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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 17, 2022 10:00am-11:00am EST

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stuart: 10:00 eastern, better get straight to the money because we got a selloff in progress, two fed governors, esther george and fred bullet, their comments are being interpreted that there will be no pivot by the fed. the market doesn't like it, dow jones down 280, nasdaq down 180. the yield is below the yield on the 2 year, that's called an inversion. that means a recession is coming. it predicts a recession. price of oil $83 a barrel. bitcoin again not doing much. has been at this level the best part of the week through the crisis. now this.
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sam bankman-fried and his family were a powerful force in leftist politics, they bought influence on a grand scale. when your crypto wealth is counted in billions you can use it to make a big splash as sam's brother gabe said this year. the bankman-fried brother started a political action committee, protect our future which gave $27 million entirely to democrats. that included the maximum allowable contribution to hakeem jeffries who wants to lead democrat in the house if nancy pelosi retires and gave money to the every town gun safety victory fund. doesn't sound like a big second amendment outfit. brother gabe founded governing against pandemics which endorse democrat candidates who got money from protect our future. i call it a tangled web. mom and dad barbara and joseph bankman-fried are big donors and
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organizers of leftist causes. barbara lead to secret group called mind the gap which brings money from big-name donors, then finals it out to democrat candidates and causes. we are talking millions of dollars here. joseph bankman-fried drafted tax legislation for senator elizabeth warren then promoted the legislation to his fellow professors, the influence runs deep. the democrats were only too willing to take the gobs of money sam bankman-fried was throwing at them. he seemed so pure, one of the affective all truism crowd where the goal is to make a lot of money to give it away to worthy causes. virtue signaling on steroids. when you are bought by a charlatan you only have yourself to blame. second hour of varney just getting started. stuart: i have to make a
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correction. it is jim bullet at the fed. got your name wrong, sorry. been ben domenech is with me on the screen. should the democrats return the money from the bankman-fried family. >> thank you for saying that. sam bankman-fried has been a very obvious charlatan for quite some time. i think if you paid any attention to the kind of messaging he was sending and the whole effect of altruism line of argument that has been advanced by a number of people in the media many of whom as it turns out were either adjacent to or part of funding that came from these sources the question is whether we will demand any accountability from the politicians in question and certainly you can't trust politicians or the regulators involved who seem to be out of
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touch when it comes to this stuff if they have the kind of compromise nature of taking this money at the same time they are expected to have the oversight we need of these new advanced approaches and i think unfortunately in this case there's going to be a lot of people who end up tangled in lawsuits and back-and-forth. stuart: it goes on for years, lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. that's the way it is. senator mitch mcconnell reelected as house minority leader, defendant senator rick scott, senator josh halley doesn't seem happy about it. >> if you like the status quo, keep doing what we have been doing but if you want to do something different, if you want to win we better do something different. i hope this is the beginning of a conversation, not the end of it. we haven't resolved anything. stuart: is this a generational dispute or policy dispute what
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senate republicans are going to do? >> it is both. on the policy front there are a lot of younger senators who want to be more aggressive in advancing an agenda. regardless what you think of rick scott's agenda, it got a lot of flak from democrats, it was standing for something as opposed to just expecting voters to go out and pulled the lever for republicans just because they are republicans. we've seen time and again under mitch mcconnell's leadership that approach has not turned out well. it is the same approach they had in the georgia runoffs that are the reason they lost the senate last time. what halley's point wasn't rick scott's point is, essentially a dozen or so members of this conference, that things need to change not just in the generational leadership but the approach to leadership. this generation of leadership has been around for a long time, not just mitch mcconnell. we are hearing that nancy pelosi
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is not going to stick around as speaker, is going to stick around in washington. she is 82 years old, 84 presumably by the time she leaves office. this is a generation of leadership that's clinging to power, white knuckling it to the end and it is unfortunate for a country that deserves to have leadership that matches with the concerns of most americans today. stuart: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. i want our producers to check this report that nancy pelosi is staying around, no longer speaker but sticking around in congress. that's being announced right now. i will confirm it a little later. no fox confirmation yet but we are waiting on that. that will be a big deal if she's sticking around as a geriatric leadership of democrat in the house that sticks around. lauren: the majority leader, steny hoyer is 83, a trio democratic leadership, does that
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mean they stick around when as we were discussing, there's a feeling among both parties that there is a need for new leadership and there's generational divides. blue one two republican senators called for an audit of senator rick scott. lauren: the blame game for the underperformance, senator scott is chair of the national republican senatorial committee, they raised $235 million this midterm cycle to help the party but there is an internal war might be too strong of wording but republicans are in this postmortem, what went wrong, two senators, blackburn and telus supporting an audit of the and rsc. how did you spend the money, why did you make the decisions you made, was it worth it? does it get paid? a little bit because senator scott says my predecessor messed up, he doled out too many bonuses after the last election so i was in a mess to begin with.
