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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the nation in the world by the way largest lottery prize ever guinness world record greatest jackpot and the national lottery was set by a powerball jan january 2016, back then three tickets won a $1.586 billion jackpot, good luck to everybody. we wish you the very best, stay tuned for fox business i'm hosting with "maria bartiromo wall street" tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight was special guest karl rove, george pataki, he has a lot to say about the race here in new york and manson money ceo mark matson. we hope you can tune in for, that doesn't for us on "fox business tonight" that week, election week of the year, all week on "fox business tonight" "the evening edit" start right now. >> sprint to the finish, four days left until the midterms,
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it's a dead heat in some battles that could decide party control in the dreaded elon musk e-mail that 3700 twitter employees received today as he fires half of his staff and hits out woke activist for driving away advertisers. plus the fbi is broken gop jobs a 1000 page report saying the bureau is rotten at its core manipulated stats for political purposes and deliberately downplayed hunter biden allegations. i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" start right now. >> good evening and welcome everybody. we began with their money stocks have a four-day losing streak in the nasdaq the worst week since january. the u.s. labor department announcing employers added
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261,000 nonfarm jobs. more than expected but employers are raising some concerns about a persistent labor shortage. edward lawrence at the white house with us with more. >> jackie, this jobs report hotter than expected will keep the federal reserve on track for the aggressive rate hikes. the unemployment rate as you know up to 3.7%. still below with the federal reserve predicted a be at the end of this year. they believe they have room to move interest rates, here is a real pain and this report for americans. wages of 4.7% year-over-year while inflation is running at eight-point to percent in the same time. prices outpacing wages that's what you see the polling trending towards republicans. labor secretary is walking backward he told me two months ago that we might be in a recession now. >> we've been hearing a growing chorus of people say they're seeing a recession the next 12 e now, when you believe looking at the labor numbers and the jobs and the layoffs at uc. >> this question is come up a
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lot, obviously. obviously i'm not an economist, we have had probably a ten year run here in the united states of america have a pretty solid economy. somewhere in the future there might be a recession. i think right now were focused on bringing on inflationary pressures and making sure we continue to move our economy forward. >> we see large tech companies and other large companies have layoffs or say they're positing the hiring, that is not reflected in this jobs report. they are going to see that in the next couple months. back to you, edward lawrence, thank you. and with just four days until the midterms pocketbook issues are taking center stage. or voters across the nation. for more on the economy in today's jobs report but spoken congresswoman ashley hinson from house budget committee along with heritage foundation research fellow ej entity. congresswoman ed like to go ahead and start with you. this report today, the markets ended on a positive note, they
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are thinking possibly were getting to the tipping point that jerome powell has been looking for so maybe he will be as aggressive with respect to rate hikes but as edward pointed out we still see really high inflation, not enough wage growth to be able to keep up and americans are struggling and before i let you answer i want to play a couple of sound bites, one from joe biden and one from ron klain this is with her going on saying about the economy. >> when i took office this economy was it ruined pre-today were in a much better place, people are still hurting, the economy is up apply enterprise inflation is down, real inflation is up, gas prices need to come down more. the america people are seeing the benefit of the economy that works for them. >> we are not in a recession. >> the economy is growing, it is strong, creating jobs. >> congress woman your reaction to that. >> it seems that they think if they say it enough it'll be true but i tell you what i'm hearing for bio wins the pelosi pay cut
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is very real, i went there feeling it, americans are feeling it i just talked with iowans at a gas station town hall yesterday. there are many people have it pick up extra shifts to make ends meet for the families. the president and speaker pelosi continue to double down on those failures the out-of-control spending that we know trigger the inflation that we are experiencing now, president biden inherited a recovering economy and today with nancy pelosi they've turned it into a recession and it's hurting working families. >> ej when it comes to the actual jobs report, that appointment rate went up to 2.7%. that's because the way it's calculated comes from the household survey the household survey showed a loss of 328,000 jobs. when you look a little bit deeper into the report we see a participation rate once again instead of going up it went down these are some red flags indicate the labor market that the white house is sort of investing its performance on, saying everything is fine that
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it might be at a tipping point in might be about to crack. >> the household survey that you just mentioned has been flat since march meanwhile the establishment survey were we get the headline jobs number is up over 2 million. so we have a syncopal disparity right now and on top of that we seem very bizarre pattern of seasonal adjustments which have increased the numbers as far this year on the headline jobs number, all of those are good and need to be subtracted in the last month of the year. in terms of the net games of jobs right now i don't think anything's or near where as rosie as these headline uppers for the white house for that matter is trying to make it appear. >> a couple of headlines to bring to our viewers attention. one in the new york post, the biden administration boasting no meetings to prepare for recession despite expert warnings, second headline on fox business harvard economist warning that the u.s. is headed for significant recession.
