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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 22, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and i can bet you that you can find a better way to spend your money than that. that does it for us, on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we've got really surprising and concerning news coming in. a growing number of u.s. states now seeing double-digit inflation. wall street pros warn that the fed rate hikes may not stop that. now even climate czar jon kerry does not think biden's inflation reduction act has anything to do with inflation at all. with us tonight congressman kat cammack, french hill and pat fallon, league eagle hans von spakovsky, parents defending education nicole neily, gop
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strad strategist ford o'connell. ken paxton. far left progressives still undercutting democrats pro-police bills, giving democrat as major midterm headache the gop a gold mine. poll shows the crime and economy matter mon than abortion in the midterms. far left attacks bank ceos for investing u.s. oil and gas in hearings. gop senators warned the same ceos do not take on progressive far left policies that will hurt the economy. and the growing anger over what gop house oversight says that they found. prove from government whistle-blowers that hunter biden's laptop of president biden's involvement in hunter's chinese oil and gas deals including selling u.s. nat gas reserves to china, trying to help china invest in u.s. drillers. plus a federal judge tosses out school mask mandates and vaccine
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mandates as school board parents, they're coming on strong as the new powerful force in u.s. elections. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the even -- "evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. we begin with stocks, wall street posted its third straight day of declines as traders sold off financial and tech stocks on fears of federal reserve's aggressive rate hike to rein in inflation. those hikes, then orders 300,000 more russians called up to fight in ukraine. his invasion faltering badly. more than 1400 protesters in russia reportedly arrested. back home, the big fight over the fed raising rates and the fear it will not stop inflation. edward lawrence has more from the white house. edward? >> we, liz the federal reserve
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chairman told me americans can expect that economic pain for another two years. the fed predicts that inflation won't be back to their 2% target until the end of 202025. in fact the prediction says the economy will finish this year with a .2% gdp. so in addition to what you heard yesterday i asked this -- what is that economic pain in your mind? is it job losses? is it of higher interest rates on credit cards? what is that economic pain? >> it is all of those things. higher interest rates, slower growth, softening labor market are all painful for the public that we serve but not as painful as failing to restore price stability and then having to come back and do it, you know, down the road. reporter:red fed points to too much government spending in part pushing inflation. republicans are saying that we are now seeing the results of all of that spending. there has been no change in the policy from the white house. in fact the president pushing
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more spending. back to you. liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence. joining us congresswoman kat cammack from house homeland security and congressman french hill from house financial services. first to you, congresswoman cammack, there is concerns that the rate hike will not stop inflation. climate czar john kerry is saying the quiet part out loud, i'm not sure how much biden's inflation reduction act is helping stop inflation. are they having fears that the fed will push us deeper into recession? >> we heard on the hill earlier this week. you can't spend over $6 trillion and expect that you won't be experiencing historic inflation. listen, i don't know why anybody still listens to biden, pelosi or schumer. they talk about these issues as though they are one of the working class, like one of us. but they lecture us about these economic policies not ever having filled up a gas tank in
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the last 40 years. nancy pelosi hasn't shopped for groceries in the last 60 years. give me a break. they don't understand what it is like out in the real world. they're rating in a different reality than the rest of us. why i think conservatives with a plan to actually get our economy back on track, we're going to succeed at the ballot box in november and beyond. elizabeth: congressman hill, more and more states seeing double-digit inflation. again the fed is trying to hike rates in a major way. wall street pros warn that will not stop inflation. because what the congresswoman is saying, what the fed is saying they're still spending trillions, six trillion since 2020. looklook at the standard of livg price hikes in these states. you see 15.34% out in the west. >> yeah, you're right. i mean look at our families in arkansas that make a typical family with $44,000 of income and biden's inflation over the last year has made the things that they go to every day a trip to the cvs, a trip to the
