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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 16, 2022 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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more than they should have and this was made possible by the extension of the emergency powers act. i'm ready to take on the corruption fight and do what we have to do. the taxpayers in new york should not subsidize the re-election cam a pain of kathy hochul. the taxpayers are paying for her re-election campaign. cheryl: she can't commit to a debate. she can't commit to an answer. she seems to be the queen of the nonanswer here in new york. michael henry, thank you very much for being with us. good luck on your campaign here, sir. the next hour of "mornings with maria" starts right now. and good morning, i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, it is september 16th. 7:00 a.m. eastern time right now. a shocking new survey revealing that almost half of san francisco residents have been robbed in the last five years. this as total crime spikes and homelessness tops 7,000. california congressman and a la
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mayoral candidate once saying she felt safe in los angeles having a change of heart after burglars broke into he her home. >> i came into my evening to find my house in disarray, it was very traumatic the. people do not feel safe. i did feel safe until my safety was shattered like so many. we need to get officers on the street as fast as possible. cheryl: and in virginia, horrifying new video of two men holding an elderly couple at gunpoint inside their own home, the robbers ransacking the house before taking off. joining the conversation all morning long, tiana lowe and john lonski. and that video, tiana, is so hard to watch of the elderly couple. >> absolutely. cheryl: that home i'm vacation. it's really dis-- invasion. it's really disturbing. >> this is virginia, this is not the south bronx. we see how there's a trickle down crime effect from these majmajor cities.
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i want to go back to the carp kn base clip. she had a firearm stolen from her home. which means was she being a responsible gun owner? where was she maintaining her gun? was it not in a finger print lock safe? how were they able to get that. let's not forget that los angeles has the choice to either elect karen base as mayor, represent one of the most violent neighborhoods in los angeles, data from the la times or rick caruso who is a millionaire, who is a corporateist, who has not been responsible, who isn't a communist who has gone to celebrate the castros in cuba but the crime stuff more than anything doesn't have a political affiliation. we see the life and death issue. that could be anyone's
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grandparents in the virginia video. until democrats care about that this will be a political liability. cheryl: it's a business issue, john. in all of the cities, san francisco, new york, chicago, the small businesses, these mom and pop shops, they're shutting down because they can't stay in business. their sales are down. people aren't coming in and they don't feel safe and they're getting robbed. in new york they're getting robbed over and over. we have had people come on the show and talk about it. it's horrifying. >> it's a sad state of affairs. my goodness. come election day we have to remember who supported defund the police. i don't know whatever happened to that movement. but we have to have a system in place which worries about the victims and potential victims of crime, much more than the perpetrators and i think this is of the utmost importance. it's going to show up come this first tuesday in november at the
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midterm elections and i can't help but notice that the last time i can remember crime rising sharply like this was in the 19 1970s which also coincided with a period of very rapid price inflation. i think rapid price inflation and rising crime go hand in hand. they reflect very sloppy political leadership as well as misguided business leadership at the corporate level. cheryl: yeah. i mean, look, tiana, as we look at these videos -- i mentioned lee zeldin earlier, a few moments ago when he was speaking with maria, his new ad shows all of the crime that's happening in this city and in this state and it's like basically how you vote, your life may depend on it, frankly. it kind of y does because elections have consequences and people to wake up. >> especially when you figure the whole covenant of living had in a city, people move to cities knowing they're going to pay higher taxes, they know they're going to have higher rents,
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smaller apartments but the covenant, the deal is, is that in return for that you get public servicessers public spaces like parks that everyone is available to use. not that have not been monday on over by homeless camps and drug dealers, like in d.c. and san an francisco. also when you call the police, someone will show up and they will do something. if in san francisco, you go to a walgreens and cvs, they have shampoo behind lock and key. because was do people do? they know they will only be given a misdemeanor larceny if they get up to the $1,000 point of stealing merchandise. so they can walk around literally tabulating things of. the store owners are scared to call the police. they p don't want to be the site of the would-be george floyd, derek chauvin thing.
