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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> with all the focus on the uk, it's important to remember on that day in 1776, our continental congress decreed the united colonies become the united states of america following our de-colonization from great britain. it's been a good week and thanks for joining us. "the evening edit" starts rite now. maria: uk's new conservative prime minister, her first move, she unleashing uk oil and gas. independent security but the u.s. is going in the opposite direction. the wake up call the white house is not answering. with us tonight is congressmen
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and many others. this story, reports are coming in, voters and now cops iny now alarmed. crime ridden illinois, it's about to abolish cash bail for major crimes next year. we have the list. and chicago mayor lori lightfoot touted chicago as a sanctuary city and sending illegal immigrants to a chicago suburb run by the gop. that town's mayor is firing back. president biden claims the soul of the nation is at stake and spends 40% of his time outside dc including at his beach home. reportedly where they are blocking release of the visitor logs. why? and this, federal reserve chair powell now blames government pandemic spending for inflation and after all that and shut downs, a major breakthrough is scientists discovering antibodies they say neutralize all known strains of covid-19 with up to 95% efficiency and
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this story. outraged school board parents are now the new powerful voter block. they're up ending racists "coast-to-coast" and we have a fiery debate. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: welcome to the show, a moving tribute to queen elizabeth. madelynn rivera in london with the latest. >> the british m monarchy endina chapter friday with the death of queen elizabeth iii. >> that promise to lifelong service i renew to all today. >> king charles vowing to continue queen elizabeth's service today. charles spoke about his family, including his sons william, now the prince of wales, and harry. as well as their wives katherine
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and meghan. he also deliver add message to his late mother. >> thank you for your love and devotion to our family. family and to family of nations you have served so diligently all these years. >> earlier friday, charles arrived back in london for his first full day of duties. he greeted crowds of supporters at buckingham palace and he takes the throne as the world mourns the queen's death and the bells tolled and 96 gun absolute rang out across the uk to mark her passing and thousands of supporters gathered outside of buckingham palace and balmoral palace and many are emotional about the end of a queen's 70
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reign. elizabeth: nigel, we missed you and love having you on. your owe action to the week's events and passing of the queen. they want heros and want to look up and out from their experience beyond human experience. they want qualities and hopes in their life and positivity. this is what this feels like too. >> this woman represented decency, morality, duty, and above all service. i feel with her passing we're moving into a world where those qualities are much rarer than nay used to b. i can't even begin to tell you how i felt when i heard the news that she'd been taken seriously ill. i felt sick to the bottom of my stomach and half past six last night, we got the news she passed. the emotions that has raised in tens of millions of us in this
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country is beyond description. i was at buckingham palace today and i watched streams of people walking down towards the palace, carrying their hands their floral dribbles. no one was talking and there was no cars and a total crowd of silence and a nation numbed by the loss of this incredible woman. the most famous woman in the world. the most loved woman in the world. a woman known everywhere in the world as the queen. you didn't need to ask which country, everyone knew exactly who she was. it's been a very emotional, extraordinary 48 hours and to think that just hours before she died, there she was welcoming liz truss as prime minister, clearly very ill, but with a smile on her face. the 15th prime minister that she
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welcomed. the first one of course being the great winston churchhill. she met 13 american presidents during her time. it is as if something remarkable has come to an end. the last global figure of any import to have worn uniform in world war ii. elizabeth: interesting, yes. >> it's a very, very -- i can't even begin to tell you how sad -- elizabeth: nigel, it's palpable and coming through and it's coming together as a nation, the soul of a nation and identity of a nation. what do you make of the new conservative prime minister liz truss and her very first move unleashing uk oil and gas and unleashing energy independence? lifting the banner accident fracking, new licenses to drill in the north sea but the u.s. is going the opposite direction. white house is hitting down u.s. oil and gas and energy independence. this is about the soul of the nation and how we define ourselves; right?
