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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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continue. so anything could happen. we're expecting 7:00 p.m. in toronto. back to you. sean: uncle sam is always a winner, gerri. thanks for that report. i appreciate it. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: okay, stocks again hammered today. now even top democrats warn their party will lose if the midterms are about biden and this shock finding, the associated press finding that more than a million voters in 43 states have left the democrat party because of crime, inflation, and vaccine mandates. but the media and democrats now claim the fix to inflation is illegal immigration. with us tonight senator ron johnson, congressman beth, darrell issa, beth van duyne and
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tim burchett. economic pro carol roth, former senior advisor to bush and trump, christian whiton and "the washington examiner"'s byron york. new pressure on the former fbi official in d.c., he is accused of blocking the hunter biden probe. we've got the story. and democrat senator joe manchin warns bernie sanders and the far left are destroying u.s. energy independence. that is what is fueling inflation. dr. fauci again claims school shutdowns were quote, worth it, after he denied urging shutdowns. and another family member goes viral on the internet. he is slamming a school board in california for hurting children. elon musk, he rides to the rescue of protesters in iran but the u.s. liberal left attacks elon musk for being a moderate. again major looting slamming businesses in democrat-run cities but the mayor of chicago attacks mcdonald's ceo for calling out chicago's crime wave. a dire cop shortage has murder
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capital new orleans trying to hire regular taxpayers to do police work. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. thanks for joining us. another brutal day for stocks. investors fear federal reserve rate hikes will tip the u.s. deeper into recession. the 10-year yield hits 3.9% for the first time since 2010. now investors have lost more than $7.7 trillion under president biden. the federal reserve see as significant slowdown of just 0.2% growth this year but this good news. u.s. manufacturers did regain jobs lost in the pandemic shutdowns 1.43 million jobs right now, manufacturing, that is net gain of about 67,000 jobs. now lauren simonetti has more on
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your money what happened with the stock market today. lauren. reporter: liz, early comeback failed to hold. broad-based declines on wall street again at the closing bell. the dow fell over 320 points, over 1% in the red, closing in bear market territory which is a drop of 20% from recent highs. the nasdaq also lower, down 65 points but big names like apple and amazon did manage to stay in the green even though bond yields spiked. investors hiding out at the front end of the curve. look at two year which tends to be more sensitive to the federal reserve interest rate hikes, it hit 4.3% for the first time in 15 years. there is doubt on wall street that the fed can engineer that soft landing in its quest to lower inflation. those recession fears hit oil prices, closing down at $76 a barrel, even though gas prices are up a nickel in the past week alone. they average 3.72 cents across
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the nation today for regular unleaded could go up even more as florida locks down for hurricane ian. in currencies the british pound dropping to a new all-time low against the dollar nearing parity. the bank of england also hiking rates to tamp down inflation even as its new government takes drastic action to fire up the economy through tax cuts. liz, back to you. elizabeth: great reporting, lauren simonetti. thank you so much. joining us former investment banker carol roth along with "washington examiner" correspond byron york. thanks for joining us we appreciate it. first to you, carol, are we going deeper into a bear market? >> absolutely. i think investors have been a little bit delusional about the possibility that a soft landing was on the table. the discussion now is, it is definitely a hard landing, what is the depth and duration an unfortunately there are just all
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of these challenging headwinds. some of them that are self-inflicted but some happening abroad that could have major implications including a potential currency crisis, if energy prices were to reverse and that could have impact on hard assets in the u.s. so unfortunately, liz, i don't think we are going to be through the pain for quite sometime. you may get a little bit of a bounce here and there but i would hold tight for a while. elizabeth: got it. we'll watch biden's former top spokesperson, press secretary jen saki, out with her new shock take about her former boss. you will be her former boss president biden. you will see nancy pelosi get booed here in new york city. watch this. >> i think that democrats, if the election is about who is the most extreme then they're going to win. if it is a referendum on the president they will lose and they know that. >> 2030 historic.
