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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪. dagen: the city of lights goes dark. the lights of the eiffel tower will be turned off earlier than usual to save electricity as paris and the whole of europe face a growing energy crisis. can't make it up. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: this might be the biggest gaffe of all, a tone deaf white house celebrates the inflation reduction act today as stocks in an historic plunge on inflation, again coming in hotter than expected. it is up six-fold since biden took office. already the cbo, penn wharton and moody's says the act will not cut inflation. introing list of democrats avoid campaigning with the president with us darrell issa, cat ma'am mack, steve warren, carol roth, jay junk and former acting ice
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director tom homan a jam-packed hour. explosive testimony from a twitter whistle-blower warning of breakdowns that threaten privacy, your privacy and national security a chinese agent worked at twitter? thousands of twitter employees can track locations. a top chicago democrat calls the city's failing public safety a joke. and more u.s. cities have half the police force needed to fight crime after defund police. and nfl star aaron rodgers, he slams pandemic shutdowns, they were botched he says. they ruined a lot of small businesses and we have a former fdny captain, a fire department captain here in new york city. he vaccine mandates, he is outraged, they're still failing first-responders. biden's border chief testifies the border collapse is the worst he has seen in 31 years. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. we start with a brutal day on wall street, a sea of red. the worst day in more than two years. the dow dropped 1276 points. inflation came in hotter than expected. 8.3% versus 8.1%. rising rent and food driving it up. and the fed now expected to deliver another rate hike of 75 basis points next week. rates are expected to stick between four and 4.25 by year-end. the white house in talks with the nation's railroads to stop a nationwide strike t could happen friday. hit both supply chains and the midterm's hard but the white house celebrating the democrats inflation reduction act today. edward lawrence has more of that inflation report. he is coming out of washington. edward? reporter: well, liz, overall cpi inflation did tick down to 8.3%. but that did where the good news
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ends. that number is way too high. when the federal reserve look at core inflation in this report without food and energy prices that's critical. it went up for the first time in three months. it is 6.3% year-over-year, a substantial increase. this shows the fed that inflation might be more entrenched and harder to bring down. the governor of new hampshire says government spending from this administration got us here. >> there has not been a fundamental shift in that. there has been a fundamental shift is inflation, gas prices, putting food on the table and cost of electricity all of that, right? this inflation reduction act they did we all know it is not reducing inflation, not providing assistance where they need it. those are the things that will drive people to the polls in november. reporter: president is asking for more patience with americans paying more. president biden: this bill cut costs for families, helped reduce inflation at the kitchen table because that is what they look at, how much of their monthly bills and how much they have to pay out for their necessities. reporter: the federal reserve will decide next week how big
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the rate hike will be. we're starting to hear creeping in of possibly this next hike could be one full percentage point. liz? elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much. joining us now, congressman darrell issa from house foreign affairs with former economic advisor to president trump, steve moore. thanks for joining us tonight. the president just made another whopper, congressman. he said it cut food prices. food are at the highest since 1979. why celebrate the inflation reduction act at the white house today? it is being called tone deaf. why do it today when they knew the inflation read was coming out. >> they hoped it would be better. they thought their words, inaccurate as they are would shout louder than these facts. what they were not ready for for the market appropriately react the worst day in two years, since we fund out the pandemic was real and shutdowns were going to be extensive. that is how big of a shock it
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was to the market but it shouldn't have been. there is no question at all, steve would be the first to tell you we haven't had inflation of this sort and recession since jimmy carter but it's here. it is really, really going to hurt. elizabeth: to the congressman's point, steve, we're seeing eggs are up about 40%. bread and milk up 17%. food is up around 13 1/2% since 1979. but let's listen to this, steve. i want your reaction to this. watch? >> inflation fighting and driving down costs for kitchen table items. >> overall prices have been essentially flat in our country these last two months. this month we saw some welcome moderation in the price increases for food at the grocery store. it is moderating which is important. elizabeth: is it moderating, steve? >> no, in fact, liz, the big cost increases were in food, were in transportation, were in
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electric utility bills and act at this time activities like that. by the way those completely oaf set the effects of lower gasoline prices. agree with the congressman this was a lousy report. i have to confess, liz, this caught me by surprise. i didn't think inflation would come in this high. i think everybody was a little bit shocked that these numbers were as bad as they were. i think the main point is, that i would make, from a policy point of view, is that the fed can't combat this itself. it can raise interest rates but it is going to take some protracted reductions in government spending to bring this inflation rate down. i don't know if the congressman agrees with me on that. >> what do you say, congressman? >> way too much spending. >> we've got to stop driving inflation up, otherwise the fed will have to punish us even more with punitive rates. >> that's right.
