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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lyrics will be saved to god save the king as prince charles, her majesty's eldest son becomes king charles the iii. queen queen elizabeth, rest in peace. that does it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. >> world reaction coming in on the passing of queen elisabeth today. historic 70-year reign. one of the queen's greatest achievements? simply being a devoted calm, steady monarch. this is an example that is needed now. with us tonight former advisor to margaret thatcher nile gardiner, former private chef, darren mcgrady, congressman french hill, nick loris, joe gamaldi fraternal order of police, "new york post" columnist john levine.
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arizona attorney general mark brnovich and ford o'connell. california is doubling down and going electric still amid. wildfires sparked by downed electricity lines. they're not ready for this. florida governor ron desantis is firing back at governor newsom. states remotely control your thermostat to conserve energy without you knowing about it. mayor of memphis slams weak-on-crime prosecutors after a string he have deadly killings. hunter biden exposing access to the obama white house to get lucrative business deals with china. democrat mayor of d.c., her city council now claim texas and arizona busing migrants to washington, d.c. it turned washington into quote a border town. are they finally acknowledge,
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finally seeing this is biden's border crisis in full display? i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: staying on the news about the passing of queen elizabeth today, buckingham palace relessing a statement saying the queen died peacefully at balmoral castle in scotland. the royal family traveled to be by her bedside. ashley webster, he is live with the details. ashley. reporter: yeah, hi, liz. look the death of queen elizabeth ii is already having a profound impact on a nation that frankly knew this day was coming. people young and old have been gathering outside of buckingham palace late in the afternoon, into the evening to pay their respects to share in the sadness of the lost monarch. in many cases the only monarch they have ever known. the queen had been in failing health even though she appeared two days ago with britain's new prime minister liz truss but now
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a new era begins. in the coming months charles will be coronated as king charles iii at 73, the oldest king to take the british thrown in history. there will being 10 days of mourning culminated the funeral service at westminster abbey where world leaders will gather to pay their final respects. in a statement today new king said quote, the death of my beloved mother, her majesty the king we mourn the passing of a cherished sovereign and much loved mother. churches in england are encouraged to toll their bells tomorrow in recognition of passing of the queen. we're told prince charles could very well address the nation tomorrow when he returns to london from balmoral, the first time of course as the new king. back to you. liz: ashley i like to ask you a personal question, you grew up in brighton, england. reporter: yeah. liz: your personal thoughts on
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the passing of queen. reporter: very sad. she was terrific. 70 years, you know my fondest memories christmas day was the queen's speech, 3:00 every afternoon. no matter what chaos going on inside the house, presents everywhere, you 3:00 you sat down and listened to the queen. she is constant stable person in light of everything going on around here. king charles iii has a big legacy to carry on. liz: come back to new york, ashley. we'll have a kuppa. maybe more than. thank you for your joining us. reporter: my pleasure. liz: former advisor to margaret thatcher, nile gardiner. queen elizabeth's former chef, darren mcgrady. good to have you both on. darren, start first with you, your thoughts on the queen's passing today? >> you know this is something that we expected, inevitable but
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-- [inaudible]. i spent 11 years -- [inaudible]. and it's, it's still a shock. it's like, it's like you lost your grandmother. the nation has lost their grandmother. liz: yeah, to what darren just said, nile, the world is reacting with a resounding well-done. the queen set an example of dignity, of devotion. she is a stable monarch, a steady come approach, giving great britain and commonwealth what was needed through multiple crises. what are your thoughts on today? >> well it is is an incredibly sad day and, the queen was somebody who was a part of the british nation for 70 years at the helm of the british nation. she was deeply loved by the british people. she was a leader of tremendous dedication, service, sacrifice
