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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 19, 2022 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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- call the number on your screen. - look, why don't you call aag and find out what a reverse mortgage can mean for you? - [announcer] call aag, the country's number one reverse mortgage lender. - call the number on your screen. ♪. stuart: good morning, everyone. the final procession for queen elizabeth is underway a casket is making its way windsor castle. there is a service at st. gorge's chapel. we will bring you images of the service throughout the morning as moving as it is. we were expecting a lot of red ink when the market opened.
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we got red ink, it is not that bad. nasdaq is down 30. look at the 10-year treasury where a lot of action is. the yield close on the 10-year to 3 1/2%. on the two-year very close to 4%. one year is over 4%. that is a bit of a problem for the market. big tech in particular not happy with rising bond yields. we do have meta apple on the upside but apple, microsoft bitcoin are down again. nervousness -- what? lauren: homebuilder sentiment. stuart: i got then for a moment there, we just got an important number coming at us. the latest reading on homebuilder sentiment i think it's a pretty bad number. i see homebuilders are. lauren: wow, this is interesting because the number as you see on the screen is 46. it fell three points. that is more than expected. it fell for nine months in
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months in a row. to translate this more than half of the homebuilders are pessimistic about the industry. a quarter of them cut the prices on the homes they're building. stuart: prices are up across the board. lauren: this group has fallen dramatically in the last week. they have come down a bit. stuart: i wonder if they think the home builter sentiment is at the bottom. maybe that is what they're thinking. the dow is down 100 points. all right, folks, now this. the world is fascinated by britain's monarchy. 500 dig militaries from all over the world are attending today's funeral of queen elizabeth a billion people, maybe more are watching on tv. strange isn't it, that in the 21st century the queen of a fading world power should attract so much attention. elizabeth ii had not political or military power yet she was the most famous woman in the world. she was always there.
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1/3 of people in britain had seen her in person. not surprising she had reined 70 years. visited every town and city at least once. she visited 56 commonwealth countries and dozens of others around the world. her presence was felt. no matter what she was there. scandals and civil unrest and even during the pandemic she said famously we would never quit. she wasn't voted in but she still saw her duty as serving her people. monarchy may seem absurd to many americans. why give any standing to an unelected dynasty? so perhaps it is elizabeth who fascinates rather than the monarchy itself. steadfast, calm, reassuring, unifying. and always there. the second hour of "varney" starts right now.
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♪. stuart: now this, one pollster warning that republicans will be virtually impossible to poll after biden's recent attacks on maga republicans. governor huckabee joins me. this pollster, people will be afraid to share their opinions openly on politics. similar when people say they were scared to support trump in 2016. do you think there is something to this? >> i think there is a whole lot to it. nobody wants to be at the drive-through at hardee's finding cars of fbi agents grabbing their phone. people are concerned we have a weaponized justice department. they're concerned the social media giants in cahoots with the government are spying on their every move. people don't want to answer questions they don't have to answer. frankly i don't blame anyone a
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bit. i don't answer questions from some pollster calls me on the phone. no way. first of all they shouldn't have my number. i don't know who they are. i will not voluntarily give any information. i give it to you, stu, i trust you, you're a good guy. i don't trust anonymous voice on the telephone. stuart: the pollsters have gotten it wrong in the last two presidential elections in part because of the shy trump voters would not become honest again. there is no real way they can get around that problem and become more accurate, is there? >> i don't really think so. at least not yet. the institutions that we normally have trusted have shattered any semblance of credibility so you know, somebody says, gee we ought to trust these pollsters, we ought to trust the media. you have done it to yourself. here what it does mean? it means don't pay much attention to the polls oh, the republicans are in trouble. i heard your interview with the congressman before. and i think he's right. this idea of we ought to be
