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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and popcorn combo meal, and cinemark is dropping the prices for ics, the drinks, candy and slope upwards down to just three bucks and have a great weekend it to god we had folks in the desert forest on foxbusiness tonight and i will great long weekend in the evening at its hundred source right now. >> the evening edit. >> okay were sitting on the story for you, president biden seems to backtrack today sing the trump voters a threat to democracy, the white house incredulously try to back track as it is not a political speech outside and nbc, abc, ubs said there a girl in a regular programming is uncovering weather critics calling rehash of a three -year-old divisive attack in order to get of the midterm vote as the president avoided with the voters to - are the real threats out with us tonight senators ron johnson it
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also covers meant andrew to fox news contributor charlie and joe in also is an oil and gas workers association president matt kobe and former congressional investigator, sam and educations erica and we have a jampacked show for you tonight and look at this center chuck grassley, he is one of the doj, the justice department do not attack and do not censor fbi whistleblowers calling out, politically biased fbi officials, doing things like interfering in the hunter biden probe we have to state ag's and they want that hauling evidence of big tech colluding with white house, to do censorship of social media in california chaos crime and really lock out mornings there and high taxes and more, remember when california governor gavin newsom told people in florida, to move to california, guess where gavin newsom in-laws are moving to and on top of obama advisor said that it's wrong to attack the
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parents who opposed school shutdowns is a schoolchildren lose two decades of morning pretty i'm elizabeth mcdonald and the evening edit starts right now. liz: welcome to the show and think you for joining us, sending to the downside, the dow dropped 337 points, after the august jobs report came in at 315,000, and it was better than expected and investors though are nervous and looking at some of the russia shut down indefinitely, the nordstrom pipeline that delivers gas into europe with recent fears of global recession and ever more the white house edward. reporter: will is coming kids a city federal reserve said that if we had a stronger job report like we did, should be more inclined to vote for a larger rate hike increase at the next meeting this month and so average hourly wages in this
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report are up 5.2 percent year-over-year and moving will cpi inflation increase 8.5 percent the administration is taking a victory lap while playing word games it. >> with grading nearly 10 billion jobs since the president biden took office which is the fastest job growth in history so dress me versus successor it is the me finish we wait, hold on enemy both me this year of americans who are working because that's part of the question that you just asked me, with the economists call the labor force participation rate went up and that's important and you saw that inflation starting to be's talking about education, when the president come into the ministration the schools will close and businesses will close and a lot of that is because we were in the pandemic purchase that, he was so mismanaged that by the last administration that we had to get to work to make sure that we open up the schools which we were able to do nearly all schools were open in the
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first six months getting small businesses back open and that was the work. >> what about new york. >> that work that was the work because of this president and the democrats. >> i asked there also without student test scores that were following his schools remain closed during covid-19 way there now the inflation increasing over the past 20 months on the president has been in office, where were the real successes list. liz: that's a great report is way to see you joining us now and senator ron johnson from senate homeland security must first guess, piercing the 10 billion jobs, 10 million jobs, it is because the economy reopen because we destroyed 22 million jobs in the shutdowns and when we reopen get the jobs back in your take on that. >> that is exactly right, and also make the argument that were not creating jobs, were feeling them, there's something like 10 million job openings that are going unfilled because the fact that all of this massive debt
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suspend entrance spinning and going to individuals we don't have worker requirements of benefits as it were actually paying them to stay out of the labor force so we have a real labor shortage and we have had now two quarters of negative growth cultic procession we should be booming in our economy was booming when biden took office and he just screwed it all up sweetie we hear you, did this present speech help or hurt democrats aside from the midterms any flat out, he's banking on stoking outrage to get on the motive critics say the dependent divisions of your take on it. >> they should've hurt their chances dramatically am not sure it will because you the complicity correct media that will continue to prop them up but as a dark speech platform president biden took his inaugural speech they times are the species that is number one goal, less unified and heal the nation and he has done the exact opposite of us we default have america my fascist, is that he
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basically said that fm america are potentially messick terrorist and so, he has been the most divisive present in my lifetime. liz: this wash today, senator, the president seems to be backtracking today claiming that he was not attacking it any trump supporters in the white house, nobody believes is there trying to say that it was not a political speech. biden: voters to stop trump voters in america in extremis and standing behind him and let's watch the recap here, look at this. >> i pledge to be a presidents, the successor divide, unifies it is not see red states and blue states, only sees the united states and the republicans did not respect the constitution, do not believe in the role of law they do not recognize the will of the people. >> any trump supporter to be afraid to the country.
