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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪ okay we have t traumatic images coming in, hurricane ian slams ashore, 3 hours ago. a category 4, packing winds of sustain winds 150 miles per hour, now coming down, look at these images 1.3 million without power in florida. hour. storm surge 18 feet. gulf of mexico literally pouring in -- fort myers a bullseye.
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>> growing in strength overnight and velocity by 50%, it started as a category 3 to the brink of a cat 5, spanning the entire width of florida, i hurricane ian tied with hurricane charlie. tornado watches from daytona beach from orlando to west palm beach, and live team coverage for you on hurricane ian. we have fox news jonathan life in atlantic beach with the latest. reporter: you are talking about hurricane affecting the state. case in point. it made landfall in southwest florida. i am in northeast florida and you can see how blustery it is, not yet hurricane force wins but blustery -- winds but blustery, behind me heavy surf, natural dunes protect much of the coastal
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city. but you have public access points, a couple hours ago some heavy equipment came in and moved sand to temporarily block this low low lying point in hopes of preventing some hef heavier surf from getting in. here in florida the concern is flooding. not only coastal flooding but also flooding from the heavy rains, the hurricane makes its way this way, it is expected to weaken considerably going overland. but people in this part of florida in the jacksonville area, in communities like atlantic beach, where i am, there are memories of hurricane irma, which struck in 2017. the hurricane itself deltonly a glancing blow, let charge portions of the city of jacksonville and other low lying areas, the barrier islands had heavy flooding, the mayor of jacksonville warning people who experienced flooding
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during irma to take precautions. >> your reporting is terrific, we appreciate you, we want you to be safe. but, what is really striking is talking tornado watches, tornado watches in orlando you know down through daytona to west palm beach. you can talk to us about that? we may be losing the feed. jonathan we'll come back to you in a bit. on breaking news this hour, bring in florida attorney general ashley mood we florida congressman brian mass. to you general moody, thank you for joining us, these are traumatic images, with houses flooded and underwater in fort myers and the area, attorney general what do you hear? first responders like firehouses, are underwater. they are needed. is the pentagon sending trucks and helicopters, what
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do you hear? >> well, let me talk about the tornado watches, you are correct. we're warning people south of st. augustine, warning people about the probability of tornadoes. please make take this seriously, watch the track of the storm and go somewhere without windows. once the hurricane gets close to you, there is a very serious storm. the recover affords will be massive. we have a record number of assets ready to respond, fleets of high water vehicles, 7 thousand national guardsmen ready to go, already helping, 42,000 line men. will be a true all hands on deck effort to make sure we can save as many lives as possible, respond to this storm. help people reclaim their lives. >> attorney general sit tight, we'll come back to
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you, congressman, to what attorney general said this looks like florida hurricane katrina, you are seeing gulf coast come in. the coast has never been hit by a storm of this magnitude back a hundred years, the gulf of mexico. the tropical storm warnings have been posted through the panhandle to georgia and south carolina. >> yes, when luke at look at this situation it plays out in washington d.c. funding for the country, but what is not included in the funding right now is disaster relief funding for this specific storm, that has to be addressed. as attorney general pointed out. major disaster across the state span for one side of the state to the other, flooding and wind damage. the list goes on in how they will be affected. you look at this may seem like minor, president biden has only labeled this a
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disaster. a disaster declaration for the state of florida not a major disaster. and there is a difference in how the u.s. government and fema go out and respond to these disaster. >> congressman what is the difference? >> the largest portion of that most people would recognize the funding streams that come in. if the president labels it a disaster and not a major disaster, there is a difference of 75% input from federal government, as opposed to 100% from federal government for funding recovery. >> attorney general this is not a time to be bickering over money, they are talking about funding fema when fema is needed now more than ever this is hurricane katrina moment for florida. seeing tropical force winding stands through the state. even sustained hurricane force winds expt.
