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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 18, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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influence from china, your final word. >> i think that is evidence that there could be conflict of interest. and how does this affect our national security particularly because that vice president is now president of the united states it is not something that i have concrete evidence of. but it is absolutely legitimate to raise the question of conflict of interest. elizabeth: are you really worried about it? >> and how it affects our national security. elizabeth: are you worried. >> i am, i would do this investigation even if i wasn't. but i think i have learned enough that i am worried about it, yes. reporter: senator grassley, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for watching we've been live from dc, have a pleasant evening, join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ kennedy: oh, look at this, democrats and political quicksand, we got three
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weeks to go until the biggest midterm election in recent memory, their candidates are floundering, a new fox news ranking shows republicans winning more seats than before, is the g.o.p. in cruise control. forecast republicans winning house majority with 232, democrats projected to lose a bunch, slide to 203 with a few toss ups. what happened after t the abortion ruling? this is not close to the continue of list for important issues for voters, all more important than abortion. so in some ways it looks like democrats put too many cats in one sack, accord doing president biden democrats to continue treating as most critical issue on november 8. >> it does not rest with
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extremist republicans in congress, and finally say, finally say about your right to choose, that it rests with you. and if you do your part and vote, democratic leaders in congress i promise you will do your part, i'll do my part. kennedy: by taking a long winter's nap. some democrat strategists are lamenting the election was not in august, did democrats t peak too leeearly. early. >> let's get into it with tonight a m manpower, we have stephen miller. we don't know if he still has a boyfriend, ke kevin kev walling, and dave
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smith, i will start with you stephen miller, democrats were confident that aboth was the issue to run on. but it didn't just galvanize them in one direction ddid it? >> no, it say huge problem, this week "new york times" sienna poll came out,32 point swing since september. now g.o.p. leading 18 points with independent women, due to fact that it doesn't matter if you are pro life or pro choice, every woman right now is experiencing increased cost in everyone, inflation, food prices and gas prices, you saw today in biden a abortion ahope athon vel sell celebration to get this out
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of control. this issue doesn't affect most women as it shows. >> but, inflation and the economy does. kevin. when you have people whose wages are not meeting costs, when they cost a lot more than they did a year ago and they are only making a little bit more, that is the most purpose thing, we'll talk with jonathan hoenig later in the show, if you have this pain and this reality why focus on a single issue that does not affect everyone. >> a good question. >> thank you. >> always a debate whether election will b b be a per suiting electioner for a long of base democrats abortion in wake of the
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dobbs decision is a driving issue. it has come back as the months have past by since dobbs happened, some amazing numbers i am seeing in terms early vote out of georgia show record numbers of early voters turning out more so than in 18 and 20, a lot is driven by women on this particular issue, this s issue is under the radar screen, obviously the economy is number one. but i think for the people where abortion is the number one issue, that is a h huge driver i think that the the polls that will go under reported. >> talking about under reports dave, but i think some of that under reporting comes from pro-life women, there are a lot of people who are antiabortion, i would say half of the people are certainly antilate term
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abortion. but pretty much everyone is antiinflation. >> that is not true. the billionaire class, and debt holders like inflation, but you are right. the vast majority of people do not like currency devalued. i think there is you know, i kind of i think this point a lot of people are missing is that dim kr democrat focusing so much on abortion, they really have no other option, most of other democratic policies are unpopular, this is in the rearview mirror now but the champions of lockdowns and close closures and wokism is unpopular, teaching wokism to little children is unpopular, sending billions of dollars to ukraine while people here are hungry, that is
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unpopular, down the list, homeless encampments, the democrats are on record on being on wrong side in terms of what is popular. the party who you know is constantly talking about threats to democracy, insist that the most important issues must be climate change, abortion, wokism, and arming ukraine, you cannot find any opinion poll anywhere, that will tell you that these are the american people's top of priorities, in no true sense are they representing the american people, really all they can do is hope to -- gin up their base, the hard core base, and try to drive upturn out, that is the only option they have. kennedy: and you are right. there is a massive disconnect between what people are experiencing and how the administration talks about that. and it is a form of gas lighting, stephen, with president saying, we got a hell of an economy, you have
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people who are not earning enough money to pay for energy bills and food and they dip in their savings and max out their credit cards it feels that people are blaming for their own problems that spot a solution. >> -- that is not a solution. >> he said the economy is strong as h hell as his dipped into an ice crime cone the size of his head, pretty tone deaf, and he is right about georgia, double early voting since 2018, this is what stacey abrams and joe biden said that was new jim cr jimmy crow. >> to colorado, where they had more restrictive voting laws. >> more with man panel in a bit, but first, things got heated last night inio georgia debate, three people running for governor there?