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that is exactly right. elizabeth: today the white house has folksinger james taylor singing in celebration of the inflation reduction act, u penn wharton, cbo, moody's analytics will not have effect on inflation. listen to this, this happened at the markets were tanking today. watch? >> ♪ i've seen sunny days that thought they would never end. i've seen lonely times when i could not find a friend ♪ elizabeth: that is really odd, congressman, right? james taylor is a great singer but the markets are going down. again it is so off the wall and tone deaf to do this today like this? >> he was the best part of the obama inaugural where he sang last. he is a great writer and a singer but at the end of the day you cannot perform your way through the reality of
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inflation. the typical family, my typical constituent is spending $500 a month more on essentials. not luxuries the things they must be as you mentioned. eggs are not something you say i will buy caviar instead. the reality is we're paying more for things we must have. elizabeth: you know democrats, more of them, steve are avoiding biden on the campaign trail. watch democrat senator mark kelly. you will see ohio democrat tim ryan. watch this. >> has he done a good job you think? >> hey, you know, you know, first of all it is not my job to give him a report card. >> do you think he should run again in 2024. >> well my hunch is like we need new leadership across the board. it is time for like a generation al move for new leaders on both sides. elizabeth: show the campaign ad from democrat nancy captor of ohio. she released a campaign ad clearly breaking ties from biden. what do you make of this, steve? >> any they can run but they can't hide. joe biden is the head of their
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party. all of these democrats voted, lockstep for every single policy that biden as put in place. so i don't think there is degrees of separation there. i have told every candidate, republican candidate, you're not just running against the other person, the democrat, you're running against who is running for your office, you're running against joe biden and his policies. that is what will win republicans the congress in 2023. elizabeth: to what steve is saying, congress, the president is attempting to shift the spotlight away from inflation, away from his student loan bailout that democrats are criticizing to the inflation reduction act, threats to what he says, threats to democracy when inflation was 1.4% when biden took office. it is six times higher at 8.3. it is double digits in a growing number of u.s. cities. look at this, it hit 13% in phoenix, arizona. congressman? >> the reality is, president biden would like us to run on
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trump and the supreme court and rather than his policies. he is doing everything he can to make that happen including the raid in florida, but at the end of the day we don't pay for gas and eggs and everything else we need in life based on the trump era. we're paying for it based on the biden policies and those policies including additional spending belong to this administration and this congress and it's got to change. elizabeth: steve, your final word. inflation is not transitory, not moderating as white house has said. your final word. >> it is not just inflation and prices that is hurting families but of course that is the big one but look at the stock market this year with today's big, big selloff? you know you're seeing huge reductions in the values of stock and those are a nominal terms. real terms, this has been one of the worst stock market performances over the last 18 months we've ever seen. so i think it is both reduction in income and wealth that is killing american families.
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elizabeth: got it. congressman, steve moore, thank you for joining us. good to have you on. a top chicago democrat now calls the city's failing public safety a joke. u.s. cities see half the police force needed for crime after the defund police push. and explosive testimony from a twitter whistle-blower warning of major breakdowns that could threaten your privacy and even national security. we've got it next with tech policy analyst will thibault onp "the evening edit"in. ♪. . i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit some days, it felt like asthma was holding me back. but asthma has taken enough. so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults that takes triple action against asthma symptoms.