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>> this will be one of the worst storms to ever hit the united states of america. we know that this will be destructive from storm surge to flooding, this is a slow moving storm, estimates have it moving at about 9 miles per hour, we'll sit under a major hurricane it will be hurricane force winds all through the peninsula, it will remain hurricane force winds, we will be seeing this for over a day, it is sitting over the state. you can imagine it is not just the storm surge that people warn about, our rivers will flood, you can see pictures already from fort myers and other place, cities and downtowns will flood, this will be a major recovery effort. >> 1.3 million without power in florida. attorney general quickly. what are you worried about with the tornado warnings on
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the east coast? through orlando toward daytona beach to west palm? >> well, we're mainly worried about, some of these areas, you have folks that have moved to florida, they don't understand that tornadoes often come about when you see the hurricane events, we're trying hard to make sure they take the storm seriously, some counties that did not know they will be affected will, because it so massive, we need people to heed the warnings it is very important with this incredibly huge hurricane. >> thank you so much ashley moody, attorney general and congressman thank you so much. >> we'll stay on the story throughout the hour. we will breakaway for other coverage, we want to give you updates on storm hitting florida. and this. >> take on this growing new debate in dc. where are the top democrat
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women? why are they awol? why are they not spiking out now about rising u.s. crime is hurts women and their families. will their silence on this hurt them in midterms. >> hurricane ian raising concerned, brian mass about spending. also more than a million now without power in florida. u.s. energy supplies also in play, we have florida congressman carlos jimenez and energy expert jim mitchell next on the "evening edit." ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like.
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we're expecting winds about 95 miles per hour. sustained winds. tomorrow. ststorm surge not such a threat here in the inland parts of central florida but we have to more about wind speed and flash floods, we're expecting 24 inches of rain, people have been told to clear their yards of any debris, the wind could pick it up and clog a storm drain which could lead to flooding . governor ron desantis said it will move across i-4. they are expecting big impacts and same message from national hurricane center. >> a i 4 corridor is a high risk of heavy rain that will produce flooding, flash
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flooding, impassable roads, you need to get where you are going to stay and plan to be there, we lose so many people after a storm because they get out and wander about. reporter: that last part, i want to harp oi moved to new york in february after living in fort myers for 6 years, i was there hurrying during hurricane irma. but, after hurricane irma, some nursing homes lost patients, people died because the generators do not work, that is something that florida is making sure it does not happen this time with hurricane ian. >> teams have coordinated with life care facilities evacuating more than 7,000 patients and residences from 150 facilities. 100% of our operating long-term care facilities have generators on site.
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reporter: i can tell you 11,000 people in orange county right now do not have power. the people here are -- they have what they can, now they are ready to ride out this storm, disney world is closed for next two days, all non-essential officers in city of orlando closed until friday at least. but that depends on the damage that this hurricane bridges on this area, right now, they are hoping they don't getting any like the horrific scenes of southwest florida. elizabeth: nate foye thank you for your reporting. >> joining us now congressman carlos jimenez eenergy expert, jim mitchell thank you for joining us. congressman, talk to us about the impact of what looks to be a slow moving hurricane lingering and stace and hovering over your state. >> the immediate impact is the storm surge. also the high winds as the
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storm comes in. i was emergency manager for city of miami during hurricane andrew, the 150 miles per hour winds will cause a lots of devastation to homes and also the storm surge, the images we're seeing are troubling that is the biggest threat. the one that caused biggest loss of life is the storm surge. hophopefully all of people heeded the governor's warning in the storm surge areas and left, hopefully there will not be many that perish. and then lingering affects are clean up and damage and deve destructtion caused to homes by wind and storm surge, report of all of folks that elderly facilities, how can we get power to them, and generators working and get electrically back, we have to clear the roads, and get rescue workers and also you
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know the power folks back in there as quickly as possible. elizabeth: we have to talk about power. the florida governor talking about 30,000 linemen on stand by, jim the energy supply? >> i think there are two things to think about immediate one is the power. a lot has to to do with how badly the infrastructure is ripped up. if one looks at like hurricane laura that hit lake charles a bit ago, it tore up a lot of the power poles, pulled them out of the ground. it was somewhere in neighborhood of 18,000. it takes a while to get those replaced much not as easy as just as restringings line. that is the immediate issue, secondary will be gasoline and diesel without power, no gas station will be able to operate. and then once they do get power on, the port of tampa,
6:19 pm
the main port that brings in gasoline and diesel to west side of florida. the port of tampa is shallow. that means as this storm churns up the sea bed it will bri bring a lot of muck and immediate mud to the dredged channel. it will not be 43 foot avenue the hurricane. elizabeth: there is given the hurricane, so much more. there is a lot of talk about leadership. you know we got the president draining the strategic reserves, that were minute for hurricanes, and axios reports that white house preparing to force out treasure secretary janelle yellen after the midterms. and the president is saying, he is warning about oil and gas industry, don't raise gas prices.
