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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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democratic or republican party where they have this and italy would be one of the better postings i think we'd all agree. >> that's a good one. we are out of time but good to see you. i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit". we thank you for watching, have a wonderful evening. ♪ >> welcomed me back. what? the final sprint, it's officially underway because we are after labor day. democrats and republicans racing toward the midterms but the nation, look around, it's more divided than ever so why is president biden during gasoline on the fire? you may have heard the president last week held the fiery rally in columbia where he did the exact opposite of the united he wants promised.
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look at the color scheme. who okayed this? , some names. here's a sampling of what he said. >> there's no question republican party today has dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump and margaret republicans. that's a threat to this country. model republicans see carnage and darkness and despair. they spread fear and lies and that's why, respected conservatives federal circuit court judge michael has called trump extreme model republicans would clear present danger to our democracy. kennedy: he's only person i've seen who has to close his eyes to read a teleprompter and he does that badly. the reaction? not good even some democrats said sleepy joe went too far. as usual, the president had to spend the next day walking get all back like paul pelosi during a test.
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>> mr. president, you consider all trump supporters to be a threat to our country? >> , look, guys. you keep trying to make that case, i don't consider any trump supporter to be a threat to the country. kennedy: someone needs to read the transcript back to him from his speech. apparently that wasn't enough because with last continued yesterday. >> i want to be clear up front. not every republican is a maga republican, not every republican embraces that extreme ideology. i've been able to work with republicans my whole career but the extreme maga republicans in congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger and violence, hate and division. the biggest contrast from what maga republicans, the extreme right, the trump, these model
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publicans. kennedy: yeah. he's got his body man behind him in case joe tumbles over, the guy can put him on his shoulders and say yes biden. democrats don't have much too run on this year. crime is going crazy, the economy teetering on disaster so why is the president trying to alienate millions of potential voters when his party is on the verge of a november blowout? tonight party panel, the podcast host and spectator usa when shooting editor stephen l miller in front of a gorgeous city scape. democrat poster and cohost of the five on the fox news channel, jessica tarlov. when not tweeting tonight like we were last time which is amazing. economic education writer, liberty activist and her hair is in and of itself a national
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monument, olivia rhonda. thank you all. stephen, what did the visual of the fiery speech remind you of? >> it's hard to run as the united he said he would be when you give speeches out of v for vendetta if they are still trying to walk this back a week later, that's not who i met. i only meant this and he won't clarify what a maga republican is, is mitt romney a maga republican? is liz cheney moderate republican who hailed overturning of roe v. wade? is pretty clear as an election strategy but even people like van jones on cnn are saying you were elected to be america's grandpa and the grumpy old man yelling guy thing is going to work and i agree. it's an election strategy to put trump up front, get people away from talking about record inflation, supply chain bombs and baby formula shortage, not shutting down the virus going into an election with these issues that are table issues and
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this isn't recent behind me, by the way. kennedy: what a wonderful country, thank you for bringing that up because it's a dracula's place. so jessica, stephen brought up row and it's one thing for the vice president to go out and forcefully state the case against the overturning of roe v. wade which is one of the few things even her supporters would say she kind of did that well, what is the bigger issue for democrat voters? is it roe or inflation? >> i think it will always be inflation for everybody. have to plead with your pocketbook and it's a luxury to vote on a host of other issues when the economy, though improving, still has signs of struggle and people, gas prices are coming down but still are higher. inflation still up even if it's
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flat zero the last couple months. i think inflation number one but the fact that abortion is the number two most important issue in the country and was teetering on the number one issue in pennsylvania, swing states for instance, it means it's important and i think the tell was really when the leak opinion came out, he noticed all republicans in leadership were talking about the leak and not the substance of the opinion and they knew this was potentially bad, bad news for them electorally because some state would go to such an extreme, it wasn't like send it back to the states and we have 15 week protection that mirrors what we have in europe, this is send it back to the states and some state a 10-year-old girl whose rate will have to go to a neighboring state to get medical care and republicans new or smart want knew that would be a problem in the ones less smart like masters for instance running against mark kelly have to scrub their websites of