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kennedy: the midterms, three
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weeks away. you pay for the whole seat you only need the edge, debates heating up. in georgia, candidates for governor, democrat stacey abrams. i will never concede, i'm the real governor and brian kemp and libertarian, stupor star shane hazel -- super star shane shane, hazel. >> he weakened gun laws and flooded our streets. weakening our privacy rights and women's rights. the most dangerous thing facing georgia is 4 more years of brian kemp. >> i would let people at home know the largest fastest growing segment of the population is buying handgun ands firearms is african-americans and females you know why, the criminals are only ones that do have guns.
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>> georgia we will have less and less gun laws whether under republicans or libertarians, libertarians believe you know how to best protect you some your property, the biggest mass murder in history is government. kennedy: please stop talking. how could that liberty lover shake up the race as we near finish line, fox news powerrages have kemp in front, ahead 5 and 8 could shane hazel once again force a run off in great state of georgia, joining me now shane hazel. great work last night. did you get good feedback from your performance at the debate? >> i got to tell utoday has been and last night, a bit of inundated with people praising the performance, saying thank you so much
7:15 pm
i've never voteddive ever, i'm reg registering this time, we have people from all walk of life saying thank you for giving us somebody to vote for and not against the. i would say it went well. and i'm you know i'm happy, the -- we have an amazing team and we have just such a brain trust over here in libertarian party, it has been looking at parties in economics for guns for freedoms, you name it for 50 years and been waiting for this moment. kennedy: governor kemp has been pats himself on the back for covid response, you dug into him a little bit last night, do you think he was expecting that? >> i don't know you know these softies like to get take en to the carpet. ever. is one thing that we do really well when we given
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the chance, this is why you don't let libertarians on a debate stage. we ask questions week calld hisk of a year, the fact that the defacto, you know go to was lockdown for brian kemp, i think that sealed his fate. with me in 2020, i said, this might be the next race, sure enough we were lucky enough to be libertarian representative to gubernatorial candidate race, it was a great moment to sit here and have a real come to jesus we say here in the south, with brian and stacey, total response thousand government is run. kennedy: you were talking about legalizing cannabis, you had a great quote, sometimes the democrats get it right, sometimes the republicans get it right, but whether we're on the side of freedom for peaceful people, you are never going
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to get to wrong, well said, you had a pro freedom, pro liberty message and you worked in their tax action is theft. >> and a quote to boot. kennedy: they don't know how to spell. >> grand slam. it was a lot of fun to go in there and have a you know a real conversation, instead of just the you analyst and right now doing damage control from last night's debate, we won't be invited to second debate on october 30, i don't think those who would show up if we were. i really appreciate the atlanta press club putting this oni every two years for the libertarians, to be able to go in and talk about freedom and leaving peaceful people alone and fed and ending it, i think there and i lot coming to fruition we
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give the voters a choice to push back and say, you got to leave us alone. kennedy: whether you are an independent or a libertarian or with either major party, the establishment should never go unchallenged, thanks to people like shane hazel that do it, learning issues and putting themselves out there, talking to people in their home state to whom h all this matters and calling out both parties for their failures, one of the few things that make this all better, shane thank you for your time, best of luck with the rest of the race. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: in crazy town. california. president biden spent 3 days campaigning for democrats, what a gem. one prominent donkey absence, governor aqua net
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gavin newsom not present, is he embarrassed to be seen with the president or is there bad blood, joining me now, california gubernatorial candidate should, have unseated gavin newsom, caitlyn jenner is back, welcome back dear. >> well, kennedy always a pl pleasure to be on your show, well, gavin newsom had a scheduling conflict, he had a book reading with a bunch of schoolchildren. when a politician says they have scheduling conflicts, that is like saying, i'm going to have on drop out of the race, i want to spend more people with my family. -- pe time with my family, people down d don't believe, that
7:20 pm
let's look at california. biden actually has been biting gavin newsom to the punch on a few issues, one of them is the california legislator has been had a big battle going, over this farmworkers unionization bill. and gavin newsom, hig he did not endorse it, it but joe biden did endorse this. it counted going through. gavin newsom had to sign the bill, said he will make a lot of changes over the next year. biden, also bite beat gavin newsom to the punch, last week or last couple weeks l.a. city council was caught -- >> yes latest. >> rotten stuff it is big news here. biden, actually said that city council members should resign. before gavin newsom even