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[booing] [inaudible] better jobs, lower energy bills for, allow to us pass the in a responsible way. elizabeth: by ron, your take on both of those events? >> [laughter]. well, on the second one i mean it was a concert. who wanted to see nancy pelosi show up? it is not like they would have cheered kevin mccarthy if he had shown up either. it's a wrong place for her to be. elizabeth: it was, but it was global kind of climate change initiative concert. >> it was. it was. elizabeth: keep going. >> perhaps they would, perhaps they would have cheered some other lefty hero, i don't know but you know on the jen psaki stuff, this is very, very serious. the latest poll we have just seen has president biden's job approval at 39%. he is a drag on his party. there is no doubt about it. as a matter of fact, the
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analysis that accompanies this "abc/washington post" poll noted historical fact that presidents with approval above 50% tended to lose 14 seats on average. those below 50%, remember joe biden is well below 50%, lost 37 seats. president's with job approval like biden simply do not win seats in midterm. elizabeth: what byron is saying too, a majority of democrats in this poll, this "abc/washington post" poll, karen, democrats don't want him to run again. biden told "60 minutes" remains to be seen if he runs again. inflation is a problem. democrats are claiming illegal immigration will fix inflation. >> it's a weird thing. we definitely have a supply side issue. i don't think illegal immigration is a fix, liz, but
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legal immigration, something that benefits the american citizens actually is. if you go back to the policies that we've had, fiscal policies and government policies over the last couple years we've had a terrible loss of jobs, first from retirees, some of whom may come back now because their 401(k)s and their home equity is the accidenting beaten up but also legal immigration. if we were on the same trajectory without covid we would have a million more legal immigrants that are college educated. we don't have place to live, don't have enough energy. so the whole supply side needs some real fixing. elizabeth: the other thing too, to carol's point, byron as if the democrats want to make the midterms about abortion, january 6 hearings, trump, when voters are saying about inflation, crime, energy, gas and the border. a out of control mob ransack and loot a wawa in philadelphia last night. polls show midterms will be very
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much about inflation and crime and shutdowns. but a number about democrats, byron are talked about replacing biden in 2024. they don't look so hot either. they were things like shutting down the economy like governor gretchen whitmer and gavin newsom or defund the cops like aoc. that led to a massive crime wave. react to former press secretary saki about democrats on crime, kamala harris claim you can't stop more crime with more cops on the beat. >> crime is a huge have aniability for democrats. i would say it is one of the biggest volumer inabilities. >> it is outdated, wrong-headed thinking the only way you get more communities to be safe is put more police officers on the street. what we have to do, and what we will do is reimagine public safety. elizabeth: did they do a good job reimagining public safety, byron? >> as i said, that does not age very well.
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you know, crime ask a huge issue because one, it's going up. people are in greater danger and two, you know, there has been a proliferation of cameras everywhere and we tend to actually see many crimes being committed. it really dramatizes this fact. you know, the fact that a lot of democrats did want to defund the police or to reduce the funding of police or to change the practices of police so that mental health workers, social workers were sent to crime scenes instead of police officers, all that is exactly true and the other thing that you started your question with is, there is absolutely no doubt that inflation is the most important issue to the most voters right now. elizabeth: we got this too. the associated press said more than a million voters in 43 states have left the democrat party, carol, for the gop party especially in the suburbs where swing voters like independents often sway elections. almost half of registered voters
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consider themselves independents, carol. that versus more than a quarter who identify as democrat or republican. this is the party going up, the independent party. >> i think people have really seen the impact of decoupling from reality. all of these things that sounded nice and great in reality led to a bad outcome. now it is in their backyard, they realize this is foundational. if we do not get the economy under wrap, crime under wrap we're having a big problem. elizabeth: carol roth, byron york, thank you so much for joining us tonight. great to have you both on. democrat senator joe manchin warns bernie sanders and the democrat left are destroying u.s. emergency independence and that's fueling inflation. plus new pressure on the former fbi official in d.c. accused of blocking the hunter biden probe. the gop house judiciary moving on this. congressman darrell issa joins us next to break it down on "the evening edit." ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show, look who is here, from house judiciary, congressman darrell issa. a pleasure having you on. good to see you again. >> thank you for having me on and thanks for continuing to cover this evolving scandal. elizabeth: look what is going on here, you and your fellow gop members of house judiciary you fired off a letter friday to
6:16 pm