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what will they do, kindly he's sort them out of there? cheryl: their hands are tied, at least in this city. they won't do anything because they will lose their careers if is caught on a camera. we have a lot more coming up. fed ex is cutting costs as the ceo warns of a worldwide recession. we'll get into it in the word on wall street, coming up next. plus, apple releasing the latest iphone today. skeptics are doubting whether the company's newest products are going to sell. fox business' susan lee live from an apple store in new york with a full report. don't miss a moment of it, you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ and we danced all night to the best song ever. ♪ we knew every line, now i can't remember. ♪ i won't forget her. ♪ we danced all night to the best song ever. ♪ buying your first car.
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cheryl: time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money this morning. joining me now, rose cliff founder and managing partner, mike murphy and managing principal and founder, mike bellinger. always good to see you. mike, i want to start with you on this fed ex issue. the stock is falling, right now it's down almost 21%. they announced as you know, they're going to be cutting costs, they withdrew guidance for next year and they're talking about disappointing shipments in q1. the fed ex ceo expecting a, quote, worldwide recession. none of this bodes well for really, mike, predictions for the economy and for the markets. >> good morning, cheryl. great seeing you. yeah, it really doesn't. you know, if you look at what the fed is doing, they're going to tackle inflation here in the united states but they're grinding the economy to a halt and if it continues, and i think
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they've been too aggressive, i think they need to let the recent hikes run through the system, but if they're telling you they're going to slow down the economy, well, if the economy he slows, it's going to have a negative impact on fed ex and every other business out there. so, you know, we need some sort of leadership. we need some guidance. we need someone who understands business to be in charge of what's going on right now because it's pretty simple. keep raising rates 75 basis points every meeting, you'll see a lot more companies opening down 20% on weak guidance like fed ex. cheryl: ryan, really quick, i want you to weigh in on this as well because this is a big story with fed ex. i mean, this is very disconcerting, this warning from the company. >> yeah, sure. i mean, it's great to be with you. i think there's a lot of structural issues with the economy and i would respectfully take a different approach. i think you really have to quell
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this inflationary wildfire or we're going to see a period like the '70s which is a lost decade of wages and earnings and a real destruction in the wealth of americans so i think the fed is doing what they need to do. they're probably a little behind. we've been saying they've been behind. the last time i was on this program i used the analogy of everyone was at the beach all summer, forgetting how bad the house of was back home and i think it's worse than people thought. inflation can be like a stubborn 3-year-old. i have one. you have to find a way to bring inflation down or else it's just going to crush the real wages of americans. we have two years in a low of declining wages for americans. cheryl: no, i agree. i agree with you, ryan. obviously this is a difficult time for americans, for the economy, for what we're paying at our grocery stores, at least gas prices we've gotten a break on that how do you tell people to invest, ryan? >> well, these periods are tough. there's no magic bullet.
7:14 am
you've got to stay high quality with your companies. we prefer dividend paying stocks. we still like diversification. it hasn't worked for the last 10 of years. you've had to own a handful of stocks but these are periods that investors just have to endure, knowing that seven out of every 10 years they're going to get a positive return. you can't just bail out of the market. that's the worst thing you can do. you want to work with an advisor that can detail a financial plan for you of how to get through these tough periods but there's no magic bullet and we feel like if you stay higher quality, you have a better shot at lowering the risk tolerance in your portfolio overall. cheryl: mike, final word to you on all of this. >> so one thing, back to fed ex just real quick. as their business slows because of what the fed is doing, they're not going to keep hiring people. they're going to be laying people off. now we have more people who don't have jobs, that's not going to help the economy. that's not going to help any of the companies out there. i think we need to have the fed back off a little bit and let
7:15 am
the u.s. consumer have a job, have money, and go out and live their lives and live the american dream. where we are right now in the market, cheryl, you can't bail. you have to stay with high quality growth. likes like we're going to test p recent lows. that's okay. let it come down there. but the market will recover. we will rebound so people should not panic at home. cheryl: very good advice, obviously don't panic but it is tough to watches pushily with futures down 235 this morning. here we go again. mike murphy, ryan bellinger, thank you very much, appreciate it. all right, coming up, governors greg abbott and ron de santis finally catching the attention of democrats and the mainstream media after bussing illegal migrants to martha's vineyard and kamala harris' doorstep. the blue city pushback coming up next.
