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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 11, 2022 10:00am-11:00am EST

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of humana's large network. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> what this? just got paid. lauren: n'sync. stu: in sinc. lauren: i should have let you do that one on your own. good morning, everyone. straight to the money. the dow is down 130 points and the s&p is down now ten points. just changed, dow down 200 on
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the way down. remember, when the dow is up 120 points yesterday and nasdaq 7%. the price of oil this morning and on the upside $89 a barrel and why? because china's easing covid restrictions and might mean more industry in china and demand for oil. let's get to bitcoin. this is the reason i think one of the reasons why the dow has turned around. bitcoin down to 16.9. heavy pressure on the cryptos as the ftxics change falls to -- ftx exchange falls to pieces. lauren: the market came in at 54.7 down from 59.9 in october and worse than we thought. first decline in five months. current economic conditions, how do we feel about them? that number came down. consumer expectations, that number came down and know what went up? one year inflation expectation.
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we think prices one year from now is going a bit higher. stu: it's a neutral reaction on the market. not much reaction on that number. it was very bad. lauren: there's a lot going on on the stock market. stu: now this, last night donald trump issue add lengthy statement. it was another attack on florida's governor desantis. he called him ron de-sanctimonious again and complained he had no class or royalty. that is rich. no class? trump is dragging the republican party into the mud, again. hhe thinks only he can win and conveniently ignoring his own record and trump lost big in the 2018 midterms and lost the 2020 race whether he admits it or not and in 2021, he threw away the georgia senate races by insulting the popular republican governor brian kemp. this year trump endorsed
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candidates lost in what should have been winnable states. bolduc in massachusetts, tudor dixon in michigan and dr. oz in pennsylvania. his candidates, kari lakes, blake master, and herschel walker, they're struggling and know waging open ware fare within the p republican party. democrats are fleeful and republicans are not. they're asking can he win? my opinion, no, he can't. voters liked his pollicis but they're not keen on him. again, in my opinion, americans don't want to return to the politics of insult and denial. i'll close with this, it's a quote from "the wall street journal" editorial, trump used to say we're going to win so much that you're going to get sick and tired of winning. maybe by now the republicans are sick and tired of losing". strong stuff. second hour of varney just getting started.
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♪ >> he's excited i'm here. stu: i am. let's get straight at it, tammy bruce. i believe trump should step off the stage. what say you? >> i think voters should decide. it's a very interesting dynamic. stu: he ripped the party apart. >> will he? if the republican party can't handle donald trump, how can they handle the world? i think this is an argument -- stu: that's not a great comparison, tammy. >> let me say there's a lot of talent on the republican side that's a very deep bench. i have a column coming out today that argues that we should work together, that the unity of a trump and a desantis is very important. that voters should have a chance, we're going to see polls in who's popular and who isn't. donald trump was successful in
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large part because he was different, because he did breakthrough these dynamics. stu: right. >> now that was years ago. things perhaps have changed but maybe they haven't but it's interesting that there's this sense that a trump and a desantis can't live on the same planet at the same time. they can't -- stu: they're going to fight each other to the death in the primaries. >> maybe not. this is where it's about -- you allow this to occur and the republican party and desantis exists in large part because donald trump changed the nature of what is possible. even about the attitude, you know, desantis is very aggressive, people didn't like that he went after disney and talks about the woke stuff. has a parent's bill of rights. these are things that -- kari lake is similar in attitude. whatever people like about desantis, it's not trump-like. it's desantis; right. everyone has their approach but trump changed the rules enough to where the republicans can actually stand up and approach
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these things aggressively. stu: i've got 60 seconds and two questions. number one, if it emerges that trump is the candidate in 2024, i don't think he can win. what do you say? >> well, as we've seen even with trump, i was a convert -- stu: you think he can win? >> i don't know. we didn't know that in 2015 and 16. stu: what's your opinion? >> i think he can win. stu: you do? >> it depends on his adjustments and what's going on with america as we've seen with the biden dynamic and if things are a kansas city chiefs touchdown catches fio. stu: i got a second question. do you think americans, all of us, do you think we want to go back to the politics of insult and denial? do you want to go back to that? >> do you really think that what happened to donald trump was reserved just for donald trump. stu: this is a yes or no answer. i don't think americans want to go back to that. >> well, i think what americans are after as biden continues, americans are going to want to have a safe future, a secure country.
