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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 15, 2022 9:00am-10:00am EST

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experience i am afraid going to be people under 40 particularly slammed by what is going on right now. >> a great point, amazon, is expected to announce layoffs and having, we have also heard a number of tech companies do so, cfo walmart, incremental levels inflation month-over-month less significant but not clear if this represents a sustainable threatened from walmart despite better-than-expected bet numbers out of retail. >> mark, doug, buddy carter mark tepper liz peek, cheryl casone see you again tomorrow "varney & company" begins right now take it stu: good mor, everyone. there's so much going on in politics and money social security hard to know where to start. i made up my mind when i saw this, kari lake was defeated in
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her run for governor in arizona. she's an outspoken trump supporter. this marks another loss for trump-supported candidates but trump makes his big announcement from mar-a-lago tonight. it's widely expected to be another run for the presidency. meanwhile the gop has taken the house but it will be a razor thin majority, which may limit their ability to counter biden's agenda. one more seat and they're over the top. separately, four roush battles within the -- furious battles over the republican party for leadership in the senate and mitch mcconnell in a fight and the gop in chaos this morning and so is the crypto industry. here's the latest revelation from lawyers, it is that the ftx bankruptcy may have 1 million creditors. it'll be very hard to get their money back. scam bankman-fried -- sam
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bankman-fried is being held by bahamaen officials. he said had i been more concentrated on what i was doing, i would have been able to be more thorough. cryptos are moving higher on the hope that maybe the wild west atmosphere of crypto will be replaced by regulation, rules and respectably. crypto just shy of $17,000. the producer price index, another shock of the day, came in with inflation rate of exactly 8%. that is a retreat from the rate in september. that's an easing of the inflation rate and the market loves it. look at that. the dow industrial is up about 380 points, s&p 71, the nasdaq galloping ahead, 2.8% higher, up 329 points. interest rates coming down. look at that. the yield obstructing cerumen or treasury 3.78% and two year down to 2.431%. that helps the market. i want to get started fast
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because there's so much to go at. politics and money on this tuesday, november 15. it's only one week since the midterms. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪ stu: it has been a full week since the midterms and we're only just getting the final results. how can that be but that is the case. ? the governor's race in arizona katie hobbs won and kari lake is out. good morning, lauren. lauren: good morning. they're about 20,000 votes apart, but it's enough to give the democrat katie hobbs victory over kari lake in arizona's closely watched governor's race. kari lake, trump supporter, election denier. she tweeted last night, arizonans know bs when they see
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it and also said third world countries run elections better than the state of arizona. this is the deal with arizona's electorate and why it's purple. a third republican, a third democrat, and a third independent. in that state, super high inflation. you have the border issue because it's right there and swing voters still went with the democrat, went with katie hobbs, pro democracy enter abortion stance. >> and -- lauren: kari lake. stu: she was supported vigorously by donald trump. i want to bring in ted cruz and she's a republican from the great state of texas. senator, good morning. kari lake. she was trump's pick and trump expected to announce campaign for 2024 tonight. do you support him making that declaration tonight? >> well, we'll all listen and see what he says tonight and we accomplish add lot of things when he was president and if he's the nominee, i'll support
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him but we'll have a process, primary and debate and that's the way the political process works. you were talking a minute ago about the results in arizona. i think kari lake losing is really frustrating and she was a very talented candidate and look at results across the country, i'm glad, very glad that republicans retook the house and will stop some of the damage but, stuart, i'm frustrated out of my mind we did not have the kind of election we should have. the american people are unhappy with the path we're on and the polling shows 70% of americans know we're on the wrong path and unfortunately the democrat defied the odds and held on to the senate. we lost races we shouldn't have lost and i think that means, at least in the united states senate, we need to change what we're doing. we need strong principled conservatives in the senate to stand and lead. lead as happy warriors and lead with a smile but with a clear contrast. we need to not roll over and
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give in to disastrous policies from the democrats, but rather give the voters a clear and meaningful alternative that makes a difference in their lives around their kitchen table with their family. family.stu: you're taking aim at senator mitch mcconnell and saying he lost the shot for the republicans. is that what you're saying? >> in the next 4 hours, senate -- 24 hours, senate republicans will decide whether or not we have leadership elections. leadership elections are scheduled for tomorrow morning. personally, i think it is [ audio issue ]. we don't know who will win in georgia and it's critically important herschel walker wins in georgia. i went and campaigned with him two days into the runoff and a
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huge campaign and that race is still not decided and won't be till december 6 and we also don't know who the senator will be from a.c. that race is -- alaska. that race is being decided still. the case i'm making to my colleagues and there are about a dozen of us that abade this case, we need to delay leadership elections till after the georgia runoff, till after december 6 and importantly leadership elections need to focus on how actually we're going to lead. the pattern of our current leadership has been to give into the democrats just about every big bad thing that was passed in the last couple of years was passed with all the democrats and 10 or more republicans. you know, stuart, the democrats never do this. when we with had republican majorities, got nothing passed with all the republicans and a few democrats and yet for some reason, our current leadership thinks it's a good idea to facilitate the destruction that chuck schumer and the democrats are doing. i don't think our voters want that. i think we need to -- as reagan