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traces of the completely bare policies they supported and move it down to i don't support third term abortion. a lot of democrats don't support that either. kennedy: you wouldn't know by the way they talk because they say things like abortion is healthcare, that's all it is, reproductive care. it's not. you're right, it's not and it's an irresponsible way of talking about it because if you push the issue with people, that majority of people will say second term abortions are immoral, second term abortions are wrong but it's late term abortions, that's where the real issue is that there is this sugarcoating of the entire thing so olivia, this is going back to the states, is that where more decisions should be made, has the maturity of the majority on the country irreparably? connect absolutely, i said this about democracy some may find extreme but i think democracy is
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against minority because majority rules so taking a back to the states is what i wanted to do and the correct decision but democrats legislative power, they had chances to qualify will be weighed into law multiple times since roe v. wade was decided on and they haven't, they used it to raise money to elect themselves to defraud the american people and use scare tactics, publicans will rape you and make you give birth over and over and abbott roe v. wade is overturned, they like okay they are going to eat it and it's such bs. kennedy: there are several issues that could have been codified responsibly and legislatively that were ignored like immigration. president biden he has good reason to want a blue wave in november because of the gop taking control of the house, things will get a little hot under the collar for biden's. the oversight judiciary committees on facebook to
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preserve all existing future records about the alleged suppression of hundred biden's laptop story i did for the 2020 election after facebook founder mark zuckerberg revealed fbi told facebook to look out for russian propaganda in 2020. watch. >> fbi came to us and folks on our team like hey, just so you know you should be on high alert, we thought is a lot of russian propaganda the 2016 election, we noticed basically is about to be a dump of similar to that so be vigilant. kennedy: they knew exactly what it was, if gop wins majority, will joe and hunter and even brother jim, what they need to lawyer up? >> i was hoping the media would take care of this but they sat on their sums when twitter and
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facebook locked the new york post story, you had cnn reporters saying delete the tweet and repost it and all of this so if gop oversight is a way to go to get to the bottom of this that i guess that's where we are going to go. as far as hundred biden's concern, as i have said before apparently joe biden wants to go barreling down the road of indicting his past and possibly future political opponent and we looking at more than just oversight committees heading into 2025 when an ag for the gop president decides to indict the president's only son good luck, have fun with that but i'd rather media speak up in defense of the new york post and they didn't. kennedy: they sure didn't and the post was right here so if you look at big tech along with aspects of the federal government that knew the contents of the laptop and what it meant for the first family, where is there more distressed? is it against big tech or the
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federal government? >> statistically it's a federal government, i think there's a lot of people, liberty lovers as you like to call each other have been on this big tech issue for a while but it's an important part of the way we live everyday lives that it's harder to build up that level of distrust and people who sit in washington and think about them as being completely disconnected from the way we live our lives in don't understand people like me etc. i want to say about the hunter biden laptop story, i've been consistent on this immense someone can find it where i haven't been, i don't care about hundred biden if there needs to be a conversation about something that went on, 10% for the big guy and whatever it is and you can prove in some way joe biden did something wrong, not talking hundred biden, i didn't vote hunter biden, he's not qualified to do anything but
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if you can prove. kennedy: including the board of the gas company in ukraine. >> he ended up in ukraine. kennedy: and china and working all over in your eastern europe and parts of africa where he was introducing shady people to his dad who was vice president at the time and his dad has lied and said i don't know anything about his business, that business was to buy access to joe biden. that was ray's own detra. >> your greek. kennedy: in my heart i am greek. you can answer the same question, where is there more distressed, big tech or government? >> big government will always win that but big tech is closing in on it now that is clear they been colluding and receiving information and instruction and request from the federal government. this during the pandemic as