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that is what some republicans are doing. stuart: let's get more on trump and his standing, what does bill bennett who has been on the show frequently think of trump's 2,020 one ounce and? lauren: he says trump should step aside, the country was in a great place when the former president was president but there are too many people who will not vote for donald trump and he continues, i don't want to see trump running be defeated which i think would happen. he ran a great country, he's got a great legacy in that, embrace that, step aside. he is joining the chorus saying trump cost republicans, georgia last year, bill bennett was talking about that, the runoff is in december. stuart: split decision on donald trump. back to the markets, down 250 on the dow industrials, down one hundred 35 on the nasdaq what the market coming back a little. it was worse before this. sarah, should we trust the
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recent rally. it's not rallying today, should we trust it? >> reporter: spare today and yesterday, the rally we've seen the past month has been really impressive to say the least and when you think about why we've seen such a turn to the upside it really has been because of this inflation data, the ppi and ppi as well as more dovish from the federal reserve and as you mentioned earlier in the program we are seeing a change in tone, we still believe investors need to be vigilant because of you think the impetus the reason we've seen such a forceful rally is it is possible it could be simply due to fear of missing out on the part of fast-moving institutional investors, they have been stepping away for a large part of this year and are
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judged by the euro numbers so they can be scared that if there is a year end rally if they don't step into this market their numbers won't look so great but at the end of the day when you consider the fact recession risk is still high, inflation may be the last couple data points cooler than expected, inflation is still very high and the federal reserve is raising interest rates, just a reason for investors to remain on their toes and expect more volatility. stuart: remain on your toes and expect volatility ahead. so no big time santa claus rally? >> not to say there might not be a santa claus rally. the end of the year especially after a midterm is typically seasonally a good time for markets but that's not to say that if we do see a santa claus rally everyone wants to be happy during the holidays but that's not to say that means we have a green light and have seen the all clear because it is very possible if you look at the
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trend we've seen in the fourth quarter, the average gain on updates for the s&p, on average we've seen again of more than 2% on days in which the market is green but if you look at days the market is down we've seen on average a decline of one% or so, so more than double to the upside so right now seems investors do want to be optimistic, we might see the market rally more so on good news than we see it fall on bad news but there's still a good amount to be concerned about. stuart: let's see some good news, let's see what happens, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. the movers, this is what we do every day, check those that are really moving, look at macy's up 12%. lauren: these are outsize gains. they raised their annual profit outlook, find, but what are we seeing and what are they saying? we are seeing a bifurcation of retail, macy's customer is typically wealthier, so they feel inflation less or trade
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down to walmart, not trading down to coals, that's not what companies are telling us but they do feel inflation, macy's has cut card use is up and management also say that spec shoppers to be tapped out by the first quarter of the new year because they have depleted their savings and their ability to keep it. stuart: never quite certain about the ranking of department stores, macy's is above calls? lauren: and also bloomingdale's. stuart: and nordstrom on top of everybody? lauren: i would say newman marcus his on top of everybody. we were needless markup? lauren: sax perhaps. they are right down there on fifth avenue. stuart: check out roku moving down 3%. lauren: they have a plan to cut 200 jobs in the us. cost cutting -cutting usually helps the stock but not today. stuart: the cruise lines. norwegian cruise lines. cruising or not? we are not cruising. lauren: credits we says we
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prefer royal caribbean, norwegian costs are not going down in a meaningful way so they doubled downgraded them, slap them with a $14 price target down from 20. stuart: thank goodness you and i are not running a cruise line. i would not do very well. speaker pelosi getting ready to announce her future plans after democrats lost their majority in the house. realty step aside and let a new generation takeover? democrats push people to start voting a month before election day. deroy murdoch says early voting violates the constitution 80 wants to get rid of it entirely. donald trump is an ardent critic of the governor of georgia brian kemp. now the two are throwing their support behind herschel walker as he heads towards runoff against incumbent rafael warnock. the latest on that from atlanta next. ♪
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he's yet to announce any plans to campaign here in georgia but he has reinjected himself into the senate campaign just minutes after announcing a second bid for the white house, he urged his georgia supporters to vote for football legend herschel walker who faces a december 6th runoff against rafael warnock. hours before the announcement warnock had this to say about the former president. >> we know that he's well practiced in the politics of division and my opponent is his acolyte. >> reporter: after losing georgia in the general election donald trump campaigned for republican senators david perdue and kelly leffler who went on to lose their runoff elections to democrats the following january, trump recruited perdue turn against brian kemp after he blocked the former president's efforts to overturn the election results in georgia.