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actually and with a tremendous sense of, of love for country and, you know she led by example. incredibly hard-working as well, even this week. bidding farewell to boris johnson welcoming the new prime minister liz truss and you know, this kind of public service is so rare today actually in this world. so i just, i just find today to be extremely heart-breaking but at the same time we treasure one of the truly great figures of our time, so deeply loved, cherished on both sides of the atlantic, by the british, the american people and across the entire free world. liz: tonight's point, darren, there are lots of firsts here. longest serving monarch in english history. counseled with 15 prime ministers, 13 u.s. presidents steered england with 12 wars. experience with, and serving and
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working with the queen? >> i was behind -- working with the queen, so sure i saw all the pomp and pageantry and her sacrifice and attention to detail and duty but i saw her behind the scenes too and you know, today i'm just sort of reminiscing on dinner at balmoral, the first time i met her at balmoral castle, she was walking the corgis, the corgis saw me, i thought i would meet the queen for the first time. so happened the dogs saw me and started barking, running after me. i turned and ran away, the queen was laughing so loud. things like that, behind the scenes, seeing her dancing at balmoral with prince philip, giving out christmas gifts, shaking hands with every member of staff, that was behind the scene memories that will last with me forever. liz: to very cherished memories darren was talking about, nile,
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the first british monarch to make a state visit to the republic of ireland, the first to address congress in 1991 and now england is suffering through record inflation. she was a steady hand through multiple crises, nile, often man-made crises. england is experiencing 19% inflation in january. goldman sachs is saying it will hit 22% but never entered personally spoke out about politics, right? >> yeah. shoe so she never engaged directly in political debates. she never made political interventions. of course she, she worked with 14 prime ministers plus she, you know, she gave her ascent to the new governor of ireland's trust but never intervened politically but had a very strong understanding and knowledge, deep-seeded of british politics but also u.s. politics as well having engaged with 14 u.s. presidents. but she was not a political figure and one of the great strengths of the british
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monarchy is the fact that the monarchy has largely kept out of politics. this is a good thing and i think that is important for, for king charles ii to always bear in mind because he has intervened politically on occasions as prince charles, environmental issues, immigration matters, for example, monarch as a sovereign he has completely to avoid that. he has pledged to do so it has said to be as well the queen without a doubt, she was just an incredible palepy -- example for any future monarch. i hope king charles will follow closely in the footsteps of queen elizabeth ii. this is the end of the second liz beat ann era. new era with king charles. there is tremendous goodwill among the british public for the new king. liz: and commonwealth. the commonwealth. it is canada, australia,
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new zealand, 150 million people total in the commonwealth of those 14 other nations including great britain. that is 15. the queen was the first to address congress in 1991. let's listen. >> your congress and our parliament are the twin pillars of our civilizations and the chief among the many treasures that we have inherited from our predecessors. we like you are staunch believers in the freedom of the individual and the rule of a fair and just law. some people believe that power grows from the barrel of a gun. so it can but history shows that it never grows well nor for very long. force in the end is sterile.
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we have gone a better way. our societies rest on mutual agreement, on contract, and on consensus. a significant part of your social contract is written down in your constitution. ours rests on custom and will. the spirit behind both however is precisely the same. it is the spirit of democracy. >> darren, final thoughts. >> i remember being on that trip with the queen in 1991. we flew over to washington on concord. the queen spoke before congress as you say. she was in a bad mood because the podium was too small. we had to make sure the food was good when we came to dinner and then flew to tampa, joined britain yaw, sailed to miami, did a banquet for president reagan, president ford,
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general schwarzkopf for part of the gulf war. incredible memories. what the queen has been through on my 11 years of duty serving the queen, cooking for her every day, doing my duty knowing she did hers for 70 glorious years. liz: darren mcgrady, nile gardiner, lovely time with you. appreciate you both being on. their for your insights. the world in mourning as queen elizabeth passes away at the age of 96. >> my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. ♪ go. go green. go wind turbines. go gorgeous reliable grid.