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famously put it, paint in bold cococolors and pale pastels. stu: new poll says texas republicans prefer ron desantis over donald trump for 2024. seems like the fault lines within the republican party are over the old guard and i'm calling donald trump the old card and the new guard, the ron desantiss of this world. do you agree that's the way the split shakes out? >> i think there'll be lots of discussions and i get that. we're going to talk about policies and principles that we'll champion that will help people stop the disasters that are happening and tackle stop inflation. that are going to drive gas price down so families can afford to meet their needs. they'll stop the out of control crime endangering so many
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families in this country and policies to secure the border. we need to be a positive results orlikowski gented party and present a -- oriented party and present a clear alternative. one of the reasons i'm unhappy with the current leadership in the senate is they believe as a matter of principle that it's better when republicans don't run on an agenda and run as we're not the democrats. we're not as bad as those guys. that's a mistake. we need clear meaningful pollties to make a difference in voter's life and in this last election republicans didn't show up and vote. stu: in a moment, we're going to be swallowed up by a hard break. we have to end it there but come back soon. we appreciate you being on the so she felt >> thank you, stuart. stu: this, we have the latest read, the other huge story of the day. the inflation numbers producer price 8% inflays. lauren: inflation is moderating. cpi number not an anomaly. so, producer prices are what
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wholesalers pay before they pass that onto what you pay at the store. the annual rate rose 8% in october from october and 8.5% in cement. take out food and energy, very volatile and prices road 6.7% and down from 7.2%. lots of indicators that goods prices were falling but services were not. guess what. final demand on services fell 0.1% and first decline since november of 2020 and market is running with it. stu: politically 8% inflation is not good on wall street. it's pretty good because the rate came down. david nicolas, market watcher with us this morning. has inflation peaked? >> stuart, it has. this is something we talked about before. i saw this showing up in rents and 10 year peak. take out food and energy as lauren mentioned, that was a decline of 0.8% since the start of the pandemic. one thing i look at is supply management gauge with prices paid for raw materials is a
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important study. it slipped to the lowest since may of 2020. wage growth is robin lou bust and put it all together d robust and americans are spending money on food and energy. they're not spending a lot on services and other products and that's why we're seeing inflation come down. stu: okay, if inflation is down and this morning interest rates are down, is this rally on wall street for real? does it have legs? are you buying into it? >> that's the magic form louisiana we need rates to stabilize -- formula and we need rates to stabilize. if you saw home depot's earnings and wal-mart, that shows a lot of strength of the u.s. consumer. the consumer is strong. we're confident and markets will remain bullish in the short term based on the new data points. stu: nice bullishness this morning. thank you, david. good to see you again. we'll see you again real soon. all right, president biden skipped a big dinner in bali. another thing he's -- this happening over there, he
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suggests $20 billion for indonesia to get off coal and he doesn't see an imminent invasion of taiwan by china. republican congressman mike gallagher does not agree with that. roll tape. >> i fear that a confrontation over taiwan is increasingly likely, not just been the next five years but perhaps within the next two years. stu: ouch. more on the president and china coming up for you. and then to the big political story of the day, the president trump, he is got a big announcement and it's creating a split in the gop. how long can republicans avoid taking sides? desantis, trump? i'll ask florida congressman mike waltz next. ♪
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stu: tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern president trump is widely expected to announce the run for 2024. grady trimble joining us from palm beach, florida. how will this play out with gop donors, grady? >> reporter: stu, that's the big question. one gop mega donor and new florida resident has reservations of former president donald trump. that would be billionaire sid citadel founder kevin griffin. >> we lost georgia in the senate raise in 2020. that's the second loss. this year republicans lost the senate because the trump-backed candidates in the senate races were rejected by american voters. that's a three time loser. >> reporter: but the former
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president is not strapped for cash with $70 million on hand. there would be immediate implications and most notably campaign finance laws would kick in and limit campaigns from individual donors and using the money he already has. ken griffin is not alone suggesting the republican party needs to make way for fresh faces like florida governor ron desantis meeting with donors today and he's been the subject of trump's attacks in the past few weeks and so has virginia governor glen youngkin. another prominent republican considering a white house run. former vice president mike pence and mike pompeo have been visiting early primary states as well and, stu, the biggest advantage of former president trump announcing so early could be that he could potentially clear the field before any of these other people have a chance
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to declare their candidacy. stu. stu: thanks, grady. congressman mike waltz, congressman from the great state of florida. congressman, we're not going to have another fight and that's a problem. promise. there's a clear split in the republican party and how long did you avoid taking sides? >> stu, we have our own tussle going on right now in the house of representatives getting our leadership elected but at the end of the day, we need one more, one more seat so we take the gavel from nancy pelosi and get subpoena power, we get to the bottom of afghanistan to origins of covid and you name it. i think that's a lot of what our voters expect and in terms of 20246789 there's going to be all kinds of speculation. nobody has announced yet and we'll work that out when that happens. stu: the democrats -- we're beat around the bush, i know we are.
