to see you. okay, steve, first to you, power grid operators, reports are coming in, the power grid operators in california are up in arms. they're warning the state grid faces collapse. california is now rationing energy through labor day because of a heat wave.
6:37 pm
it cannot handle the solar and wind energy coming online. what do you think of this story, steve? >> so i am in california right now as we speak and you're exactly right. what is kind of comical about this, liz, is that just, four or five days ago the governor said we're going all electric cars, then three days later he says we have to ration the electricity in the state because we're running short of power on the grid. what this demonstrates how difficult it will ever be to transfer all of our transportation to the electric grid system. that is never going to work. but california is all in on the green agenda. it is a good warning sign to people all over the country what happens when you, when you shut down your natural gas, your coal, and they have one, one nuclear plant left, liz. there is a big debate whether to keep it open or not but they are shrinking their energy base at a time when they need more energy. it is causing real hardship. by the way telling people when you're not there, you have to hold your thermostat down below,
6:38 pm
above 78 degrees. it is 98 degrees here. >> that is amazing. ford to what steve is just saying, california just doubled down. they now have a new bill pushing aggressive net zero emissions by 2045. behind the scenes, ford, california has tripled the amount they will cut, they're going to reduce renewable energy sources. they tripled this since 2018. they're ramping up reliance on oil and gas energy to keep the grid stable in california. they face massive rolling blackouts there. >> look i think steve is absolutely right. the problem california has is the same problem that you have in germany, is that the green energy agenda in california believes renewable energy is effective, proven, reliable cheap replacement for fossil fuels and nuclear when it is not. unfortunately, california lawmakers, including gavin newsom need to listen to
6:39 pm
electric car guru elon musk who says if you want to have safe, reliable, cheap energy, you need to increase the production of fossil fuels and nuclear power asap but as steve pointed out nuclear power would solve california's problem and they're trying to take diablo canyon off-line. elizabeth: that is the nuclear power plant. ford, steve, said what he just said, renewable power, california grid operators, warning renewable power is wasted. there is no place to store it. you can't store it anywhere. they have not constructed the transmission lines, transformers, polls, infrastructure to keep up. they're importing from other states energy including i think 10% of their base is still coal. >> yeah. i mean california is and energy-rich state too. like if california importing energy is like alaska importing ice. it just doesn't make any sense. but here is what really makes me nervous about this whole debate.
6:40 pm
if california wants to do things to run their economy over a cliff you know, voters want that, that's fine. what i'm very nervous about, liz, is now you have seven or eight other states that want to adopt the california model. they're basically contracting out their energy policy to california even though it's a disaster. that includes states like washington, oregon. there is some talk about virginia doing it. so california thinks they're going to take this policy national, which would be bankrupt our country. david: elizabeth: ford, what do you think, final word? >> i think that steve hit the nail on the head. look. cutting carbon emissions a noble ideal but denying reality that renewables are not ready for prime time, putting your state grid at risk will create problems overtime and california will run into the problems germany has. let's hope it doesn't get to that. elizabeth: clean natural gas lowered carbon emission. >> that's right. elizabeth: there you go, steve
6:41 pm
moore, ford o'connell. that was fun. we'll have you guys back on soon. thanks for your time. a bail reform group in portland in a firestorm. it bailed out a man arrested on domestic violence. he went on to brutally murder the mother of his children. plus the judge deferring ruling on former president trump's request for a special master to vet the documents fbi seized from the mar-a-lago home. margot cleveland from "the federalist" breaks it down next on "the evening edit." >> we have the fox watching the henhouse. you know, public perception to me, the confidence in the doj and fbi is waning. ♪ (woman vo) sailing a great river past extraordinary landscapes into the heart of iconic cities is a journey for the curious traveler, one that many have yet to discover. exploring with viking brings you closer to the world, to the history, the culture, the flavors,
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6:46 pm
good to be with you tonight. this hearing lasted just under two hours. it was this argument over this special master. federal judge eileen cannon tipped her hat a little bit and hinted she may actually be in favor of appointing a special master, something the trump legal team wants. a special master is a neutral third party, think of it as an arbiter, someone to come in like a retired judge or a local attorney not connected to the case that would take a look at the evidence and possibly return any evidence that is not part of the scope of the investigation. cannon indicated she was skeptical, liz of the government's opposition to having the outside arbiter examine documents seized from mar-a-lago early last month. she said, quote, what is the harm of appointing a special master? she is a 2020 trump bench appointee to the federal bench. this came after lawyers for the former president told the court the american people don't trust the government when it claims to have already scrubbed, separated, seized documents
6:47 pm
especially for attorney/client and executive privilege. christopher kise said the trump attorney these are presidential records in the hand of 45th president at a place used frequently for work in his presidency. this is not dod department staffer stuffing records in a bag and sneaking off. the special master will give greater confidence. deet of justice says it is quite simple, federal prosecutors argued that the former president likely violated espionage act and committed obstruction of justice. trump's team does not address obstruction in its filing. we wait for judge cannon. she would not rule from the bench today. but a decision could come anytime. really if she appoint a special master it could actually slow down the criminal case against the former president. >> interesting great reporting and journalism. thank you, david spunt. welcome back to the show, the senior legal correspondent for "the federalist," margo cleveland. your reaction to that.