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panicked as republicans are november, no, we shouldn't. we ought to make sure we go vote and you know, do as the democrats, vote early, vote often. stuart: governor i know you're a christian i know you're a practicing christian. i'm sure you were watching the service in west minister abby today with that wonderful music. i teared up. did you? >> i was deeply emotional about it. i'm not a brit by any means i want to thank you for the monologue you gave. i think you gave it a freight perspective the monarchy may not be something that matters in the great scheme of things to the day-to-day governance but matters a lot to create a frame in which the art of our present day is written. and that's what i cherish, i value tradition. you and i grown up in a time when there were certain things that were counted upon that we could believe in, that gave us a framework for our lives. the monarchy and specifically
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this magnificent lady, elizabeth ii, did just that. and i think the world should stand back in awe and gratitude for her and her service. stuart: i think that is exactly what is happening governor huckabee, thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> thank you, stu. stuart: got to get to the markets. a lot of other things going on. the dow is down merely 50 points. not quite the selloff we were expecting. some were expecting. i certainly wasn't. ryan payne is with us iting right next to me. you say. this is intriguing. i read your stuff. you know i do. there are plenty of signs of a healthy economy just ahead. that's new. tell me. >> the market is not selling off today because they knew i would be optimistic on your show. stuart: get out of here. you do not move the market. >> in my mind. we have to look at last week, we got a lot of the bad news. it kind of covered a lot of the good news. we talk about inflation,
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inflation came in higher than expected if you look the producers price index that is wholesale inflation that is what companies paid, it came down and slowed quite a bit. in addition to retail sales, look the consumer runs america, if the consumer is spending america is in good shape. consumer spending was up last month with the record high inflation which goes against every narrative the consumer will not keep up with inflation. stuart: look, this week we'll find out how high the fed is going to raise rates. 75 basis points or 100 basis points there is talk that it could be 100 basis points. that would not help the market, would it? >> no. because i think it would because i think it is priced in. look at one year treasury now. it 4%. people money market fund, probably nothing. 4% on a treasury is pretty much pricing in what the fed will do on the rest of the year on the most hawkish, most aggressive schedule you can think happen. markets are forward-looking.
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if they dough 1% or 5% markets are factoring in. stuart: the selling is short term, short-lived, not testing june lows, not going to do that? >> i'm not a crystal ball. if i was betting man we don't retest the lows. reality that you have more risk missing upside than downside because of news priced in. stuart: you should buy a one year treasury, 4% maturity, milk that. what is wrong with that. >> not bad. dividend stocks increase over time. don't be afraid. stuart: i'm not afraid. ryan payne, thank you. looking at some of the movers, here we go, royal caribbean. just for me. go ahead. lauren: they added spacex, starlink or connectivity on at least one of their ships. that is good news. then steve fell says they're going to 70, increase in share price. they see strong booking trends, spacex link whatever the link is, that is not accounting.
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lauren: that is what stifel said. i thought that was a fun tidbit. i like second stock. you will roll your eyes on this one too. stuart: what is that? lauren: moderna. stuart: it is down 7%. that is a big drop. lauren: i'm not sure why. the news is positive. bloomberg is reporting that working with the world health organization to allow covid vaccine, mrna technology to be used with other vaccines. the stock is down eight. stuart: president biden said in the 60 minutes interview that the pandemic is over. roblox? lauren: roblox. stuart: they're down 4 1/2%. lauren: they told us last week, the august bookings disappointed of the we knew that. analysts are responding to it. goldman goes to 28 on the price target. roblox gets all revenue from the virtual purchases in app purchases. they will pivot to ads, that opens up pandora's box potentially of problems when the people use roblox are mostly
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kids and teens. stuart: got it. next case, hurricane fiona, did it touch down in puerto rico. the whole island i understand it is out of power. >> it is getting better, 1.3 million homes are without power. you can't use the fridge, everything goes bad. you can't turn on the lights. it is still too dangerous to make repairs across much of the island. the power company, luma says it could take several days to restore. fiona hit the dominican republic. stuart: a tough situation. president biden american forces would defend taiwan in the event china invades. roll tape. >> unlike ukraine to be clear, sir, u.s. forces, u.s. men and women would defend taiwan in the event after chinese invasion president yes. stuart: ouch. immediately after the interview white house officials had to walk that back. congressman mike waltz is here. he will get into it. a big blow to big tech.