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liz: so there's a huge threat, but now the first threat do you know you been. >> yes, president of biden many democrats are detached from reality as they are from the truth and they lie for the impunity because once again the correct media will cover up for them and so there always shocked when what they actually say is taken at face value not covered up by the media but they accuse the republicans of exactly the same thing, they are doing the republicans innocent and they are guilty. liz: 's social media making fun of backdrop sing this ice of the movies, v for vendetta and charlie are said that it looks like a movie of the shining and you know, the president, he's making it about the capitol riots, that's what he is making it mr. and for nearly they were nearly three years going to public is in repeatedly condemning them and you have as well and is appointing mecca voters essay the empire entered entire population they also want
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lower taxes and inflation he said that rice happening again and more than 900 arrested more than five dozens were sent to prison but also the americans do not want the division a more from them when inspiration and leadership that is a roadmap to unity that it is right there the voters top concerns of the polls gas prices and inflation and taxes in the collapse border a crime and that is what is right voters to the ballot box. >> yes one of asking the wisconsin voters 1100 and think most do, and if you are concerned about the direction and its future, the space at 75 and 80 percent of americans think we are on the wrong track of just asking people to join us, join us to gill and unifies a dispenser because were at a hinge point now we see the divisive record of this present the fundamental transformation which is let's face it the fundamental destruction of this country and the open borders the rising crime and the record gasoline prices and for your high inflation, how can you look
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at the democratic governance and say that it's a success comes a miserable failure and most people recognize that and one thing about record gas prices and high inflation is the media cannot cover that up for the present come they can the border and a lot of the problems of this administration but not inflation and not the high gasoline prices. liz: is under the white house press secretary, now said the middle class tax cuts rma got extremism and watch this. >> was a plan that they call that extreme any called out the mega republicans in the senate for that and i was also going to cut taxes on middle-class visitor has been many times with the president has been very clear, about who he is talking about. liz: that's a gobbledygook, the tax extremist and nobody ever talks like that and senator, talk about the race opponent wisconsin. >> will democrat party, it shows the most radical left the
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primary field, and everybody literally just stepped aside including one individual is been his own money i just have to side as of this pretty odd my opponent, claims that the spotting america is awful national parks are racist and is backed the leaders of the defund the police movement he cities not for defunding police and he probably holds up a t-shirt that says, abolish ice and he said i'm not for abolishing ice and so again my race, is the truth versus the lies and distortion and character assassination disperses the instruction for that's all of the democrats have come they can't talk with the record because is a disaster so they like and forcing them i will say again that the complicity growth media, backs them up sweetie so when is come for you. todd: we have a number of invitations and i will accept them and it sounds like summer election and dodging press and it doesn't hold does not answer question because he cannot
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afford wisconsin to know exactly who he is in a radical his views truly are. liz: senator ron johnson, thank you for coming on and have a great weekend. california now faces serious threats of blackouts and heatwave and has high crime and high taxes, remember when california governor gavin newsom told the people in florida, moved to california, will guess were gavin newsom's in-laws moved to and on the whisper provided in the real threats top gun concerns like lapsed, crime in china and doing more games with russia, congressman jeff next on evening at it. >> that's a missed opportunity to talk to the american people to about the reasons when they lie down and they sleep at night, they can't come he couldn't talk about crime and inflation, and about her children in the mountains offense and all coming across
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liz: doing is no bozeman jeff, is we do have a back on again and critics are saying this, was striking that the president wanted talking we do know talk
