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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 12, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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block local book bans because they say, this is about book banning, the parents are saying no just stop the explicit sexual content in schools period. >> that is right. final word that parents need to exercise their right over the local school systems, let their voices be heard, we need to do what is appropriate for kids, this is outrageous. elizabeth: final word, not book bans, it is about that. >> right, let's do what is appropriate for children. elizabeth: thank you congressman johnson, we take the conversation to where decisions hit your wallet, we'll be in dc next monday and tuesday, thank you for joining us next week sense other chuck grassley and money more, join us again tomorrow. have a good evening. >> whatever the fed is doing it's not working! end the fed ! spineless flop, a
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series of rate hikes that total 5 this year, we're about to have 6, probably 75 basis points in next we weeks. are they cooling the economy? if you mine exacerbating inpl inflation, then yakyeah, a bang up job. inflation is still on the rise, mortgage rights are also up, it is difficult to feed your family or see grandma this christmas it is impossible to buy a house, it has doubled since the beginning of the year, housing prices will crater, that market will collapse and the economy will come to a halt. only lifeline, is adding to
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their income through gig work, know driving a lyft or cleaning homes, now federal government wants to throw cold water on that and punish workers and small businesses by designating independent contractors, gig workers as employees forcing businesses to freeze hiring, and fire workers, and just like the unintended consequences of minimum wage laws, the newly employed and older americans will be first blades of grass to meet the now ma mower . and there are 20 million independent contractors hustling in this economy, 56% of them have two or more jobs. now labor department wants to make that level of free association more difficult. even though employers and
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contractors are engaging in consensual transactions together that benefit all sides, federal government one that is run by democrat hell bent on filling up political kit with a union contributions, they will do everything in their growing power to force people into boxes and make them unionize. that is if they can keep their jobs, white house and fed have caused this inflationary mess, now the labor department is doing bids of large labor unions to dampen any bright prospects this americans have. it will be crushed by progressionism that like gig work who is misunderstood by the old coa coots, let nancy pelosi put ikea
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furniture together. president biden remember him? may. >> he is admitting that the economy is not as rosy as we wants to us believe, he telling us, a recession is problem come, thank you. >> i don't think there will be a recession, if it is, it will be slight, we'll move down slightly. >> you just said a slight recession is possible. >> it is possible, look, it's possible. i i i don't anticipate it. kennedy: it's not possible, that is probable. not the ideal message with just under a month to midterms, why would white house want to kill the gig economy and jobs and freedom that goes with it our party panel. vice president of pr chris barron is back. hockey season. and we have former state department deputy spokesperson and fox news
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contributor, her buckeyes will meet by bruins, m marie is back and katherine mangu-ward, let's get into it. chris, they have been soy wrong and misguided on inflation, i actually worry that it is out of their control. why would they counter the bad messages and bad decisions with something that could harm workers who are doing their best to set their own hours. >> a certain point we have to understand that this is objective. in the same way that obamacare was to destroy the health care system, we would have to move to a single payer system. this is what they are attempting to destroy the capitalist economy, there is no other reasons, for lying to the american people and
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ignoring problems of inflation as a torched the values in country, then all of a sudden everything they have done to supposedly combat it, they know made it work then they do things like light a fire to the gig economy, at some point we have to say is this justin c-- incompetence, is the goal to prove capitalism is broken and does not work, because in a broke it. kennedy: and they continue to break it. marie, why do you m hate old people. >> uber came out with a statement. one of the biggest employees in gig economy saying it would just take us back to where we were in obama years when uber and other gig-based companies made a ton of money. what it is doing helping workers get things like
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health care. or retirement benefits. when you are a gig worker and independent contractor, you don't get any of those. and so this is an attempt to make a very moderate change back to what the obama administration had when the companies made huge windfall profits and protecting workers who have spent a ton of their own money on health care costs for example. and because many don't have insurance on things like not having retirement savings making that balance better for workers who have suffered a lot and give them those benefits that many of them perform as true full employees, they should be compensated as such -- kennedy: you are not -- okay. i understand that but you are forcing two party who want to engage in these transactions to do something that benefits big business entirely. what is your take?