former fbi agent tim thibault. can you tell us what is going on here? >> as you know tim thibault has been part of a coverup. he knew the hunter biden laptop was real. he knew that lies were being told. in fact russian collusion was even being blamed when in fact he knew what he had was an authentic and damning evidence in his possession. now he has retired which takes him out of the reach of the inspector general and others but not out of the reaches of congress if we're given subpoena authority. so we wanted to make sure he preserved any documents, that they didn't get shredded like hillary's blackberries and, that we would be in a position to actually have a discussion about not just what he knew and when he knew it but why he was part of a coverup and what he thought to accomplish. elizabeth: congressman that is the question. because more and more we're seeing the work of house gop members, for example, ranking republican james comer and
6:17 pm
yourself. james comer of house oversight revealing they found power point presentations on hunter biden's laptop that talked about the biden family selling u.s. natural gas reserves to hunter biden's business partner, cefc, that is being called the enron of communist china, sell them out of five u.s. states, pennsylvania, louis, wyoming, texas and oklahoma. why was this guy blocking any probe into what hunter was doing? >> ostensibly they will tell you the reason they're not cooperating is that they're investigating but the trail has gone very cold on any real investigation or any follow-up. and as we see the irs and other organizations within the control of president biden basically whitewashing hunter biden we know a lot of the legitimate things that can be done will be out of our reach by january 3rd of next year. but you know going after those who are part of the coverup, always appropriate to do,
6:18 pm
especially when you are considering the department of justice clear bias toward not prosecuting liberals and this administration and going after on a very selective basis conservatives, pro-life, and trump supporters. elizabeth: the other thing too, congressman, this is striking, reports that tim thibault had been assigned as the fbi point man to manage hunter biden's business partner tony bobulinski. who his revelations about the first son also went ignored by the fbi. thibault helped bury information about bobulinski, who said the china energy deal we talked about the u.s. nat gas reserves going to cefc, tony bobulinski said 10% was set aside for the big guy, joe biden. james comer and house gop oversight finding more and more information about joe biden knowing all about this all along. >> well, absolutely. tony bobulinski testified
6:19 pm
before, gave testimony to the fbi, at least five hours that we know of. all of that is simply gone into a black hole. so these are the questions we need to ask. eventually we want to see those five hours, see what he said. we know what he would say to us today but it is important to see what he said then and why the fbi thought it was possible to ignore it. and you know, liz, when i say fbi, it is important to understand the fbi is part of the department of justice, a u.s. attorney in every case is part of the coverup. elizabeth: got it. congressman issa, thanks so much for joining us. a pleasure to have you on. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: dr. fauci again claims school shutdowns were quote, worth it after he denied urging shutdowns. democrat senator joe manchin he is warning that bernie sanders and the democrat far left, they are destroying u.s. energy independence. senator ron johnson on "the evening edit" next. >> we want an election to have a contrast. if they put their trust in us,
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this is exactly what we'll do, hold our feet to the fire. and on the very first day we're going to repeal 87,000 irs agents. so they're not going after you. we work for you. al ♪. et wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtorch. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new salonpas lidocaine flex. a super thin, flexible patch with maximum otc strength lidocaine that contours to the body to relieve pain right where it hurts. and did we mention, it really, really sticks? salonpas, it's good medicine. ♪ hisamitsu ♪
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. we've got major pressure by al for and climate activists to remove david malpass, he runs the world bank over climate
6:24 pm
change. now the world bank is supposed to be about fixing world poverty and hunger. edward lawrence at the white house with more. edward? reporter: cutting through the noise the president of the world bank david malpass he believes greenhouse gases do contribute to climate change but he says he is not going farther than that because he is not a scientist. he is not. he is an economist. what the whitehouse would like malpass to do to become advocate for more expensive green energy technology. for world bank to give money to pour countries to abandon fossil fuels. that could cause higher loan defaults. here is the pressure campaign. >> we disagree with the comments made by president malpass. we expect the world bank to be a global leader of climate ambition and mobilization as well. of significant, of significantly more climate finance for developing countries as, is the business of the world bank. reporter: treasury spokesperson tells me we expect the world
6:25 pm
bank group to be a global leader of climate ambition and mobilization of significantly more climate finance for developing countries. malpass says he has no intention of resigning this is all about pushing the world bank to become more of an activist for that green transition. liz? elizabeth: edward lawrence, great reporting. thank you so much from senate homeland security, foreign relations and commerce, he is senator ron johnson. senator, always a pleasure having you back on. senator we would like your reaction to that story, in your home race in your race in wisconsin, democrat senate nominee, mandela barnes, he is endorsed by the leftist environmentalist groups when there are more common sense ideas out there, right? >> one thing mandela barnes wants to do, he wants to sometime any capitalism. unfortunately the green new deal fantasy, that is what it is will impoverish people. we've seen it in sri lanka. it doesn't work.
