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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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american league record of 61 with 14 games still to go in the regular season. will judge get it done tonight? he did two home runs on sunday. he could easily do it again. we'll find out soon enough. i hope you're watching. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, the fed raises interest rates to battle historic inflation but look at this, it warns more pain ahead a slowdown, rising unemployment. but it doesn't have to be this way. now wall street pros say, unleash u.s. energy. even top obama and clinton official, larry summers he calls biden's energy poll is quote insane. with us senator chuck grassley, congressman lee zeldin, james comer, greg stuebe, nick loris, former top cop ted williams
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"the hill"'s joe concha. we have a heck of a show for you tonight. this breaking news, house gop said whistle-blowers on hunter biden laptop revealed the biden family tried to carve u.s. nat gas reserves, natural gas energy to sell them to china claiming that president biden personally benefited from the deal that raked in millions of dollars. also this, that the biden family promised business associates access to a future biden white house. florida governor ron desantis he is hitting back hard against a new migrant lawsuit over sending them to martha's vineyard. right as the administration, look at this, talked about shipping illegal immigrants to the border with canada and embattled u.s. cities like los angeles. dhs was talking about that. gop house judiciary says an fbi whistle-blower claims the fbi has been quote, sidelining crime cases in order to pursue political probes. also this, vice president kamala harris is out with yet another
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word salad. we've got it. more on the brave houston, texas, grandfather, he came to the rescue of a women hit by a carjacking. we have got the story. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, let's start with your money. stocks ending down at the lows of the day, whipsawing and volatile action. wall street is digesting a hawkish federal reserve raising rates again to battle historic inflation. rates at 14-year high last seen in 2008. wall street pros warn the fed is pushing the u.s. economy deeper into the recession right before the midterms. the fed chair warning more pain is coming. edward lawrence at the u.s. central bank in washington with more. edward? reporter: liz, the market initially did not like the data from the federal reserve falling
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immediately after that announced came back when the federal reserve chairman jerome powell says they would moderate the pace of increases based on the data in the future. then fell again when i asked how long americans would feel economic pain. basically two years. trying to get to a federal funds rate of 4.6%. that means two more large hikes this year and one smaller hike in january upon of next year. >> we have always understood restoring price stability while achieving relatively modest decline, increase in unemployment and soft landing would be very challenging and we don't know, no one knows whether this process will lead to recession, if so how significant that recession would be. reporter: but the federal reserve projections show gdp growth will end this year at .2% and stay under 2% growth for the next foreseeable future until the end of 2025, liz? elizabeth: always terrific journalism, edward lawrence around great questions of the
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fed chair. joining us new york gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin from house financial services and c3 solutions nick loris. gentlemen great to have you on. congressman, does it have to be this way? your reaction to edward's report? >> there doesn't have to be this way. a lot of people saw this coming unfortunately the biden white house going through 2021 insists it was transitory. they were putting out one package to spend a trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there. they were not pursuing ways to deal with inflation an supply chain crisis. the spending is way out of control, even to this day they're not even acknowledging this problem even exists. how can you expect any types of solutions? no, it doesn't have to be this way, it didn't have to be this way but this is exactly what happens when you have a absence of leadership doing their part. elizabeth: to the congressman's point, nick, what do you think? jamie dimon, ceo of jpmorgan chase, you don't, you
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don't think you can spend $6 trillion and expect you will not have inflation? nick, what do you say? >> that is exactly right. it has put the economy in a difficult position where interest rate hikes will be a necessary evil to combat inflation but it didn't have to be this way. turning to energy policy, if the administration would have unleashed our abundance of energy, actually, did some permitting reform, instead of paid lip service to permitting reform we could be in a much different situation where energy prices were more affordable, energy reliable, we would make environmental progress. elizabeth: u.s. oil and gas workers, doing what they do best, get the u.s. manufacturing on the stick, get them on the stick to fix inflation. so off the wall what they're doing. congressman, watch patrick mchenry going after democrats on your committee, house financial services today for attacking bank ceos. democrats go after jamie dimon,
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ceo of jpmorgan chase. he has been criticizing their policies. watch this. >> we're going to hear democrats encourage banks to make lending decisions based on woke politics rather than creditworthiness. coupled with reckless spending democrats bad policy make something devastating american's budgets. the price of goose is as high as it was a year ago. that threatens a spike this winter. groceries are up more than 13% from this time last year. biden's inflation continues to clobber american families. and if none of that bothers you, how about this? the biden administration's treating the u.s. treasury look it is own megabank, doling outs half a trillion in taxpayers dollars to repay student loans. it's a shame. it is theater. it offers zero solutions to millions of americans paying the financial brunt of democrats spending. >> say one other thing. >> not on my time you contact.