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>> call my o old fashion, i think if two entities want to enter into a contract, that should be allowed, that is what gig economy s people who want to work and people who employee them. you know, do think it is incompetence this is a temptation by politicians to think they know better. how the economy should work and how jobs should be structured, rules like this do not turn gig jobs who perfect full time "jobs," they kill the gig jobs, they kill that part of the economy or handicap it slow it down and reduce innovation. kennedy: this is one of the few spaces in the economy where there is innovation, i don't understand, people like irk warren who don't understand things will do what they can to squash it. to my point last night, if you have people who don't
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understand paradigm shifts and generational shifts, and the economy and how the economy itself fuels innovation. then those people who can stop it, they need to be voted out of office and moved out the way, they are doing so much more harm than good to people who are use the extra work. there are seniors you ensure maybe they retired from you know their giant businesses, they worked for for 40 years, maybe they want to pick up a few hours a week driving a lyft, they should be able to that uun unless they are women, women should not be able to drive. in mormuch more with panel coming up. >> next president biden wants to have it both ways with saudi arabia the wrinkles old pervert. is it time to stand up to bullies in riyadh, mike baker has answers and a blue blazer, that means it's ass
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just $30 per line. there are millions of happy campers out there. and this is the perfect time to join them... add a line to your existing plan, or see for yourself how easy it is to save by talking to our helpful switch squad at your local xfinity store today. kennedy: president biden pushing back on two faces in saudi arabia, will he to anything about their double
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crossing last night president said he considered action, and his fist pump with the crown prince. >> do you think it's time for u.s. to rethink its relationship with saudi arabia? >> yes, by the way let's get straight where i went, i didn't go about oil. kennedy: yeah, you do. why did you go? party planning? how should the president punish the saudis? here with me now former cia officer, ceo, he knows a thing or 2 about the middle east, he can't tell you about it, mike bake ser ba baker is back. >> i can't tell you anything about it it will be a quick segment. >> that was funny. >> this is interesting. this is a very purpose issue. -- important issue, every administration struggles with this relationship with the saudis. but we have to remember that we're actually living in the real world. we're not living to the
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world we would like to have, that is where the biden administration appears to be, joe biden ran his campaigning during that whole campaign, he talked about how high will make sure that the u.s. and our allies treat the saudis as international. >> after the khashoggi assistant then he wound, and he began his war on fossil fuel. in part to placate the far left grind energy zealots, he did what you know the administration could do to ensure that we were not moving our way toward energy independence and fossil fuels because somehow we're all driving electric cars in next couple of years, but we can't do both. we didn't have fossil fuel and energy independence and
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pursue green energy, according to the administration and zealots, the saudis acted if their own best interest -- in their own best interest, they decided in opec meeting they agreed to cut production by 2 million barrels a day, that was entirely predictable. because they again, act in their own best interest, as does everything nation excepting here in the u.s., whether we do we apologize, only way to get saudis and opec to any leverage, and is by being energy independent, you have to get your oil and gas from somewhere else, we can do that but not under that administration's policy. kennedy: what is shocking to me, you point out the green zealots they would much rather us depend on women hating gay killing d
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dictators than our own energy independence,. >> we have ace achieve much more but we'll en vate en innovate and lead the world in green technology further down. saudi is not the future, they represent the past maybe a little bit of the presents. it shocking to m me that the economically illiterate greenies don't understand that we need an innovative ramp that includes fossil fuels, drilled and refined here to p participate in globe global econlic future. >> we know what let's like to be at beck and call from opec, that is not a good thing, we made the effort to
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move toward u.s. energy independence. we also know that russia, world is interconnected. we know that russia has used energy in the past as a weapon, went europe, and we could have gain also seen that coming. with now what doing related to their incursion and war on ukraine. again, i agree with you 100%. the problem is that biden administration is kowtowing to that segment of the left that believes we have to -- >> it is the worst of all worlds because that capitulation, leading to dependences on morible peopl-- horrible el, baker we're out of time. >> i'll be there in a couple of weeks, i'll wear the same blazer and the same shirt, i won't shower before i get there, no. kennedy: can't wait for the ass kicking. >> thank you.