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kemp easily won the gop primary and went on to defeat stacy abrams on november 8th. with that behind him kemp is now scheduled to rally for the first time with herschel walker on saturday. >> i think voters have to ask the question i ask myself, do you want to vote for somebody that has voted with president biden 96% of the time i do you have a voice that's going to go to washington dc and fight for the president's -- citizens of our state every day in the united states senate. >> they will be campaigning in the northern suburbs outside atlanta in an effort to reach out to moderate republicans interdependent voters. senator warnock is trying to reach out to moderates by highlighting his bipartisan efforts working with republican senators to bring about legislation on infrastructure and agriculture. stuart: a big developing right
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there. look who is here now. deroy murdoch wants to get rid of early voting entirely. before you launch, what does that mean? get rid of mail-order ballots, absentee ballots, early voting before the actual day, get rid of it all? >> with the exception of people who are sick or infirm or absent on election day, they should apply for absentee ballots. other than that we should follow federal law. there are two us code section 3 and section one that say the election day for picking levers of congress and electors, first tuesday after the first monday in november. nothing about october or september or starting to vote right after labor day. in pennsylvania they were voting for 50 days, they were voting for senator 39 days before they had their first debate, and that that is ridiculous. stuart: but early voting came
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out of the pandemic. that is what happened. i voted early. it's very easy. i can't see it going away. >> it is easy, we had a pandemic, that's largely behind us. by 2024 complete we behind us. somehow democrats are able to get people, lbj, jimmy carter, elected with the old rules, people showed up on election day and voted on election day. it's not a giant racist or public and plot. stuart: is there any political party or political leader who says get rid of early voting, get rid of mail in ballots? >> i'm saying at and more people should. it is federal law, this isn't just -- first tuesday after first monday isn't just a cool habit or interesting custom, two federal statute say this and it involves 14th amendment equal protection of ballots, people voting different times in different places, i think it's unconstitutional on the basis of fourteenth amend been in the gop out to lawyer up and go fight this in federal court. stuart: i want to talk about
10:24 am
this develop and in georgia. governor kemp has gone out to campaign with herschel walker. kemp was beaten up by trump, herschel walker is trump's guy. is this a getting together of the two sides and what do you think it does? >> i think uppsala people voted for kemp in georgia in huge numbers so he will take his glow and put it on herschel walker. i think mcconnell -- mitch mcconnell and blewitt by holding the leadership vote before herschel walker had a chance to vote. didn't send a signal that he's going to win, wait till he gets here, he's not going to win so let's vote early. another failure of leadership on the part of mitch mcconnell, sorry to see him return as senate gop leader. stuart: you made your point. thank you, see you again soon. speaker pelosi is going to announce her plans for the future. could this happen any moment? lauren: any moment. let me tell you what her spokesperson said, she took him 2 versions of her speech last night. she was waiting to see the outcome of the house races, if
10:25 am
you haven't been called, democrats have 211 seats, they cannot take the majority right now. she's caring for her husband, paul, he was just attacked at home, she's 82, right? and her decision impact other key democrats, stay lawyer and jim clyburn, hakeem jeffries is a moderate from new york, often clashes with the squad. is considered her preferred replacement should she step down, bring you more as we know it. stuart: hakeem jeffries got a lot of money from spf, sam bankman-fried, wonder if you will give it back. former house speaker paul ryan says trump is not going to be able to beat biden in 24. with record high mortgage rates, difficult for the average guy to afford a home. gerri willis tells us where it's getting harder to buy a piece of
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stuart: market still in the red but nowhere near as bad as it was 45 minutes ago, we are down one hundred 60 on the dow, 85 down on nasdaq. lauren is with us looking at the movers, bj's wholesale, why is it -- lauren: better-than-expected, they raise their outlook, people like discounts these days when inflation is high but it might be something being said on the call because stock is selling off. stuart: when i see the word all i think pineapple but there's other stuff involved. lauren: bananas, and onions, they posted in your 12% sale in the corner. stuart: children's place. >> back to school typically a good time for kids retailer, they missed on their profit at the end of the corner.
