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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 10, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> if you look at the republican bart it and the republican base, donald trump is still the primary force in our party. >> i don't think that florida is solidly red. i think that governor desantis won a lot of democrats. it's not necessarily a win for republicans but a win for a realignment around class lines that started with trump. >> inflation is slowing. we already knew this , and even on the fed may continue to go higher the 10-year treasury is going in the opposite direction we think and this is telling of what's going to happen the rest of the year. >> you look at the laundry list of people who had invested in ftx, there is huge, huge money behind them.
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crypto is not going away. >> i think that's one of the worst performing assets this year and really mainly because everybody that thought the guy behind them was going to pay more than they did in line. ♪ stuart: pitbull. lauren: you can't go wrong on something like that. stuart: i've learned a lot about pitbull in the last couple weeks , 11:00 eastern, ladies and gentlemen, and it is thursday, november 10. all day, as my mother used to say. look at that rally go, don't you love it? dow is up nearly 900 points, the nasdaq is still up nearly 600 points. this rally has not faded since the opening bell. big tech oh, you're going to love this , percentage gains in all of them, significant. 13% on amazon, 6% on google, 6% on meta, 6% on microsoft, 6% on apple straight up. the 10-year treasury yield, this
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is why big tech is doing so well. it's all the way down to 3.84 down 25 basis points. that is a gigantic move. you rarely see it in the bond market. you're seeing it now. and now this. when you use the word "collapse" in the financial world you're talking really serious stuff. well, that word is being used today. ftx, the big crypto exchange, is collapsing. a rival firm, binance, having taken a look at their books, now refuses to bail ftx out. ftx is insolvent. that means a lot of people who own crypto cannot get their money out. big money silicon valley people have lost their shirts, sequioa capital, for example,, just written off north of $150 million. giants like blackrock and softbank, they're also on the big loser list. ftx founder sam bankman-fried, he lost $15 billion overnight.
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he says he now needs 8 billion to pay off investors. in this crypto environment, who will give him that kind of money i admit crypto is an industry that i've never really understood. is bitcoin an inflation hedge? no. is it a medium of exchange like can you buy anything with it? not really. is it an alternative to the dollar, and other currencies? apparently not . the dollar is the strongest in years, so what's it for? i don't know. what i do know is that an awful lot of youngsters who put their stimulus checks into crypto is lost. i know that some investment firms are having second thoughts and i know that governments are investigating, so is our securities and exchange commission. markets need the trust of investors. trust in cryptos is fading fast, with a mess like this , it's okay to use the word "collapse." third hour of "varney" starts right now.
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i want to get , hegseth knows what's coming, pete, is a dear friend and owner of crypto. are you still holding on to your crypto or trying to get out? pete: well of course you come to me to eat crow on this , stuart and you're not wrong to do so. by the way, i don't have anything in ftx but i do have crypto in celsius, which is currently in potential bankruptcy. i can't get access to it, so i've felt the same pain that a lot of people are feeling this morning. i don't know what to make of it, stuart. i really don't. i'm like a lot of people, holding on thinking when it goes back to a certain level, i'll offload it in order to basically come out even, but when i got in from the beginning, i said either this is going to the moon or i've got to be prepared for this to go to zero and that's the financial outlook i've had, because you don't know ultimately how it will play out. not playing out real well right
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now. i still love all of the reasons why cryptocurrency and the blockchain are significant revolutionary. i just don't think it knows its place yet, and i like what some previous guests had said where you can't count for the fact the next person will buy it for more, so where does this go? i have no idea. i'm out. i'm crying uncle, i'm led whoing it and not giving any advice, stuart. i just love it for what it represents, but you make your own choice at this point, because all bets are off. stuart: you're an honest man, pete, and that's a fact. thanks for addressing this issue i know it may be difficult for you. next case i want you to listen to what president biden said about another trump run for the presidency. watch this , please. >> we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power if he does run, making sure he under legitimate efforts of our constitution does not become the next president again. stuart: pete? i don't like the sound of that. is there some kind of government agency to interfere in stopping