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congresswoman we hear from bank ceos like jamie dimon and goldman sachs ceos david solomon that they do think their headwinds are coming for this country in the american people. >> absolutely were seeing the on the ground in iowa inflation is soaring in rural america will we look at our farmers and what they're experiencing with input cost and what i families in pain at the grocery store they are all feeling that pain i think it's very evident, i think the biden administration is very lucky the cpi report is not coming out talk to the election but we all know, we all feeling we know what that means for our economy. were starting to see her businesses, see the contraction, here in iowa and around the country. they can say what they want but we are in a recession, we had two quarters and contracting growth already. we see that this year.
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i think republicans are going to be obviously winning the house back on tuesday firing nancy pelosi and hopefully writing the ship and stopping the excessive government spending and holding this administration accountable for the two years of failure. we can't afford another two years like the last two. jackie: when you take the three latest gdp numbers together and aggregate, were only looking for tens of 8% of growth. it's anemic at best and having said that, a lot of this has to do with gas prices. prices at the pump with the president came into office, $2.39. $3.79 now is a national average and were talking about diesel prices that are much higher. the diesel prices are potentially going to stay high because of the diesel shortage on our hands and that's going to have an impact to the whole supply chain. my view on that prices will stay high until we fix the problem with an energy policy in this country. >> that is spot on people really underestimate how much energy affects everything that we do and everything that we buy and as you increase the price of energy you can increase prices across the economy and it really
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is astounding, someone insulting the way the biden administration talks about the economy as if everything is great and they completely ignore the fact that the average family has lost $6000 in purchasing power since biden took office and their borrowing costs are now about $1300 more expensive per year, families feel like their $7300 pour under this administration and is directly because of the policy. >> congresswoman, final word on energy and how consumers are experiencing their budgets right now when the democrats, television they say u.s. production is back to where it was pre-pandemic, that is actually not true, what they do they add in the million barrels, the president is taken out of the spr that is not new production, that's coming out of the conference, eventually were not to be able to do that anymore. >> at a certain point you administration has to admit were not pumping enough oil to meet our demands.
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>> jackie they put up every single robot on shabbat to domestic energy production these are the predictable result to happen when you put american energy production last. we need to look at all the above energy strategy and you are right they are directly connected with the inflation that we are seen in this country. thank goodness for our truckers delivering everything whether lit with the paper or the food were eating but boy that price has gone up because of gas and because of diesel been well over $5 a gallon. let's produce more and look to i want a natural solution, were calling for all of the above energy strategy and i hope voters and a serious message to president biden and speaker pelosi on tuesday that the ready for a different direction in this country to drive us forward. >> at the polls are any indication it seems like they will, congresswoman ashley hinson great to see you tonight. ej, thank you both for your time. >> thank you. >> midterms as republican candidates young daughters are almost killed after a gunman opened fire at a north carolina home were democrat rival film the campaign add with the
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bullets landing close to where they slept. the children now in hiding. president biden visiting illinois skipping over wisconsin were deadlocked senate race is underway, the washington examiner byron york is next on "the evening edit". could become a family tradition? this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there. as you plan, protect and retire. ♪ among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. ♪ what will you do? will you make something better? create something new? our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to bring out the innovator in you.