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kroger, fill up with gas, $6900 more this year over last year. we're being hurt and you can just extrapolate that, liz. states have the same problem. they won't be able to pave as many miles of road. they won't be able to help as many people because they're suffering from inflation too. elizabeth: so what the congressman just said, congresswoman cammack, households in colorado and utah, they're spending about 11,000 more annually on their same standard of living since last year. in arizona it is $10,000 more. that is on an annual basis. watch the president and democrats downplay inflation. watch this. president biden: inflation rate month to month is just up an inch, hardly at all. >> increases in prices are likely to have only transitory effects on inflation. >> transitory. >> transitory,. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> really look at this year's inflation, 3, 6, 12 month trailing you see inflation is running too high. so for starters people seeing
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wage increases eaten up by inflation. elizabeth: that is fed chair powell now, congresswoman. the fight is now for independence between democrats and the gop. biden is struggling there. the swing voters see what is going on. >> yeah, absolutely. this is what is absolutely nuts, you cannot, as i said earlier, spend trillions of dollars and not expect consequences. they keep using this term transitory. good luck explaining that to a single mom is working a full-time job, trying to keep up with her electric bill as we head into winter. the number one group of people facing homelessness in this country are single working moms. they have full-time jobs. with we have talked about gas and groceries skyrocketing in months. in my district it was 625-dollars more per child for school supplies just this year. we're feeling it on all fronts. wait until winter hits. you can't say this is transitory when people are freezing because their electric bills have
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skyrocketed through the roof. it is crazy to me there are millions of people around this country behind on their electric bills. yet the white house and democrats in congress don't want to acknowledge. elizabeth: 20 million, 20 million are behind on their electric bills. >> yeah. elizabeth: congressman hill, watch nancy pelosi doge a question whether biden should run again in 2024. >> i'm not going into politics whether the president should run or not. elizabeth: that is nancy pelosi. sit tight, you will listen to independents, hispanics many are saying no to democrats and biden. watch this. >> i want less taxes. i want the government out of my business. i would love to open up a small business but the taxes, even in nevada are very high. government involvement is too, too close to our business. >> i would give him an incomplete because he is not even doing his job. >> i think biden is doing a really good job considering what he received from that former guy. >> we cannot control everything. he cannot control the federal reserve. he cannot control the market.
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>> everything is more expensive. i mean, you have to be blind not to see it. elizabeth: congressman, let's stay on this, the independents and hispanic voters, especially those come from communist socialist countries. they do not like the bullying from the far left. they don't like the bullying from the far left against corporate america. we'll get into that in the next segment. they see democrats using power of government to tax, audit, regulate citizens. like treating taxpayers about the enemy. america is about freedom, pursuing your own dream, about success. the far left is warping that. we've never seen this before in this country. >> liz, you're right. that is why house republicans want to see a strong, growing economy. we want to make the trump tax cuts permanent. we want to get unnecessary regulations removed. we want to have the unleash american energy so that we can have better price this is winter on our important fuel to heat
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our homes and fill up our gas tanks. we have a plan to get the economy back and that is what, that is why i think the house republicans will win this fall. elizabeth: so, congresswoman, cammack, we have to talk about this border bill you are now introducing named after adjacent son, called the jason act. it is crime, taxes inflation and also the border. can you take that on? you have 10, 15 seconds. >> yeah, absolutely. i think that this is a much-needed piece of legislation that basically chalks the field. takes all political excuses off of the table and forces the dhs secretary to do the right thing while the president sits by idly and refuses to do a presidential declaration at border this is much-needed tool for our border patrol agents. excited to see it introduced and thankful to my colleagues for that are support. elizabeth: congresswoman cammack and french hill, thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: furor house gop
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oversight proof they found that government whistle-blowers of hunter biden's laptop president biden's allegedly involvement in hunter biden oil and gas deals, selling u.s. natural gas reserves to china and trying to help china invest in u.s. drillers? far left democrats again undercut the pro-police bill that the democrats are doing. they're going after bank ceos for investing in u.s. oil and gas at a d.c. hearing. this "squad" is outraged as bank ceos push back. congressman pat fallon on "the evening edit" next. >> say one other thing. >> not on my time you can't. reclaiming my time. >> the time belongs to the gentleman from california.e we ♪. for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect.
