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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> the world's first hover bike taking at the show, it reaches speeds more than 60 miles per hour, you can buy it in the u.s. starting next year for $770,000, that doesn't for us. "fox business tonight" evening at a start right now. >> this is operation freak out by not my backyard democrats. massachusetts deploys 125 national guard troops to deal with 50 illegal immigrants sent to martha's vineyard, the white house talking litigation against gop governors for sending illegal immigrants out of state and california, the governor is talking about kidnapping charges, the white house calling human smuggling and humanitarian crisis that's what they say this is but they totally ignore that
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that's exactly was going on at the border with us tonight jason smith, jeff van drew, art del cueto and attorney general austin knutson, joe go multi-with the police, bill mcgurn and joe concha. we have a new economist paul, a majority of the hispanics warned the u.s. is headed in the wrong direction under president biden, this breaking is the far left attorney general of crime-ridden minnesota keith ellingson is out with a shocking move a new civil probe into local businesses victimized by crime. he wants to probe them he is blaming them not doing enough to stop after he pushed to abolish police, more rules for thee but not for me, president biden and john kerry, former president obama, they did not strike in sea levels from climate change but they own expensive beachfront homes, the fight over the biden family cashing in is
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heating up, the latest on this knockdown battle. i am a vi elizabeth macdonald "e evening edit" starts right now. >> welcome to the show thank you for joining us on this friday let's start with your money stocks capping off one of wall street's worst weeks of the year fears of a global slowdown, fedex stock crashed more than 21% after brutal profit warning signing slowdowns in asia and europe. this the white house is going after gop governors for sending illegal immigrants out of state and the president has not talked about the border crisis that he helped ignite, he's not talking about ahead of the midterms, you still not gone to the border. edward lawrence is at the white house with more. >> texas governor greg abbott has no plans to stop busting migrants to sanctuary cities about the u.s., every migrant who gets on a bus in texas start the paper saying that's exactly
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where they want to go the city they are busting in. >> one way it'll expand to the volume the current locations were studied into angle the time will tell if there will be other areas that will be sending people by bus. >> high-level talks about what legal options to in the practice are available adding this is all political move. >> what to governor desantis and governor abbott due to them, they use them as political pawns, created the mike cattle in the political stunt. why else would governor desantis have spent the time to charter a flight to take migrants out of a different state, not even his state, different state and hire a videographer to capture footage of the flight. >> this a administration blaming the trump administration for the flood of migrants at the board with the record crossing symbol happened under president joe biden. elizabeth: thanks so much back with us now jeff van drew
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homeland security and national border patrol council art del cueto, thank you for spending your friday with us. first do you ask he is reporting the white house is going to meet with members of the cabinet to talk about possible litigation about gop governors over this. your reaction to that? >> one word hypocrisy, this is unbelievable i blame governor abbott were desantis for doing what they doing there really clarifying what is going on here, it's okay to send illegals into some communities in some places like red states and other areas but is totally unacceptable to send them to beautiful places that are sanctuary cities. i think they should send a lot more to martha's vineyard as a wonderful climate they can still enjoy the beaches, they can enjoy the fresh air which i'm sure they could use some of.