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jackie: president biden is in illinois today but is not to be stopping in porter state wisconsin where i deadlocked senate race is underway, grady trimble is in kohler wisconsin did more for us. >> hi jackie i asked democratic senate candidate mandella barnes if he asked president biden not to come to wisconsin, yes or no question, could not get a straight answer. the last time president biden was here over labor day he was joined by governor tony evers but mandella barnes did not show up. barnes blamed a scheduling conflict that day. today the president is just one stay awake campaigning for governor jb pritzker and a couple of congressional debt entering candidates. but in wisconsin biden is nowhere to be found. >> you want to present here between now and tuesday. >> anybody talking about middle
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class is more than welcome to come to wisconsin. >> 40 or high inflation record gas prices, skyrocketing crime and open border flooding our streets with deadly drugs. it just doesn't work. he can't comment about a essays because he so as mckeon's policies are so grossly unpopular. >> right now barnes is trailing senator ron johnson in the latest fox news pull that 8% of undecided voters could determine the outcome of this election as it still close within the margin of error. the number one issue here in wisconsin inflation alibi abortion. >> grady trimble, thank you. joining is now washington examiner byron york. always great to see you and get your insight on these topics he was talking about wisconsin, let's shift gears and talk about ohio for a moment. even cnn is reporting that democrat tim ryan is trying to distance himself a little bit from the party we have a soundbite from him i want to start there and how do you react on the other side?
6:17 pm
>> the democratic party has never been really good at strategic political decisions so you know it's not a surprise here, thank god i have enough experience that i built this campaign not needing them and we really don't want them at this point. >> that's a pretty strong statement byron. >> is pretty amazing he is running as a democrat and his problem in brian's problem is statewide in ohio the democratic party is not very popular in the democratic president is not very popular. if you watched the town hall with him earlier this week with brett barron and martha maccallum, tim ryan made himself the world's biggest fan of natural gas of using that to predict and to produce electricity of the united states. completely leaving aside the democratic dogma about switching over to renewable energy services. you do what you gotta do, he is trying to keep appear although
6:18 pm
it looks like in the end he's going to lose to jd vance. >> is interested not only as former president obama hitting the trail hard yet the clinton's out there as well. the feeling essentially that people connect with the clintons or the former president more than they do with the current president. we've got a look at where biden is planning on going, planning to be in pennsylvania on saturday and obviously that is a tight race but pennsylvania is a state that he wants to really try to win but there was a disastrous debate with john federman and you have him on florida on tuesday he's making a stop in new mexico as well he's not really hitting some of the states, that are the tightest rather. >> when you look at the four big tossup states that it really going to determine who wins control of the senate which is pennsylvania and then georgia and arizona and nevada,
6:19 pm
pennsylvania is only one that joe biden is going to, he's literally not going to the other three and they could really determine who wins the senate. obviously the president originally from scranton, pennsylvania and feels a real connection to the state and goes there a lot, he's been there then any other state since he's been president except for his home in delaware. he feels like he still popular enough to go there but everywhere else the candidates are not begging him to come they would much rather have barack obama a former president who is very, very popular with the party, and speak with them, not the current president. >> in pennsylvania specifically that race is very tight between doctor oz and john federman and then you have overcoming out endorsing john federman and i thought there was a statement from doctor oz on this and that essentially said i'm paraphrasing that he still feels
6:20 pm
and still cares for oprah the pentagon relationship over the years but their politics are in fact very different when oprah has to come out that is also some of the big guns that they are trying to get some support for. >> i did think oprah winfrey endorsement was the world's least surprising news, she's a big democrat, she obviously helped make doctor oz's career but i didn't think there was any doubt that she would endorse john federman but what you're seeing in pennsylvania this race is almost even i think i looked at the real clear politics average which had doctor oz up by one tenth of 1%. the race is tied and what we've seen is a change in the polling since october 25 debate. a lot of us remarked at the time the debate was hard to watch, federman struggled to formulate thoughts and we were wondering what effect that would have on the voters of pennsylvania, what we can say now it did seem to be
6:21 pm
a turn in the polling for doctor oz. >> final point i want to make sunny hosting from the view making a controversial statement, let's hear and react on the other side. >> i read a poll just yesterday that white republican suburban women are now going to vote republican. >> why? >> it's almost like roaches voting for raid. >> how do you react to that. >> what can you say that. >> i don't take it very seriously, this is a huge factor what is going on in the demographic changes within the party is really huge, democrats had depended on white middle-class suburban women for a lot of support in recent years and if they are turning away from the party even for the midterms is really bad news for democrats. >> i think it's a crucial point in 2016 try actually gain favor
6:22 pm
with white suburban women which was unexpected and helped him a lot and then they shifted back towards biden in 2020 and here we are in the midterms the shifting once again it's a crucial part of the vote and to characterize them in that way was an interesting way to do it, let's put it that way. >> byron york, good to see you, thank you. >> the gop dropping to 1000 page report saying the fbi is broken, manipulated stats for political purposes and deliberately playing downplaying the hunter biden allegation. and then the man arrested for sexually assaulting a jogger in new york city's west village is an alleged serial rapist with 25 prior arrests. the heritage foundation on "the evening edit" next. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity.
