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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  November 12, 2022 11:00am-11:30am EST

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maria: welcome back the most important thing you need to know going into next week the big retail names reporting earnings most important walmart but also target, home depot, lows, the so give us insight into the inflation impact on the consum consumer, the housing market the supply chain, it is alright there, i'll be covering it on "mornings with maria" next week. i'll see you this weekend on the fox news channel "sunday morning futures" his life and of exclusive interviews with rick scott and ron johnson congressman byron donalds and gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin all live 10:00 a.m. eastern on fox that will do it for us. i want to say we are so grateful for our brave men and women who serve this country on this veterans day weekend. thank you. we will see you next time. ♪
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>> hello, this week on the "wall street journal at large" what happened to the red wave, will break down the midterm election results and also by republicans came up short and ask how much was possibly donald trump's fault, there was one red wave in florida where ron desantis created his own one-man gop landslide is see the future of the republican party or maybe the country? what about the democrats will biden took a victory lap but still dissatisfied with his presidency and his party will he change course in the next two years? this time it seems no one stole any elections is a republican better shape than we thought? will be talking about all this and more my guest this week charles hurt and laura curran. they are still counting votes in some parts of the country in georgia will have another runoff in a few weeks time but we know enough about the midterms to draw significant conclusions. first republicans appear to be poised to take control of the house of representatives. it is a thin margin and we still don't actually know whether
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there will be a majority but if it is a be smaller than the one nancy pelosi's democrats have had for the last two years but is still a majority all the same in order to bring an end if happens to joe biden to the left's efforts to remake america some state dominated economy and society. for that we can be grateful but no disguising the fact that the results were disappointing for republicans. the gain of ten or fewer seats for the gop marks the worst performance by the opposition party in the president's first term since george w. bush's republicans were actually able to win seats of democrats in 2002 that of course is when the country was in a state of shock unity after the 9/11 terror attacks. in the senate the results could end up being worse for the republicans depended on the outcome of the runoff in georgia next month. they may lose his seat when the boats are finally tallied and failed to take back to could enter the control lever house. joe biden think it was a triumph for him and his presidency. >> we had an election yesterday
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and it was a good day i think for democracy. and i think it was a good day for america. our democracy has been tested in recent years but with their votes the american people have spoken and proven once again that democracy is who we are. gerry: not so fast mr. president, this was no endorsement to the democrats voters are deeply unhappy with the state of the country and the president party performance in office. according to the fox news voter analysis the survey of tens of thousands americans who voted this week, 75% believe the country is on the wrong track. 58% disapprove of the way joe biden is handling his jobs and 42% approval in 73% disapprove of the way the democrat-controlled congress is handling its job voters are so unhappy with the democrats why did they not vote republican in much greater numbers it seems many americans whatever they dissatisfaction with things not convinced the gop is ready to take over. if we look at the results we get a clue as to why in key senate
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houses gubernatorial races that people could think that way. the republicans lost more seats than they should have done. state after state with a kid it is backed by donald trump won the gop primary usually because they endorsed his claim of a stolen election in 2020 they lost on tuesday. in new hampshire don bolduc was soundly beaten for the senate against maggie hassan in pennsylvania stop the still advocate doug mastroianni was crushed by democrat josh schapiro. in michigan in the gop primary for the third congressional district this year to defeated incumbent pete meyer who'd actually voted to impeach the former president after the january riots. the man who defeated him in the republican primary john gibbs lost on a big swing to the democrat. once were several places where republican candidates have taken a stand against the former president they one. brian kemp the georgia cruise to an easy victory overseas the abrams. meanwhile in florida ron
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desantis broke all records when even the governors race by almost 20 points, will talk more about ron desantis later in the show. the overall message could hardly be clear where voters are given a chance to vote for incompetent defective deep red conservative governor or senator who focuses on fixing the problems in the lives rather than copying endlessly about a stolen election, they vote for him or her. overwhelmingly as republicans ponder mostly disappointing set of results they can surely see the path forward now. let's talk about this with my guest former national counter executive in new york and cut to the chase podcast host laura curran and washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor charles hurt. charlie let me start with you. no red wave? do you think this analysis is largely trump's fault or is it more compact than that? >> it tickets a little bit more complex than that if her no other reason you step back and take a larger picture of things and were going to get into ron desantis more in a minute.
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but a lot of the candidates that republican candidates that did well, you're exactly right they show display independence from donald trump but the republican party today where they are successful there running on the issues that donald trump brought to the table and you can't separate that from the fact that you did a very good job of listenilisting these examples we donald trump clearly interfered or got into some of these elections and made bad decisions that impact bad people, that is something going forward republican voters are going to have to figure out but you can't completely separated from the fact that the issue that republicans are talking about in the issues that republicans are winning on right now are the issues that were defined by donald trump and ignored by the establishment of republicans for 40 years.
