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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 29, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hitting >> aaron judge hitting 61st home run and that's it for us on fox business tonight. evening edit starts right now. elizabeth: we've got breaking news, white house just did a 180, a reversal on biden's student loan bailout knocking it out for about 4 million student loan borrowers. this is after a half dozen states and a nonprofit sue to stop it. after widespread criticism, it is unconstitutional and unfair. tonight florida congressman byron donalds and jeff vandrew, criminal justice advocate and chief speech writer for george bush.
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service connected and have rescue operations continue at this hour in florida. thousands still trapped. ian again restrengthens to a category 1 hurricane set to hit south carolina tomorrow. the oil industry and rising u.s. crime hurting american women and new gdp numbers and it is a recession. plus, this tipping point and the media finally taking off the kid gloves and now questioning and questioning hard major new gaps from both president biden and vice president kamala harris and
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a significant new nih study that's disturbing and confirms the risks of covid-19 vaccines for childbearing women. i'm elizabeth m macdonald and "e evening edit" starts rite now. >> reporter: today is dealing with the reality of what's left behind and we're seeing absolutely unbelievable scenes as we calculate not only the damage to the infrastructure and property here but unfortunately the loss of life as well. i want to show you what's behind me here. this is what rescue workers are coming face-to-face with and
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homes that collapsed like this one and homes that washed into the water. imagine trying to come up to a home like this as a rose rescue worker and trying to figure out if someone was in this and did they escape or are they trapped. that's the assessments happening street by street in the area. video our teams are gathering throughout the day and we're standing here in cape coral on matt la shea part of the most tip before pine island and one of the hardest hit areas in addition to fort meyers beach. homes are leveled and it's like a buzz saw came through here. we've seen signals of where the storm surge has created new waterways and channels where they didn't exist before. that's the power and the furry that we are seeing here, and unfortunately we constantly hear that relay of helicopters in the area trying to find and remove victims, that search and rescue operation still in full force right now and happening both by air and by land. the roadways and brinells here
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have been wash -- bridges have been washed out and that complicates further the rescue efforts here and tonight a lot in motion, a lot of tragic scenes that we continue to see unfold as we try to wrap our heads really around the path and the magnitude of the disaster. elizabeth: will, it is devastating and heart breaking. thank you for your reporting there. it's good to have you on. joining us now is florida congressman byron donalds. thank you so much for joining us. talk to us about what's going on now and your straight. this is distressing footage. >> thank you, it is dices tressaing and our search and rescue -- distressing and our service connected and have rescue teams are out doing that and our first responders are out moving through the district doing what they can to number one assess damage and help people and figure out what needs to be repaired immediately.
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and the electrical grid is going to take -- needs major repairs and early estimates are it's going to take a few weeks to get the grid completely back up online because we're not just talking about reattaching downed lines. there's really parts of the grid that have to be reconstructed. obviously people have seen today the pictures of the sanibel causeway, that been obliterated by the storm and some elements of property damage which you were just showing on the shots s previously. elizabeth: congressman, there's flash flood warning in parts of florida and tornadoes were spun up and boats and small aircrafts spun up like toys and dunses of hospitals and nursing homes evacuated and your response to the president declares a major disaster to ramp up more assistance, right? >> it's the right call from the
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president to go ahead and move quickly and communities will need aid. people will need aid. we haven't even gotten to the part where individuals will start making their claims to fema for direct assistance. so that is going to be need, we're going to need obviously district-wide, county-wide assistance and the state will need assistance obviously here in southwest florida through other parts of the state that are experiencing flash flooding right now. elizabeth: many are without flood insurance. they don't have flood insurance. so they have to use their own savings to rebuild, is that what you're hearing too? >> it's too early to tell but one thing with the flash flooding and storm surge we saw anywhere from 3.5 feet to 18 feet if you're home was fully paid for, there isn't a requirement to carry flood, if that's the case, then, yes, you have to use your savings to rebuild, which puts a major burden on some homeowners in