6:26 pm
we don't have rare either minerals to produce batteries. we don't have enough electricity to charge what electric vehicles on the road today. gavin newsom basically the same day he announced getting rid of all gas powered cars, he said, by the way don't plug in your electric vehicles because we don't have the capacity. these are self-inflicted wounds. $369 billion in the inflation reduction act dedicated to boondoggles like solyndra probably what it will turn out to be. this just doesn't work. elizabeth: they want 87,000 irs agents to collect the money for that. the other thing, california unanimously approved a ban on gas-powered heaters and furnaces. space heaters are notoriously dangerous to cause fires. electric grid, during blackouts in california, they can't handle all the extra electric vehicles and appliances plugged into it. senator, you have things like
6:27 pm
"the daily mail" reporting former president obama still uses gas guzzling suvs. climate czar john kerry uses them and gas-powered planes and lecturing the americans give up, lecturing the world to give up sacrifices to fight climate change? >> elizabeth, i saw some videos on the ininternet showing the long backup, long lines of cars waisting to plug in. just do the math on this. obviously a gas-powered car can go many more miles than an electric vehicle. you have to make multiple stops to go the same distance. it takes five minutes of a gas pump? will take 30 minutes to recharge your electric vehicle? we just don't have enough receptacles. elizabeth: they cong out in the winter. they fail in the winter. >> or in the heat. can't really air condition your car very well. they just don't work that well. it will not, it will not power our economy. elizabeth: we know that the gop
6:28 pm
promises to roll back the biden agenda. that has been undercutting and destroying u.s. energy and u.s. jobs, that is what has been happening. gas and heating prices are going up. you watch president biden make a claim here, another gaffe, another whopper. watch this. president biden: of 41 states plus the district of columbia the average gasoline price is less than $2.99. but the truth is there is a lot more republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those -- elizabeth: i don't know what that last comment was. there are no states, zero states with an average price under 2.99. >> no. elizabeth: gas is up 1.31 higher. higher since biden took office. how can he say it is 2.99 anywhere? >> he thinks he can get away with it i guess. democrats are detached from the truth as they are from reality on the green new deal. but no, in wisconsin, gas prices are roughly double from where they were when biden took office nationally 60%.
6:29 pm
elizabeth the main point we need to make here, they purposely drove the price of gasoline and energy higher. they want to force people into electric vehicles. this is the game plan. maybe we were surprised how dramatically increase of price of gas but that was their goal. you can bet once you get past this election they will try driving the price of gas up again. as well we're emptying our strategic petroleum reserve. that is there for a national crisis, not for their bad policies. elizabeth: watch senator joe manchin agree with you on what the far left is doing, watch this. >> bernie sanders and my left-wing of the democratic party would never support anything that would let us be energy independent with the energy we have in our own country. elizabeth: okay. natural gas is cleaner. it lowers carbon emission, natural gas. your final word? >> well it does and again they have a war on fossil fuel and that is why we're suffering so much pain in terms of high
6:30 pm
energy prices and higher inflation. dollar when you started with the biden administration is now worth8 cents. think about that. elizabeth: senator johnson, thanks for joining us. good to see you. elon musk is rising to the rescue of protesters in iran battling the regime murdering its own citizens. the liberal left attack elon musk for being a moderate. dr. fauci again claims school shutdowns were worth it after he denied urging sit-downs. we have congresswoman beth van duyne next here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: economists and analysts have been tracking this, a lot of the nation's problems now stem back to the defund police push, the nation's shutdowns how we handled that, all the unrest from that and now taxpayers and small businesses have to foot the bill for all of that including the crime wave. now madison alworth has quite the story at a store in downtown manahattan, new york.
6:35 pm
madison? reporter: elizabeth, not only have a majority of small businesses dealt with shoplifting, 50% have actually seen an increase in shoplifting as well. here at rocco's they say about once a week someone will come in and swipe pastries off the counter. here is the thing, not just small petty theft, they have dealt with violence and weapons. i want to bring in mary. you shared exclusive instances a shoplifter confronted your chef with a knife. basically what happened. reporter: basically someone made their way around the counter. they were able to -- [no audio. reporter: these things continue to happen. seeing across multiple small businesses. 46% of small businesses have increased prices to deal with the losses from shoplifting. what have you had to do because of this increase?