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it's kind of fun. >> no, stu, we seriously have -- we have a serious debate. we have a leadership election today for kevin mccarthy with a very narrow majority and we need to unify and we need to fig >> you are out -- figure out what the hell happened in the midterms and have a series pause and every military operation you do an after action review and figure out what went wrong and how to improve and talking about do nors, i'm hearing -- donors, i'm hear from a lot saying where did all our money go in terms of getting the majority that, you know, we almost have. stu: almost have. "the wall street journal" says trump cannot win. the democrats want him to be the nominee because they believe they can beat him. do you think trump could win in
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2024? i know back to the same old question but that's the question everybody is asking. >> stu, if you and i had already $100 for every time the mainstream media wrote off donald trump, we'd be much wealthier men. i wouldn't count him out for a second because people right now, what i think we got out of this election is people want results that limb prove their lives. it is undeniable that president donald trump despite everything thrown at him got real results for this country from the border to trade to middle east peace and tax reform and justice reform and we can go down the list of what we got down in a very short amount of time and i'll support that america first agenda all day long. stu: yes, sir. don't put "the wall street journal" in with the mainstream media because that's such a difference there. >> fair enough. big difference. big difference, for my friends atd wsj. stu: thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thank you. stu: senator elect jd vance says
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it is not trump's fault that the red wave didn't happen. todd's with me this morning. who does he blame in >> structural problems, stuart hawaii are those? not former president trump that caused the red wave to not materialize. that's according to jd vance who won his own race to become the junior senator from ohio and vance writing "any effort to blame trump or mcconnell for that matter ignores a major structural advantage for democrats: money". trump came under fire after some high-profile endorsements like dr. oz in pennsylvania and blake masters and adam laxalt all lost. stu: they did indeed. michelle obama has been talking about president biden running again in 2024. what did she say? >> add another big democrat name to a list of those not yet endorsing a joe biden reelection bid at this point. the former first lady speaking with robin roberts.