7:21 pm
came up with anything. and that kind of ticked him off. and when they did resign, and martinez the president resigned. you know gavin newsom comes by said, oh, you know martinez made the right decision, the real reason, i think biden was here last week, who does he he endorse for mayoral race hirhere in l.a.? karen bass, karen bass was you an over here every place he went. kennedy: what a leg humper. >> she was sucking up to him big time, she is running again another democrat, rick caruso who is gavin newsom's real good friend. i don't think he wanted to get involved with l.a. politics. >> because you know why, caitlin, they mat hate
7:22 pm
him in los angeles, they despise gavin newsom they can't stand him, they think he is full the hot garbage to your point he does not have a spine, does not stand up for the right issues, he is about how high he looks and smells but not how the state is functioning, if he were we would have been serious about homelessness 6 years ago. >> he would, he has a presidential candidate run he is thinking about, i guess or everyone is talking about, put it this way here, has been hard on the democrats lately. aggressively they did not aggressively counter act the g.o.p. on you know top political po p topics like aabortion and likely issues, i don't know what he is doing in future if he thinks he has a chance
7:23 pm
to run for president, right now democrats don't have anyone that will be around in 2024, that can go against the republicans. kennedy: if gavin newsom is your best bet, to become next president, you are hosed. you are just pretty caitlin, thank you, i k appreciate you. >> always my pleasure, kennedy. kennedy: welcoming up new whistleblower documents show president biden may have been involved in hunter's shady business dealings after all. are the bidens abouta adopt a new pet to distract that? we get into that and more with the man panel, they are coming up next. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. dad, we got this.
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♪ ♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪ ♪ to be... unstoppable. that's why the world's largest companies and over 30 million people rely on prudential's retirement and workplace benefits. who's your rock? kennedy: the big guy may have been in on it, new whistleblower documents. claim that president biden was quote, aware of hunter biden's shady business dealings, i'm sure he was
7:28 pm
and also may have been involved according to iowa republican senator chuck grassley, who revealed the whistleblower's claims in a lit letter h he sent to the fbi. specifically documents pertaining to business dealings with china and ukraine, grassley is ask what the fbi and doj have done on these issues, if republicans take the majority could there be a full-fledged investigation, man panel is back, steve steve, ke kev -- stephen l. miller, kevin walling, dave smith. >> probably sometime next year when they are dragged kicking and screaming to cover this because g.o.p. convenes a committee to look into the whistleblower and
7:29 pm
fbi investigation, and what joe biden knew. he knew, there is a chance there will be an impeachment committee and anyone rolling their eyes at that, you impeached last guy over a phone call this may be the response. kennedy: i don't want to see an impeachment. it is a distraction. they shouldn't have done it with trump, but if president was involved in anyway. >> new rules. kennedy: yes this deserves scrutiny. >> accusations like that from chuck tbr grassley makes look like joe biden look like a spring chicken. kennedy: only 8 years. >> listen. he has to put up or shut up, you can't make these accusations if there is voluminous legal documents
7:30 pm
he has seen, where are they, show us one senator grassley don't just say, in a letter he has seen the documents without any proof, they are serious charges against the sitting president of the united states and to say these things -- >> all right, kevin. >> without an ounce of evidence. kennedy: let's say they learn something from -- >> two words adam schiff. kennedy: i have seen things. okay. -- is that joe biden or chuck grassley they sound the same. kennedy: it was adam schiff you can see his giant lolly pop head. that is what adam schiff did, you didn't have a problem. maybe they did, they put out contents and pp dossier shown to be garbage. >> we didn't put that out. kennedy: you paid for it, then you tried to use buzzfeed as a source, do we have to revisit all that chicanery? the point is, i don't blame
7:31 pm
you for wants transparency, i do as well. i just want you to be as angry and motivated if the whistleblower documents show that joe biden was involved! >> i mean, i'm happy to share that anger but let's see the proof, it is in the pudding for this 89-year-old. kennedy: okay, what do you think of the president's potential involvement here? what sort of ratio would you give it odds would you give president being involved. >> it was china probably a xi tape. kennedy: so, dave. if knowing about it is lower end and being involved in getting enriched is higher, where do you think president biden sets here? >> well, knowing about it i know there is almost no chance that is not the case, how could any of us imagine a s conversation never
7:32 pm