10:31 am
they have the problem every other retailer has come inventories up 24% lodz stuart: let's talk affordability, homebuyers need to make more than $107,000 a year to afford the typical home. gerri willis with us now. how much is that up from last year? >> it was under one hundred thousand, we now have 45 metro areas in the country, members of the hundred grand club compared to 16 last year. we had this huge delta in interest rates and that is what has happened but these days if you want to be a homeowner you need to earn at least 6 figures with spiking mortgage rates and's rising housing prices pushing monthly mortgage payments through the roof. new data showing a home buyer has to earn as you said $107,281 to afford the 2682 monthly mortgage payment on a typical us home. that is up 45.6% from 70,000 a
10:32 am
year ago. mortgage rates rising at their fastest rate on record this year. today the number at 7. 08%, these are freddie mac numbers we will update at noon and incomes have not kept up. listen. >> income needed to buy home is well above what median income is in this country and that means you have to be part of the upper-class to afford a home now and previously homeownership was seen as a way to enter into the upper-class, now you have to already be there to afford that home. >> 45 cities have entered the hundred grand club lose the areas affected here, many metro areas in florida, leading the list, between tampa and fort myers buyers need $131 annually
10:33 am
to afford the typical monthly payment of $3,200, 73% spike from last year. other florida cities on most, miami, tampa, west palm beach, chicago and the bay area have the smallest upticks in income necessary to afford a home. the study is assuming you use no more than 30% of your income for your mortgage and that is typical, what lenders want you to do but that is baked in the cake. stuart: homebuilder sentiment plunged in the latest reading to its lowest point since 2012, 10 years ago. gerri howard is ceo of nahb and joins me in new york, good to see you in new york. do you see any sign of a turnaround in the housing market at all? >> none whatsoever. i can't think of a single market in the country when i'm talking to builders they are telling me they are gung ho and looking forward to the spring building season. stuart: not expecting any
10:34 am
turnaround with 7% plus mortgage rate. >> higher interest rates for the consumer and the builder and the supply chain, regulatory burdens are increasing. stuart: increasing? >> the administration reinstated a lot of regulatory concerns the trump administration had done away with. stuart: you are getting the blame for the failure of our society to build enough affordable housing but i don't think the blame lies with the homebuilders, in my opinion it lies with the permit people at the state and federal level. >> homebuilders will build for whatever market they can afford to build in and almost no market in this country can homebuilder build a house that is affordable for a first-time homebuyer, hence the story gerri willis just talked about. we can't do it, the costs that are on us make it impossible so rather than do that they build higher end stuff or they build multifamily because they know people aren't going to be moving
10:35 am
into homeownership anytime soon. stuart: you can't change the regulations. the lawyers will be all over you. every time you guys want to build something the lawyers step in and hold it up forever. i'm not on an anti-lawyer g hard but i don't think the system is working. stuart: the system is a problem and in some places over regulating the home building industry has been one of the primary strategies of the no growth movement, the environmental zealots and we go in and try to build a house and they find more than a dozen reasons why we shouldn't be able to. the worst-case scenario is in massachusetts and in hawaii where from the time you and i decide we are going to put a shovel in the ground and build a house it can take over 10 years. blue one 10 years? is that true single-family homes and multi--- >> siegal family in particular. stuart: 10 years in hawaiian massachusetts. what it like in california? >> i don't know that number but
10:36 am