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this is a lot of nonsense we have a president who hasn't even gone to the border, think how bizarre that is and how hypocritical it is and what they doing to the country is just awful. i don't even have the word sometimes and i usually do of the discuss that i have for what's really going on here. these governors are right and they're making a point. elizabeth: the white house press secretary really slamming this, these are sanctuary cities and states that are supposed to be welcoming to all legal immigrants that's the ironing and cnn is reporting at the border that they're not lured or forced onto the buses they can pick which city they want to go to and they can also get the buses along the way to meet up with relatives, what is your take on all of this? >> just last week they were saying no one was crossing across the border, which is it in once again it's a bunch of liberal elitist that are millionaires and they like to
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put their signs up into everybody's welcome but when the welcoming committee comes to the front doorstep all of a sudden it's i didn't really mean you to be my neighbor. elizabeth: let's take a look at this you will see president biden, the vice president the newark mayor claiming everything's okay and then watch the mayor of chicago and biden border chief saying what's happening at the border is not okay. >> with the process in place to manage migrants at the border. >> the border is secure. >> anyone who states that this a administration does not have a handle on this crisis, they must've been sleeping under a rock. >> this is a national problem that needs a national solution. >> in your experience of 31 years abortive patrol have you ever seen a memorandum like exhibit three before? >> no. >> does exhibit three authorize the release of aliens that would
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otherwise be invisible into the united states? >> yes. >> the border chief, congressman, the border is out of control, art has said that, you said it. even the democrat mayors of d.c. and chicago now say that 50 illegal aliens as a humanitarian crisis but drug and and human trafficking and migrants murdered along the way that means the border is secure as a vice president in the white house claims. >> somebody mentioned sleeping under a rock, they have rocks in their head, this is crazy how could anybody watch and see, maybe if the president went down there and looked at what's going on maybe if he spoke to some of the border and they can tell him what's going on and it's all the things you brought up the human trafficking, the disease, the rape that's going on, the beatings that are going on and even worse than all of it, near we imports of organ harvesting,
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these children and others are being used for the purpose of organ harvesting, of course we know all the fentanyl goes from china through there. the real thing to do here is a real president would sit down with china and tell them to cut it out with the fentanyl. a real president would make sure that we have the wall built, a real prisoner would make sure the borders are strong. a real president would make sure that we have people more border patrol people and stop this from flowing. elizabeth: what do you think art? >> this administration is created a monetary bonanza for all the common activity amongst drug smugglers and human smugglers by the criminal magnet that they created. they brought back catch and release in the created a criminal magnet, humanitarian crisis that falls at the hands of this current administration. >> than 300 executive actions on the border that's likely the most in modern u.s. history
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let's watch greg abbott say president biden is killing people with his open border policies you can see before the governor on this too. watch. >> what is inhumane is the president's policies that have led his border with mexico to be declared the deadliest border crossing in the entire world, what is inhumane is policies of people who lose their lives who are being human trafficked and victims of rape and even murder, what the president needs to understand he is killing people with his open border policies and he's destroying his own country but not enforcing immigration laws. >> the minute even a small fraction of what the border town steel with every day is brought to the front door, they all of a sudden go berserk, they're so upset that this is happening, it just shows you virtue signaling is a fraud. >> the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice saying you need to prosecute texas imported governors and all i can say, i
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think his hair gel is interfering with his brain function. elizabeth: congressman or taxpayers and voters purposely being kept in the dark about the collapse of the border? >> there trying to keep them in the dark and so obvious, we all see it and we all know it exist you just have to go down and look, i've been there in most members of congress on the republican side and baby on the democrat side of been there to you cannot keep it in the dark, it is there you can try, it'll be an issue in november, it's going to make a difference on how people vote because they don't want . elizabeth: lets their biden 300 executive actions, that show the viewer what he did to collapse the border, he keeps saying the border is secure is taking aggressive action to undo the trauma border policy. we have 26 vulnerable democrats running in tight reelection