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♪. elizabeth: far left progressive democrats, democrats went after bank ceos for not doing enough to stop u.s. oil and gas. the ceos were not having it. hillary vaughn has more from capitol hill. hillary. reporter: good evening, liz. ceos from america's biggest banks were asked what congress could do to help bring down inflation and their answer was really simple, stop spending more money. city group ceo jane frazier, said they don't believe the
6:16 pm
economy needs anymore stimulus right now and jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon said less fiscal spending would be good. republicans sounded the alarm over the push to make u.s. financial institutions political. >> do you think this trend in shareholder activism actually complicates your ability to serve your clients or yield value for your shareholders more broadly? >> i will do the right thing regardless of all of that but it is causing a lot of consternation in corporate america. reporter: yesterday, many ceos told lawmakers complying with so-called esg standards that weighs the environmental and social impact of an investment, not just whether or not it's a good or bad investment is costing these banks tens of millions of dollars right now. jamie dimon said that they could grow to hundreds of millions of dollars at some point. liz. elizabeth: interesting reporting, thank you so much, hillary vaughn. joining from us house oversight, congressman pat fallon. congressman, great to have you on. we want you to listen to the sound from jpmorgan chase's jamie dimon. he had a lot more to say how
6:17 pm
important u.s. oil and gas is. you will watch that watch him slam back at democrats over biden's student loan bailout as wrong and unfair. it doesn't address college tuition gouging. watch what happened. >> we aren't getting this one right. the world needs 100 million barrels effective of oil and gas every day and need it for 10 years. to do that we need proper investing in the oil and gas complex. investing in the oil and gas complex is good for reducing co2 we've all seen because of high price of oil and gas, particularly for the rest of the world you've seen everyone going back to coal. not just poor nations like india and china, indonesia and vet name but wealthy nations like germany, france and the netherlands. co2 is getting worse. yes, it was badly done, i wish they had targeted the people who actually needed help. we basically put a bandaid on, spent a lot of money rand didn't fix the problem which should be ongoing. we're paying the price of too much fiscal monetary stimulus but i don't think you can spend
6:18 pm
$6 trillion not expect inflation. elizabeth: what happened, rashida tlaib went after jamie dimon basically saying she is encouraging people to close their chase bank accounts because he embarrassed her with her brief and succinct response. what do you think of that? >> no he did. he sent her back to you know, the woodshed really, because he was talking about, liz, reality and she was talking about some fantasy. you will not get energy from mermaid fins unicornhusks and leprechaun charms. 80% of the united states energy is generated from oil, natural gas and coal. if she got her way she wants to stop that immediately. we would lose millions of americans lives, and economy would collapse. they have a false belief system and it needs to be exposed for what what it is. elizabeth: so the electric power grid, 80% comes from fossil fuels that is the point, right? >> yes. elizabeth: jamie dimon is making an interesting point if you shut down u.s. oil and gas you know, and what is happening in
6:19 pm
overseas as well china and india, they're moving more towards coal. so that's what he is saying would happen, right? >> yeah. let's look at, it is interesting how miss talib and rest of her communist friends never call out china. china, liz in the last 20 years the whites reduced co2 emissions by 30%. more than any other country in history ever but china's, co2 emissions have tripled. now even though our economy is larger than china they emit 2 1/2 times the co2 than we do. china is the problem. we share the same planet. if we want to solve this issue we've got to address what they're doing. elizabeth: but we've got, you know, the u.s. energy policy under this white house shutting down u.s. oil and gas. basically they're saying allowing permitting but you see, federal leases being put on hold in certain parts of the country this is hitting the midterms. gop senate hopeful jd vance battling tim ryan in ohio.
6:20 pm
varnes saying rather than than release 240 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve as biden did, american companies should drill and transport oil. >> no doubt about it. first thing he did in office, cancel the keystone xl pipeline. first week he put freeze on leases and permits for drilling on federal lands and waters. they have increasingly declared war on the american energy sector. doesn't make any sense. not putting america first. putting america last. elizabeth: congressman pat fallon, thanks for joining us. thank you for being on. >> thank you, liz, god bless. elizabeth: federal judge tosses out school vaccine and mask mandates. parents are upending school board races. they are the new powerful force in u.s. elections. outrage whether gop house oversight said they found. proof from government whistle-blowers on hunter biden's lap ton and
6:21 pm
president biden's alleged involvement in chinese energy deals including selling u.s. natural gas reserves to china. helping china invest in u.s. drillers. heritage foundation hans von spakovsky next onta ke"the evening edit". ♪. guys aren't gonna give me the fake bill fight? c'mon, kev. you're earning 3% cash back. humor me. where is my wallet? i am paying. where is my wallet? i thought i gave it to you. oooohhh? oh, that's not it either. no. no. stop, i insist. that was good though. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally. if you shop with the walmart app?