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by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> our very own grady trimble at the scene of the treasury secretary janet yellen and her speech in dearborn, michigan. the treasury secretary joined the white house an democrats in what critics call a radical push to get rid of u.s. oil and gas. grady, what is the latest? reporter: liz, the treasury secretary's speech was largely a
6:17 pm
legislative victory lap on behalf of the biden administration, touting the so-called inflation reduction act and other parts of the president's economic agenda. the backdrop of today's speech is also significant. it is the facility where ford makes its electric f-150 lightning. yellen spoke about the president's climate goals and the administration's push to get more americans behind the wheels of electric vehicles. in doing so she said we got to get off of oil and gas. >> we will rid ourselves from our current dependence on fossil fuels and the whims of autocrats like putin. reporter: as you can imagine the foss till fossil fuel industry didn't take too kindly to those comments especially at a time americans are struggling to avoid high energy costs and europe is the on the brink of and energy crisis. the american petroleum institute says this kind of rhetoric is unhelpful and unrealistic. american producers are poised to
6:18 pm
meet growing demand for oil and natural gas but we need a comprehensive energy policy from this administration that lays the foundation for long-term growth. yellen is also advocating what she has coined modern supply-side econmics. that is essentially the opposite of the reagan era term. she is calling for taxing corporations and more government spending. liz. liz: grady trimble. thank you so much. joining us now, congressman french hill from house financial services along with economist nick loris of c3 solutions. congressman, your reaction to janet yellen. it sounds like she wants to wipe out tens of millions of u.s. jobs. is it to churilous to say she didn't skype or zoom the speech, she flew there? >> liz, it is depressing because janet yellen had a distinguished career in macroeconomics. she is the former chair of the federal reserve board and she is absolutely spewing nonsense in
6:19 pm
her speech at detroit. it is completely unrealistic to say what she said and it is misleading to the american people to think that we can snap our fingers and go from our important use of fossil fuels to renewable energy. she is completely wrong about it. i know she knows better than that. she knows this is an evolution airy process that has to be driven by the market, not a radical revolutionary process done in the salons of brooklyn. liz: too, what the congressman is saying, nick, this phrase is now coming back. it is being called flatten the curve on energy usage. it is not just about the pandemic. now it is about using energy. watch the president of the european commission. we broke this story last night. watch this. >> this is what is expensive because in these peak demands the expensive gas comes into the market. so what we have to do is flatten the curve and avoid the peak
6:20 pm
demands. we will propose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours and we will work very closely with the member-states to achieve this. liz: nick, are we going to have climate shutdowns now? we have states already moving to regulate local energy use by seizing control of people's smart thermostats like google's nest to set the air-conditioning level, even locking them out of their thermostats. moving to regulate how much water we use too. what do you think? >> yeah it is incredibly frustrating. just the messaging on energy itself because energy is so important to human flourishing and it is such a critical input to just about everything we make and everything we do. it helps us live our lives better. it helps the economy run. it is to think of energy as some sort of a bad is very problematic from an economic sense and then again to force consumers to ration their energy use especially elderly
6:21 pm
populations who may not be able to live at higher temperatures and so this is a real threat to human life. you know consumers can make those decisions on their own. i have no problem with utilities paying people to turn off their power if they opt to choose into it but when governments and companies force that decision on consumers, that is when things run awry. liz: congressman this is happening in california. it is the fifth largest economy in the world ahead of france and india. it cannot keep the lights on, rationing energy. going fully green electric downed utility wires charged with killing hundreds of people wiping entire towns off the map. final word. >> final word california's energy policy is wrong just like the policy in germany is wrong. we need and all of the above policy to make the transition. trying to go renewable, you don't have adequate battery storage, don't have transmission, leads to disaster
6:22 pm
what we're seeing in california. liz: nick, give you final word, 10 second. >> the same all of the above. renewables are not bad but we need conventional fuels. we need nuclear power. we need to fix the supply bottlenecks with more transmission lines, more pipelines, how we get reliable affordable energy to consumers. liz: got it. new details on hunter biden exploiting access to the obama white house to get lucrative business deals with america's adversaries like china. plus the mayor of memphis slams weak-on-crime prosecutors for letting out of prison early a convicted felon who went on a shooting rampage. up next joe gamaldi from the fraternal order of police. >> if you do the crime you do the time and we need to get back to this truth in sentencing, keeping people who are violent criminals locked up and off the streets. ♪.