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the political opponent from running? i don't like that. pete: no. i don't either. he had that last sentence of constitutionally, but the under tone of the entire thing was through investigations or indictments or what we're going to uncover through the levers we control, we're going to prevent him from being a political opponent. that's third world stuff and he doesn't often say things astrazeneca fully. we know with joe biden, but in this case, that's what it felt like, eerie. if he wants to say if he runs i'll beat him in november of 2024 that's fine for him to say that but any other alternative is outlandish and frankly indicative of the arrogance we'll see in the second half of the biden administration after the mid-terms. what would you change? nothing. are you worried about hunter biden? not at all. what are you going to do about trump? he won't even be allowed to run. even if the house goes to the republicans which it looks like it will and maybe the senate there's a lot of arrogance and installation inside that white
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house that says we're going to through executive order, or other means that we control inside government agencies create the environment that's most advantageous to us because we feel like we're floating above any accountability at this point, so ominous, he's not going to be a good candidate or i don't think likely a candidate in 2024 but he has to say that right now, and we'll see what happens next. stuart: okay, i want to talk about a new epidemic epidemiologist accept it sewed of your fox nation show. roll it, please. >> up, up, with the people. >> up, up, with the people. >> down, down with trump. >> then up, up, up. >> the only color you're worried about is red, white and blue because you're all americans serving a good bigger than yourselves. it's has nothing to do with your race, religion, color, or creed >> there's no place on earth better than the united states of america. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> it's worth dying for.
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stuart: pete is this about social justice in the military? pete: yes. this episode is called the war on warriors and about is the military going woke? we talked to guys recently involved that are vets. are the rumors true, we're not meeting our recruiting goals, are units less capable than they were before? what are cadets learning at military academies? it's really insightful. you see mike walls on the house armed services committee and stu sheller called out his command for the debacle in afghanistan, weston hunt, soon to be a congressman-elect and jason church who runs an organization taking on the wokeness in the military viewers will find it really interesting for a discussion about the future of our military on fox nation. stuart: i know it drops on fox nation but when? pete: it drops tomorrow, so, tomorrow morning on fox nation, you can get the latest episode. stuart: great stuff. pete, always a pleasure thank you very much for being here. we'll see you again soon. >> thank you, stuart.
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stuart: back to the markets, please, just to make sure of this. the rally is still very much in place. mike lee joins us and you're fortunate to watch this looking at the market today of all days up 900 on the dow industrials. when does the market oh, is this rally for real? >> you know, stuart, it's obviously up today but i don't think it lasts. there's just too many overhangs too many problems that need to be solved. stuart: like what? >> earnings for the fourth quarter, at the end of june, the estimates were for 9% growth , now we're looking at negative 1% growth. this quarter, without energy earnings are down 5.3% year-over-year and all of these fed rate hikes basically haven't hit the economy yet. there's a three to six-month lag and only about four or five months ago we started jumping in 75 basis point increments and that housing rolled over earlier this year, manufacturing rolled overall these things come to a head near the first quarter of next year. stuart: so the first quarter of next year is when it's at its worst so to speak, like the economy is doing badly, and
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the fed has been raising rates at the bottom point comes in the first quarter of 2023, and after that, then what? >> yeah, so i think around then , it's going to look really ugly and every doomsday person predicting the epic depression since the last financial crisis we'll say look i was right 15 years later that's when you really want to buy stocks. you want to look for that armageddon-type period to look for that and i don't know how much stocks are going to be down from here. they could be down 30%, could be down 3% but i just think until all these issues are solved, for us to break out to the upside, it's just going to be difficult. stuart: but some people would argue that we hit bottom before the mid-terms, but when the market was really selling off consistently that was not the bottom you don't think? >> it's hard to call the exact bottom, but look, estimates for the s&p 500 earnings next year were 240. close to 250 now we're down to 230. i think closer to 200 bucks and if you have a 10 year treasury
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around 4.5% what kind of multiple can you put on that? 15, 16, that's an s&p 3,100 so to me it's very very difficult to say this is the end, this is it because for us to get back to these easy money multiples of 18 , 19, 20-times earnings, it's going to take a long time for the fed to move down because the risk that the fed runs now is if they are not hawkish enough now, and we are in a deep recession next year and inflation comes up again, do they really want to be super hawkish in the middle of a deep recession? stuart: no is the answer to that one. let's hope they don't. we liked you when you were honest man about this too, and we appreciate that. >> love you too, stuart. stuart: mike lee, you're all right, thanks very much indeed. let's get to the movers and let's start with amazon. i know it's straight up this morning. lauren: wall street journal is reporting that they were reviewing their unprofitable business units including their device business and alexa. stuart: alexa? lauren: alexa.