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about crime and assigns beach billing polices record high homicides as the democrat wedding base blacks and hispanics are getting slammed by crime after defund police, the d.a. has been criticized ago we can crime and is a rather we can crime d.a. so this is striking, no talk on crime in philly. jeff: is unbelievable but before we get to get under to get to that i have to tell you that i never seen anything like the backdrop the president had for his speech, literally they can lisette set out to any horror movie they want winners were frankenstein dracula, if that was beaux-arts weird it was scary i guess all of those words going to the present as well but that is one weird background think that for a statement to speak out they have more to say on that but as far as what you are asking, of course on the don't want to talk about that, no real issues and problems they
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have they try to focus on other things and what i really resented about a speech not only that he did not talk about real issues, come up with really answers and solutions but he demeaned the american people, 5, because completely runoff basically treated them like they were garbage and i'm sorry. liz: will he is there president as well right be one yes he is the president of the united states, works with people, they don't work for him in these he is there to listen to them and people have a lot to say and he's not listening and if so evident from that awful terrible weird speech. liz: so doing clean up after what happened with no cash mail we can't cram das across the country, and getting hit hard after defund police and the president is a graspable money towards cops with homicide
6:18 pm
rates, they shot up in 2020, you talk about that in major cities of the largest single rise in a generation, the murder rates are still rising as watch democrats say, we do want to defund the police and the media saying they were never for that but watch this, we have the receipts again, look. >> defining the police has to happen, we need to defund the police. >> yes, i support the defund movement and talking with the reduction of her nypd but didn't defunding the 6 million-dollar nypd budget. >> not only do we need to defund we need to dismantle. >> many cities in america come over one third of the city budget goes to the police and so we have to have this conversation, what are we doing. >> were some issues that we asked the police to do, the mental health issues, the policing in schools all the rest the perhaps we can shuffle some of the money around. >> yes, i support the reallocation of resources from nypd. >> we will be moving the funding from the nypd to the youth
6:19 pm
initiatives and social services. >> i think you do all of those other things we don't need the money going to the police so yes, in the spirit of it, i do support that. liz: so marcus outside of the businesses enter down schools, defund the police, what is your reaction and the congress up and what is your reaction to the. jeff: of course is going to go up right, it is cost me quite frankly to be very candid about, enemy when you are letting people out that of 20 and 30 and 40 priors, and committed violent crimes and put the back on the streets, you're going to have more violent crime and i'll be straight out about this, three strikes and you're out and i believe in stopping and frisk and i believe that when you committed violent crimes, you should go to prison and should be there for a while, nothing is different if you committed some sort of minor crime and you can really get some help psychological and otherwise, that's not what we are talking
6:20 pm
about. liz: i gotta get to this, you know it is businesses to shut down and listen to this small business owner in chicago her business was robbed. >> the violence has escalated you, and is getting too close to home in the people around her city is six, they need to get it together and the need organize the budget and expand the police department and give us small business orders, more incentives to stay here and every day, there is an instability that we are not aware of some anything may happen to do the voters might be aware of this, mit congressman is saying that the u.s. nice in the bottom, the bottom half of developed nations for cops per capita we don't have enough cops your final word. jeff: we didn't used to we don't in this administration and the majority party, have made it so much worse and they are destroying our country and we have to win in november 32
6:21 pm
congressman, have a good you can think you for joining us and okay, california, the threats are rolling blackouts amended the way being blamed on a shift to green energy and are ready for it but remember when california governor told people in florida, to move to california, gavin newsom's in-laws are now doing to florida and donating to governor ron desantis and plus, biden ignore the real threats to america top verdict concerns like china, doing games with russia and charlie next right here on the eveninreg edit.
