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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 9, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> ron desantis is the binner. he didn't just win florida, he completely wiped away democrat
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opposition. i think both parties are looking for a transition to the next generation. >> florida's going to stay free. we did our part to take back the majority in the house in flipping four seats in florida alone. >> investors have been positioning for something a red wave, as was expected, a red wave would result in a 4, 5, 6% pop, but it doesn't look so good this morning. >> huge disappointment for republicans. there's no other way to put a sugar coat on it. >> gridlock is good from a market perspective because of the fact that we don't have to worry about any major tax reform or regulations over the next two years. ♪ ♪ ooh, i got a few attitude ♪ stuart: i've got a new attitude, is that what it is? lauren: patti labelle. stuart: i guess you could say i'm rather disappointed, but let's not go on. drone on, stu. 11:00 eastern, it is wednesday, november the 9th, the day after,
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and look what's happening on the markets, they're down. the nasdaq's down 130, the dow's down close to 300 points. as for big tech, mixed picture there. we have one winner, meta platforms, of all people. they're up nearly 7%, but alphabet, microsoft, apple and amazon all down today. better take a look at the cryptos, all over the place this morning, mostly way down. there is instability in the crypto markets, and that's really disrupt aringing prices. bitcoin at 17,1. take the 10-year treasury yield, please. we're now at 4.10%. that yield has actually come down a little bit. we have -- oh, this is important, depending what she says -- [laughter] headlines prosecute richmond fed. lauren: can i just pour cold water on what he's doing to -- going to say? stuart: what who who's going to say? lauren: the fed. it doesn't matter. it matters the cpi that they
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have to react to. but tom barkin, who is a h-voting member -- non-voting member, says getting to normal might lead to a downturn. goldman sachs said a soft landing scenario is still possible, but no matter what fed officials say, they are being led by the inflation data, and we get the latest tomorrow. stuart: and it's probably going to be 8%, probably. we think. okay, lauren, thanks so much. now this: the state of play, no red wave. the republicans are close to taking the house, four senate races too close to call, so control of the senate not yet fixed. what does all this mean? first, if kevin mccarthy does become the speaker, he'll have his work cut out for him. he will have a small majority which means he needs absolute voting discipline. that may limit his pa power to roll back any of biden's agenda. the president has to decide what he's going to do for the next two years. president obama pivoted to a
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more centrist position after his shellacking, and he came back strong. but biden was not shellacked, so he may not feel he's got to change his leftist tilt, and he may also feel that he's strong enough politically to keep going for a second term. one group won hands down, the squad; that is, aoc, ilhan omar, ayanna pressley, rashida tlaib, cori bush and jamaal bowman. they are all on the far, far left, and they won easily. that means the socialists will have even more influence within the democrat party. but you've really got to go back to governor desantis' landslide win many florida to figure out the impact on the republican party and the race for the presidency in 2024. desantis looked presidential in his victory speech, and the issues that gave him such a big win will attract voters everywhere. donald trump is not happy. is so here's the state of play, astonishment at fetterman's win in pennsylvania, amazement at
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the scale of the desantis win in florida, disappointment for the republicans, a sigh of relief from the democrats. not quite what we were expecting. finish the third hour of "varney" starts right now. ♪ ♪ stuart: martha maccallum joins us this wednesday morning. art, marsha, you were covering it all night long, 8 or 10 is hours, it was. [laughter] what was the biggest surprise last night9? >> well, i think you went through them in a pretty accurate way. obviously, there was a lot of discussion about a big red wave which, clearly, did not happen. it points a lot of attention towards the pollsters, the pundits as the wave was, you know, supposedly growing over the course of last week. what was that. i really do think it forces a reevaluation of, of what they do. and i think it's been several cycles of it. i would say that our fox news