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now we're sending alexas off reviewing it per the journal and the stock is up in a big way because that saves the money. they are also pouring all this money into this new robot it's called spare row this big arm that is going to work in their warehouses. what does that do? in the long run, that saves you money because that robot is cheaper than a human worker. stuart: okay, and the stock is up what, 13% that's a gigantic move for amazon. lauren: yup. stuart: the buy now pay later people. lauren: good job. stuart: they are up -- lauren: 22% simple reason. yields are coming down, cost to finance is hopefully, hopefully getting cheaper. stuart: can you show me a loser today? lauren: wework. is it still down? stuart: it is. lauren: down 3.3% it was up volatile today. so this is the rent office space for the most part. they say they are going to close 40 of their under performing locations in the u.s. part of a cost cutting plan that investors apparently are not sharing.
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they are still unprofitable, but now you have these companies, like twitter saying hey come back to the office, we're moving past the pandemic and that does not help wework, and their mission to become profitable un the end. stuart: never thought of that. thank you. the department of defense military members if they have enough information on climate change to do their jobs. i wonder if army vet rob smith was thinking about greenhouse gas when he was deployed in iraq rob will be on the show shortly. russia orders troops to withdraw from kherson, a key city in ukraine but ukrainian leaders are skeptical and they think this could be a trap. more on that for you. president biden will meet face to face with china's xi-jinping next week. he says he wants to find out the red lines between the u.s. and china. kt mcfarland thinks it'll wind up being nothing more, kt is next.
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1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217. stuart: biden plans to meet face to face with xi-jinping at the g -20 conference next week in indonesia. kt mcfarland joins us now. kt is our resident foreign policy expert by the way. in your opinion, how will this meeting go? >> it's a photo op. it's the first time they've met face to face. they met each other over the years when they were the number twos et cetera and previously in their careers but there's not anything that's out of the ordinary so xi-jinping is going to say these are my core interests, and don't you dare, we're going to take taiwan, however we want and whenever we want, and that's, you know, we're going to die on that hill, but biden is going to say, well he's ambiguous but the problem is going to be that xi-jinping is preparing to
11:19 am
really do something with taiwan. stuart: are you sure? >> he fixes military, having blockades, he's military exercises, his financial positioning of taiwan versus china, yeah, xi-jinping is taking a lot of steps and xi-jinping is now a man with no limits. he's just been re-elected for life and he's a 70-year-old man who has a mission. he wants taiwan before it's done stuart: we are told that this meeting is going to discuss red lines, and how to avoid going over them. if xi-jinping turns around and says i'm going to take taiwan no matter what you say that's a red line he just crossed. >> yeah, but xi-jinping and the chinese have been saying that's our red line, they call it a core interest that's a red line forever. biden has been sort of weaving around and in one sense he says we're supporting taiwan militarily and then his people say no, nothings changed, so the question is not what xi-jinping is going to say it's what biden is going to say. stuart: let's move on to russia, they have started pulling troops out of kherson, a key port city.