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>> time belongs to the gentleman from california. elizabeth: why would democrats yelling at jamie dimon? >> there is a political agenda that they're trying to essentially recruit these lenders into the "squad." if they are not going to join the ideology of aoc and her friends, well then they will get shamed into joining it and it will be ostracized. so it is unfortunate that we're not harnessing these people they employ a lot of americans. they provide capital you need to be able to get your first home possibly, to start your family, to provide capital for that entrepreneurial spirit to be able to start their business and to grow. when these lenders are coming before congress there is an important oversight role. it is important to ask questions with regards to pending legislation but this is a, this is related to partisan politics an trying to recruit them to sign up for their lar far left
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ideology or else. elizabeth: what do you think, nick? nbc poll, 2/3 of americans say they're falling behind economically because of inflation. what do you think? >> yeah. then dimon is a energy pragmatist. he understands energy costs are real costs for american families that disproportionately impact low income families and these inflationary levels of high energy prices, high food prices, high prices across the board are not going anywhere anytime soon even though they have dipped little bit. people are worried about this. they should be. unless we get our regulatory house in order and provide the regulatory certainty to allow lenders to lend, allow businesses do what they do best, produce energy, increase supplies, we'll be in a sticky situation. elizabeth: to your point, even former obama and clinton top official larry summers is warning that biden u.s. energy policies are literally crazy. watch this.
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>> it is kind of insane that we have trucks and trains carrying oil all over this country rather than constructing pipelines which would permit accessing more resources, cheaper, safer transmission. we are almost certainly going to see a downturn in the economy from where we are right now. elizabeth: congressman, but we're going the way, "wall street journal" editorial board is going after california governor gavin newsom for putting aggressive new regulation on california's energy production. they have got bad shortages. they can't even keep the lights on. he is pushing them to go fully green. then you have wall street executives like larry fink and numerous financial firms saying boycott u.s. oil and gas in order to go green. >> california's policies end up causing pain to people who can least afford it. i served on the house financial services committee but my other
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committees, house foreign affairs committee. we had john kerry in his role as climate czar to come before that committee, what is better for the environment transporting energy on truck and train or by pipeline? even john kerry it would be better for the environment if it was by pipeline. when the administration cuts off russian oil imports, instead of running off to iran and venezuela and saudi arabia we should be ramping up domestic energy production. should tap into your own supplies instead of canceling keystone and fast tracking nord stream 2, we should keep keystone on track, go even further. what you're seeing federal level, state level, new york bans safe extraction of natural gas all together, we're seeing pipeline applications stalled not only at the federal level but the state level as well. the americans who can least afford it will pay biggest price for these policies. elizabeth: it is regressive nick, what the congressman said.