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voter analysis held up very well, and and it was what tempered our sort of outlook on the evening when we got a look at those numbers and how people were voting. i would also say the only thing that wasn't on your list which i think is emerging as something that was a significant factor is abortion and abortion rights. and i think that republicans -- and i spoke to some republican consultants about this, and i asked them if they the felt that they should take a more sort of proactive, let's explain the supreme court decision and what it means in these states perspective, and they said we don't think those voters are persuadable. and maybe they weren't. but ignoring the issue, i think, hurt them. and i think there was a lot of grassroots building of that vote among the youth vote and among women that had a substantial impact last night in a lot of ways. stuart: got it. now, let's focus on the real red tsunami which was, in fact, in florida. here's governor desantis'
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victory speech. roll it, please. >> we have embraced free come. we have maintained -- freedom. we have maintained law and order. we have protected the rights of parents. we have respected our taxpayers, and we reject woke ideology. [cheers and applause] we fight the woke in the legislature, we fight the woke in the schools, we fight the woke in the corporations. we will never, ever surrender to the woke mob. [cheers and applause] florida is where woke dose to die! [cheers and applause] stuart: all right, martha. did desantis just launch a presidential campaign? >> absolutely. you know, he hasn't officially, but this is what bold, fearless politics looks like. and people gravitate9 to it. and as i said last night, florida presented an option during covid. it was a place where people could make a choice and say i don't want to live this way, i want to live that way. and i thought what we saw last
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night in florida was an extraordinary message. we have a long way to go before the presidential election, of course, and, you know, you mentioned president trump, the former president was probably not happy at all when he watched what unfolded last evening. but i do think that it was an extraordinary win for ron desantis. to win by 20 points, to win in miami-dade, to show that hispanic support was very large for him. he won in palm beach, both of which he lost last time around. so this makes things extremely interesting. you saw "the new york post" cover today, ke future -- de future is a different message than desanctimonious. stuart: are we about to see leadership under the republican party, desantis and trump, are they going to go at it? >> there's no reason for ron -- there's a lot of speculation maybe he'll wait, he's only 44
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years old. maybe desantis will wait. i think last night changed that dynamic dramatically. stuart: i agree agree with you. martha, thank you for taking time out. we'll be watching you this afternoon. >> thank you, sir. stuart: the markets still in play, we're down 266 on the dow as we speak. mark tepper has agreed to join us for the entire hour. postelection coverage. all right, the markets are down -- >> yeah. stuart: are investors disappointed that we didn't get a real, serious red wave? >> yeah. and i think, obviously, just the uncertainty overall. i think the market's got a little bit of indigestion from just not knowing what the eventual outcome is going to be. to beat that same dead horse that that everyone else has been beating, gridlock, obviously, is good for the stock market. actually, pretty good. so if you look at annualized returns from 1933 on with a democratic congress, democratic president, 9.8% per year. if we end up with a democratic
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senate, republican house, democratic president which kind of seems to be the likely outcome at this point, 13.6%. so 3.8% better per year. am i thrilled with the outcome? no. but, hey, you know what? if stocks are juiced up a little bit, so be it. stuart: you brought with you something called cheap pizza. [laughter] as an inflation warning. you better explain that. >> all right. so we'll call in the pizza indicator, right? so i was talking with a buddy who manages the p and l for nestle. and he told me one of the biggest things he's noticed as he goes through that p and l is customers are trading down in the pizzas they are buying from the grocery store. they're buying lessty giorno, and they're trading down to more of the jack's brand, the tombstone brand. so that's kind of like the whole trade-down effect that happens in recessions, that happens when inflation's running hot, where
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the chipotle shopper becomes a mcdonald's shopper. so it's happening there. stuart: which implies that companies which put prices up might not necessarily have pricing power, because consumers might leave them at that level of price and go to somebody else at this level. >> exactly. which probably keeps their margins consistent, it's t definitely not helping to grow them. stuart: mark, you're with us for the hour, so sit sight for a while -- so sit tight. lauren's got the movers, one of which is zoom, and it's down again. lauren: yeah. 9%. several brokerages cutting price targets, you can zoom in a tesla soon. they're working together so you could be driving and, like, working from your car. >> is that safe? lauren: i doubt it, although if you have a fake -- well, you know, that's a very good question -- >> if the car's self-driving, you could be okay. lauren: i mean, i've done it now, i just don't put the video up on my phone. but maybe there's a way you can trick your background.