11:20 am
some ukrainian leaders are skeptical they think russia maybe setting a trap but lot bottom line here it's a very important thing if the ukrainian s retake kherson. onward to victory possibly. >> what's victory? stuart: getting all russian troops out. >> if that's victory, vladimir putin can't survive. he knows he doesn't survive in his job or life if he has to completely live crimea, leave everything. russians won't let him stay in office and he knows that. he's looking and what president biden was indicating yesterday in his press conference was we're kind of encouraging, we have a limit, this is not, we're not having unlimited support of ukraine, we're kind of encouraging them and they are encouraging the russians and the ukrainians to find some kind of a deal. biden says they can all reassess over the long winter months. stuart: are we quietly talking with russian generals and with russian diplomats and with the ukrainians about some kind of peace where the troops are
11:21 am
now? >> well, if we are, i'm not going to know about it. you aren't going to know about it we shouldn't know about it. these should be private conversations i would hope. stuart: where is your heart? is your heart in getting russian troops out of ukraine, no matter what it does to putin or is your heart in restricting the risk of getting them all out and talking peace? >> it's a very subtle difference and you're right, those are the two objectives. yeah, putin deserves everything he gets. he's a bad guy. stuart: yes. >> but on the other hand is putin going to then escalate to deescalate? will he, i think his plan is to completely level all of ukraine, so kyiv isn't going to have water, won't have electricity, people are going to flee, there's a refugee crisis and putin is fine with that. now, what's the best way? i think ukraine may not win the war in the sense of everybody in russia goes back to russia, putin gets deposed, putin gets deposed, a harder line of guys coming than utility
11:22 am
i think ukraine can win the peace and that's what i would encourage them to do. get your deal done, however you can do it, whatever you can live with, and then spend the next five years integrating the ukrainian economy with europe. everybody is going to rush into rebuilding ukraine. every company, every country, nobody is going to want to do business with vladimir putin. he's an international pariah, even the chinese are stepping back. stuart: would putin be prepared to do that? to go that far. >> we don't know. stuart: and see ukraine integrated into europe. would he let that happen? >> once the fighting stops how will he prevent an economic integration? he can't do that. nato, he said, nato, they can't join nato, but if in five years ukraine is so integrated into the european economy and a new president of the united states is going to stop the war on fossil fuels, drive the price of oil down, putin is bankrupt. he can't do much of anything anyway. stuart: this is fascinating. >> who knew foreign policy was so much fun right? stuart: great to have you on the set in new york city talking
11:23 am
face to face because that's the way we communicate here. we learned a lot from you kt mcfarland. >> thank you, dear. stuart: thank you very much indeed. lauren? lauren: yes? stuart: i believe you have an update on brittney griner, the wnba star? lauren: yeah, an unknown location, she sentenced to nine years on drug charges and just lost her appeal. well the president says president putin might be more willing to negotiate her return because the mid-term elections are over. >> my intention is to get her home. my hope is that now the election is over that mr. putin will be able to discuss with us and be willing to talk more seriously about prisoner exchange. lauren: i'm assuming he thinks the mid-terms validated his position as president of the united states on the world stage? that's how i interpreted that. stuart: she's a hostage and a player like it or not in the ukraine war. i would have thought -- lauren: but now that the
11:24 am
mid-terms are over he thinks president putin will negotiate. stuart: i don't get that. lauren: me neither. stuart: there you go. >> that's a bubble in the white house that they think is all great. stuart: oh, look at this bottom right hand corner of your screen , the dow is up now 935 points, and the nasdaq is up 600 points, the s&p 165. this is all because some favorable inflation news came at exactly three hours ago and the market has gone straight up. how about the financials? on days like this do they do well or not? they do well. three, four, 5% up for the big names. germany blocking the sale of a chip factory to china. what's the problem? lauren: security. this is a major blow to china's goal to be the major, the major tech super power, right? so now you have another major world power, germany, blocking this chip deal. it won't sell a factory that makes chips using automobiles to china. the german officials say, "we