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campaigns they refuse to say the border is secure, they refused to say if they would welcome illegal immigrants into their home states. fox digital is reporting texas democrat henry cuellar responded he represented texas border district, he slamming the president say it is absolutely not secure and we need to do more to stop what's going on. migrants are literally getting killed trying to come here illegally but people don't get that point. the media does not get it, cnn does not get it, msnbc does not get it, cbs does not get it, abc does not get it, nbc does not get it. if you collapse the border and opened it up, people get killed along the way by drug and human trafficked site on and rapist and kidnappers to that's to you. >> from day one of this administration, from day one the chaos began there were groups on day one that were crossing and satan were here because your new president said we could come here. we don't want to leave and
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there's nothing you could do about it. that is from day one. elizabeth: will stay on the story with congressman van drew and art del cueto. i got a little passionate but it's about people safety as well. good to see a new role for the not for the president biden, john kerry and former president obama did announce rising sea levels from climate change while owning expensive beachfront homes. the far left attorney general crime-ridden minnesota announces a shocking civil probe today he's getting go after local businesses who are victimized by crime he is trying to blame these businesses for not doing enough to stop the crime he helped unleash by trying to abolish the police. that story coming up. >> with washington state, young illinois, new york state where crime is up somewhere between 30 and 40% year-over-year ♪
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elizabeth: the washington post reporting taxpayers in the nation's capital are really scared the violent crime is now all too common in becoming normalized even in d.c., murder is added to decade high in the city council has yet to move on a fix, lucas thomas enjoys us
6:17 pm
live with d.c. for more. >> good evening lives from the corner of wisconsin in the heart of georgetown whether the nicest neighborhoods in the nation's capital homes around here go for $1 million a pop but many residents are scared including georgetown students we spoke to in residents and business owners are nervous, two eyewear stores have been knocked off in the last few months one over $100,000 of lenses and merchandise made off right now one arrest from a teen. most of the business owners did not want to speak to us on camera we found one who did. >> it was mostly in the glass shops are looking for trouble, they could do anything they w want. >> armed carjacking in d.c. is up 74% this year, murders this well on top of two decade high
6:18 pm
year ago armed robberies up 13%, eighth street alone 4 miles from where i'm standing robbery has doubled on the block this year and neighborhood were a few weeks ago washington commanders rookie running back was shot twice in the leg the third round pick out of alabama was expected to get playing time he soulfully back for week five the corridor is a revitalized area that many locals we spoke to are still scared. >> people have nothing to do nobody want to get jobs these days so they stand around the corner and cause problems, dr drama. >> you think crime is getting worse? >> yes right in this area i just moved here and 70s getting shot, robbed every day. >> every day? >> you hear about something every day. >> despite high-end apartments, restaurants, barbara i spoke to on eighth street talked about the spike in crime and
6:19 pm
neighborhood and he did not want to show his face out of a fear of retribution. >> i've been in this area since the 80s crime has always been here, there's less but it's still good to be here regardless no matter how much it changes, is still going to happen. police officers i spoke to for the last few days say it's not their fault they're making arrest but it's a course turning the scribbles back was a day later, many police officers are very angry. elizabeth: happening in d.c., lucas tomlinson, great reporting, thank you for coming on joining us now joe gamaldi with the fraternal order of police. this is a shocker the far left attorney general of minnesota keith ellison has been backed by george soros, he is announcing the civil probe but into local businesses, victimized by crime he is blaming them for not doing enough to stop it after he pushed he defunded abolish
6:20 pm
