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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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year. you might have to make do with just a little bit less in the brenberg household. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: we are digging into this astounding fraud, a quarter of a billion dollars stolen out of pandemic aid for children recently spent on luxury cars, jewelry, even houses as congress still wants to raise your taxes. with us tonight congressman john katko, brian steil, greg murphy and tony gonzalez, congressman byron donalds bruce westerman, arizona attorney general mark brnovich. "new york post" jon levine. arrests at the border as expected they topped two million
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for the first time under president biden. here is the distinction. it already exceeds the entire eight years combined of the obama white house and president biden today says it is about root causes when he is the root cause. the evening edit was first to cover the border on a regular basis way back in 2016. we'll show you how the crisis has since skyrocketed. white house is tracking potential migrant flights to the president's home state of delaware florida governor ron desantis. desantis is not backing down. president biden claims d.c. is about political attacks this as the president slams gop voters in speeches ahead of the midterms. more than a third of the u.s. senate calling for a doj special counsel on hunter biden. and voters, look at this trend, increasingly hiring their own private security amid a pervasive cop shortage in a growing number of defund police cities. i'm elizabeth macdonald,
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"the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. we begin with stocks ending today, extending losses in a broad selloff. here is what is going on. wall street fears the fed hiking interest rates, 75 basis points tomorrow, that that will tip the u.s. deeper into resession. we're talking a benchmark rate of 3 and 3/4% up from zero near the start of the year. volkswagen warning a chip shortage will last past 2023 calling it new normal in supply chain crisis. even progressive democrat according on border abu musab al-zarqawi vice president harris doing a bipartisan immigration deal. as more democrats say the border crisis is a problem. fox news ashiah haas any on
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capitol hill. it's a political stand off, who blinks first. republicans say there will no deal on immigration reform until the white house secures the border. down pennsylvania avenue the white house is blasting republicans and basically preparing, bracing for a potential, another group of migrants to be flown into the president's home state of delaware. watch. >> so yes, we have received word of the flights and, yes, we are coordinating closely with state officials and local service providers. this is again, a political stunt that they are taking for their own, for their own political narrative. it is not about really dealing with what is happening and coming up with a solution. reporter: whatever you want to call it it is forcing democrats
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here on the hill to revisit immigration reform just seven weeks ahead of the midterm election. now progressive representative ro khanna is calling on vice president kamala harris to help the democrats strike a deal on immigration reform. >> do you think she is doing a good job with the border? >> i think we need a better solution on comprehensive immigration reform. i would say to the vice president to help lead to get comprehensive immigration reform done. reporter: here is what democrats, want done, liz, a reform system would at least include a guest worker program to fill worker shortages, at the very most offer a pathway to citizenship or undocumented migrants. since stocks have been stalled, democrats are talking about giving fema more money to help these migrants at the border and in these sanctuary cities. they want to attach the funding to the government funding bill that the senate is currently negotiating but senator braun
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tells me that is unlikely to get any republican support again until the border is secure. elizabeth. elizabeth: great reporting as always, ashiah. always a pleasure having you on. joining us now ranking member of house homeland security congressman john katko and arizona attorney general mark brnovich. gentlemen, thanks for joining us. your take on the report that white house talk with delaware officials to prepare potential migrant flights to president's home date of delaware. desantis is no the backing down. the flights are 20 miles away from the president's vacation home. what do you say, congressman. >> i don't think governor desantis should back down. the reason they're sending migrants to these places to go highlight the democratic party not dealing with the issue. they all say they want to have sanctuary cities and embrace aliens. when they are in their backdoor
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they say no way, get them out of here. that is not logical. as far as thinking about doing immigration reform you secure the border that is plain legislation malpractice. you can't have the reform until the border is secure. once we do that we can have the conversation. there are plenty of people on our side of the fence want to do that as well. elizabeth: governor, what do you think? >> governor ron desantis should be handed a medal. he is balling and showing the hypocrisy in the democratic administration. reality we got complaints about the airlines and how terrible they are, not gotten one single complaint about flights to delaware or new york city, martha's vineyard. what happened the east coast elites first time whether new york or new england they started seeing local coverage of the immigration crisis because they had to deal with 50 or 100 illegal immigrants. border states, texas, arizona,
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even florida, we've been dealing with this for years. you've been talking about this for years, liz. record amount of fentanyl flowing into this country and i wish kamala harris and joe biden were worried more about gas prices, soaring cost of groceries than they were about ron desantis's soaring popularity. elizabeth: to what mark has been saying, border states, taxpayers are footing the bill for biden's border collapse. arrests at the southern bored exceed two million since biden was elected. that is 19 months. already more than the eight years combined under obama. it is 3.5 million less than two years versus 3.4 under obama. what mark just said this crisis has been out there for sometime. we were the first to start covering it on the air on a regular basis in 2016. let's take a look, watch. first, to the border clash, vice president michael pence
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during the calexico border. he was looking at that wall moments ago. authorities now turn being away asylum-seekers in the caravan because facilities to house them are now at full capacity. there is lawlessness happening right now at the border. so we went back and pulled the numbers, congressman. if fiscal 2016, nearly 554,000 border arrests. in six years it more than quadrupled to two million. >> there is one simple reason for that, that president biden on the first day in office by the stroke of a pen created the ultimate pull factor by issuing a series of executive orders which basically signaled to the cartels that control of the border, that they're open for business and the cartels are massively being enriched by this and people from all over the world, not just central america, all over the world are exploiting this. we've got more people seized at the boarder this year on the terror watch list than the last five years combined times five. that's insane.