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♪. elizabeth: fiery testimony from a twitter whistle-blower today alleging major security and privacy breakdowns behind the scenes at twitter. connell mcshane on capitol hill with more. connell? reporter: well, liz, at least one chinese agent said to have been working inside of the company and the whistle-blower is said to have learned about that about a week before he was fired by twitter. peter zatko, the name of the twitter whistle-blower here, goes by on the on line handle, mudge. he was telling lawmakers about his experience at the company on the very same day twitter shareholders voted to approve elon musk 43 billion-dollar take over as musk is trying to get
6:16 pm
out of the deal. he said the executives prioritized profits over security, so much so they don't even know what data they have. in terms of a foreign agent actually infiltrating the company, there is this. >> i'm reminded of one conversation with an executive when i said, i am confident that we have a foreign agent and their response was, well, since we already have one what does it matter if we have more. let's keep growing the office. reporter: senator lindsey graham says it is time to up our game in this country saying the testimony from "mudge" tells him the regulatory environment at this point is insufficient. meantime the saga between elon musk and twitter, that's not over either. the two sides will fight it out in court next month. liz? elizabeth: always great reporting and journalism from connell mcshane. thank you so much. joining us tech policy analyst will thibault from the heritage foundation. your reaction to that story? it is good to see you, will.
6:17 pm
>> thanks, liz. it is striking testimony but i hope it is the last testimony the u.s. congress needs to take some action here. you're right, we don't know if it is one chinese spy who worked at twitter. we don't know if there are dozens. we don't know there is no law that actually respects the nature of digital life in the 20 first century and -- elizabeth: but they're setting the national conversation, right, helping to, right? >> they certainly are but i think that is all the more reason why there has to be some basic rules of the road. transparency requirements, minimum standards of respect for private privacy and user data that are established by congress because the quote from there was telling. they're always, the companies themselves are always going to err on the side of growth, even if it means hiring more foreign agents, even means exposing more user data. it's a lawmakers's job as far as -- >> allow chinese agents on as you shadow ban conservatives
6:18 pm
that is a heck of a business model. i would like your reaction to this, twitter is calling zatko's events. watch this. >> twitter leadership is misleading the public lawmakers regulators, and even its own board of directors. the company's cybersecurity failures make it vulnerable to exploitation, causing real harm to real people. when an influential media platform can be compromised by teenagers, thieves and spies and the company repeatedly creates security problems on their own this is a big deal for all of us. >> 4,000ish employees would have had access to live user data all over twitter. >> we've learned that personal data from twitter users was potentially exposed to foreign intelligence agencies. india was able to place at least two suspect foreign assets
6:19 pm
within twitter. fbi notified twitter of at least one chinese agent, in the country. the company i should say. >> will, okay, you heard that, right, will? thousands of twitter workers can find out user's exact location every day, maybe docks dox who knows? chinese foreign agents work at twitter behind the scenes? >> it is shocking, but it is not simply a location or what data puts on twitter but all the other applications user might have on the same phone as twitter. and you know, i found it a little funny that some senators -- elizabeth: what do you mean by that? stay with me on thats. you're saying if you have the twitter app on your phone they can access other apps on your phone? >> right. cross app tracking allows an application like twitter to understand what else you do on your iphone, which means they might have access to a google
6:20 pm
search that takes place on that same phone or maybe, maybe you're a young woman checking pregnancy app. maybe you're checking their bank account. all of that information is accessible because of the nature of cross app tracking that happens almost by default on so many phones. the fact -- elizabeth: why would foreign agents don't want that information? >> we don't know. perhaps they're able to collect so much data they can identified phones on u.s. military bases, near secure facilities. who knows what bluetooth signals they can use to garner sensitive information? maybe they hijack accounts to create mass panic in instance of political instability. in the united states. elizabeth: stay on this. if i work at the pentagon and i have twitter on my phone, somebody whose a foreign asset inside of twitter, i'm just speculating here, hypothetically, they could look at defense workers, other apps they're accessing? >> if they're using those apps
6:21 pm
on the phone with their twitter app, yes. at the very least, by the, virtue of that defense employee using twitter, having a twitter account, the chinese spy knows that person works at the pentagon. maybe that flags for the chinese government through this twitter employee, that's a person worth pursuing, worth finding out more about and i think the threats are untold. it is exactly the fact that we don't know which is so scary. it is not just the chinese. this is, this is a threat all silicon valley companies pose to americans because their access to private user data is essentially unregulated and it is threatening from the chinese. it is also threatening from these tech oligarchs are trying to impose a certain ideology on americans and we should be concerned about both. elizabeth: interesting. great interview, will, thank you so much for your insights. >> thanks. elizabeth: we'll have you back again soon. look for that. nfl star aaron rogers is now slamming botched pandemic
6:22 pm