11:25 am
are not naive." they don't trust beijing with their i.t. capacity. they just don't i think it's very bad for china. stuart: you like this hardline tech approach to china? >> yeah, absolutely. if the united states, china's whole goal is to be the tech super power of the world. that's one of the reasons they want taiwan because taiwan makes 75% of the world's chips they control taiwan they control the world economy because of the chips. absolutely a tech hardline. lauren: it's a small deal but packs a big punch and sends the right signal we're not afraid to stand up to. stuart: thanks everybody good stuff. now fetterman for president? one news outlet thinks it's a possibility. we'll tell you who is saying that. the squad cruises to victory in their elections now welcoming a new group of progressives to washington. question, will socialism spread in the house? looks like it, rob smith on that , next. ♪
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it's a great hotel right there, it's just very close to san diego, i know it well. the weather is always perfect in san diego. 72 degrees and sunny, 300 days a year. lauren: it's just the weather forecast in san diego, you got it made. you can't lose. if you like the music we play follow us on spotify or just follow that qr code right there in the middle of the screen. susan is laughing at me. check those markets you'll like this. the dow is now up 953 points. nasdaq 609, s&p 166 but you know what we're going to do, susan? we're starting with the cryptos. okay, well you know if you lose money in one asset class, that money has to come from somewhere , and you can bet that might be coming out of stock markets but let's get back to the ftx saga. on the brink of collapse we have the wall street journal reporting that ftx lent half of the $16 billion in customer assets to ceo sam bankman-fried 's trading arm alam
11:31 am
eda research which then is accused of reinvesting some of that money back into ftx and into other speculative assets and that's why they didn't have the money to payback investors when binance and others wanted to cash out of ftx earlier this week and that bank run that we saw, now of course that's now we know sam bankman-fried, he is tweeting that he's winding down alameda, and denying they weren't doing any of the weird things i see on twitter, an nothing large at all. also noting that ftx is in discussion with several parties and that every penny of that and the existing collateral will go straight to users unless or until we've done right by them. investors next and then employee s last. binance already walking away, we know that, sequoia marking down their investment to zero and after listening to your crypto commentary this morning i do want to note yes obviously this discredits crypto and
11:32 am
bitcoin to a large degree, but also goes back to the fact that exchanges are not cryptocurrenc ies themselves. they are the pipes and also the platforms that people trade on. stuart: i think a good deal of trust has been lost in the crypto market. >> absolutely but i just don't see a trillion dollar asset class disappearing. stuart: true. >> obviously it's not 3 trillion where it was a year ago but a trillion dollars doesn't disappear like that. stuart: okay it's a developing story. >> obviously, yes. stuart: how about amazon, surging -- >> yeah, it's surging off, you do it, your voice is better. stuart: amazon is surging off its two and a half year low. now follow that. >> that's right so big rally today up 13% and this is after that general report that they are on a cost cutting review, and including closely scrutinizing that device division which includes alexa. you know that alexa division has lost $5 billion. stuart: what? >> in recent years, yes, and amazon has lost $1 trillion in market cap over the past 12
11:33 am
months. i'll be heading to seattle and amazon speaking to top executive s next month and i'll report back on some of those incites. now, microsoft by the way, no offense to you, stu, but it has lost $900 billion over the past 12 months. stuart: indeed, as you told us three times. >> stu himself has lost a trillion dollars so how is he putting bread on the table? it's backup today and recovering but apple is also up, outperforming in fact the big tech collectively lost $4 trillion, the past year, apple investing $450 million into u.s.-based satellite companies including louisiana- based global star, that provides the satellite text ing on your new iphone 14. stuart: as you were speaking, the dow is now up 1,012 points. >> wow. stuart: just like that. that's a rally and a half. ain't calming down yet. usually with a rally like this you have some of the steam comes out. >> isn't it so interesting that we're so used to this volatility of a thousand point moves whether up or down in these type of markets? stuart: it's still intriguing.