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liz: let's welcome to the show budgeted times opinion editor charlie - great to have you both on and thank you for joining us this friday evening okay last night, biden talked about gusty democracy enough in china, he didn't talk about that, is doing for games with russia charlie and time noticing china's rehearsing computerized simulated tax in u.s. navy ships near taiwan but why not talk about that. charlie: i think that the main reason is that they don't talk about this because joe biden has absolutely no answers for any of the problems that affect the market people but most especially, no answers for a threat like go one that represents like china and it rarely does president biden ever
6:26 pm
engage in any sort of intelligent way to talk better foreign adversaries what he does he would rather talk about russia our greatest threat is not russia, our greatest threat to china and obviously in background of all of this, the very concerning relationships that we know exists between a son, and the chinese government which immediate seems bizarrely i'm curious about. liz: yes want to get to that in just a second, joe, this coming back to hunt the president, watch what he has said on china. biden: is going to eat her lunch, come on man, not bad guess what, there not competition for us. >> i'm not worried. >> this is just pure business. liz: pure business you warned us
6:27 pm
about china's crimes against humanity, pure business, and the biden family to charlie's point has been catching and invited's government office in china. joe: by billions of dollars small change this as taiwan said china's rehearsing simulated attacks on u.s. navy ships, but remember, 74 million trump voters and 74 million people may think of themselves as republicans or conservatives or independence, and they are the biggest threat to this country, according to our own and president and it just to underscore political is a compromise joe biden is pertains to china possibly because of his sons dealings there, had again the bears repeating about he said that they are not competition for us, there every thing in terms of competition developed battle as charlie pointed out, you have a president who doesn't seem in addressing everything that is
6:28 pm
going wrong with the u.s. and china and again, maybe that is because his son is compromise, not just try to read into other countries in the news lately russia and ukraine because he's done business in all those countries and probably illegally this probably weighs be investigated. liz: the try to link that how this is affecting to just my cover the biden dealmaking affecting for policy and every week, we learn more about the chinese communist party's aggressive campaign of economic espionage and cyber attacks instilling u.s. intellectual properties interfering your selections and so that goes on and on and on in the white house because of the justice department in china initiative and the voters out there mystified why downplay this. >> i need to play the game about if trump done this people would be reacting this way or that way to me you could say about are
6:29 pm
the reason that i do think it's important in this issue in this particular case is that if the trump family at the source of connections, people would rightly be pursuing every aspect of it you know sure republicans take control the congressman my pray that they will pursue on this and investigate every single aspect of this and you are ready the minority and some republicans doing pretty good job of it now but it needs to be full throated and i would argue that it needs to be beyond political pursuit and investigative pursuit. liz: china's doing simulated attacks in your final word joe. joe: yes, believe simulated but let's make that clear, not actually having a believe talk about something else now and and i would hope the hearings would also extend to the dr. anthony fauci as well be someone i know exactly where coronavirus came
6:30 pm
from is what it did to our economy and see doing what research, thank you two, québec soon and more and senator chuck grassley, morning that that justice department do not attack, do not censor, and if we have whistleblowers raising red flag about political bias fbi officials, custom and mauling the hunter biden pro, that's with the whistleblowers say, and in california, faces serious threats of rolling blackouts the minute he waved crime and taxes and is only california governor gavin newsom in-laws, moved to florida after newsom told people in florida, to move to california, well guess workers association echoed in fox news contributor this peak, taking on next, on the evening edit.
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liz: okay, lots of people blame high gas prices were not traveling is lamely weekend even
6:35 pm
as the gas dropped from a month and have come is still recognizing california, chicago with more brady. reporter: good evening liz, even as millions of americans have the road this labor day weekend, some people are choosing to say point entirely, cars .com survey found that of those, not traveling this weekend, almost one quarter of them said that it was because of high gas prices, take a look at the national average today, $3.80, the bad news is the gas prices are still historically i and that is 62 cents more than a year ago, the good news is they fall in for 11 weeks in a row, when the white house is been taking credit for that drop, most experts say the biden administration is not responsible, and instead demand here in the u.s., and overseas has softened in the people we spoke to told us that they are not going out a big trip this labor day weekend for two main reasons, number one they want to avoid everybody who is traveling in a pursuit they to avoid the high prices at the pump.