shutdowns for destroying small businesses and a former fdny captain, he is outraged. he says vaccine mandates are still failing first-responders. and this, a top chicago democrat now calls the city's failing public safety, quote, a joke and u.s. cities see half the police force needed to fight crime after the defund police push. florida congresswoman kat cammack will take it on next on "the evening edit". ♪. ♪today, my friend, you did did it...♪ today, you took centrum and took one more step towards taking charge of your health. centrum gives you 100% of the daily value of key nutrients. so every day, you can say, ♪you did it!♪ with centrum
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elizabeth: credit card giants announce they are ramping up efforts to track gun and ammo sales to stop guns going to violent criminals in last shootings. nra and critics are calling fall. jeff fleck at a gun store in new jersey with the story. jeff. reporter: this is what they calmer chant category codes. these are codes developed by the credit card companies to track purchases whether it be at a bowling alley, a food store, a restaurant, whatever. for the first time now they have carved out special code for gun shops. wayne who runs this gun shop in glass borrow, new jersey, you're concerned that this, at some point may lead to people cutting off payments for guns through a credit card? >> yeah. some people will go right to cash and other people will just won't buy guns anymore. they don't want big brother watching what they do. they get a little paranoid.
6:27 pm
reporter: it is tough but guns still get on the street. they say this will help stem the flow. do you think that is true? >> absolutely not. not very many criminals are buying guns with credit cards. even fewer of them are buying them from gun stores. reporter: good point. wayne, i appreciate it. his father, liz, founded this shop back in 1962. still going strong despite some best efforts. back to you. elizabeth: jeff flock, thank you so much. good to see you. joining us now from house homeland security congresswoman kat cammack. congresswoman, always a pleasure to have you on. you and i talked about how crime is a growing problem. this story coming out of las vegas, an elected official, clark county public administrator robert tellis. he is charged with murder. he murdered investigative reporter jeff german who wrote negative stories about him. he gets to keep his 130,000-dollars a year job while he sits in jail. your take on this story?
6:28 pm
>> good to see you, liz. again another example of how liberal policies and the set of standard exist in this country to the debttry meant of the american people. in this case you have an elected official who is still collecting a taxpayer-funded salary and benefit while standing trial for murder. this is absurd and just another example of a very long line that we can point out where this double standard exists. crime across the country has been skyrocketing and when people hear stories like this they continue to lose faith in the system and it makes people angry. i think that is really going to be a driving factor as this increased crime across the country as we play into the november elections. elizabeth: the real focal point is chicago. we have a democrat, george carr dean has. a chicago alderman. he was appointed to a top spot in the city council by mayor lightfoot. he tweeting public safety in chicago is a joke. why bother calling police?
6:29 pm
retweeted surveillance video, a robbery team mugging a man in wicker park. chicago police supervisor, ordered cops to stand down, do not chase the suspects under chicago's new rules. at least, congresswoman, 16 more robberies have been reported. >> to your point there is also along with that, a record number of officers and dispatchers that are retiring or leaving outright because they are not allowed to do the job they signed up for. you know, when the democrats are chiming in saying, you know, we actually need to fund the police, we need to actually support law enforcement, we need to uphold the law, when you have people who have been on the defund police train, now switch their tune over to hey, we ought to do something, that is very compel about the state of affairs. no longer can, the mayor ignore her disasterous policy. there is a count, a tracker how many dozens of people are injured, shot and murdered each weekend in chicago.
6:30 pm
that right there is very telling. again points to the fact that most of the crimes that are being committed, they're not being prosecuted. they're not being investigated. no one is being held accountable. certainly not the elected officials. and when you look at the weapons that are used, they are illegal. that means that all of these gun control measures including the story you just were covering about the now purchasing, tracking through visa and mastercard and others that is not going to drive down homicides. that is not going to keep our streets safe. it is this vicious cycle. >> talked about defund the police, the city of seattle defunded their police, right? they're losing police officers, amid a major spike in crime. they voted to defund cops in 2020. nearly 500 cops left. 11 homicides in august. deadliest month on record going back to 2008. it will take a decade to get back up to the 500 cops -- 1500
6:31 pm
cops they need. they have 877. quality of life in seattle and west coast people talk about it. see it in new york city, greenwich village, they hired armed guards to patrol the streets in gren niche village because of crime and and more. >> this is the tale of two states. in florida, governor ron desantis, we reward our first-responders, our law enforcement officers. just this week he was bonussing $1000 to every single first responder and law enforcement officer, praising them, thanking them. showing how grateful we are for their service where in other cities, they're defunding them and they're criminalizing them and they're penalizing them. that is why we're seeing the crime waive around the country. elizabeth: got it. congresswoman cammack thanks for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: texas bans, says no way state and local governments you cannot do business with financial firms that boycott oil and gas in texas.