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elizabeth: so what the congressman is saying mark, we looked at the numbers, there were 342 encounters with terrorists on the terror watch list at all ports of entry. already this fiscal year. that could include multiple encounters by the same terrorists or terror associates we don't know but that 342 is about the last two years combined, mark. >> we start to lose sight of the fact we throw out all the numbers all the time, that is 10 times as many people that participated in those terrible and horrible attacks on 9/11. so we, america is less safe and more dangerous as a result of the biden administration policies. one thing, liz, so important to point out, is remember, the federal government, the president at height of his or her powers when it comes to national security and border security. this is the federal government's job. so when you have these liberal mayors, or you know people in congress complaining about, you know people like governor desantis or governor abbott politicizing this, remember this
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is the federal government's job. they are supposed to be doing it, because the federal government won't do its job it is left up to the republican governors to essentially try to keep america safe. make mo necessary take about it, america is less safe because joe biden has decriminalized and incentivized people breaking the law. elizabeth: so what mark is saying, congressman, is the crisis getting worse in recent years or is this a. >> you shoe of policy here? or is it conditions in other countries have gotten so bad more and more people are fleeing, which is it? >> america is always the land people want to be but not a country on earth would put up what we're putting on our border, i don't care how socialistic or liberal they are. not a country in western europe. they have strict immigration policies. simply what president biden created with the pull factors signaling he will not do what president trump did during his administration to try to get the border under control.
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we reacted to the border in 2016 in president trump's administration securing it, making it difficult to get in. we were vilified. now no-holds-barred come in. it's a mess. people are dying in record numbers. liz the number one cause of death of people now 18 to 45 years now is drug overdoses. >> driven by fentanyl. >> think of that. elizabeth: driven by fentanyl. mark, your final word? >> ultimately americans are dying as a result of the failure of the biden administration. the democrats made a big mistake, they assume people coming here will become democrats because they are a from foreign countries. i'm a first generation of americans. the rule of law is means something. they are fleeing socialism and an aky. that means they will not vote on democrats. elizabeth: thank you very much. we're staying on the reports that the white house is tracking potential migrant flights coming to the president's home in delaware arranged by governor
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ron desantis. he is not backing down. astounding fraud. quarter of a billion dollars stolen for children brazenly spent on luxury cars, houses and a deluxe local resort as congress wants to raise your taxes? congressman brian styles and greg murphy next ahead on "the evening edit". psst psst. [sfx: monster roaring and people screaming] allergies don't have to be scary. flonase sensimist stops your body from overreacting to allergens with a non-drowsy, ultra-lightweight mist.