police. >> this is rich msb election time because s all of a sudden keith ellison cares about crime but doesn't care about prosecuting the dirtbags that are committing the crime let's go after hard-working business owners that these people are unlawfully hanging out in front of, this is the same ag who supported a ballot initiative that would've done away with the minneapolis police department when they were seeing a historic surgeon murders, thankfully that went down like hindenburg but it doesn't change the fact that this guy is another example of a woke politician who doesn't give a damn about the community, he just cares which way the political winds are blowing and is trying to core votes and it's sickening. elizabeth: what are these businesses supposed to do, by the way they pay for his paycheck and salary are they supposed to nicely ask the criminals to leave, are they supposed to call in the nonexistent cops the ellison demoralized and help pushed out? >> he expects them to call the
6:21 pm
police that they attempted to defund and dismantle and demonize the denigrating for the better part of a decade they want those officers who were shortstaffed to call them every single time they have someone hanging out in front of the store these officers are doing the best they can at historic lows and staffing levels. maybe if keith ellison would grow a spying and support crossing under prosecuting by the criminals over again maybe we witnessing the murder rate so high. >> critics say this is the way you destroy a city, they were destroying cities. let's get your reaction to the ceo of mcdonald's he's echo we went to starbucks ceo is saying about rising crime the going to dial back doing operational business he's warning crime in chicago is so bad hard to recruit people to work in chicago. >> everywhere i go in confronted by the same question these days, what is going on in chicago there is a general sense that our city is in crisis, the truth
6:22 pm
is it's more difficult today for me to convince a promising mcdonald's executive to relocate to chicago from whatever other offices that was a few years a ago. elizabeth: this is how you destroy the tax space when you destroy attacks basic fish of major companies citadel, caterpillar is leaving deerfield, all these grocery, whole whole foods they are leaving if you destroy the tax base, what happens? >> there's nobody left to pay the bill that's what happens a recent poll of chicago voters, 98% are worried about public safety and they should be crime is up 37% the murder rate in chicago is five times the rate per capita of new york city. we have businesses leaving in droves, the mcdonald's ceo says he does not feel safe bringing people to his headquarters, the public is not stupid they know who is to blame and its mayor lori lightfoot that's what her approval rating is in the
6:23 pm
basement at 22%, she vilified chicago police officers at every term with horrific rhetoric that's why applications are down 33%, retirements are spiking they have a mandate overtime cancel days off, with no care to the well-being of chicago police officers, there are chicago voters that are watching, hold lori lightfoot accountable for what she has done to your city show her we will not put up with a copy more joe gamaldi, thank you for joining us. have a good week and for we hope you take it easy this weekend. the fight over the biden family cashing in on the president, that is heating up in the senate, we have the latest on the knockdown battle new rules for the been offered the, president biden and john kerry and former president obama denounce rising sea levels from climate change but they own expensive beachfront homes in delaware, hawaii, martha's vineyard, jason smith on the hills, joe concetta next on "the evening edit". >> all the effort to shine a light over the course of a
6:24 pm
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security economic infrastructure, the safety and health of the american people. elizabeth: joining me now jason smith on the hills joe concetta, by the way thank you for spending your friday night with us to talk about this. that was president biden and former president obama talking about their fears of rising sea levels because of climate change that was biden in 2019 that was after he bought the 4 million other beachfront manchin in delaware in 2017 and former president obama owns a martha's vineyard manchin near the water worth more than $15 million and now he owns a hawaii property on the beach for about $9 million. >> you have just pointed out the democrat party is the party of the wealthy environmentalist. the thing is they preach one thing and set expectations for everyone in the world except for themselves. hypocrisy is unbelievable john
6:29 pm
kerry will fly all over the world with a private jet but then he expects all of us to not even touch the carbon footprint and drive a tractor on our farm, you see gavin newsom the governor of california would lock down small businesses but open up a restaurant to have a fancy dinner or nancy pelosi talk about stay home don't go outdoors but she would cause a local small business owner to open up so she could get her hair done. these people don't follow through. elizabeth: it so out of touch with americans out there, so out of touch with mainstream. former president obama said rising sea levels are a threat to the u.s. so much so it would cost $200 billion at one point in 2015 but he owns a beach manchin martha's vineyard and another one in hawaii. >> it's incredible when you talk about barack obama or former vice president and biden, i wonder how joe biden paid for