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>> we're committed to fixing the immigration system, instead of working withs us on solutions, republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. what they're doing is simply wrong. it's unamerican. it's reckless. cheryl: president biden you attacking republican governors for sending illegal migrants to blue cities, this as the white house is now reportedly considering taking legal action against the state.
7:20 am
florida govern for ron de santis says all of the liberal outrage actually exposes their hypocrisy on this issue. >> the minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go bezerk and they're so upset. it shows you their virtue signaling is a fraud. cheryl: yesterday the mainstream media was reporting that residents of martha's vineyard are were w welcoming te migrants to their town. now they're calling is a crisis. joining me now, florida congressman, greg steube. good morning. it's great to speak with you. your reaction to all of this. >> what's interesting is pawn president biden calls this a political stunt. the political stunt is mayorkas and the vice president saying the border is secure and the border is closed when in the month of july 199,000 illegal immigrants came into our country since joe biden's been president
7:21 am
we're over 3 million encounters with illegal immigrants, not including the got-aways and they want to c call it a political stunt. the political stunt is at the border. the illegal stunt is at the border where this administration is ignoring federal law that congress has passed, so much so they're not even sending these immigrants back who don't -- who have judges who p don't agree with their asylum case and ordered immigration to send them back to their host country and they're not doing that. that's the illegal stunt that's going on in our country right now. cheryl: in particular, i couldn't believe you had had this community member in martha's vineyard call governor de santis a fascist. >> there was only two planes. imagine if it was bus loads that showed up there. cheryl: the governor obviously is going to continue to get a lot of pushback on all of this. i'm assuming that you support govegovernor he de santis and ts of move.
7:22 am
do you think that this move by these three governors, it's going to put them at odd with the biden administration, but do you feel like d.c. is waking up this morning and thinking, oh, we have a crisis, oh, the borders is a problem. >> well, the democratic cities and mayors certainly are realizing it's much more of a problem and then they have to turn the blame to governor abbott and governor de santis. it's inhumane that you would send these individuals to our city despite the fact that the biden administration is putting them on the same busses and transporting them throughout our country but that's perfectly okay. it shows the democrats' hypocrisy, shows the things that are really happening in our country and putting it on the doorstep of the people that support these sanctuary city policies so it is highlighting things going on every day at the southern border. i support what governor de santis is doing and hopefully it may change the policy that the white house has.
7:23 am
we all know that's not going to be the case. cheryl: there is going to be a meeting today at the white house. they say it was already scheduled with all these officials to talk about the border but, you know, we'll seize what the headlines out of that are today. arizona u.s. customs and border protection reporting they had a massive drug bust. they seized 146,000 rainbow colored fentanyl pills along with 150,000 traditional blue tfentanyl pills, had they found five pounds of fentanyl strapped to a 15-year-old boy who was from michigan. congressman, your reaction to that? >> it's unbelievable, the number one cause of death now for americans between the age of 18 and 45 is a fenc fentanyl overde and we know for a fact that all of that is coming through the southern border. every day you read about apprehensions and seizures of fentanyl. you know there's millions of pounds, thousands of pounds of it that's getting across every day. there's been enough fentanyl
7:24 am
just seized since biden's been president to kill every american citizen times six. and that's crisis we're facing, not just the human toll of illegal immigration and the terrorists coming across the border but the drug toll that is infecting the lives of americans so much so that it's the leading cause of death for young americans between the age of 18 and 45. cheryl: tiana lowe from the washington examiner is with me. >> hi had, congressman. we know that from 1998 to 2020 there were an average of about 330 deaths at the border per year last year it was north of 500. this year already before the end of the fiscal year it's over 700 p. has there been any investigation in the house's end into what has caused the border deaths and what if anything the biden administration is doing in response to those deaths? >> of course not. this administration and you've got the democrats in charge of the house and senate, don't want to put any focus whatsoever on what's happening in the border and the impact that's having on
7:25 am