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it's going to be a black swan in the next year internationally, and as we look at whether the militaries is ready as the economy, your numbers as you just discussed are really collapsing, americans care about their family and the future, and they're going to be able to with stand some, you know, pugilist ick politics for awhile. that's the least we should be able to put up with considering what the future looks like with joe biden. stu: there's a fine discussion and we'll have it again in the future and we can't have it now. >> the trump desantis ticket would be undeniable and unbeatable and would save this country. see what it takes for the american people to handle it. stu: i say, not a bad discussion. >> i'm excited because everything is possible. stu: all right. enough. >> yes, sir. stu: back to the markets.
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kenny p p polcari, rescue me ouf this. >> it was a bit ridiculous and they started on, oh, look, the fed will pivot and cpi coming down and inflation reduction act is working and it's all bologna and way too soon and one month doesn't make a trend and you'll see two and three months of significant declines before i say it's completely over and yesterday's rally was just that. it was a relief rally and the market was oversold and people betting against the cpi and then came in weaker and all the shorts ran for cover and took the market up ridiculous 7%. the nasdaq up 7%. look what happened. it was all the indexes that got so beaten up and the money, the trading money and fast money ran into the sectors they thought were going to be a quick trade,
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which is what we saw yesterday. the market now is going to start to die jest and back off and -- digest and back off. i'm in your camp, trump can't win. stu: thanks for adding that one. lauren. lauren: i'm going to say a lot of republicans are saying that. paul ryan, mike lawler that took out sean patrick in new york and dumping trump is becoming a correspondent rhus in -- chorus in the republican party. >> hi think he did it to himself. lauren: unfortunately tammy is no longer on the set. stu: influence of the crypto turmoil a ftx is in turmoil and sam blankman-fried resigned. is there a spillover into the stock market? >> there will be as this story unfolds and that contagion that spread around and a complete market melt down and do i think
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it'll cause some nervousness and angst. surely. there's a lot of big money at risk. look at all the asset managers that have big money invested and decide what to co. how are they going to re-coop this or not. i do think there's more pressure to the market coming as a result of the contagion but i don't think it'll light the fuse on the massive sell off. stu: we agree on trump and i don't know about the market. but thanks for being with us on this big day. thanks very much. kenny polcari. >> have a good weekend. stu: i l i promise you. looking at movers. wynn resort it. is up . china has close context of people infected and inbound travelers both get cut by two days. so you still have to quarantine but not as long and limited the penalty of airlines that bring in passengers 6789 stu: that covid thing in china. walgreens on the upside nearly
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3%. the story. lauren: says they're going all the way to 50 and analysts met with management and like that deal that links village md with citi md and will help walgreens really in the primary care business. stu: i max, is that the big huge giant screen people? lauren: yes. stu: i get seasick. lauren: really? i would say there's hardly anything playing right now that's attractive. i was looking to take the kids tonight and i'm like, oh, gosh. this is tough. web bush said it's going to get better and added i max to best idea list and say they're going to $20. a theatrical rebound and hopeful it'll happen here and in china. stu: student debt borrowers. they're talking about how they're going to use their extra cash once biden's handouts go through, they may not go through, but what are they saying they'll do if it did go through? lauren: because of the texas federal judge is saying this is
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unconstitutional. 73% of anticipated recipients said they're going to travel. go to restaurants and buy new technology. let me explain how it happens. you don't get $10,000 and get it in monthly installments and balance reduced by about $300 a month. stu: you don't get cash? lauren: no, just installments. you're supposed to invest that and make better investments maybe buy a home or something and not go on vacation. that's what our taxpayer dollars are funding. stu: did you answer questionnaires when you were a student in high school and they come around and say how many drinks did you have last night and you'd say something like 24 just to screw them up. we did that all the time. lauren: you think people will do the right thing with this money? stu: i don't know but there's probably some creative answers to questions like that. lauren: i'm honest when i answer those questions. stu: i'm getting into real trouble this morning.