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elizabeth: okay, this is a pretty disturbing story. the justice department uncovered a plot to steal a quarter of a billion dollars meant to feed children in need. the money was stolen and congress now wants to raise your taxes? kelly o'grady has the story. reporter: liz, we've seen many covid relief fraud schemes but this one is really unbelievable. the accused are charged with a number of crimes including conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and bribery. authorities allege the largest fraud scheme yet took $250 million from the federal child nutrition. from minn society based feet feeding our future opened sites fraudulently claimed to serve people within weeks performed. he ran a sight under youth athletic development falsely claimed to serve up to 5000 meals today out after second story apartment. instead of serving disadvantaged
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children the doj shares the accused used shell companies to launder the quarter of a billion dollars to purchase luxury cars, houses, jewelry, coastal resort property abroad. the minnesota u.s. attorney describing the crimes in a statement quote, this was a brazen scheme staffingerring proportions. these defendants exploited a program designed to provide nutritious food to needy children. instead they prioritized their own greed. it is not the first type of scheme we've seen but certainly hits home when you think of all the children those taxpayer dollars should have gone to feed. back to you. elizabeth: kelly o'grady, always terrific journalism. joining us now congressman brian steil from house financial services and congressman greg murphy from house ways and means. congressman steil, reaction to that report, is d.c. normalized to fraud, wasting taxpayers money this doesn't matter anymore to anybody in washington? >> it has got to matter. what the american people deserve is government accountable. elizabeth: how do you make them accountable? how do you make them accountable when you're blowing money out of
6:18 pm
the backdoor that taxpayers have to fay for that? this is massive fraud. >> you have two problems you're blowing money like you just said. money is going fast and loose here in washington. it's a massive problem. two, we're not having oversight hearings we need to have of biden's government agencies. we need to call the bureaucrats before congress, hold them accountable, stop fraud and abuse going on from the reckless biden spending we hear time and again hold them accountable, i understand, congressman, i respect you coming on but you know, congressman murphy, how do you stop it? congress wants to raise everybody's taxes after that happened? >> absolutely absurd especially now we're having close to double-digit inflation liz. this didn't, doesn't ring well with the average worker in the country when they had close to $5400 now removed from their paycheck to pay for inflation. you're literally doing just the opposite of what needs to be done, that the biden administration wants to take more out of your pocket to
6:19 pm
create more government entitlement programs. it is absolutely asinine and perverse. elizabeth: now we've got this. we're dealing with that, and now we got a president who went on 60 minutes who made numerous statements when the white house is walking back. you know it is bad when it hits late-night tv. watch this. >> before he left for london the actual president biden sate for "60 minutes" for an interview. he said number of interesting things. he said the pandemic over which is weirdly not reassuring at all. saying freddy krueger is dead he is never coming back. >> we have trouble with covid or the pandemic over? lorraine, the affair is over. [laughter]. i still have sex with bethany every tuesday at 6 but the affair is over. i got to go. it is 5:45. elizabeth: that last joke was a bit of a stretch. congressman, we have even dr. fauci rebutting the president saying the pandemic is not over. congressman steil, if the pandemic is over is he going to stop firing soldiers, cops,
6:20 pm
firemen, health workers and government workers for not sticking to the vaccine mandate. >> everybody is wondering who is writing the teleprompter for president biden. we need to rip the bandaid off the covid policies. people want their life back. president biden wants to use claim of covid toe jam through legislation, giving $10,000 to individuals for student debt relief. we need to rip the bandaid off to get our lives back, but what the biden administration wants they want to have their cake and eat it too. claim victory of covid and use the excuse of covid to drive through his liberal agenda. elizabeth: to what the congressman just said, dr. murphy, the pentagon is about to expel tens of thousands of troops who have not complied with the vax mandate. 15 republican house members sent a letter to the pentagon chief, defense secretary austin, what is with the leaked memo describing what they call blanket denial of religious accommodations to the vax mandate? >> liz, this is, that is
6:21 pm