9:23 am
>> do you hope that president biden will run again in 2024? >> you know, i will have to see. you know, the reason i don't speak on that is because i know what it feels like to be on the other side of it. i think that that's a personal decision that he and his family have to make. if i haven't been through it, i'd feel more cavalier about opining on it. >> to review, you have republicans himming and hawing on trump and himming and hawing on biden. stu: check futures please. you'll like what you're going to see. favorable information -- inflation news this morning. dow's going to bop about 300 and look at nasdaq also up about 300 points. the opening bell is next and you'll be there. ♪
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stu: futures show a nice rally at the opening bell. the dow 300, nasdaq up 300. luke lloyd, market watcher of
9:28 am
the morning is with us. all right, luke, are you going to sell this rally? >> yeah, i would. listen, let's be honest. the ppi print this morning was a lot better than most people expected but behind the scenes, there's something else going on here. there's a lot more important details than just what the federal reserve will do next in term of rates but that's all the market seems to care about right now. we're in a recession that's being held up by credit card debt. eventually you can't rack up credit card debt forever. i don't want to be pessimistic but i think there's lo lower. we're entering the holiday season and ppi was lower than expected in october and comes in lower in november and december, that tells me the consumer might not be as strong as we think, which will impact earnings in 20236789 right now the streets -- 2023. right now they're estimating a 6% growth. i don't see how that's possible. stu: wal-mart was reporting this
9:29 am
morning, very strong consumer spending. they're doing very well. think it's all just propped up by credit card debt? that's all it is? >> i do. i mean, people still need groceries, stu. wal-mart might be the place to be but at the end of the day, people going out to eat at restaurants and traveling, that can't be held up by credit card debt forever. we're 12% off the bottom and rallied twice this year more than 12% and both times they've faded and there wo could be with ate were juice in this rally but it'll fade as well. this gives you a opportunity to take chips off the table, which a lot of people have been asking for. the stock market is overvalued. see 30% earnings -- 0% growth next year and we're at 600 on s&p means we're overvalued right now. stu: luke lloyd would sell today's rally. one last one and real fast, please, would you touch any crypto with a 10-foot pole this morning? >> no, i wouldn't. the u.s. government has been
9:30 am
itching to get involved in crypto regulation for awhile and all these past two days does is gives them basically a reason to go in there and regulation crypto. cryptocurrency will be dead money heading into 2023 and into 2023. stu: okay, luke lloyd, being somewhat negative on everything this morning. he'd sell this rally, wouldn't touch crypto with a 10-foot pole but he thinks that -- >> you can buy a three month treasury and six month treasury paying you almost 4%. stu: thank you, that's what i was trying to get to there. meanwhile, we're about to open the market and see green in the process. the markets is now open. open. i want to look at the dow, up two-thirds of 1%. solid gain, 33,070 is your level. we haven't opened any of the stocks in the dow 30 yet. we will yet some point. when we get that open, we'll tell you.
9:31 am
s&p 500 up 1.5%. that's 62 points and s&p back above the 4,000 level. that's important to some people. the dow -- the nasdaq, whoa, watch it go. you're up 2.5%, 11,400 is the level, not that that's important but it's up there and big tech, all of them across the board straight up and amazon up 5%, apple 2.5%. meta 2.25% and microsoft up 2.45. show me wal-mart, please. i'm sure that stock is up really big. yes, it is. 5.8%. susan's with us. i guess inflation is driving people to the price conscious wal-mart. susan: those that make six figures each year, i'll get to that in just a bit but wal-mart, if you do the math here, you calculate for every dollar up, you're getting what eight points on the dow and helping lift today. better guidance and earnings and buying back $20 billion in stock. stu: that helps.
9:32 am
susan: always. wal-mart lost money in the summer but most of that is the $3 billion opioid settlement and grocgroceries is a big contribur and wal-mart is the largest grocer in america and families looking to save on cheaper daily basics in the high inflationary environment and they're buying less expensive proteins and going for hot dogs, beans, peanut butter and as i mentioned to you, 75% of market share gains and food came from households that are making $100,000 plus each year and palihapitiya wal-mart being a bit conservative and they're saying i know you're being conservative and you'll do better over the holiday period. stu: that's a very interesting report. wealthier people stepping down to wal-mart if i can put it like that. home depot way up this morning? susan: better sales and profit for home depot and despite the rising cost and inflationary environment and a economic
9:33 am
slowdown in housing and reaffirmed guidance ahead of key holiday quarter and profit will grow in the low single digits ds and customer transactions were down 4% but when they went in, they spent more so you had ticket prices going up 9%. stu: that's fascinating. crypto person if i can put it like that. here this morning, the lawyers are saying ftx bankruptcy will produce 1 million creditors. all of those people are out of luck. susan: 1 million if you include international along with u.s. business, 130 subsidiaries here and lots of headlines so founder, ftx founder sam bankman-fried, sbf, spoke so the new york times last night. i don't know if that was advised by his lawyers. he said he expanded too fast, failed to see warning signs and things that are a big deal here, he admitted his trading arm alameda borrowed funds from ftx, borrowed funds from ftx, his
9:34 am
