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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 14, 2022 10:00am-11:00am EST

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♪. stuart: good, adele lovely
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voice. play that as often as we can. that is the fox square in new york city. what is your money doing this morning after last week's big rally? not that much the dow is up 35. the 10-year treasury yield, where is that? it is now 3.86. a couple weeks ago we were well above 4%. now you're down 3.86. price of oil, mid $88 a barrel. bitcoin, we've been telling you all morning, crypto market, crypto industry is in turmoil. crypto down to 16,500. that is the markets. now this. for the republican party, now what? a lot of furious closed-door meetings this weekend especially after the democrats clinched control of the senate. the house is still undecided. more than just fingerpointing who is to blame. it is a question who leads the party in the future and what
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policies that leader pursues. first the blame game. donald trump is coming in for criticism. he supported and promoted candidates in key senate races who lost. dr. oz in pennsylvania, masters in arizona, bolduc in new hampshire. democrats successfully pinned megamaga label on trump's candidates. trump is hinting announcement at mar-a-lago tomorrow. he is hinting he will run for the press dedge sy, trying to clear the field for rivals. he called florida governor ron desanctimonious. he is called youngkin having a chinese sounding name. the party is split. another split. mitch mcconnell wants to continue his leadership position but trump supporters object vigorously. so does some younger senators like josh hawley, who want a new generation to lead. in the house if there is
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republican majority there will be a live cult election for leader. trumpians are splitting. we don't know if the republican party look forward to the relevant issues of 2024, look backward toe rehash the election of 2020. a week ago very few people expected this. the second hour of "varney" just getting started. stuart: here is jason chaffetz to comment on what i just said. jason, welcome back, good to see you. do you agree with me that the republican party is split? >> yeah. i think you're spot on. look both the house and senate are scheduled this week to getting together to choose their leadership. i think that is premature. first of all the election is not over. we don't know who is controlling the house of representatives. you have this herschel walker race. if somebody will announce for
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president or going to announce that hey, they will be the new leader i think that is premature at this point. you got a lot of frustrated members who thought they were going to get gavels in the house of representatives. you know the idea, the projection last year they were going to win upwards of close to 70 seats. we haven't even gotten to 218 yet on the republican side of the aisle. i think it is premature. stuart: do you think trump should announce for the presidency tomorrow? >> i think the country gets tired of elections. i think anybody, nothing against trump, let the country rest. come back in january. nothing is going to change. they got the holidays. you got thanksgiving. people need a bit of a breather from politics at some point. stuart: i think you're right there, jason. listen to what senior advisor to the president anita dunn what she had to say about the democrats attacks on maga republicans. roll tape. >> when the president first
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started using the term maga republican back in may, a lot of pundits, a lot of, you know a lot of people thought it wouldn't work. but it was a very effective strategy for kind of raising for the american people thes hazards of going down that path with democracy denial. threats of political violence, achieve political ends. with an extremist program that involved denying women the right to an abortion. stuart: you know, jason, she might be right, maybe attacking maga republicans was effective, what say you? >> yeah. shame on her. this idea of bumper sticker politics that elevates discussions. both sides use whigs per campaigns. i get that. to try to group literally tens of millions of americans saying they're in favor of political violence that is just flat-out wrong. it continued to be perpetuated
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but there is no evidence of that. there are outlyers on both sides of the aisle. it was ridiculous, i but i got to tell you somebody running for office you have to repel that, show that, demonstrate that, in large parts candidates running for the first time have a hard time defining themselves if they don't have a record to look at. it has to be part of the calculus moving forward. stuart: you know a lot about workings of congress. tell me, if the republicans do eke out a very small majority in the house, will they be in a position to affect legislation or spending going forward? >> yeah. all spending bills originate in the house of representatives. i do think that if they can be united, that is the big question, i think republicans will struggle how far are there going to be austerity type measures for cuts. nobody is suggesting cuts to medicaid and medicare, nobody.