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it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ >> look at this horrifying story a homeless man wanted her to crimes was arrested in connection with the rape of a 43-year-old jogger in manhattan's west village yesterday. a man who has been identified as karl feighner had been arrested 25 times prior to this for offenses occluding assault, drug dealing, fox news lauren greene has more for us. >> he was arraigned in manhattan this afternoon, he is also suspected into other sexual assault cases. he appeared wearing a gray hoodie and sweatpants.
6:27 pm
he was arrested thursday after police cornered him at the port authority bus turned him under terminal several hours after he allegedly robbed and sexually assaulted a 43 old woman out jogging in the hudson river park the woman was left bloodied and shoeless. he has been charged in yesterday's rape along with attacks on women in october and march. he faces charges of rape, predatory sexual assault, strangulation and robbery. he has also been busted at least 25 times. sources say mostly for petty larceny, assault and drug dealing. reacting to the front page story republican governor tori located at lee zeldin tweeted this is the reality of life in kathy hochul's new york, though like your life depends on it because it does. a news of it arrested not call the nerves of people who frequent the scenic area along the river. >> i go on walks in the gym and live on charles street and i'm out of the door at 645 every morning and it could've been me. it's horrifying.
6:28 pm
>> for entered and no plea, he was ordered remanded so he'll stay behind bars and will have a mental health assessment is next court is november 9, back to you jackie. >> lauren greene thank you so much for that. joining us with reaction heritage foundation senior legal fellow zach smith, it's great to see you and this shows you not only bad how things are in new york city everywhere in the country as well recent fox news poll found 79% of voters are either extremely or very concerned about crime. some of the left-leaning media outlets will say that fox news and fox business are making up a crime narrative here, we have stats from the nypd, take a look at this across the board the crime surgeon numbers, total crime is up 30%, robberies up 32%, felony assault is up 14%. these are 2022 numbers compared to 2021 and remember in 21 we
6:29 pm
already had a crime problems of the basis already and then you hear a report like this because of cashless bail, somebody like this was able to rape and beat somebody because they had been let back on the street essentially. kathy hochul in your own words, this is what she says about crime. >> i acknowledge there's a kind issue, it's not new to me because it's election time, but working on this throughout my entire time as governor. >> we work so hard getting guns off the streets but for now to come down that i'm soft on cr crime, he is soft on guns and that's a real problem. >> that is her explanation, your reaction. >> i think is detached from reality in large part, the story is very tragic but it's not surprising.
6:30 pm
in so many of our nations largest cities we seen a toxic trio where the elected leaders have chosen to do and to defend the please, demoralize the police and they supported prosecutors who are refusing to do their jobs and prosecute criminals. so what results can you expect in these very tragic storms like the one we just heard were many cities in our country right now are facing a crime crisis were rapes, robberies and homicide is absolutely exploding. through the roof. >> as somebody who lives in new york city and been watching this firsthand i've been reporting on and talking about it for my personal experiences and what people told me around me when 79% of voters extremely or very concerned about crime and the politicians stand up and say that there in fact is no crime problem it almost feel like our fears are being dismissed. i think that's very powerful when people go to vote because they don't want to feel dismissed they don't want to feel hurt, they wanted out of the person that the body first taking them seriously and going to try to do something about it versus just trying to explain it away in some other fashion.
