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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 2, 2022 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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vibration. ♪ it's such a sweet sensation ♪ stuart: oh, marky mark. is that it? lauren: and the funky bunch. yeah, a throwback. stuart: good morning, everybody. it's 10:00 eastern. let's get to the money. a little bit of red ink on the left-hand side of your screen. dow's down about 150, nasdaq 60 points as this stage. the 10 is-year treasury yield right now, 4.04%. oil, $88 a barrel, now 87 a barrel this morning, and bitcoin still in that narrow range, $20,400 as we speak. that's the markets. now this. with six days to go, there is a very clear trend in politics. the republicans have the momentum. in the closing days, voters are shifting to the gop. looked at these four races, arizona, georgia, nevada, pennsylvania. a week ago the democrat in each race was in the lead. now fox power rankings makes each of hem a toss-up.
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these races will decide who controls the senate, and the republicans are coming on strong. in new hampshire saint anselm college's poll puts don bolduc ahead of maggie hassan 48-47. that is a complete turn around. in september hasan was 6 points mt. lead. in the arizona governor's race, a new comer to politics, republican kari lake, leads hobbs 48-46. if lake wins, she would declare a migrant invasion. in a border state, that resonates. governor abbott is 9 points ahead of beto beto o'rourke and pulling away. the influential cook political report just shifted its ratings towards republicans in 10 house races, all of them in districts biden won by at least 8 points in 2020. the fox power rankings, it goes on and on, doesn't it? the fox power rankings now project
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republicans win 19-seat majority in the house. their best case outlook, the gop gets a majority of more than 30. the democrats are throwing everything they have into this contest. obama, hillary clinton, occasionally the president and, of course, lots and lots of money. but the trend is in place. the republicans have the momentum. very hard to reverse that in just six days. second hour of "varney" just warming up. ♪ ♪ stuart: liz peek joins me this wednesday morning, thank goodness. all right, liz -- of. [laughter] almost all the polls we're seeing put the republicans in the lead, but do you trust those polls? >> i do actually trust them because the pollsters have made an enormous effort to counteract the biases that we show, saw in 2016 and in 2020. there were all kinds of problems, mainly republicans refusing to respond.
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that was the big issue in 2016 and also in 2020. so you've seen a lot of adjusting of the polls to try and and compensate for that. interesting, few yo go on the real -- if you go on the real clear politics web site, they have made an adjustment of showing the various races, and they show what their projections are based on that. so even though in some of these races the democrat may still be polling up, they are showing a republican win. so it's a very interesting thing. i commend it to you, because i think they're actually trying to get rid of that respondent bias, i think they call it. stuart: and that would be a good thing. >> absolutely. stuart: next question. why do you think governors' races are so important this time around? >> well, there are a couple reasons. one is the supreme court is handing power back to the states. it's really surprising to me that people aren't talking about this more. obviously, roe v. wade was the big decision where the supreme court said, no, the states really have to make these
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decisions. who makes those decisions in the state? state legislatures, but with a republican or democrat governor having the final say in terms of veto power. so the governor has an enormous amount of power on things like education which is a very hot topic right now, crime. crime is really a local issue. it's not, i mean, biden can set a national tone, perhaps, but really it's up to governors to make changes in their own states x. this is a big -- stuart: look at new york state. >> exactly. stuart: crime is the issue here finish. >> absolutely. stuart: -- and it's going to make an enormous. impact on the crime situation. which is the criticism of hochul. >> i think that's very important. it is also important in some of these governor races, georgia being a good example, where a rerepublican popular incumbent governor, brian kemp, is pulling along, i think, herschel walker and may basically make him win or help him to win the senate seat. people are talking about they're going to cross over to vote for warnock, we'll see, i doubt it.
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kari lake, kari lake's real popular. of she's helping, i think, blake masters who's closing in these final days. so that's a very important thing. and finally, there's a third thing which is voting rights. the democrats want to nationalize voting rights. right now this is a tate issue. it should remain a state issue, and with republicans in charge of the governor's mansion, it will be done in such a way to insure widespread voting but also clamp down on fraud. stuart: and and the momentum is towards republicans. >> oh, no question. we actually could end up with 32 governors of 50 states. 28 now so big change. stuart: liz, always glad to see you. >> thanks for having me. stuart: battleground state weighing in on obama's return to the campaign trail. what effect do they think obama has on the midterms? lauren: that he might be their best chance in this final push, right? you always like to give new york times headlines. i have one.