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nobody is suggesting cuts to social security as the democrats and nancy pelosi continues to say as recent as yesterday. that's not true but some of these other measures, putting some blocks on and in doing, you know, good, investigative research on oversight, yeah, i think that's going to happen and it should happen. stuart: it should indeed. jason, thank you very much for being here as always. we'll see you again soon. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. now midterms are over speaker pelosi weighing in on biden running again in 2024? what does she say. lauren: she wants him to run. listen. >> so do you think president biden should run again? >> yes i do. president paid has been a great president for our country. he has accomplished so much. 10 million, over 10 million jobs under his leadership working with the private sector of course. he has just done so many things
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that are so great. we need a lot more show to talk. he has been a great president, has a great record to run on. stuart: okay. lauren: she seems really happy. she went on to list more of that record. she added that look, democrats are asking her to stay in her leadership role after they performed better in the midterm elections. she will remain in congress. didn't specify what that means. she will make her mind up by the end of the month after all the results come in. stuart: president biden turns 80 on november the 20th. lauren: yes. she is 82. stuart: she is indeed. move on, shall we. back to the markets, please. where are we. this is monday morning. we're in business for 37 minutes. dow is up a little. nasdaq is down. not so much as it was a few minutes ago. we're down 70, a mixed market this monday morning. alan knuckman joins us as our market watcher of the day. we don't talk much about the dollar on this program.
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maybe we should. >> right. stuart: i noticed the dollar was at a 20-year high last week, then it turned a little bit lower. what is the result of that turning a little bit lower in the value of the dollar? >> well, the dollar decline here will be very much a positive for a lot of stocks, a lot of sectors. we have toby aware of that. i'm optimistic the opportunity the dollar is no longer rising. a lot of these sectors can start to snap back. that will be a positive for oil, energy and all commodities. so you look at that dollar. we had weekly key reversal end of december. it has been on the decline since. because the fact that it looks like the rate rise reality is that we're coming to an end. we're closer to the end of this happening than the beginning obviously. stuart: last week it was 65 u.s. cents, one australian dollar was worth5 u.s. cents. this week it is worth 63 cents. so the aussie dollar has gone up.
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the u.s. dollar has gone down. that doesn't seem to be much of a movement, two cents over a 10-day period? why is it such a big deal? >> well the dollar is also a psychological, you know a headwind that has been fighting the market for the last two years. let's remember the rallies last three or four years ago, a lot was the declining dollar. that makings our companies more profitable. speaking of profits, we had 10% increase in revenue each of the last seven quarters. companies are doing extremely, extremely well. this will actually fuel it. in the big picture look at the euro currency. the your row currency was just below 100. i was just over in europe, quite a pleasant vacation considering what it used to be two, three, five years ago. so there are opportunities and that will be helpful to companies like i said, freeport-mcmoran, u.s. steel, cleveland cliffs, so, alcoa waa. so i think there are some good
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opportunities and as in any market there is always positive sectors and negative sectors. it is about making money whatever the market gives us. stuart: ain't that the truth. alan knuckman. thanks for joining us. we always appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: lawrence with us the movers. the first mover up 3 1/2%. lauren: new data from moderna that its booster may be more effective against the variants better than the original variants. anti-bodies that neutralize ba.4 and 5, 15 fold. if you're in the market for a third, or fourth or fifth shot. stuart: so many people are not. struggling against boosters. doesn't seem like it is happening. hasbro down. >> wow, b-of-a double down grade to underperform. they take the price target from above 70 all the way down to 43. they actually cited something i
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never heard of. the magic heart game, they made so much during covid and now they have to reduce. stuart: oakley, the singing, was it the singing. two dollars a share? lauren: down 1% today. cut sales out look for the year. they're cutting overhead and jobs. typically making the stock go up, not this time. plame china covid restrictions and a strong u.s. dollar until recently for the -- stuart: lauren, thank you. twitter trust and safety head played a role censoring the new york post hunter biden laptop story. he just resigned. miranda devine covered the expose' exclusively and extensively. she will deal with that in our next hour. former president trump set to make the special announcement tomorrow, despite pushback from
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his own party. president biden met face-to-face with china's xi xinping for the first time since he was president ahead of the g20 summit. jacqui heinrich live in indonesia is with us. the high-stakes meeting next. ♪ the first-ever all-electric chevy blazer ev. 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. and up to 320 miles of range on a full charge.
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10:18 am
answered, that is a very important thing to point out is whether president biden had issued any warnings to president xi about how the u.s. would respond if china invaded taiwan. president biden: i'm absolutely believe there need not be a new cold war. we, i met many times with xi xinping and we were candid and clear with one another across the board and i do not think there in imminent attempt on the part of china to invade taiwan. reporter: he also didn't answer there whether he believed a cold war could be avoided which is part of question. he did say it need not happen. regardless how opaque he was with his answers to the press, biden believes xi knows where the u.s. stands. president biden: we were very blunt about one another about places where we disagreed or uncertain about each other's
10:19 am
position. reporter: biden and xi spoke for a little over three hours and they cover ad range of issues including north korea's nuclear threat. that was a big point that president biden discussed with the leaders from japan and south korea before leaving cambodia. the president had planned to ask xi to use his influence over pongyang to try to tamp some of this down. biden framed this as a mute all interest but said in conclusion he is unsure if china can in fact control north korea. nevertheless he made clear china does have a responsibility to try in that area because if not, the u.s. would need to respond defensively in a way that in biden's words would be up in china's face although not directed at china. he said he is confident that china is not looking for further escalation on nukes in north korea and he listed one other big point from president xi own nuclear weapons, with respect to ukraine.