6:31 pm
>> is absolutely right, look unfortunately many on the left have tried to use facts and figures to tell voters they're not really experiencing the surgeon crime. in fact several months ago a left-leaning group put out a study that reported to show the red states trump voting states had higher murder rates than many other places in the united states. just today my colleagues and i released a report that said we know crime is actually concentrating geographically and demographically in many of our nations biggest cities. we wanted to see what happened when you took out lulu cities from the otherwise red states. the results speak for themselves we take out the city of chicago from the state of illinois. illinois murder rate drops by 55%, the same thing happens in missouri when you take on st. louis jobs over 35% and it
6:32 pm
really just shows that is soft on crime policies that are hurting so many citizens in our country. >> i would love to say to governor hochul maybe it has less to do with the gun issue and more to do with cashless bail for example, zach smith, great to see you, so much to look forward to them to wait and see what happens on tuesday, a big day for this blue state. good to see you tonight. >> thank you for having me on. >> elon musk drastic decision to lay off half of twitter's workforce. will this help the social struggling network dire finances. will discuss it. also the gop dropping to 1000 page report saying the fbi is broken. they talk about manipulated stats for political purposes and how the fbi deliberately downplayed hunter biden allegations the new york post john levin here next on "the evening edit".
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>> welcome back, house republicans releasing a new report today detailing whistleblower accusations of fbi misconduct. an politicized nation of the highest levels of the justice department, joining is now with reaction to all of this let's welcome new york post columnist john levin, it's great to be with you i want to start with the soundbite of jim jordan who is at the helm here in this is what he had to say. >> and releases report today which just shows how bad things have gotten at the fbi in the d.o.j. it is all driven by politics over there, america is not america if you have a justice department that treats people differently under the law it is supposed to be equal treatment under the law. that is not happening, we know it's not happening because 14 brave fbi agents came to us as whistleblowers, we had a whistleblower tell us they are getting rid of conservative republican type fbi agents. >> this report is a bombshell in some ways, may be telling us
6:38 pm
some of the things we already knew, having the whistleblowers come forward really gives it a lot more clout and the republicans have said if there is a red wave this is something to get a pursue. >> my first reaction when i saw this i was blown away it's an incredible primary source document it's a thousand page long and i think it will definitely be a major reference material for an investigation that comes out of the next congress from the house judiciary committee in the house oversight committee. >> when it comes to hunter biden for example, jim jordan was referencing this treatment that is not fair. what is okay for some is that okay for others in the case of hunter biden. those allegations were downplayed very early on and we also know the social media suppressed that story and this could've had an impact on the election. a big impact possibly turning it. >> for people who follow the hunter biden investigation this is not new, this intelligence agency is not covered themselves
6:39 pm
in glory over the past few years. going back to even when joe biden was vice president, it's very hard to believe that these agencies were aware of what the vice president son was up to years later in the period of the laptop we saw the fbi escape the investigation they had access to the laptop and they did nothing with it with the new york post published little revelations on the laptop the fbi worked for social media companies to suppress it former intelligence agency officials falsely labeled as russian disinformation when they must've known that was not true, there are so many lingering questions and what this report does offer a framework to explain why all these things are happening. >> if you look at how hunter biden mistreated and then you go back how president trump was treated when the fbi was investigating first of all the fbi investigation started off the false dossier that ended up being a complete hoax for the clinton campaign and you saw some of the text messages with fbi agents basically showing political bias, clearly.
6:40 pm
>> one of the things in the new document is how the agency was trying to shut out conservative leaning members. i should stress most fbi agents are very good patriotic people. this is an about them, this is about the politicized bureaucracy that is at the top of the department led by christopher wray and his can be a major point investigation in the next congress i believe. >> is interesting to see this notion that you just pointed out conservatives are being tar targeted, targeted losing their jobs being weeded out on purpose, that is scary. >> this is really soviet stuff, this is not the point of the intelligence agency, is now at the fbi is meant to do and this is what we should hopefully bring the fbi back to you. >> it's been a debate this report is a step in the right direction but we will see what happens, all eyes are on tuesday, your thoughts on how this is all going to shake out.