6:36 pm
>> we increased prices, cut down on hours. what impact does that have on hiring, on people coming in and on business in general? >> there is less people coming to visit. they don't feel safe coming in to new york city. reporter: this bakery has been in operation many years. they have been in the family two generations. they do what they can to stay open, obviously miring new staff, dealing with customers, customer service, being aware crime and shoplifting is a issue as well. elizabeth. elizabeth: madison alworth, what a great story. thanks for joining us. house small business, transportation, infrastructure, congressman beth van duyne. we have that story. it is about crime. we have a lot of confusion dealing with crime, what the policies are, also the pandemic. congresswoman, pfizer ceo has contracted covid second time in six weeks. he has been vaccinated, boosted four times. this congressman, not a single,
6:37 pm
not one u.s. state is requiring public school students to be vaccinated to go to public school. that is even in california. so no public schools in any state are doing vaccine mandates. >> even california, right? because, what you have proven, what you just said, the vaccine if you want to take the vaccine, great. if you don't want to take it that is fine too. that should be a decision you make with your doctor based on your risk assessment, what you're willing to do because what has been shown over and over, the vaccine does not prevent you from getting it. it is not a public health provision. it is actually a personal health provision. that something you want to make, that is fine. what we're seeing on the biden administration, they're getting ready to fire 100,000 members of our military who have not yet gotten vaccinated. after the president says this is no longer an issue. we can't let that happen. we're looking by this administration's mandating vaccine again we're looking at millions of people in the right sector potentially having to
6:38 pm
lose their job. that is not right. so you know, if all, i think what you've seen is republicans are all about personal responsibility, having the discussions making your own personal choices. i think what you see from democrats is 100% about mandates and us being big brother, telling you what to do. elizabeth: is it even a vaccine? maybe it's a flu shot if you get covid still, right? should we call it a vaccine? that is for another day. congressman get your reaction to dr. fauci saying yes, shutting down schools was worth it. watch this. >> we talked a lot about learning loss in texas, a bunch of other consequences closing schools down, were they worth it knowing what you know? >> yeah, i believe so for a number about of reasons. sometimes when you do draconian things it has collateral, negative consequences, just like when you shut things down, even temporarily, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy, on the schoolchildren.
6:39 pm
you know that. but you have to make a balance, when you're dealing with, we know they only way to stop something cold in its tracks is to try to shut things down. i didn't shut down anything. elizabeth: okay. so but the thing is, congresswoman, they were not temporary shutdowns, right and they didn't shut down the pandemic. can you keep track of dr. fauci is saying? >> he is saying one thing and saying something completely opposite. he is doubling down, i did the right thing, no i didn't do that when they found out there were negative consequences. the fact he may say it is worth it but he should talk to the parents who lost children because they had drug overdoses because they were not in class, because they were dealing with depression and committed suicide. looking at these kids who have not had proper education in the last two years because of his draconian practices in shutting these schools down. we're seeing so many people move
6:40 pm
to texas from california because of those shutdowns. we don't have any idea what the actual cost is yet. i am afraid we'll not know that for decade to come. elizabeth: i like to listen to this. dr. paul off get, warning yuck people should not get the new booster shot. it could be unhealthy for them, watch. >> healthy young person is really unlikely to benefit from the booster dose. there is not clear evidence of benefit. it is not fair to ask people to take a risk no matter, well the benefit should be clear. elizabeth: he is saying the benefit is not clear. yeah for people over age 65 if you're immunocompromised you should get a booster, less likely hospitalized with the virus. he is talking about side-effects like myocarditis or pericarditis. >> the fact is we knew early young children who were healthy had very little risk of catching this or getting sick from it.
6:41 pm
we knew early on. from people like fauci, people like biden, willing to use our young kids, schoolkids as ping-pongs in a political battle for people to be more scared and controlled. it is horrible what they have done. these ramifications will be felt by families and our youth for decades to come. elizabeth: congressman van duyne, thank you. another family member goes viral on the internet after going off on a school board member, school board rather in california for harming children. and elon musk rides to the, battling the regime, murdering its own citizens but the u.s. liberal left attacks elon musk for being a moderate. former bush and trump advisor christian whiton on "the evening edit" next.