10:20 am
listen. president biden: we discussed russia's aggression against ukraine, reaffirmed our shared belief in the threat or use of nuclear weapons is totally unacceptable. reporter: through president biden is about the strongest directive that we have heard from china toward russia on the war in ukraine, stuart? stuart: jacqui, thank you very much indeed, moving on from that president biden actually at the end of his press conference he seemed a bit flustered following the meeting with xi xinping. watch this. roll it. president biden: i think we understand one another. i think that, i think xi xinping is, we agreed that we would set up a, set of circumstances on issues that were, that we had further resolve details, i'm not going to get anymore questions. i shouldn't even answer your question. stuart: okay, now christian whiton joins me now. the president appeared a little
10:21 am
tired there. do you think he came on strong enough with xi xinping? >> you know i doubt it. it is the end of the a pretty busy schedule for any president especially one that turns 80. he was in egypt and then went to in thailand and i said he was in colombia. what is the china policy of this administration, if you're an average american voter or policy expert, look at administration said and done look at the first meeting with xi xinping, took a long time to arrange. what really came out of it? stuart: it seemed to my at the open there that xi xinping was hinting that maybe he would like those tariffs lifted. did you get that impression? was that a central thing that xi xinping really wants, dropping tariffs? >> certainly, yes. those remain an irritant.
10:22 am
they don't like them. that raises coulds of chinese exports to the united states, about half of what they export to us. they like the export controls enacted by trump's commerce department, have to the credit of the biden administration extended, even increased. that is something they would like to do away with. this is something that the biden administration signaled it might ease back on earlier but again they sort of ballyhooeded they would have a big china policy. it will be different. there has been nothing direct. stuart: last one, christian, you served under former president trump. do you still support president trump, i mean politically. >> i don't. even before the midterm disappointment i had written an article in "the daily caller," endorsing ron desantis at the future. we need someone who can serve two terms and discipline. i have great admiration for trump. he created a new political movement. essentially a new right. turned the gop something much
10:23 am
more affiliated with the chamber of commerce and country clubs into a blue-collar movement. you have three elections, 2018 midterm, 20230 election and this midterm where trump effectively lost. nancy pelosi cheering on a0-year-old president. she is 82. trump is getting up there. time to pass the torch to a new generation, youngkin, desantis, a little bit of discipline. not going back to mitt romney, george w. bush and john mccain. new people who don't start off 10 or 15% underwater with popularity with the public. stuart: got it. christian whiton. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: you got it. despite ongoing pushback from republicans president trump is set to make a special announcement tomorrow. where is this happening? lauren: in mar-a-lago. he has been teasing as we've been discussing this potential
10:24 am
2024 potentially run. he told a crowd in ohio he would make a very big announcement. some republicans are pushing back over the potential announcement. they say, just let georgia happen, let the run-and-a-half happen december 6, then decide. larry kudlow said that. wait until december before you make any announcement. tom cotton on "face the nation." when any party is out of power we don't have a leader. larry hogan on state of the union. trump cost republicans the third election in a row and bill cassidy, we are not a cult after he blamed trump for republicans loss. stuart: bill cassidy, republican in louisiana? there is opposition surfacing. lauren: those are three, from the sunday shows. stuart: the mexican government is running ads showing drug addicts in philadelphia trying to scare teens away from drugs but what about all that fentanyl pouring across the mexican border into the united states? we're going to cover that story. it deserves coverage. coffee shop owner in seattle had so many break-ins she no
10:25 am
longer accepts cash. who does she blame for this crime spree? i will ask her. she is on the show next. ♪.
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the phone. call today, and we'll also send this free guide. humana. a more human way to healthcare. stuart: have a look at those markets. dow industrials up 20, nasdaq down 87. not that much price movement after last week's big gains. lauren checking movers. i'm starting with coinbase, ouch. 7%. lauren: anxiety across the sector in the wake of the ftx fallout. goldman sachs cutting coinbase price target to $40 from 49. coinbase the largely sue lated from the ftx fallout but taking it on the chin. stuart: last week when we had a live studio audience, what do you think of amc, why do you own it? he said i think it will go. amc is up 6%. why?