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an appeals court upheld a texas law banning social media companies from removing posts based on a user's political views. that report is coming up for you. the funeral of queen elizabeth is underway. we'll take you to london as that the longest reigning monarch in britain's history. ♪. another busy day?
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♪. stuart: queen elizabeth's funeral is underway in london. fox's amy kellogg is there. what is happening near you right now? reporter: hi, stuart, well a
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committal service is about to get going in windsor and that will be just before queen elizabeth is finally interred in the royal vault there. this is the final good-bye to a woman who, stuart, for 70 years managed to maintain her mystique while projecting an image of stoicism and decent. there were incredibly moving scenes with crowds lining the streets of the procession, 10, 20, 50 deep in some cases. people seemed to really marvel at the pagentry, the color and the military precision of all of this. now the state funeral happened just behind me at westminster abbey this morning. again the procession marked with symbolism. full of it, the queen's coffin initially was carried on a state navy gun carriage drawn by 142 sailors, with the queen's grandchildren and queen's children and the king's children, william and harry,
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harry not in military uniform, walking behind it. the attendance of the prince and princess of wales, william and kate's two older children, george, now nine, charlotte seven, had been in question until the very last minute. they did indeed attend the funeral. sat rapt throughout the service at least while the cameras were on them. archbishop of canterbury praised the queen's long service and tied it to her faith. he repeated queen's famous line from the midst of the pandemic when she said, we will meet again. more pagentry as the queen's coffin was carried out of westminster abbey, across london, past buckingham palace one last time and on to hyde park, gun salutes and muffled bells rang out across the capital. those bells, stuart, as you can hear are ringing behind me. the brits make no secret of the
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fact that they know they do pomp and ceremony just about better than anybody. the events this week particularly culminating in the service and processions today, went beyond what anyone has ever seen before. certainly appealed to the national pride of a lot of people here, stuart. stuart: i would agree with that, amy, and thanks very much for being with us. it is truly a remarkable day. thanks, amy. the highly anticipated release of prince harry's tell-all memoir might be delayed until next year. duncan is the former royal editor of "the sun," duncan joins me now. i got to tell you the truth, duncan, i think that book should be scrapped entirely. what do you think? >> well you wouldn't be alone there, stuart. i think that has been suggested by a lot of colonists the past few days. it is difficult, we're seeing prince harry and meghan showing an olive branch some extent brought in from the cold but what do they do when they go back to california?
10:20 am
harry has got the book coming out any minute. i think it probably has to be delayed until after the coronation which is likely to be sort of around june next year. it is normally in summertime. so we don't yet know, we don't know whether harry will return to california as a result of the past 12 days and start frantically rewriting it. whether he will chuck the whole lot in the bin. the reality is, all eyes are on the queen and the royal family right now in the funeral. in the next few weeks, few months, it is going to be about harry and meghan again and what their next move will be now. stuart: i heard the prime minister of new zealand say, suggest, that in her lifetime it's highly likely that new zealand will become a republic, no longer have the queen or king charles as their monarch. do you think this might be a spreading trend within the commonwealth, the uncoupling of nations to, within the commonwealth now that
10:21 am
queen elizabeth is gone? >> i think, i think inevitably once, we've known for sometime obviously that the queen's reign was going to come to an end, 70 years of incredible service, but let's be honest, we're here in 2022, there are perhaps aspects of royal family in particular the queen, the monarch if you like, head of state of countries around the world, the other side of the world. it is down to those countries. new zealand is obviously a well-established democracy was say barbados in the caribbean and not that long ago this year barbados became a republic. i think it probably will spread but, we don't know. i mean, there is an awful lot of interest in this from the commonwealth countries, places as well like canada, australia and new zealand where they are really are very strong links not only to britain but to that sense of being part of something