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♪. liz: the mayor of memphis, tennessee, slamming weak-on-crime prosecutors. they let out of prison early a convicted felon who went on a shooting rampage killing four and wounding three. a string of deadly killings in memphis lately. fox news's jonathan serrie in memphis, tennessee with more. jonathan. reporter: good evening, elizabeth. this shooting spree has left four people dead, three people injured and traumatized the residents of a major american city. a single gunman blamed for seven
6:27 pm
separate shootings, targeting random victims. when police saw the homicides were taking place in locations scattered all over the city and urged all memphis residents to stay at home and if they were out shelter in place. the transit system temporarily suspended bus and trolley services. diners were moved from outside. minor league baseball game removed players from the field. the committee still legalling from the murder of beloved teacher eliza fletcher. two unrelated cases with departments with prior criminal histories who were released before serving out their full sentence. >> responding to the same individuals committing violent acts. they were frustrated and we are frustrated. the community is frustrated. want it to stop. reporter: in wednesday's shooting spree police arrested 19-year-old ezekiel kelly after high-speed chase in a stolen
6:28 pm
vehicle. is he expected to be arraigned on first-degree murder charges friday morning. elizabeth, back to you. liz: thank you very much for your reporting. joining us joe gamaldi, the fraternal order of police. i have can imagine you're upset about this. mayor of memphis said four of the citizens would still be alived with the felon was not released early. he was arrested on attempted murder charges t was downgraded to assault. he served 11 months of a three-year prison sentence. your thoughts on this. >> it is refreshing to see a mayor actually speak out against these soft on crime policies that have led to this horrific tragedy. that is why we're seeing 16 american cities experience their highest murder rate on record last year. memphis was one of them. i wish some of these other elected officials would grow a spine to speak out like this man. liz: you wonder, why aren't they sued, why are they not charged with aiding abetting assaulting innocent victims. >> the problem in these cases, liz, they give prosecutors prosecutorial discretion.
6:29 pm
they give the judges this discretion. so they can't come back and sue them for these things. they have complete immunity when it comes to this. take example for this monster, liz, he was arrested back in 2021, april, for attempted first-degree murder. he got the charge downgraded. only did 11 months in jail for that. he comes out and does this i, how much longer as we as americans going to allow this to go on? how many more people have to die? how many more families need to be ruined before we put a stop to this? liz: crime hit the suburbs, residents of lakeview neighborhood are terrified. a woman was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. she was dragged to the ground. one of the men was pointing a gun at her. democrat-run cities like los angeles, new york city, chicago, philadelphia, minneapolis, they are less safe today than they were in 2019. democrats spent the last few years downplaying crime after downplaying riots and fighting to make things easier to get out
6:30 pm
of prison violent criminals. >> well, i'll tell you liz, the democrats better buckle up because violent crime will be front and center during the midterm elections. all polling data shows this issue is paramount for voters going into this. so that is why we're seeing massive ad buys reminding people how bad crime is, we're up to 30-year high in homicides. it is, i've been a police officer for 17 years. it is baffling to me that we have politicians that aren't supporting policies that will make things better. in fact they're doing the opposite. they are still supporting bail reform and defunding the police. liz: we have conservative group, unveiled to your point a new ad campaign, citizens for sanity. they're saying for nearly 30 years crime was falling in the united states but now the national murder rate is at its highest in 25 years. you know, we've seen the images, subway riders pushed on to train tracks, stores looted in broad daylight, senior citizens beaten. now it is come to the, area
6:31 pm
county, washington dee dee, enforcing a cure few on teenagers because so many are shooting each other of the carjackings thieves coast to coast, going after hundred day and kia models -- hyundai kia models reportedly to being stolen. >> wake up in this country. we live in infinitely more dangerous place than just years back particularly in the minority communities where we've seen the murder rate go up for black americans by 50%, to the tune of thousands more black americans losing their lives on your streets. this has got to stop this is not sustainable for us as a society. we need all to come together and vote these idiots out supporting these woke revolving door policies. liz: joe gamaldi, thank you for the service to our country. thanks for coming on. democrat mayor of d.c. and her city council first time criticized the white house not
6:32 pm
doing more to help with migrant buss from texas and arizona. are they finally waking up to biden's border crisis? new details hunter biden using access to the biden white house to do lucrative business deals with america's adversaries like russia and china. that is next on "the evening edit." >> every week we get a little more information about what we really knew in october of 2020 when the hunter biden laptop kind of came to light. ♪.
