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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 26, 2022 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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marketplace, to the sea borne opportunities around the world to export some of the greatest resources we have in this country to help our allies in europe and overseas. maria: all right, sir. thanks very much, that current package is a 24% wage increase over five years and we are watching it. we appreciate you joining us this morning, rich noland. thank you. the next hour of "mornings with maria" begins right now. and good morning, everybody. thanks very much for joining us thissing monday morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is 7:00 a.m. on the east coast nbc's meet the press anchor chuck todd claiming that illegal migrants could be the solution for the supply chain crisis, worker shortage and inflation. watch this. >> even before the pandemic migration in the united states had had been slowing, we started the last decade at almost 700,000 migrants coming into this country in 2010. we had hit a peak of just over a million in 2016 when donald trump got elected and dropped
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down to 247 thanks to the pandemic and you can see the labor force participation rate it's been dropping, prepandemic we were at 63.4, we're sitting at 62.4, one percentage point represents 2.6 million people missing from this workforce. so the point is, these migrants could actually be helping our labor force problem which would help our supply chain which could help inflation. maria: joining the conversation all morning long this morning is todd piro and rob asterino. what do you think of chuck todd's math had. >> first of all, no relation to chuck todd. i want to point that out. when it comes to math had and overall assessment, keep in mind we wouldn't need workers if the democrats at any time hand out free money -- didn't hand out free money eliminating basically the desire and need to work for so many americans. a lot of them men. we also have an a issue in our country as you know where so
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many men have decided to don't want to work, they eliminated themselves out of the workforce. not only do they not have a work ethic, their lives consist of playing video games in mom's basement. it's a bigger issue in terms of of mass you c masculinity. it's devastating. for chuck todd to say we can and should fill that gap with illegal immigration is stunning. illegal immigration is still a crime even though democrats don't act like it. maria: your thoughts, rob? >> i mean, it's time for chuck to get out and get off the with a comment like that -- off the air with a comment like that. it's pure idiocy. we've got people in america looking for jobs and we're going through soon a recession where people will be laid off and coming out of that they're going to need jobs again and for him to flood the market or saying let's flood the market with cheap labor, that's the last thing that we need.
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we need people to get their visas to go into some of the higher tech areas. that might be true. but right now i think we need people getting back to work and brushing off the pandemic laziness. you ask anybody that has a franchise, they can't find anyone because nobody wants to work so i get what he's trying to say but it's not the solution. maria: right. well, look, we have this wide open border problem and the mainstream media is just beginning to understand this and obviously he's trying to connect dots that do not connect. california governor gavin newsom, meanwhile, is pushing back against florida governor ron de santis, newsom claims he broke the law by flying the illegal migrants to martha's vineyard in massachusetts. watch. >> yeah, i mean, look, it's clear that de santis broke the law. the question is which law the did he break? did he break the laws of his own state? did he break federal law? but one thing he did is he broke
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precedent, any precedent of decency and honor, lack of character on display. he comes into another state, your state, to try to find ponds in a political -- pawns in a political game, rounds them up, sends them to an island and then fund raises off it. maria: newsom also signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to now obtain a state id in california, rob. >> so in other words, he has no idea what laws, he's just making it up, diarrhea of the mouth. and this is a state that is completely and utterly collapsi, they basically had an open border in california and look at the results. they're being completely overrun right now in california and these policies coming from gavin newsom and the democrats are just having the middle class and he anyone that wants to get out of the oppression of california
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leaving, going to other western states. yes, they're going to california -- to florida and to texas to escape it just like new yorkers are doing and new jerseyans are doing. does a anyone think california is being run well when you have rolling blackouts, when you have tent cities, where you have to look where you're walking on the sidewalk so you don't walk over human feces because of the he'll -- because of the homeless problem. maria: gavin newsom is clearly looking to debate ron de santis. i think he thinks this could be, you know, some kind of a presidential political move. >> absolutely. that's totally what this whole apapproach is, trying to attack, being the alpha male when it comes to ron de santis. i don't put too much stock in had his ability to go up against a yale trained attorney.