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>> yes, clearly the queen operated on a nonpolitical level. that's important to make that point and part of why she succeeded. liz truss has come out of nowhere. it's bizarre that she's prime minister, but she is. i'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, big time, at this moment. i have been screaming for 20 years if you keep building wind turbines everywhere and thinking that will prove your salvation as you pursue your moral crusade towards net zero, you're making a terrible mistake. we import 50% of the gas that we need to burn to back up the system when wind power isn't working. america starts from a far better position than we are, but we are now sending a better signal than biden's administration is. elizabeth: to your point -- >> i was watching liz truss' speech as she said, we are going to start fracking. we want to be energy
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independent. i was cheering. then suddenly a piece of paper came into the house of commons -- elizabeth: but england has 19% inflation to your point due to punishing gas and energy and the cost of living. in the u.s., inflation is hitting double digits in more u.s. cities and biden's energy policy is draining the strategic reserve to the lowest since 1984. taxpayers will pay for that twice. to fill it up first and fill it you have after he has drains it. the energy secretary says they're going to continue to do that before the midterms. critics say this is for the vote. i want your reaction to this, the democrats here are launching a campaign, an ad campaign to turn out the green vote touting the hundreds of billions on green energy. nigel, i want your reaction to this cause this is important. again, it's about the identity of a nation. the white house press secretary claims she doesn't know about the energy secretary saying that california is a model for the nation on green energy as it faces rolling blackouts. watch this. >> last friday the energy
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secretary said of green technology in california that that state was in the lead and showing the rest of the nation how it's done. the state is currently bracing for blackouts and said it's happening and yet in particular their governor is asking folks there not to charge their electric vehicles. does the president agree that california is an example for the rest of the country as a transition? >> i haven't seen those specific statements. i would like to see it in fuller context that the secretary has made. i'm not going to comment on something i haven't seen in full. >> california is in the lead, can show the rest of the nation how it is done. >> in my mind, all honesty, great, whatever. if we're waiting for 2040 to get rid of gas vehicles, we're doing something terribly wrong. elizabeth: that was democrat tim ryan. nigel, to wrap this up, i mean, england is facing goldman sachs saying 22% inflation rates in
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january. the u.s. is double digit. talk to us about leadership and the importance of leadership and leading a nation out of a crisis now inflation hitting both sides of the atlantic. >> dollar is strong, the pound is weak, the euro is weak because of one six letter word, energy. whatever mistakes the biden administration is making and the lunatics in california are trying to do, you're still relatively in a better place than us. if you want to wake up quickly, see the disaster, net zero policies are doing to my country and do not make the same mistake. elizabeth: nigel, final word on passing of the queen. >> a magnificent woman, a very, very sad moment but let's reflect on the values of duty, christianity, dee sen seizure dd service she's shown us for 70 years and make sure those values are taught to our children as being good things.
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elizabeth: nigel farage, so good having you on and we join you in mourning the loss of the queen. we'll see you seen. president biden claims the "soul of the nation is at stake"and spending 40% of his time outside of dc including at his beach home and they're blocking release of visitor logs. why? voters and cops in illinois increasingly alarmed. crime rate in illinois sit to abolish cash bail for major crimes next year. congressman lee zeldon of new york is next. ♪
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elizabeth: a crime that has shocked las vegas. a local democrat official charged with murder in the death of an investigative reporter who had written stories about that official's mismanagement, including allegations of a hostile workplace, bullying, and favoritism. matt fin has the latest. matt. >> yeah, they say robert tellis lashed out and stab add newspaper reporter to databases of that journalist reporting that led to the end of the administrator's political career and marriage. 45-year-old robert tellis made first court appearance thursday
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in connection with the death of 69-year-old las vegas review journal reporter jeff german and faces one count of murder with a deadly weapon and not granted bail. investigators believe tellis dressed in disguise and orange reflective work shirt and wide brimmed hat and attacked the newspaper reporter as he came out of his vegas home stabbing him seven times to death. authorities believe garman fought back because of his defensive wounds and they found the dna of the reporter under robert tellis's fingernails and he'd written stories about tellis causing him to lose his reelection bid in june and the reporter was working on another upcoming story. in court, new details emerged. a prosecutor said the county administrator's cell phone activity happened to stop all together in the time periods before and after the murder. tellis was takessen into custody wednesday night after an hour's
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long standoff at his house and they located a pair of bloodstained shoes and a straw hat during their search but did not find the weapon used in the attack. the district attorney said it's not clear how the administrative found the reporter's home address and noted this is not the first attack on a journalist. liz. elizabeth: such a disturbing story. matt finn, thank you for joining us. congressman lee zeldon from house financial services. sir, this story, like new york, crime ridden illinois, it's about to join the list of six states including washington dc and new york, abolishing cash bail for major crimes like second degree murder, drug induing homicide, kidnapping and robbery. what's your reaction to this story? >> this is a bad idea. look at what's happened here in new york. cashless bail has caused an increase in crime.