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♪. elizabeth: protests exploding in iran against the regime after yet another citizen, a woman, died in the custody of iran's
6:46 pm
morality police. that is who the regime uses to round up protesters. this is what is happening over there. fox news's greg palkot has the latest from london. greg. reporter: liz, there are new reports of violent protests in iran tonight. this would be the 13th day of unrest there as tehran also strikes out at the u.s. the demonstrations have spread to all 31 of iran's provinces. at least 41 people are believed killed, over 1000 arrested. demonstrators and authorities step up their actions. in some cases live fire ammunition is being used against the crowds. internet service widely blacked out. all triggered by the death after 22-year-old who died after being taken taken into discuss by iran's so-called morality police simply for not wearing a headscarf properly. it is claimed she was beaten and tortured. pro-government rallies have been staged there but the anger and is boiling over especially young people, women and men, not just
6:47 pm
about social restrictions, the economy, corruption, the mullah-run authoritarian government. death to the dictator is one rallying cry. there have been dramatic protests against the iranian regime here in europe as well as the states as the regime claims u.s. is supporting the unrest to undermine the government and is threatening a response against america. all of this as the u.s. considers returning to the iran nuclear deal. at least one expert told us now is not the time to be giving tehran money. liz. elizabeth: greg palkot always terrific coverage, thank you so much. joining us former state department official and advisor to president george w. bush and donald trump, christian whiton. christian, it is great to have you on. your take what is going on in iran? they're blaming the u.s. when iran has severe human rights abuses, brutalizes men and women and children, putting them to death. what do you think of what is going on? >> elizabeth, good morning from asia.
6:48 pm
it's a big deal going on from iran right now. these are the biggest protests we've seen since 2009 when it really looked like the people had a chance to retake control of their destiny against what greg palkot is called the mullah-run dictatorship. it failed then. it looks like some great developments now. we have some information going in but there are similarities between this and frankly czechoslovakia in 196where there was a big uprising against communism, authoritarianism of the day, the united states sat around because we want ad big arms control agreement with the russians. that was then this is now. biden wants deal of the century for nukes out of iran. elizabeth: that should not be the focus. it should be the focus of people of iran, right? >> absolutely. it make as dissidents, people behind the iron curtain, having moral support of american president, ronald reagan called evil empire, history would send it to the ash heap, they heard
6:49 pm
about it even in the gulag and they need information. elizabeth: to your point, elon musk announced he is activating his company's starlink satellite internet. that is a division of spacex, doing that iran after they cut off their citizens with a internet blackout because of protests. far left here in u.s. have attacked elon musk for just being a moderate. >> right. they just don't like, they like that he is not a lefty. they like he is not part of the silicon valley monoculture. he benefited through tesla through a lot of government subsidies. water under the bridge, he is doing what the government should. understanding political warfare. people protesting need information because they're being lied to by their own government, no one cares what you're doing, no one cares about your fate. the world is indifferent. that is not the case. to be able to coordinate to have the support from the outside can make a difference. elizabeth: all musk is saying we need tolerance, we need to
6:50 pm
listen to each other, saying the both far left an far right, he said of the far left, most people in country are not as intolerant as you. they don't intensely hate anyone mildly disagree with them. don't demand idealogical feelty as prerequisite for friendship. they care about the same things. job, safety and their kids. they believe in quality and forbearance. what is interesting about musk, he is giving starlink service terminals to ukraine of the russian invasion there. your word on what elon musk is doing? >> yeah, exactly. you know he is following a similar path that george orwell did, a man on the left, saw communism, authoritarianism, lies out of progress serves can do to people. he had a migration throughout his career. musk started out as someone who would vote democrat but not a maga republican but making a transition because of what he sees.
6:51 pm
elizabeth: christian whiton, great stuff, thanks for joining us tonight. this story coming up, another family member goes viral on the internet after he went off on a school board in california. he says for interfering and meddling in the lives of children, hurting them. congressman tim burchett next on "the evening edit". ♪.