10:22 am
bigger perhaps than just the country that those people happen to have been born into but we don't, we don't know and you know, the people really still believe that god chose king charles to lead the head of state in canada anymore? i don't know that people do but this certainly, the focus of this today, this funeral has reinvigorated the belief in the royal family the brits have got something right. it may not be democracy but it's ruling for the people in a way that perhaps political scientists never quite worked out. stuart: understood. but, duncan, that is very well-said. i think you put your finger on it. it's a remarkable day. duncan, thanks for being with us the past week actually. new prime minister of great britain is elizabeth truss. she follows margaret thatcher's
10:23 am
way economic thinking. isis the new truss administratin thinking of lowering taxes? reporter: yes, they are, stu, they are talking about cutting billions of pounds of tax cuts and energy support. trying to fight off a recession if it already isn't in one and protect houses and businesses from upcoming gas price rises during the winter. could require the government to reduce the debt as a percentage of economic output, but as you say, uk prime minister liz truss made cutting taxes the centerpiece for her winning campaign of the conservative leadership. under one plan household energy bills will be capped at around $2800 for an average annual bill. anything that is done over than that made up to the electric or power companies through a tax-funded special account but certainly the tax cuts right up
10:24 am
the street of maggie thatcher. stuart: indeed they are. got it. ash, back to you later. thanks very much. here is what is coming up, streaming services hbo max was caught removing cigars and cigarettes from iconic movie posters. why did they do that? why change history like that? i don't understand it. president biden says ukraine is defeating russia. watch this. president they're defeating russia. russia is turning out not to be as competent and capable as many people thought they were going to be. stuart: i'm going to ask congressman mike waltz if ukraine is indeed a position to win? that's next. ♪.
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stuart: losses have certainly moderated. in fact the dow is in the plus column. it is up 24 points. it opened down more than 100. you're up 23. some volatility? i think we can say that. back to the movers of the day. i'm intrigued lennar is moving up 3%. lauren: on a day sentiment tanked. here is why.
10:29 am
keybanc not only up graded lennar, they did so by two notches from underweight to overweight. they say it is going to $89. they report on wednesday. they upgraded other builders the reason is, they have come down too quickly. stuart: this is the other side of the fence, zillow, real estate company, they're down. what's the story? lauren: this is the reaction we expect to see when you got the homebuilder sentiment report. zillow said the typical home value fell .3% from july. that is the largest monthly drop since 2011. the market has been strong. if you look at the annual data home values according to zillow are up 14% from a year ago. stuart: how about, lauren, ralph lauren would be. up two or 3%. lauren: china is also ending some lock downs. that helps them. they have a good deal of revenue comes from china. they're also returning two billion dollars to shareholders in the next three years. stuart: i would have thought ending lockdowns in china would be positive for the overall took
10:30 am
market but apparently not that much. thanks, lauren. russian troops stuck a massive nuclear power plant in the southern region of ukraine overfight. meanwhile ukrainian forces say they have regained key control of the east bank of the river osky. not sure about all of this. but jeff paul is there. he will straighten it out for us. what is the latest, jeff? reporter: yeah, stuart also starting to uncover what they are describing as russian war crimes. now officials in the kharkiv region say they have found somewhat hidden locations they believe were being used by occupying russian forces. one of these spots is at a local train station which they describe as a torture cell. they found similar scenes in a basement of a supermarket, in a cellar of a home. they believe they were all used for the same purposes to imprison, torture, intear --
10:31 am
interrogate and kill civilians. they are dumped in isim. where work continues to recover hundreds of bodies who often show signs of torture. it's a massive process but president volodymyr zelenskyy saying it is not slowing down the ongoing counteroffensive. >> translator: maybe now seems to some of you after a serious of victories this is a lull. this is not a lull. this is preparation for the next series. next series are words for us which must be heard because ukraine must be free, all of it. reporter: as we saw a few months ago in the town of beautiful that, prosecutors are on the scene of izium, trying to work the case to build a war crimes case. the kremlin previously not responded this is all a quote, lie. stuart. stuart: jeff, thank you very
