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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 18, 2022 8:00am-9:00am EST

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climate change agenda undermining so many areas not obvious at first glance there is about energy policy. lee: about energy policy also, there is behind that the labor movement picked up so much steam, that -- americans right now are supporting unionization a lot of labor requirements, not understanding impact what that farmer just said is it going to forcing me to hire more people give them fewer hours, ultimately going to work around it if you study the impact of some of these labor you know, regulations and things that come up that is just what happens can harm very people trying to kwep squeeze farmers prices ultimately for the rest of us. >> i am still expecting a strike interest rail unions see what happens stay right there adam lee next hour of "mornings with maria" begins
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right now. . >> good friday morning thanks very much for joining us this morning, i am maria bartiromo. it is friday, november 18 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, new leadership is coming soon former house speaker nancy pelosi says she will step down from the leadership after democrats lose the majority control of the house of representatives house of representatives. >> i will not seek reelection to democratic leadership in the next congress, for me, hour that is come for new zwriergs lead democratic caucus i so deeply republican. >> wall street speculates what policies will change, what subpoenas will come, from the biden family influence peddling investigations, congressman jim jordan here on the national security issues, of years of making money on joe biden's role he is coming up 8:30 a.m. eastern. markets this morning are higher, futures indicating a
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triple-digit gain start of trading to more earnings an economic data dow industrials right now up 167, the s&p up 28 the nasdaq higher by 102 that is almost one percent, existing home sales out 10:00 a.m. earn window into housing market, we are expecting a decline 7% existing homes down 7% month-over-month, this after stocks finished lower yesterday it was big tech, growth under pressure from rising bond yields, all of a sudden, a fractional move the dow industrials finishing down seven nasdaq down 38 s&p lower by 12, interest rates are bouncing from the lows, take a look at 10-year treasury this morning, as we see, the yield up, almost 3 basis points now level of 3.800%, the price of bitcoin plummeting from highs, take a look at where we are this morning, following the ftx fallout price bitcoin below 17,000 dollars. as new ceo of ftx in charge of
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the restructuring call case unprecedented mess quote/unquote, european markets with firmer tone to look at eurozone ft 100 in london higher, by -- 57 points, 3/40 of one percent cac quarante dax both up better than 1% cac quarante up 70, dax index up 1450, in asia overnight, this most -- 145. >> "mornings with maria" is live right now. . >> new details this morning on fallout of the cryptocurrency exchange, ftx officials suggesting former ceo sam bankman-fried transferred assets to bahamas for protection, after filing for bankruptcy may have done so at the behest of the about a baum government ceo says never seen a complete failure of
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corporate controls such a complete abs of trust worth financial as occurred here two months ago mainstream media was praising, watch this. >> jjpmorgan of this generation sam bankman-fried's ftx is he the jpmorgan. >> yesterday to be determined. >> is he vanderbilt. >> he could be. >> harriman. possibly, credit -- >> carnegie? >> i think -- he is. >> day oh, my god how embarrassing andrew carnegie jpmorgan, talking about, that, on cnbc, joining the conversation all morning long this morning, adam johnson lee carter adam correct as to cramer calling sam bankman-fried, jpmorgan of our
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time wow. adam: a reason why new etf the on as the what jim cramer like talked about it taken a lot of heat o don't be pawned pundit it is not easy to consistently pick stocks that go up we do our best but, also, a reminder, don't be arrogant a talk head don't try to compare, some of his running a cryptocurrency to andrew carnegie don't go there. >> more than that lee, how about just the basics of if it looks too good to be true it probably is. >> yeah, i mean we've seen bubbles burst you know in careers, and, praising this guy because he has exchange, for crypto, without really knowing how all the money is transferred, is something that falls right into that. >> no doubt about it, this is -- this is going to be a big deal, right, this is sort of a moment is that enron of -- of
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crypto is it the lehman of crypto not sure but going to be, a total shift in how we view crypto, now a lot of people knew that this was a very risky game a lot of people are concerned about it not sure about its future but now all the companies, have to deal with this try to prove crypto is trustworthy the industry taking a hit oftentimes we see bubble first a lot of companies instead of trying to deal with reputation issue at play try to distance themselves say we're not like them they have to really draefs this head-on i think there is going to be a lot of questions, about whether or not crypto is viable going into the future. >> great point basically what we're watching happen right now bitcoin having traded down since under 17,000, a year ago was 65,000 dollars, we have much more ahead futures ahead of earnings economic data we preview it all, chief je.