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>> alejandro mayorkas caught in ally, homeland security secretary all pinnochio on this photograph. they were holding horse reiins, in a e-mail, secretary mayorkas knew the truth before he said this. >> we know that the images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation's on going battle against systemic racism. >> well, it appears he lead to score political points, against his own agents will he face conqu consequenced, here with me now anchor of fox news sunday,. shannon bream. congratulations, i love seeing you on fox news sunday, i am glad you are in studio, there is a lot going on, when you are the dhs secretary, you would hope you would inspire loyalty in your own agency, but he
7:20 pm
threw them under the bus. >> the tough thing is we have the agents in a position what we ask them to do, you would want dhs secretary to say let me investigate they are working hard down there. he earlier made comes that were kind of backing them up, let's see what happened. but he gets the e-mail before the statements we just saw, and it is flagged and h highlighted, saying things like, this is what photographer said, i never saw them with anyone, that could be misclued. be -- how diddy have this and then made those comments that left the agents in the dust. >> it does great reputational harm, what is their recourse, can they sue
7:21 pm
the federal government? sue the department of homeland security? and get at least something back that was taken. >> a lot of calls for him to resign, i doubt he will. you remember there is a internal investigation, that has been done, saying they didn't harm anyone there were no whips. kennedy: that -- 500 pages. >> there are still other v investigation, they will be suspended in other trouble over administrative problems. maybe this exposure of what mayorkas knew before he made the comments could maybe temper down other things they are trying to do to the agents, i don't know. but at-this-point, you know tthe -- request can be deadly. >> and i'm glad people know this. i'm glad we're talking about, it you have know people who come out, when someone does a 180, and they
7:22 pm
come out the other side, it sounds like they are regurgitating progressive orthodoxy, you should know they are lying at that point, shame on him, he knew the truth, his first statement was right, to back these people up say let's wait for facts, then you have lawmakers come out say, this is worse than slavery. it like is, how does that feel to you when you are on the board, a feckless job, and insecurity border, you don't have the kind of back up you need, you don't have the resources, and then people are accusing you of engaging in acts worse than slavery. >> who knows what kind of danger they may have been in, in san e-mail saying that the photographer himself said, even that we had to dig out and make sure people heard it, july when they released the investigative results, i di don't remember anyone
7:23 pm
but us, there may have been others, fox saying they have been cleared no one cares about, that but he knew better now is a very bad stain on his legacy,. kennedy: he has to resign, what is happening at border is -- it is tough on border states and kids coming here unaccompanies, what your favorite part about hosting fox news. >> we're having so much fun, i love having 12 minute interviews with open. it is like what you can get them warmed up, a look at what they are thinking and why they are doing what they are doing, a lot of people want to know about washington. >> are a wonderful edition to entire sunday conversation best one on fox, shannon bream. kennedy: thank you so much and your matching outfit. >> on wednesdays we wear pink stripes. >> coming up. remember the ax-wielding nut
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kennedy: if you need any more proof that justice system it broker remember how that maniac last monitorrized a new york city mcdonald's with an ax. he was arrested and released without bail, but just arrested again and released without bail, again. this time for graffiti, stealing a 3500 dollar bike and evading police on it, a woman from green goblin gang
7:29 pm
turned herself in and released out, after she and two adult friends beat up two teens, in the subway, and took their handbags and phones, and 3 philadelphia s.w.a.t. officers were shot today, the department is tired of sending officers into harm's way for people who should not be to streets in first place. is it possible that there is a imbalances in the force with the radical bail laws? party panel is back. so chris, i will start with you, i know that a lot of republicans have come to see the light in terms of criminal justice reform. this is not how you do it. >> no, i'm one of those conservatives, i supported criminal justice reform, i don't want to see our prisons filled with nonviolent offenders but what we're seeing in city after city with these insane
7:30 pm
d.a. you take a logical policy position to the illogical end, one of the basic contracts between citizen and government is the idea government will protect its citizens from violent criminals we created a system where innocent victims are those exposeed and the violent criminals are protected this is insanity for the life of me, a lot of times i look at some left wing policy approaches, i think, i can see the good intent. it is just executed poorly. but for the life of me, i cannot figure this out, do not understand why someone think we should not be taking violent aphonedders off the streets. kennedy: and if victims families are very upset. and the mom of one of these two 19-year-old girls, said, there were men on the train, who did nothing, the 10 adult w women in their