6:20 pm
but you en don't want to get political about this, but we have to talk about leadership at this moment. >> our governor is proving to be a great leader, putting presources in the state that will be needed we have a lot of experience with dealing with hu hurricanes, if the port of tampa is compromised the port e everglades provides energy here in east florida, it may be need z as a stop measure to get gasoline on the west coast, if you can't get power up, generators will power the vital infrastructure that we need to get be people back on their feet. against that is the leadership, and biden's war on american energy, is insane. and here is a reason why.
6:21 pm
notnot only here but across the world, it is an ininstinsane policy they don't understand. elizabeth: this is a supply chain story, can you take on what rather or address what the congressman was talking about. >> congress is better suited to speak to the political aspect of that. i can speak to logistical aspect of how important it is to get gasoline and diesel to tampa 24 pipelines from tampa to orlando. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. >> floridians in need of help to recover from hurricane ian. we have reports estimates it could cost billions to recover. we'll talk about what the government spending your t taxpayer money on. >> a new debate in washington, where are the top democrat women speaking out now about rising u.s.
6:22 pm
crime hurting women? next here in "evening edit." >> where is the "me too" movement? where are female democrats saying that women are getting victimized in. >> we they don't want to point out this democrats have made very bad decisions when it di it comes to dealing with crime, they are just letting the issue go, i can not believe what they are doing, they should be demanding that left stop the defund police rhetoric. o make the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen... and insights on every buy and sell decision. with zero-commission online u.s. stock and etf trades. for smarter trading decisions,
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elizabeth: joining us now totom -- okay tommy and deneen, we want your reaction to this new debate in dc, where are nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, and kamala harris. where are they speaking out against rising u.s. crime hitting women? where are they on this. >> well, first, liz, they are part of the problem. you have to look at fact that democrats support the war against police. they support soft on crime policies, they are ignoring crime rate that is going -- happening across the country, men, women, children. people of all ages. you look at fact how they targeted police, our poor
6:27 pm
law enforcement they feel demoralized. where is the moral? they feel they have a target on their backs, when they just want to do their job and protect citizens. you had democrats, men, women whoever, support these horrible policy and that is harming communities. elizabeth: female democrats were in support of the "me too" movement but where are they now speaking out about rising u.s. crime hurting women? >> we also saw you know in our vice president, advocating for bail for those what were destroying our american cities in summer of love 2020, they are silence about crime with you selective when they talk about who they want to advocate for and their causes and social justice, i can't think of more of a reason to support what our law enforcement do every day, and more socially just than making sure all people are safe in their own cities and backyards. this a huge vulnerability
6:28 pm
for democrats come midterms, there are things that female voters care about, specifically the economy their kids and about the safety of themselves and families, all things that democrats are failing horribly with right now. elizabeth: it is also nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, and tlaib, they are not talking about crime hurting u.s. women, watch this. >> defunding the police has to happen, we need to defund the police. >> yes, i support the defund movement. >> talking about reduction of nypd budget and defunding 6 billion dollar nypd budget. >> n not only do we need to defund but dismantle and start anew. >> i think about what i could have done, and for me, i feel i am always alert and there is nothing i could have done to prevent it, every time someone is let out on the street again and
6:29 pm
again they are doing a disservice, and saying that, these victims, traumas in vein. >> this man tried to kill us. >> there was casings in the hallway. the shot report through my door to the kitchen, i was cooking food for my kids. >> when i was attacked he was on 3 grants of felony probation, he attacked three women, two with a golf club and a hammer and threatened to harm them, i asked the ji said how many more women does he has to hurt for it to matter to this court. >> to gascon, thank you for you killed my daughter with the other ones. and all other kids, that have been killed. and the parents are not gets justice, you got that on your back. >> talking about george gascon of los angeles. the district attorney who is
6:30 pm
soft on crime, democrat women also not talking about women getting hurt as democrat women are getting hit by crime, karen bass, home was robbed and barbara boxer mugged. and democrat lawmakers in pennsylvania and illinois carjacked at gun point. >> they don't care, that is the bottom line. they are so hell bent on proposing when they are standing for when it comes to a war on police, defunding police, and look how the politicians have their own private security in a lot of situations or police security with them, this is like animal farm. some people or all animals are equal w but some more equal than others, why are they not looking put for their constituents? the safety and security of the neighborhoods and businesses. there is antic . >> elizabeth: to deneen's point, why are they not speaking out saying enough,