6:30 pm
that pricey beach house manchin were talking about a multimillion dollar, biden only pays $230,000 a year as vp where did this money come from to afford a beautiful property that includes a gourmet kitchen, three fireplaces, multiple decks and porches, his son did earn millions pedaling the family name, i'm sure there's no connection there, sarcasm fr friday. this is just the beach house were talking about with biden he also has a bigger house in wilmington, delaware off the beach again i don't know where all this money came from it's not like he's done a lot of speeches like bill clinton did for example but again the hypocrisy is incredible, al gore remember he was talking about how the climates going to destroy the world and you see the electric bill in tennessee is 20 times higher than average person in tennessee, rules for the not for the. elizabeth: john kerry to your point, you made this point the
6:31 pm
daily caller has been doing good work on this, john kerry is saying watch out rising sea levels he also owns expensive beachfront properties. >> it is ridiculous how the wealthy environmentalist politicians preach one thing but they don't buy it we see that with john kerry over and over we see that with president biden over and over. it's crazy the american people of had enough they're upset what's going to be interesting as what was brought up when you start looking into the background of president biden how is he able to afford all of the millionaire manchin whenever he was on the salary of a state senator and a vice president for so long. elizabeth: what was hunter and his uncle doing. >> may be the republican congress in january should have aggressive oversight of this administration to see exactly how they got wealthy on the
6:32 pm
taxpayer dime. elizabeth: what do you think, that'll be the first priority for public is take back the house to investigate obviously hunter biden since democrats have no appetite for this there's really a federal investigation but you will see hearings on this and what happened in ukraine and china with hunter biden where did the money go i would like to see tony bobulinski who is hunter biden's business partner be the first person to testify he said 10% went to the big guy, the big iv president biden. elizabeth: congressman smith and joe concetta thank you for joining us, great to have you one. a lot of talk about the border and immigration how do hispanics feel we have a new economist you go pull a majority of the hispanic say the u.s. is headed in the wrong direction under president biden. plus the fight over the biden family name cashing in on the president's name it is heating up in the senate the latest on the knockdown battle of pat
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ron johnson is talking about with the biden family cashing in on the biden family name, the president's name, ron johnson is demanding more from democrats gary peters retract his false claims that has been debunked the hunter biden laptop was russian disinformation and this is trying to undercut johnson and grassley's 2020 investigation into the biden family oversee business deals of china russia selling access, what do you think of the site. >> i think it's obvious we know certain things, we know hunter biden had no experience in certain industries he was paid millions of dollars by foreign nationals mainly coal bolts, natural gas, a lot of the energy
6:38 pm
sector et cetera that's good for hunter biden but we need to know if that rises to the level of corruption and is it a national security threat, joe biden says i don't know what hunter biden was doing but we do know he met with 14 of hunter biden's associates. elizabeth: he is clearly lying to the american people, consistently lying, he is consistently lying about that we saw the new york post reporting that hunter biden had access sitting in on vice presidential meetings under the obama administration that is fine on air force to to do overseas air force business on the side. >> windows 200019 joe biden said he had no idea about his son's business dealings but we also know important for joe biden in 2014 he met with miguel velasco in two of hunter's mexican business associates and via e-mails we also know hunter introduced and set up a
6:39 pm
conference call with carlos slim the mexican billionaire and joe biden, that is also belies what joe biden is claiming and furthermore he had a business dinner with hunter's associate from kazakhstan, russia and ukraine in april 2015. clearly joe biden is not telling the truth. elizabeth: with nbc, washington post, cnn new york times have validated the hunter biden laptop. let's watch the fireworks of what happened in the senate. >> mr. chairman do want to retract that false allegation now that we know the hunter biden laptop is accurate that there's not been one scintilla of information provided in senator grassley's in my report that's ever been refuted it was 100% accurate in u.s. ranking member of the committee accused me repeatedly soliciting russian disinformation to enter retract your false allegation on your press release on september 23?