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southwest florida. elizabeth: this is a danger zone and more than eight out of ten deaths during this come from flooding and cars start to flat in about 3 feet of water and images, many clinging to rooftops and many realizing they only way out were paddle boards, surf boards and jet skis. watch governor desantis and president biden discuss the sensorseverity of ian. watch that. >> the amount of water that's been rising and will continue to rise today even as the storm is passing is basically a 500-year flood event. this storm is having broad impacts across the state and some of the flooding you're going to see in areas hundreds of miles from where this made landfall will set records. >> this could be the deadliest hurricane in florida's history. the numbers are still unclear, but we're hearing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life. elizabeth: your reaction to that? >> i don't disagree with
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anything that the president or governor just told you. the loss of life estimates, there's still a lot of work to be done so i don't want to get ahead of our first responders who are doing that work right now but when you have flooding like this, the primary concern is loss of life. like i told you, elizabeth, that's the work that's happening right now and we have people on the ground going structure to structure, number one trying to ascertain the residents who stayed behind and decided to hunker down getting them to safety. then at the same time trying to figure out the broad infrastructure chastenedded and water, electricity, and sewer lines being in tact and getting into the house by house rebuilding as its needed. elizabeth: congressman donald, thank you for joining us and we want to stay on the story. we want to report on what florida needs now to rebuild. thank you for spending time with us. good to have you on. fox for the purpose ration donated $1 million to the --
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corporation donated $1 million to the red cross to support hurricane ian effort and fox is matching double workers donation to red cross hurricane relief including ian and fiona and if you'd like to join in fox's efforts, visit r where are the defund police democrat women on rising crime hurting women? now the white house is demanding more money for cops but that's being undercut by democrats defund police, no cash bail, early release of violent felons and much more. plus, the oil industry firing back and firing back hard at president biden's accusations of price gouging during hurricane ian. florida congresswoman takes it on next on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: texas and louisiana and much of the gulf's offshore oil rig. we're in dc with more. edward. >> liz, it's been more than a week of rising gas prices and the president blaming corporate greed for that increase and over the past couple of days he called on gas companies to just lower prices. i want to play with what the president said today and the response from the american petroleum institute. listen. >> price of oil has dropped in recent weeks and the price of gas should be going down as rapidly, it's not. my experts inform me the production of only about 160,00n impacted by this storm. that's less than 2% of our country's daily production. it's small and temporary impact on oil production provides no excuse, no excuse for price increases at the pump. period.
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>> that's not how it works. the price of gasoline is really determined by the price of crude oil. that's the main determinant and the price of crude oil is set in the global marketplace. it's a function of supply and demand. we've seen significant demand coming out of the covid pandemic and supplies have not kept pace. >> the president has asked the ftc to look into price gouging over the past year and so far none of the investigations found any wrong doing and the american petroleum institute says that part of the increases in gas prices over the past 20 months has been because of the president's policies. liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence, thank you so much for your reporting there. joining us now is florida congresswomat. we're so sorry what's going on in your state of florida. energy is so important in your state of florida but this is more about getting the supply. what's your take on what's going on? >> thanks for having me back, liz, and thank you for your
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thoughts and prayers and everyone for our home state of florida. it's a tragedy, truly. all i keep hearing out of this administration is more political double speak. it's -- they seem to think that just the same way that money magically appears in this administration off of the money tree that they keep spending to the tune of $8 trillion, they're doing the exact same thing with energy. if we are going to rebuild and when i say rebuild, we are going to have to rebuild fort meyers, naples, southwest florida has been totally devastated and we're seeing affects all across the state and we need energy this administration's assault on energy is crippling us and we're seeing gas price of $6 a gallon in california and to insinuate there's going to be price gouging, that would be at the most hyper-local level and again, they seem to lack a basic understand of economics. it doesn't work that way. elizabeth: yeah, i mean, oil pros worn gas and oil prices about to go up again because of
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the supply completion and tight supplies and the white house is selling more oil out of strategic reserves and production of most medium size opec countries and we're selling twice as much than what we're producing in alaska. watch this of edward lawrence. >> the aftermath of the strategic petroleum reserve at the lowest level in 30 years. is there a concern the reserve is not high enough to handle the aftermath of this emergency and other hurricanes that could come? >> i don't have any concerns at this point that we'll have the ability to handle the fuel needs we'll need in florida. we'll continue to assess after the storm passes to see what the impacts are and we'll put measures in place to support any gaps that we might identify. >> the rest of the season you think you're covered? >> depend on the impacts of the storm and we need to do the assessments of the storm passes. >> it blows my mind, liz.