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well, the white house was open they went to facebook and told facebook there's misinformation out there and now that that quote unquote misinformation is what we know to be true confirm right the cdc they are nowhere to be found, they have yet to apologize so the same thing will happen with this, the facts about and we know who the big guy is, it's true he's not qualified, he shouldn't run for anything and not qualified to be board of directors or owning anything but the fact is he got there because of his politically powered dad so it is what it is and i think with the media and federal government both colluding to protect him, he may as well be untouchable so i am pessimistic and it's ironic barron trump whose 16 got his rate about the fbi but hundred biden can do what he wants. >> was not go there, . kennedy: he was a whistleblower. >> i would love that, love it. [laughter] kennedy: all right, please don't
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go away. coming up, california signing massive new minimum wage loss, workers drowned under rise in inflation cost, will this help the economy was governor newsom fishing for votes? jonathan hoenig breaking it down next. there he is. ♪
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here we are, getting very classy. so much for a value meal, gavin newsom screwing everything up signing a labor day bill to raise the minimum wage for california fast food workers potentially up to $22 an hour. so far only applies to franchises with 100 or more locations which is why the president of mcdonald's usa calls it lopsided and ill-conceived. the restaurant association says will force the state franchises to increase their prices by as much as 20%. you know who that hurt? people who don't make a lot of money and are going to mcdonald's when they are starting and they love their delicious coffee drinks as well. capitalist hedge fund manager and fox news contributor,
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jonathan hoenig, this is absolute madness but please explain why for those of us were angry but can't put the words to it. >> minimum wage kills jobs. jobs are not arbitrary so wages are not arbitrary, is not based on feeling or whether you like the employee, it's productivity and if an employer hires somebody $22 an hour and they are only producing $12 an hour worth of value, the employer will go broke. kennedy: and if they are on the verge of going broke, what do they do with prices? do not prices rise but of course this is about economics, it's about gavin newsom looking like a hero. what he doesn't see the economists talk about this unseen, what he doesn't see is the jobs lost in it going to the employees. they raise minimum wage in seattle in 2017 and the result
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was workers worked us hours and to come $1500 less a year so newsom thinks he's helping low-wage employees but he's hurting them. lower wages and fewer jobs. kennedy: but there is an economic impact because the inflation doesn't just translate to restaurants themselves. i know you saying $22 an hour my question is why stop there, why not $35 an hour? you could live more comfortably if you make 35 or $40 an hour then 22 or god forbid, 15. >> it is inflationary. that which is unseen, if you raise the wage of lower employees to $22 and everyone else who works for the company, their wages have to go up as well. this is the perception of newsom and many on the left, they think employers are like scrooge mcduck swimming around in a room
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full of gold, employers asset are invested in the nobody, who knew wages and jobs and 75% of those making minimum wage have salaries increased in the first year so something newsom is doing for votes in appeal and does nothing to help those in the bottom for the economy at large. kennedy: it's about his presidential aspirations and doesn't tackle major issues he's having in his way my handwritten invitation to get people to leave and move to places like nevada, arizona and texas which they are doing but you make points, the idea but it's only scrooge mcduck who has a giant pile of doubloons and if he has all of them, everyone else has nothing. it's a fundamental lack of understanding about wealth creation which is why rich people are leaving california in search of wealth creation and states that are much more
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hospitable to those who could employee many people. >> not only that, he will see more and more companies replacing real workers with kiosks and computers because they cannot afford to hire somebody $22 an hour. newsom kicked the number out of a hat, employers can't and result in less jobs and less take-home pay for those who need it most and the other ones hurt the most. minimum wage is discovered nation against low-wage workers, that means less jobs for them in less opportunity to move up. kennedy: do you think spongebob would have demanded $22 an hour to make crabby patties? absolutely not. kristi crap would have gone out of business in a month and a half and thank god it's still very much there. >> they are making the same mistakes over and over again. they don't learn from history, the raise of minimum wage kills jobs and lower skilled ploys and
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newsom is doing it again. kennedy: he hates poor people. thank you so much. coming up, school shutdowns hurt our kids. test scores dropping. randi weingarten firing back at critics and i'll break down why she's out of her mind. she made the problem. that's in my memo, next. ♪
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destructive randi weingarten single-handedly worked mayors and government agencies to keep schools closed. mid pandemic. now she's wanting to the "wall street journal" in a letter to the editor that she is being unfairly targeted for shutting down book learning during covid. that was her sole mission. aggressively squeezing the government to milk as much capitol as she could for teachers union. kids and learning be damned.