6:36 pm
>> i'm staying out of the crowds and saving my money back. >> if you have a like hours, where your gases like 93 or so, you're going to want to drive too far, you're going to want to stay local distance. reporter: today the g7 countries announcing plan to put a price gap on russian oil and the goal of that plan is to limit revenues that are fueling russia's war in ukraine, some experts say, if it backfires, you could send global oil markets into turmoil is coming because gas prices to do a u-turn and start climbing again. liz: grady trimble thank you so much and also russian news breaking this afternoon shut down the more extreme pipeline, for joining us now, oil and gas workers association met cody in fox news contributor liz peak suite have you both wanted liz, first you, california newsom told the people in florida to move to california, california as high gas, high taxes, lose your reaction to avenue sims in
6:37 pm
moscow news coming it brought property in naples florida, and registered voters there they donated to ron desantis, and is raising as charlie crist. liz: this is pretty simple lives, thank you for the softball, is the low taxes, more business friendly, you know, no complete naughtiness about climate, lower cost-of-living, what would you not approve up in florida and why wouldn't it be more appealing to people enemy look, telephone he is bleeding residents and also businesses. everything about the status user unfriendly, is a beautiful state, they're ruining it all kinds of crazy policies, and florida is doing just the opposite is out you know welcome to the parents of gavin newsom who i guess i volvo for him, will vote for desantis right. liz: and to what liz's saying, there's a much inequities and unfairness in these policies and you've been critical of the
6:38 pm
presidents student loan bailout and even democrats criticize it is unfair to blue-collar middle-class workers like yourself, people never went to college for paid off the college loans right. >> that is right is so you have student loan debt before, congratulations, now you do. liz: yes so i met the other thing, to liz's point, the policies about oil and gas have been all about we will former keystone pipeline broker deal and he is saying the green agenda could lead to fuel shortages in the northeast, northeast as low fuel inventories now is a potential energy problem happening and taking hold potentially northeast matt, what are you hearing. matt: you're right elizabeth, that's the truth everywhere, their anti- gas policies and look at specifically and germany in the energy crisis that they are rented created and this is being pushed out about i know
6:39 pm
misguided politicians an extremely environmentalist and so seeing the effects of that mike was talk about, you're saying this especially in california, the newsom and vice president harris like to talk about california being the example for the rest of the america in a really hard an example of what not to do. liz: mass.liz, you know, oil and gas you bring to jobs millions of jobs and tax revenues, and the fund libraries and public health and on and on and on the schools and the like and i mean come they spent the last 300 decades actually developing the more - of the gas field one of the biggest in the world, and we are still talking about lack of heat and oil the northeast when we have this gas enough to solve a problem do you know to be. liz: yes we have 100 year supply of natural gas and not more than that we just don't have the will to produce it and what is happening the northeast is that the governors like cuomo, governor cuomo in new york,
6:40 pm
basically prohibited the construction of the pipelines to bring the natural gas from where it is being pumped out to the residents and businesses in new england enemy is a completely preposterous situation but here is the bigger picture liz, we are transitioning in many parts of the world and including in the u.s. to renewable fuels with the people who are driving this, the united states my gavin newsom, are making no allowance for the fact that you need backup and you need backup gas plants and nuclear power plants in california, they had this ridiculous situation where they are pushing everyone to buy ev and out you can't charge really between 4:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock tonight because they're running out of electricity there is no planning, and these are not serious people, just people checking boxes to please the progressive voters and it is risky when is 100 degrees and you are and have really back outs like your about having company, people can die that's how serious this is an
6:41 pm
astonishing. liz: that is so serious remember heat waves took over europe a few years ago and he will guide those he waves into your point of there's lots of capitalism and those green energy and open the box says 1000 and disease, donate million bucks to newsom's campaign in california they've got more than $6 million in state contracts. liz: looking, are we surprised by that, unfortunately the voters are so - two this essential corruption is our government gives bigger companies more and more of that essential corruption paid to play california or states in the country, and i have read that of the states like illinois or even critical in california because they have no about it whatsoever by the way we see the same kind of thing in new york, though we supposedly do have restrictions on that, the voters need to demand the transparency and honesty and really come the just sort of rolled over and decided
6:42 pm
that this is our country works. liz: liz peek and matt also you too, thank you is a pleasure having you on and thank you for all of your hard work out there and all you guys and women out there in a sector from you're doing the good work out there and thank you so much and this you're doing terrific writing is always in your book coming out soon, warmer topic, advisory look at this, jason furman now said that it is wrong to attack the parents were opposed to school shutdowns and more, the schoolchildren lost two decades of learning from the shutdown and also senator chuck grassley, warns the justice department do not attack the do not censor the fbi whistleblowers raising the red flag about the political bias fbi officials and doing things like stonewalling the doj probe into bided and legal legal next on the evening edit.