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new yorkers feeling less safe. you have a state where you're leading the entire nation in population loss and one of the reason why new yorkers are hitting their breaking point is because they feel like their safety has been under attack. this is part of the biden/harris agenda nationally to have cashless bail everywhere. i believe that we should be giving judges discretion everywhere, in all 50 states, they should have the ability to weigh dangerousness and flight risk and seriousness of the offense and past criminal record and more. most importantly you need laws that are protecting law-abiding citizens, not criminals. this push in illinois is one that is fighting for, advocating for criminals instead of law-abiding illinois residents. elizabeth: it's across the nation. this is happening, no cash bail, right as democrat-run cities face a dire police shortage after democrats defunded police. we had two law enforcement
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deputies shot to death yesterday serving a warrant at a home in georgia. two suspects apprehended and in bradick, pennsylvania, home of john fedderman and police chief warning they only have half the cops they need. fedderman's soft on crime report is truly astonishing. congressman, sit for a second and listen to fedderman claim it's a lie and supports releasing one-third of inmates and it's on tape and see wisconsin democrats and mandela talking about releasing the state's inmate population, watch this. >> he said something remarkable that i agree with. he said we could reduce our prison population by a third and not make anyone less safe in pennsylvania. that's a profound statement. >> spend a billion and a half dollars and open up the prisons in this state. it's unfortunate because we could cut our population in half and make our communities safer and save money in the process.
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elizabeth: safer? that didn't age well. look at senator ron johnson's tweet saying they're letting out hundreds of murders and rapists as well. >> that's the trend. it's not just with regards to cashless bail. there's also this push to empty out prisons and some on the left will say it out loud they believe there shouldn't be prisons. there's an extreme position thinking about the consequences and people getting released early from prison that shouldn't, releasing cop killers and murdersers and rapists and in many case not providing for victim impact and allowing families to weigh in when the decision is being made. the people on these boards, you'll have democrats who are not elected officials but appointed by say a governor. and the make up of these boards are letting people out easier. this is a dangerous trend. elizabeth: congressman zeldin,
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thank you for joining us and we'll stay on the story and have you back on soon. have a good weekend. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: federal reserve chair powell, he now blames inflation on historic government pandemic spending. after all that, after shutdowns, now this. israeli scientists discover a major covid breakthrough, antibodies that neutralize all known strains of covid-19 with up to 90% efficiency. president biden claim "the soul of the nation is at stake"but spends 40% of his time outside of dc including at his beach home in delaware that's not releasing the visitor logs and the hills joe concha and mitch rochelle with us next.