10:32 am
much indeed. i want to show you what president biden had to say about the war in ukraine in his "60 minutes" interview last night. roll that tape, please. president withinning the war in ukraine is to get russia out of ukraine completely, to recognize their sovereignty. they're defeating russia. russia is turning out not to be as competent and capable as many thought they were going to be but winning the war, the damage it is doing, and citizens and innocent people are being killed, it is awful hard to count that as winning. stuart: congressman mike walls republican from florida joins us right now. he is a former green beret. this is my opinion, we should be pulling out all the stops to make sure that the ukrainians win and push all russian troops out of ukraine. we should be doing that. that should be the policy of the administration. i think you're with me. >> i'm absolutely with you. the problem the administration has had they have been helping ukraine not lose. they are helping them play for a
10:33 am
tie. ultimately i think biden wants this to go to the negotiating table rather than helping zelenskyy win to kick out all russian troops. this offensive is great but two issues with it. one, they don't have enough ammunition to sustain it. it is happening in the east, good, what zelenskyy, i just met with him six weeks ago, what he really needs is to push to the south. he needs access to the black sea so that he can rejoin the world economy. stuart: are we scared of the risk posed by pushing the russians out and what putin will do in response? >> so there is that, there is that concern what will putin do? will he go to a tactical nuke? how far will he escalate because he is all-in on this. his survival as the head of his regime is absolutely at stake here but look, i think the rhetoric matters a lot here. putin is a monster. we are seeing war crime after war crime be exposed as these
10:34 am
areas are liberated and biden this week in the u.n. needs to be that clear, that putin is an absolute war criminal. stuart: come right out with it. >> come right out with it. stuart: brand him a tyrant. >> putin was meeting with xi and xi and putin were talking about increased cooperation going forward. on top of that china is buying up all oil and gas. europe will go into absolute energy, economic crisis this winter. time is not on our side. we have to help zelenskyy win. stuart: the president is at the united nations later on this week. always a pleasure. i don't know why on earth you came here and left florida. i appreciate it. >> i will be going right back. stuart: thank you, congressman. denver giving some homeless people $12,000 in cash. it is part of the city's new basic income program. believe me. we're all over that one. homebuilder sentiment fell for the ninth straight month with rising interest rates, mortgage
10:35 am
rates that is, supply chain disruptions higher prices looks like a perfect storm for housing, doesn't it? i will ask jerry howard, the national homebuilders guy. here after this. ♪ i've always loved building things. not just structures and skyscrapers, but teams who make it all possible. after all... we wouldn't be where we are today without them. so we made sure that like these buildings... their futures may also stand the test of time. ♪ ♪
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♪. stuart: that is the queen's coffin being taken into windsor castle, specifically st. george's chapel. you can see a band of guards with thousands of people in attendance a very solemn crowd, a respectful crowd. that is what we've seen all morning. those guards in the basket hats
10:40 am
traditional guards of the queen of england and we'll take you back there momentarily. stuart: homebuilder confidence fell for the ninth straight month all the way down to the lowest level since may of 2020. jerry howard is back us. he is the ceo of national association of homebuilders. perfect storm, jerry, interest rates going up, supply chain problems, prices going up. this is a real bad time for you guys, isn't it? >> it's a bad time. down nine straight months. we've given birth to a housing recession. stuart: do you expect a bottom soon or will this be dwindling down for some time? >> this recession could be cured by policymakers. i expect we'll stay at bottom, maybe go a little lower, right up until we see the outcome of the midterm elections. policy is what can get us out of this. stuart: we, i get, zillow alerts. i know that is another side of the real estate business from you, but i'm being constantly alerted about price cuts.