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the straytemic petroleum reserve at the lowest rate since 1984. i was born in 1988. if that gives you any indication that this is absolutely wild what we are seeing. this is absolutely unacceptable and it's a national security concern and the fact that we continue to release oil at a time when americans are struggling and we're heading into winter and fuel costs are going to go up, now we have a major natural disaster on our shores. this is ludicrous. elizabeth: what happens? tim stuart, head of u.s. oil and gas association, he's saying in is the first time in history that the strategic reserve has been used at a campaign credit card to buy down political risk in the midterms. that's what he's saying. that this is for hurricanes, it's not for bad poll numbers. >> absolutely. no, he's 100% correct. we're six weeks out from a midterm elections in which across the board democrats are losing. so they are trying to buy goodwill and favor with voters in anticipation of a total red
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wave. they're doing it at the expense ovour national security. i couldn't agree more that this move reducing the amount that we have in the strategic petroleum reserve, it's nothing more than a campaign antic to get people to say they're actually doing something and as we know, this administration has created these crisis one at a time and they've fumbled the ball every step of the way and can't be trusted. elizabeth: congresswoman, what does your state need right now from the federal government right now? >> so, right now i have to say that the coordination between the federal, state, and local level has been incredible. governor ron desantis has been leading the charge every step of the way. at this point now that the storm has actually passed, we still have to be aware that the flooding that's going to occur in the next few days and weeks as the storm surge keeps coming up the intercoastal and beyond, we're still going to have effects ask we need to get our grid back in place and get the basics and find housing for people who have been displaced. elizabeth: congresswoman
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cammick, we'll be with you in florida every step of the way covering the story. thank you for coming on the show. it's good to have you on. we'll get you more information on the breaking news at the top of the hour that the white house just did a major reversal dialing back biden's student loan bailout knocking it out for 4 million student loan borrowers after half a dozen st states ana nonprofit sued to stop it. after widespread criticism, it is unconstitutional and unfair. also, this new tipping point the media finally taking off the kid gloves and questioning and questioning hard new and sunning mistakes and gaps by both president biden and the vice president and criminal justice reformer alice marie johnson takes on a growing and fiery debate in washington. where are the de-fopped police democrat women on rise in u.s. crime hurting women. that's next on "the evening edit". >> they support soft on crime policies and they are ignoring
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the rampant crime rate that's happening across the country. >> we also saw our own vice president advocating for bail for those that were destroying our american cities in the summer of 2020 and not only are they silent about crime happening and they want to advocate for the causes they care about.