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it's a common theme from so many on the left. the left likes the law to be what it wants it to be. that's not how law works. laws are in the book. you need to follow them. this is part of the overall approach, chipping away add the judiciary and the integrity of the judiciary. it's not what you want. it's not what you feel. it's not what would make you feel good. it's the law. we have lawyers go into a court before a judge and that determines what ultimately the law is going forward. as for the id, quickly, martha, doesn't the left -- i thought the left didn't like ids when it came to voting but all of a sudden they love ids when it comes to illegal immigration, i.e., normalizing and condoning illegal immigration. maria: great point. coming up, more pain for stocks as markets enter the last week of the money, we'll break it down in the word on wall street this morning coming up. also, weighing in on the economy this morning, merrill lynch wealth had president andy sigg is huer, he's live -- is here,s
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he's live at 8:10 of a.m. eastern, plus kansas senator roger marshall to discuss more on the midterms. plus, big city crime shows no sign of slowing down, crime is spiking. was business in philadelphia is facing, it is making a buzz this morning o y. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ want you to make me feel like i'm the only girl in the world. ♪ like i'm the only one they that you'll ever love. ♪ like i'm the only one who knows your heart. ♪ only girl in the world. ♪
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maria: welcome back. it is time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now infrastructure capital advisors ceo jay hatfield and michael lee strategy founder, michael can lee. thank you for joining us. it looks like people have pretty much given up on a soft landing after the federal reserve's last 775 basis point hike this week.
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this week we've got more economic data to give us a window into what's going on as we approach the end of the third quarter. mike, you know the predictions that the fourth quarter is going to be tough, that 2023 is going to be tough. look at the market this morning, down 235 on the dow, down 89 on the nasdaq, after finishing down on friday. your thoughts? >> well, first, in terms of soft landing, the unemployment rate is still low. we haven't seen a blowout in jobs losses so to the federal reserve, this is their soft landing. it has seemed for a decade plus that the main economic indicator which drove policy was the s&p 500. it doesn't look that way anymore now that inflation has run out of control. i would say we are in for a bumpy ride, i would hope to get a relief rally here and there. what's really interesting from my standpoint is historically once we've rallied 17% off a low, you typically don't go back
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and a touch that low, test that low or make a new low. i would say that this may be the exception and we are in historic times so that may be something new that happens right here. i think what the real uncertainty is, comes more from abroad with how their winter is going to go in terms of energy cost. i don't think anybody really has their arms around that and then you have this massive dollar strength as the rest of the world's economy just seems to fall apart. if there's one thing that stocks do not like, it is a super strong dollar that continues to get stronger and stronger. i would be starting to bottom fish right here in some of these big cap tech names, goldman sachs prime desk is reporting that a lot of these big cap tech names are better to be bought over the last few weeks and so you have some major hedge funds starting to build positions in them. i mean, amazon's down to 112, 113 bucks off recent highs,
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above 140. so if you have a slightly longer timeframe than a week or a month, it might be a time to step in and i still like the energy complex. i think you have supply/demand issues there. so that while the xle sold off dramatically and we're getting dramatic selloffs in oil, this is a good time to own that over the winter. maria: you certainly have he declines of 20%, 25% year-to-date, dow closing at the lowest level since 2020 last week, all 11 s&p sectors finishing down for the week and the tech sector at its worst two week stretch since the start of the pandemic. jay, your thoughts on this macro story and where we go from here. look at housing. housing of course has really told the story of higher interest rates. we've got a big week of data, the kaye schiller index for july, new home sales coming out for august tomorrow and the 30 year fixed mortgage rate hit the highest level since august of
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2007. is this the first indicator of where other industries are going? i'm reading this morning fund strait, investors appear to have priced in a 4.75% fed funds rate by june 2023. look at the 10 year this morning, up 10 basis points. jay. >> good morning, maria. well, you're right to really focus on the housing sector. what normally happens when the fed raises rates is the sectors to crack are housing and autos. but we have an all-time low inventory level of houseing and autos. normally it's about 2 million homes. we have about 1.3. we have 100,000 autos, usually a million. the mass layoffs come from those sectors. we do think the economy is going to be resilient. we do think they'll have choppy to down next two weeks. you mentioned economic indicators. we're looking forward to ppi, that's a leading indicator. the fed should focus on that.