11:34 am
susan thanks very much indeed. now this , the squad members, all easily won their re-election s this week and it looks like that group is growing several young progressives were just voted into office like greg kasar, summer lee, pennsylvania, delia ramirez in illinois. rob smith is with us. what do you think about this , socialism and voice gaining strength in the house of representatives? >> this is what i think, stuart obviously there's more young socialists getting into the house of representatives but i think that socialism has peaked. i think that that entire far left movement has really peaked and so look at what's going on right now, and the interesting thing about watching alexandria ocasio-cortez over the last couple years is seeing how thoroughly she's been both absorbed into the swamp and neutralized by the traditional elements of the democrat party and so all of these squad members got re-elected in deep blue districts. they aren't competitive districts. these people will continue to be
11:35 am
re-elected and if anybody is watching we need to stop dumping millions of dollars into candidates that are running against these people in these districts. it's unwinnable. you know, there's more money to be spent elsewhere, so i don't think that these young socialists or these young far left progressives going into congress are going to really do much because socialism has peaked. we saw what happens when you de fund the police. we saw what happens when you give the money for the covid relief and all of that other stuff. so it just doesn't work and the last point i'm going to make is that aoc was allowed to get into power when times were relationship relatively good economically for americans so they can have silly little conversations. times are bad for a lot of americans economically, so i don't know that that socialist message flies when people are worried and even generationz is worried about how they eat, how they put gas in their car. the same stuff the rest of us worry about. stuart: socialism has peaked. i love the sound of that. >> it really has.
11:36 am
stuart: you're a military guy. i know the department of defense sent out a questionnaire to military folks asking whether or not they had enough information on climate change to do their jobs. you're an iraq veteran. do you worry about climate change when getting shot at? >> i was not worried about climate change in iraq. what i was worried about was not getting killed making sure that none of my guys to the left or right were getting harmed as well but this is and we've talked about this before, stuart this sort of woke of the united states military right now and so we're dealing with the military that by the way has recruitment issues, we're dealing with the military where they are lessening the standards for physical fitness, for all of these different things, and so on top of all of that, lloyd austin has decided to implement these sort of far left woke things, and let me tell you something else, stuart. the military in russia, the military in china, they aren't worried about whether their members are, you know, concerned with climate change. they are worried about whether these people are physically and
11:37 am
mentally tough enough to survive in war. the job of the united states military is to defend america and it's not to normalize far left climate change stuff. lauren: or pronouns. i didn't know we were lessening the physical standards. >> oh, absolutely they are. lauren: wow. >> so there's a lot of stuff going on and this is no dis respect to our bold and brave men and women serving today. i hear from a lot of them and i think they are just ready for this whole woke movement to be over. stuart: rob smith ceo of the douglass society. fine it is, thanks for being with us. >> thanks a lot. stuart: saturday night live writers are apparently boycott ing the show this week. why? lauren: because they don't want to work with the guest host who is dave chapelle, according to the new york post. stuart: really? lauren: you know he's come under fire because he made some trends and hope o homophobic jokes in his netflix special last year. he wasn't canceled and i think most people that you speak to
11:38 am
say this is comedy. he was making jokes. look at the whole thing in context, but apparently, these don't want to work with him. stuart: okay so now we know where they are coming from. lauren: if you're a big company that this is true let them walk off for the day. do their thing. you don't have to change your policy. you don't have to cancel them and everybody is happy in the end. stuart: fire them. you're not doing your job. get out. anyway, now this. lauren: harsh. stuart: of course i am. john kerry is getting heat for his new climate plan. he wants companies to give billions of dollars to developing countries, so they can lessen their reliance on fossil fuels. they know what the critics are saying. that's not enough. pennsylvania's new governor josh shapiro calling for responsible fracking and energy production that causes minimal harm to the environment. jeff flock has the shapiro plan after this.