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elizabeth: criminal justice reformer alice marie johnson, a
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hero to many and give you the back story. alice served 21 years in prison for a first time drug offense and originally sentenced to life and pardoned by president trump and now fighting the good fight trying to help people. alice, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: what a story. so many people look up to you, you truly are a hero. what you see this new dc debate on the u.s. crime wave harming women, the question's been where is the me too movement, where are the defund the police democrat women who pushed for that? where are nancy pelosi, kamala harris, hillary clinton, rachi i talib and the squad. what is your take? >> liz, as a woman, i do not want to defund the police. i think we need to fund the police and make sure that they're focused on the things that they need to be focused on, not just writing tickets and trying to raise money. we need to make sure they have
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enough money to do their jobs and i've been working with jerone smith, a former trump adviser on a public safety coalition, and that is what we're doing is we're working to have safe on crime, smart on crime solutions that will help people like me. i don't know any woman personally who wants to defund the police. elizabeth: minority women and minority communities hit hard. this is a red and blue state issue. it's an american issue. there's murder and assaults and the violence and people are saying it's happening in red states and it's because of cities, some would say are run by democrats but it's a weak on crime policies that, you know, women are talking about more and more. >> yes, it is something that's very concerning not only to women but as you say to all americans. this is something that we must address in a broader way. i want to give you an example of a good friend of mine in dallas, anton lucky, he was a former
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gang member and went to prison and did his time and rehabilitated and he's come back to dallas and now he's working with the chief of police in dallas to help solve solutions in that city. he even met with rival gang members and had them lay their weapons down. we really need to get back to the things like what president trump led the first step act and get back to smart on crime solutionings. we need more -- solutions. we need more steps and not de-funneling the police. i believe there is a path forward, but we have to start at the community level, we have to be able to get communities involved and this is a national issue but it's affecting communities on the ground. elizabeth: all across the country. >> all across the country. elizabeth: alice, let's get your reaction to this. watch this. >> defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police. >> i support the defund movement. >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding
6:28 pm
a $6 billion nypd budget. >> we need to defund and we need to dismantle and start a new. >> i think about what i could have done, and for me i feel like i'm always alert and there's nothing i could have done to prevent this. every time someone's being let out on the street again and again, they're doing disservice and they're pretty much saying that these victims, traumas were in vein. >> t -- vain. >> this man tried to kill us. the shot went through my door to the pit larra to the kitchen -- pillar to the kitchen. i was cooking food for my kids. >> when i was attacked, he was on three felony probations and he attacked three women, two with a golf club and hammer and threatened to harm them. i asked the judge, i said how many more women does this defendant have to hurt for it to matter to this court.
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>> you killed my daughter along with the other ones and all the other kids that have been killed and the parents aren't getting justice, you got that on your back. elizabeth: this is heart breaking. what do you say, alice? this is heart wrenching. >> it is, i wish they go into any communities and talk to women there and ask them if they want them to defund the police. elizabeth: you want the democrat women saying defund the police? >> i want thed reporters and the ones who are the ones who are getting attention. i want any politician to go into the neighborhoods and go boots on the ground, ask the people who are living this daily, do you want us to defund the police and i think every answer would be no. we want to be safe. who are we going to call upon? who are the women going to call upon to protect us? i work as an ambassador for stand together, and we support along with jerone smith, a
6:30 pm
public safety coalition. as i said with smart on crime solutions. we have got to come up with. we cannot have these knee jerk reactions and it's not -- that's not being smart on crime to let people who are doing these smash and grabs let them go and they have to be responsible for these action. elizabeth: it's undercut by -l defund police and no cash bail and democrats claim that law and order as some critics, democrat critics are saying this is a code phrase to scare white voters into believing that only republicans can protect them from supposedly dangerous black people or immigrants that commit violent crimes. what's your reaction? >> that's a foolish notion and a very dangerous rhetoric to put