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they tend to focus on lagging indicators. so we're hopeful that we're finding a bottom over the next two weeks, getting out of this warning season and moving into earnings season. maria: so you think earnings will be good then? i mean, that's the issue, jay, right? i mean, a lot of people of feel the estimates are not low enough. >> definitely. but it's really a tale of two cities. we follow more old economy companies and companies focused on the u.s. the u.s. is by far the strongest economy in the world. what most people don't focus on is our energy cost advantage. it's about 80%. so financials, r.e.i.t.s, obviously energy, we think will do well some technology and companies like fed ex that are internationally exposed are likely to do less well. maria: we heard from fed ex and the warning a few weeks ago. jay, michael, great to see you both. thank you so much for the word on wall street. futures are down 203 on the dow
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industrials right now. quick break and then documents obtained by house republicans reveal more shady business deals from the biden family. kentucky congressman james comer getting set to investigate should they take the majority the in 43 days. we will talk about it with james comer, next. ♪
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maria: welcome back. republican l lawmakers on the house judiciary committee are demand aing a former special agent give an interview on the agency's political bias and the work on the hunter biden investigation, warning him to save all documents on his work investigating the president's son. joining us now, open kentucky congressman james comer. congressman, good to see you. thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. maria: you've talked a lot about the hunter biden investigation and what you can do should the republicans gain the majority in november. tell me what you believe happened here and why it is that we continue to see politics leading investigations at the fbi. when did this start?
7:22 am
what went wrong? >> you know, the fbi's been on a bad run for many years now but with respect to the bias and how they're treating president trump versus how they've treated president biden and his family, it's just breath taking. let's go to the hunter biden situation and what you mentioned earlier with the fbi agent tim tebow. i think it will be in tim tebow's best interest to come talk to the judiciary and oversights committees because everything that we see points to the fbi trying to blame tebow to be the fall guy for the fbi not pursuing the obvious investigation of hunter biden. what we found with hunter biden just in the last few days is the fact that his father, joe biden, did in fact know exactly what hunter biden was doing. next we learned that hunter biden was trying to sell natural gas to china which is one thing, obviously the president's denied that but we also found proof that joe biden was involved
7:23 am
directly in the business with hunter biden because hunter biden we have an e-mail where he's requesting an extra set of keys for joe biden and jill biden so the obvious is that the president knew exactly what his son was doing and hasn't been truthful with the american people. the problem he's getting into is we're starting to see more and more evidence that he was in fact a part of this business. now the big question is, was he he the big guy that was going to get 10%. maria: we're looking at that e-mail, 10% held by h for the big guy in a deal that they were doing in china. we're looking at that e-mail right now. but congressman, you just mentioned that you have evidence of hunter biden's efforts to sell american natural gas to china, a whistleblower also revealing president biden's direct involvement. you sent a letter to treasury secretary janet yellen about this. you're demanding more information. in other words, this president is compromised and is selling oil and gas from from the strategic oil reserve to china.