in san diego county, 50% of the cost of building a house is in regulatory compliance. we when i've got to leave it there, wish i could talk more but that is astonishing. the housing shortage, we can't make the way clear to build more houses. shocking thing. glad you pointed out for us, we appreciate it. lahren is chiming in, shocking indeed. rent caps on affordable housing on the ballot in some states. lauren: people get so mad about the cost of rents they are taking it out at the ballot box going to -- still going up but will go up below the level of inflation in these cases, portland, maine, california which, santa monica. stuart: shaking his head because this is impossible. lauren: it will be capped at a 3% increase what is going up but not as high as inflation at 8%. >> they are losing money trying
10:37 am
to build rental housing. we have to pay the burden for that. they won't do it. they just won't build a house. stuart: what a mess, good to see you and then we have this. grocery chain says they are benefiting from the supply-chain crisis by selling overstocked items at a discount. the ceo will join us later. it is decision day for twitter employees, elon musk giving workers until 5:00 pm eastern today to decide whether they want to be a part of the new twitter. susan has details after this.
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stuart: the markets are still in the red. just, the nasdaq is down 88. employees at amazon sounding the alarm as layoffs continue to roll in. what are they saying? ashley: a lot of fear as workers wonder who will be let go next. report to the company looking at cutting around 10,000 jobs, result of a slowing economy and weakened stock market as amazon shares drop 42% this year. in -- internal chat room show amazon employees complaining they can't concentrate fearing they might be let go at any minute while some longtime workers say cost cutting in the last few months has been this most severe they have ever experienced and there's also a lot of anger directed at ceo andy jesse who workers a has not talked to them or provided any clarity. not a good time at amazon.
10:43 am
stuart: demand in philadelphia planning to saving single meme that is affirmed or posted on twitter. yc doing that? ashley: to preserve some social media history in case twitter is shut down. meme repealing a. nathan aller back has created a google document saving every type of meme format from the last three years saying he's alarmed at the changes elon musk is made at twitter. one user called him a historian to which he replied those who don't know their meme history are doomed to re-meme it. another user says jokes are being cracked they are walking through stages of grief and disbelief finding ways to connect. i wrote in my script q's true -- to rolling his eyes. stuart: i can't manage it on command but i know where you are
10:44 am
coming from. employees at twitter have until 5:00 eastern time today to decide if they want to be a part of musk's new twitter or take 3 months severance. susan: so far we've been watching this deadline. a copy white email elon musk send out, i will bring it up so you have it clearly, twitter 2. oh will need to be extremely hard core, working long hours at high intensity adding if you are sure you want to be part of the new twitter click yes on the link below. anyone who has not done so by 5 p.m. thursday will get 3 months severance. engineering will be his focus, designer product also important but musk has already fired 50% of the staff a few weeks ago and testifying yesterday on the stand about the tesla pay package lawsuit and doesn't want to be the ceo of twitter or any company and expects to find
10:45 am
somebody else to run the social media site. musk says twitter has taken up the lion's share of his time the last few weeks and musk is a majority owner in three companies, tesla, twitter and space x. we had a new york times report quoting several fired space x employees who said they were unfairly let go from the company after speaking up against elon musk. the times reported musk fired 2 dozen twitter employees earlier who openly criticized him. people of his humor on twitter, this photo this week was of the hoaxers who pretended to be fired, twitter employs, staff, the day he took over the company, some in the press, not us, wrongly reported that but my conversations with those in silicon valley, tough boss but his match record is unmatched. stuart: that is true, space x, tesla, what is the other one? the euro link.