exchange, which many argue is illegal and will get him jail time. the journal reporting that sbf tried to keep raising money over the weekend to plug that $8 billion hole despite filing for bankruptcy on friday morning. you had charlie munger, 98 years old. warren bust's partner. he said -- buffet's partner said delusion over fraud and used for kidnapper and charlie munger compared crypto to venereal disease, something you don't want. stu: that's a tad overblown but let's move on. show me china's stocks. they're all straight up big time gains. why is this happening? susan: i think many factors. you're looking at best month ever for china internet index. reopening of course so china is offering stimulus to the economy, especially to large realize sector. that's a big deal. realize is 20% of gdp and in china it's almost 50% and
9:35 am
tamping down of u.s. china tensions with a biden xi meeting and beating down the stocks today. stu: it's all going on now. tell me what morgan stanley is forecasting for the market next year. susan: not much. you'll be down 2% by the end of next year, which i found surprising because they're saying that wall street hasn't really fully priced in the decline in earnings. you're expecting -- they're expecting profits to decline 11% for corporate america but here's the positive and the silver lining here. they're expecting a bull market to start of 2024. save your pennys according to jeff bezos heading into next year. stu: we're doing all right so far. susan: there's a trough. i should point out that morgan stanley correctly called the bear market and pointing to a trough for s&p 500 and looking at 3,000 to 3500 for s&p. on that producer price number we got, half of what was expected in october, a lot of the big
9:36 am
wall street fund managers i speak to say you can't say and discount that we've passed peak inflation and heading into the cooler winter months and people paying to heat their homes and natural gas price are key. stu: tell me about tesla. a notice on the model 3. susan: yeah, delivery waiting time for model 3s and model y is a minimum of one week. that's positive. the stock shows that. morgan stanley calling for 330 for the stock at some point. however, you do have adam jonas there who's a highly respected ev car leean analyst saying tesa could retest 150 before the end of the year because of the drag from twitter. stu: it's $200 a share. there's a lot going on. susan: there's a china premium being priced in with the reopening. stu: sure. check the big board. you want to see this. look at this. ththe dow up 430 points and betr
9:37 am
than 1.25% and on the cusp of hitting 34,000 again. dow winners by wal-mart and 6% higher and nike, sales force, apple, intel. susan: there's one apple news we should have pointed out for the first time ever in their history, selling mac sells at a bulk discount. when have you seen that? stu: i don't follow them closely but they are. s&p 500, the winners, svb financials. there's a lot of financials on that list. the nasdaq winners, align, qualcomm, atlacian corp.. the 10 year treasury and yield coming down to 382. earlier you were at 376. that really helps big tech. price of gold down a couple of bucks at $17.74. bitcoin and all its crypto swirl it's actually holding just below $17,000 per coin.
9:38 am
i'm inclined to believe that if we get rid of the wild west and we go towards a regulated more corporate environment, bitcoin goes up. that's my theory. what do you get? the price of oil, where is it this morning? $80, $90 a barrel? $84, down a buck. nat gas on the upside? no, down below $6. how about that. price of gasoline, regular that is. $3.75 on average and diesel holding at $5.35. wow, what a day. coming up, what's next for the border after democrats win the senate and there's only a slim gop majority in the house and tom homa n said more migrants coming across the boarder and he'll be in studio next hour. larrey kudlow said republicans winning opportunity of the house is a opportunity. i'll ask him, a opportunity for what right after this. ♪
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>> they'll be tougher on financing and crime and law enforcement. they may be able to do something along the border. look, you can't have -- i can't begin to tell you how important taking the house is and how it changes the whole dynamic and the biden agenda, which has done
9:44 am
great damage to the economy and to energy security, the biden agenda will be stopped in the house. stu: can they do it with a majority? suppose the majority is five. i don't know what it'll be, but very, very slim. can they do all of that with a very slim majority? >> yes, they can. i mean, i talked to a newt on the show last night and historically where a lot of stuff have been done were thin majorities. they'll have to hang together and if they don't hang together, they'll hang separately. stu: but they're not together at the moment. they're not together -- there's a vicious fight to be the speaker. there's a vicious fight to be the leader of the united states senate or minority leader. >> your word vicious, stu, i think you're dreaming, i think you're exaggerating and i think it'll all work out pretty well. i think the herschel walker election is very important in
9:45 am
the senate, 50/50 with respect to power sharing but back to the other matter, in the house, they have a opportunity not only to stop biden's negative agenda, negative economic agenda, his no growth agenda but, but, but, but, they have a terrific opportunity to define a vision of economic growth and economic prosperity, which they began to do with kevin mccarthy's commit commitment to america. there's a lot of good things in there. art laffer said this is the moment to show that republicans can once again become the stewards of prosperous american economy by limiting spending, cutting taxes, reducing regulations, sound money, and fair and reciprocal free trade. this has to be brought back. i don't think that message got out entirely during the
9:46 am
election, but i think they'll have a terrific opportunity to develop that and show voters, show all americans a path towards restoring economic growth and process parity, which we had -- prosperity, which we had only a few years ago. stu: your former boss, former president trump, he's expected to announce his presidential run for 2024 tonight. straight up, larry, i have to tell you, i don't think that donald trump can win the presidency. do you? >> i don't know. you want to make political predictions? could he? i think he could. i don't want to make a prediction right now. i don't know what his announcement speech will look like. i know this, mr. tram, everyone is beating up on -- mr. trump, everyone is beating up on him for the disappointing election results. we didn't get the cavalry. we got a platoon but not the cavalry. i get that.