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stuart: i had a car not too long ago where the screen would not play a movie as you were driving. >> yeah. stuart: you could get the map up there, but you couldn't get a movie on. if you were not driving and another set in the car, you could watch the movie. lauren: technology tells you what you can and cannot do. stuart: apple down again, 1.8%. lauren: yeah. good news and bad news. lockdown was lifted for their major supplier for the expensive models are, the pro and the pro max, they lifted a 7-day lockdown. however, that plant -- which has become an emblem of disconnect, workers fleeing covid restrictions, fleeing covid -- they're still mountaining their closed loop -- maintaining their closed loop operation. stuart: tell me about sweet green salad because they've not been doing well recently. lauren: down 18%. wider than expected loss. they lowered their full-year ref knew kauai dance.
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same -- revenue guidance. so people are starting to trade down in their salad categories as well. >> it's interesting. stuart: i just wonder if everything would be different if the republicans have a huge red tsunami yesterday instead of a tiny, little ripple. i wonder if the market would be different this morning. lauren: i guess people don't care when they go into their salad place and it costs you $2 extra to add the brussel sprouts or avocado -- >> less kale, more iceberg, right? [laughter] stuart: okay. next case, bitcoin briefly touched a 2-year low. crypto cheerleader sean duffy's going to be on the show. i wonder if he's having any regrets about his investment. i'll ask him. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is confident the gop will take the house. roll tape. >> we will be in the majority, and nancy pelosi will be in the minority. [cheers and applause] stuart: mccarthy could be the next speaker of the house, but he's got his work cut out for him with a very small majority. we still haven't heard
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anything from president biden on the midterm results. he's going to have to decide what he'll do in the next two years and if he's going to switch his strategy. sandra smith on that next. ♪ ♪
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hi, my name's steve. i lost 138 pounds on golo and i kept it off. so with other diets, you just feel like you're muscling your way through it. the reason why i like golo is plain and simple, it was easy. i didn't have to grit my teeth and do a diet. golo's a lifestyle change and you make the change and it stays off. golo's changed my life in so many ways. i sleep better, i eat better. took my shirt off for the first time in 25 years. it's golo. it's all golo. it's smarter, it's better, it will change your life forever. ♪ stuart: the democrats took new hampshire, and they used a split-ticket strategy. hillary vaughn in manchester, new hampshire. hillary, explain to us, please, what the split-ticket strategy was. >> reporter: stuart, so far about 50,000 split-ticket votes here in which means they voted republican for governor, backing
11:19 am
chris sununu, but democrat for senate, backing maggie hassan. if everyone who voted for governor sununu had voted for bolduc, he would have been in the heed right now. the lead right now. showing that voters who were willing to vote for the gop were still skeptical of backing general don bolduc. so democrats' big bet paid off. democrats outside new hampshire spent millions boosting bolduc in the primary because they thought he would be the easier candidate for hassan to beat. that paid off. for republicans who feared that bolduc was too controversial to win and flip the seat, their nightmare came through. bolduc ran a marathon two-year campaign focusing his campaign on kitchen table issues; rising costs like heating and eating. he conceded last night. >> maggie hassan has won. this is not a loss. we woke a lot of people up.
11:20 am
hopefully, we put her on notice and, hopefully, she will do the right thing for granite staters. >> [inaudible] >> well, we can only hope, right? >> reporter: hassan made abortion rights and democracy the top issues in her campaign and warned voters that bolduc might try to overturn this midterm election, but that didn't happen. >> i am proud to say that i've been reelected -- [cheers and applause] to the united states senate. i will always, always keep fighting to protect a woman's fundamental freedom and to block any attempt -- [cheers and applause] block any attempts to ban abortion nationwide. >> reporter: stuart, we're here at the iconic red arrow diner here in manchester. we're expecting the senator to be here shortly to take a postelection victory lap, so we'll get a chance to catch up with her.