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strategist mark luschini here, more an biden family bad business deal influence peddling ohio congressman jim jordan here to weigh in on gop investigation as republicans take the majority control of the house. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . ♪ ♪ . look at here ♪ . . new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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adam you have good earnings numbers out from a handful ofl retailers, foot locker ross stores wondering if in fact it is actual business volume that we're seeing and not inflation? >> and inventory. >>. adam: in their case it was legitimate business maria, i think the message, that we are -- takeaway should i probably say of the earnings season that is effectively winding down is it wasn't as bad as we thought on s&p 500 beat 3% lower than tibl beat rate still beat growth also about 3%, now, the -- the pessimists would say hang on that is because energy made so much money if you take energy out, earnings, actually fell 3%, okay fine. was it up 3, down 3? i will take it for all negativity we've been dealing with for all the storylines
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the uncertainty, et cetera, if we can have earnings plus or minus flat, that is pretty darned good given where we are since so many stocks 4 fallen so far i think the story is value at this point even for growth. maria. maria: lee very soon we are going to start focusing on 2023 given the fact that thanksgiving is next week, the holidays will come, quite soon in terms of christmas, soon after that then all about what will 2023 bring us? the public, is mixed in terms of recession or no recession. lee: i think mixed because messages are very mixed white house said to say economy has never been stronger not in recession changes definition of recession some say going in real recession some say light recession most going what they feel they they will things the gotten a lot more expensive spending anyway debt going up
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out there still going out policing groceries paying more nota like a whole lot of trade-offs have we seen the worst of it or not are people getting through it or not? what happens when people start losing their jobs as we are seeing in tech sector, i am not sure only sector that we're going to see that into 2023. right now i my americans are pretty resilient in feeling they know it is bad pessimistic about future still managing their way through it. maria: next fed meeting adam december 13, 14, in last 24 hours, 48 hours we had a number of fed speakers basically reiterating the fact that adopt get so comfortable there is no have pivot coming, the fed has a job to do we're going to do it that is taking down inflation. >> remember george bush i got a job to do i am going to do it feds effectively saying the same you know what that is okay, i am saying as growth investor has taken heat a lot of my names sold off because, of growth stocks, faced uphill
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battle when rates are going up i think what we're going to see is a moment, in this upcoming fed meeting, where there is a -- even more pivot we've had two months worth of declines in inflation, i think that gives the fed cover to pivot. maria: mark luschini with us bring him in quick to get your take mark on bond yields, where they are going, ahead of federal reserve meeting. on december 13. why all fed-speak? trying to convince the market, not to expect a real pivot? what do you make of last 24, 48 hours fed governors talking about rates going higher? >> well, i think, if you look at maria the goldman sachs u.s. financial conditions index tightened above 100 indicative of basically financial conditions tightening what federal reserve is attempting to achieve, in last week or so, given the rally that we've had in stock prices, you can see a
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along with dollar weakening considerably you can see in that headline goldman sachs financial index looks like barely above 100 as we speak, so i think as a wkwens noted by kashkari from minneapolis federal reserve something paying attention to rally over summer counterintuitive to what federal reserve is attempting to -- i am not surprised a number of fed officials trotted out to talk about tightening economic conditions sufficiently before nation would come back a looseness applied by rally in stock prices on one or two cpi prints i think are not necessarily indicative of the kind of slowing headline inflation fed is likely to be comfortable with at this time. maria: a great point, we've seen some series demand destruction, mark in housing waiting on existing home sales report out 10 a.m. eastern
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already the economists predictions are dire, 7% decline, in october, what is they are looking at building hermits housing starts falling is that indicative of what we're going to see from broader economy in 2023? what do you look at for the new year? >> well maria as goes so goes the economy most interest rate sensitive sector in u.s. economy well above its weight in terms of multiplier effect in terms of not just residential construction investment but all industries obviously, radiated through by impulse housing rated activity i am very concerned about that the threat of a recession quite probable probably second more likely third quarter next-year leading indicators in housing market is national association of home builder
8:18 am
sentiment survey, being plunges this week as housing starts and building permits, those if oppression signals for what is likely to follow by seam holes, existing home sales i suspect not the worst of housing crisis going to lead to a broadening of the slowdown in economic activity because of the negative weth feat so with many you households, following home prices as well. >> should we want to apply stocks in this environment or take to want sidelined until the macrostory becomes clear center. >> maria, i think a little bit of a ladder but at the same time we are in a seasonably favorable period for stock prices we know, typically youcy, year-end rally in stocks i think probably in the midst of that might even follow through in first quarter next year somewhat, we envision price point for the
8:19 am
s&p 500 at 4150 possibly i think a little bit more upside here, at the same time, though we are not -- encouraging investors to be overlyaggressive with regard to new allocations to the equity market expecting that we are going to see more volatility, and perhaps another plummeting lower levels that we had in mid october before all said and done more sustainable advance can resume ws clearever picture of 35g9 of flakes and federal reserve solve o. >> thank you so much mark luschini good to see you. thanks. >> thanks, maria. >> see you soon mark luschini joining us quick break calling out the biden family, for bad business dealings and influence peddling, how gop is planning to investigate, joe biden, the "the wall street journal" bill mcgurn here to break it all down when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ .
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joe biden were involved in a scheme to try to get china to buy liquefied national gas fromwhile blower to get foot in the door china to purchase an interest in national gas drillers. >> soon to be chairmen house oversight committee james comer house republicans say joe biden was directly involved in hundred's hunter's business dealings including with chinese communist party where selling influence, in kind with his father joining me "the wall street journal" main street columnist former speechwriter for president george w. bush here great to see you. thank you for being with us all morning long. >> thanks, maria. maria: -- trying to connect dots to the refb of national security issues around this story, you know interesting to see the democrats this morning, last few days, go toward the question of is this
8:25 am
political. i mean -- last two years have been nothing but political in terms of the attacking donald trump and republicans, yet now that the republicans, are will soon have the gavel questioning whether or not this is important or not, your thoughts. >> well i think the day of reckoning is coming there are so many lies about hunter biden from joe biden, from -- the intelligence officers complied laptop, aways misinformation fund social media giants there are so many lies about it, it o would be good to get the study, however that said, no one would like to see justice for hunter biden more than i would, but i don't want the republicans to get distracted by the main job, which is to make life better for the american people, show that there is a different path than one we've taken the past two
8:26 am
years, and put forward legislation, even if it doesn't get passed that highlights differences so at 2024 we can present a clear difference. want. >> yeah good point, how can they do that? what is the legislation that they could present, and what kind of bad policy can they stop out of joe biden ? >> well, here is the couple things, i would like to see them claw back some spending that fueled inflation. they could propose bill another one would be bill making it easier to drill you know some regulatory relief that way even if president biden vetoed it, you would it would be very hard would carry a price people would know what we is going to do what he is not going to do. i think they have to put their money where the mouth is at, i
8:27 am
think there is he going to be a move on 87,000 irs agents, to try to take that back. so even if they fail make the president veto it make the democrats own it. then go into 2024, i think with the stronger clearer message. >> you have to use that quantitifier, slim majority nancy pelosi announced won't seek leadership in new congress now backing new york congressman hakeem jeffries, had a history of questioning election, by the way. four years ago he tweeted 2016 election was illegitimate tweeting history will never accept trump as legitimate president if republican questions what happened in
8:28 am
election, then there are an election denier should be canceled and kid but if a democrat does it well that's okay. >> right, the maybe 2020 is only year you can't say those things, i mean i personally don't believe that it was stolen. i believe joe biden did win. i don't like some of the election rules in states about early voting. but that was done before election day. but you point to a glaring double standard. you know. it is knowledgeable like one that is considered beyond the pale, a threat to democracy the other is business as usual, i think american people see that. maria: yeah, you know i was really struck the other day christopher wray was under -- oh testifying was asked with whether or not there were confidential human sources addressed as trump supporters
8:29 am
on january 6. one of the congressman senators asked him can you confirm that the fbi had confidential human sources, at the capitol on january 6 degree of as trump supporters he couldn't answer said well, i can't answer that no, no, no this is a "yes" or no answer he would not answer it. >> yeah, i think christopher wray has been a big disappointment, one way things that is legitimate for the congress is oversight of the fbi, fbi showed s all sorts of problems. to me one of the worst was lying to a fisa court, like changeing a document, so that it would say opposite what it did, there are a lot of questions, i think mr. wray didn't help himself the last time he appeared, by cutting out of there for a vacation
8:30 am
instead of answering questions going to find this congress a lot less congenial, cutting out of the hearings so i could go on vacation jump on fbi agent either to take him to adirondacks, the fbi jet, then donald trump "washington post" reporting former president trump held on to mar-a-lago documents he believed it was his property wanted to keep them as mementos or trophies, your thoughts on this. >> well, i don't know all legal issues, but there are going to be enormous number of them, this is going to be litigated for some time, i do find it suspicious that fbi raided the place over a document dispute. and, i -- i think we are going to get all sort ofs rulings in the next couple months, most of this is going to supreme court because there are
8:31 am
questions that have not been considered before. and we will find out, i think president trump will regret that he didn't more formally declassify or authorize these documents but we will see what the extenth of executive privilege we have to remember not just donald trump there are going to be other ex-presidents we have to worry about what precedent we are going to set. >> bill we are huge fans of yours we appreciate your time this morning thank you so much bill mcgurn joining is from "the wall street journal" quick break ohio jam jim jordan here telling us about the investigations we should expect from gop he will be chairman of the judiciary committee he is next, stay with us. . ♪