un-american. let's put it very plainly and clearly. you know to the point, there are still people dying from cove spread without a doubt. when i go into the hospital i see people dying but the pandemic part versus the public health emergency part which is what biden is pushing so much for his dictatorial powers really is gone. his powers, emergency powers should be relieved. to the point of fact where secretary austin what they have done to our military is absolutely abysmal to the fact that we can't recruit for our military. he has pushed the woke policies on to our own military, really, truly endangering national security. due to the fact we don't believe in religious rights anymore in this country. elizabeth: dovetailing to what the congressman just said, congressman steil, they will stop mail-in ballots too? all the pandemic emergency things popped up. the president, we know cited the pandemic as a national emergency for his one trillion dollar
6:22 pm
student loan bailout but that is not stopping colleges from tuition gouging. we know house republicans are talking about taxing college endowments to pay for that. many of them like harvard university's own endowment they're bigger than a hedge fund. harvard has a 54 billion-dollar endowment. >> yeah. >> these universities, go ahead, greg. >> you go ahead, brian. i like you better. if you will, okay to go ahead and speak on this i was on a college board and what i saw is while i don't disagree with the intent of some of my colleagues wanting to tax some of these endowments. i think more as kamala always says get at the root of the problem. the root of the problem colleges and universities have no incentive whatsoever to stop spending. i was on a college board of my alma mater, the president at the time did not know a program she didn't like a new program she didn't like to fund. if you go on the campuses these days we're now having majors in gender studies, some of these other things that are not
6:23 pm
marketable. there needs to be a transformation, a true transformation on colleges, universities stopping reckless spending congressman steil your final word. >> absolutely. greg is perfectly right there. we need to get college costs under control. the biden administration proposal not only subsidizes it but makes the progress worse but drives up the cost of education. we need the process under control. elizabeth: congressman steil and murphy, thanks for joining us. president biden is on state claiming d.c. is all about political attacks as he slams republican voters in speeches ahead of the midterms. reports that the white house is tracking potential migrant flights into the president's home state of delaware by florida governor ron desantis is not backing down. congressman tony gonzales is next own "the evening edit". ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪
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go space age welds for super silent cars. go big. or go home. from software that delivers new cures at warp speed, to technology that makes clean energy reliable, emerson innovation helps make the world healthier, safer, smarter and more sustainable. go boldly. emerson. ♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us from house appropriations congressman tony bonds gonzalez. congressman, a pleasure having you on. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, liz. elizabeth: a report that white house is in talks to delaware officials to prepare for potential migrant flights to the president's home state of delaware, potentially coming in near the president's vacation home by florida governor ron desantis. here what president biden had to say about this, watch? [shouting] >> sending migrants to delaware, do you have any comment or response to that, sr.? >> he should come visit, we have
6:28 pm
a beautiful shoreline. elizabeth: what do you think, congressman? >> i think every city, every state in america is now a border city. i wish the president would talk to the state of texas. i hosted the president in uvalde several months ago when we had the horrific incident and i asked him then, hey, look, mr. president i would love to visit with you on securing this border because there should be nothing partisan about this. all i've seen is partisan games, one after another. the president is sadly nowhere to be found. elizabeth: what did he say, what did he say when you asked him? >> said i look forward to hosting you in the white house. elizabeth: he has never been to the border. he has never been to the border. >> he hasn't. elizabeth: so we have that. we also have this, democrat mayor says we've been covering, they have been slamming the gop governors for sending illegals out-of-state. watch the new york mayor, he is saying he will even house migrants on cruise ships if they keep coming watch him to refuse to answer about corruption in new york. watch? >> i want to go back to the idea
6:29 pm
of chief of staff spent time on a cruise ship in france for research purposes. wanted to see what he was trying to figure out there, was that taxpayer-funded? >> you see what i go through? [laughter]. i answered the cruise ship question already. i'm not going back and forth already. >> [inaudible] >> when there is something to announce more about a cruise ship, idea, any other idea i will announce it. i'm finished with that. next question. elizabeth: excuse me, sir, you're not finished with it. we don't work for you, you work for us. congressman, your reaction? >> no, that is exactly right. sadly this administration and all of the democrats throughout the country are not being transparent. they think they can just laugh it off and the american people are not going to worry or dig down deeper. no, this isn't a laughing matter. it is one thing after another, you know, you see it from the vice president, you see it from house democrats. none of them show up to the border. none of them have a plan. they just want to point fingers.