10:46 am
>> the underground borrowing company. stuart: trump destroyed twitter which was their vehicle but not any longer, that's my personal opinion. it is my show. thanks. dhs secretary alejandra mayorkas continues to claim the border is secure despite record-breaking migrant crossings. when will lawmakers hold him accountable,? we will try to figure and about. a steady stream of migrants walk onto a rancher's property in arizona, illegally crossing the border. some are gang members. watch this. >> my wife was home alone and she heard knocks on the door, people standing out there, were ms 13. stuart: that rancher is on the show next. ♪ it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi.
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watch me. stuart: our next guest is a fifth-generation rancher on the border in arizona. he has seen hundreds of migrants cross onto his property most of them a myth. jim chilton joins me. your wife came face-to-face with ms 13 gang members knocking on your door.
10:51 am
what happened? >> she recognized the tattoos of people who knocked on the door and she was fear but she would not let them in and whatnot give her telephone. she did offer to give them lunch which she made and they took it and they ate and left. it is a shame that these people, those kinds of people cross our ranch and because are serious issues. stuart: is this something that happens every day? every week? how many people are we talking about? >> i have motion activated cameras on 5 trails, over 100 trails through my ranch. bottom line, since february we
10:52 am
have 2500 images as you are seeing on screen. it is outrageous that president biden stopped the wall that was being constructed across the end of our ranch and we have this problem. it is very serious. it is like people coming through backyards of our friends in urban areas. how would you like people crossing your backyard? stuart: understood. kari lake running for governor in arizona was going to declare an invasion if she won. she lost. do you think the declaration of an invasion where the state takes control of the border would that help you? >> absolutely. it is very serious. of the 2500 people who crossed
10:53 am
my ranch since february, it is estimated by an expert with border patrol in our area about 500 people, 20%, our packing drugs. they are coming into the country to poison our people. we've got to secure the border. stuart: i am out of time but that is a fascinating story into believe me, our audience sympathizes with you big time and appreciate you coming on it being so honest like this, thank you very much indeed to. i've got a related story here. alejandra mayorkas once again claiming the border is secure. he's getting torched for saying that. ashley: yes and rightly so and i hope he saw that interview. appearing on fox news's outnumbered, doug collins says mayorkas owes the country an apology for dereliction of duty. watch this. >> mayorkas owes the nation an
10:54 am
apology. if you sit before a congressional committee and say the border is secure, i don't even know how you do that. that kind of a lie is amazing when it comes to mayorkas is a failure at his job. ashley: the dhs secretary claims the southern border is secure despite 2.3 million border encounters for the 22 fiscal year. and also talked about the mental strain and emotional toll on border agents who have to deal with heartbreaking scenarios of human suffering. the former congressman said with all the talk of impeachment in washington dc mayorkas is a good place to start. stuart: mexican and american authorities made massive drug busts, what did they find. ashley: over 3 million fentanyl pills, 250 one pounds of methamphetamines, 47 pounds of cocaine, 2.6 pounds of heroin.
10:55 am
that is how much u.s. customs and border protection agents seized over a 4-day period in arizona. smugglers attempting to conceal some of the drugs and commercial shipments of tortillas. that' s a common tactic when trying to cross the us border. the mexican military intercepted a suspicious plane that ended up in a shootout with suspected smugglers. authorities found 30 packages weighing 660 pounds of what was likely cocaine headed to the united states. stuart: the quantities are astronomical. that is the sensation. the administration doesn't mention it. that is extraordinary. thanks. back to you later. check the market real fast, still down but not much. down 270 on the dow, one hundred 18 on the nasdaq. still ahead, mercedes schlapp, nick adams. now that the midterms are over
10:56 am
senator schumer is calling for amnesty on a grand scale not just for 11 million illegals but every one of them, 20 or 30 million. "my take" is next. ♪ ♪ ... ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold.
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our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> republicans are almost 100% united behind those policies that trump brought to the party, and we're going to see a big fight among conservatives and republicans, and whoever emerges from that fight will be stronger from having had that fight. >> sam bankman-fried has really been a very obvious charlotteian for quite sometime. the question here is really whether we demand any accountability from the politician is the question. >> i still don't think it's an indictment on the philosophy of crypto. this was a ponzi scheme that needs to be exposed. >> the after mid-term election, stuart, it is the strongest period of any of the four year presidential cycle, and i believe we are going to see a significant up-tick in retai


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