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elizabeth: welcome back. joe concha is joining us now. president biden is heading to delaware to his beach home. he claims the soul of the nation is at stake and doubles down on maga and spends four of ten days outside of dc mostly at his beach home in delaware. what's going on here? >> look at the schedule today, liz, he call it had a day at 1:30 obstructing cerumen a 1:30 on a friday. that's nice. why won't the white house release the visitor logs to
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delaware if you have a presidents that been there for 40% of his presidency. i mean, why when this administration promised transparency, when the transparency to this point has been clear as mud they won't release the logs, i know joe biden hasn't done a sit down television interview in 210 days and skyrocketing inflation and violent crime and catastrophic border crisis and spent nearly 170 days with his home in delaware with no sense of urgency. elizabeth: and no transparency. >> that's the thing. elizabeth: yeah, mitch, to what joe is saying, i mean, how come taxpayers are not allowed to see who's he's meeting with there. his team says he's doing official duties there; right? also the job is in washington. that's where the cabinet is. that's where the dc action he's supposedly overseeing where he should be. we're not allowed to see who's visiting him? >> speaking of the taxpayers, liz. the tay packsers are funding a
6:27 pm
$500,000 worder ball around his -- border wall around his beach in delaware. he's quiet quitting and talking about this on the network for awhile. you show up for work and phone it in. that's what joe's doing but the thing that's appalling is the lack of transparency. i don't know who's showing up at that house. i don't know what he's doing when he's there. elizabeth: is hunter biden talking about the justice department probe into him or lawyers or anybody from delaware? you know, prosecutor affiliated people showing up? we don't know. i mean, to what joe is saying -- joing to your point, the border has a energy and border crisis. food crisis and one to three conflicts involving nuclear powers and many probables exacerbated by the white house and democrat policies. he should be on the stick and riding heard. watch tim ryan. tim ryan is saying listen to this, ohio democrat, he's saying
6:28 pm
they all have to go including the president. listen to this. >> the president's been to his beach house six times this year. he's been in north and south carolina on vacation. has the president himself considered personally reducing his spending because of inflation or has the administration reduced spending? >> i'll say this, the times the president has gone to delaware, not including and we were clear when he went to south carolina in august and he was going to go spend time with his family, which every president does. >> you listed off his performance, should he run again in 2024? >> my hunch like we need new leadership across the board, democrats, republicans, i think it's time for like a generational move for new leaders on both sides. i think the environment politically across the country is poisonous and, you know, people i think want t some chan. >> ask any major business person because they say if we think
6:29 pm
it's worth investing in and we're putting tax dollars into it, it has increased possibility of being usable and workable. make ago hell of a legacy as you leave what you're doing is a consequence of you in large part. elizabeth: all right, it's just gibberish. nobody knows what he just said there. mitch, i mean, mitch, reports that the nation's railroads could go on strike. there's union fighting now with the railroads. that's going to hit the supply chain crisis but he's in delaware four out of the ten days he's not there on the stick. what's your word on this? there could be a railroad strike now. >> the thing that's really interesting is joe biden uses the word union as anage adjective and not noun. he calls them union jobs and he's a union guy and there's a risk of the railroad strike. if there was a president to prevent a strike, it should be joe biden. quite the opposite. i'm quite confused in terms of
6:30 pm
his relationship with organized labor and whether or not he can do anything to avert a railroad strike, which would devastate the supply chain. elizabeth: this is a big deal. final word, joe concha. the president again doubling down on maga voters, he's not talking about the student loan bailout anymore even after another democrat joe mansion said it was wrong. your take on doubling down on maga voters. >> most sane and intent voters see through this as it is. the president wants to talk about maga republicans and has no answer for # .35 inflation and no answer for democrat cities allowing ridiculous bail laws that let criminals on the street to kill and hurt people. that's why he's not doing interviews at this point because he doesn't have a winning message so it's put trump on the ballot. that's not gone a work. elizabeth: that's the referendum, all those other cry cease. crises. joe and mitch, thank you for
6:31 pm