10:30 am
lauren: brac panther, wakanda sequel. amc says it will be the second highest grossing movie. stuart: enphase. lauren: set to join the nasdaq 100 next monday. the stock is up. it is up. 1 1/2%. it replaces ocha is down. stuart: they cut the price stock to 105 and thing is 52? >> yeah. stuart: i got that. multiple shootings hit a upscale neighborhood in new york city. last we want to hear. tell me more. lauren: chelsea, west side of new york city. one person is dead after this weekend. 3:00 others were wounded in two separate shootings. one of them the people injured ask an assistant deputy warden at rikers island. she was off-duty at the time. look at this here, overall crime in new york city is up nearly
10:31 am
30%, felony assaults, transit crimes, robberies up double digits. if you live here, i don't have to tell you this. this goes on and continues to go on. stuart: kathy hochul is still the governor of new york. lauren: hasn't really addressed it. stuart: no, has not. lauren, this is for you too. a man, i can't believe this, a man was busted with two, 20,000 rainbow fentanyl pills. in new york city. reportedly has been set from. lauren: he was busted in chelsea adding to the pad news for chelsea. yeah, set free. his name is manuel pagan. 49 from washington heights. was arrested with 20,000 rainbow fentanyl pills. this was friday afternoon. those drugs are used to target younger kids, because they're bright, fun looking. was charged with a criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first-degree. later freed, put back on the street hours later without bail. yeah, under state law that charge is now eligible for bail. it comes after ad the to
10:32 am
criminal justice reforms prohibits justices settings bail for most criminal charges. stuart: out on no-cash bail. lauren: no. stuart: won't take him back. lauren: look at people that will die because of those fentanyl pills. stuart: i don't get it. my next guest is a owner after coffee shop in seattle, crime is so bad that her store no longer accepts cash because of recent breaks-ins. rebecca is owner of armistice coffee shop. rebecca, first of all, who do you blame for this? >> at the end of the day city council is to blame. they have gotten really soft on crime and they pushed an agenda to defund the police. so at the end of the day we have these break ins. they don't recognize the it affects small businesses and police force isn't there either. stuart: you moved to no cash,
10:33 am
you have to use credit cards to pay for your meal. i got that has that worked? has that cut down on number of break-ins. >> you know it actually hasn't. they still break in pretty frequently. i average, a break-in every two weeks. the difference that they don't take anything. there is nothing to take so they break a window, break a door, go in and then just leave. stuart: is it drug addicts doing this? >> i would say yes. there is a lot of homeless encam papments that have a lot of chemically dependent individuals. they kind of prey on small businesses for this activity. stuart: what about your customers? they got to use credit cards. they're surrounded in a crime area. do they, what is their response to all of this? >> a lot of them are leaving honestly. the customer base is pretty thin relative to what it was when i first opened in 2018 and you
10:34 am
know, there, they are finally recognizing the city isn't doing anything to eradicate the problem. they no longer want to live within the city limits. stuart: i believe you have four outlets. >> that's correct. stuart: have you thought of closing them up and moving? >> no. i got into this business for the community and, i main taken that i will stay here for the community to do as long as i can for and a lot of businesses are closing. it is really sad. stuart: rebecca we like to our viewers people directly affected by the crime spree. you're clearly affected by it. we appreciate you coming on the show to tell us what is going on. hang in there please, we need. >> you absolutely. stuart: in california, hospitals are so overrun by sick patients they are forced to put some in tents but it is not covid that is the problem. it is the flu. respiratory illnesses spiking across the country.