11:39 am
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stuart: yup, the rally holds. you're up about 1,000 points on the dow in dust are alls that translates to a 3% gain. best day on the market i've seen in a long, long time. the nasdaq and the s&p, you're straight up today. pennsylvania's new governor josh shapiro, he's calling for a responsible fracking and energy production that causes minimal harm to the environment. pennsylvania is a fracking state jeff flock in montersville, pennsylvania . that's the governor's plan, jeff? reporter: i think we can all embrace responsible fracking , right, stuart? i think it's fair to say that the new governor will be a little less friendly to oil & gas than his defeated republican opponent. that said, he's not in a frank
11:44 am
ing opponent. you know, there are so many of these, hundreds of thousands of these natural gas wells across pennsylvania they don't look like much. they have a couple tanks, one for water, one for condensation that comes out with the natural gas but other than that doesn't look like much. josh shapiro, the new governor has been attorney general and as attorney general, he actually had a grand jury to investigate fracking in pennsylvania, actually resulted in a couple charges against drilling companies but they also came up with recommendations for responsible fracking, which include expanding some no drill ing zones specifically around homes and people, and the disclosure of the fracking chemicals that are used in fracking, so if anybodies well gets foul they can kind of track it down and regulating the smaller pipelines that transport the nat gas from the wells to the market. we talked to the executive director in pennsylvania of the american petroleum institute and she says she's eager to
11:45 am
demonstrate to the new governor, governor shapiro, that you can frac responsibly and safely. >> energy is not a partisan issue. it's a very important issue. we would like to invite governor -elect shapiro to visit our operations in pennsylvania and see firsthand how we safely and responsibly produce and transport and deliver this energy resource to the consumer. reporter: stuart it's hard to be against fracking in pennsylvania it's such a big part of the economy here. i think we found that out from the senate debate even if you had reservations in the past, you got to be behind it now. sir? stuart: you got it jeff flock in pennsylvania. thank you, jeff. climate czar john kerry has announced a new climate funding plan. it was immediately criticized heavily. what's the problem? lauren: okay let me try to do this. he proposed this market where companies purchase carving credits to offset their greenhouse gas emissions, right?
11:46 am
and then they can meet their corporate climate targets. so they would pay money to pollute, and that money would go to developing vulnerable countries to help get them off fossil fuels so you can keep polluting, it's fine, just give us money to fund the transition in the poor countries. they say it doesn't do enough because in the first world you're still polluting. stuart: i believe they want $4 trillion between now and 203n the third word. it's not going to happen. it's more than that now they have a new target from whatever it is in egypt. a new survey reveals how businesses really feel about going green. take me through it. lauren: it's costly but mandated so, they are doing it. this is a gemini survey that finds 53% of executives say the cost of sustainability out weighs the benefits. stuart: that's a negative. lauren: well you know, they say shareholders like it. the general public likes it, and they don't want to be in the
11:47 am
crosshairs of politics either. stuart: let's get to the dow 30, shall we? i think, no -- lauren: three are. stuart: of the dow 30 are up nicely so, merck, mcdonald's and amgen are not. the only laggards in the dow, which is up close to a thousand points. after months of attacks on maga republicans the president is changing his tune. he now says he wants to unite the country. can he do that? katie pavlich answers the question, next. ♪
11:48 am
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>> this is truly a pivot point for the republican party. this is a dime that donald trump is no doubt in the rear view merit garland our and it's time to move on with the party. stuart: whoa that was the lt. governor of georgia, he has the poor performance by trump- backed candidates prove it's time to move away from the former president. katie pavlich joins me. some republicans want to leave trump in the past.