11:21 am
stuart? stuart: thanks very much, hillary. look who's here now, a parade of stars. [laughter] sandra smith joins us. we still haven't heard from the president, but if democrats lose criminal of the house, and it looks like hay will with a very small majority to the republicans, does that mean that biden has to change his strategy for the second half -- >> i think it's a fair question, and mark penn was put that question this morning on newsroom. he doesn't think there's any tout that this was not a red wave -- doubt that this was not a red wave. hopes had built so high that republicans were really going to dominate last night, didn't happen. so his prediction that this white house is going to own their approach to this election, that they got it right by focusing on abortion and some of these issues that republicans were avoiding, to be honest with you. is it, should they be taking a victory lap? we'll see. the president's expected to speak maybe later this afternoon. we'll see. we did get some reporting out of the white house this morning, jacqui heinrich was reporting
11:22 am
that they were elated inside the white house, that they're celebrating. stuart: i'm not surprised. >> i mean, so the jury's still out on just how big that margin would be if republicans do, indeed, flip the house. but the control of congress is certainly hanging in the balance right now. i actually thought that that sort of, like, that sort of gridlock would have been good for the markets, to see the markets down right now, i think -- i picked up the phone and asked some of my smart wall street friends and asked them, they said if there was a big red e wave, the markets would have been happy today. stuart: the biggest surprise to me was when john fetterman won the senate race in pennsylvania. what was the biggest surprise to you? >> just on that point, i went back and polled mitch mcconnell in august talking about candidate quality, and republicans in their sort of autopsy report, i think i heard somebody say, looking back at the mistakes that were made, mitch mcconnell, you can acknowledge he likely got it right when he said that
11:23 am
republicans may not win senate control citing candidate quality saying, quote, i think there's probably a greater likelihood the house flips than the senate. senate races are just different, he said. august, he said this. candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome. he did not mention any specific candidate, to your point about c. oz -- stuart: but dr. oz was heavily backed by donald trump, and he lost. diss donald trump's endorsement of oz hurt him? >> i think that's the big question. don bolduc in new hampshire, there were high hopes there could potentially be an upset there against maggie hassan. the "wall street journal" this morning writing about desantis' florida tsunami. for me, that was a big, big race to be watching down there in florida. you've got to wonder if zeldin lost some of his voters to florida though during the pandemic. you're a florida resident. stuart: a resident, yes, and a voter down there as well. but i have to live here, that's my life. what do you think of trump?