6:43 pm
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liz: this will show from congressional investigator sam do we come its way to have you back on, would you make of senator chuck grassley, he's a ranking member of senate judiciary, and it seems like he's really worried about doj retaliation against fbi whistleblowers and is morning garland, do not censor or go after these fbi whistleblowers in the morning and at the are stonewalling hundred biden probe and more is worried here. sam: yeah come i think he is and i think that he should be this is always an issue between congress and doj in congress takes possession or congress we have oversight authority under statute the save the people can talk to us in the doj takes a position executives and controls everything and you can't talk to the hill without our approval this never really been completely tested with you know the doj is probably wrong.
6:48 pm
liz: will send the timing of this, pag county attorney general garland, recently just ordered the doj workers to not communicate with congress, they have to go through the doj office of legislative affairs first. sam: yes, that directive is probably unlawfully never been in front of a car because not only coming it is worked out politically but the basic level, whistleblower has a right to go to congress and say, something is really wrong and we need to look into it and the doj is not going to win that argument i don't think i think that it is concerning this memo came out when it did after there had been so many disclosures that are so consistent. liz: meaning about senior fbi agent tim tebo in the dc fbi headquarters, reside and he said that he retired rather, any left under scrutiny for allegedly legal bias, and stonewalling and bearing the hunter biden laptop probe and saying the faa will
6:49 pm
not going to get involved in another election, that's a word and you the timing of it sam right. sam: no, the timing is very suspicious and concerning because unfortunately, when you office, most of the so-called mainstream media, look the other way when that whistleblowers are retaliated against a nice experience that when i was on the hill, we see that prominently in the fast and furious whistleblowers were retaliated against the just happens in the timing is concerning because there has been a lot of disclosures one of the things you look for the hill are the different whistleblowers in different ways and places saying the same thing here they are and that means a problem. liz: and we also this quickly, the gop attorneys general eric schmidt missouri and jeff landry of louisiana, they are finding in e-mails and government documents that dozens of government officials across multiple agencies within the
6:50 pm
biden administration communicated extensively with social media monies to coordinate censorship of information during the pandemic it would you make of that story and final work. sam: there is no confidence left in the fbi and that is just dangerous and unique confidence in the law enforcement because a lot of law enforcement has to be done nonpublicly and i don't know how to restore it and i think that more than standard oversight is necessary and i think that this month, we got a look at the fbi's budget and the government needs more money, and there should be some controls about the fbi side to do and also homeland security and hhs with talking of the facebook and twitter and rice him thank you so much and it's good to see you be sure to tune into our show on tuesday, senator chuck grassley himself will be joining us okay this story, we will stay on what is going on with the parents and schools and the teachers union and more as a former top obama official said that yes, it is
6:51 pm
wrong to attack the parents who are opposed to the shutdowns the story is next. >> our schools are shut down, by woke local school boards the urging of many many teachers unions and president biden never said a word in some cases he encouraged them. ly at vanguard, you're more than just an investor—you're an owner. we got this, babe. that means that your dreams are ours too. and our financial planning tools can help you reach them. that's the value of ownership. lila: before i was diagnosed, there was nothing really to worry about.