6:31 pm
women and families are getting hurt, white house talks more about spending money to crime and gun violence, reauthorizing violence against women act but not about democrats ending cash bail like in new york for manslaughter or second degree homicide or illinois. why are they not speaking out about the details of how women are getting seriously harmed and killed? >> liz, through chaos comes control. we know that what democrats more than anything is control. i think that they will be silence for a while and then imminent another poll -- implement other policies, you talk about gun control, they blame everything on, not the perpetrate orers, we need to talk about those who are impacted most that is people of color in the inner-cities who they claim to care about the most, they are most vulnerable with single mothers worried about their kids getting hit by stray bullets and drive by.
6:32 pm
>> deneen, minorities are getting hurt. >> sure, look at chicago, chicago is on fire and the laws they have against people who can't get guns to protect themselves, uptick in violence on the street does not matter the time of day, the demographics for real. >> a great interview thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> this update, we'll talk about how u.s. embassy is urging americans to immediately leave russia. this who done it mystery. who sabotaged the north stream pipeline network with explosions hitting the key gas supply from russia this serves europe. >> and florida in desperate need of help, reeling from hurricane ian. putting a new focus on what the government spending your taxpayer money on.
6:33 pm
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elizabeth: florida is in really dire need of help, hurricane ian is throwing new spotlights on how the government spends your taxpayer money. florida needs help, white house facing its first lawsuit over president's decision to cancel hundreds of millions of dollars in student loan debt. critics say that for midterm vote, fox news peter doocy at the white house with more. reporter: good evening, a conservative group, now wants a judge to decide whether or not president biden order to forgive some of the student loan debt is allowed by the constitution. >> lawsuit we filed is simple. congress just did not give the president the authority to execute this sweeping debt cancelation program. reporter: white house
6:38 pm
officials full steam ahead on forgiveness, teasing soon a web site will go live for a leak to apply for up to 10,000 dollar in l loan forgiveness. >> no one who does not' debt relief has to get it for folks they have option to opt ut this is going to help millions of americans. reporter: that is a extraordinary response, white house said if you have a problem with student loan debt forgiveness, then don't apply for it. elizabeth: peter doocy thank you. >> congresswoman greg murphy, florida needs help, voters are angry. people are saying it is unfair that if i didn't go to college, or paid off my debt, i'm not getting help, so that is -- putting a pick to us, hurricane ian is
6:39 pm
putting a focus on what the government is now doing. >> this is an unconstitutional order by this president legislating from the white house, he has continued national health emergency and public health emergency to have dictatorial powers, saying he in charge and le legislate this say transfer. to those individuals who did not benefit from this i hope this lawsuit gets seen and adjudicated quickly, this nonsense gets thrown out it is time for biden to stop this nonsense with the white house. elizabeth: voters are tired of getting snowed and misled. it happened in 2010, president biden back then -- president obama claimed that would help pay for obamacare and would raise -- wouldn't cost a thing. it would pull in money. >> year after year we've
6:40 pm
seen billions of taxpayer dollars it should have gone to advancing the dreams of oour students and work family, temps to fix the problem were thwarted by special interest. this reform of federal student loan programs will save taxpayers 68 bill i dbillion before the next decade. elizabeth: that was a lie. it feels like an over statement this is a lie, it cost a trillion, it was never bringing in 68 billion, and student loan bailout, may be more, that is an understatement. it did not include cbo estimate or cbo said biden would cap loan payments at 5% of income and forgive anything left over after 10 years, florida needs help
6:41 pm
but this nonsense on going on. >> this will not stop, they continue this there are estimate that have this 800 billion or higher this is a vote buying scheme, let's be clear, you don't like the word lie, down either, he is flat out being dishonest to the american people, they are seeing through this, but they will not all see it, it it is a buying boot scheme. that is politicizes this actions rather than helping the american people. elizabeth: again feels unseemly to use the words but i don't know how else to report it, rep reporters don't want to sit in a possession says that president has been lying but the misleading comes are over the top, even left leaning brookings institution says this say terrible idea. it is affecting subsidizing fat khatta.