11:24 am
>> i think you wake up this morning concern -- misquestion, stuart. [laughter] i think you've got to wake up this morning, hold on, this is important. i think you've got to realize that the problems that we had prior to this election yesterday are still there. we're still waking up to 40-year-high inflation. we're still waking up to crime happening in record numbers all across this country. those problems don't go away. and if republicans, obviously, you know, gain control here at least in the house, there's got to be a plan to fix things. okay? and there's got to be some sort of talk about bipartisanship in washington. do you ever hear that word anymore? >> no. stuart: if you come on the show again next week, i will ask you about trump making comments about desantis, and we'll take it from there. >> i want a business-friendly environment, okay? i think that's what most americans hope for. they don't want to worry about buying groceries and being able to put food on the table for their families. i think these are issues that
11:25 am
people care about. and so if republicans didn't choose the right candidates to run in these races -- stuart: so that's it, okay -- >> -- there's got to be some serious reflection, and that might involve your question. [laughter] we got there. did you notice he said if i'm here next week? if? stuart: if you're here. guaranteed. believe me, guaranteed. [laughter] sandra, thanks very much, indeed. >> thank you. stuart: fox news. how many states was it? five? five states had recreational marijuana on the ballot. it was five states, okay? it was on the ballot in five states. maryland and missouri voters approved the measure, red states arkansas, north dakota, south dakota, they voted against it. mark tepper, would you invest in pot stocks? >> i would say no. i still think that industry's highly speculative. and when you think about that industry, it's -- the catalysts are all policy-driven whether it's federal legalization or the safe banking act giving some of these companies access to banking which all businesses
11:26 am
need to operate, i still think it's a slow crawl to get to that point. and right now opportunity cost is too great. i'd put the money elsewhere. stuart: it's the an economic question, not a moral question. got it. thanks so much, mark. donald trump is threatening to leak personal information about desantis if he decides to run in '24, but voters love the governor, and i think that's a losing strategy for trump. that's just my personal opinion. but we will get into it. as of right now the wisconsin senate race too close to call. senator ron johnson has a razor-thin lead over democrat mandela barnes. the report from wisconsin next. ♪ girl, you've got to let me know which way to go -- ♪ 'cuz i need to know, i need to know. ♪ tell me, baby girl, 'cuz i need to know ♪
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♪ we can work it out, we can work it out ♪ [laughter] stuart: that's, producers, con graph layings. that's a very good choice of song for the particular moment, we can work it out. probably we cannot work it out on capitol hill, but nonetheless, that's what we're
11:31 am
showing you. i want to check the markets, till quite a lot of red ink. dow industrials down 250, nasdaq down 114. let's bring in susan to look at to roblox. susan: yeah, losing more money than expected over the summertime. this is the kids' video game maker. they did beat on sales, 58.8 million average daily active users, and that's up by a quarter over the past year. sounds pretty good because almost 70% of these players are under the age of 16. but in this environment of higher rates, slowing growth if you're not making money, that's a problem. iewr stuart cryptos, explain, please. susan: yes. ftx on the brink of collapse apparently according to the latest headlines. they reached out to another large crypto exchange called okx over in asia with, eventually getting help from binance which we know is the world's largest crypto exchange which operates internationally. its ceo says that this is not a victory for him or really the
11:32 am
entire crypto space, and it has severely undermined confidence in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin a trading as its lowest in two years. stuart: is it true that sam bankman fried lost $16 billion yesterday? susan: most of that is 7-8 rollings in robinhood which is getting caught up in all of this, coinbase, really the entire crypto market is selling off -- stuart: i interrupted you. susan: they're calling this a lehman's moment possibly in crypto -- stuart: ouch. susan: there's no regulation, no federal reserve to step in to help out. stuart: tell me about meta. susan: it's really across the entire valley, a white collar jobs recession. meta, mark zucker zuckerberg confirming they're cutting 13% of their 87,000 work force. that comes to around 11,000 jobs. zuck in that conciliatory e-mail
11:33 am
says he overestimated growth. it's not just meta, you have redfin which is that online real estate company, cutting 13% of their jobs. salesforce cutting hundreds of jobs, up to 1,000. and really it's across the entire valley. either you're being fired, or the hiring is being frozen. stuart: not a good situation and not what we were expecting. got it. thank you, susan. let's check back in the midterms, democrat tony evers just won a second term as the governor of wisconsin. however, the senate race between ron johnson and mandela barnes, that's still too close to call. grady trimbles in appleton, wisconsin. the late from appleton, please, grady. >> reporter: well, stu, senator ron johnson's team certainly thinks that the race should have been called in his favor by now. johnson leads his progressive challenger, lieutenant governor mandela barnes, by under 30,000 votes, but with 99% of votes counted. his team just put out this