6:32 pm
this fight is heating up. plus nfl star aaron rodgers slams botched pandemic lockdowns for destroying small businesses. outraged former ny captain in new york city. he said vaccine mandates still fail first-responders. economic pro carol roth is. >> i was allowed to work through the pandemic but was not allowed to eat in the restaurant. i could wear the uniform. go to a burning building but not eat here. >> thank you. >> what is wrong with you people?
6:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us. economic pro carol roth, an author. good to see you. carol, i know you're a chicago bears fan, right? >> i am. elizabeth: well, okay. we want you to still to weigh in on this. we've got super bowl champion, four-time mvp aaron rodgers, slamming his home state of california over their shutdowns that wiped out tens of thousands of businesses and did little to
6:37 pm
nothing to stop the pandemic. watch this. >> the frightening thing was how much you could, you could get people, so quickly, to change their way of life, stay home, wear masks, you know, don't touch -- >> altruistic at first. >> of course. >> take two weeks to flatten the curve, right? vaccine mandates, vaccine passports. >> right. >> it turned into away from doing your job to stop the, the spread, to like lockdowns, states going to [bleep] but i'm hanging on. i grew up in a small town with very little cases up in chicago california but all the small businesses are [bleep] gone. our favorite restaurants in l.a., anew york, across the country, not just in big cities, some crazy percentage will never open again. elizabeth: i mean to his point, carol, california shutdowns destroyed 40,000 small businesses, nearly a third of its restaurants.
6:38 pm
what is your take on that interview. >> it is very cruel, liz, to bring a long suffering bears fans on tv to say nice things about aaron rodgers but he happens to be right in this particular situation. i wrote a whole book chronicling the lockdowns and not only was california among the most draconian in terms of their measures against small business but none of it was really based on data and science t was all based on you know, clout and connection. you would have two-tiered sets of rules. pineapple hills saloon couldn't open up. or outdoor seating. the same parking lot 100 yards away a movie production can serve catering. this was done on who you knew. so it has been really, really tough for small businesses not just from that lockdown portion but then all of the long tail issues they have had to deal with. disruption of the supply chain, disruption of the labor market, the inflation and where the big businesses have the scale to be able to absorb this, the small
6:39 pm
businesses don't. elizabeth: this is epic, colossal failure, an epic mistake, historic mistake. keep big box stores open like target and walmart but shut the little guy down? it makes zero sense. it is so brutally wrong. it is really cold up there with the moral high ground with these people. when you say it was wrong, they're still getting a paycheck, oh, it had to be done. no it didn't, it was wrong. are they ever going to say they were wrong? >> no. because in many cases i think it was distribute. i get this question alot but was it intentional? i think it was deliberate. when you think about the big box stores, big companies those are the ones with political clout and connections. they can support lobbying groups and support political campaigns but small businesses are very difficult to control. they're independent. they represent economic freedom. elizabeth: yeah. >> so it is very easy to throw them out as cannon fodder deliberately to say oh look, we did something when the politicians don't truly care about what happens to the backbone of our country. elizabeth: i want you to listen
6:40 pm
to former fdny captain brendan foe gertty. he is 20 year career vet. served the city well as fireman. he is outraged about vax mandates. those mandates are on for city workers. listen to brendan. >> i was a captain for the new york city fire department. i served for 20 years. i went from being essential to being disposable from the mandates. i gave my best years to this city, 20 years, from 21 to 41. then they take it away. at the peak of my earning career. i made it to captain. i was aloud to work in this city but i wasn't allowed to eat in a restaurant! in this city. >> thank you very much. >> i was allowed to work through the pandemic but i wasn't allowed to eat in a restaurant! >> okay. >> i could wear the uniform, go to a burning building but not eat here. what is wrong with you people? trust the science. you guys are [bleep]ed up. elizabeth: what is wrong with them. these fire men lay their lives
6:41 pm