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top democrats are questioning their party's strategy and this inadequate economic message. so you bring out the popular president. obama was in vegas last night, phoenix tonight. here's what voters say about that. finish -- >> he didn't do that in office the first time. he was all right, but his days are over as far as that's concerned. >> i don't know, obama's pretty persuasive. >> didn't change my vote. i already know who i'm going to vote for. >> i just can't stand him. he gets back into the ring and everybody thinkables, oh, he's so great. but he never did anything. >> democrat lie's going on too long, especially with african-americans. we need more african-americans to look at the republican side and not just kind of because you're african-american, you get the vote. lauren: harsh this. but if we go back to the economic message, phoenix has the highest inflation rate in the entire country. it's 13%. gas costs more than $4 in arizona. st nearly $5 in nevada because
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they get from california. and president obama told them this new democrat merge right? republicans' answer to inflation is tax cuts for the rich and gutting social security and medicare. and the midterms are a referendum on the current president. inflation has only increased in the past two years. so i just don't think that message works when you're paying $5 to fill up. stuart: desperation, when you say the republicans are going to gut social security and medicare. ah, please. lauren: well, it's better than throwing your hands up in the air and saying it's a worldwide problem, we don't know. stuart: it's hopeless. that's just my opinion. let's get back to the markets, and look who's here now, david industry sue sky joins me. you think the housing bubble has just started to burst, as i understand it? what makes you think that? >> well, good morning, stuart. i think for sure we can at least
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look at the housing market and declare that the federal reserve has reset our market, right? so if we think about where we were last year, we were having, you know, bidding wars for the homes that are being sold. ed today if you look at those homes that are actually being sold, there may be one offer, possibly two, but it's very different especially in a time frame right now are where we're seeing about 50% declines on mortgage applications for purchase. so what really happened? we tarted this year out with about a 3% interest rate, and in about 8 months wees calculated past a 7% interest rate. each time that interest rates increase by 1% it requires 10% more income to purchase the price of that house at the same level that they were listing it for. and so i don't know about you, but i didn't get a 40% pay raise, you know, here this last year. so it's a little bit tricky to be staying on top of it right now for the average home buyer.
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stuart: talk to me about the future of interest rates, where are they going. you expect jay powell to stay hawkish? >> yes. i do expect powell to stay hawkish. he has to remain hawkish, unfortunately. now, i don't believe that that's the best requested are -- idea, it's just that we have both supply and demand, and congress won't do anything to affect supply right now, so powell's forced to raise demand at such a high rate. is so, yeah, if he raises 75 basis points today, we get another amount here in december, we're going into the new year looking at a terminal rate that's maybe 1% higher than where we are now, that presents quite a significant issue here for the mortgage industry as it's already 86% down year to date. but we're also seeing, you know, the housing decline right now. so if powell remains hawkish like this, stuart, it's going to be very difficult for us to turn this thing around. so, you know, until maybe he
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comes up with, like, a 40-year mortgage or manager like that. stuart: sounds like you're talking about stagflation just around the corner. david, thanks for joining us. we'll see you again soon, thanks very much. >> thank you. stuart: let'ses go to concern this is intriguing, i'm not sure i understand this. lauren, direct question, what is this about an interest, about the interest rate for some savings accounts -- lauren: yes. stuart: -- giving you more interest than -- lauren: so goldman sachs' consumer bank market is offering high-yielding savings account, interest rates of 2.5%, and that is an all-time high. that's a record. so that account, your savings earn 2.5% interest. stuart: so identify not -- i've got to have an account with -- lauren: yes. you were just talking about mortgage rates. affordability about has been decimated, but there are 4 million americans who are paying under 2.5% because they took
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advantage of cheap interest rates. so the point of this story is finally you're earning significant rates on a savings account, and that's more than a mortgage for 4 million people. stuart: so if you've got a mortgage rate that you're paying now that's under 2.5%, you can go to this wall street investment bank, open an account and they will pay you more than the mortgage rate of 7% interest on your savings, is that it? lauren: no, not more than 7, it's #.5% -- do. stuart: that was a nonstory. [laughter] i'm very sorry about that, to trample all over your story. lauren: i thought it meant finally if you have savings in the bank, you are earning something on those savings. one silver lining of interest rates going up. too. stuart: okay, think i got it. let's are have a look at apple, down below $150. lauren: 80% of iphone 14 shipments come from that foxconn