9:47 am
but i don't think people should be so fast to blame trump for the election. it's a very complicated matter. but look, he had many great successes, okay. you look at what he did with the trump tax cuts and the deregulation and the energy security and the abraham accords, and he rang the bell on china and he got terrific judges appoint to do the supreme court. stu: all of the above, yes. >> so he has every right to run again. i would have preferred that he wait until after the georgia race is over but that's his decision, not mine. he has a lot of successes, okay. i think it's going to be a very interesting primary. i think you're going to have a very competitive primary going forward and again, my great hope is that the gop restores a vision of economic growth and prosperity. i think the country needs that kind of optimistic vision. stu: larry, i'm sorry, got to government see you at 4:00 this afternoon. >> okay. it's okay. stu: thank gives right around
9:48 am
the corner. inflation driving up the price of gas and food. we'll talk to a guy that runs gas stations and grocery stores all over america. he's coming up on the show shortly. ♪
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stu: we are approaching thanksgiving and there is a lot to be thankful for. may i chime in on this one? i'm thankful for my vast healthy and productive family. as you know, i've got six children and 11 grandchildren. they're all doing well. you got to be thankful for that. also thankful for the career that i've enjoyed at fox and being supported by a terrific production team. there you have them. wave please, sports fans. they're all youngsters and all of those people work like the devil. they get up in the middle of the night to work for us. i'm thankful for that. and finally, i am indeed thankful to be here. i like america. i'm thankful for my american passport and my american cuff links, which i've worn every day
9:53 am
since i became an american citizen. how about that? lauren: i am very mad that you did not include, i should have requested it, that picture on the 15th anniversary of fox on the entire team. i thought you were going to use it. it's a great picture and i'm thankful for all of my coworkers here and all the work they do and my three munchkins. that's the pictures. stu: that's us. lauren: 15 years at fox, that's a lot to be thankful for. stu: all those people get up in the middle of the night for us. lauren: and my three kids. you know what kids do to you? i don't know if you notice this, you stop worrying about yourself. they give you a reason to not stress or maybe just stress things that affect them and not yourself. it's all about those three. stu: good answer. todd piro is with us. you want a couple minutes to say what you're thankful for? >> i'm thankful that every now and again fox lets me come on the show and make fun of your age. it's a fun little side gig.
9:54 am
how old are you? lauren: he doesn't even know. >> of course it's the kids. i couldn't love my kids more. there's one and we'll pop up the other they look the same and there's literally nothing better and everything else pales in comparison. stu: when you see your newborn child that's when you understand love at first sight. human beings are wired to love to eternity. it's something else. i'll move on because one thing that we're not happy about is the rising cost of plane ticket this thanksgiving. up 43% in the last year. are you traveling soon 1234 >> i am not. what's interest is i live in california and had to come back home every year for thanksgiving, christmas and the like. you didn't have a thousand dollar new york to la type deal.
9:55 am
that's what i had to do every single time i wanted to come home. i imagine if i were in this position maybe altering plan this is year, if i had to pay $1,000 to come home for a day or two, and it's so sad that americans have to make this choice. i don't knead mean to be morbid. you have a finite amount of christmases and opportunity with your family and that goes through my head. you want to share these moments. you don't want to lose them. why are you laughing? stu: you're referring to my age. >> i'm not this time, stu. not this time, stu. keep it up and it will be your last christmas. lauren: what's the price limit you would pay on seeing your family. if you lived in los angeles, what's the piro family worth? stu: you're on the spot. >> if i were back and making what i was making in small town news, i think $500 was as high as i could go. stu: you're making millions now so you're good.
9:56 am
>> $27 million and beating hannity. people are like i'm a starving actor or waiter and i can't afford it. missing grandma's last christmas. stu: anything after this, lauren? lauren: we ended on grandma's last christmas. stu: thank you, todd. >> my final time. stu: you'll be back if you're not careful. ahead, form earn governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, r brian kilmeade, the border guy, the 10:00 hour is next. ♪ -
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