6:30 pm
i say house republicans we have a plan. on friday the 20 third we'll roll out the commitment to america kevin mccarthy has led on. house pubs say this is how we secure the border. we'll end catch-and-release. we'll end some of these other things. elizabeth: finish the wall. even the white house is working on the wall. reports that immigration attorneys are now talking to migrants, they're lawyering up. we have democrat texas sheriff salazar will criminally investigate florida governor desantis for fliesing dozens of migrants to martha's vineyard but the sheriff cannot kite the specific laws that may have been broken. florida governor ron desantis push back on this, watch. >> migrants die in the rio grande. 350 died in a trailer because they were neglected. was there a freakout in criminal aliens get across the border
6:31 pm
criminalizing americans, killing some, raping some, only 50 get put into martha's vineyard. wasn't saying they didn't want this. they said they wanted this. they said they were a sanctuary jurisdiction. these people are basically destitute. put in a situation where they could have succeeded but that was all virtual signaling. not only did not welcome them, they deported them the next day with the national guard. give me a break. elizabeth: he is saying also migrants were not lured on the flights. they were told where they were going. they were offered a chance to withdraw the journey on several occasions. they picked where they wanted to go. >> yeah, liz, those 53 migrants found cooked to death is in my district. i live in bexar county. my home is in san antonio. what i tell sheriff salazar we need to focus on the migrant center in san antonio. i'm getting complaints daily people are loitering around. businesses cannot open up because of the chaos that is brought to san antonio. i understand everyone wants to
6:32 pm
play politics and dive into it but i look at it, we need our law enforcement officers to focus on enforcing the law. when you're starting to diving into pointing fingers that doesn't help the situation. certainly doesn't help san antonio. elizabeth: talk more about your district, your home state of texas, what you guys are dealing with every day when it comes to the border collapse and versus how the, what is being called the freakout by illinois, new york, the d.c. mayor, and martha's vineyard over you know, not as many people coming in? >> liz, district 23, i represent 42% of the border it is like watching a movie, like a zombie movie, a apocalyptic almost. in el paso we have people, hundreds of people homeless, sleeping outside. in eagle pass, we have people drowning in the rivers every single week. del rio is the same thing. one thing after another. to see some of these other states kind of complain about it, it is just unfair.
6:33 pm
elizabeth: congressman gonzalez, thanks for joining us. elizabeth: thank >> thank you,. elizabeth: more than a third of the u.s. senate calling for special counsel forehunter biden. president says d.c. complain about political attacks right as he slams gop voters in speeches. congressman byron donalds is next on "the evening edit". you'll always remember buying your first car. and buying your starter home. or whatever this is. but the things that last a lifetime like happiness, love and confidence... you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. we believe that your investments should work harder for the future you imagine.
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elizabeth: joining us now congressman byron donalds from house oversight. congressman, good to see you again. >> good to see you. thanks for having me back. elizabeth: president biden is going after gop voters ahead of the midterms. d.c. critics say he is the one that is dividing the nation. now in the "60 minutes" interview, he says d.c. culture about personal attacks. he is blaming washington all about personal attacks. how do you see it? >> oh, please! listen joe biden has been in d.c. for longer than i have been alive.
6:38 pm
the count now is 49 years. america, i'm only 43 years old. he is a part of d.c. culture. he is not lunch bucket joe or delaware joe or scranton joe or whatever he tries to portray himself as. he is one of the meanest politicians in d.c. he ran on being a unifying president. that is what he talked about when he gave his inaugural but since that time, he has not wanted any input from republicans. he has derided republicans. the other week ago in philadelphia, he is labeling everybody maga republicans, that backfired. he is a part of the d.c. culture. why? because he does not deal well with debate. he does not deal well with disagreement. he wants it his way or the highway. that is part of the problem what we have here in washington, d.c. elizabeth: congressman, listen to how president biden to your point has taken every opportunity to personally attack republican voters. watch this. president biden: what we do
6:39 pm
today, think about it, it is about personal attacks. it is about motive. not that i disagree with you on the subject matter. and secondly i think it, i think it's fair to say that we've not had a president like the last president who has made all of it so personal donald trump and maga republicans represent an extremism. the extreme set of maga republicans has chosen to go backwards full of anger, violence, hate and division. the maga republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security. they're a threat to our very democracy. elizabeth: so maga republicans are a threat to the democracy what do you think of that sound bite montage? >> that is all politics, that is something they focused grouped in polls, stuff like that, they think it actually worked. i remember a joe biden who specifically said to black people if they were not voting for him, that they weren't black. i found that to be outrageous but those are the words of joe biden when he was running for the highest office in the land.