6:42 pm
>> that is final thing, liz, colleges in universities have had a a free ride and gravy train, no incentive to control cost, i was on a college board davidson college there was no controlling our internal cost this is forwarded to backs of american students, which is wrong. forgiving this is wrong. it needs to be a loan that is what it is. elizabeth: thank you congressman murphy, dr. murpdr. murphee. >> we're staying on hurricane ian, governor ron desantis speaking, he is winning praise for his handling of the hurricane, you go governor newsom has been criticizing him. in breaking story u.s. embassy erging americans to leave russia. and this who done it mystery who sabotaged the north stream pipeline network? former cia analyst fred
6:43 pm
fleitz next on the "evening edit." a "let's dig in" day... mm. ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day... a "perfectly delicious" day... - mm. [ chuckles ] - ...a "love my new teeth" day. because your clearchoice day is the day everything is back on the menu. a clearchoice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation.
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elizabeth: this mystery, who is behind the explosions that damaged the in order north stream 90 l pipeline, greg palkot with more from london. reporter: sabotage is suspected in europe of vital energy line has been hit and fingers are pointing. two underwater natural gas pipelines from russia to germany, leaking gas after explosions blocked vicinity. eu top foreign policy official said information indicates they are a deliberate act warning of retaliation, report that cia warned germany about a possible threet threats to pipeline, officials in poland have blamed russia in the past.
6:48 pm
these pipelines were not in active use, amid merge standoff between russia and europe during moscow's war in ukraine, gas prices are up, kremlin calls any claims it could be responsible are predictable, stupid, deny anything blame and say that u.s. could be at fault, this kind of hybrid warfare is the find that vladimir putin has been involved with before, pipeline likes now pose an environmental risk, it might be weeks before they could be sealed, u.s. has offers to assist in investigating, a u.n. counsel meeting has been called. >> greg palkot from london always terrific reporting. >> joining us now. former cia analyst fred fred fleitz,.
6:49 pm
>> this something that nation state had to do. the pipelines are deep in water over 200 feet and made of high grade steel. a submarine had to do this almost certainly the case russia did this we have to deal with accusations that u.s. did it. your colleague tucker carlson thinks this u.s. did it, if u.s. did president would have to sign a covid act finding and report it to congress. elizabeth: pentagon denying that. saying no, absolutely not, u.s. did not. why would russia do it? >> i think russia wants to shake things up and terrorize europe, and change the subject on its flailing military effort in ukraine. and for you and i this does not seem rational but putin makes decisions that are not rational and not in his
6:50 pm
national interest. elizabeth: your reaction on u.s. embassy in russia, posting a new security alert. citizens should not travel to russia, anyone there should leave now. the alert also warns moscow may try to conscript people there with dual-russia citizenship. >> this should have been issued a origin time ago, there should not be any americans in russia right now, they have been at risk since the invasion in february, i hope this is a follow-up warning it reflects concern that u.s. has that p protest there will be a lot of domestic unrest because of russia, putin trying to take young men off of the streets, sending them to ukraine. elizabeth: your take on geopolitical lay of land between u.s., russia and ukraine. >> this is a war of miscalculation, i am worried, we're gambling we can sensend the
6:51 pm
weapons to ukraine and ukraine could win, i am worried that putin will interpret this as a nato war against russia, talk of russia sending russian tanks and f-16s this worries me when a maniac th threatens to use nuclear weapons. elizabeth: fred fleitz thank you. >> this story, ron desantis has been speaking with president. he is winning praise for his handling of hurricane ian. but california governor newsom taking aim at ron desantis. go. go smaller carbon footprint. go these footprints. go saving energy. emerson technology can help heat pumps replace fossil fuel heating for a cleaner, low carbon future. go blue skies go. go boldly. emerson.