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>> one of the reasons that move back to new york, given all of the mandates, but definitely as far as the level of support liz, no good for the parents you know, i have three children at home when i had a two -year-old the time, so i try to be a teacher, have parented a full-time employee me was really rough and my children suffered. liz: duties no evening the director of outreach, erica, its way to see you again america, the story, okay, obama's former top economic advisor, jason furman, he is now saying that it was wrong, it is wrong to attack people who are against pandemic school shutdowns and he is
6:56 pm
calling this vicious of you said what you think about. >> the most vicious abuse had a mean, anyone that was out there publicly calling for the schools to open, wes objected not going to vicious abuse we character assassination so was not only emily ostrow certainly went through this meant many of us who talk about this were accused of being white nationalists and racist and privileged people just wanted the babysitters back and so it wasn't really really experience and i think that explains why so many people who knew that closing schools was wrong, decided not to speak out because i saw what was happening to people who were sharing their opinions on this in public sweetie when erica, new york times reports the school shunt answering dependent pandemic of the wiped out the equivalent of two decades of learning for reading and math for schoolchildren in the black children, had an even bigger collapse and scores in decades of progress on data your talk about emily foster, she is at
6:57 pm
brown university as you look at that date and she said the data does not support the school shutdowns. erica: we knew really early on the date data did not support the school shutdowns in europe even when they had blocked out in other parts of their society, they kept schools open we did the opposite, we had bars and restaurants opening in the children locked out of schools and so it was inexcusable you know, since that spring when we were uncertain about the things really know excuse to keep the schools close and enforcement coming to your point, so many people knew this was inevitable they knew there was no way that you could lock the children out not only from academic learning experience of being in school from seeing their present from city less with her pals from this course of the play in the other activities and they were essentially lucked out an isolated and let's not forget, even though we were told that the schools are not safe enough
6:58 pm
for school, they been about the schools to serve as childcare centers that the parents had to pay for if they had no one to supervise her children and they had to go to work. liz: vest something, so you know, get the school shutdowns to know about and the cdc and the teachers union more behind outcome of the government divided everyone into essential and nonessential workers and suddenly the teachers were deemed nonessential unit meet as leaders summer of 2021, 91 garden garden was refusing to reopen the schools and she was many many from the biden feminization before subdue that people should be reopened and then she had a divisive politicize campaign to stop parental involvement is schools of what was happening there. erica: well first of all, she was strong-arming people so this you get what she wanted must remember him a whole other thing is that the union leaders said that they needed in order to reopen safely, i believe that 9s on done spent get her back in
6:59 pm
school, we do not use the money, she and others admit that we had to have to reopen, and the reality is that we have seen, this is not even conjecture, we know when we have documents that show that unions and the biden administration and the cdc for the keep the schools because of this event mike about not all places give the schools close, many states and even where i live, i live in a democrat-controlled state, that kept the schools open so it was possible to do it but enforcement, not many places did now we are seeing this inevitable fallout. liz: and millions of children are now out of the public school system for the left frontal word. erica: yes so in addition to pony and roman now we have plummeting proficiency in reading about the children that are struggling to bus, the ones who have collapsed the most over the last two years and now we are going to have to really work very hard to get them back up to
7:00 pm
speed and this was preventable and this was caused by decisions made by people, not the pandemic it because they come up those decisions made by people in positions of power to do great work erica great working great interview and have a great weekend and i'm elizabeth mcdonald you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness because of her thank you so much for watching, and you have a great labor day weekend and join us again next week. >> welcome to the program that analyzes the week that eyes and helps position you for the week ahead, i'm jacky information president biden is stepping up attacks on former president trump and republicans in a dramatic it fiery red primetime speech and calling them a threat to american democracy and what happened to his promises of the unity and i am asking north dakota s


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