6:41 pm
>> at the republicans are in for a very good night on tuesday. these investigations will go forward. >> we will be watching, great to see you, thank you so much for coming in. >> a group of house republicans calling for cbp commissioner chris mingus magnus, to resign in the wake of a report that alleges the official is unengaged at his job, elon musk at house layoffs at twitter. some employees file a lawsuit, right here on "the evening edit" next. what if there was a community of like minded people ready to support you when you need it most?
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we have enough to splurge on catnip toys! i feel so accomplished. pet me please! great prices. happy pets. chewy. dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. life is for living. we got this. let's partner for all of it. edward jones jackie: no nonsense billionaire elon musk begins mass layoffs at twitter but promises to pay the employees until february as he hits out at woke activist for driving away advertisers, connell mcshane is in new york city with more for us. >> twitter is cutting back in a big way, the new owner says there's been a massive drop in
6:46 pm
revenue on activist groups pressuring advertisers even though nothing is changed with content moderation we did everything to peace activist elon musk saying much of it is predated his ownership. >> we think twitter was having pretty severe revenue challenges and cost challenges before the acquisition started in any company that is depended on advertising has had a hard time. >> the big name advertisers costing their business food company general mills and automakers and goals wagon audi, twitter today started what appears to be a massive round of layoffs. the wall street journal says roughly 50% of the workforce is it this is a company that had more than 7500 employees when the year began. the workers found out their fate in an e-mail. some of the impacted employees taking to twitter, michelle austin headed up a public policy
6:47 pm
that woke up to the news of my time working on twitter has come to an end. i am heartbroken, i am in denial. others already trained to push back to the court a federal lawsuit was filed thursday with a handful of twitter employees claiming the company violated the law by not providing enough warning about the layoffs. >> connell mcshane, thank you, joining the nonmainstream columnist for the wall street journal bill mcgurn, always great to see you, can't wait to get your take on this. essentially what we do know here is that elon musk broadcasted the fact that he was going to be laying people off to jobs at the helm of twitter, he has to make this a more profitable company and he also has to make sure that the employees that were working in the old regime when there were bots and things that were working with respect to censorship that they know longer have the power to do that anymore to the employee was always difficult to lose a job, to be very shellshocked by this seems a little surprising to me. >> it's part of america you have
6:48 pm
to hope your company makes money and then you can keep your job. i don't know what you would do with 44 billion but if i invested 44 billion i want to make money, that's what is trying to do and there's two ways to make money cut down the expenses and expand revenue. i think the example of the latter is charging people $8 a month and maybe the other is part of keeping expenses. a lot of people think he overpaid for. if that is true that means i have a lot of overhead that they had to get rid of and nobody's entitled to a job, you and i can be let go tomorrow if they think they can't afford us or the paper or the channel is making money so no one should be shocked by that, it is painful to individuals but some of these
6:49 pm
people want to guarantee of a lifetime job and also let spieth drink. about opposition to elon musk seems to be based on the idea of politics that is not someone you can count on to suppress news and so forth. >> i will point out he is giving some people very generous severance packages as well. it's not like they could be complete the cut off from the paycheck to give them some time to rebound. you mentioned this idea of making money, how does he make money he makes money by cutting costs or raising tag revenues, that's can prove to be a little bit difficult at least initially because as connell points out we have these big name companies that are pausing to see what happens, is elon musk and a brick twitter or make it more broken than it already is, conservatives certainly don't think so but some of these companies want to see what happens. your thoughts if too many companies get on board and
6:50 pm
pulled acts? >> i think that's a problem, i also think that you create what he wants to create a digital town or townsquare where people can exchange ideas in the civil manner, that is a value and i think people want to be there. also what i think is trying to do, you mentioned aggregate needs, the very important but he's trying to find other streets that would get him through the rough times like the $8 a month or the blue checked, just as cable news has a subscription as well as the journal. i think he is looking at always to do that, i think we should wish him well. again a lot of this seems to be politically motivated and i hope it passes by, i hope he irons out all these kings in the beginning and prospers.