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elizabeth: we're going to take you back to florida. here's the problem with hurricane each, it's slow moving. the speeds now are at 140, 135, it's going to start trending down, but it's literally dumping water and flooding on florida. katie byrne live on the ground in orlando. katie. >> reporter: yeah, liz, and the storm's moving more inland now. here in orlando we're still about 100 miles away from where the eye is moving other that
6:56 pm
florida peninsula, but we're still dealing with conditions that far out. you're going to see the wind gusting, the water rippling this many some areas. and what's interesting is millions of people actually fled southwest florida to places like here in orlando. the hotels are sold out with people who came here for safety, but last night hurricane warnings actually expanded more inland to include cities like orlando. so now people are riding out the storm here too. but some of them didn't heed the warnings to leave, and the governor with actually just gave an update within the hour talking about some of the people who were under, some of them were facing about 1.75 million people in southwest florida were under mandatory evacuation orders. some of them didn't leave, and the concern now is that crews can't get to them until it's safe to move in on some of those areas. >> but we know that a there are folks who are in the really high risk zone a evacuation zones who did not evacuate. some have called in, and those
6:57 pm
people are being logged. >> reporter: governor desantis also says more linemen are stages a-- staging across the state, 42 the ,000 of them now as 1.5 million plus are without power. liz? elizabeth: katie welcome back -- western, stay safe. joining us now, john levine. california governor gavin newsom has been criticizing desantis. both are potential contenders in to 2024. what do you think? >> it's a really shocking contrast between these go men because, you know -- two men, because hurricanes are part of life of in florida, and it's really the ultimate test, handling a florida hurricane. but,ting you know, before all this florida's a very well-run state. they expertly handled coronavirus crisis, you know? they didn't lock down where a lot of other people are had like
6:58 pm
new york and california. when i look at videos from what comes out of los angeles or san francisco, it's like a war zone. you see people in the middle of the streets -- elizabeth: yeah, and the other thing too, is governor newsom's saying what's the -- where's the narrative, democrats? california is home to $7 gas, crime rising last year, up again, power outages and blackouts. let's listen to caitlin jenner on this. watch. >> obviously, out here in california gavin newsom has done a terrible job. the state is an absolute wreck. he destroyed san francisco when he was mayor, he's destroying the state the of california right now, and if he becomes the president of the united states, he will continue the destruction of the united states of america. elizabeth: what do you think? >> i mean, he could if joe biden doesn't run for president in 2024. there will be a leadership vacuum in the democratic party.
6:59 pm
there's going to be an opening for someone like newsom or mayor pete. obviously, vice president harris would want the job, but nobody really wants her. so he would be part of the people angling for the top spot, and, i mean, who knows? i don't know that anyone else in the democratic party currently has a much better record to run on. elizabeth: what would the u.s. crime policy be? what would the u.s. energy policy be with a president newsom versus a president desantis? >> i mean, president newsom we could expect rolling blackouts maybe in the whole country, i don't know. but president -- you know, ron desantis obviously has to get through this hurricane and show that he can demonstrate the requisite leadership that all florida governors have to have for a natural disaster. so we'll see. it would only burnish his legacy if he's able to do that. elizabeth: can you imagine the two of them in debates? >> it would certainly be interesting to watch. elizabeth: now you've got thousands of california teachers saying they're stressed and burned out, they're not getting support. the school district system in california is on the verge of
7:00 pm
collapse. final word. >> you know, the proof is always in the record, and governor newsom has often complained about how the narrative doesn't work for him. elizabeth: okay. >> at the end of the day, the facts for both him and above den sanities are going to have to speak for themselves. elizabeth: thank you for watching, live coverage of hurricane ian tonight. watch us tomorrow night. have a good evening. ♪ ♪ >> it is being called a worst case she far i owe in florida. -- scenario in florida. hurricane each, category four storm blasting across florida, sustained winds up to 150 miles per hour coupled with a catastrophic 18-foot storm surge in some places. already devastating major population centers on florida's gulf coast like fort myers and names, and the direction is far from over. i'm david asman, in for kennedy. let's take take a live look at


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