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she's the tom brady of school shutdowns. never was one person more effective causing so much intentional damage. hamilton is like take the wheel. 90.9% of her union's political donations, where did they go? democrats who in turn at her behalf demonized charter schools and homeschooling of anything that has to do with educational alternatives was only natural in her stock covered sob story to blame betsy devos and donald trump or her learners be damned actions that pushed for teachers to stay home out of abundance of caution until schools could get 190 billing dollars in federal funding from masks and plexiglas testing and social distancing. oh and absent. was your kids teacher only available three hours a day during the pandemic because of health reasons? thank randi weingarten was your
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learner withering away and residing in his depression and fading math skills while you busted to pick up the slack? relatives in florida were eating out sending their kids to learn in person? thanks, that was your job and nailed does not like 2016 simone biles. in terms of fulfilling her mission as a nation's foremost disruptor of learning and childhood function, randi weingarten is the goat meaning her ideas smell horrible and she'll eat anything. how much of a 190 billing schools spend? you know, the ones that produced 30 here lows in math and reading scores, especially black and latino students? nevada new mexico and d.c., they've spent less than 5% of the allotment of covid money. the cbo says there's no way schools will spend it all until you are not going to believe this number, 2028. president newsom will have us
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all in electric vehicles on the highway to hell by then. here's the funny thing about bureaucratic gas lighting. when you mess with the most important thing in someone's life, they don't forget. even when you try to shift blame in the flat out lie about causing irreparable harm to society's youngest most vulnerable members, people love their kids but hate being lied to. all ridiculous and his excuses will never absolve her of the generational harm she's committed in the name of safety and this mother will never let her forget and fax mama that's the memo one study found public pools of tics and kids seeking to help treatment. they still are having a hard time getting it. the world bank found shutdowns will cost our kids $21 trillion in earnings over there lifetime. should randi weingarten donate
7:31 pm
her $400,000 a year salary to help? stephen l miller, jessica tarlov and olivia rondeau. do you know who she run speak of? anthony fauci was going on this defensive to her because finally the blame train is making a stop in his city. and hers. >> he filters politics to science, randi weingarten does to education. this is incredulous and you have the arsonists walking up to the fire, i didn't bring this down or the hot dog guy saying we are trying to figure out who did this. you have to go back and be specific, she was crafting policies with the cdc, joe biden's cdc on, how can we better protect our teachers and things at the same time while governors were opening schools,
7:32 pm
she had teachers in body bags staging think you're going to kill us new york times op-ed, washington post op-ed saying your opening schools too soon and people are literally going to die, this is not just i tried to get schools open, it's like you are going to kill us if we have to go back to our jobs. i guess the strategy might work on any voter born after 2021. something important to remember, she was just at the white house last week with joe biden, not just someone at arms length, this is pretty from crypt over how this administration treats education policy and also the reason you see record school closures and consolidation because they can't get staff because parents pulled their kids out of public education which is a good start, by the way. kennedy: they are bleeding kids especially in younger grades and in new york. it's only going to get worse because more school districts and states across the country, they are listening to parents
7:33 pm
because they realize parents are activated and is not a partisan issue but from your perspective, this is a person who donates 99% of the teachers dues to democrats. did randi weingarten push too far? >> we'll see, we saw that impact in georgia -- sorry, virginia. sorry, glenn youngkin, anyway. so that happened and it got pretty close in new jersey. i talked about this the other day, a slew of articles discussing what's going on in these democrat voter focus groups and parents were talking about the education issue, not talking about crt or potential grooming or these far right conversations on education, they talked about the fact that kids hadn't been back in classrooms and wearing masks unnecessarily and hurting the development.