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factory that is locked down for seven days because of covid or fears of covid. that that's got to curtail shipments, right? so this is a problem for apple, they're down 1%. stuart: i saw ford's october sales down 10% -- lauren: correct. about 158,000 in the month. they're battling supply chain issues. stuart: still? lauren: still. about 40,000 vehicles from the third quarter are still awaiting part. stuart: i know that this is an online education company, i don't know why they're up 22% -- lauren: it seems like schools are back to normal, right? so why is an online education company that peaked during the pandemic doing so well. they're still growing. subscribers are up 9%, and they do a lot with higher education, and there is a still online component -- stuart: they've got a good product, they're doing well. thanks, lauren. there's been an arrest in connection with the shooting outside the home of new york
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gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin. we have the details coming up shortly. and missouri congressman jason smith, he's running to replace kevin brady. he's running to become the chair of the ways and means committee. that is a very powerful position, you hold the purse strings. can smith if reverse biden's tax increases if he becomes chair of house ways and means? i'll ask him because he's on the show. herschel walker's credibility keeps being called into question. it count appear to be hurting him. walker and democrat contender -- rafael warnock is the sitting candidate -- they're neck and neck in the georgia senate race. aishah hasnie will have the report shortly. ♪ i don't want to be somebody without your body close to me ♪ good luck.
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muck girl, i want to be with you all of the time, all day and all of the night ♪ stuart: the kinks, do you remember them? that is tampa, florida, of course. looks like rain's coming. it's 80 degrees and rather human. check those markets, please. we're down, in the that much. dow's off 120, nasdaq down 74. let's get to the midterms. herschel walker and senator ravenel warnock neck and neck concern rafael warnock neck and member. herschel's credibility keeps taking hits, but it doesn't seem to hurt him in the polls. why's that? >> reporter: it's pretty incredible to watch on the ground here in florida. -- in georgia. conservatives and independents who don't love the guy may look
10:20 am
past that because of the economy, because of how they're living here. check out these polls and follow me on this. so according to a new "wall street journal" poll, 48% of voters said that they thought congressional republicans were best able to rein in inflation as opposed to 27% for democrats. meanwhile, a new ajc poll reveals 52% of voters dislike how walker has handled himself personal ily, that's a lot of voters, stuart. but even with that, walker maintains a tie, a dead heat with warnock. fox caught up with some diners outsides of atlanta who say they are more worried about inflation, high gas prices than really any of those socialish issues or any last minute mud slinging. one man told us he's making more money now than he was during president trump's years, but he's bringing home less because of inflation.
10:21 am
>> my family's had to actually cut back on a lot, you know? things that we do. it's taking away from my kids because i also, i help with my kids. they do extracurricular stuff. when you're not able to tell them, you have to tell them no, you know, because you've got to eat, you got to buy gas to go to work, it really hurts us and it hurts the household too altogether. it's hurting us. >> reporter: yeah. those are your real voters on the ground speaking from the heart. now, warnock is making the case, look, both things matter equally. >> i think that the vetters of georgia -- voters of georgia can walk and chew gum at the same time. i don't think we live our lives in compartments, we live a full life. competence matters, character matters. and if herschel walker fails on
10:22 am
both counts. in the midst of this inflation, he hasn't given us a single solution. >> reporter: all right. so we'll find out what matters in just about 6 days. stuart? stuart: not a long time, is it? thanks very much, indeed. i just want to get this in real fast because president biden is going to make an unscheduled speech tonight right next to capitol hill, okay? this has just been announced. that means, to me, that means that he is segways away from the economy and gas prices and now concentrating on democracy and january the 6th. i think that's the switch that is taking place right now. that's just in to us. next case, congressman jason smith, a republican from missouri, joins me now. if the republicans take the house, you, sir, are in line to become the chair of the house ways and means committee. i think you're in line for that top job. you will hold the pursestrings.