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liz: with us now "new york post" columnist jon levine. pleasure to have you on again. good to see you. okay, fox digital is reporting this, emails show hunter biden said he would be happy to introduce his business associates to top chinese communist party officials after they sat together at hunter's table at a 2013 dinner in beijing, china, for his father then vice president bide.
6:37 pm
again, jon, more detail exploiting the obama white house to make money. >> right. well, liz, this just shows again hunter biden trying to sell his official access and to make money off of his official access. he was seated at a dinner allegedly next to the, a man named wa, a former communist party boss of hong kong, a very, very senior government official in china. right after the dinner he gets an email from his business partner, hey, i see you were seating next to you know, know mr. tong, can you seat us next to him? i'm not sure it was him. why was he at this dinner? he was not a government official. he is not a china expert per se. there is no real reason for him to be there. liz: why didn't president obama say something about it? why didn't obama officials say something about this? he was clearly there to make money. fox is reporting emails shows
6:38 pm
jails bolger, nephew of boston crime boss, whitey bolger asked hunter in a email in july of 2014 introduce his business partners to tong wa, a top chinese communist party official to your point. this guy sat at two state dinners at the obama white house. >> right. i also, i will remind you of previous reporting from this network which talked about when hunter biden also conveniently sat next to the number three-man at the chinese embassy. next thing you know democratic donor is there and hunter is there, former senator ted kaufman is giving the address. it shows more weird and illicit and questionable connections between hunter and the chinese communist party and it raises the specter of what will be found in an investigation should republicans take back the house. liz: how is the obama white house okay with this? because bolger's company the
6:39 pm
thornton group joined with defunct rosemont and a venture with bull high capital to create bhr partners, controlled by the bank of china. hunter had a stake in bhr. that raises ethical questions. how is the obama white house okay with that? >> there were major, majoringeth cat failures allowing hunter to pursue thee arrangements in china or all over the world. they either weren't aware or looked the other way. that is a very good question, i don't have an answer for that right now. liz: what happens to the doj probe by hunter biden? >> it is reported it was allegedly in a critical stage that was about a month ago. it's hard, it is hard to see where it is going right now. i don't know that they're going to announce charges or any kind of resolution before the midterms because you know, they generally avoid trying to do things like that but, there are questions there too.
6:40 pm
we know the man in charge of the criminal division of the justice department nicholas mcquaid a partner of hunter biden lawyer. they were both partners at latham here in new york. there is legitimacy about that investigation. liz: you're a great reporter. >> thanks for having me. liz: florida governor ron desantis it firing back at california governor gavin newsom over his attacks. this, democrat d.c. mayor bowser declares a public emergency over migrant buss from texas and arizona. d.c. councilmember hey you guys are turning d.c. into a border town. are they finally waking up to biden's border crisis. arizona attorney general mark brnovich takes it on next on "the evening edit".