crime and fentanyl overdoses and the american people. so nothing's going to happen until we take the majority back, god willing in november, get the gavels in january and then you'll see actual investigations of what's going on in the bore darned then you'll see -- border and then you'll see actual action against administration officials who are intentionally, deliberately violating federal law at the border. cheryl: also congressman, i want to turn your attention and discuss the climate agenda. president biden continuing this week to push electric vehicles. he was at the detroit auto show. the administration spending 900 million for electric vehicle chargers and ford telling dealers that ev price versus to be set, no more haggling with customers. what do you make of this, particularly the fact that with everything else happening in the country, all the other problems we're facing that it's still about the climate in president biden's opinion. >> that's the number one issue for the democrats, not inflation, not the border, not
7:26 am
crime, not any of these other things. the average cost of an ev is much more than a typical vehicle. most people can't afford the average of $60,000, most americans can't afford that for a vehicle they don't want. evs, and then you have situations like california where if have you an electric vehicle because of the way they managed their energy there, depending on wind and solar and a other things, you're not going to be able to plug in your ev and get ac at the same time. so i don't know how you're going to be able to get from place to place. cheryl: congressman john lonski is with me. >> was i can't understand was why this was part of the so-called inflation reduction act. it makes no sense because if we follow through with this push for electric vehicles, consumers are going to find themselves paying a lot more for a car or light truck in the future, which is far more expensive. we have no idea as to how much upward pressure this will place on rare metals that are used in the production of electric
7:27 am
vehicle batteries and so on. and better yet, the impact of benefits of having the united states adopt electric vehicles for carbon emissions are very, very slow, very, very low, they would perhaps reduce average global temperatures by something like 0.0002 degrees fahrenheit. >> if we went to complete zero emissions today in this country, it wouldn't offset china and india and other countries are doing. china's firing up coal powered plants every single day, using all of that and dumping carbon into the world. even if we went to zero emissions with what china and india and other countries are doing it would have a negligible if not at all impact on the overall world carbon emissions so it doesn't make sense to put the pressure on the american people. if people want to bilek trick vehicles, let -- buy electric vehicles, let them buy the electric vehicles.
7:28 am
don't force people to do this like they're doing in california. it's not good for inflation or the economy. cheryl: let the market play it out. that's capitalism. >> be the free market be what it will. cheryl: exactly. if you want to make a choice to buy an ev, great. but don't force it on people. especially in california where they drive so much. congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: coming up, biden is taking a victory lap, took it yesterday, after he caved to the unions for a tentative deal to avert a railroad strike. the latest on the deal and what it could mean for the u.s. economy, that's coming up next. ♪
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7:33 am
trump and his legal team. federal judge rejected the justice department's bid to delay the ruling on appointing a special master to review you documents seized during the mar-a-lago raid. the judge officially appointing raymond deery to oversee the evidence, she is urging deery to complete the review no later than november 30th. justice department cracking down on corporate crime, the agency will allow more companies that voluntarily report misconduct and cooperate on actions to avoid pleading guilty and claw back compensation from executives involved in bribery and fraud. the deputy attorney general lisa monaco announcing the list of changes during a speech at new york university's law school, thawas yesterday. carnival cruise line rolling out new cur curfew for underage passengers. those 17 and under are no longer allowed to explore the ship after 1:00 a.m. without adult
7:34 am
supervision, which is part of the company's commitment to safety. finally, the kansas city chiefs and patrick mahomes getting the best of justin herbert and la charges, the chiefs took a victory after a 90-yard, that wasn't the only low for the chargers. this nfl season is going to be all injuries and no game. if this is any indication. president biden taking a victory lap, holding a rose garden event celebrating a tentative deal to avoid a major railroad strike. the president also claiming that the agreement will cut soaring food prices yesterday. listen to this. >> mr. president, grocery prices are up over 13%. what do you tell struggling americans? >> it's not going to go up. cheryl: the deal must be ratified by union members.