7:34 pm
the latest polling from last week showed democrats still have a ten-point advantage in terms of who's trusted more to handle the education issue. i think a lot is due to the fact that i don't hear many solutions besides sending kids out of the public school system from republicans, a lot of talk about charter schools and homeschooling but a lot of americans believe in a good and safe and fabulous public school system and they want to hear from politicians on both sides of the aisle what kind of reforms will be made to ensure their kids have an education. kennedy: and roger brought that up. how fabulous is it for underserved communities to have failing schools where kids are forced to go? is that fabulous for them? >> get the state out of education, period. the government is the reason why minorities and low-income students in urban areas are forced to go to school based on the zip code, not the student needs. it is ridiculous and honestly evidence of structural racism and classism because if you look
7:35 pm
at the nap schools scores, lower income earning students, blacks and latinos reduce scores by higher margin than white and rich students. those are the facts so the department of education is interesting because it's the one monopoly people on the left, progressives will defend and say bus monopolies and trusts and the millinery companies but monopoly and education, we love that. kennedy: let's keep that way that is and keep the underserved students failing. the power grid still straining -- she can suck it. straining under record demand due to ongoing heat wave. governor net newsom reducing energy consumption -- listen to this. by not charging their electric cars during the hottest hours of the day. this coming two weeks of the california announcing would ban the sale of gas powered cars by
7:36 pm
2035's of the power grid is already overloaded, how will californians be able to travel when every car in the state's electric and the great is overrun? is one way, west virginia a group of coal miners on camera pushing and electric vehicle down the road because it ran out of juice. they plugged in at the coal mine. other enough coal miners to push every car in california by 2035, stephen? >> not when california re- trains and educates them in javascript and coding language like this administration is telling them to do. the life of me i can't figure out why ron desantis would do this in california, why he would have a bad power grid and overrule the population that's where newsom's head is at. this is poetic and not for where it is, is for where they are going.
7:37 pm
california will try to rebuild its power grid when they can't build a subway system in l.a. time for everyone to have an electric vehicle and you will solve this until you can figure out electric transportation that includes diesel trucks and large transportation and construction equipment which is where most of that pollution comes from. this is a slow motion electric vehicle train wreck we are seeing and i don't know, you get what you vote for out there, have fun. kennedy: there are people who love their electric vehicles but they shouldn't have to buy them by force when refining the power grid restructuring things, it's going to take more than 13 years. it's going to take money california doesn't have or they could go nuclear. >> they are not going nuclear. i understand the argument -- i get it, it's not going to happen. companies being smart about this like ford are upping productions of electric vehicles as well as f1 50s and they see the demand on both sides and people are
7:38 pm
going to get with their lifestyle and what they can afford. we know electric vehicles are demonstrably more expensive -- sorry, yes, than regular fuel vehicles. the story i think about, do you remember when the highway going into d.c. completely froze and people were stuck in their cars for like 18 hours including senator campaign sitting on the highway? everyone in an electric vehicle had to knock on the door of somebody who was not an electric vehicle and site is it okay if i hang out in your car? i don't have enough power to get through however long this will be. those were extenuating circumstances but it's a good argument for why this cannot be the only vehicle you rely on. i see tesla's and i think they are great and i love writing the in them when i get an uber but
7:39 pm
you have to live your life, i don't know how efficient it will be as your only option. kennedy: efficiency is not the name of the game. force, coercion is the name of the game. >> the can't be tesla's, elon musk spaceship hitler. kennedy: let's force them out of the state with their great jobs. olivia, rabbit up, we are running out of time and you are brilliant. >> i agree with everybody's. the thing is force. i like a good tesla i like them, they are cool, though elon, whatever. however, one 100% truth that california at any other state does not have the power grid and they won't have it by 2035 so it's ridiculous. i just wonder, do people not realize where electricity comes from? to they feel it falls from the sky? i don't get that, it's antiscience. kennedy: yeah, everyone has to drive electric but don't plug your electric car in because we can't support it. yeah wildfires. great to talk to all of you.