7:31 pm
twer20s and 30s were beating living crap out of these girls, how do you make it better marie? >> well crime is a problem. across the country in states and cities run by republicans and also by democrats. think in general, with bail reform, people who support it, and i in general support the concept you shouldn't be able to determine whether you are locked up pretrial or not based on your ability to pay. make justice system more fair, i don't think that anyone thinks that violent ofinishedders should be on streets devil is in details, a big difference for someone out on bail for stealing something versus shooting someone. kennedy: that is different from someone who has not
7:32 pm
paid a parking ticket. >> it say tough one, crime is a real problem. kennedy: actual note a tough one -- not a tough one, people with high likelihood of going back ut and beating people up and killing them should not know let out without bail, people with parking tickets and a bench warrant for their arrest because of missed court dates, s they should not be subjected to bail laws that i understand, but there is such a difference, they are just doing it wrong, people are frustrated. and families are, crime is up. and new york city in portland. >> we're all remember in '90s when crime trended down how do we get back to that. >> that is kind of a big question mark. we down really one single clear answer for why those trends started then or why they continued for so long. i want to say, you know, that we're not anywhere near those levels now, this is
7:33 pm
important to keep in mind. we started out talking about importance of a lot of criminal justice reforms and i think it would be shame to have a lay and order backlash because some legislator screwed up how they wrote first effort at fixing bail, bail is open, that quote. we're asking cops to do at i possible job, we should not be surprised when they do it badly, we need a br broader reform. kennedy: you can't put bad people back on the streets. the guy who could have killed several people in that mcdonald's was then interviewed by -- said i'm not psychotic, yeah you, are. you are a bad person with a screw loose, because you have bad aim is only reason that people didn't die. people like that, should be dealt with. and cops, take a backseat
7:34 pm
approach when they know that people they apprehend will not get charged. they are not doing the kind of community policing that is necessary to keep people safe and make people feel good about their relationships they have with law up force am. enforce. >> all this talk about crime, new study from -- wallet hub most st tr dangerous industries in america, san bernardino, california. took 3 -- f fort ft. lauderdale number two and st. louis, missouri, safest city is columbia, maryland. if you had to move to another city today, how would that study inform your decision? >> first, i spend 16 years living in dc.
7:35 pm
and lived my time there but you could not pay my to live in the city again. i lilive on top of a mountain in middle of no where, my mountain did not show up, godspeed to who you choose to live in the rat infested horrible places. >> you are sad you had to put your plans to move to the louvre on ice? >> well, my dad lives in st. louis, i had a lot of family who lived there this is a beautiful city. crime rates went up in 2020. back down in 2021. because the city put in place programs and efforts. they started to tick back up. i think this is an example of city there are huge parts that are safe, and there are neighborhoods that are not. we need more community programs to get people better opportunities in life
7:36 pm
to get them education and employment we need policing. better policing, joe biden and democrats have talked about gems more funding for police, but we need better, st. louis, has a really sad history in including in ferguson, with police not always performing how in a should. a lest opa lot of opportunity to did better still a wonderful city. kennedy: the survey is not just about crime. it was about other things that include pandemic response, and s san berdo. san bernardino, sad. swirling down the toilet. catherine. are we living in hell holes? >> i mean, my city does not feel like it i am a dc lif er. you than is a choice for a libertarian.
7:37 pm
i made my bed, here i am. but the city if not broadly trying to kill us. kennedy: there are a lot of rats in tc . >> there are. but -- >> unreal. >> i think some people want to make deal to hang out with rats and politicians and some want to live on a mountain top, we have an incredible amount of pune in tune in this country, people can choose to live the way they want. want. want. >> amen to, that i like that. kennedy: catherine cid that. she is smart. >> i said that. i'm the smart lady with purple hair. i'm sick of people poop on the street, and sick of seeing guys jacking with wherever i go, in ne 90s they were not pooping and
7:38 pm
jackie like they are now, it is an epidemic, chris? >> i don't know who to say. >> there are no people pooping and jacking it on the streets in my mountain. kennedy: maybe the wh iwildlife, moose and stuff, they are supposed to, but humans now, we are thoughts and prayers, no, be compassion at for me, i don't want to walk over do dung pile. >> fox, i -- okay, all right, i'm moving i'll be broadcasts from the a mountain top, woo! i don't know. i want to thank you. glorious and wonder full, thank you. >> thank you, kennedy.