6:51 pm
>> i will make the point as well not only would charging for the blue checkmark bringing additional agro revenue it would also require a human being to go with the physical credit card to pay the $8 which would indicate also that you're not a bot and that was one of the things he wants to remove from the platform to make it better. we will be watching to see how it plays out, i think is a very smart guy, i think taking the company private even if he overpaid he will probably still headed out of the park if he executes properly and people don't get his way, real quick i know thought. >> i think when you spend $44 billion you have definite ideas of what you want to do to create value and i think he has a track record of success and he's in a very new field and i wish him well. jackie: we will watch and see and continue to monitor all the tweeting, bill mcgurn, thank you so much, have a great weekend. jackie: maybe you could be the big winner, the powerball
6:52 pm
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>> you're tired of the high gas prices, the tired of the high food prices, there tired of the crime rate going up in our community, equal on both sides of the aisle. they are coming to vote republican, the people that are in line are voting republican. they tell me day after day after day, i'm going straight red, down the line. >> that was texas republican congressional candidate irene armendariz jackson flaming president biden for skipping a southern border visit in the final campaign push ahead the midterm elections, i wonder why he won't go there.
6:57 pm
he was in new mexico yesterday, san diego today, with me now arizona sheriff mark lamb. good to see you. your thoughts about this willful avoidance of the border. if i were the president people were calling me out on it i would just go down there at least to say that i had gone but for him if i don't go it's an ostrich you put your head in the sand if i don't go and i don't see it i don't have to acknowledge that we have a problem. >> exactly it makes no sense but is also no surprise as well to any of us that a been watching the guys for the last two years they had completely ignored the border, it's almost like when we pull the low vehicles over with people being trafficked into this country there in the camouflage close in the back of the car in a lather and if they think you don't see them and as long as they don't look you in the eye and they won't see him that's all biden approaches his problem if i don't pretend i don't see it doesn't exist.
6:58 pm
>> there is a group of house republicans calling on biden to get rid of the border chief cbp commissioner chris magnus, they want him to resign there is a report that basically indicates he is unengaged at his job, he doesn't really care. >> i get the same report from the inside channels of border patrol, they have fallen asleep during meetings and totally don't care, comes in just an appropriate leap. he is a nice guy, no chief magnus but that doesn't mean he's the right person for the job, we stood against him initially and for good reason he is showing why we thought he was right for the job. >> obviously it is not just human trafficking, it's not just the fact that the cartels are profiting from and controlling the border basically right now it is also the drug trade. border officers have seized over
6:59 pm
$5.8 million worth of math on a truck that was entering the united states. i feel like everyday there is a new headline whether it's math or fentanyl or cocaine coming into this country destroying us. >> jackie, the reason there's a new headline every day is happening every day. multiple times a day, these numbers of the drugs that were seen are unprecedented. it is showing the amount of poisoned americans every year which is now increase the leading cause of death, over 107,000 americans last year in arizona we had 33 children die from fentanyl poisoning. seven were under the age of one. that statistical line is appalling and she get these folks on elected. >> here's what's interesting to me about the fentanyl especially the rainbow colored fentanyl. i was reading more about it today. my understanding, the reason they make it rainbow is not necessarily to entice children to take one, they know that they will die but the cartels want to smuggle it in that way there would be less conspicuous to
7:00 pm
them and it can come into this country because input into other drugs out on the street. your thoughts. >> i think this a little bit of truth to that but i do think it's contrary to what they're saying and i think they are targeting the youth, they want this to be. they want kids to want it and making all different colors is going to do that. jackie: it's the easiest way to get them addicted. it is sad if you're saying that's really happening then it's something we have to think about. sheriff we always love getting your insight in talking to you. this is a tough subject. we appreciate you coming on, thank you. >> god bless pima sheriff markley him. >> thank you so much for joining us on this friday night. i'm jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald. you want to "the evening edit" on fox business. that's going to do it for us, thank you and have a wonderful weekend. >> from the fox studios in new york city this is "maria bartiromo's wall street"


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