7:24 am
why? because they have all of these relationships and have taken in tens of millions of dollars from chinese officials. >> we know that china wired $5 million to hunter biden's company. now we have an. mail that show -- an e-mail that shows that joe biden was obviously part of the company because hunter wanted a set of keys for his dad for the office, hudson west, which was the company that was brokering the deal between china -- remember, it was the chinese version of enron that hunter was working with and a american natural gas companies. we found on the laptop a map, a powerpoint presentation that hunter biden was presenting to this chinese energy company and it's all in chinese and it's strategically locating all the natural gas wholesalers all over the united states. now, what the whistleblower has told us is that that the crew mission of this chinese energy company wasn't just to buy american natural gas. that's one thing, maria. but what their it be met goal
7:25 am
was -- ultimate goal was, was to start buying ownership in the drillers so china could start getting their foot in the door on the infrastructure of the natural gas industry in america. that is a huge national security risk. maria: i mean, all of this is incredible risk to the american people's national security. i mean, it's incredible to me that here we are in americaing being the leading producer of oil in this country and this administration is stopping us from actually doing that, from actually producing that oil and gas for america and instead it's giving business to china and here you have china wanting in on buying into the drillers. it's absolutely outrageous and the fbi appears complicit here. we also know of this story, a pro life activist in pennsylvania arrested by the fbi on friday. mark houk was charged with you assaulting a pla planned parentd
7:26 am
escort last year. the fbi is saying, quote, there are inaccurate claims being made regarding the arrest of mark houk. no s.w.a.t. teams were involved, according to the fbi. here's what mike lee said on the public's growing mistrust of the fbi. watch. >> i do think there is a significant concern within the fbi headquarters. some agents particularly in washington are being used in an effort to weaponize our nation's criminal law enforcement system at the federal level. maria: so congressman, this keeps happening over and over again. we all know what happened with the russia l collusion lie. the fbi was told in january of 2017 that the dossier was garbage, that it was made up. the subsource told them that in a three day interview. they sat on the hunter biden laptop while president trump was going through an impeachment
7:27 am
trial, all the while talking about a phone call he had with the president of ukraine, meanwhile it was there in black and a white on the laptop that the fbi had that hunter biden was getting paid by ukraine, being on the board of burisma. what are you going to do about the fbi should you become the majority and the chairman of this important committee, oversight? >> well, it's going to be a priority. devin nunes said on your show many times, the deep state is real and what we have with the fbi is a leadership apparatus that clearly has been police politicized and is clearly biased toward the biden and democrat party versus trump and the republican are party. what i think needs to happen is we need new leadership at the top of fbi because most of the fbi agents in america are outstanding. it's just we have a problem with the leadership in the fbi. next, we need to make reforms. just like what's happened with the case with the pro life person here, it's always the
7:28 am
fbi's word versus the individual citizen's word and our freedoms are under attack here because a lot of people don't believe the fbi. the fbi should be required to do two things that normal you law enforcement is required to do. when the fbi talks to you right now they don't record it. and they can go into court and say maria, you lied and that's what you get charged for, lying to the fbi. that's like the number one tool in their toolbox. but a regular law enforcement officer would have to record the conversation. the fbi should be treated just like the regular law enforcement in being required to record. also being required to wear boy camera when they go in with a s.w.a.t. team or something like that or go into the residence of the former president of the united states to, you know, go in and get documents. i mean, they should be required to wear body cameras because they've got a credibility issue. i think that should be the number one priority of a republican majority to he get new leadership in the fbi and to reform and make the fbi he behave like local law enforcement. maria: this is a really
7:29 am
important point that you raise, congressman. we'll be watching all of this. the american people have lost trust and we continue to see this happening over and over again. let's remember that as soon as merrick garland and the doj came in power, the first thing they did was attack soccer moms, saying that soccer moms were extremists because they actually wanted a say in their kids' education. so that was the beginning of this administration's doj and fbi. congressman, i know you've got a lot on your plate. we appreciate your leadership. thank you, sir. >> thank you, maria. maria: i want to point out this picture that we're looking at here on the left side of your screen. this is port authority new york city. this is a fifth migrant bus. it has arrived in new york city and we are watching the people get off of this bus. it looks like they've all debarked from the bus. again, a fifth migrant bus from texas now in new york city arriving at port authority with illegal migrants who crossed into texas from the rio grande