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elizabeth: joining us now, gop congressman tim burchett. congressman, it's always a pleasure, it's good to see you. >> thank you, ma'am. elizabeth: congressman, let's have you listen to this. this uncle of two student ises at a school district in thousand oaks, california, about 42 the miles outside of los angeles, he went off at a school to board meeting. he's really frustrated, and he's basically giving voice to a lot of outrageed parents out there. >> it has come to our intention that the district plans to teach transgenderrism to children under the age of 10. if i were to teach your child without your consent, i'd be arrested, but when the school district does it, it's educational. districts should be teaching science, math and language. instead, teachers are hiding student pronouns from their parents under the guise of gender affirmation.
6:56 pm
the girls' -- gross indock try nation is creating a lifetime of medication and hormones because you can't simply pause puberty. elizabeth: parents feel like this is really dangerous stuff. under age 10? is any school equipped to deal with anything like this? >> no, ma'am. this is, this is complete wokism. we are sacrificing our children on the idol of wokism. governor lee in the state of tennessee has found out that, in fact, they're doing similar surgeries at vanderbilt hospital, some of the best medical care in the world, no question. but, again, the wokism and the dollar bill, they're going after the dollars. they've uncovered videos where they're talking about how much money they'll make from all this and how profitable it is for them, and nobody's thinking about the children that are going to be mutilated, literally mutilated, liz. and it's disgusting to me, and it's disgusting to most americans. i'm glad to see this fella -- i
6:57 pm
saw some of that video earlier. i'm glad to see members of the gay community are standing up and saying this is out of bounds. we need to protect our children. elizabeth: yeah, we've got gay people protesting in washington, d.c. and other cities against this. and all of this going on as parents everywhere, heir dealing with crime, they're worried about their kids. your reaction to this story, a ceo of the san francisco-based real estate company prologis. he's joining the ceo of mcdonald's to say he can't get people to work in san francisco because of violent crime. he was robbed outside his home in san francisco at gunpoint, and he's telling city officials you've got to get on the stick. but watch chicago mayor lori lightfoot, democrat mayor, going after the ceo of mcdonnell's -- mcdonald's warning about crime. watch. >> what would have been helpful is for the mcdonald's ceo to educate himself before he spoke. i'm going to look on productive engagement and not look in the
6:58 pm
rearview mirror. elizabeth: he did -- what's she talking about? the ceo of mcdonald's has the stats. what do you say? >> that's the reason i went to mcdonald's and ordered a quarter pounder with cheese this week, liz, because i'm sick of this woke nature of these democrat officials in these big cities. you see it in portland, you see it in new york, you see it in philadelphia. it's crimeless -- there's just complete crime that's out of control, and we're not addressing it. and i'm glad you had her on here talking about, about mcdonald's. mcdonald's is absolutely right. they have every right to be as corporate citizens to complain about what's going on in the country -- [audio difficulty] they can't get people in there to work, and who would want to work in those conditions? you have law enforcement in new york leaving -- elizabeth: yeah. >> they've lost 2,000 members because of -- elizabeth: and you also had an out of control mob ransack and loot a wawa in philadelphia.
6:59 pm
it's just out of control. and we have the u.s. murder capital, it's new orleans. they're taking desperate measures to fight soaring murder amid a severe cop shortage. they don't have enough cops in new orleans, they're now hiring regular taxpayers to do police work. they're sending them out to even, to crime scenes to gather evidence and hiring taxpayers to monitor the phones and do secretarial work and administrative work of police officers there. so that's what new orleans is doing. >> yes, ma'am. well, that's why one of the four commitments to america the republican party is presenting is a nation that's safe. we want to hire 200,000 more police officers. this woke crowd, they think when there's an active shooter somewhere, we ought to send in a psychologist when we need to send in a cop that knows how to take care of business and do harm to people that are going to do harm to american citizens before they're able to do that. and i'm, again, i'm glad you're exposing all this, because the
7:00 pm
other members of the mainstream media seem to have their head in the sand. the american population is disgusted with the crime rates and the violent crime in our primarily democrat-controlled statements. elizabeth: congressman burchett, good to see you. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ kennedy: welcome to it. missed you. nasa is about to do something that has never been done, crash a spacecraft into an asteroid. it is a test to see how we can protect our planet from a planet killer, and they're doing just that in 15 minutes, and we're going to watch it live with michio kaku when it happens, so stick around for that. the midterm elections in six weeks from tomorrow, so why isn't president biden stumping with democrat candidates? because he's an anchor for the party, but that's not just my opinion.


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