7:35 am
joining me now freedom foundation ceo aaron whit. sir, good morning to you. the freedom foundation is taking on government union bosses, open helping people leave their unions across the country. your thoughts on this potential deal? i want to hear what you think about the fact that there's a lot of criticism now that basically biden, they all just caved. they caved to get this off of the front page of the paper. >> yeah, in some ways they did. but we shouldn't have even got here in the first place. we need to look at how we did get here i'm usually the first to bash on unions but in this instance you really can't. the unions were representing the best interest of its members. the they were having poor working conditions due to biden's economy and other decisions he had made including long work hours, including not being able to travel so far from their office areas because -- if they were on call. but then you can't blame bnsf and other railroad companies
7:36 am
either because they're representing really the best interest of us, the consumers, getting food delivered to us, getting petroleum taken across the country, all things that are done by railroad. what you can blame is the biden administration. they're the ones that he created vaccine mandates which these railroad workers were covered by, they had to get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs and on top of that, they were also -- biden's printing out money like it's going out of fashion and basically incentivizing people not to work. so you have these railroad shortages, these railroad worker shortages because of what the biden administration has done. cheryl: you know, amtrak is finally going to be operating on a full schedule today. i mean, again, crisis averted. the passenger service though announcing earlier this week that it was going to cancel all of the long distance routes to avoid disruptions, if a deal between the railroads and unions
7:37 am
wasn't reached by today's strike deadline. aaron, i mean, this really impacted amtrak who already has a lot of financial problems to be clear and i'm kind of giggling but not because amtrak has had a lot of problems financially. at the same time, it really shows i think the depth and breadth of the threat that this strike really had on our country. your reaction. >> yeah, i mean, on top of amtrak being canceled, i mean, people rely on that of course to get to and from places but, yeah, you think about what we use the railroads for. i mean, a lot of our major economy, a lot of the u.s.'s major economy uses the railroads, a lot of international economy uses it as well. we export a lot of oil to mexico through the railroads so, yeah, it would have been disastrous, would we have not reached agreement so thank god that bnsf and union pacific and these other railroad companies were able to settle. these are the guys that are really representing us as consumers of all this stuff
7:38 am
because if they would not have been able to agree to these deals, then we would have -- it would have been disastrous for all of us and biden, yeah, you're right, he dodged a bull eat let -- bullet here because this would have been on him. ultimately, the fault is the biden administration's. cheryl: so buy -- >> so biden has boasted about transport as part of the green energy plan but also yesterday was talking about free and keeping prices down by keeping supply high, specifically also adding oil. so here's my question about these strikes or about these threats of strikes. what does it make further the case for, maintaining car travel or expanding and developing more oil pipelines? >> yeah, i think that they do make their own case if in a lot of ways but of course biden isn't going to come out and say that. he has this green agenda which is basically based on feel good activities. i mean, it's been proven over
7:39 am
and over again that his actual agenda, his actual green agenda has nothing to do with helping workers and frankly a lot of it isn't even good for the environment when you look at electric cars and the like. you think about blue collar workers, they've been through it all. the ones that want to work got told they would be fired if they refused to take a vaccine. the ones that didn't want to work are subsidized from the government to go home and then what biden is doing is telling all these blue collar workers that they have to pay basically for liberal elite's college funds in the tune of $10,000. so biden's idea of the economy is basically to incentivize liberal elites while leaving the blue collar worker behind. cheryl: i want to ask you about one more issue, this is a big story this week, nursing in minnesota they returned to work yesterday but there was a three day strike and the minnesota nurse's ca association calls ths
7:40 am
the biggest strike by nurses in the his i tri of the country. negotiations will resume next week. strike averted for now but this continues. your point about the pandemic from railroad workers to now nurses, these are the people that kept our country going, aaron. >> yeah. i called them heroes a long time ago. but now they're being fired for had not going out and taking a vaccine, at least those that didn't want to do it. in this instance, the unions were not representing the best interest of the workers, the nurses union, they were the ones advocating for nurses to be fired when refusing to take a vaccine. the nurse union, they're looking to kind to get 30% increases, this is at a time when of course biden will be forgiving $10,000 off their loans because nurses of course went to college. so ins this instance i think the nurses union is going too far and it could result and a maybe
7:41 am