7:30 am
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maria: welcome back. congress needs to move on preventing a government shutdown this week. cheryl casone with more on the latest fight on the resolution, continuing resolution, cheryl. cheryl: maria, this is interesting. senate democrats are expected to move forward this week on a short-term funding bill to prevent a government shutdown. but its fate is uncertain over a proposal to speed up permits for energy projects from senator joe manchin. manchin insisted the bill be attached in order for him to support the inflation reduction act which is now law. manchin is insisting his proposal will help to lower energy prices in american homes and gas prices at the pump. manchin says he has support. this could really stall the cr to your point. a new corporate minimum tax going into effect next year could hit just a handful of
7:35 am
large corporations. that's according to a new study, just 80 publicly traded u.s. companies would have paid the tax this tax year with just six including amazon and berkshire hathaway bearing the brunt. president biden signed the legislation into law which aims to lower prescription drug prices, boost green energy projects and lower the federal deficit. finally, nine time grammy winner rihanna announced as the half time entertainment for super bowl lvii. the 34-year-old billionaire sharing the fuse on instagram with a picture of her hand holding a football. the league posted the news on all of their social channels. the big game will be held in phoenix, arizona february 12th at state farm stadium. you can only watch super bowl v 7 on fox -- super bowl lvii on box. maria: she will be gr great one
7:36 am
super bowl. can't wait for that. a new washington post abc poll shows registered vowed voters vs are giving republicans an edge. 4 h47% of those polled said they would vote for a gop candidate, compared to 46% saying they will vote for a dem. joe biden's job approval, 53% disapprove of the president's performance. jen psaki gave a warning to democrats over the weekend. >> if the election is about who is the most extreme, then they're going to win. if it is a referendum on the president, the they will lose. and they know that. maria: joining me now, the former democrat mayor of miami beach, philip levine. great to see you, sir. thanks very much for being here. your thoughts when you see some of he's these numbers, the president's poll numbers where they are as well as people unhappy about the direction of
7:37 am
the country. >> my thoughts are i feel like i'm he reliving the 1970s and a it's jimmy carter's association and it seems to be a crisis of confidence in the country, maria. it comes down to this. i think that we had had all expected a republican slaughter but if you look at what's going on, i feel like biden has had a bounce. reality is, he did pass certain bills and of course the republicans have -- unfortunately, they've had self inflicted errors, whether it's what happened at a mar-a-lago, whether it's what the ag in new york or done or the these various things and the democrats have been able to catch up a bit but i think that the double cs are going to unfortunately in my opinion make it more challenging for them and the double cs to me are crime and the culture wars. i think it's very difficult at this point to change the perception of the voters. maria: well, you say that the president has had a bounce and has had success in pushing bills out but what about what's important to the american
7:38 am
people? you mentioned crime. that's obviously one of them. inflation is at 40 year highs. can you really say anything has been successful about this presidency given the fact that everywhere you look there seems be a fire to put out? >> well, i think what happened is this. i said before, it feels like we're back to the carter administration. we're dealing with ukraine where carter was dealing with iran. we're dealing with inflation, carter was dealing with the same thing. we're dealing with crime in the cities. this is overwhelming the voters. there's a general perception, what i see, what i feel of no direction, of a weakness, lack of strength coming from the white house. i think it will be difficult for the democrats to overcome that right now. you live in the cities in the united states right now it's not safe and that's one of the most important things for americans are to feel safe. had they do not feel safe and unfortunately these predominantly are democratically controlled cities where it feels like the mayors, the governments
7:39 am
are unable to create a sense of confidence in these cities. maria: i mean, i don't think it's any coincidence, right, it's not just that these cities are run by democrats. these are all democrat policies. i mean, cashless bail is a democrat policy. the republicans have fought against this for a long time and yet kathy hochul in new york says she's not going to discuss cashless bail until after the election. cashless bail has meant criminals committing crimes, get processed and they're back on the streets within a few hours and then there's the wide open border, five more migrant busses arrived in new york city this morning from texas. we've got pictures of the busses coming to port authority because texas governor greg abbott is not going to take it anymore. he's having 7,000 people a day show up in texas as, the they travel through the rio grande. he says enough is enough. i'm sending them to sanctuary cities. that's what these cities want to be, well, we'll send them the migrants then.