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virginia lieutenant governor said it is time to move on from trump. watch this. >> a true leader understands that it's time to step off the stage and voters given us that very clear message. i could not support him. we have a clear mission and it is time to move on. >> we're talking about this throughout the show and i'll ask david webb, is it time for trump to move on. he's on later. stu: thanksgiving hitting households a lot harder and food prices becoming so expensive and some families will turn to restaurants for relief. is that a relief? we have the story at least. we're still waiting for several races to be called but it seems the republicans will likely take control of the house so how will a divided government affect our economy? andy putzner on that, next. ♪
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an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist stu: check those markets. the dow is down 7 and will 78 ap 1% yesterday and another 1% today. big tech is doing very well. the market did indeed rally on that inflation but experts are warning the nation's inflation fight is ramping up. jerry willis is with us. any relief on the price front, gerri? >> hey, stu. we're in chicco is in west
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chester, new york, to show you the prices people are facing. a carton of eggs is unbelievable, up 43% year over year. a gallon of milk up 14% year over year. these are big, big numbers. you buy the eggs because of actual protein like steak. you want to save money by buying vegetables and they're up 19%. coffee is up 14%, butter, get this, if you want to cook, up 33%. potatoes up 15% and you used to use that to stretch your dollar, buy more potatoes and less protein. you want to get cranberries for the thanksgiving table? up 18% and just a pumpkin pie, something i love, up again as much as 18%. all of this means a lot of
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people are thinking about going out instead of eating at home because it's cheaper. listen. >> i was thinking that we might do a combination of takeout and a few sides that can be more economical for us. >> reporter: the numbers here on that actually going out is up 8% year over year but cooking at home is up 12%. so a lot of people may be con syringessed to head out to the restaurant -- convinced to head out to the restaurant this year. if you cook at home, understand that the cost of making that dinner, electricity is higher, utilities is higher and one of my favorites, the cookies are up 17%, stu. it's tragedy. >> tragedy. stu: outrageous. absolutely outrageous. oreos like that. lauren: chips ahoy not oreos. they're chocolate chip. stu: i'm just getting old. thank you, ge arri and lauren fr
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bailing me out. andy putzner wrote this next story and he joins us. what does the election tell us about the future of the economy? >> i think we can see very positive signs for the economy given this election and the divided government will be better for the economy as it was in 2010 when the republicans took the house. the republicans, we can stop these big spending partisan bills like the so called american recovery act or ironically named inflation reduction act. if they tyke the house and control of the senate, they can pass some fiscal legislation through the process where you don't have to deal with a filibuster and that'll mean we could, for example, try and make the trump tax cuts permanent and then you've got the debt -- you
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negotiate the debt. that gives the republicans some negotiating room and appropriations bills also, they originate in the house. republicans look like they'll take control of the house. and appropriations bills, again, give us a chance to negotiate positive physical -- [ overlapping talking ]. stu: this is all wishful thinking. if they get the house, it'll be an extremely small majority. what can you do with an extremely small majority. if they get the senate which is rather unlikely at this point, all bets are off. you can't do much with a very slim majority in the house. >> if republicans can stay unified in the house, all you need is a mar joyty. stu: you've got to have voting discipline. >> you don't need a vast
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majority. stu: doesn't matter. the smaller the majority in the house, the more voting discipline you've got to have. every single republican must be on board with absolutely everything. this republican party, you think you're going to get absolute unity? i don't. last word to you. >> well, i think you'll get unity on stopping the large spending bills coming out of the white house but not an inflation recovery act that's a again bill, that won't go through or a big spending bill and the more unity they have, the more they can get done. if republicans can come to grip withs that, they'll do fine. if they can't come to grips, they'll be stymied for the next two years and better than what's happening but you'll be stymied. stu: the election results, positive for the economy. i'll leave it at that. i don't know how positive it'll be. >> marginally. stu: that's a good word to use. thankers very much indeed. good to see you again, andy. don't dbrox a stranger. >> good to see you too, stu. stu: back to this, more
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republicans are starting to distance themselves from president trump. you started about paul ryan. what else? lauren: he did a local news interview and this is what he said. i'm reading this. i thought it was a sound byte but it is a full screen. i think trump's kind of a drag on our ticket. i think donald trump gives us problems, politically, we lost the house, the senate, and the white house in two years when trump was on the ballot or in office. he continues, i think we have trump hangover. i think he's a drag on our office, on our races. stu: trump detested paul ryan. lauren: yes. okay. he also said something similar, there's other rising stars in the party. he mentioned ron desantis, maybe we should focus on them and then you have jason miller, an adviser to former president trump. he said, look, you have this big announcement coming on tuesday.