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texas saying knock it off wall street, blackrock, 10 financial firms, 350 investment funds they're trying to get the entire nation to boycott u.s. coil and gas. u.s. oil and gas pays for public health, it pays for teachers, it pays for roads and bridges, it pays for infrastructure via a lot of taxes. billions and billions of dollars of taxes coming into state coffers. wall streeters who were green, you know, fanatics don't believe in that, don't see that. >> i don't get it t pays for conservation and a lot of environmental causes too and what boggles my mind is things like the keystone xl pipeline being canceled and prohibiting onshore and offshore oil and gas extraction is not going to stop consumption of these resources. it will merely shift transportation to inefficient polluting transportation t will shift production to more inefficient environmentally
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polluting countries like iran and venezuela this is not a loss for american producers and consumers but it's a loss for the environment. it really doesn't make any sense whatsoever. elizabeth: congressman zeldin, nick loris, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. elizabeth: florida governor desantis hitting back against illegal immigrant lawsuit sending this emto martha's vineyard. it is happening after the white house talked about shipping them, i will leal immigrants to the border and embatted he will cities like los angeles the whistle-blowers and hunter biden laptop indicate the biden family tried to carve u.s. natural gas reserves in order to sell them to china and that president biden personally benefited from a deal that raked in millions of dollars. congressman james comer with details next on "the evening edit." >> you are selling the office of the vice president to the highest bidder. you are related to the vice president. we should be investigating you
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, representative james comer, ranking member of house oversight. great to have you on, sir. you sent a letter to secretary yellen demanding information
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about the biden family selling u.s. natural gas reserves to china in 2017? that the president was involved and making money off of it? what was going on here? >> remember, we requested the suspicious activity reports from hunter biden's accounts from janet yellen and she rejected that request. she said we needed more of a reason to get those suspicious active. reports. so we found emails and in talking to a whistle-blower we confirmed the validity where hunter biden's company, hudson west, was working with cefg, the chinese version of enron, the energy company, that was trying to buy natural gas from the united states, which is one thing. but we also learned they were trying to also buy an interest in the drillers, so they could start having an influence on the whole natural gas industry in the united states. what we also learned was this company in the negotiations, hudson west, hunter biden was telling the chinese that his father was also a principal in
6:18 pm
the business. we also uncover ad another email, liz, showed they were getting office space just outside of washington, d.c. hunter requested an extra key for jim biden the president's brother and joe biden the president. he confirmed the president would have office space in this business that was trying to help the chinese buy natural gas from the united states and buy an interest in the drillers. elizabeth: hunter biden, there is an email or text where hunter reportedly saying guy ran china's cefc was blanking spy chief of china. >> yes. elizabeth: so you guys found an email, hunter biden's assistant a former worker in the chinese communist party, sent to hunter with detailed u.s. maps showing where china could get u.s. natural gas reserves from, basically carving up the u.s., based on natural gas reserves, focusing on pennsylvania, louisiana, oklahoma, texas, wyoming, is that what was going on?
6:19 pm
>> that is exactly what was going on. we understand joe biden was involved with the shady business deals. according to hunter biden and sales pitches he was giving to the chinese his father was involved in this in 2017. remember he is outside, no longer the vice president but joe biden lied to the american people about having any knowledge of hunter's shady business dealings. we have prove he was directly involved in this, and look what they were doing, not only trying to sell domestic, american energy to china, at a time when the president is trying to get americans to buy energy from the middle east, they were also trying to to getaway for china to have ownership in natural gas drillers in the united states so they could control the drilling this is a national security nightmare this is proof that joe biden knew, that is why we've been investigating hunter biden from day one, liz. we didn't worry that much about hunter biden. we worry hunter biden had
6:20 pm
compromised his father who is president of the united states. our investigation of hunter biden is slowly turning into an investigation of joe biden. elizabeth: do we know, cefc wired the biden family five million dollars. there was text messages from biden associates james gill yard warning don't mention joe being involved, that hunter would hold 10% for the big guy meaning joe biden. did they eventually sell the u.s. nat gas reserves to china? >> well the chinese company eventually folded and that is why i say cefc was the enron of china. they built up a energy company that really was built on a lot of fraudulent accounts and a lot of fraudulent figures. so we don't know yet how much they bought. we don't know yet if they actually acquired ownership of any of these drillers. we'll continue to investigate. we do know that hunter biden hired a law firm in mississippi