came up that he knew his sons were on the boards and deep dealing in ukraine, he was obama's point man on ukraine. back in 2014, i doubt he never talked to his son about being on the board of the energy company that was in bed with previous government who was trying to buy off the new government by going directly to the source which was the united states of america. i just want to make one point, we know now that hunter biden was being investigated no later than 2018, big story in late 2019 and 20 was donald trump impeached over the demands that he was demanding that ukraine look into joe biden and hunter biden, he never got and he caved on weapons deal. and all just a nightmare, but, is it ib ric interesting none of that leaked through time, department of justice and fbi can manage to not have these leaks, when they don't
7:33 pm
want to, even some supposed trump p puppet bob barr was head. kennedy: bill barr. >> what is going on here, my guess that there is a signal from some very powerful people who do not want joe biden to seek reelection, they have been protecting his son but they don't have to continue to do, this that speculation, but i don't know what else would explain why the story was silenced by all powers that be in 2020 election there a no leaks now all of a sudden, now that joe biden is announcing he will seek reelection and other democrats don't want him to, now al all of a sudden signal is blasted we don't have to protect and you your son what clearly seems to be -- if not criminal. kennedy: we can charge him for lying on a gun application, we can do that or charge him for minor tax
7:34 pm
evasion and some other issues that you know he will never see time. or we can get you and uncle jim and hunter and we'll be done with all of you in one fell swoop, that is probably the best theory going in terms of logical con conis stance i. >> white house spent a fortune to new booster shots. not many people want them, doctors reportedly administered 15 million doses of the latest round of shots that represents less than 1 in 10 people who are eligible. health officials they is a slow response. and why is that? kaiser family foundation survey said half of adults heard little to nothing about the shots, now feds warn of uptick in covid cases and variants, are covid booster a lost cause at-this-point? stephen. >> i think people are
7:35 pm
apathetic to it, once we learned from dr. anthony fauci and biden said you will not be infected with this if you have the vaccine that was either misinformation or a lie or they learned variant adjust and even if you are vaccinated you catch covid people just kind shrugged like matt damon into his apartment. this is a disease that affects if you a highly adult or young kid our chance of mild to no symptoms are good, people are fine give me the rhona get did over with. kennedy: we have known people. >> in california. kennedy: they is -- >> no you were forced through coercion to lockdown but, you know kevin, it is not a one size fits all solution to the virus.
7:36 pm
which has changed, i had covid twice, i got two shots, i will not get a booster. >> hey. >> i'm in the two-time timer club. >> the variants are spiraling out of control, that is when viruseses do, i got the booster it knocked my out for a weekend. i got along with the flu shot. kennedy: you tell yourself that. >> i'm ready to lick all door knobs in new york with you. but, hopefully -- >> we should do the same thing but with door handles. >> okay. hopeful we what we is seen with infection and support we have in terms of vaccinations. that we are better protected to avoid hospitalization and death because of that, i think that is the message we have to get out to americans you will likely still get it, it will likely come back very strong in the winter, when we know during cold and
7:37 pm
cold and flu season. kennedy: so, that mentality, is no helpful -- is that helpful. >> i don't think so, i think that stephen hit nail on head, major reason that people are not -- tuning biden and fauci out, they have been wrong about everything. every single mitigating policy did not mitigate against the virus, they -- you could say, if not lie it is worse than a lie, if dr. anthony fauci could not have foreseen that variants might be more resistant to the vaccine that is worst the reality which seems to be as one of pfizer higher up people admitted in front of european parliament, they had over in tested and they were just saying, one people to pandemic response team the lady there admitted s she knew from the beginning there was no reason to sell
7:38 pm
it you can't transmit the virus, which was justification for all mandates and passports and the riist. >> -- >> kevin saying he had just got boosted, i never on a vaccine, i had covid a couple times i have just as good protection as you do, matt, this is ridiculous, if you are not someone with several other major health factors you already have very little chance of buying hospitalized. kennedy: full bo body condoms all or nothing. >> it sucks. >> i'm in let's do it. kennedy: night is young, yankees won. >> all right, we're all licking knobs, stephen, kevin and dave thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up americans paid down billions in credit card debt during the pandemic, now higher costs have
7:39 pm
borrows slammed more debt than ever can we dig ourselves out this is next with jonathan hoenig that is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ after all ♪ ♪ kennedy: did i tell you about the time i got in fistfight with both gallagher brothers it happened at mtv. >> mouth trumpet monday song, winner was haily. >> reality can't get past the wonder wall around the white house, listen to what press secretary -- said about the economy. >> bloomberg economists forecast a 100% chance of a
7:44 pm
recession. how is that bee can be barely heard a recession, and the economy is as president said, strong as hell. >> we're seeing right now, is the job market is strong. lakerlabor force is strong, that is not what we see before a recession, we're seeing an economy that is resilient through a transition with more steady growth that is because of the work that this president has done. kennedy: meaningless words. they you string them together they mean nothing, to people who are going to debt to pay basic bills, utilities and food. credit card interest rates at highest levels in 30 years. so with no help on the way from white house despite what she says, how can americans help themselves