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just wait and delay till after georgia is sorted out on december 6. full disclosure, paul ryan on the fox corp. board of directors. stu: the anti-trump sen sentimes rising. i believe so. lauren: we gave you examples. stu: if you have to sell your house in a tough real estate market? how do you do it? we have ideas. adam laxalt and cortez-mastro are neck and neck in the governor's race. we have the race from nevada next. ♪
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>> the markets show a mixed picture and nasdaq up 137 points and up 7% yesterday and up another 1.2% right now. the dow slightly lower, 63 points off. looking at some movers and we're starting with nike, solid gain. lauren: yeah, it's a dow stock and up about 6% now. it's also up 10% this week. i want to tie this to the
10:30 am
reopening or the start of the reopening that we're seeing in china. stu: how about ralph lauren. my daughter used to work for them, she doesn't now but they're up 6%. lauren: i love their clothing. their preppy and sheik and they're a turn around stock going all the way to $130. stu: that's a nice gain if it happens. ford, general motors, military times list companies. i don't know why. lauren: the military times says these two automakers are great for veterans and truly support employing veterans and about 6,000 veterans in the u.s. that work add fort. thought that was a nice story on veteran's days and the stock up 2.5. stu: the senate race in nevada between republican adam laxalt and incumbent katherine cortez maestro. how many votes do they have to count and what's taking so long,
10:31 am
jonathan? >> reporter: they have tens of thousands to count, stuart. it is slow, it is methodical and it's being done according to officials here according to the letter of the election laws so the counting goes on but one of the reasons that it is slow is that mail in ballots postmarked as late as election day itself, tuesday, november 8, have until saturday, tomorrow, to arrive and they still legally have to be counted so officials say they will get there but they have to do it right not fast. listen here. >> we're working as hard as we possibly can to get the ballots counted and whether we like it or not, there's no way we can move any faster than we're currently moving. >> reporter: so democratic incumbent senator catherine cortez mastro trails her republican challenger at the moment, he is adam laxalt.
10:32 am
we got new numbers, both from washo county up in the north, the second most popular in the state and here in clark county, by far the most popular county in the state. they show add narrowing lead for adam laxalt. cortez mastro less than 1% behind her republican challenger but adam laxalt says he's still confidence he will win this thing. listen to mr. laxalt. >> a lot of hard work and incredibly tough race but we're going to win this thing hopefully and the important race for the country and my great statement >> reporter: since we got the new numbers last night, we have not heard anything from the team representing senator catherine cortez mastr and might be a sign of confidence or a sign of concern. one other mention of adam laxalt, stuart, you may remember
10:33 am
he was the leading voice on behalf of president trump alleging wrongly as it turned out, widespread fraud in the 2020 election. now he said in that same interview last night that he has had lawyers and observers everywhere, and this time he made no allegations of any fraud or corruption. interesting to note, stuart. stu: jonathan hunt in vegas, thank you very much. now to the housing market. i've been reading all about how to sell your home in a very bad real estate market. our real estate guy mitch row shell joins me now. i have three ideas here that i've been reading about. first off, some people give their lender, the bank, cash up front so that lowers the rate that they have to pay during the life of the mortgage. is anyone doing that? >> paying points to buy down the rate? i don't think that'll stick very much. it's been done in the past but
10:34 am
it's not a conventional technique. stu: another one, help the buyer with big ticket items like a boiler or air conditioning unit, something like that. still a great deal of money up front though, isn't it? >> yeah, and i think that's -- you're going to see more of that. you and i talked about the power shift from it being the ultimate seller's market to one where the buyers are in control. so if you're selling a house and know the boiler is no good or air conditioning is no good, it's come up in inspection and the days of people waving their inspection are in the past. you either fix it or give the buyer a credit for the cost to fix it. stu: i'm seeing a lot of this. you attract attention to your house by slightly and frequently cutting the price. you seeing any of that? >> you know, i think that's a big mistake. what's going on right now is sellers still have inflated
10:35 am
views of what homes are worth because they're looking in the rrear-view mirror and not the windshield and they're putting asking prices up too high and have to cut cut cut which you and i have talked about. the best move right now is to price the house at what a similar house just sold for that's clearly the market and hope if there's some interest in it because your house is a little bit nicer, you may get two bidders and get a bit more but inflated asking prices is a fool's error right now. stu: okay, let's sum it up. prices are falling, asking prices are falling, mortgage originations are way down, is the housing market near recession? >> i don't think so. i'm still going to go back to the fact that we do not have enough supply of homes. we're still looking at it a little less than four month supply of existing homes on the market. in order to have a crash of the housing market, we need to lose