6:21 pm
to conduct the transactions for these, the purchase of chinese, the purchase of american natural gas from the chinese energy company as well as to take steps to start buying interest in american drillers. elizabeth: are there emails or is it the whistle-blower saying that joe biden was personally involved? >> both. in the emails, that they were encryptedded. we had to struggle to get what the emails actually said but we have that and the emails showed in the communication with hunter and the chinese that his father was involved. even put his father's personal cell phone number on there. elizabeth: okay. >> remember the guy he is dealing with, that started the company is the main spy for the chinese communist party! elizabeth: backed by chinese military intelligence. that is what reports indicate. congressman, also this multiple whistle-blowers are saying to your team and house oversight, from 2017 to 2021 that the biden family promised business
6:22 pm
associates access to a future biden white house? does that include these chinese officials? >> yes. they made assurances to the chinese officials in 2017 that is the date that we've got thus far on the emails, that joe biden would be a candidate for president and would be the favorite to win the democrat primary in 2020. so this was all based on the fact that joe biden wasn't going away. he was not a private citizen -- he was at that time but return to the politics at the highest level. elizabeth: here is the question, if the democrats are so confident in the biden family's innocence here why won't treasury allow access to you guys to the suspicious activity reports in the biden family deal making? apparently there are 150 of them from u.s. banks warning that treasury department about what is going on? >> that's a great question. if he is innocent then make me look bad. give me the bank reports. remember, liz, before joe biden changed the rules, any member of
6:23 pm
congress had access to the suspicious activity reports this is another example of joe biden being compromised because of hunter's shady business dealings. he changed the rules to block any oversight or investigation of his son's shady business dealings. elizabeth: congressman, we'll stay on top of the stories. we'll have you back on. thanks for coming on. judiciary says fbi officials are trying to quote sideline crime cases in order to pursue political probes. plus florida governor ron desantis hits back against a new migrant lawsuit. this, the administration did discuss shipping migrants to the border with canada, and embattled u.s. list like los angeles. senator chuck grassley with us next on "the evening edit." >> while these persons are coming over here illegally they're being trafficked by the cartels. they're not being trafficked by a bus taking them to other parts of the country.
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♪. elizabeth: well it is a pleasure and honor to have back on senator chuck grassley. senator, always great to see you, sir. sir, what do you make of this fight? florida governor ron desantis is hitting back against a class-action suit filed by illegal immigrants, they were flown to martha's vineyard? the above produced con consumer confidence sent forms they signed on a voluntary basis. what do you make of this fight?
6:28 pm
>> i have seen criticism and hypocritical to this criticism. iowans say the border ought to be closed, the president is not enforcing the border and 8,000 people come across. and they find their way to various parts the united states. thousand a day maybe. desantis sends 50 people to martha's vineyard, you would i it would be the end of the world, a rich part, a high income part of massachusetts as well and they're inviting illegal aliens with signs, so why the big uproar? it is hypocritical for people to say desantis did something wrong and not worry about texas, new mexico, arizona and california, taking the brunt of it all and i guess it is hypocritical because these people are going to find someplace in the united states. the border needs to be enforced, the president takes a oath of office to faithfully execute the
6:29 pm
laws and he is just ignoring it entirely and then lying about it when he says the vice president says the border is secure, the secretary of homeland security says the border is secure, every day, people see that lie on television when five, six, seven, thousand, 8,000 people cross the border every day. elizabeth: so the border states to your point, they're paying, taxpayers pay billions of dollars extra to handle biden's border collapse. you have illinois calling in the national guard, massachusetts, and you have d.c. wanting the national guard over a fraction of that appearing on their doorstep when the white house talked about flying illegal immigrants to the border with canada or bee league sured u.s. cities like los angeles at this high level meeting with dhs officials at the white house. >> and they tried to sneak them into those cities at night whereas the governors are busing people out of texas and or out
6:30 pm
of florida are doing it in a very open way and a very sincere way of letting people know that if you brag about being a sanctuary city, because you're so humanitarian, then why are you objecting to people coming by busload from texas if you will end up with them anyway, you want them, you advertise being a sanctuary city? let me say one other thing about people crossing the border. they may be coming here for the american dream but they're is a lot of people die, 800 died so far trying to get here. then you have 200 iowans being killed by the fentanyl that crosses that border. and then you have 78 people that are on the terrorist watch list, why are they coming to the united states? are they going to do their dirty work over here killing americans? so everything, it just leads to death for a lot of people and dangers for other people. criminal elements coming in and doing dirt -- dirty work and