it did result in loss of life which should be absolutely be avoided. 15,000 nurses striking in minnesota, the only people that hurts are the people that need healthcare at that time. so this is absolutely a terrible thing. >> i think it's more important to look forward regarding this issue dealing with nurses and that is as this population ages and we are on the verge of an unprecedented aging of the u.s. population, thanks to the baby boomers, we are going to need more healthcare workers, we're going to need more nurses. so perhaps the u.s. government should be doing more to encourage individuals, young individuals to enter the healthcare industry and in particular males as far as nursing is concerned. this forgiveness of outstanding student loans, it really makes no sense when you think of our future labor needs, perhaps this money should have been put towards subsidizing the future
7:42 am
education of nurses, of other healthcare workers that are going to be in great demand over the next 10 to 20 years. >> yeah, it could have gone frank throw a multitude of other places, like i said, biden's idea is to reward liberal elites while doing it off the back of blue collar workers. think about the railroad workers, i can't imagine many of them went to college or got college degrees and then have you the nurses on the other side of this thing, bargaining for 30% raises. i mean, it's a big hurdle what they're asking for and they are using people's healthcare as leverage in that which i think is frankly disgusting. cheryl: well, i mean, so much of this week has been about what's happening with these workers and particularly amid all this inflation, it's somewhat sad to see. aaron, thank you very much for being here, aaron whit. >> thank you. cheryl: all right. we've got a lot more coming up, folks. stay with us. climate activism getting
7:43 am
political. my next guest says his well-known organization was hijacked by the political left. what he did about it, that's coming up next. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ flexshares are carefully constructed. to go beyond ordinary etfs. and strengthen client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully.
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cheryl: one of the co-founders of green peace sounding the alarm on modern day climate activism, in an e-mail, patrick moore writes this, quote, the environmental movement has become more of a political movement than a environmental movement, they're primarily focused on creating narratives, stories, that are designed to instill fear and guilt into the public so the public will send money. joining us now, patrick moore. it's great to have you here. your take is so interesting on what has happened at green peace. talk about what is your frustration really with the organization? >> cheryl, we began as a group of volunteers in a church basement in 1971.
7:48 am
before the word ecology had even been printed in the public press. the environment was you now being talked about and we decided to go on a voyage, across the pacific, to the aleutian islands to protest against the u.s. hydrogen p bomb testing that was going on there and made history. we stopped those nuclear tests along with tens of thousands of other people who started to march in the streets in canada and the united states in order to get them stopped. and we went on to save 30,000 whales have being killed every year in the pacific ocean by russia and japan and on to stop 250,000 baby seals nursing at their mothers off the east coast of canada to be clubbed to death every year and then on to toxic waste and the death of rivers, particularly in europe at this time. canada and the u.s. -- cheryl: those are all amazing things and obviously your
7:49 am
organization is famous. but again, i mean, when did things change at green peace, and why? >> they changed in the early to mid-80s when my fellow directors -- i was one of six international directors in green peace, the only one with any formal science education. i have a phd in ecology and honors masters in science and forestry. and they decided that we should ban chlorine worldwide and chlorine happens to be the most important element for public health in medicine, adding it to drinking water, to prevent disease and also our medicines are based on chlorine chemistry and table salt,ed sodium chloride, is an essential nutrient for all life so i had to leave green peace at this time because they had gone from a volunteer group basic throw a business with a huge fund raising requirement for 1,000 employees. we were so successful. and then they basically turned
7:50 am
into a racket peddling junk science and that's a what's happening today. there's so many issues that they are peddling, like the polar bears are going extinct. the polar bear population has incrossed by four to five times since the international treaties was signed in 1973 to stop unrestricted hunting of he polar bears. coca-cola never tells you about that. in addition -- cheryl: that's really interesting. >> just a month ago, it was announced by the australian institute for marine science, whichs is a government backed organization that's associated with all kinds of universities, that the great barrier reef has more coral cover now than it has done ever since they started measuring it carefully 36 years ago. so these are the kinds of fake stories that they are telling people about and my book, fake invisible catastrophes and threats of doom, talks about how all these scare stories about things that are either
7:51 am
invisible, like c o2 radiation and whatever bad thing is supposed to be in gmos which actually doesn't have a p name, it actually doesn't exist, it's a fake thing entirely whereas c o2 and radiation are real things, but nobody can see what they're doing. so they can make up any kind of story about them. then there are things which are very remote, that's why polar bears and coral reefs are chosen as the icons for this scare story about climate change. cheryl: it's all to raise money. you're saying it's all to raise money. it's all about lining their pocketbooks. that's so unfortunate when you see these organizations and groups. we see is in the charity world as well where they get your heart breaking because the animals are being abused or whatever and you see they're actually the ceo, and i'm you calling out the aspca on this, makes a half million dollar salary and that's what gets people frustrated. i want to get your take on this.