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welcome to the peak of premium off-roading. the new 2023 gmc sierra at4x. gmc. we are professional grade ♪. elizabeth: former president trump firing back at new york state attorney general letitia james for her 250 million-dollar civil fraud lawsuit alleging he, his family and company fraudulently inflated asset
6:25 pm
values by billions of dollars. the ag sent a criminal referral to the doj and irs. fox news david lee miller has more. david. reporter: liz, the former president says the civil lawsuit accusing him of inflating property values to get lo low interest loans and other merits has no merit and is a political vendetta by new york attorney general letitia james. in an interview with sean hannity, he says she was targeted by james. >> she campaigned on it. vicious campaign. we'll talk about trump. we'll indiet him. she knew nothing about me. reporter: james has been investigating trump's businesses for three years. made no mission take over her disdain for the president. in this campaign speech in 2017. >> i would like to go into the office of attorney general every day suing him, defending your
6:26 pm
rights and then going home. reporter: james' lawsuit seeks to bar trump and three of his children from serving as officers with any business licensed in the state is calling for $250 million in restitution from benefits she says were unfairly obtained. liz? elizabeth: david lee miller, great reporting. thank you so much. joining us now heritage foundation senior legal fellow hans von spakovsky. we have to move on to this. let's first watch president biden. president biden saying china is not an enemy. you will see then candidate biden attack u.s. oil and gas. watch this. president biden: china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. you know, they're not bad folks, folks but guess what? they're not, they're, they're not competition for us. >> how worried about the situation in taiwan. president biden: i'm not worried but i don't think they will do anything more. we know each other well. it is just pure business. >> would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and
6:27 pm
fracking in a biden administration? president biden: no. we would, we would work it out. we would make sure it is eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those, any fossil fuel. elizabeth: hans, this is not aging well. gop house oversight say they have a government whistle-blower and bombshell documents from hunter biden's laptop, they say show joe biden was deeply involved in the family business of selling u.s. natural gas reserves to the chinese out of five u.s. states, pennsylvania, louisiana, texas, oklahoma and wyoming. what do you think? >> this raises a very serious question not just about joe biden's ethics but about his judgment. his ethics as you know all along claimed he had absolutely no involvement in his son's business, and yet all of this evidence indicates that he did. but second his judgment. you know, here he was trying to sell our energy resources to the chinese communist government and their companies who are
6:28 pm
themselves, they have said are an enemy of the united states, yet, he comes into office and does everything he can to restrict our own production, causing a huge increase in energy prices for americans. i mean that shows that his judgment is just so bad and he makes so many mistakes on these kind of issues. elizabeth: also that the biden family made promises to those who worked with them in 2017. >> right. elizabeth: that they would quote, reap the rewards in a future biden white house. the gop house oversight say this is national security concerns and that the the biden family ws helping china to try to invest in u.s. oil drillers. >> yes, this raises losses a very serious question of corruption in making promises to biden's business partners, yeah, they would get a benefit when hunter biden's father ran for president. and look, you can't help also being suspicious when the
6:29 pm
treasury department, which has such control over our economy is refusing to turn over to the committee 150 sars, those are suspicious activity reports, on hunter biden and the biden family. normally those are turned over without question. why are they refusing to do that? elizabeth: house oversight, you will see the map here on the screen, house oversight ranking member james comer said they obtained a presentation emailed to hunter biden for china, entitled overview of the u.s. natural gas industry chain and that was dating back to 2017, that they actually were emailing then, he was before he was candidate, joe biden's personal cell phone number, giving him office space in the hudson west operation to work with cefc, which comer says is china's version of enron to do u.s. oil and gas deals. watch gop ranking member of house oversight james comer on this last night. watch. >> we also learned they were
6:30 pm
trying to buy an interest in the drillers so they could start having a an influence on the whole natural gas industry in the united states. what we also learned the company in the negotiations, hudson west, hunter biden was telling the chinese that his father was also a principal in the business. we also uncovered another email, liz, that showed that when they were getting office space just outside of washington, d.c., hunter requested an extra key for jim bide's president's brother, joe biden the president. confirmed the president will have office space in this business trying to help the chinese buy natural gas from the united states and buy interest in the drillers this is a national security nightmare. this is proof that joe biden knew, and that is why we've been investigating hunter biden from day one. elizabeth: hans, here is the thing, cnn, "new york times," "washington post," nbc, they have all been authenticating the hunter biden laptop. so the more we find out, the
6:31 pm