10:36 am
all demand for homes and i don't see that happening. it's certainly a lot softer than it's been in the last three years, but i still don't see a recession or a depression in the housing market. stu: well, you know what, mitch, hope springs eternal, does it not? mitch roschelle, and you're a hopeful. good stuff. thank you, mitch. appreciate it. >> you bet. stu: interesting story here. one city just beat out san francisco as the second most expensive city for renters. ashley, we know that new york city takes first place but who is now in second place? ashley: would you believe boston. it take as lot of beans apparently to live in bean town. boston now the second most expensive city for a one bedroom rental moving ahead of san francisco. now, according to online rental platform zumper, new york city comes in first at an average of $3860 for one bed and boston second at $3,060 just ahead of
10:37 am
san francisco by $40, $3,020. san jose in california next at $2600 and miami at number five at $2,510 on average. one thing to note about boston's surge in rental prices is that that city is subject to seasonal rental patents because of all the numerous colleges locate there had so there's a lot of fluctuation but the data suggests that the rental prices in the major cities are actually starting to come down just a little bit, which means of course in new york it's gone from impossible to ridiculous, stu. stu: correct. thanks, ash. influencers on tiktok are raving about the diabetes drug called o semi-pick. they're using it for weight loss. more on that coming up for you. a new study shows repeat covid infections can be riskier than getting covid for the first time regardless of vaccination st
10:38 am
status. doc siegel here with that story next.
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>> they're all going up again. now this, social media raving about the diabetes drug o semi-pick. it's supposed to help with weight loss and makes your food taste repulsive. doc siegel is with me. is there a health cost for using ozempic purely for weight loss? >> that's a good question. is there a health cost. i would say it's got to be done with caution, not via tiktok because a physician needs to be involved who knows what they're doing with weight loss because it can cause problems with taste and with nausea and with
10:43 am
disneyness and headache. dizziness and headache. it works on a hormone in the gut called glp1 and it's the same hormone we affect with bariatric surgeries and if you can do this without surgery and decrease weight and ozempic works for decreasing weight. it's approved for diabetes, it's not approved were weight loss but another one like it by the same company is approved for weight loss, wegovi and we're having a production problem with it, but it's helpful for diabetes and weight loss and causes your body to make more insulin and decreases hunger in the brain and it has a use. look, stuart, almost 50% of americans are obese right now, we do these segments because you're saying to me, whoa, what about my weight and talking about yourself, memory or weight, you're talking about all of america. everyone in america has this
10:44 am
question, how do i lose weight and how do i think clearly into my old age? the answer is medications and tools like this are helpful. this is going to be a huge winner for novonordisk and lily has a drug also for diabetes and effective for weight loss and maybe even more so. these are huge winners for the companies but they have to be used very carefully for physician guidance. stu: what's your preference when you have a patient that comes -- i want to change the question. did you just say that 50% of americans are obese? when i was a kid, if you were obese, your 600 pounds. >> well, okay, they changed the definition so maybe we should use the term overweight. they use the scale of what your body mass index is. let's just say that over 45% of americans have a weight issue. by the way, i'm not suggesting in a million years to jump on a drug like this is the way to go and that's the trend. everybody with a few extra
10:45 am
trends trying to jump on the drug. not the right way to go. it's lifestyle change and eating less and less deserts and exercising more. i want to have this tool. stu: no carbs is another good one. new study shows getting covid for a second time could be more deadly than the first case, regardless of vax status. if that's the case, doctor, why get the jab in the first place? >> i knew you were going to ask me that because there's separate data that shows that the jab still decreases severity, decreases hospitalization and death. i want you to have as much immunity as possible and by the way, pa paxlovid was not studied and i believe taking the antiviral paxlovid decreases your risk, regardless of vaccination status, of staying out of the hospital and not getting long covid. here's the point you want me to make and i'm agreeing with this,
10:46 am
vaccine is a tool but not a be all end all and despite not being vaccinated, your risk is the same of dying or getting very sick. i'm agreeing with that. i have the vaccine as a tool to use. i still believe in it, stuart. but this is a point that we should never have been shaming people that didn't want the vaccine. stu: i just keep going back to when i was a young man and polio, which was the scourge of the 1950s, when you got the vaccine for polio, you didn't get polio again. you were fixed. it didn't happen. you can't say that about covid. that's my problem. last word to you, dock. >> that's absolutely right. they're researching a vaccine for covid at yale, a nasal vaccine that may be as good as the polio vaccine. we're not there with this one. this is use.. the polio vaccine is huge. it saved so many live in the united states. i agree with that. stu: it was the scourge of my youth and remember being frightened to death of it and along came the vaccine and we