6:31 pm
even killing people in the united states. elizabeth: when you collapse the border, then you have mayhem and people die when you collapse the border, that is to your point. the white house press secretary didn't deny the white house is flying illegal immigrants around the country. obama's homeland security secretary rebut her claim this is a new crisis. let's watch this. >> we have some reporting from nbc that dhs officials have presented the white house with some options including flying migrants to the country's northern border of canada to alleviate overcrowding on the u.s.-mexico border. una plan proposed by dhhs. tell me how that is meaningly different than what desantis and abbott are doing? >> let me say a couple things happening at the border. the dhs lay out a report what kind of migration situation we're dealing which is very knew. >> when i was in office the numbers were annually 300,
6:32 pm
400,000 a year. we're getting that in a matter of six to eight weeks. elizabeth: jay johnson is contradicting the white house. this is not a new crisis. central american countries are imploding. more streams coming out of places like venezuela. doesn't that behoove them to really secure the border? we don't know who is coming in. 342 encounters with terrorists on the watch list there could be multiple encounters with the same person but, congressman that is more than the last two years combined. 34terror encounters at the border, all ports of entry? , senator? >> if you want me to react to that, it shows the hypocrisy of the administration bragging about flying people around to relief the trouble at the border. what is wrong with the governors doing that as well? elizabeth: all right, senator chuck grassley, thanks very much for coming on the show. it is wonderful having you on,
6:33 pm
spending time with us. good to see you. have you on again. good to see you. social media is the gift that keeps on giving. vice president kamala harris out with yet another word salad. social media is having a field day. gop house judiciary says the fbi whistle-blower claims the fbi quote is sidelining crime cases in order to pursue political probes? congressman greg stuebe takes it on next on "the evening edit." ♪ (fisher investments) it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same, but at fisher investments we're clearly different. (other money manager) different how? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher. (other money manager) ok, then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, from house judiciary, congressman greg stuebe. congressman, okay, this is a confusing story for a lot of people out there. republicans on your committee, you guys say whistle-blowers are coming in saying the fbi is sidelining investigations into crimes like sex abuse cases in order to pursue january 6th probes and they're trying to inflate the number of domestic extremist cases across the country but, congressman, fbi director, homeland security
6:38 pm
secretary, president saying domestic terrorism is the biggest threat. it is confusing for people. >> they're saying that because they're inflating, changing the numbers. we have whistle brokers testifying to that fact. this department is more about weaponizing politicizing prosecutions and arrests than going after criminals like sex offenders molesting our children. elizabeth: the whistle-blowers are doj whistle-blowers? >> fbi whistle-blowers saying statements to jim jordan. sending statements to jim jordan. the converse thing, there cannot be retaliation within the fbi and doj for whistle-blowers who come to congress. that is in the law. if there is within retaliation within the fbi and doj they're violating criminal law. merrick garland say sent a memo if you want to talk to members of congress you have to go to the legal team. that is illegal.
6:39 pm
whistle-blowers have the right to come to congress to give information to be deemed a whistle-blower. to sideline that, push that down as a violation of federal law. elizabeth: congressman jim jordan is saying fbi is retaliating against the whistle-blower after the whistle-blower that the fbi is pulling agents off sex abuse investigations to focus on politicized probes. >> why it is so important we get the majority in november, gavels in january, do depositions of these individuals, subpoenaing individuals, getting documents, to prove to the american people that is exactly what is going on in the doj and fbi. elizabeth: if you watch the other networks, white supremacy, domestic terror is the biggest threat. that is what the president says, the fbi director says, the homeland security says. >> that is what they quantity the american people to believe. they are inflating numbers. elizabeth: fbi whistle-blowers are saying that the fbi
6:40 pm
purposely inflating numbers to fit a narrative is that what is going on? >> nothing will speak louder than the individual fbi agents coming before the american people. it will not happen until we get the majority back. elizabeth: the issue is retaliation. senator chuck grassley on the show, he told ag garland, any retaliation against fbi officials or justice department whistle-blowers, anybody talking to congress, is violation of numerous laws but how do you catch it? >> when we get the majority back we can catch it. in the minority you don't have the power to request records. it is critical for republicans to win the midterms, bring the information before the american people. so the american people can see how politicized the fbi and ag garland are right now. elizabeth: apparently ag garland did not include that information