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gerry: immigration some of the big culture issues. loren your democrat were to talk about the democrats later in the show but from your perspective, as a former democratic elected official what is your interpretation of what happened this week the red wave did not materialize what is your sense the main reason republicans did worse than expected. >> everyone likes to go on trumped derangement syndrome. in this case it proved people aren't so comfortable with him. the republicans and am speaking to such a sense of relief that they can finally say yeah he is crazy, we are done with him. the fact that peter king former congressman talks about a personality cult someone said we don't have to suck up to trump anymore. to me it's like a breakup, if i'm a republican and in charge of the party i would be thinking after break if we reground, you reset and say what i learned and what can i bring to my next relationship this time with the
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american people to make it more successful. i think there's a lot of that going on. gerry: charlie do you think the republican party is ready for the breakable donald trump, or not convinced you may go ahead with the plan announced, very big announcement he's going to make next week, obviously again were to talk about ron desantis later but trump is not done is he? >> i do not think he is done and obviously one of the realities of life you end up taking the good with the bad some of donald trump's greatest attributes are also his biggest weaknesses in one of those is the fact that he is not a quitter and he keeps fighting and he can fight or anything and people like that about him. as laura points out, it's very complicated and very difficult but the great thing about this is, we have a two-year primary ahead of us voters are going to weigh in and make that decision assuming that donald trump is going to make the decision he's going to make. gerry: the never ending election continues from one election
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thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ >> we chose fax over fear, education over indoctrination. we chose law and order overriding in disorder thanks to the overwhelming support of the people of florida we not only want election but we have rewritten the political map. gerry: ron desantis one big in the sunshine state defeating charlie crist by 20 percentage points which is the widest margin of any gumbo toil race and the possible years. desantis took miami-dade a blue
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county by more than 11 percentage points, he won 66% of the vote in the majority hispanic precincts and more than doubled his vote share and majority black precincts. as a victory not gone unnoticed by the former president donald trump who took a hefty swipe at the for the governor on a social media platform true social we can expect to see a lot more of that republican civil war and the next two weeks. let's talk about this, laura as a democrat, ron desantis has managed to turn a swing state into a deep red state as a democrat, do you fear him you think he's a republican secret weapon? >> i really do he is a powerful message and that is people i trust you to make decisions about your life and normally politicians alike trust me because of this and that. he is show without respect to his constituents and i think that is very, very powerful especially and were growing diverse communities with hispanics in the asian communities who are leaning more
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that way, he is also shown he's very good political theater he does it with the migrants that don't say gabe will quote unquote, making a very big stand and be in a tough guy, he has shown a lot of swagger, matched with what people perceive as competence and not what we saw on the trump white house. biden might be the gift that he keeps on giving to republicans, trump is a gift that is given to democratic candidates that can run against him. this would be a lot harder to run against desantis. gerry: charlie hurt you study ron desantis pretty closely, is he the real thing, what are his weaknesses as the play outside afforded for example? >> i think without a doubt. he raised a question it's hard to see how well he plays how far outside afforded he does play. it's interesting you call this the civil war and obviously this is going to be a battle royale
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between two giant figures but when it comes down to the issues these two guys agree on the issues about 99.9%, just off the top of my head sitting there right now i can't think of a single issue on which these guys disagree and obviously ron desantis can look at an extraordinary record of performance and donald trump has to deal with that and we saw the extraordinary attack from trump on desantis which is great, this is what a primary is all about and i like it to be clear. for example he attacks ron desantis over lockdowns, that is idiotic because ron desantis could attack donald trump over lockdowns ever get to get into that. but once they get into talking about the issues and the issue of toughness, who can stand up because it's not like the media is going to be nice to run
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desantis because is not donald trump. gerry: very quickly, we got to go, i think were all convinced desantis is going to run, there's not a question about that now. >> i guess but he just one governor and he hasn't said, we know that trump is but that's my assumption, who knows. gerry: laura very quickly one thing striking about desantis is a support among hispanics and increasing among blacks two. that's been a big factor in democratic politics for such a long time, is he changing the demographics of the republican party and that one? >> i think so dems have been criticized for taking minorities and granted but they like what they see in ron desantis. gerry: joe biden was taking a victory lap over the victor results. were boaters endorsing him and his party, or sending a message for change, we will talk about that
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guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about.