11:34 am
scathing statement saying the corporate media is refusing to call a race that's over. there's no path mathematically for lieutenant governor barnes to overcome his 27,374-vote deficit. this race is over. but officially, our decision desk says the race is still too close to call. senator johnson spoke to his supporters at his watch party just before 1 a.m. central time last night. you could tell he wanted to claim the win, but he held off. >> i'm not going to, you know, declare victory until all the numbers are in, but i just want to give you guys the sense that this race is over, you know? [cheers and applause] >> reporter: in the governor's race, democratic governor tony evers held off trump-backed businessman tim michaels. evers has vetoed several laws that the republican-controlled
11:35 am
state legislature has passed. voters -- [audio difficulty] of said they don't want conservatives to have carte blanche at the state level. it is worth noting that there were a lot of people who split their ticket on both the republican and democratic side yesterday. michaels didn't perform as well as johnson in the republican strongholds, and barnes didn't perform as well as evers in the democratic cities, madison and milwaukee. stu? stuart: thanks, grady. we need a wisconsin guy. we found one. his name is sean duffy, and he's sitting next to me right now. sean, i did not expect the wisconsin senate race to be so close. >> i didn't either. i thought it was going to be a 2 point, 2.5-point victory. i knew the governor's race was going to be close but not ron john's. again, i'm surprised by the whole night, stuart. i thought it was going to be not necessarily a tsunami, but it was going to be a red wave, and i don't think that materialized. a couple of factors come into play. number one, i think there was an
11:36 am
underestimation of the power of abortion that was on the ballot for many female voters, and there was this looming donald trump figure, and democrats did a very good job of pushing him. it was a motivating factor for democrats to get to the polls, and i think those two things are what the postmortem is going to dictate. stuart: in remarks quoted in the "wall street journal" and the new york times, donald trump reportedly said he has unflattering information on governor desantis if desantis runs, and he'll release that information if desantis runs in '24. i think that's a terrible thing, and i do not want to see that in american politics. it makes me want to say, trump, leave. go. leave the scene, please, because we don't want that back again. now, i know i'm going to have a clash with you on this, so make your case. where am i going wrong? >> fox news alert, politics is a dirty business, stuart. stuart: it doesn't have to be like that >> but it is.
11:37 am
if you're donald trump, and i'm not condoning what's happening here, but donald trump says, listen, i'm going to run, and if you, ron desantis -- who are the governor because of my endorsement, you rose to the top because i got involved in your governor's race -- if you're not going to step aside, this is going to be a dirty play, and i'm going to play hard to make sure -- stuart: i don't think it goes down well in the republican party. i don't think republicans want that -- >> i don't think you want to fight in the mud, you want to fight on policy, ideas, the future of america. you don't want it in the mud puddle. but americans and voters like the mud puddle. people run negative -- i know if you're -- stuart: i think you're wrong >> if you're in a state where you had a big governor's race or senate race, you are so sick of the negative ads, and candidates run negative ads because it works, stuart. that's the only reason they do it. so the voters resonate to the negative messaging. i know you're a puritan -- stuart: not a puritan. certainly not. [laughter] wait a minute, i've got to move on, because i've got to ask you
11:38 am
about bitcoin. the devil's breaking lose in the crypto market today. you're at $17,100 on bitcoin. are you thinking of selling? >> listen, i'm not selling at 17,000, stuart.. i'm looking at trying to buy more. stuart: are you going to buy more at 17,000? >> yes. stuart: have you talked to your life? >> i'm a long-term guy. i would be nervous right now if i were short term on bitcoin, but i think in the long run this is a strong point. you did the story with susan li regarding ftx and binance having to step in because of the liquidity crunch. that happens in the markets too. we saw in '08, markets go down, crypto had the same thing, it's going down which, by the way, stuart, is a buying opportunity for you. stuart: i tell you what i'll do, i'll talk to your wife, rachel. [laughter] >> don't do that. stuart: thanks for coming on the show and handling my bad temper. you're all right >> thanks, stuart. stuart: now this. unhike the last election, stacey
11:39 am
abrams just conceded to governor brian kemp in georgia, but abrams says she's not done with politics. we're on that one. florida has officially turned from a swing state to a republican stronghold. ashley webster is talking to voters mt. villages. yes, he's there. after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ home grown, home grown ♪ stuart: home grown, zac brown band. that's orlando you're looking at. 7 is degrees -- 71 degrees, rather cloudy. south of orlando you will find ashley webster.