6:40 pm
>> now let's focus on what were trying -- >> clearly peters is dodgy that you are not good to see the democrats admit they were wrong i have to point is that the church committee in 1975 they warned about central intelligence, msa, fbi misleading the american people to the media and that's what's been happening since 2016 maybe even earlier, the media is being misled, the voter is being misled and that's what's happening for people who want to stay in power in the voters see it in their sick and tired of it now you have the new york magazine andrew rice saying there may be another hunter biden laptop. >> 100 biden is enough but what were doing on the oversight committee ranking member comer as filed hr 1243 which is a resolution of inquiry and will
6:41 pm
market next week there's more democrats and republican on the committee but so we know it's not going to go anywhere but were starting the conversation in the discourse now when we do take over in january there will be a reckoning and hearings in truth and justice need to prevail. elizabeth: i don't mean to put you on the spot i admire you and appreciate you coming on people say republicans need to grow a spying and stand up to this. >> i fully agree we have to call it out when you see injustice you see it anywhere and you have to speak up about it regardless if you're good to be ridiculed you know the powerful folks in the mainstream media are going to come at you. if you question the climate they say you're a denier if you question joe biden sons you s ty say your russian agent. can you imagine if donald trump junior blood and personal life in the bit under business dealings of hunter biden there would be hearings all over the place but he didn't because he's not that kind of a guy, i don't care have any prostitutes or how'd many hard drugs he did but he's a threat to national
6:42 pm
security. elizabeth: congressman fallon will have you back on to talk about it. thank you for joining us. elizabeth: 18 state attorneys demand the white house classify dangerous fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction but there's been very little talk or public addresses about this on the white house overall on the deadly drug pouring across the border. with all the talk on illegal immigration how do you hispanic voters feel a new economist say the u.s. is headed in the wrong direction under president biden, look who's back the wall street journal william mcgurn is up next. they have failed to deliver their own economic issues benu
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before we begin, i'd like to thank our sponsor, liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ elizabeth: look who's back let's welcome back to the show wall street journal columnist bill mcgurn, he is a terrific thoughtful smart writer, it's good to see you what is your take on this a lot of talk on
6:47 pm
gop governors sending illegals out of state, we have a new economist pull. a majority of hispanic voters say 61% think the country is headed in the wrong direction and that we are in a recession, what do you make of that? >> it's a lot bigger problem, i don't understand why there is outrage about what the governor of texas is doing which is clearly to embarrass the sanctuary cities and there is no outcry about what the biden administration was doing flying some of these people to places at midnight. we have a broken system and it doesn't help that the vice president says the border secure wood is it. it's a mess. elizabeth: even his hispanic
6:48 pm
voters are say no to biden, the other surprising thing 77% of independent voters also say the economy is on the wrong track they're going to make up a big chunk a third of total voters that's a big deal but we would like you to listen to the independent voters and what they think, watch. >> what were promising the name of the game for this administration that's why there's a steep drop in confidence by independence. >> 50% of people in this country are registered as independents, why is that the political landscape is changing people realize our system is broken. we need to do something to make sure making our democracy back to democracy, that's with independent voices so important were not in the middle and were not leaners, we are making decisions. elizabeth: also hit independence, what do you think? >> first on latinos, it's not a surprise, under trump i think the average income jump over the four years a lot of them tend to work for small businesses and
6:49 pm
not making a lot and working very hard, you're a bodega worker in new york city and you're really working hard and they see crime in taxes and regulation as a threat. some of them on the border of texas and mexico, a couple of border towns elected republican for the first time because they're overwhelmed. independence there always the big game you can count your base and the other guys base to go for him. you really fighting over the 20 - 30% in the middle where they land. i think was exacerbated joe biden's problem, in 2020 he won the hispanic vote, it was about 61% but it was 750,000 fewer than hillary got, the real problem, the old coalitions are
6:50 pm
breaking up. a lot of asian americans are breaking with the democratic party over racial preferences, especially in schools, i think everything is being shook up. elizabeth: that is really interesting across-the-board for all these groups is the economy inflation that's the top issue. the democrats may think this could be abortion election but it is not sealed economy and what do you say to that, final word. >> i agree with you, i think abortion may be of motivate under motivator for some democrats who would not vote but on the whole the president and somebody in the interview mentioning over promise he promised to reach the economy tomorrow to give us to whip inflation with covid it is that none of these things. all people know when they go to the grocery store and buy ground beef and chicken and a few other
6:51 pm
items is a lot higher than it used to be. i think people focus on day-to-day life. elizabeth: bill mcgurn, love having you back. it's good to see you we will have you on soon. 18 state attorney general's say the white house after classify fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction, montana attorney general austin knutson is here next on "the evening edit". >> what are the things we since his abiding administration is advocated to defend herself at the border is a huge amount of fentanyl and illegal drugs coming across-the-board, coming coming across-the-board, coming to a state and backing our citizens. ♪ t into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. between the high interest, the fees... i felt trapped. debt, debt, debt. so i broke up with my credit card debt and consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. i finally feel like a grown-up.