deeper it gets. >> that's right. and you know, we're coming up on election now. they did everything they could to suppress the authenticity of this before the presidential election and only now is it coming out. it should have came out two years ago. elizabeth: hans von spakovsky, thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: far left democrats again undercutting the party's new push to do a pro-police funding bill yet once more. setting up a midterm gold mine on crime for the gop. polls show voters are focused on crime and the economy over abortion in the midterms. plus a federal judge tosses out school mask mandates and vaccine mandates. outraged parents upending school board races. they are the new powerful force in u.s. elections. parents defending education's nicole neily, gop strategist ford o'connell next on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: okay, a federal judge yesterday tossed out the federal school mask mandates and vaccine mandates. fox news's steve harrigan has the latest from atlanta. steve in. reporter: liz, a federal judge in louisiana has blocked a biden administration mandate for covid vaccines and masking for head start. that is the federal program which helps early education with very young children from impoverished families. under the biden administration order every one at head start had to be fully vaccinated and wear masks as well. opponents of this mandate say the judge's decision was long overdue. >> toddlers being masked in school. we still have people who can't take jobs because of these mandates. and so, even though we may say the pandemic is over we're going to keep fighting in court until all of these rules are off and our society can get back to truly normal. reporter: under the biden administration order children over age 2 had to be masked. the judge who was a trump
6:37 pm
appoint esaid it is an example of executive over reaching its bounds. biden administration will appeal the injunction which affects 24 states. elizabeth: great reporting. nicole neily, parents defending education and gop strategist ford oy con knelt. we see trend spotting, so many americans left the democrat party to become independent or maybe republicans. we're talking teachers, health workers, parents. what do you see, nicole? >> absolutely. we hear on the ground all the time, first generation americans, former democrats teachers who come to us with tips, saying what the heck is going on? i just want my child to learn. i think it is not a surprise. we'll see what it bodes for november. elizabeth: ford, to nicole's point school board parents are seeing victories in states like texas and florida. we're month 1/2 until the midterms. school board parents are now the
6:38 pm
new powerful voting bloc? >> i think you're absolutely right, liz. look, parental rights, oversight of their kids education is top tier issue. you're seeing it from coast to coast. seeing in my home state of florida, seeing it in california, seeing it in virginia. to nicole's point, first closures, masking, now curriculum. the parents will take the frustration to the ballot box in the midterms. elizabeth: parents are angry over union-backed school shut down policies, dramatic loss of learning, the largest drop in reading scores since 1990. the first drop in math scores ever reported. nicole, watch, listen to dr. fauci again flip-flop admitting he did want to shut things down after claiming he didn't. watch. >> sometimes when you do draconian things it has collateral, negative consequences, just like when you shut things down, even temporarily it does have deleterious consequences on the
6:39 pm
economy, on the schoolchildren. you know that, but you have to make a balance when you are dealing with, we know they only way to stop something cold in its tracks is to try to shut things down. i didn't shut down anything. we didn't recommend shutting everything down. we wanted to cause a pause to remember the terminology, to flatten the curve. well, i don't think it is forever irreparably damaged anyone. elizabeth: turned into a shutdown for more than a year-and-a-half. what do you say nicole? >> i think it is reprehensible a u.s. government official calling american children collateral damage, how dare he. look at people like teachers union head in los angeles, made statements there is no such thing as learning loss. our babies learn resilience there is a lot of generation of schoolchildren went missing through the pandemic. learning loss disproportionately hurt minority communities, disadvantaged children, the same
6:40 pm
people scream equity from the rooftops. they have hurt children. set them back a generation. that is appalling. i'm so furious of that. elizabeth: what do you say, ford, we turned into indoctrinating children around not teaching children u.s. history. u.s. history, we are a great country. we have a wonderful constitution and a bill of rights but now it is about indoctrinating children. then we have people like dr. fauci talking about children as collateral damage. >> well first of all dr. fauci's guidance over the last several years has irreparably harmed america's children. the data back to may of 2020 showed keeping kids out of school was a terrible idea, irreparably harmed their mental growth. showed us masking in schools in most settings was not going to work. when it comes to the curriculum, this will be the future fight for americans to understand that right now the teachers unions and teachers are not interested in teaching their kids. they're interesting in indoctrinating them. usually towards a political end. politics does not have a place
6:41 pm
in schools, it should be about a, b, cs, and 1, 2, 3s. elizabeth: you teach history, nicole, we learn from mistakes, don't do it again. we shouldn't be indoctrinating children, nicole. your final word. >> absolutely. you know what? this is zero sum, every hour they're spending on social justice initiatives in school is an hour they're not making up reading, writing mathematics. our children deserve better, our country deserve better. elizabeth: ford o'connell, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: on the off chance if you're in england this november, be sure to catch a production of my play based on my book skirting heresy. a true story what was going on in catholic england before joan of arc was executed. it will be shown in kingsland, england, outside of cambridge, england. run starts november 9th. coming up texas governor greg abbott takes it up a notch. designates drug cartels as terrorist organizations. he is asking the white house. they have to do the same.