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out there because that's so untrue that i think it is all of our responsibilities to get involved in this and let our voices be heard. i will not be silent on this issue because i want police that want to serve. we now have such a low number of people who are even interested in being police officers. we need to bring dignity back to that job and make sure that they have the service and training they need to properly do their jobs. elizabeth: you're g shining a light to this movement and giving it a voice. thank you for sharing your story. please come back. >> i would love to. elizabeth: and talk about your big family too, you're one of nine. >> eight girls. elizabeth: your poor brother, he was outnumbered. >> yes. elizabeth: alice, thank you so much. major nih study confirming the risks of covid-19 vaccines for childbearing women and more on the breaking news and white
6:32 pm
house did a re-v reversal and knocking it out and a handful of states and nonprofit and it is un-constitutional and unfair and new tipping point and media taking off the gloves and questioning the white house over a major new gap by president biden and the vice president. former speech writer for george w. bush is next on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: okay, the white house today battling the news the final gdp read for the second quarter, today confirms the u.s. economy entered a recession in the spring and contraction of 0.6%. this as president biden visited fema headquarters today after hurricane ian caused statewide destruction in florida. fox news jackie heinrich has more. jackie, good to see you. >> liz, president biden paint add bleak picture of what we may learn in the coming days
6:37 pm
referencing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life. he'll go to florida as soon as conditions allow and biden approved desantis' request for a major disaster declaration meaning the government will cover 100% cost of removing debris and repairing schools and fire depar departments and disps thousands of national guard and fire and rescue and meals and water and generators and biden warned oil and gas companies not to use this storm for their own gain aaccusing them of using prices to go high when the price drops. >> i want to say again to the oil and gas executives, do not, do not, do not use this storm as an excuse to raise gasoline prices or gouge the american public. >> the american petroleum institute fired back when biden said the same thing yesterday telling fox gasoline prices are
6:38 pm
determined by market forces and not individual companies and claims that the price at the pump is anything but a function of supply and demand are false. industry heads have repeatedly blamed the biden administration's hostility towards fossil fuel for supply strstrains and wall street jourl found he released fewer acres for drilling than any administration since world war ii. elizabeth: thank you for your reporting l. welcome to the show wall street journal columnist bill mcgern. we have breaking news and half a dozen states are suing to stop president biden's student loan bail out saying it's unconstitutional. the white house in a major reversal just excluded 4 million student loan borrowers with loans backed by banks and private companies. they don't qualify now. this is a reversal. what's your reaction? >> reality is catching up to him. this was not popular.
6:39 pm
this was appealing to their own con stitch june seizure disorders, which is -- constituency, which is a wealthy college educated one at the expense of everyone else. it really angered a lot of people the way this unfolded. it -- i mean, there's so much wrong with the program. it interfered with the deficit reduction plans. i don't think it's constitutional the way he's devoting all this money without congress' approval. and i think he's trying to contain it. elizabeth: you know -- >> i don't think it'll work. elizabeth: now it's a problem. we also have this, bell, this new tipping point in dc, the dc press core, we're talking cbs, cnn, they all came together in an unusual moment demanding to know why president biden, perhaps one of his worst moments repeatedly called on and for the late representative jackie
6:40 pm
walkorski at an event and the vice president make a major mistake about north korea. watch this. >> i want to thank you all of you here for including bipartisan elected officials like senators and representative jackie -- are you here? where's' jackie? i didn't think she was going to be there. >> frankly, i think you need to explain where the mistake was made. >> you're jumping to a lot of conclusions and what i said she was on top of mind. that's not un-you shall. >> go after him for forgetting that someone has passed. i mean, she passed last month. not like 100 years ago. >> look, i guess on the upside at least he notice that had she wasn't there. this is a good thing. yeah, could have been much worse if he was like, where's jackie,
6:41 pm
there's jackie. >> the united states shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the republic of north korea and it is an alliance that is strong and enduring. elizabeth: okay, bill, the vis president didn't correct herself. she meant to say south korea. there's media frustration over this and the president himself even acknowledged jackie walorski's death after the time and signed a deck ragainilation that flags are flown at half staff and the dc media is out on this. >> i think we all commit gaffes, no exception and on the scale of gaffes, it's understood that someone might forget a congressman just recently died but this comes in the context that biden looking absolutely lost at the podium and not getting things and what's really telling is how many people are apologizing for him.