10:23 am
if you are the chair of the house ways and means, can you reverse the tax increase which biden is imposeing on it in. >> stuart, let's say when the republicans take back the house of representatives in just six days. one of the responsibilities and part of the commitment to america is to make the economy again, stronger. and one aspect to do that is there are several provisions of the tax code that are expiring, and those will be tax increases. we i saw under the tax cut and jobs act in 2017, which i helped work with president trump on, the best economy in 50 years -- stuart: true. >> lowest unemployment -- stuart: but can you reverse these tax increases? that's the question. >> i do think we can use some of the tools. the role of reconciliation,s which is budget, they actually kid that in divided government in 1996 to get welfare reform with newt gingrich if and if bill clinton. i sure hope joe biden will try to help the republican party deliver for working class americans and help make this
10:24 am
economy strong. so it will have to be a two-party approach with the white house and, of course, congress. congress is willing to do all the heavy lifting for working class families. let's hope joe biden does the same thing. stuart: got it. i believe you are a fourth generation farmer, so you must be very much aware of the price of diesel, what it's the doing to inflation and to your farm and to the farming community. is this a major issue in missouri? >> it's a major issue. back home people care about the price of food, fuel and fertilizer. we've seen fertilizer go up almost 300% in the last year. diesel is 5.19 in my hometown of salem and, i'm telling you, farmers are struggling to make ends meet. and that is, ultimately, going to drive up the price of good for all americans. so it's only going to hurt our economy. stuart: during the commercial break before you appeared on camera are, we were discussing what the outcome of the midterms would be. you made the extraordinary statement that you thought the republicans could win 250 seats
10:25 am
in the house. that's even a bigger majority than fox is projecting. >> it absolutely is, stuart. i've been to over 70 congressional districts. i'm with speaker gingrich on this, i think we can be right at 250. people are fed up with one crisis after another whether it's the inflation crisis, the border crisis, the crime crisis, all created by one-party democrat rule in washington, and they are showing up in six days, and they are going to change that. stuart: jason smith, republican obviously from missouri, thank you very much for joining us. good luck to you, sir. thank you very much. the discount supermarket chain aldi looking to ease inflation at thanksgiving. what are they doing, lauren? lauren: they're rewinding to 2019 prices on certain items. so it all starts today, it lasts throughout the month while supplies last. you can save up to 30% because, let's face it, how much have prices risen from 2019 til now?
10:26 am
cornbread stuffing, mini marshmallows, apple pie and wine are some of these items they'll have a red rewind logo on -- stuart: that's called a loss reeder -- leader. you advertise at a low price, you get 'em in, they pay and buy something else at the same time. lauren: yeah. stuart: what's b.j.'s doing? lauren: free turkeys to members before november 10th. you spent $100 at the store, you get a free coupon for a butterball turkey while supplies last. stuart: thank you very much is. an investigation by "the wall street journal" reveals russian oil is fueling american cars through a sanctions loophole. we'll tell you all about that. bad news ahead of the holiday surgeons general a shortage of diesel could -- holiday season. gasbuddy's patrick dehaan takes that on next. ♪ running on empty, running
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going to go from the federal reserve. 2:00, we'll fine out. you can watch it here, i think. lauren's looking at the movers, and we're going to start with airbnb which is down today. lauren: yeah. it's the holiday forecast that investors don't like. airbnb saw so much growth during the pandemic. they're still growing at 25%, but they say that's going to slow down. stuart: 8% down? if. lauren: they're not book as many nights as expected. the strong dollar is impacting them as well, so everything is going to moderate. stuart: okay. a gaming company in the news, caesar's entertainment, they are up 6%. you tell me why. lauren: the ceo says, okay, it's official, we're not selling any of our investor policies, and there was an investor call last night. he apologized to investors, he said there was a rumor that we were going to, he says that's not happening. stuart: i want to know about netflix and this new tier,
10:32 am