6:41 pm
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when you're tired of looking at your tired old bath, we fit your style, with hundreds of design options. bath fitter. it just fits. visit to book your free consultation. ♪. liz: okay, we've been reporting how crime is coming out of u.s. cities into u.s. suburbs. and now you know more and more it's showing that, data showing
6:45 pm
it is connect to the biden's border crisis. kelly o'grady is in arizona with more. kelly. reporter: good to see you, liz. two cartels, sinaloa are at war, fentanyl trade is at the heart of that. we embedded with the cochise county sheriff's department to get a first-hand look what that means for those on the front lines. just two milligrams of fentanyl is lethal dose. worse, users have no way of knowing how much is in each pill. the cartels are business savvy, economic size and efficiency makes it the drug of choice. >> costing the cartel roughly 50 cents to make a single pill but yet in our area people are being charged 20 to $25. they're looking how they can better the business, make more profit, to get more product across the border. >> on our ride along it is simple to get that product across. 1000 pills is the size of a tennis balls. x-rays cannot often find the drugs and it rests on manuel searches.
6:46 pm
a man was arrested with 50 pills they have mandated instead focus on influx of human smuggling. that is challenge we witnesses tucson sector has the most got-aways. two border patrol agents were nearby watched as dozens of illegal migrants hopped the border wall. with manpower limited, people come in. liz: thank you as always, great reporting, kelly o'grady. arizona attorney general mark brnovich. bowser declared public emergency. blames white house for not helping with the migrant buses, your state and texas is sending to d.c. watch. >> it has been said but worth reiterating the governors of texas and arizona have created this crisis and the federal government has not stepped up to assist the district of columbia and in many ways the governors
6:47 pm
of texas and arizona turned us into a border town. we don't know how long this will take to resolve. >> is he partly to blame then? >> is the federal government? >> the president, yes, president, white house, anybody else who was involved in the national guard not being granted for the districts humanitarian response. yes. >> so you guys are responsible for the border crisis. you guys turned d.c. into a border town. what do you say? >> well there is old native-american expression liz, when you point the finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you. the reality of the mayor of washington, d.c., should be ashamed of herself because for the last two years elected officials like myself in arizona and the governor complained about joe biden turning over control of our southern border to the cartels. they have done nothing. they created sanctuary cities in places like chicago and new york
6:48 pm
and washington, d.c., and now that they're experiencing just a small taste of what we had to deal with the last two years, they go ahead and they're crying. they're whining about what is going on. the reality is all they have to do is walk across a few blocks to 1600 pennsylvania avenue and the cause of the problem is joe biden and his administration. that is who they should be complaining about. liz: every city, every city, every state is now a border city or border state. why? because of crime and drugs pouring into those regions. what is wrong, where is the wake-up call? we've got the mayor of chicago saying she will go to d.c. to talk about the illegal immigrant buses coming in from the border states but the mayors of chicago, d.c., new york, still do not directly to your point, they don't directly address biden's border crisis. we've got 277 terrorists on the watch list caught at all ports of entry. that is more than last year. it is just a generation after 9/11 which we're just about to commemorate this sunday.
6:49 pm
it is striking that new york city mayor is silent on that in biden's border crisis. why is he silent on that? >> it's, it's heart breaking to see what is going on. we know that as you said every city, every state is a border state because fentanyl is now killing more people than breast cancer. we know that in places like arizona in the last four years we've gone from fentanyl being involved in 4% of the deaths, overdose deaths to more than half of them. and so you know, this sunday will be 21 years since the heartbreaking tragedy of 9/11. at that time americans said they would never forget yet the joe biden administration has only taken two years to not only forget but open the doors to terrorists and -- coming into our country. liz: have these mayors forgotten it too? >> apparently they have. those who forget history are condemned to repeat. when you see these numbers, four or five times as many people on the terror watch list apprehended this year than participated in 9/11, liz you
6:50 pm
know this, that is the people we know about. what about all the people slipping through the desert, walking through 115 degrees smuggling in drugs, coming in from all these other foreign countries what harm do they mean to the united states. these are people we know aabout. the proverbial tip of the iceberg above the water. underneath there is a huge rock that is waiting to crash on our shores and -- liz: we hope not. >> people are going to die, people are going to die as a result of joe biden and kamala harris and secretary mayorkas' failure to secure our border. liz: mark brnovich, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, liz. liz: florida governor ron desantis now firing back at california governor newsom's attacks. we have gop strategist ford o'connell with reaction on that next on "the evening edit". >> gavin newsom it is pretty simple, 2020 and 2021 were the first years in california's history that it ever had a loss of population. hundreds of thousands of people including a lot of the high earners who give all this tax
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
now, gop strategist ford o'connell, great to see you.