7:45 pm
joining me to discuss capitalist pig head fund manager fox news contributor, jonathan hoenig is back it is bad, but it will get worse, what advice do you have for people who paid down their credit card debt during the pandemic but now they are racking is back up. >> she said that economy is humming along, inflation is pulling along this is not just a stat on wall street, inflation has toppled civilizations, and m -- putting of day americans more and more to poverty. let's get context. americans already have biggest pay cut in 25 years, because of that because of inflation they are forced to credit cards, credit card use is up 13% year-over-year, half of americans who have a credit card have debt they carry and we're not talking about
7:46 pm
insignificant. that is 6100 is average, people pay 22% a year, that is same interest as el salvador. kennedy: you know what happens if it gets worse and people can't make the minimum payments, or people default on the debt? >> if you only make -- forget if you are not making the minimum, if you only make that you will be in that debt for years, 7,000 dollar balance on a credit card average credit card rate today, pay 13,000 in interest, payoff in 32 years. this is because of inflation, not because of greedy ceos there is no free lung learn, all that spending during the pandemic and supposedly save america. now we're paying for if in terms of higher costs, lower quality of life and it hurts us every day, we have talked about dating is down, and marriages going down, result is lower quality of life,
7:47 pm
jimmy carter, his big suggestion was people put on a sweater, that is what we're headed for because of inflation the government and everything that washington is doing to us here in middle heartland. kennedy: no and jere gerald ford is looking like a genius now. and last night scott horton said we're headed for an inflationary depression. depres. >> the president has to get on the real page, even press secretary talking about high -- hiring strong, even microsoft, is firing a thousand people. laying off a thousand, intel, google all of the big tech names they have been leader of the economy, they are demonstrating where the economy is going, hiring is the next shoe to drop, we'll see every day life, every
7:48 pm
day luxuries travel, expensive clothing, out to dinner, that is next to go. that is what is going to hurt, no politician would say let's raise every poor person's taxes 8%. but that is what they are doing, year after year because of inflation. kennedy: and shame on them for not acknowledging it. we will right here on the show. jonathan thank you. >> be well. kennedy: topical storm is next, tonight's tickle me tuesday joke. don't look it up. how do you weigh a. millennial? from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network.
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kennedy: astonners developed a new theory to explain the tilt of uranus, because you are wearing one shoe. this is t topical tomorrow, california baker created life size sculpture of han solo out of bread. this is the pan solo, captured by d darth vader, this time he is
7:53 pm
frozen in carbohydrates, a mother daughter baking team spent weeks esystem emasterpiece, now entered into a california scarecrow contest, nothing scares waaway birds like a huge chunk of bread. it is not for human consumption. it is too chewy. after the contest, later this month it will be turned to compost, making it biggest waste of "star wars" dow since adam driver. >> topic 2. member the of bts putting their music careers on hold to serve in south korea millionaire, now their lives will be dynamite.
7:54 pm
yeah. according to band's management company they will enlist in accordance with south korea law, requires all able bodied men to serve in armed forces, a big adjustment for the boys in military, you do need permission to dance. on the bright side, they are used to morning in lockstep with -- marching in lockstep with other men, now train themselves to not grapevine, they are expecting a reunion tour around 2025, unless they wig out. and two things come out of texas and korea. >> actually boys say they are excited to join the military. they can't wait to meet the front line hair and make-up teams. >> topic 3. here is some incredible video from australia. let's go down under. zoo lion tested for allergies watch.
7:55 pm
there she is lying around, you thought sleepiest lion was jared goff. she does a killer impression, she is being examined by all female veterinarian team, if you want to see feminine vets, check out bts in 2025. the lion was brew for testing she experienced a break out of hives. according to medical team, the lion is allergic to dust, in some people's eyes makes her a wussy cat. she has been referred to wizard of ed of oz for courage and antihistamines. >> cadillac preparing to offer a electric elec luxury car, a fully
7:56 pm
customizeddable sedan built by hand. and makes it eligible for pine wood derby, the come comes with fully electric power train anda battery 300 miles per charge, the most sizexciting battery since will smith slapped chris rock and all about style. the only caddie you will find that is more loaded, is the one with john dailey. topic 5. time for tickle me tuesday. how do you weigh a millennial? in instagrams. >> okay. kennedy: okay, mckenny and molly and janet got it, thank you for watching the best hour of your day, you can follow me -- twitter and
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