on the line every day, health workers, cops too. what was that about? why did they mistreat the first-responders the way they did? >> god bless him, all the first-responders who went from being essential to thrown by the wayside. separate people from their jobs that didn't prevent transmission and didn't prevent people from getting covid this is absolutely an abomination. i think, liz, this is the first steps of social credit. this is a trial run where the government wants to be able to control how you think, if you can have a job. if you don't follow the system, they're showing you this is what they're going to do for you and he is right to be as angry as he is. everybody should be that angry. elizabeth: people understand vaccines are important, right? they save lives. but the way this went down and the way it was handled, in such, it is such a ham-handed way. such a mean-spirited way. i mean even if you had a preexisting condition you
6:42 pm
couldn't get the vax mandate, we have story of a nurse, a emergency nurse for children. she was pushed out of her job for that. we hear that for firemen, preexisting conditions. willy-nilly across the board. all of sudden people who have power never had power before. your final word. >> this is what it all has been about, power and control for the people in charge. you better get with the program or they're going to exercise it against you. it will take away your economic freedom. we all need to push back on that liz. elizabeth: carol roth, thanks for joining us. go bears. actually go giants. i'm kidding. carol, come back soon. border patrol chief raul ortiz testifying that the white house releasing illegal immigrants into the interior of u.s. is unprecedented in the 31 years he has been with the agency. he is on record saying that. texas bans state and local government entities from doing business with financial firms that boycott oil and gas. jay young is next on
6:43 pm
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♪. elizabeth: look who is here. jay young. he is with the energy group, king operating. jay, great to have you on. this fight is really heating up. what is your take on this now? texas is banning the state, also local government entities from doing business with any financial first that boycotts oil and pass in texas. we're talking blackrock, ubs, eight companies are trying to do this. what is your tank on it? >> i agree. if you don't support the oil and gas business why should we do business with you you know the type deal? i hate to draw a line in the sand, liz, you know what? we need the sport of the oil and gas business. i don't know if it is trump-like idea that hey, you know what, let's forget about this and let's get these guys back in, because these guys are one of
6:48 pm
the reasons why you're seeing high oil prices right now. because we're not drilling for oil in the united states like we should and like we have been in the past, so, man, we need to boycott. we're, i think this is like boycotting these places with which i definitely agree with 100%. elizabeth: what you're saying if they follow through, win with the boycott gas prices could go up. taxes could go up, jay. you know this. oil and gas is the largest industry in texas. it is like more than a third of the economy. oil and gas h they pay billions and billions of dollars that fund teachers, fund schools, funds roads, infrastructure and essential services. if you destroy, try to do this for oil and gas who will pay for all of that? >> exactly. so you've got to have the infrastructure in place which we do. we've got to have, that is one of the reasons why oil and gas is so high because the capital infusion, that is what they're talking about with blackrock.
6:49 pm
blackrock quit investing. there are several reasons why oil and gas prices are high he or higher than they were right after the pandemic. they went to 30 or $40 a barrel after the zero or minus which was kind of glitch. then, they went to 30, 40, when all of sudden the oil markets didn't come back around, then what they saw was oil and gas prices continuing to go up because governments were in the way with the esg and government was there. you know the public companies weren't participating in new oil and gas drilling activities and capital infusion was just, it just went away. it dried up. we need capital to drill for oil and gas in the united states, and especially the good ol' state of texas. elizabeth: 80%, 80% of the u.s. power grid comes from oil and gas and nuclear. i mean renewables are a fraction of it but you have 350
6:50 pm
investment funds, jpmorgan, goldman sachs, are there, they're saying oh, don't invest in fossil fuel companies in texas. so, if we, what happens to the power grid if they succeed? >> yeah, if they succeed, that means that the chances of us going blockout is a lot better. we don't need to see that. we need to continue drilling for oil and gas in the united states. we need to keep pouring oil money back. you heard the trump days when they were drill, baby drill. you know we were paying $2 at the pump for gasoline. we're not doing that today and because we're not doing that, we're seeing higher oil prices. as a matter of fact i feel like this is really extraordinary because normally when you have high oil prices the solution to high oil prices is high oil prices because when prices are high people start drilling for oil and gas. all of sudden we oversupply demand and prices start coming back down.