advertisement-supported. lauren: it's coming. it actually launch. ings tomorrow in the u.k. and some other countries. it's about $2 cheaper than the current plan. you see about 4-5 minutes of advertisements for every one hour of content. some people find that annoying, some people tolerate that for the savings. advertisers will pay about $50 to reach a thousand viewers, a little bit less than netflix wanted, and they're still negotiating. stuart: and the stock is could be 1.7%. -- down 1.7%. next case, russian oil is now being pumped at american gas stations because of a loophole. of ashley webster, good morning to you. explain, please. ashley: good morning, stu. an investigation by "the wall street journal" found the gasoline made from russian crude oil was delivered to a refinery in new jersey and then distributed to gas stations across the east coast. you may ask, how is that possible with the u.s. imposing sanctions on the import of any
10:33 am
russian oil? turns out, yes, there is a loophole. u.s. sanctions are not on crude oil, rather, are on crude oil, not redefine fined products. the refinery in italy allowed banned russian crude to be refined in a country outside of russia and then sent to the. after the crude is refined in italy, it's considered italian in origin and can be, therefore, exported to the u.s. it's nuts and all i can say is so much for sanctions, if it's that easy to get around them. stuart: it's a loophole, just like that. thanks, ash. look at this, former treasury secretary larry summers and come right out and bashed any kind of windfall profits tax the on oil companies. i'm not sure i understand the argument, etc., etc. let's bring in gasbuddy's patrick dehand. what do you think about a
10:34 am
windfall profits tact on oil companies? >> i think it'll back tire. -- backfire. a winfall tax certainly does the opposite and, again, provides more -- that would likely get the -- give the industry cold feet to raising production. good news this morning, moments ago diesel inventories did pick up a small 400,000 barrel, so there's been a lot said including your segment a moment ago talking about diesel. it looks like inventories did pick up a little bit here in the last week, but overall the situation is incredibly tight. stuart: there is still a shortage of diesel. it's not like supplies are adequate -- that's the wrong word to use. it's not like there's a lot of supply. and as i understand it, this is a refinery problem. and you cannot turn a refinery problem around anytime soon. >> yeah, that's exactly it, stuart. we've lost refining capacity because of converses to
10:35 am
renewable -- conversions to renewable diesel which the government has incentive oozed -- incentivized. we've seen fire, hurricanes shutting down refining capacity as well. is so we're doing more with less. we're finding capacity down a million barrels from where we were in 2019, that's about 5%. so this is really the trouble spot. for all that's being said about the oil and the spr are, there's simply not enough refining capacity to turn it into something meaningful. inventories in the northeast do remain tight, about half of their levels that we saw a year ago. so a lot of this, again, we're talking about oil left and right, the real story is a lack of refining -- stuart: i just want to get this from someone in the field, the ceo of mansfield energy really sounding off on this diesel shortage. just listen to this, patrick. roll tape. >> there's simply a shortage of product that as compared to three years ago. the refining capacity in the united states is about a
10:36 am
1,300,000, a little over 1 million barrels a day of less capacity than we have had in the past. these refineries won't come back on line, and the product is not as available as it once was. is so we have to import more. i think it'd be helpful to pay for attention to the actual supply and demand dynamics and less about the politics. stuart: if you've got a supply shortage, surely you have a price increase coming right at us, don't we? >> yeah, exactly right. and that's why the price of diesel, sir, is certainly much above that of gasoline. diesel heading into its peak consumption season. part of the reason for that is heating oil, essentially the same product as diesel. heating oil season is just getting started in the northeast, and that's why the northeast faces an extreme amount of tightness. of course, the northeast also losing two critical refineries, the pes refinery in philadelphia, and covid shut down another refinery in canada
10:37 am
that supplies much of the northeast as well. stuart: got it. patrick dehaan, see you again soon. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: some complained after musk said he would charge users for twitter's blue check mark verification. however, he isn't budging. he's still going to charge. we'll tell you which features could come at a cost. fcc commissioner says tiktok should be banned in the u.s. he's worried too much personal data is being fed to china. hillary vaughn has the report from capitol hill next. ♪ finish tonight i'm gonna fight til we see the sunlight. ♪ tick tock on the clock, but the party don't stop, no ♪
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stuart: elon musk continues to make changes, big changes, at twitter. what's he doing now? lauren: okay, i have a lot to tell you.