10:41 am
this house is down, that house is down. is that happening also in the brand new home market, are prices coming down of the homes you just built? >> yes. about a full quarter of the builders are reporting to us that they're reducing their prices. about half of the builders are saying they're either reducing prices or something else to entice buyers. stuart: are you getting any broken contracts? >> we have, yes, unfortunately. people are just saying we're not going to pay for the price right now. stuart: any bankruptcies? i mean i understand, so much pressure on you. some people are dropping >> no, we're not at that pointre able to be a little bit more mobile are starting to do bigger remodeling contracts and things like that to keep, keep cash coming in. stuart: how about the florida market, can you comment on that because that was always so strong. >> i think you're seeing a
10:42 am
weakening in virtually every market but those that were stronger are weakening less. stuart: do you think, look, you call it a housing recession. i would call it a housing slump. could it fall into a housing depression? >> oh, gosh, i hope not, stuart, but we're not seeing anything that is give being us much optimism right now. stuart: do you see a serious recession for the overall economy? >> potentially yes. that potential seems to be growing. stuart: jerry howard i wishing we could find something positive in the new home building business. have you got anything to smile about at all? >> i guess the most important thing is that investors and people need to remember, that americans still want to own their homes and that as soon as the conditions turn a little more favorable housing will pick up. that will pick up the whole economy. stuart: clearly not in a great place right now, are you, jerry? you had many, many wonderful years after the real estate
10:43 am
crash 12 years ago but now it urn turned really around. jerry howard, thanks for being with us despite all the bad news. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you, sir. stuart: if you are a retailer, selling appliances, furniture, that kind of thing, you've got a problem, you've been hit by a slow down in the housing market. ashley, which items are feeling it the most? reporter: when people buy new homes they typically buy a lot to go inside, right? that would include items like furniture, curtains, lighting, appliances. that spending not surprisingly fallen with the housing market. last month sales dropped 1.6% at furniture, home furnishing stores year-over-year and 5.7% at electronics and appliance stores. according to the labor department furniture businesses are cutting jobs as well in recent months. that is not a good sign. u.s. existing home sales fell in july for the 6th straight month, down 20% from a year ago and now of course we're seeing
10:44 am
the domino effect throughout the economy and boy, jerry was not a happy camper this morning, was he? stuart: no, i never seen a man look more depressed in my life actually. two or three word answers to all the questions. the man is feeling the housing slump for sure. how about electric bills are supposed to go up even more as the winter months come towards us. how much more are we talking about? >> well the energy information administration expecting residential price of electricity will jump 7 1/2% from last year but in some parts of the country it could be a whole lot higher. the agency's forecasting record gas consumption as prices surge in part, no big surprise because power producers are limited in the amount of coal they can burn. eversource energy that is a utility company in the northeast has doubled electric rates in new hampshire. says it will remain at that level through january. the company says wholesale electricity prices have roughly tripled since 2020. the national energy assistance
10:45 am
director is forecasting that the highest winter heating season in a decade is coming up with a 35% jump in costs. that really hurts the bottom line. stu? stuart: really hurts the inflation rate couple months down the road in middle of winner. no way around that one. ash, thank you very much indeed. the cannabis black market in los angeles is booming. it has become a hotbed of crime but the city is not trying to shut it down. we've got that report next hour. bill maher says the left wants to abuse history to control the present. roll tape. >> in today's world when truth conflicts with narrative it's the truth that has to apologize. stuart: crazy, huh? joe concha gets into it after this. ♪
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10:50 am
as it is approaching windsor castle. st. george's church is inside of windsor castle where there will be the burial service. you're going to be seeing some of that. you will see and hear the wonderful choir, the boys choir at st. george's chapel and i hope you can listen in because the music is simply wonderful. all right, back to reality shall we say, a fifth circuit court judge upheld a law in texas banning social media companies from censoring users posts based on their political viewpoint. hillary vaughn on capitol hill. this is now heading to the supreme court, hillary? reporter: if there is an appeal yes, it could make its way to the supreme court, stuart. you're right, the u.s. appeals court siding with texas over big tech. the texas law that removing posts based on a political ideology should stay intact.