11:52 am
do you think desantis is the future, katie? >> well, first of all i would say that donald trump is not in the rear view mirror, and he plans to make a big announcement next week about his future plans , and it's important for republicans to understand that voters in the republican party don't necessarily, you know, trump is there because he has voters, so instead of maybe attacking trump personally, they should focus on giving voters a contrast and making the argument based on facts of the last election and i would say the 2020 election about why there are alternatives to donald trump in the future. ron desantis is one of those potential candidates just based on pure performance this week in florida. he was able to win miami-dade county which is a county that went for hillary clinton by 30 points. he's able to build a coalition inside of florida, and completely wipe democrats off the map in every single seat in that state, and so there is a
11:53 am
future, of course for ron desantis but again, we're hear ing from people within the republican party trying to stop trump. that's fine, but you have to make an argument about alternatives. stuart: let's suppose it comes down to a primary contest between trump and desantis. who, in your opinion, wins? >> well, it's all about the math. if it's a primary contest between donald trump and ron desantis, polling shows that ron desantis wins. i don't think that's what's going to happen. it's going to be donald trump vs. ron desantis, mike pompeo, possibly nikki haley and a whole host of other candidates including former governor of maryland larry hogan said that the election results from tuesday give him indication that he may actually jump into that race and when you're splitting the vote, when trump has 30% of the republican party unlocked, trump is going to win just like we saw in the 2016 primary. so it all depends on how many candidates want to jump into that primary here next week probably.
11:54 am
stuart: yeah, probably. only time will tell you know? president biden wants to bring people together after the mid-terms, right? roll tape. >> i'm going to do everything in my power to see that we re unite the country. it's hard to sustain yourself as a leading democracy in the world if you can't generate some immunity, so i'm not going to change anything in any fundamental way. stuart: katie, the president wants unity, got it, but what all about this talk about maga republicans, that's not unified? >> yeah, well, not only the mega maga republicans are a threat to the republicans leading up to the election, but you know, his policy positions in terms of forcing americans who didn't want a vaccine through their employer to get that, villifying people who were a threat to the country, in that way, but the biggest issue is if he wants unity, as he claims it's not just a matter of talking to republicans or negotiating with them. he's going to have to change some of his far left policy
11:55 am
positions. he is the president who ran the first time as being a moderate. his agenda has not proven to be that, and if he wants unity on capitol hill, he's going to have to come to the middle on some of those issues and as he said yesterday, in his press secretary said last week they have no plans to change their agenda and no plans to shake up his economic team despite that being one of the issues that voters went to the polls to cast their ballot on tuesday. stuart: he's not changing course , or so he said. so sorry, to cut this short, katie. i'm dealing with a whopping great big rally which our viewer s really want to hear about. katie pavlich, thank you very much indeed. >> get that money. stuart: we all want to hear about. and now this , there's one news outlet suggesting john fetterman er majority in could run for president. whose saying that? lauren: msnbc, and a host katie terr, who says the senator -elect has a bright future in politics. >> fetterman as a nominee at some point for president --
11:56 am
what he did in the super-red, deep red parts of pennsylvania and the way that he ran ahead of biden, ran ahead of trump it makes you wonder about his future. lauren: um, it's a great come back story especially if he does well. i'll give her that. stuart: that too. lauren: you know, i think oz in the end wasn't a good candidate for pennsylvania. if you look at some of the exit polls, fetterman represented more of pennsylvania than oz did stuart: and that's it. and he won. lauren: yup. stuart: trivia as in the thursday trivia question. good one. which president delivered the longest inaugural address, william henry harrison, barack obama, monroe, or roosevelt? the answer after this.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
♪ >> the longest inaugural address. >> monroe. >> i would. i change my mind. barack obama. william henry harrison. he delivered a two hour special on a cold and rainy day. he did not wear a hat, no coat, he got pneumonia. he died 30 days later. it says that on the prompter. believe me. i am giving you a rally. >> you indeed are. the dow up. more than 1000 points. a lot at


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