joining us. chicago mayor lori lightfoot touting they're a sanctuary city and now sending illegal immigrants to a suburb and that mayor is fighting back. now inflation is blamed on government pandemic spending and after all that and the shutdowns, now this, israeli sscientists discover a major covid breakthrough and and bodies that kill off all strains of covid-19 vaccines. up to 95% efficiency. jason smith is up next-over "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: let's welcome to the show, congressman jason smith, ranking member of house budget. congressman, we've got breaking news coming out of tel aviv. university researchers in tel aviv, they've isolated two antibodies that neutralize all known strains of covid-19, including omicron. up to 95% efficient saying we
6:36 pm
may not need boosters and may serve as vaccines. all the shutdowns and government spending, and now it. your reaction? >> we knew once you got all the evidence and see all the policies and the lockdown policies that the administration brought forward, their legal arguments going all the way to the supreme court where if people didn't get vaccinated or boosters that they'd be fired from their jobs. it now shows that they were all doing this just because they wanted to control people's behavior, just because they wanted to control their medical records, their shots. it's unacceptable, but we knew that this administration was overreacting and now it's just proving so. elizabeth: congressman, in terms of spending going on, this nation -- the amount of spending alone would stand as fourth largest economy in the world, ahead of germany. that's the amount of spending
6:37 pm
we've done and now fed chair jerome powell blaming inflation on the government spending. watch this. >> pandemic severe reigns leading disrupted the economy, gave rise to risks of much more dire economic consequences than actually transpired really and that was thanks in part to the policy response. there's no question that policy certainly supported strong demand, but in my view, you would not have seen anything like the inflation that we have seen without the pandemic effects. we need to act now forthrightly and strongly as we have been doing and keep at it till the job is done. elizabeth: acting forthrightly means american haves to pay for all that with higher interest rates and taxes. >> that's exactly right, liz. what he's talking about, the policies that he's talking about is in fact the two trillion american rescue plan that was passed and signed into law in march of '21. i remind you and all of the viewers, in february of 2021,
6:38 pm
the first month prior to passage of that, inflation was 1.7%. since then, inflation has gone up 13.7% and what did americans get for this $2 trillion spending bill? they got the higher cost of living, the higher cost for eggs, bread, just to put food on their table, clothes on their babacks and gasoline in their cars. the $2 trillion, $400 billion was used to pay people not to work. but all those prisoners got checks, $783 million went checks to prisoners. $470 million stimulus checks to japanese living in japan. part of that spending bill went towards covid and that's what fueled inflation. they've been spending ever since. just three weeks ago, they passed a bill titled the inflation reduction act that spend $745 billion, $745 billion
6:39 pm
and cbo just this week showed that it was going to add $60 billion worth of debt over the next five years only fueling inflation even more. in fact, they spend $400 billion on their green new deal policies. it's all about rewarding their political friends, olekowski lies, and donors. donors. elizabeth: there's no strings attached and don't know where the money is going and we'll have to pay for that. russian fraud ste stes terrificd fraud sters in china have been stealing it and democrats down play this and down play inflation and blame it on putin. watch this again. >> increases in prices are likely to have only transitory effects on inflation. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> today's inflation report confirmed what americans already know, putin's price hike is hitting america hard. >> the impact on inflation in
6:40 pm
the near term is likely to be -- is likely to be quite small. elizabeth: we've got growing number of cities seeing 10% inflation and more. your final word. >> i'll tell you, inflation's actually worse in rural areas and congressional budget office came back that inflation in rural america is 130% of that of urban areas. that is what's crazy. it's unacceptable and because of the wreckless spending policies of this administration. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, congressman. we'll have you back on again soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: this story, outrage school board parents, they are now the new powerful swing voter block up ending racists "coast-to-coast". we've got it. and chicago mayor lori lightfoot touted chicago as a sanctuary city and now quietly sending illegal immigrants to a chicago suburb run by republicans. that town's mayor is firing back. former acting ice creek
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correspondent ron vitiello next correspondent ron vitiello next on "the evening edit". go.