6:41 pm
for august 30 internal memo, this is what ag garland is telling them, you have to get prior approval through the department office of legislative affairs, you, anybody in the doj talks to congress. grassley is saying, this office handling this at doj is typically run by a presidential political appointee. so they can sit on this stuff, you know? >> that memo is violation of federal law because they have whistle-blower protection, have the right under federal law to come to members of congress. elizabeth: house foreign affairs congressman greg stuebe thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: more on the brave, heroic houston, texas, grandfather, who came to the rescue of a woman hit by a carjacking. we got the story. it is the gift that keeps on giving, vice president kamala harris how the with another word salad. social media having a field day. "the hill"'s joe concha, next on "the evening edit." ♪
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back, we love this guy, "the hill" media columnist joe concha. joe, listen to vice president kamala harris speaking yesterday. watch this. >> we invested an additional $12 billion into community banks because we know community banks are in the community and understand the needs and desires of that community as well as the talent and capacity of communities. elizabeth: critics say she used the word community five times in the same sentence. maybe you have another count there, but what do you think? >> five times in seven seconds is what i counted there, liz. wow, talk about 1000-dollar word salad. not like this is one-off. we all speak on tv off, we say something a little crazy once in a while or like that, this is why her job approval, quinnepiac, latest, 27% approval. she is polling 30s on home state of california even democrats don't like her. when she ran for president she failed so miserably. she is not playing g in 2024 if
6:47 pm
her boss decides not to run. kamala harris has authenticity problem in the end, liz. she is as phony as 3-dollar bill. that cac link is haunting as theme to friday the 13th. you see her rarely doing interviews. she can't handle this. elizabeth: you went off like a roman candle. the president put her in charge of getting out the youth vote in the midterms? >> yeah. she is in her late 50s at this point, mid 50s, compared to joe biden that is very, very young. she is tasked with getting out the youth vote. what is the bumper sticker? vote for us if you like higher inflation, higher crime, everything in terms of what we pay for or do you like all that fentanyl coming into your communities and seeing fellow teenagers and young adults dying at record numbers? i don't quite understand what the bumper sticker is supposed to be when she tries to court
6:48 pm
those people. elizabeth: listen to word salad, thousand island dressing from the vice president. >> knead to get to go, need to be able to get to where you need to go. i do believe we should have, rightly believe, but we certainly believe, certain issues are just settled. i do believe we're living in real unsettled times. a seg cans of the passage of time, right, the significance of the passage of time. so when you think about it there is great significance to the passage of time and there is such great significance to the passage of time. we will work together and continue to work together and to work together as we continue to work, to work together on. we must together, work together, to see where we are, where we are headed, where we are going together. so much of what we have achieved together that is based on our collective ability to see what is possible, to see what can be, unburdened by what has been. to reject the notion the way things always has been has to be the way things will continue to
6:49 pm
be. elizabeth: okay. your final word? >> wow, i could listen to that all night, liz. that's, just, spectacular. it should be in the smithsonian one day i hope. elizabeth: joe, we'll have you back on. good to see you. thanks for your insights there. >> good to see you, liz. elizabeth: turning to liv golf ceo greg norman spent the day on capitol hill talking to lawmakers about his controversial saudi-backed golf townment. it is an alternative to the pga. fbn hillary vaughn is breaking stories right and left. she got the exclusive with greg norman. watch. >> how did the meetings go today? >> they were very informative. >> how do you feel the saudis are using liv to whitewash human rights violation. >> we're talking about golf. elizabeth: greg norman said they
6:50 pm
didn't have hi problem. hillary vaughn is back on. she is breaking stuff right and left. more on the brave houston grandpop came to the rescue of a woman hit by carjacking. he is 73, 735 years old. starbucks closes yet another story due to rising crime this time in new orleans. new orleans is the new murder capital of the u.s. former d.c. press detective, ted next on "the evening edit". onfi. no wonder more than 9 out of 10 of our clients are likely to recommend us. ameriprise financial. advice worth talking about. it■s hard eating healthy. unless you happen to be a dog. ♪ i got into debt in college
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>> house democrats do fear big midterm losses because of rising crime and cop shortages after the democrat duh fund push. they're trying to reverse and lots of snags and caveats in the push to do the new bill and house majority whip declaring there's no urgency to tackle this and fox news congressional correspondent chad is here from capitol hill. >> liz, democrats are trying to neutralize attacks they're soft on crime and defund police and they're cobbling a series of bills to enhance the police. crime ranks behind inflation and the economy as republican lob broadsides of democrats taking on defund the police montra.