6:48 pm
the judge sounds like she is signaling she may be open to a special master and she may reveal a more detailed inventory of the material seized than what we're seeing now. what do you think of this development? >> i think it's a great development. i think her question was spot on. what's the harm in this case? and the benefit is so great because no one trusts the doj or the fbi. everything that happened with "spygate" leaves the american public with no trust. elizabeth: talking trump russia? right, talking trump russia? >> right. the russia collusion hoax. nobody trusts them. what is the harm having a third party, a special master going through this material? i just, i don't think they really thought this through. it really is to their advantage for transparency to be, yeah, we don't have a concern with that we have done everything on the up and up, if that is the case. elizabeth: so you know, the doj is saying national security secrets could be at stake here. what do you think of that part
6:49 pm
of the argument? >> well, we also heard that a lot when there was russia collusion, oh, we can't release the fisa information because of it. what were they really tag? they were hiding all the malfeasance. i don't buy that. they can have a special master who has clearance they need to take care of to make sure there is no concerns about that. but the national security issue, it really is a red herring this has nothing to do with that. none of the charges deal with national security information being classified. elizabeth: sorry, they're talking about national defense intelligence documents. they're talking about you know, human intelligence sources and more. so that was what the doj is discussing. >> sure and you again the charges themselves are not looking at classified information. so there might be some that qualify within that but again, the special master is someone who can have the clearances they need. it is not like they're going to be at risk in that case.
6:50 pm
it really, what is the harm as the judge said. elizabeth: where does this go? ag merrick garland has to consider how serious a trial might be to do this, consider how trump's alleged actions you know, with confidential documents stack up against other cases the doj has brought or not brought over mishandling of classified information, right, margo? isn't that at stake too? >> yeah, absolutely. you also have here, that the claims that they brought in the subpoena to get the subpoena, you had the espionage act which is going to be really hard to prove because you would have to show that trump was handling this and knew that it was putting it at risk. he is at mar-a-lago. he is guarded by secret service as his attorney said. he did work there all the time during his presidency. elizabeth: they are worried, sorry to jump in, they were worried club employees were walking by the area where the documents were. some documents were found in his
6:51 pm
desk. final word? >> sure. i would say that we're hearing a lot of things and every time we heard them before they didn't pan out. i think it's a complete hoax and it is just another get trump issue. elizabeth: okay. margot cleveland, thanks for coming on. good to see you. >> thanks so much. elizabeth: chicago's top cop announces new policies after scathing analysis chicago is putting major stress on the police officers but mayor lightfoot recently sparked a fight with cops claiming they're not overworked. record, historic shootings in chicago. former acting attorney general matthew whitaker takes it on next on "the evening edit." >> 80% of americans are worried about crime. highest number in years. not surprising to see the democrats, president suddenly wanting to support law enforcement. ♪ ther that dogs eat food. as soon as we brought the farmer's dog in, her skin was better, she was more active. if i can invest in her health and be proactive,
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welcome back. they'll reform group in portland, orland, is in a firestorm. this group failed and arrested on domestic violence charges. he went on to murder the mother of his children. jonathan hunt is in los angeles with the latest. >> mohammed had nine arrests on his record, six of those for domestic violence against mother
6:56 pm
of his children, rachel, angel ibrahim. july 12 he was charged with trying to sting abraham. august 20, the freedom fund paid to bail him out of jail. august 27/senate, prosecutors say he murdered rachel abraham and he was quickly arrested and charged with murder. prosecutors theorists in the portland in fund bailout a man with such a long record of domestic violence. the district attorney saying his intent to kill the victim was unambiguous. the freedom fund describes itself as an abolitionist organization currently dedicated to reducing harms perpetuated against our black, brown and indigenous neighbors by the criminal justice system through posting bail. the group said after the murder, our thoughts are with the families and communities affected by this tragedy
6:57 pm
particularly the children who effectively lost both parents. he goes on, we were in contact with him throughout the two i'm between his rearrest and did not receive any considerations for concern. no concern until the man they bailout allegedly murdered the woman he already attacked six times. elizabeth: thank you so much. former acting u.s. attorney general matthew whitaker, this is an awful story. thoughts and prayers, really? he's accused of murdering his wife. they had no indications when he went after her multiple times, what's going through their minds? >> good to be with you it is a heartbreaking tragedy, completely avoidable. like so many of these crimes we see in major cities, these policies and left-wing groups helping criminals stay out of
6:58 pm
jail and commit more crimes and victimize more of our fellow citizens. we need to wake up, unfortunately even kamala harris when she was in the senate in the summer of 2020 raising money for groups like this fund that bailed violent criminals out so they could continue to victimize them. elizabeth: the democrat party is always about surprise, no greater violation of civil rights than this, what's going on with weak on crime das and bail funds and then the chicago mayor, she's in a fight with texas, former texas bussing and migrants. she recently said incredible amount of times off. she disputes that and then the city says they are. nearly 1200 police officers working 11 straight days at a time, they are supposed to get makes. chicago's shooting zone, now hitting again record numbers of shootings. i think 960 last year was 1935.
6:59 pm
enough is enough, they are sick of it. >> it is andy's police officers are out there working days on end to try to reduce violent crime, the same criminals are let out the next day or even same night after they are arrested so it's got to be demoralizing for the police officers, we are seeing that in the numbers with early retirements and jobs unable to fill. being a police officer is hard to recruit more and see the president of the united states trying to throw money at the problem and is the problem they created after we saw the summer of 2020 and are cities burning and the left was nowhere to be found in funding or supporting the police. the cool thing to do was say defund the police and the cities that did are seeing a spike in violent crime and can't figure out what happened and it's so
7:00 pm
frustrating. elizabeth: lack of hispanic minority neighborhoods are screaming saying we need help. all right, matthew whitaker, thank you for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, had a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ >> stunning new report showing how about the pandemic policies hurt our nation's school kids but the white house blames everything on who else? the trump administration. did they forget it was democrats pushing the school closures? jimmy failla in for kennedy. according to the national assessment for educational process, fourth grade math and reading scores fell dramatically in the first three years of covid, the first time math scores have fallen ever and the largest to decrease for reading and 30 years. fourth-graders r


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