6:55 pm
staying on this, california's power grid under severe strain from historic heatwave and transitioning to green energy watch florida governor desantis buyback against governor newsom attacks on him. >> i hear people tripping about florida from california worried about florida, they can't even keep the power on california. are you kidding me? someone told me they'll be able once all the people who want to move then they maybe they will have adequate power. liz: what you think? >> he's right. but every quantifiable measure, california under gavin newsom is a disaster. significantly worse off california than it was before covid. the reason is with respect to the energy crisis is because gavin newsom refuses to admit the obvious, renewable energy is
6:56 pm
incapable of replace in conventional fuel is endangering the lives of california. liz: california still has rolling blackouts but doubling down going fully totally electric but no one is talking about this. downed electric transmission wires are to blame from massive wildfires in california killing more than 100 people wiping entire towns off the map so how can he not talking about that? >> liberal you to lick groupthink. the democrats don't want to admit the you topic idea of renewables being the solution will be the answer and that's why you are endangering the lives of californians because they don't want to admit the obvious. the only way to sustain the power in california generating an economy of that size is by going with fossil fuels and nuclear power but it goes against liberal groupthink because renewables are the future and it's destroying the country. liz: we got california, fifth
6:57 pm
largest economy in the world, bigger than india and france and now rationing energy? the power grid was already struggling to deliver basic electricity service before the heatwave and extreme weather. officials were warning in may of rolling blackouts before the heatwave of fires. >> well, california should be one of the most successful states in the nation and the reason they have this problem over and over is because you don't want to demonstrate the leadership wrong desantis has demonstrated in florida and it's common sense. what american's grave regardless of party is freedom, choice and safety and that's not what's provided in california. liz: things could have been different in florida, democrat andrew gillam one, right? >> that's right. teresa decided by less than 40000 votes and i promise you if andrew one, schools would be
6:58 pm
closed for two years, you have a greater loss of learning and the reason you florida's america is america and beacon of hope in the conservative movement is because of wrong desantis commonsense leadership and because of that right now that's why he's attacked by gavin newsom among other democrats because they believe if they attack desantis they may be able to come. the democratic presidential nominee. liz: he's in lockstep with president biden and look at t this, beto o'rourke, he agrees with texas gop governor abbott. he's claiming i'll keep the public safety officers at the border equivalent of kansas is caught trying to cross. >> this is the problem within the democratic party, they tried to say the right things 60 days before election day and then after you see their true colors. democrats have no concern about the border, they do not care about sustaining energy when it comes to america and they don't care about a problem.
6:59 pm
soft on crime policies will always revert back and that's why lora would call him a chameleon. liz: , security inspector general found home and security collect critical data to properly screen, fit evacuees they may admit corporal individuals into the u.s. to pose risks to national security and local communities. final word. >> that's the problem with open border policy for the biden administration, you endanger the lives of americans and that's the biggest problem not just to mention it's also national security threat. liz: we are coming to the anniversary of 9/11, 277 terrorists at all ports of entry this fiscal year more than last year. >> we have to remember happened going forward because the safety of america is what matters when it comes to our citizens. liz: thank you for joining us, we'll have you back on again
7:00 pm
soon. good to see you. the queen passing, 70 year reign, quite a story. we will stay on it for you. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit". thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ kennedy: there she is, modern history gone tonight at age 96. queen elizabeth the second passing away peacefully after 70 years on the throne. her eldest son king charles the third but with the world never be the same without his iconic mom? live look at buckingham palace in england. gathering to pay respects and ten days of morning before


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