6:42 pm
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elizabeth: north dakota man know out on bail after admitting he used his suv vehicle to intentionally hit and kill a conservative teen over a political dispute. fox news's matt finn with more from the l.a. bureau. reporter: liz, north dakota highway patrol say this is active investigation. 41-year-old shannon brandt called 911 on himself in the early morning hours last sunday of mchenry, north dakota, admitting hitting with his car, 18-year-old cale lore ellison, killing him. police said it was a hit-and-run. brandt went back to the scene to call police. court documents read in part,
6:47 pm
brandt admitted to striking the pedestrian with his car because he had a political argument with the pedestrian and believed the pedestrian was calling people to come get him. brandt admitted to state radio, that the pedestrian was part of a republican extremist group. the teen called his mother twice in the early morning hours saying he was being chased. court documents show that brant told officers that the teen was threatening him. brandt is charged with vehicular homicide with dui, leaving the scene of a fatal crash. police are not ruling out a political argument started all of this but right now they have not identified witness toes cooperate brandt's account. the teen's mother declined to speak with us. elizabeth: thanks for the reporting, terrible story. welcome to the show. retired nypd officer bill stanton. thanks so much for spending time with us. let's move on to this, far left democrats are now undercutting a bill to give more funding to
6:48 pm
cops, pro-police bill. they can't seem to put their defund the police agenda behind them for the midterms. they keep yanking the rug out of this. what do you think? >> well, what these politicians are doing is they're looking to further their careers at the expense of the people they say they want to help. and those folks impacted the most are ones inthe inner cities. defunding the police helps no one. they will realize that come this election cycle. elizabeth: bill, they demand police accountability that is what the progressive far left is saying. that is why they're stymieing this bill. this is after they voted to add 10 of thousands of new irs agents as part of biden inflation reduction act. this has given the gop gold mine in midterm messaging, democrats are ignoring crime in the streets while siccing auditors on the working class. >> you hit it right on the head, liz. you have a literal army of irs
6:49 pm
agents figuratively and literally banging at the car, demanding your money with the tip of the spear, while defanging and defunding the police. what do i mean? they are scaring the police to such a point, listen, police are always for accountability and, in actuality a very small number are bad. if you're a bad cop you're not a cop, you're a criminal. but that is a very small percentage. what are the good cops doing? you're not indemnifying them. you're prosecuting them, many times for doing everything right. a cop makes the same paycheck no matter what. and a cop never got in trouble for crime rising. what does that mean? they sit in their car they don't rush to the crime. they roll to the scene and take a report. and that doesn't help anyone, especially the citizens that they were sworn to protect and serve. elizabeth: bill, the other thing too is, this is also going on, axe sy crows is reporting that americans searches on google, what americans are looking up,
6:50 pm
their story interactions, looking up crime and immigration. this is eclipsing, far exceeding abortion on the fbi search in mar-a-lago. this is what is on their radar screen. >> because this hits us today. i mean, in my community they are looking to put a migrant, a town right next to my community. now, listen, we welcome, everyone with open arms but are they doing background checks, criminal background checks, health background checks? i mean they're not doing that. people are coming over, saying i'm here. see you later. good luck. that is scary to everyone and that's why you see that uptick online. people aren't stupid. they have common sense and we see what's going on. elizabeth: bill, how do you turn around the crime situation in america? >> you let the cops do their job. you hold them accountable. but you make them proud to be police. you do not condemn a cop. you look for the cop. when i was a kid growing up by
6:51 pm
my parents say you're trouble, you're lost, go get a cop. we need to have that respect for our men and women in blue again. and the left and far radicals, far too often are saying cops are the bad guys. we see it with our no-cash bail, we see it with revolving door justice. we need to respect and trust our police. elizabeth: bill stanton, thank you so much. thank you for your service to our country. good to see you. texas governor greg abbott takes it up a notch. he designates mexican drug cartels as terror organizations. he is demanding the white house do the same. will it? texas attorney general ken paxton next on "the evening edit." >> those border towns in south texas and arizona and new mexico and california. they have a right to live in peace. >> yeah. >> and so the biden administration is completely abdicating their responsibility to the american people to keep us safe and to keep our borders, you know, safe and protected.