11:44 am
he is in the villages. how are voters feeling are there this morning, ash? ashley: they're feeling pretty good. they feel like florida held up its end of the bargain with that red wave. rest are of the country, not so much. if yes, we're at the village. dana was telling me it's a college campus for 60-year-olds. make of that what you wish. mike, let me begin with you. great night for ron desantis, marco rubio. historic night, really, but not so much across the country. what's your take? >> my take is the fact that in florida we stick to the issues that affect our family and children, stuff like that, while the rest of the country is based on emotions which really have no play in today's politics. ashley: ron desantis, a lot of speculation what he does. earlier we were talking about him maybe running for president. what's your thought on that? >> i would love it. i'd hate to lose him in florida, because he's done great thing things for us especially in the service industry where he kept us alive during the covid times.
11:45 am
i'd be excited for our country but sad to see him leave. ashley: very good. dana, what's your take on the elections and how they came out? >> you know, some underwhremming performances, but we're happy to be here. ron desantis is our man. we'll be sad to see him go, like mike, however, let's find one like ron. if he does go to deese -- to d.c., which we want him to, we'll find another one just like him. ashley: lots of speculation over what does donald trump do from here? >> i think it's too much emotion, i think it's divisive, and i think he's on the down slide. ashley: it's all ron desantis, the new leader of the republican party, you think. >> absolutely. ashley: let's bring in linda. they call her 38 special, linda. not sure why. [laughter] everyone's laughing, inside joke. linda, you've been here for 50 years, what's your take on all of this? >> i'm so happy with our governor. i'm so happy he went back in, i'm so happy that florida was
11:46 am
smart if enough to bring him back. i'm disappointed with the rest of the country because i was upset with pennsylvania, but i hope they stay in pennsylvania, not come to florida. [laughter] ashley: well, thank you. no guarantee of that, of course, stu, because so many people have moved here. you know that, i know that, i'm one of them. a good night for florida, a redaway, for sure, but rest are of the country, not so much. stuart: i think that's an accurate statement on the state of play. ashley, thanks a lot. enjoy the villages for us, please. ashley: i will. stuart: election night, yes, can be stressful, and now "the new york times" thinks they have a solution to soothe election anxiety. here are their suggestions, five-finger breathing. i have no idea -- cool down, okay. got that. move, got that. breathe like a baby, don't understand that at all, and limit your scrolling. well, elon musk tweeted about this. here it is. when reality is indistinguishable from satire. that was kind of cool. well done, elon.
11:47 am
tepper, how do you deal with anxiety? >> i'm a sucker for buying everything under the sun that can help me to deal with my stress level. so i'm wearing a loop on my wrist which kind of monitors my activity, tracks my sleep -- stuart: what is it, just an apple watch? >> no, it hooks up to your iphone and lets you know how venn youous your day is, how you're sleeping -- stuart: what? >> yeah, man. and then i got this thing like an apollo that reduces your cortisol levels. you wear it right before you go to bed. i've got seven things on my arm when i go to bed, and i'm using head space apps and calm apps -- stuart: i've got a bridge in brooklyn that i'd love to sell to you -- >> i will buy it. stuart: tepper's tranquility tips. go big tech. [laughter] thanks a lot, man. here's the tease, florida's ron desantis is the first republican governor to win in
11:48 am
miami-dade county in two decades. trump's taking notice, and i think it's safe to say he's threatened by desantis' momentum. the mayor of miami, francis suarez, is here on that next. ♪ ♪ if finish -- and the world's gonna know your name ♪ on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. i earn 5% on our cabin. hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪ stuart: well, listen to this, former president trump is warning desantis against running in 2024. roll tape. >> ron is a person i've always had a decent relationship with him, but when i endorsed him, he was gone, he was not going to be even to be a factor in the race. and as soon as i endorsed him, within moments he -- the race was over. i got him the nomination. he didn't get it, i got it, because the minute i made that endorsement, he got it. then he ran, and he wasn't supposed to be able to win. i did two the rallies. we had 52,000 people at each one. i thought that he could have been more gracious, but that's up to him. stuart: add one more thing to this. donald trump, reportedly, said he would reveal damaging information on desantis if desantis decided to run in '24. the gentleman on the right-hand