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elizabeth: 18 state attorney general's demand the white house classify dangerous fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction, this remarkably dangerous drug continues to pour over u.s. borders every day, fox news congressional correspondent chad pergram with more on capitol hill. >> the term weapon of mass destruction is usually reserved for concerns about north korea or iran, the worried the discourage of fentanyl in the u.s. is just as destructive,
6:56 pm
that's where the bipartisan state attorney general want to put fentanyl on the same level as wnd. >> it's been weapon is there's no doubt that the chinese are working with cartels in mexico as well both their financial rationale but the impact it's having on american society are flooding our country across an ungoverned border and it's killing people. >> rubio believes fentanyl distributors should face federal murder charges if somebody dies. stephen lynch isn't sure fentanyl qualifies as a wmd but the letter by the attorney general for the president calling for reclassification emphasizes the point. >> i think the intent was to raise alarm and by classifying as such it certainly does. everybody instantly recognizes the dangers to a wide sloth of the country in the population.
6:57 pm
i think that was their intent. >> there's a rally in d.c. to secure the border this weekend and cheer the influx of fentanyl into the u.s. elizabeth: chad pergram, always great reporting in journalism, joining is now one of the cosigners of the letter attorney general austin knutson, thank you for joining us attorney general. you heard the congressman said this is just to raise alarm or is this what you guys are doing it or you truly think it's a wmd because china is involved with the chemicals that created. >> this absolutely is a wmd, i think we should be talking about china and the mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations. we have to look at the effects in this heinous drug is having on itty-bitty states like montana that are a long way from the southern border they have absolutely flooded my state they flooded our highways and cities and were dealing with a huge
6:58 pm
fentanyl epidemic here in montana and were having a really hard time dealing with it lots of overdoses in many deaths i think they should be treated as a weapon of mass destruction. elizabeth: a wmd appointed by china and mexico at the u.s. population is that what you are saying? >> i think the mexican drug cartels for certain i think is a discussion to be had how complicit the mexican government is here we know there is levels of corruption down there and i think the question is how far does that corruption go. i think senator rubio was spot on we have to ask ourselves what is china's intent we know the raw ingredients that the cartels are using to make the illicit fentanyl are coming largely from china. nothing comes out of communist china without the communist chinese party allowing it to happen we have to ask ourselves what is the regime trying to do door country and i think the answer is pretty clear they are
6:59 pm
trying to harm us and inflict social pain on our country and they're trying to destabilize us. elizabeth: bill melugin has been reporting this border patrol at the port of entry in arizona seized nearly 150,000 rainbow color fentanyl made to look like candy. that is happening as well, what is your take on that. >> what's really interesting about fentanyl i had several briefings on this, this is the first time in 40 years that we've seen a drug market in america completely saturated. i'm getting that strata from high up in dea what you're seeing is the cartels having to compete with each other they are using colors and flavoring and logos in different branding all to try to fight for market share like this was children's breakfast cereal, this is insanity and this is the level of uncontrolled there is on the southern border that there's that much of this poison coming
7:00 pm
across the southern border that they flooded the market and then competing with each other. elizabeth: rainbow color fentanyl, is now flooding into college campuses as well, that warning coming out there, austin connected thank you for joining us, have a good weekend. i am elizabeth macdonald, you two have a good weekend, join us again monday night. ♪ >> from the fox studio in new york city, this is "maria bartiromo wall street". elizabeth: welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was in helps position you for the week ahead. i'm jackie deangelis and for maria bartiromo. americans continuing to struggle with red-hot inflation leading to what could be the biggest fed rate hike in more than 40 years next week. i'm asking former white house chief economist kevin hassett and purportedly a manager mark tapper about the


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