10:35 am
pharmacists struggling to fill prescriptions. drugmakers warn about shortages. madison alworth is next. ♪. people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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10:40 am
say it is not doing much but it is. over the past week i believe gold has gained between 70 and 100 bucks an ounce. that is quite some movement for the precious metal. bitcoin down to $16,500 per coin. talk about turmoil in the industry. cryptos are facing serious turmoil following the collapse of ftx, the large crypto exchange. there is now a criminal investigation based in the bahamas of ftx. the price of oil, down 13 cents at 88 bucks per barrel. nat-gas is on the upside as it gets cold in the northeast. average price of gallon of regular, 3.77, up 30 cents a gallon from earlier this year. as for diesel, 5.35, still going slightly higher almost every day flu cases rising fast across the country. lauren, which states have been hit the hardest? lauren: the south, alabama, mississippi, carolinas, georgia,
10:41 am
tennessee, look at that pocket right there. half the country, 25 states are in these very high areas or just high areas. we're talking as many as in one month between october 1st and november 5th, 6.6 million infections. 3600 deaths according to the cdc. that overwhelm manies the hospital systems, right? in california, the san diego area, they're actually setting up tents in parking lots to manage the overflow. this is the question for officials. is flu season peaking early and we'll be done with it early or are these numbers going to be sustained through winter? this does not include the rsv problem we have too. stuart: does the pandemic, all vaccinations and the boosters that we were supposed to have give us vaccination and booster fatigue? so fewer of us are prepared to go get a flu shot, is that happening possibly? lauren: i'm not sure of the answer to that question. i got my flu shot.
10:42 am
and i haven't gotten the flu yet. stuart: what is this about medical devices getting hit by inflation and supply chain problems? what's the -- will we see shortages there? lauren: we could. medical device make remembers asking the white house for better access to semiconductors to better manage the supply chain which is getting hit for having not all components for resin, for instance, that they need for the devices. stryker raised prices for the knee and hip joint replacements. abbott can't meet demand for blood sugar monitoring devices in some countries. the supply chain is with us impacting health care. stuart: it affects all kinds of industries. lauren: we're three years in. stuart: three years in. it is not over. lauren, thank you very much indeed. respiratory illnesses are indeed on the rise across the country. some drugmakers warn of possible shortage of crucial antibiotics.
10:43 am
madison alworth has the story. what is the problem, madison? reporter: stuart, exactly what you guys were touching on, so many kids are getting sick with rsv and the flu and there is not enough medication to keep up, a really important one experiencing a shortage is a a amoxillin running low in the united states. this is used to treat illnesses bacterial infections complication of rsv. rsv is expanding like wildfire across the u.s. sending some kids to the hospital. 90% of the pediatric beds are taken in those states. the rapid spread of rsv and the flu has also created a shortage of tamiflu and nebulizer. it is a start of the flu season and a lot of kids are getting sick. >> for the kids, 100% they're not masked now, they shouldn't have been masked in the first
10:44 am
place. these children literally have no impune system. they're getting sick every week. reporter: the doctor had her office call local pharmacies before they prescribe a medication. she wants to make sure the pharmacy has a medication before the family goes on a wild goose hunt or resorts to describing a different, more potent medication. in some areas you can't get these drugs. not just cold related medications are running low because of demand. patients that rely on adder all are having access issues common for adhd. they're concerned not able to refill or going to other drugs because of the shortages, mostly around supply and labor shortages. for example, the reason why i'm here today, this pharmacy behind me they have not adderall for adhd patients since august. they're cleaned out. pharmacy down the block same
10:45 am
thing. this is concern for families needing medications going into the winter months. stuart: this is scary because we go on and on and we're three years into the pandemic. extraordinary stuff. madison, thank you. i will promote myself here, programing note, you can catch two all new 7 episodes of my show, american built. here is preview of tonight's show, the kennedy space center. roll it. >> five, four. >> my god, what we'll have to build here is monumental. >> liftoff. stuart: the mission was clear. the method was not. >> everything was new. everything was groundbreaking. stuart: high-tech brute force. >> feel it in your lung. >> nothing like this was ever done before. stuart: how they built the kennedy space center. all new episode, the kennedy space center, that will be at 9:30 and at 9:00 eastern, the sherman tank, only on fox business prime. still aheads, inflation
10:46 am
hitting toy industry would you know it. retailers are dealing with "shrink-flation." david green founded hobby lobby 50 years ago. hundred stores in 4states. he decided to give away his ownership. david green on the show next. ♪. the first-ever all-electric chevy silverado rst. with a multi-flex midgate for extra storage. and an available 400 miles of range on a full charge. evs for everyone, everywhere. chevrolet ♪ choosing miracle-ear was a great decision. like when i decided to host family movie nights. miracle-ear made it easy. i just booked an appointment
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10:51 am
3.7%. amd got a couple of positive upgrades. amd up 2%. dollar tree doing well. inflation hitting childrens toys ahead of the holiday shopping season, wouldn't you know it. lauren, toys are getting smaller? lauren: an cheaper. if they're smaller and cheaper. mgm entertainment, know them for lol. they're making 200 does costing un$10. they had 10 or 15 toys that were that cheap last year. this was huge hit t comes in a downsized version. it costs $25 versus 40. they have the three inch dolls called fashion figets. there they are. selling on amazon. they are $8 each. they have 2-inch brats dollars, they are smaller. this is smaller cheaper for the company to switch. i'm saying easier for the parent
10:52 am
discard. stuart: it is true. lauren: it is true. stuart: i use in america, lived here for 50 years. you never use the word cheap. lauren: i use it all the time. real cheap say it is cheap. stuart: if you can't get stuff to consumers, hey, this is cheap, take it. lauren: i love cheap. give me more. stuart: i will ask our next guest about the use of the word cheap because our next guest is, i'm giving a quote first of all. my decision to give away ownership of hobby lobby, i chose god. david green wrote that. he is the founder and ceo of hobby lobby. he joins me now. welcome to the show again. >> good to be here. stuart: second time you've been with us. >> second time, yes. we appreciated it last time. by the way this is our 50th year at hobby lobby, so we thought it was time to write the book. in the book what we did with all the voting stock, put it in a trust, a stewardship trust. we see ourselves as stewards, not owners. we want to be good stewards of what god has given us. stuart: you do own it but it is in a trust? >> that's right.