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the border debate spilling over into congress and mayor bowser declaring a emergency being bussed by border states. edward lawrence is at the white house with more. edward. >> liz, start off by saying dc named itself a sanctuary city like many other democratic-led cities and the district of columbia received 9200 migrants being bussed in from texas and arizona. now, with dc declaring a state of emergency now, it opens up $10 million to stand up an agency that will help with greeting and relocation services and texas attorney general says the texas taxpayers shell out more than $70 million a month to handle illegal migration there. del rio, texas, has a population
6:46 pm
much about 35,000. in july alone, one month, customs and border protection encountered 49,500 illegal immigrants there. now, more than the city's population. the dc mayor is upset about the lack of support from this president for that small portion that her city is seeing bussed in. >> is he partly to blame then? >> is the federal government -- yes, the president, the white house, and anybody else who was involved in the national guard not being granted for the district's humanitarian response. yes. >> upset about the national guard. now, nothing about the policies which led to the 3.5 million illegal migrants crossing the border since president biden has taken office. that number by the way is five times the population, total population of washington dc. liz. elizabeth: interesting reporting there. edward lawrence, thank you so much. joining us now is former acting ice director ron vitiello.
6:47 pm
great to see you, my friend. chicago mayor lori lightfoot touted chicago as a sanctuary city and is now quietly busing and sending illegal immigrants from the border states to chicago's supp suburbs like burr ridge and not telling their mayors who's a republican by the way. is the mayor targeting republican suburbs? >> it appears so. the hypocrisy is extremely thick. she's talking about a couple of thousand people that came to the city voluntarily on a free bus ride, free to them, the taxpayers are paying but texas sent them because that's where they wanted to go. that's where they're going to go anyway and what about the thousands of people who cross the border or end up in chicago without the help of the state of texas. what is she talking about? she ran on a sanctuary city policy. these big cities crave, don't cooperate with ice, we're not going to do immigration enforcement in the city. cook county is the largest
6:48 pm
sanctuary county in the country and you're getting what you asked for. you asked for the whole third world to come to your city because they're advantaged by not having a policy, a law and lorder policy that -- order policy that turns criminals over to immigration officials. this is what they asked for. elizabeth: yeah and mayor lightfoot blasted texas governor greg abbott for being a racist and "zenaphobe"and not corduating with chicago on the busing plan. watch this. >> my frustration comes from the actions of the governor of texas. there could be a level of coordination and c cooperation d he chooses to do none of those things and tries to send human beings, not cargo, not freight, but human beings across the country to an uncertain destination. elizabeth: but if -- okay, let's straighten this out. if the burr ridge mayor, the suburb of chicago, if that mayor
6:49 pm
grasso is correct and mayor lightfoot never coordinated with them before sending bus loads of illegals to their town. >> yeah, watch out what you ask for. governor abbott is building barrier and deployed the national guard and texas guard and deployed the department of public safety and you said that the attorney general there said they're spending $70 million a month. beside the federal government, that are not doing enough because the policies have ham strung all of the department including my former colleagues in border patrol and ice, who's doing more than greg abbott to call attention to this problem and practically, logistically, operationally helping the border patrol and texas. elizabeth: we've got 9/11; right? 9/11 commemoration is this sunday and no mention on the mayors from new york, chicago, and others on the terrorists caught at the port of entry this year. we're a generation away from
6:50 pm
9/11. why no hair on fire moment from the white house and from democrat mayors on this? >> yeah, they should be calling the white house and asking them what the plan is because they're going to continue to have terrorist involved people crossing the boarder and those are just the ones they caught. we know many, many people are getting away and never being encountered by law enforcement. the department exists to protect us from those kinds of threats and you have this uncontrolled wave of humanity at the border, there's a bipartisan outcry -- elizabeth: it's all ports of entry. yeah. your final word. >> no, there's bipartisan support that says this is a burden to the country. it's a burden to public safety, it's a burden at the border at border states and a burden for the destination cities. why don't they call the white house and ask them what the plan is. how are we going to continue to have hundreds of thousands of people coming every month encountered by border patrol and many of them being released into the entire states. elizabeth: ron vitiello, we'll
6:51 pm
have you back on again soon. thank you for joining us. outraged school board parents are now the new powerful swing voter block up ending racists breaking it down next on "the evenindge g edit".