7:39 pm
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kennedy: paypal under fire for allegedly plans to slap users with 25 2500 dollar fines for spreads misinformation when fox business news reached out, they said they had a an error. government is doing no bitter. better. >> remember this barrel of
7:44 pm
laughs ♪ ♪ makes them. >> how you lie. sn. >> paypal is payment app. why is paypal doing this? host of sideline, fantastic podcast. michele tafoya is back. >> hi. you of on gutfeld tonight. >> i don't understand, i want to use paypal to pay for leg warmers, like random stuff to take check out faster, i don't need a lecture. >> you said fo phone calls were made, what is this? that was app an error, a whole policy of the released it is an error, who committed that error, i think it was the a trial balloon, that balloon got popped, people don't want to be lectured taipei -- by
7:45 pm
paypal. i think if they handle a trillion dollars worth of trans action every year and they get to to decide what is misinform. >> they charge a credit card, there is you know, i imagine there is no recourse if policy goes through. like, where are they looking for this misinformation? >> how, where, who is deciding when boy is this a slippery slope. you know, it reminded me of, remember in canada, that freedom convoy of truckers who didn't want to get vaccinated, they parked and they want to trudeau to hear them, canada got angry, they prosfroze their bank accounts, they could not do it because someone did not like what they said, this is
7:46 pm
terrifying, if this happen z at paypal, then venmo and your barges, imagine you tweet something, you don't think much and you go to make a withdrawal at your bank, sorry you tweeted something we didn't like. kennedy: if you have your debit card attached to your paypal, that and you know if they drain $2500. because of something and whenever the term mitts imisinformation is always political. never objective application. >> we talk about freedom of speech, i remember cancellations in beginning of covid, if you questioned anything that dr. anthony fauci was saying i were anti-vaxxer are a bigot or whatever. and i remember saying, we have to watch our freedom of speech, a lawyer friend of mine said, all due respect,
7:47 pm
are you are only protected from government and public entities, well, okay. a private en entity can tell me they don't like what i say, there is a line here. and we have to be careful walking to that line how much private companies get to determine what is in their purview and not. kennedy: when private companies in bed with big government. you know that is the problem. there is not this clear line, you don't always have a choice of going to a different outlet or a different vendor. >> right, if you are paying for things with paypal, they find out that you misinformed whatever they deem it, whatever they deem it. they. on one particular day or another. a 2 2500 dollar fine. kennedy: what if i'm wearing a shirt with hanson's picture on it, it says nirvana. >> great thank you, michele
7:48 pm
tafoya. >> topical storm is next, and your kennedog, you'rer welcome. but it is now time for us to work even harder, searching for meaningful experiences and new adventures for you to embark upon. they say when you reach the top, there's only one way to go. we say, that way is onwards. viking. exploring the world in comfort. ♪ ♪ discover sound that can truly move you in the 2022 grand wagoneer.
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kennedy: a new report claims new york city mayor adams will house illegal migrants in 400 w dollar a night
7:52 pm
hotel rooms, they are supposed to cost 200 but the migrants keep eats from the mini bar this is the topical storm. one. >> zuck, yeah. we, mark zuckerberg unveiled a new high invr head set, now you don't have to read "new york times" to immersed in fantasy world. augmented reality brings your wildest dreams to life, zuck uses it to travel to a world where meta stock still above 300, and you can talk with friends and play games and design your own city, and make it realistic by adding a craze ax man it comes with facial and hand tracking capability. all of your real life facial expressions and hand movements will be mimicked
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the meal telling y your in-laws when you really think. you look fat in that top. >> well now time to celebrate. america's favorite fat bear. i'm not talking about james corbin. -- cord inhe is british. high used to be a regular size bear, but he started drinking keloiii c -- ego nog, they vote for their favorite fat bears. i have not seen this many giant hairy beasts since new jersey state fair. but, this year fat bear week. was rocked by scann
7:55 pm
scandal, spam bots attempted to sway the election with illegitimate votes, rudy guliani showed up and sorted it out. topic 4. hot in here. even musk getting into the perfume business, after going back and forth with twitter, he is making some sense. yeah, this is burnt hair, new fragrance from musk, the essence of repugnant desire, what we used to call governor cuomo, on sale for a hundred bucks each, he sold 10,000 units earning him 1 million dollars in a few hours, just about biggest failure of his entire career. elon you have such a white torso. >> time for you waiting?
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