10:42 am
so the new twitter blue subscription service that currently costs $5 a month, that's where you get the verified but check mark and other perks, it's going to cost $8. stuart: got it. lauren: elon musk calls the current system b.s., as you can see there, and he says your $8 gives you priority and mentions in search, you see fewer ads, other perks. "the washington post" is reporting that musk is considering a paid video feature where content creators get paid every time you click on their video and then, of course, twitter takes a cut. so the bottom line is when you like these changes or not, he is moving fast to make twitter money. you can't deny that. advertisers are certainly concerned, at least some of them. so the top 40 social organizations, they wrote a letter to the top 20 advertise thers like amazon and meta, and they asked them to please commit to stop advertising on twitter if elon musk doesn't better police the site, okay?
10:43 am
many democrats say he can't better police the site. they don't trust him to do that. and republicans are also giving him a headache of sorts. they want the correspondence related to content moderation on twitter and the hunter biden laptop information. stuart: okay. that was a lot to report. lauren: a lot going on. elon musk has a whole new headache in his position as chief twit. stuart: i thought it was king twit -- [laughter] lauren: we can call him king. he does a lot of stuff. stuart: ashley, come back in, please. we understand that twitter just hut down three china-based accounts. do you know why they did that? ashley: yeah. trying to influence the midterm election ares, that's the reason. for instance, a fake china-based account called maga hot babe is among 2,000 that have been removed by twitter. the social media platform says it has disrupted three china-based networks that were covertly trying to influence
10:44 am
american politics. the data shows that many of the fake accounts claim to be, actually, in the u.s., and they weighed in on the wide variety of hot button issues including election rigging claims. two of the three chinese networks, interestingly, fair conservatives. yeah, the one screwed more -- skewed more to the left, but it's not just chinese interference. twitter also taking down three networks that were based in iran but also claims to be -- claimed to be in the u.s. or israel with at least one account endorsing candidates all the way could be to the local -- down to the local races. stuart: thanks, ash. the fcc commissioner, brendan carr, he says tiktok should be banned in the u.s. hillary vaughn on capitol hill. what is the problem with tiktok? >> reporter: he has major security concerns over the app tiktok. tiktok is currently under a national security review by u.s. officials who are deciding if the app can be divested from its parent company, beijing-based
10:45 am
bytedance, to an american company to continue operating here in the u.s. from what carr has seen though, it doesn't sound like he's sold on the idea. he told axios this: of i don't believe there is a path forward for anything other than a ban. there isn't a world where you can come up with sufficient confidence on the data that you could have sufficient confidence that it's not finding its way back into the hands of the chinese economy. the council on foreign investment in the u.s. is in charge of reviewing the deal. a tiktok spokesperson is disputing carr's comments saying they have protections for u.s. user data as well as vetting for content moderation systems saying this: commissioner carr has no role in the confidential discussions with the u.s. government related to tiktok and appears to be expressing views independent of his role as an fcc commissioner. we are confident we are on a path to reaching an agreement with the u.s. government that will satisfy all reasonable national security concerns. aic doc spokes-- tiktok
10:46 am
spokesperson also pointed out the fact whatever that deal ends up being would mean they're held to a much higher standard than other social media apps that they're competing with. stuart? stuart: we've got it. hillary, thank you very much, indeed. we told everyone yesterday about disney offering disney+ subscribers early access to exclusive merchandise, i think it is. ashley, am i to believe that disney merchandise is selling out? ashley: seems like whatever disney does, right? it just sells right now. a number of items. these perks, as they're being called, were sold out very quickly. these subscribers, as you say, are given access to exclusive merchandise themed to disney +shows and fill becomes until november 8th as subscribers have access to the a handful of products from "star wars," black panther, lightyear and frozen all before the general public is given the opportunity. the items include apparel, toys,
10:47 am
collectibles, as you can see on the screen. disney, by the way, has more than 15 is 0 million subscribe ors worldwide -- 150 million. but growth is slowing down, and the company is testing this perks program such as early access to merchandise to see if it can lure in new subscribers or keep those from quitting. the company already offers some discounts of its theme parks and resorts, but more benefits could be on the way if this pilot test turns out to be a huge success. and as you mentioned, stu, they are already selling out of some items very quickly, indeed, so maybe more perk coming down the line. stuart: thanks, ash. now this: 350,000 fentanyl pills and over 1,000 pounds of meth were confiscated during a drug bust on the coast. several of the suspects have ties to the mexican drug cartels. what a story. jason rantz details next. ♪ ♪