6:40 pm
listen, i know we talk about the president. he is a terrible president. we all know that but we have to get back to america based upon tolerance, based upon actual merit and equality. we can do all three at the same time. and that starts here on capitol hill with our rhetoric. what do maga republicans and republicans in general want? we want to follow the constitution. we want sound money and stable prices. we actually want a secure border. we want safe streets. we want children to have the best education out comes possible and the best possibility to find that education and last but not least, we want people to respect everybody else's points of view, even if you disagree, we want the debate. that is what republicans want. elizabeth: so we have a 40-year high in inflation. groceries the highest since 1979, collapsed border, skyrocketing crime. we also have harvard harris, new poll, 54% believe it is quote a gross exaggeration to say maga
6:41 pm
voters are a threat to the nation. but if you watch msnbc, that is all they talk about. so there is this toxicity, poison pouring into the national conversation. by the way it has to be stated even "the drudge report," a news aggregator has dozens of websites on it, abc, cbs, even mcclatchy and reuters. even has russia's "pravda" on it. only network not on "the drudge report." it is msnbc. when you see how the poison coming in out of the biden white house into the nation's bloodstream, into the national conversation, what concerns you most? >> what concerns me most is we have news outlets are not giving a fair perspective. what do i mean by that? listen i've been on our show many times, i'm thankful for the opportunity. i would love to do tv on nbc or msnbc. bookers over there, we ask all the time, they refuse to let us
6:42 pm
on. we need the healthy debates. we need the civil discourse in america. i'm quite sure many americans wish there was a civil discourse with covid-19 but if we get back to that we will have the more perfect union that so many americans truly wants. >> congressman donalds come back, love having you on. good to see you. >> anytime. elizabeth: be sure to tune in october 17th, 18th. we'll be on the road taking you live from washington, d.c. we've got a great lineup. tune in then. voters look at the new trend, they're increasingly hiring private security, their own security for their neighborhoods amid a pervasive cop shortage in a growing number of defund police cities. plus more than a third of the u.s. senate calling for a doj special counsel on hunter biden. the new york post john levine next on "the evening edit". ♪.
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♪ >> joining us now "new york post" columnist jon
6:47 pm
levine. jon, great to have you on. from where you sit, you've been tracking the hunter biden story for some time now, breaking a lot of news, jon, jon we have 33 senators, more than a third of the u.s. senate, they say to attorney general merrick garland you have to appoint a special counsel for hunter biden. do you think they will do it? they're citing heavy politicization inside of the fbi and and doj to blocks the hunter biden probe. do you think they were going to do it? >> the answer is no. i don't think the attorney general will give up his authority over the case. the reason this is happening because there's a very, very long history of politicization, suspected politicization at the department of justice. as we have reported in the past the head of the doj criminal division, a man named nicholas mcquaid used to be a partner at the same law firm currently representing hunter biden. you have so many examples with the fbi where they have had access to the hard drive since
6:48 pm
2019 and have done nothing and interviewed people like hunter biden's business partner, tony bobulinski and have done nothing with that. elizabeth: why do you think he gets so much protection? >> well i mean you know i have to point to the big guy and you know that would have been a great question to ask joe biden on "60 minutes" last night. are you the big guy? they will not ask a real question on "60 minutes." because of potential conflicts of interest and family connections you need a special counsel. otherwise there is risk any findings from the delaware attorney's office, david weiss will not be seen as credible. elizabeth: they want to give u.s. attorney david weiss, he is the prosecutor already probing hunter biden's alleged crimes, tax evasion, money laundering, foreign lobbying violations, they want to make him the special counsel. let's watch sol wisenberg on this. watch. >> very important the exact words they used. notice they're not calling for
6:49 pm
the appointment after new special counsel. they're calling for david wyss the u.s. attorney there, essentially a career guy, a guy with a reputation as a straight-shooter, they're calling on him to have the special counsel authorities. it will make it harder for merrick garland to interfere in his investigation, and hopefully harder for him to be fired if there is a disagreement. elizabeth: that is the point, interference, right? fbi and doj interference, as you point out there have been moves to block the hunter biden probe. so that was the point right? >> we don't know what is going on behind the scenes here and what potential interference is happening. there is a lot of smoke that has been reported. to put everyone's mind at ease. why not appoint special counsel and empower mr. weiss to be special counsel. if there is nothing there, there is no there there, the bidens, administration have nothing to worry about. elizabeth: jon in the
6:50 pm
senator's's letter to attorney general merrick garland. there is money laundering allegedly, tax evasion allegedly , lobbying investigations, beyond that what could there be beyond that. >> we don't know here. it's a sprawling vast investigation covering many different things. we know for example allegedly two million dollars was paid to the irs to settle past tax issues from his friend kevin morris. we don't know exactly kevin fronted that money. there is a lot of unanswered questions. elizabeth: it is about using government assets for your own personal enrichment. so that is what hunter biden and biden family have been accused of, basically using government resources during the obama administration. that is a question, why did the obama white house allow it to happen? >> you know, that raises a question of how involved was president biden while he was vice president during this period and that's something
6:51 pm
which ultimately a congressional investigation will probably have to get to the bottom of. elizabeth: jon levine, thanks for joining us. good to see. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: voters look at this new trend, they're increasingly higher private security in growing number of defund the police cities in the face after cop shortage. congressman bruce westerman on "the evening edit" next. ♪ another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.