10:53 am
stuart: ownership has not really changed fundamentally. >> right. stuart: who controls the company. >> there are seven family members control the stewardship trust. we want to be good stewardship of what we have. we don't pay dividends as an example. but we all earn, get what we earn. that is the new thing, the fact -- stuart: why do you do it? why did you you give it up? >> we gave it up we wanted to do something that mattered 100 years from now. instead of absorbing it ourselves. we wanted to do things with various ministries. a lot of them, like museum in washington, d.c., things of that nature, education, things of this nature it our family really enjoys doing. stuart: your family members who are running the show -- >> that's right. stuart: they don't take the money, they don't get the money. >> we do something real novel. you get something you earn. you don't earn anything, you don't get anything. it works well to hashed it down to family that earns. everybody gets what they earn.
10:54 am
i'm ceo i earn x, and someone else may earn something else. no one creates a lot of wealth. stuart: that is interesting collective idea of ownership and running the show, isn't it? it sounds almost socialist, i hate to say this. >> wealth can be really challenging and can be a curse. so we don't create wealth. we all do well, working in the company, get paid for what we do. then therefore we see ourselves as really stewardships of the profits that we earn. stuart: you wouldn't use the word cheap to describe -- >> no, i wouldn't use cheap. i don't think so. stuart: frugal. >> how about inexpensive. i would go there we're not necessarily cheap. lauren: fine. two versus one. i'm still going with cheap. stuart: your book is titled leadership, not by the book. >> that's right. we find that within the last 50 years we've been operating for 50 years, that we do a lot of things a lot different. we really put a lot of emphasis on the family. our minimum wage is $18.50 an
10:55 am
hour. we close on sunday. we do a lot of things that is different. we think it should be by the book, not necessarily what you would normally see in a business. stuart: you don't open sundays? >> we don't open sundays. we close at 8:00. we're open 66 hours a week. we do a lot, best we can for employees. stuart: you're obviously a christian organization. >> we're a christians organization. stuart: you will be -- >> forever. they are members on the stewardship trust can trust stewardship for what we earned. stuart: from here on out hobby lobby funds christianity and ministries across the country? >> exactly. stuart: that is the way it is going to be? >> that is the way it will be now on. that is the setup. stuart: no buyout. >> we're here to do something. we get joy in doing what we do in terms of our giving. stuart: joy in giving. i always think it is more
10:56 am
difficult to receive than it is to give. >> no. at some point there is just nothing more that this world has i want. absolutely nothing i want. why would i not have joy in giving what we have? we actually give 50% of our profits every year. stuart: 50% of your profits every year. lauren: to? >> that's correct. we have no debt. stuart: no debt. >> we started with $600 and we'll do 8 billion this year. god has blessed us. we like to use that blessing for his sake. stuart: extraordinary stuff. lauren: what is the profit, 8 billion in sales, what is your profit? >> we don't give that out. lauren: i want to know you give half of it away. >> we do very well. stuart: we'll leave it at that you're a great guy. david green, thank you very much for joining us. god bless you. thank you very much, sir. appreciate it. what have we got coming up for you? i tell you sean duffy, joe concha, stephen moore, miranda devine. the white house taking a victory lap.
10:57 am
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>> both the house and senate are scheduled to get together and choose their leadership. that's pre-ma sure. the election is not over


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