6:55 pm
>> they can't escape the reality of rising crime. the open boarders is opening up a -- the flood zones for a flood of deadly drugs. coming into every state of the union. >> democrats sought to neutralize the criticisms with propolice plans and beef up training and some accountability measures and won't go as far as police demanding responsibility following the death of george floyd and democrats struggling to forge a compromise because liberals wanted to come down hard on police. moderate democrats wanted to bolster police. >> i think as i look at glass half full is that we were able to take our big tech and put together the best bill that we can. it will never be perfect and everyone will never like everything. >> still, it's unclear if democrats can win over voter withs this set of bills or if they can become law. the dime may already be cast for the mid terms on crime and
6:56 pm
passing bills could be too late for democrats to change the midterm narrative. liz. liz: dc police detective chad williams is here with us now. you're a straight shooter and you've served your country. there's astonishing footage from houston, texas, and he tried to rescue a woman from being carjacked at gunpoint and he's 73 years old and saw this woman being choked by an alleged suspect outside of check cashing business in houston and a gunman hits him in the head with a pistol and stole a pick up truck to flee and this guy, this grandfather putting up a fight. >> hi, liz, you're absolutely right. you know we always showed the worst of america and what we see in simon is the best of america. this man in his truck minding his own business but he sees this woman being choked by this
6:57 pm
man. he intercedes and interceding, the crook, the robber, pulls him out of his car, gets in the truck and gets ready to take off. the man starts fighting with this guy and all of a sudden several other people came to try and help him. this is the best of america and what we're all about in america. helping each other. this was an excellent hero, a good samaritan. liz: you and i have talked about crime and the bad side of it, but so many americans out there come to the defense of other americans to help them out. i feel like those are the unreported, unsung heros of america because really truly we saw that and when any disaster hits, natural disaster, crime, even on 9/11, heros walk among us, ted. >> absolutely. i'm happy that fox is shining a light on simon mancella because this man to me was someone who
6:58 pm
took action when there was no law enforcement officers around. this is what we need. we need more hero citizens out here to assist law enforcement in their flight. liz: ted, the other story. starbucks and u.s. businesses are reacting and starbucks said it was going to close 16 stores around the country from rising crime. now it's shutting down it's famous location in new orleans because of rising crime. new orleans is now the new u.s. murder capitol of america and outpacing st. louis. >> it's an embarrassment. i'm from louisiana, lake charles, louisiana, which is not that far from new orleans. st. louis at one time was the murder capitol. new orleans is now taking that place. you've got to understand, liz, businesses are in communities, they're the life blood of communities and they're there to try and make money.
6:59 pm
if they can't make money because crime is off the chart, they have no other alternative but to try and move their business to an area or to a part of the country where they can safely make money. liz: you know what's tough, murder has more than doubled since 2019 and in new orlikowski leans, it's nearly four times that of chicago and defund police story is here too, ted. find word is new orleans police force is below 1,000 for the first time in modern history. final word. >> moral is so low on police departments across the country and as a result of that, good police officerses are leaving these departments and as a result of that, or they're leaving these communities vulnerable and we need to bring more police officers back and flood these neighborhoods and get these crooks out of the neighborhoods, liz. liz: if they don't the businesses and other places leave and it leaves them in a
7:00 pm
decline and that's a vicious cycle. >> absolutely. that's why i'm for propolice and the citizens of these law-abiding citizens, they want police officers in their communities, liz. liz: and minorities. ted williams, you're terrific. come back soon. don't forget, we're less than a month aand i we'll be in dc september 17 and 18. thankers for watching us and join us again tomorrow evening. good to see you. kennedy: well, get some canned beans and potassium iowa hawkeyes dean, it might be time to restock the fallout shelter. vladamir putin threatened nuclear war. he's not bluffing. how do we stop the madman before he killing everything and everyone on earth? putin backed into a corner and foreign ukraine is unmitigated disaster and the russian economy is in tatters, and russians are fleeing the country literally every flight out of the country is sold out. there's a 20-mile traffic jam at the border with finland havi


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