11:53 am
side of the screen is the mayor of miami, francis suarez. your honor, i don't think much to personal smears delivered by a former president to his competitor. whose side are you on on this one? [laughter] >> i don't think much about smearing anybody. i think the united states of america and americans are are looking for someone with a positive vision for the future of the country. if fighting and bickering between candidates from a party would create jobs or would make, provide opportunity for people in this country, then i think it would make a lot of sense, but we all know it doesn't do that. so i think what we need to focus on is how do we make this country more competitive, how do we shore up our supply chain which is, you know, increasingly in the hands of someone, of a country like china that is not friendly, what do we do about the rising surge of socialism in south america, what do we do about the conventional war in
11:54 am
the ukraine. that's what we should be talking about. stuart: okay. i'll go further. "the new york times" is reporting that donald trump is now blaming melania for pushing him into supporting dr. oz in pennsylvania. blaming somebody else all the time. i'm going to press this, your honor, because i want to know where you stand. are you with desantis orr or are you with trump? this is a leadership question here. who are you with? >> i'm with francis suarez, how about that? no, i'm -- look, it'll be interesting to see how the next couple of weeks play out. i think there is absolutely zero doubt that there will be a titanic battle between with the two candidates if they become candidates. i think, you know, the former president obviously feels that the governor should be loyal. i believe in loyalty in terms of political currency. i think you should be loyal to people who help you. i think that's something that, you know, people who help you should expect. and i think that's important in politics.
11:55 am
but i also understand that, you know, this is going to be, you know, unfortunately, very, very ugly and very, very bloody potentially. is so we'll see how it all plays out. stuart: real fast, desantis won miami-dade county, first time we've seen that in two decades. i guess he got the hispanic vote, is that accurate? >> it's very accurate, and, you know, so did senator marco rubio and so did the congressional candidates that were on the ballot. i think what we've done in miami is proven that our formula for success is one that resonates with the hispanic community. we keep taxes low, we keep people safe, and we lean in to the innovation. i,ly, believe that is a formula for success that can be scaled across our country. stuart: well said. your honor, i'm sorry i pushed you on mr. trump and all the rest of it, but i hope you'll come back at some point, okay? >> i'm a big boy. i expect to be pushed every once in a while. it's all good. [laughter] stuart: and i expect to see you chuck your hat into the ring at some point, but that's another
11:56 am
story. francis suarez, thanks for being here. appreciate it. next case, stacey abrams, she has conceded in the governor's race in georgia. roll it. >> tonight the i am, i am doing what is clearly the responsible thing, i am suspending my campaign for governor. and while i may not have crossed the finish line, that does not mean we ever will stop running for a better georgia. stuart: abrams did not officially concede in the 2016 governor's race, she claimed the system was rigged. now, the wednesday trivia question. it's another good one. what is the most popular wedding date of 2022? is it may 21st, june 18th, september 17th or october 22nd? the answer after this. ♪ ♪ . .
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
stuart: what is the most popular wedding date for 2022? on your screens are the choices. tepper? >> i will say june would have lowest chance of rain, number two, june 18th. stuart: i would thought june 1th. i thought people get married in june. what? october 22nd. 35% of allreds take place during the fall. >> who would have thunk. stuart: who would indeed. thanks for being with us, mark. it is yours, neil. neil: thank you, stuart. i would never have guesses that right. we're down 267 points. i go through notes charlie


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