7:40 pm
a wonderful welcome home. coming up, one of the worst violators becoming them next biggest tourism destination. i'll tell you which repressive regime is big on this. let's go. scott horton is next. ♪
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♪ kennedy: arbery on camera? welcome back. when planning a family vacation, what places come to mind? disney world, paris? saudi arabia? listen to this, extremely repressive middle eastern kingdom want to be the most
7:45 pm
tourism hotspot, busting $1 trillion to try to make that happen, nevermind women are treated like property, journalist chopped up the crown prince seems to think people will overlook all of that and the ever present saudi sunshine, is there any chance to turn his country into orlando, the middle east? he with me with perspective, director of the libertarian institute, scott horton is back. it you book your tickets, scott? >> not quite yet but i'm saving up my miles. [laughter] kennedy: it's a long trip, you will need quite a few miles. i understand, dubai obviously has tapped into tourism, we are not going to be on the luscious middle eastern oil teat forever, so they are going to have to look past fossil fuels for their economy. is there some good that can come from this? i think saudi arabia sucks.
7:46 pm
i wouldn't want to spend a moment there but could be good for world peace ultimately? >> i think this is the kind of thing libertarians support, all things being equal that we want peace and commerce and honest friendship with all nations but without entangling the lines. in the case of america's relationship with saudi arabia, full of conflicts of interest so selling them weapons and supporting them diplomatically at war in the un they do favors for us, they by our government debt and overproduce oil to sell at artificially low prices to subsidize our economy. kennedy: they by our weapons to kill yemenis. >> absolutely, by the billions and tens of billions of dollars they do so -- but if we didn't have that conflict of interest we could engage with them culturally and that would be the very best thing. maybe could help their society
7:47 pm
less worse and would be better but instead what happens is because we have ground troops, literal combat forces on the ground in the country, only arabian peninsula according to their religion, along with all of this cultural influence, it begins to look like cultural political domination and that's the kind of thing that helped cause september 11 as ron paul instructed rudy giuliani, the combat forces in saudi that kicked off this whole last era of war so we should do one but not the other, bring all troops home and disengage politically and engage only commercially and privately. kennedy: what commercial businesses would you most like to see an saudi arabia that would be the ultimate luer for the horton family to go there and engage? >> i would like to see the museum of how they ended the war in yemen finally would be the
7:48 pm
highlight of any trip to saudi arabia and we do have cease-fire and that horrible war right now and real advantage to press in the fact that we have resolutions, the war powers act. kennedy: do trust is president to dread a very sophisticated diplomatic needle? because i don't. >> absolutely not. he broke his promise he made when he came into power that he would end this war so is to force them to end it, the law they passed over nixon's veto and 73 a says after 60 days on authorized illegal unconstitutional war that congress can force the president to end it and we were able to pass a resolution in 2019 although trump vetoed it and it goes to show it is possible and there are libertarian and conservative groups lining up to push it. kennedy: i can go topless on the
7:49 pm
beach in saudi arabia, i'm down. scott horton, thank you for being here. >> thank you. kennedy: always. topical storm is next. [laughter] ♪
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a new survey shows the satisfaction with american look schools is on the decline. for those of you who went to american public schools, it means it's going down. that's educational programming. this is topical storm, topic number one. travelers out of northern carolina airport were treated to a unusual sight when a bald eagle was stopped and searched by the tsa. i can't think of a better metaphor for the state of this country unless they also collected feathers and send them to ukraine. that clerk. hey, court. 19-year-old bald eagle, about to board a flight to his home in missouri even though he's perfectly capable of flying private. this could be the laziest eagle since donovan mcmahon. clark is ambassador of the world bird sanctuary who travels the country performing synchronized routines to patriotic songs. ♪ there's no question the bird is
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he'll your balls off. before we go, tonight becoming tuesday, you guessed the punchline on line. don't look up. why do pancakes win at baseball? ♪
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all right, tickle me tuesday, here is the tickle you've been
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waiting for. like do pancakes always win at baseball? they have the best batter. >> yes, yes. i should have thought of that. i said why? should have said -- kennedy. [laughter] kennedy: he gets as mad as kat those on game night. thank you for watching the best hour of your night. guy benson, spike cohen. make every day the candidate. ♪ >> if you are lost, you are really last. stuart: trailblazers with a long and winding idea. >> they were visionaries. we want to build a road from coast-to-coast. >> this is better than a muddy road. stuart: about, the blood, sweat, and the gears. >> it is life and death. stuart: seemed impossible. stuart: how they created the ultimate road trip, the lincoln


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