6:52 pm
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. elizabeth: look who's back with us, texas attorney general ken pacton. ken, it's great to see you again. texas governor greg abbott, he's designated mexican cartels as terrorist organizations. he's asked for the white house
6:56 pm
to do the same. any word back from the white house? >> first of all, i commend the governor, this is a great move. it puts more state resources on going after cartels. my e guess is, no, that the white house has not responded, and my guess is they won't. they're in a partnership with the cartel x they certainly -- elizabeth: they're not in a partnership with the -- >> absolutely. elizabeth: it's basically aiding and and abetting them by not doing anything. it's like a sin of citizen omission if. >> we can argue over how you put it, but you're encouraging the cartels to bring people to border patrol if, you're in some type of partnership. elizabeth: okay, i hear what you're saying. so the governor's ordering the department of public safety to begin dismantling hair infrastructure. what does that mean in. >> well, so that means that as much as possible inside of our country at least dps, our state police, will be focusing on the cartels and trying to find out where they're operating and do everything possible to stop them
6:57 pm
from transporting people and drugs and any other things that are dangerous to our state and focus on that effort. i think it will make a big difference inside of the state at least. elizabeth: so the governor's basically saying more americans die from fentanyl poisoning nowing across the u.s. border than from terrorist attacks across the globe in the past 100 years. >> absolutely. the number of people dying every year from fentanyl is going up dramatic9ically as the president has allowed more drugs in this country, and the number of people dying in terrorist attacks is a relatively low number. elizabeth: the prime minister spent 40 -- the president spent 40% of his presidency on vacation, out of d.c. watch him during the 2020 campaign. >> i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down to the border. >> we're very, very excited, soup oring energized. we hope to see you guys at one
6:58 pm
of our stops. elizabeth: sorry about that. that was the texas. >> sheriff who's suing florida governor ron desantis. he's, obviously, political, democrat. getting back to the president, he's been in d.c. since the ooh 70s. he's never been to the border since then, but he's going on vacation. >> it's a much higher priority for him to be on vacation. i think he's getting what he wants. he's been encouraging from if day one. he's not following any of our federal laws, and he is encouraging the cartels to bring as many people here as possible, and then we transport them around the country. so this -- he's getting what he wants. he has literally no reason to come to the border because it's actually working out, i believe, just the way he wants to. elizabeth: flying hundreds of thousands illegal imp grants across the country, often in the dead of night. you have this democrat sheriff who's now claiming he's going to investigate governor desantis. javier salazar has posed with
6:59 pm
democrat support's of beto o'rourke, he's called on texas to vote democrat. is that what you're hearing about him. >> yeah, that's a exactly what i'm hearing. he has made no complaints about the damage biden's doing to his county. he's a law enforcement officer, a sheriff, his crime rates are soaring, and he's focused on going after ron desantis? seems very, very political, and i think it's an abuse of office. elizabeth: some of the migrants actually want to stay in martha's vin cared after ron desantis the flew them there. final word. >> i don't blame them, and i think it's interesting that they got shipped out within 48 hours. i don't think they're going to be invited back even though everyone seems to be in favor of illegal immigration, they certainly don't want them in their place, and martha's vineyard is the perfect example. elizabeth: has the texas sheriff admitted or shown what grounds he's probing ron desantis on? what statutes he's broken? >> no. he's fishing, he's using this as a publicity stunt.
7:00 pm
there's no indication of a crime by ron desantis. elizabeth: attorney general ken paxton, thanks for joining us. "the evening edit" is hitting the road october 17th and 18th in washington d.c. you don't want to miss if it. i'm elizabeth mac macdonald. you've been watching "the evening you would admit." -- evening edit. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. kennedy: well, he did it, he finally did it. dr. anthony fauci at long last admitting what most of us have already known, his stupid lockdowns had a horrible effect on the economy, our mental health and especially our children. so how does he still have a job? as you know, lord fauci was the chief architect of the government's pandemic response. the school closures, the masks, the vaccine mandates and the lockdowns. well, he went on and on about all of it yesterday. dr. doom said the quiet part out loud, revealin


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