7:52 am
patagonia's founder says he's giving away ownership of the company, all funds will go to projects and organizationses that fight climate change, the whole thing he's giving away. what do you say to that, sir? >> i say that fighting climate change is a stupid expression. we cannot stop the climate of the earth from changing and it isn't changing very much to sell you the truth. and -- to tell you the truth. and the irony of the situation is that the earth is colder now than it has been for most of the history of life. that's why there's these huge ice caps on antarctica and the arctic. it's very cold out there. the only reason polar bears actually exist is because they evolve to deal with the ice and hunting seals on the ice in the arctic. before the polar bear evolved there was no ice on the a arctic. so polar bears actually exist because of climate change, not despite it. it's a fact. and we have to recognize that
7:53 am
this earth is 4.6 billion years old and 3.5, approximately billion years ago life evolved and has been doing so for the amount of time that people can't even fathom. it is a wonderful world we live on. we don't know of any other planet et that has life on it besides the earth. that doesn't mean there aren't any. but we don't know of any. so we should probably assume that this is a miracle that has occurred on this little planet around our little sun in this whole universe and -- cheryl: we do have to run. but i have to say your take is fascinating. thank you so much for that. i encourage people to check out your book. patrick moore, thank you very much, sir, for joining us. it's a big issue. all right. >> thank you, cheryl. cheryl: tan thank you, sir. apple is releasing their latest iphone today. skeptics are wondering whether the company's latest problems
7:54 am
will sell. fox business' susan lee live from an apple store in new york with a full report. that's coming up next. ♪ we're going to dance all night. ♪ dance all night to this dj. ♪ dance all night to this dj. ♪ what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay.
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7:58 am
sell, as u.s. faces record-high inflation ongoing supply chain issues susan li live from apple store 5th avenue in new york city with all latest we've been talking in hallway about new iphone good morning. >> good morning to you, gold looks good on you cheryl i will tell you that the lines on apple's, cube 5th avenue this store gets more visitors than statue of liberty fans lining up since last night to get hands on iphone 14ths if you run video of kim cook arriving at 5th avenue store opening the doors fans have been here waiting since last night. listen to what some of them have to say. >> if you don't buy anything now inflation just keeps going you will never get. >> it i am an apple fanboy i love it ever single iphone since inception i think value
7:59 am
for money you pay for what you get. >> so we have jpmorgan barclay's morgan stanley -- apple 14 selling better than they expected. 50% apple's revenue coming from iphones by the way, here on 5th avenue getting a lot of commotion ready to open doors, tim cook will be here apple ceo in attendance when it comes to supply chains ship demand the lead timed tell us allotted right now for the iphone 14, pro, top of the line 36 days that is longest lead time ever for iphone tells you there is clog 90% demand towards high ends devices. >> here we are, the fans for doors to open to get in get hands on new devices. cheryl: great susan thank you so much for bringing that
8:00 am
wonderful moment there for all geeks like me, as you know. susan li, talking about fact i ordered iphone pro max in gold that is what happens. >> i am not a geek i can't understand why people are standing in line outside to be among first to purchase an iphone, more than happy whatever iphone i have right here. fits my needs quite nicely. >> good live pictures from susan's camera apple ceo tim cook right there clapping, they love him, i mean, look if you are an iphone nerd like me i am telling you this is a moment i love. >> steve jobs' daughter was dunking on newest iphone saying too similar to old one apple doesn't have to reinvent


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