10:47 am
all relaxed. dr. siegel, have a good weekend and we'll see you next week. >> thank you, thanks, stuart. you too. stu: tom brady could suffer a major loss after the ftx collapse and could lose his entire investment in that crypto exchange. we'll tell you all about it. the mayor of new york says it's time democrats do something about rampant crime. roll it. >> this catch, repeat, release system is just destroying the foundation of our country. we cannot talk our way out of this. we have to be real with what people are facing on the street stu: defying the radical das. i'll ask leo about that next, he's on the show. ♪
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is managing insulin and glucose. golo takes a systematic approach to eating that focuses on optimizing insulin levels. we tackle the cause of weight gain, not just the symptom. when you have good metabolic health, weight loss is easy. i always thought it would be so difficult to lose weight, but with golo, it wasn't. the weight just fell off. i have people come up to me all the time and ask me, "does it really work?" and all i have to say is, "here i am. it works." my advice for everyone is to go with golo. it will release your fat and it will release you. ashley, the data shows the gop made massive gains before the associated press and young
10:52 am
hispanic voters shifted 18% toward republicans and young black voters shifted 22% toward the gop. it actually bears out a poll that was put out in late october by usa today and the university that showed at least 40% of hispanic voters and 21% of black voters would support a republican candidate citing rising inflation with key issues that would happen and hispanics being hit hard and 44% said the economy was their top issue and political analyst on nbc said hispanic voters are increasingly behaving like working class whites in the county is a prime example. very interesting, stu. stu: thanks, ash. the mayor of new york city eric adams admits that democrats need to get a handle on crime. watch this.
10:53 am
>> every day new york and in particular in the city and don't want repeat offenders and they repeat, release system is just destroying the foundation of our country and we're losing the base of black and brown who've really believed in the basic things, public safety housing, education. we cannot talk our way out once people are facing on the streets. streets. stu: civil rights lawyer and former teacher leo terrell joining me now. do you think things will change? >> no, thanks for having me, stu, he's a talker. he said all these things before the midterm and after. i want to be very clear. if eric adams was interested in resolving the crime possible, he would have come out and endorsed lee zeldin, he didn't endorse lee zeldin and he made crime the issue and all he does is talk.
10:54 am
we're going to get the same issues over and over again the democratic legislature, the democratic governor and they're soft on crime and ignored crime, stuart. it's meaningless and eric adams will do absolutely nothing and will give you a great sound byte. stu: does the governor and it's going to be governor hochul, does she have the power, she's got the power, eric adams does not. it's the governor who could dismiss a radical dv alvin brag. >> absolutely but the major controls the new york police department and what was happening right now is the broken window program that was implemented years ago should be reimplemented and playing officers operation and it should be implemented and what mayor adams was doing and he's a police officer but he knows what is needed on the street and police officer press is
10:55 am
critical. it reads store security and confidence in new yorkers but he doesn't do that. he doesn't help police officers properly. stu: radical das backed by george soros in the midterms won their seat. these are progressive candidates, soft on crime and it's more of the same coming up in the future, isn't it? what's your reaction? >> let me be clear, george soros wants to dismantle our criminal justice system and he wants to eliminate law enforcement and he has these soft on prosecutors, he has these billion dollar bankroll, stu, and he's endorsing a policy of eliminating the criminal justice system. it is a victory day for criminals and it's fear for victims of crime. stu: nothing will change. i mean, all evidence of infection cross the country big city das, most of them, are radical and they're still in place and voters kept them in place. nothing changes, leo.
10:56 am
>> it'll never change, stu, as long as democrats are in charge of the democratic cities and they don't believe in law enforcement and they're not in favor of supporting the victims and more importantly they play the race card. you'll hear this term systemic racism, systemic discrimination and they're in charge of the system and they're claiming they're discriminatory and it's a huge issue. stu: hope you have a great weekend and we'll see you very soon. >> thank you, stu, happy veteran's day. stu: thank you, sir. steve hilton, the ceo of embark trucks, edward lawrence, david webb. 60 years ago back in the day, there was this song, that was the week that was. it's over, let it go. well, it's the end of this week and i'm quite prepared to end it and let it go. more varney after this.
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