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gerry: president biden was celebrating midterm election results and look better than expected outcomes for the democratic party. recent polling on the day showed voters are dissatisfied with the way this administration is running the country president biden says he has no plans to change. >> 75% of voters say the country is heading in the wrong direction despite the results of last night what in the next two years do tend to do differently to change people's opinion of the direction of the country particular as you contemplate a run for president in 2024. gerry: nothing, they're just finding out what were doing, the more they know about what were doing the more support there is. gerry: let's take that up with our guest, laura, do you think that's right the more people to find out what the democrats have been doing the happy they are.
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what is striking a better-than-expected set of results for the democrats, they were interesting sets of results new york state in particular where you're from, huge deep deep blue states for republicans came very close to defeating incumbent democrat, many, many congressional seats went to flip from the democrats to republicans. what is the message of voters are sending. >> the red wave stopped at long island in miami-dade, we saw where i live in nassau county we had to blue to democratic congress people they both retired or moved on now they are both red, all of long island's deep deep read the messages about crime because were next to new york city and academy because it's expensive and a high tax place to live that really designated and swept out of out-of-state senate seats as well turn them from blue to red. to me i feel like long island is a typical suburb it suffer suburb suburbanites especially
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suburban women elected trump in the end and elected biden, is that foretelling was what happened in 2024, politicians of all stripes need to pay attention to the suburbs that are getting more diverse and really finding their voice and they are pissed. >> that was pretty striking the president saying no plans to change everything's going fine the results were an endorsement of what he did that's not the reality ascending to deal with the republican led house of representatives that means he will continue with his legislative agenda, the political message surely the president and democrats must understand that there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the way the countries run the last few years. >> if there is a realization of the white house i don't think joe biden is going to be the one that understands or projects it sadly. it reminds me of the 2012 election with barack obama he had every election victory, everybody walked away and said that was a victory, we won in
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the mask was an indoor miss dissatisfaction among democrat and republican voters and while barack obama got reelected, you saw over a thousand democrat seats get lost during that period ended it set up this extraordinary election year of 2016 and i think it's like that here, joe biden and the democrats don't realize and don't learn anything from this, it sounds like joe biden has no intentions of learning anything by this, my goodness 2024 could wind up being a redo of 2016. gerry: briefly biden says he is not completely finally made up his mind if he is going to run but he's inclined to. i think if the results have been worse for democrats they would've been more pressure on biden, do you think now he's the nominee in 24. >> it's hard to predict a lot of people wonder if he's able to do it has a cognitive ability to
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continue that remains to be seen also with narrow victories anyone can claim credit will the progressives who say they were the margin of error, are they going to have more of a voice in the party before. >> that seems very likely election day 2022 has come and gone and american democracy is still standing despite the democrats fear mongering, democracy in this country is actually still alive and well. we will talk about tha at adp, we understand business today looks nothing like it did yesterday. while it's more unpredictable, its possibilities are endless. from paying your people from anywhere to supporting your talent everywhere, we use data driven insights to design hr solutions and services to help businesses of all size work smarter today.
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gerry: as a final results are tallied and some remain uncool, we see democrats and republicans alike conceding their losses and accepting the outcome of these elections despite the warnings of doom and the end of democracy from the democrats we heard before the election included the president is our republican better shape that we thought, let's talk about that with our guest charlie hurt are you surprised to find three days after the election that a make a democracy despite all the odds still standing? >> i think the announcement of america the death of america democracy is a bit premature i don't think america democracy is dead i think of all the sleep this week but i don't like instead i do think obviously democrats a possibly pretty good effect use that issue in order to generate support on their side which is the way elections go but i do have to say this
11:29 am
issue of not having results in certain places, we still don't know control the house for that matter or control of the senate that sort of thing really does undermine people's faith in these elections. gerry: that is a problem in this waiting for these results to coming especially when you have an election which ends on tuesday and over the course of several days the vote tallies change in somebody's bleeding looks like they're losing it does create suspicion about the election. >> that's what i was concerned about and we see going on in maricopa county that is when those conspiracy theories can start to fester and spread but i think a lot of people were relieved that there is not so much drama that people are accepting and concession speeches are coming, it's like the feeling you don't want your parents fighting and not be able to sorted out we want to politicians to sort it out and
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move on and this is what the plan is. >> very briefly quite striking and encouraging to see so many candidates on both sides particularly republicans have been supporting donald trump's plans of the 2020 election conceding their own defeat does suggest election denial is not the virus that we fear. >> right it also probably helped a little bit the somebody's races were a big blowout so there is less to argue about the particular of five votes in some county in a foreign place. gerry: think about laura karen and charles hurt, will be back next week more, tree interviews on the "wall street journal at large" in the meantime have a great week, >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by global x etfs


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