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>> the recent pennsylvania john fetterman going up against doctor oz, his campaign is trying to walk that back, fetterman called last year to free convicted murderers. joining us bruce westerman, it's good to see you, let's have you take a listen to the democrat said it of pennsylvania, he wants to free 1200 convicted murderers, watch this. >> life without parole in pennsylvania, we could save billions in revenue long-term, we could save thousands of lives and not make anyone less safe. >> i will hold you to a conversation that would free close to 1200 people. >> your reaction? >> good to be with you liz, that is the joe biden america that we live in today. that is america controlled by democrats, it reminds me of the
6:56 pm
old song hank williams junior, the interest is up in the stock market is down and you're going to get mugged if you go downtown. that's the world were living in an fetterman's proposing to make that worse, it's time for a change in the direction that were going on crime in this country. recent gallup poll 72% of americans thought we needed different policy on crime and eight in ten americans feel like they could be affected by crime. this is not the america that we should have or we deserve. >> law enforcement has been warning, to your point politicians are the ones making voters less safe, new york has no cash bail for multiple felonies including manslaughter in the second degree. not even detaining them, no cash bail for that. illinois moving to join california and other states doing no cash bail for major crimes like secondary murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, let's watch caitlyn jenner last night about this. >> crime is rampant in its up in 70 cities across the nation.
6:57 pm
50% homicide, 36% in assault, 13% robberies, new orleans just took over from st. louis, it's become the murder capital of the world, murders are up 145%, carjacking is up 110% and it is the lowest staffing in the police in modern history. you see a pattern here. >> what do you think congressman. >> is exactly right we're sleeping in the bed that was made by joe biden and democrats. the crazy defend the police movement. we need to get away from that and do policies and incentivize more police officers were that's bonuses or whatever we have to do to bring respect to the law enforcement officers, to get more people joining the forces and also we have to crackdown on the prosecutors and the das who are not prosecuting crimes.
6:58 pm
a huge issue were facing today is fentanyl, we have to make all forms of illicit fentanyl illegal. simple steps that we need to take that are simply common sense but they go against the socialist idea of nobody is responsible for their actions, will let people out on the streets, will be soft on crime and somehow that's going to work out well for americans. ask the average joe how that's working out for him. if you're rich enough to afford your own personal security, maybe you're okay with that but that is not reality that is not the hard-working people that i represent in our fourth congressional district is people were talking about hiring private security for neighborhoods in l.a., new york city and minneapolis where those licenses have doubled since the pandemic. we have your governor kathy hochul wants to know why the far left manhattan da released without bail, a man who terrorized mcdonald's patrons within ask inside of the lower
6:59 pm
eastside store, that guy now says he had a right to publish store. go ahead congressman. >> sorry i thought you were playing a clip. that is the sign of the times that we live in. when you're soft on crime and people think they are entitled to commit crimes, what more can we expect with the position that we are taking on crime in this country. it's coming from the white house and congressional democrats, it's coming from the liberal cities and the lack of respect for the law in the attack on police officers, it all started with defend the police movement. liz: friday we broke the news that soros backed keith ellison, his baby local businesses victimized by crime for not doing enough to stop crime, he wants to do civil probes of them, he's a guy that called to defund and abolish the police. homicides have doubled since 2019, final word.
7:00 pm
>> that's not much logic in that as joe biden blaming gas stations for increasing fuel cost. that is crazy that he would even propose that, again do the things that work. >> congressman westerman, good to see you. you been watching "the evening edit". that doesn't for it and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ >> the pandemic is over, yea, even president biden soft brain and broken clock are right every once in a while and he spit truth on 60 minutes declaring the end of the pandemic. guess what kobe did is still here and it sucks but not to the degree where predatory politicians can continue to leap off of frustrated taxpayers to fund crony as pet projects and maintain control through fear. that part is done and they have


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