6:42 pm
you know, this is not a one off mistake. same with kamala harris. all right, anyone can make a mistake and mix up the koreas. but she has a record of flubbing her tax and everything and it doesn't help and doesn't make them look like they're in command. elizabeth: to your point, they're not acknowledging the problems. they're just doubling down and the press secretary is doubling down more than a dozen times that walorsky was at the top of the president's mind and if that were true, the president should have remembered that she died. >> right. look. the press secretary has the defend the president. i don't know what she could really say. the truth is he forgot and she would have been better off saying that. but this is just one of literally dozens of actions by the president that have people
6:43 pm
wondering. remember, he spent the summer of 2020 really in his basement so, you know, i'm waiting for the guy to come out of the white house and write a memoir about all the problems they had getting biden to speak. liz, i note one thing, when we gave that speech in philadelphia in front of independence, his wife walked him out there and walked him back to avoid those embarrassing scenes. elizabeth: bill mcgurn, we're going to be paying attention to what you just said. it's interesting how you framed that. we'll have you back. thank you for joining us. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: update on the new bill in the house banning stock trades in congress coming right before the midterms and putting spotlights on lucrative and very profitable trades by the husband of speaker pelosi. plus, a major nih study and confirms the risk of covid-19 vaccines for childbearing women. this is a game changer. we have more next on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: welcome to the show dr. marnie mccarrie. anyone who questioned the vaccines they were criticized and shut down and thousand there's a laryngonih study of -- large nih study of people in can canada, uk and more. people that got the vaccine impacted by 14 safety issues including abnormality, miscarriage and fetal admincardiacarrest. >> in 20,000 win women, the
6:49 pm
menstrual cycle shifted a whole day. if you cannot explain what's happening, we do not have a command of this subject. there may be a mechanism of action there and that may be porporous and women had low risk and natural immunity and the right answer should have been we don't know and not take it, it's safe. we had no real basis for saying that. elizabeth: why did that happen and public health officials repeatedly claim the vaccines would do no such harm? you saw the stories in the new york times and other media too. so there was a real pushback and shut down of people who questioned it. >> what's interesting is one of the large studies compared the covid vaccine to the influenza vaccine and these complications were not seen after the influenza vaccine and what many
6:50 pm
doctors did was adopted this paternalism modeled from the top and it was just, we've got to have a simple message or people will get confused and the public can't handle nuance and adopt a vaccination policy regardless of situation. elizabeth: we're showing an nih study and full screen right now, it's an nih study and this is an nih study about covid-19 vaccine risks in women. this is really serious stuff. >> you cannot believe people lost their jobs because of this and are still unemployed in some situations and many had antibodies the government didn't recognize. if you l look at what the covid vaccine, particularly the second dose and second dose in somebody that had covid, what's happening there physiologically is a general body inflammation and we know inflammation is farmful in pregnancy. there's a well documented track
6:51 pm
record that's been studied excessively if the mom has inflammation as subtle as in their gums, it's associated with preterm labor. that association is well known. elizabeth: what a report. what a study. way after the fact that after so many women took this vaccine and now the study comes out from the nih. it's a bomb shell. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll get you the update on a new house bill banning stock trades in congress. it's putting spotlight on midterms of lucrative and profitable trades by the speak -r of nancy pelosi. we have jeff vandrew on "the evening edit" next.
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hi, i'm denise. i've lost over 22 pounds with golo in six months and i've kept it off for over a year.