7:40 am
so this is not a coincidence. this is actual democrat policy, isn't it? >> no question about it. immigration is a losing issue for democrats. and when i see these democratic mayors and democratic governors going back and criticizing some of these southern governors and southern mayors, they had should be doing the opposite. they should take a different approach. they should say obviously there is a problem. how can we help you with the problem since we are in power in washington. let me go down to the border, understand your problem, and do everything i can to help you. instead, a lot of these democratic mayors and governors are fighting back which is the wrong approach. this is an american problem. the democrats will lose on this issue just like carter lost when the mario boat lift came in 1981. via copy of time magazine that says paradise lost and it was referring to florida. i think the big on everyone's mind will be this, do you want america to be california or do you want america to be florida. as a floridian, i can tell you, we want america to be more like
7:41 am
florida. maria: yeah. well, that's true. and that's why you're seeing they this huge flow of people going from california, from new york, to florida for a whole host of reasons. i think in addition to what a you're saying, rather than fighting, there'ses also an issue in terms of having a tin ear. they're not even acknowledging the problem of because if they were acknowledging 40 year high inflation, perhaps they would put a cap on spending but they're not. they've got so much spending that continues to flow. the president just had a student loloan bailout that will cost upwards of a trillion dollars. he's doing a raise for rail workers of 24%, that's more stimulus and it's stoking more inflation. we're talking about economic policy. was about foreign policy. you have protesters on the street in iran, calling for the end of the iranian regime. arkansas senator tom cotton says this is a moment in time for this administration to use it as
7:42 am
leverage, agree and back the iranian people and don't give the iranian leadership more money for nuclear deal. here's what he said yesterday on sunday morning futures. watch this. >> this is a moment to stand with the people of iran, yet joe biden is doing in these protests exactly what barack obama did in the super of 2009 during the green revolution protest, he is standing idlely by. he doesn't want to offend the ayatollahs as he's trying to pursue this reckless nuclear deal. maria: instead of standing with the people of iran, goa he goa is strengthening the da -- joe biden is strengthening the hand of the iranian leadership by agreeing to an iran deal. your thoughts. >> we have three major problems around the world happening at the same time, whether it's china in the south seas, whether it's ukraine, a very dangerous situation or whether it's iran and the nuclear deal that the administration is working on. once again, i keep saying. i feel like we're living in the
7:43 am
carter administration when the iranians were holding president carter hostage. i hope this does not happen to president biden. but the similarities from the '70s to today are so uncanny the that i think we may see a comeback of disco because it's literally that similar to the situation. maria: i'm all be in on disco. i'm not all in on 40 year high inflation but disco, i'll take it. philip, it's good to see you this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you. maria: philip levine joining us this morning in florida. quick break and then bitcoin slides below 20 of thousand 2 -. where does it go from here? more democrats losing faith in a 2024 joe biden ticket. why many are thinking the party should replace j joe biden as is presidential nominee but with whom. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ i just need somebody to love. ♪ i don't need to much, justra
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welcome back. let's talk crypto. bitcoin is trading lower this morning at nearly $19,000. cryptocurrency slid last week as well as investors moved away from growth and risky assets after the fed promised it will
7:48 am
stay aggressive on fighting inflation with higher interest rates. joining me now, the host of coin stories podcast and hard money show, natalie brunell. thank you for being here. what's going on with crypto? it continues to decline from good morning, maria. thank you so much for having me. bitcoin is going to be volatile, it's going to go up and go down, as the fed tries to navigate. i want to mention s important. this is the reason we are in this situation and why we have bitcoin. we are stuck between having more and more inflation and a total crash and so that's why bitcoin was invented because we have this dysfunctional economy that's propped up with easy money and now we have so much debt in the system that any mal investment and excess can't be washed out without causing major pain that's felt hard by the working class and there's consensus at some point they have to step in once something in they the system breaks, they'll have to intervene like
7:49 am
they always have and print, possibly print into high inflation. this is a total mess. we kicked the can up to the sovereign level and we have print to avoid a global collapse. this is why bitcoin was invented. people should wonder how many more times should we kick the can down the road before we lose credibility on a global stage and no country wants our treasuries anymore. people don't understand bitcoin's monetary policies and how bulletproof the technology is, but that's why it was invented in the last financial crisis. it's a path, alternative from the currencies testimony that has irresponsible monetary policy at the root of it. maria: what do you think is going on at a state level. gavin newsom vetoed the state's digital financial assets law, requiring crypto financial services to get a special license to operate. newsom called the bill premature and costly. we know there's back and forth had going on in washington in
7:50 am
terms of where regulation goes next. >> yeah, well ultimately i think that was a win on a state level for the industry because opponents warned that bill was short sighted, was going to impose costly and unhelpful regulations, i think what's most important is what newsom said about it. he said we need a more flexible approach so that regulatory oversight can keep up with a rapidly evolving technology. so i think he's acknowledging that he doesn't want to push this business and this competition out. it is an industry that is here to stay. it is going to grow exponentially and a lot of people don't realize that newsom was actually one of the first elected leaders that accepted bitcoin for campaign donations. he obviously believes in this industry that it's going to grow and he wants to take a little more time before he passes a bill that's related to regulation. maria: well, let's talk coin base. the journal is reporting that coin base hired four wall street traders, launched a group to
7:51 am
generate profit for the company to use the cash to trade and lockup, it was described as proprietary trading by the people at the company, natalie. >> i think coin base needs money. they're burning through about a billion dollars a quarter. i checked out their financial statement and in q2 they burned a net 4 billion. and that's really because people don't have discretionary money to trade the way they did if 2020 and 2021 with the stimulus and coin base is first and foremost a trading app to get users to speculate and trade tokens, it's not a savings app. i caution people with third party exchanges, make sure you do your homework. you want to minimize counter party risk during a volatile time like this and some exchanges we saw earlier this year, they went under. people lost life savings because exchangers were not holding and protect thing assets. if you own bitcoin, take self custody.