6:51 pm
elizabeth: okay. >> this time we're not seeing that. we're still 20, 30% less rigs drilling for oil in the united states. so you're not seeing. elizabeth: interesting, okay. jay young, great to have you on. thanks for your insights there thanks for joining us. okay this bombshell from border patrol chief raul ortiz. he is saying that the white house releasing illegal migrants into the interior of the u.s. is unprecedented in the 31 years he has been with the agency. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan. he is fired up. he is next on "the evening edit" ♪.
6:52 pm
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look who's here, former acting director tom holman, great to have you on. let's listen to border patrol chief raul ortiz in his deposition in florida lawsuit testifying the president releasing illegal immigrants into the interior of the u.s. is unprecedented in the 31 years he's been at the agency. >> in your experience, 31 years with border patrol, have you ever seen a memorandum like this before? >> no. >> does exhibit three authorized the release of aliens that would otherwise be inadmissible into the united states?
6:56 pm
>> yes. >> your reaction? >> i've known him for 20 years, i'm glad he said it under oath, a wish you would have said it 20 months ago but that's not the only memo is unprecedented home and security has told ice the cannot arrest somebody for being here illegally. let's not the first memo in the first operational instructions that's president stopping law enforcement from enforcing the law, ridiculous. elizabeth: you been all over this story. sentenced to life in prison for selling internal on the internet that killed 11 people 31-year-old prosecutors say that from china and telling it like federal and thus friday, 1 13-year-old boy arrested in california, he brought something like 150 fentanyl laced pills
6:57 pm
designed to look like percocet to his school and going to his backpack, school supervisor was exposed and passed out. your take on those stories? >> you and i have talked about it. i don't care what anybody says on this but when you create a crisis of this magnitude that pulls up to 70% of border patrol off the line, that's when the drugs are flowing, record fentanyl overdose deaths, illegal immigration, borders wide open. elizabeth: the vice president says the border is secure. >> well it's ridiculous. you seen the videos, the american people have seen the videos, she's lying to the american people. the vice president of the united states, secretary of homeland security to this day refuses to admit there's a crisis at the border.
6:58 pm
historic record. we are 2 million already this year will 2.3 million, 4 million illegal encounters, since joe biden became president, 5 million illegal aliens crossing the border since he's been president. but that's not a crisis, i don't know what is because i've never seen numbers like this. elizabeth: let's stay on fentanyl, the leading cause of death for americans between 18 to 45. three orders of teen overdose deaths involved fentanyl. the theory is, china is doing just force fentanyl into the u.s. let's listen to former ice ag agent, victor on this. >> these are not drug addicts, individuals extremity with the drugs that have no idea what they are taking, counterfeit bill laced with fentanyl, one out of every four pills in this country according to the drug
6:59 pm
enforcement administration is a counterfeit bill laying russian relay with these drugs and not forget china has a huge role in this working with the cartel three circles in their bringing a lot of these pills fully produced into mexico so cartel can distribute them into every corner of our country. elizabeth: what you say, tom? >> he's right, i've known him 20 years, he's worked for them 20 years they need to hold china and mexico accountable. donna sent them to them and they are killing americans. a word of china about fentanyl, joe biden said fentanyl for the first time in kamala harris hear from her either and is going americans, the only killing americans, we have a record number of migrants that died from this open border policy, 1300 migrants have died because
7:00 pm
the most vulnerable people will come to this when they won't be detained, promised free healthcare. this administration needs to address the issue. people are dying, u.s. citizens and migrants. elizabeth: thank you so much. come back soon, good to see you. you've been watching "the evening edit" on foxbusiness. thank you for watching and have a good evening. ♪ kennedy: white house propaganda will never talked struggling consumers out of what they already know, prices are too high. they are only going higher. economists expected inflation to soften a little bit and that didn't happen. it's not transitory and the lying lights trying to pay that are only writing their own political death warrant. first constant federal spending coupled with incompetent monetary policy created


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