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10:52 am
zeldin. ashley, tell me more. ashley: yes. zeldin himself announced the arrest of 18-year-old noah green who police say is one of the suspects involved in that shooting. the republican candidate for new york governor said the gun used in the shooting has also been recovered. now the gunfire erupted back in early october outside zeldin's home while his two 16-year-old daughters were inside. they called 911 when they heard gunshotses. two people injured in the shooting actually hid out on zeldin's front lawn. the investigation is ongoing. green, by the way, being charge ed with possession of a weapon and criminal possession of stolen property. he's also being held on $1.5 million bond. stu. stuart: thanks, ash. now look at the race for senate in washington state. it's between democrat patty murray and republican tiffany smiley. there's only 4 points between 'em. jason rantz is our seattle guy,
10:53 am
and he's with me now. that's a deep blue state. what would it mean if smiley, the republican, actually pulled off a win? >> it would be huge, right? [laughter] this would signal the direction that washington has been going. it has been so far to the left that voters have decided to say enough is enough. and we've certainly seen that along the west coast, right? when we look at san francisco, for example, getting rid of their school board directors, their d.a., they said you've to gone too far. so to see that happen here in washington state would be significant, and i remember about four months ago youd asked me, hey, there's this person running for senate out in washington, does she have a chance? all of a sudden, the momentum is on her side. two polls came out recently showing her within 2 points. and as you said, in a blue state to get that close suggests this is going to be incredibly tight, and she has a really good shot at winning. stuart: who would have thought. jason, this is a big story. you've got the story on the car cartel bringing in illegal
10:54 am
migrants to america and starting a drug ring. is this the story about 1,000 pounds of meth? >> yeah. it's 1,000 pounds of meth, it's a lot of heroin, it's also, of course, over 350,000 fentanyl pills have been trafficked into country coming from cartels in mexico through these differing drug trafficking organizations. the federal government along with local law enforcement out of l.a. and and seattle, these drugs were on the way to seattle, ended up making the bust. they got two rvs full, and i mean full, of these drugs. they made arrests, 17 in total, some in september, some in the last week. and what i was able to find out through my sources, at least six of those who were arrested are in this country illegally. of the six, at least two of hem were recently deported. one of them is jose paleo. according to one of my sources, he is from mexico. he was deported within the last couple months and, of course, is able to get back into this
10:55 am
country. so it's not just a story about the open border, it's also a story about the drugs that are flooding our cities all across the country. and we're seeing a huge surge in deaths not just with fentanyl, but also with meth. it's coming from the cartels, and no one seems to be doing anything about it from the biden administration. close our borders. stuart: one has to believe that if you've got this cartel operation on the west coast, 1,000 pounds of meth, all the way up, thousands of miles up to washington state, there have to be similar cartel-run drug rings in other parts of the country supplying this poison all over the place. >> absolutely. stuart: it's got to be more than this. >> stuart, it's way more than this. think about it from this terms. we got 17 people off the street, that's great. there are hundreds more just like them in king county alone. and so you're absolutely correct, we're seeing this happen all across the country. going after 17, you know, kudos to the federal government. but you've got so many more operating because it's so easy to get away with this in this country right now.
10:56 am
remember, in the pacific northwest we have decriminalized drugs which has effect live i -- effectively legalized it. these are easy targets for the cartels. stuart: good lord. jason rantz, i'm glad you exposed us to this stuff. see you again soon. quick check of the market, please. prices holding relatively steady in advance of the big fed announcements on rates that comes at 2:00 this afternoon, 2:00 eastern time. jason chaffetz still ahead, texas congresswoman mayra flores and david bossie. "the new york times" picked up on all the gaffes the president made last night. you know, it's not like the times to be critical of a democrat president a week before an election. something's going on. that's my take, it's next. ♪ ♪ i don't give a damn about my reputation. ♪ living in the past, it's a new generation ♪
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people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> i think it was one of the worst mistakes we've made in half a century. very few lives were savedded from lockdowns, and we're going to pay a price for 40 years. >> when the commander in chief is stumbling and bumbling, it sends a message around the world that america is weak. it's teenagers for our national security, for the -- dangerous for our national security, the


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