10:51 am
the appeals court in it the ruling, if they ruled in favor of the social media platforms opposed the law the precedent would set would be dangerous, paving way for other companies, banks phone companies, to decline service to a customer that may support an unfavorable political party or candidate or business. the appeal court judge in his ruling writing this, quote, the platforms argue that buried somewhere in the person's enumerated right to free speech lie as corporation's unenumerated right to muzzle speech. today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling first amendment right h to sensor what people say. tech companies can appeal, likely will to take the fight to the supreme court over the future of online speech. it could give lawmakers on capitol hill fresh ammo to two after tech companies in instances they see biases
10:52 am
political viewpoints particularly conservative viewpoints. stuart: can i congratulate you, hillary, you're a mother for the first time. reporter: yes. stuart: you will actually know love at first sight when you see your baby's face for the first time. congratulations hillary. >> thank you, stuart. i love that. we're excited. stuart: sure thing. see you again soon. real time host bill maher is going after liberals again. he says they want to abuse history to control the present. run this again, please, because it is so good. roll it into plenty of liberals also want to abuse history to control the present. the way people talk about slavery these days you woe think it was uniquely american thing that we invented in 1619 but slavery throughout history has been the rule, not the exception. the capacity for cruelty is a human thing, not a white thing. that's the truth. even though it doesn't jibe with the current narrative but in today's world when truth
10:53 am
conflicts with narrative it's the truth that has to apologize. stuart: come on in joe concha, that was really good. i agree entirely. same with you, joe? >> stu, you can agree or disagree with bill maher. that is kind of the point, at this.i agree with him entirely like you do. his show is profoundly candid, unpredictable. he has beenbecome common sense voice of increasingly unhinged left. he used the term in the monologue, progressive phobia, it's a brain disorder that strikes liberals that makes them incapable of recognizing progress. it is situational blindness, that your door is 2021 is better than the south in the civil war, unquote. he talked a few months while ago china is building bridges, the woke are arguing what to name it. it is pragmatism. nothing more. during the same monologue, talking about portland education
10:54 am
system teaching kin kind about sexual orientation. as a first and third grade, like bill maher does, this is patently wrong this is must see t-v. week to week you don't know what he will get. he doesn't kowtow to an audience giving them what they want to hear but what they should here. stuart: he didn't use toed be. in the trump years he was blisser iting at tax to the president. don't remember him going after liberalism or wokism until the last six, eight months. >> bill maher has been on television some capacity, abc, hbo more than 20 years. during the trump years, like everybody else trump was the central focus. if you're on the left you didn't like the 45th president much. with wokism previous lent in our culture. he is not ignoring it or backing down to it. it is interesting to listen to. stuart: one of the principle guys in favor of free speech, rolling back wokism.
10:55 am
last word to you, joe? >> i just think that the fact that he said that slavery isn't exclusive to american history but history to most countries throughout the world including africa itself, i never heard someone have the guts to say on television before. kudos to bill maher and you stuart. stuart: the guts to say it, bill maher, thank you. thanks for joining us. >> take care, to the market now, i see some green for all of the major indicators. but i want to know to, lauren what is this about hbo max. this thing about photoshopping cigars and cigarettes out of movie posters. this is so weird. lauren: because they're older movie posters, mostly western, warren beatty on mccabe and mrs. miller. on the left you see it and right holding nothing. hbo max is photoshopping out the cigarette or cigar, not saying why, making posters look
10:56 am
awkward. i have no idea. only some movies, the up shot is it is funny. stuart: maybe to discourage smoking. lauren: not to say anything. stuart: ham-handed way of doing it. lauren, thanks. jason katz, miranda devine, steve forbes, bjorn lomborg. the passing of the queen made me look back proudly at my heritage. a personal view on "my take" next. ♪ as an independent financial advisor, i stand by these promises: i promise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most.
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♪ ♪ stuart: good morning, everyone. today is monday, september 19th, a historic day as the world says good good-bye to queen elizabeth ii. a service is about to begin at st. george's chapel, a ceremony with 800 people present including the royal family and their personal staff. at the end of the service, the queen's coffin will be lowered into the royal vau


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