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i was skeptical about golo in the beginning because i've tried so many different types of diet products before. i've tried detox, i've tried teas, i've tried all different types of pills, so i was skeptical about anything working because it never did. but look what golo has done. look what it has done. i'm in a size 4 pair of pants. go golo. (soft music) elizabeth: okay, speaker pelosi caught heat, a lot of heat, because of the profitable and very lucrative stock trades made by her husband while speaker pelosi is privy to market-moving legislation. that's what critics say. but there's news on what house democrats are now doing with the bill which would ban stock trading in congress and much more. card april grim on -- chad pergram on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: no vote on a comprehensive stock-trading ban for lawmakers, family members
6:56 pm
and senior aides before the midterms. house majority leader steny hoyer says members must still are review the bill. when we do something, we have to do it right. hoyer opposes the measure, the bill lacks the votes. >> i've heard from members who aren't supportive of the bill. it's a thin margin. whether members would vote against the bill is, is a separate conversation. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell only invests in mutual funds. >> i thought that was the best way to avoid criticism that somehow i was trading stocks as a result of insider information. >> reporter: it's already illegal for executive branch employees to work on issues which impact stocks they own but not for congress. >> so why can't congress play by the same rules they impose on everybody else? >> reporter: congress approve a bill a decade ago making it illegal for members to trade stocks based on special information. congress passed that bill not because lawmakers wanted to, but because they worried about backlash if they didn't pass it.
6:57 pm
liz? elizabeth: chad pergram, thank you so much. joining us now from house homeland security, congressman jeff van drew. congressman, it's always a pleasure having you on. why does steny hoyer need more time to review this? it's been out there for a month. this makes voters feel like d.c. is even swampier than they realize. >> well, first of all, let's tell the truth here, i don't know where steny has the temerity to say that. the reality is that they shove stuff down our throat all the time without any proper review, with any proper or work being done on legislation. that's why sometimes, frankly, i just vote no. you don't even get a chance to read it. there literally are days on important pieces of legislation that we just see it that morning or the evening or the day before, so that's nonsense. they've had more than must have time if they want to do it. and, quite frankly, it's hypocrisy of the speaker to say that, you know, she wants to do a bill now or she's interested in a bill now that she's made
6:58 pm
her big money. of you know, between biden making money off the communist chinese and others and his son and what she's made from the stock market and everything else because she is privy to a lot of very important information that does affect different stocks, i find the whole thing to be the quite hypocritical and nonsensical. let's tell the truth. elizabeth: you know, the fate of democrat control of congress is now underway. voting in the midterms, it's now happening in illinois, michigan, minnesota,,s virginia and wyoming. and the economy is a big factor, so is inflation. new second read, a final read on the second quarter, we are in a recession. listen, i want your reaction to this. is this the the beginning of the end for the far left when late night starts to make fun of the far left? watch jimmy if fall. loan. >> senator bernie sanders said he hasn't yet decided whether he will run for president yet again in 2024.
6:59 pm
president of what? [laughter] yep, bernie still hasn't decided, meanwhile everyone else is how many times do we have to decide this? [laughter] right now biden is thinking, please run, hot young stud. [laughter] elizabeth: pretty funny stuff. what do you say, congressman? it is funny. but in all honesty, they still get a tremendous amount of help from the woke media and, certainly, just in general. however, they realize what we've realized for a little while, people are tired of it. so, quite frankly, that's funny because we know it's true. nothing is ever funny if it's not true. we know it's true. they know that things are changing. they know they have to at least go along a little bit. but don't doubt the fact that they're still going to get a lot of help and a lot of support from, you know, legacy media and others. elizabeth: and so you mean in the runup to the midterms, you're going to see that climb of -- is that what you're
7:00 pm
expecting, that kind of a push? >> sure. and not only that, what i expect is what's gone on all the time. there's interesting, good information out there that you never will see on nbc, cbs or around -- abc. elizabeth: congressman van drew, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thanks for joining us and watch again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ kennedy: a state cut in half like a buzz saw, florida bracing for the potential of hundreds of fatalities as search and rescue teams comb through miles of hurricane damage, and now ian is back to a category one storm on a collision course with south carolina. i'm jackie deangelis in for kennedy tonight. good evening, everybody. the destruction on florida's gulf coast almost hard to comprehend. this is from fort myers. entire neighborhoods torn apart block after block, everything is gone. restaurants and businesses absolutely


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