7:52 am
i bank with a bitcoin only company, swan, it's designed to help you save and take self custody and not trade your savings away. maria:.maria: natalie, it's gro get your take as always. thanks very much. quick break and blue city hopes the citizens will help in order to strengthen the police department. it's making a buzz this morning. we'll talk about it, next. ♪ don't go breaking my heart. ♪ i won't go breaking your heart.sp ♪on they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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economy education and inflation, are top issues, of most important to voters, crime also up there, beating out abortion in terms of priorities, with nationwide crime prices spikinged new orleans hiring he civilians to help fill spots in staffing, the big easy overtakeing st. louis as new murder capital, nearly 100 young people trashing the place throwing things a scene nobody arrested todd we're seeing across the country in big cities. todd: this is sickening he
7:57 am
apparently port of young generation thinks they should be enjoying life this is not how you enjoy life this destroys property ruins lives as for numbers crime above abortion, finally the only job that government should exist for us to protect people, everything else is superfluous, you protect people so many people he he mostly democrats got away from that sickening on new orleans front i guess defunding police didn't work if hiring people off streets to do jobs cops are doing so more cops can get on street in a city leading america in terms of murders. maria: what a shocker, how did they think that was going to play out by defunding the police? rob let's face it todd is spot-on, national security, your personal security should be number one priority for lawmakers, and obviously, not because if it were we with not
7:58 am
have a wide-open border. rob: new orleans thing crazy 911 -- how is this going to work out in new orleans, cities that are just rampant crime you've got normal people he this is i really think this year's elections the revenge of normal people sick and tired of craziness around them four out of five top issues definitely towards republicans, even abortion, is very nuanced, most people do not agree with abortion on demand up to moment of birth, so, even with abortion issue, you have a lot of people who would go towards republicans if they understood how crazy and extreme the democrats are on abortion, look at those the economy, you know, crime, immigration, inflation, that all supports the republican agenda, and you look there is nobody else to blame that is the great news right now for republicans, there is no split
7:59 am
in house and senate. it is -- democrat everywhere it is very easy to point the finger at who is in charge. that is why i think places like cities, not going to be a major turnout this year i don't think so will help republicans pick up these congressional seats gubernatorial races maybe in new york with lee zeldin i think republicans have big wins forget what media is saying democratic auk talk being points. maria: other side saying things like men can have babies. todd: -- was talking about somebody with this five years ago if you said that if i said that would be kicked off air, two would be committed now a common talking point amongst tt left the fact we've gone this far shows how distracted the left has made us, it started maybe with crime but now men have babies you can't say you what a woman is republicans need to make sure they are message potato focused stay on message don't
8:00 am
allow democrats to red herring you, and you will win this election. maria: okay, go ahead. rob: daughter' volleyball game normal parents are talking about, what the hell is going on in this country when you go shopping shoprite wherever you go to cereal section, post kellogg's all there but store brand sold out, meaning people can't afford the basic staples looking to save money. >> essentials, next hour "mornings with maria" begins right now. . . >> good monday morning. thanks very much for joining us they morning, i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, september 26, top stories right now 8:00 a.m. own the button on the east coast, stocks are selling off again this morning, as we approach the end of the third quarter, amid dire economic predictions for fourth quarter and the new year, ju


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