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elizabeth: joining us now, economic pro carol roth. we always love your point of view, you're a straight shooter, we love having you on. this story, school board parents. they are now the new powerful voting swing bloc. they're i upending races across the nation angry about pandemic shutdowns, toxic school agendas and more. you're seeing it from coast to coast, carol. your word on. >> first of all, i want to just say there are so many great teachers across the country who care deeply about kids, but the teachers unions, on the other hand, are professional extortionists, and parents have had a first, you know, front row view to this in terms of the remote learning and in terms of seeing some of these heads of teachers unions out partying while they're saying, oh, you know, it's not safe enough to go back to school, in terms of the curriculum and sort of this social engineering. and so education really has become an important topic, you know, in the way the economy is.
6:56 pm
elizabeth: the president again today doubled down on attack aing maga voters, making the midterms a referendum on trump. but pew polling shows education is a top issue for nearly 6 out of 10 voters ahead of abortion, energy, immigration. 82% say they would vote for a candidate, they would cross party lines to vote for a candidate who agrees with them on how they think about school. but the president is doubling down on this other tactic. what do you think? >> yeah. i mean, obviously, i don't think he's got a lot to talk about in terms of the economy and his accomplishments, and so he's trying to, you know, go, ooh, look, a swirl over here! but people -- a squirrel over here. we've seen it work. think about back the to virginia with glenn youngkin, you know, in florida with governor desantis, even at the school board level. his endorsements have helped flip some of those big school boards. so we're seeing that this is a winning issue, and, of course,
6:57 pm
the president is not going to be able to weigh many on that because he's got nothing good to say about his cronies in all the teachers unions. elizabeth: you know, carol, what's also happening is teacher strikes. we've seen it in a seattle suburb, in columbus, ohio, the school service workers in philadelphia going on strike. so this is upsetting people across the nation, what's going on with kids. i think it's onlying more and more -- coming more and more to the forefront. >> it is. it has been cruel the way students have been treated, and we're starting to see the headlines even in the corporate press that, oh, no, students are falling behind in learning because of the remote learning, because of all of these things ongoing. you know, it's a continued issue, and parents had that front row seat. they don't want to put up with it anymore. the challenge that we have, liz are, is sometimes it's hard for republicans to seize that
6:58 pm
moment. this is one of those opportunities. we don't always have the greatest turnout for the gop in terms of the midterms, so it would be really good to see those grassroots movements continuing across -- elizabeth: but the strategy of the president, right, you know, turning out the vote, making it about semifascists, i mean, it's often -- the term is thrown around so loosely, almost like a swear word, it's like they don't even know the definition of it. you know what i mean? kimberly strassel said it is education, it is the economy, and conservative candidates are the ones who have been all along on the side of parents and common sense. but it's almost like, you know, when we hear people even use this ridiculous term to attack other people in this nation as fascism, they don't even know what they're talking about. >> yeah. i mean, when you have bad ideas and you cannot win on the merits of those ideas, the only thing that they have of left is to attack their opponents. and we see it on social media, we see it coming down from the president and other people in congress, and they're using any
6:59 pm
ist or ism that they can to try to classify groups of people assed bad and inhumane when all they're doing is fighting for individual rights. they're fighting for the rights of their children, they're fighting for their economic freedom. all of these basic, principal foundations, that's when the names get thrown around. elizabeth: and, carol, final word. basically, this nation has had the equivalent in spending that would be the fourth ranked top economy in the world. it'd be ahead of germany. it almost approaches japan, that that's how much the spending is. but scientists have discovered antibody treatments that may replace boosters and vaccines with 95% efficiency. after all of that, final word. [laughter] >> you know, they're always going to find something. they've got to keep getting those dollars and keep putting it in that professional money laundering thing they do. that's what congress is,
7:00 pm
political theater and money laundering. elizabeth: okay, carol, have a good weekend. we love having you on soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. it is 9/11 commemoration on sunday. we want you to have a good weekend and join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: and happy weekend to all. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. hess than two months until the midterm elections, and the unifier in chief is trying to rally the democrat base with more divisive rhetoric against the gop. one of the highest ranking senate republicans, john thune, responds today. plus, federal reserve chairman jay powell says he's going t


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