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sofi. get your money right. ♪ maria: welcome back, white house pushed back this morning on house republicans investigations into hunter biden, and the biden family influence peddling, a white house counsel's office spokesperson said this, congressional republicans top priority is to go after president biden, with politically motivated impaction chock full long did he bufrngsed conspiracy theories but house judiciary committee ranking member jim jordan pointing out yesterday fbi justice department had a long list of issues over the years watch this. >> 2016 spied on president trump's campaign 2018 it was mueller investigation 2020 suppressed information about0000 story 2022 raided president's home 91 days before election maybe it would be nice -- if the fbi justice department just stayed out of it let we, the people did i who we think should represent
8:37 am
us who we think should lead us supposed to be how america works this is focus on judiciary committee. maria: joining me man himself ohio congressman jim jordan, soon to be the chairman of the judiciary committee, congressman great to see you. thanks very much for being here. >> good to see you, maria good to be with you. maria: can you connect the dots, to the biden family influence peddling? and the fbi's lack of oversight appointing connecting the dots to national security threat to america? because, that is in my view, what is most important here, it is not about attacking a sitting president's family it is about what this represents with regard to communist china other adversaries can you connect those dots? >> yeah seem like doing business deals all kinds of countries that issue adversaries to the united states, ukraine, ukraine not adversary but at the time corrupt kind of place but
8:38 am
russia, china, of course, remember how this study changing we pointed out yesterday at first this came out two years ago, not hunter biden's dlapt it is just you russia disinformation then it was well okay his laptop maybe not russian disinformation but president biden wasn't involved remember he said i have no knowledge of my son importants business dealings, now we got all kinds of documents evidence showing joe biden was involved hunter biden asking to get a key for him to be able to get to his office suite that he had along with, the emissary for chairman of china energy company we know that he was involved we've had testimony from eyewitness mr. bobulinski talking about "the big guy" the story changed from it it wasn't his laptop it was his laptop russian disinformation okay he wasn't really involved now involved didn't impact decisions as president of the united states really? okay, maybe. changed dramatically we do think it is important to get to the bottom of all this,
8:39 am
show the american people the trieth, i will just say this push back on what white house said not about getting anybody this is about getting the facts to america people part of constitutional duty about making sure that we don't have a justice department, that is operating in a political fashion when we know it currently is it is about stopping that, that is the focus. maria: yeah, i mean we talked about the lies coming out of this white house, all the time, you know, two quarters of you know contraction not a recession, the border is secure, you know, we are allowed to mandate vaccines allowed to forgive everybody's debt i mean -- but this situation of calling this story a conspiracy theory, and debunked conspiracy theory how do if he get away with that we know these are all facts this is all from hunter biden you hunter biden, a senate generation raun jon grassley
8:40 am
up covered tens of millions of dollars biden family took from officials tied to communist party of china wants to overtake america as number one superpower putting potentially a president a sitting president,in a comprised of position how do they getaway calling that debumpingsed conspiracy? >> well, they get away with it because they, we're going to get facts they tend to get ai with it main stream press, trumpets whatever they say yesterday probably first time washington press corp heard facts about this story yesterday probably first time they had to report on facts about this story, yesterday was probably the first time, that they actually saw wow this isn't russian digs information that letter october 19, 200 from former intel firms said oh, classic eshmarks of russian information operation,
8:41 am
baloney, yesterday was probable first time washington press corp had that presented in concise package they said wow there is something here we've got to show american people what took place as you rightly pointed out concerns about, ties to biden family, and these countries like china and russia, who are adversaries. >> i got a report yesterday, from a source who told me that joe biden had a second private iphone paid for hunter's filters for entirety of vice privacy amounted to 25,000 dollars undeclared income do we know for sure that joe biden as vice president had a second private iphone? >> we don't, i don't know know that is accurate maybe it is i don't know we have not had what i do no is there are 150 suspicious activity reports again suspicious activity reports on banking
8:42 am
transactions, the committee staff committee only seen two, bidened white house changed protocols the process used to be, committees of could see that information, but now all of a sudden the biden administration no, no, no you are not going to see it we kind of like to see the other 148 see what is going on most americans never get any but here you have, hunter biden, jim biden having 150 regarding business tractions banking transactions i think a concern why did if not a concern why did biden information change the policy, the biden administration is not complied with any acquires that came from there comer and committee changes had the policy on suspicious activity reports and set up a special office to attack us and attack being the work we're trying to do to get american people facts i think that kind of looks a little strange frankly, maybe there is something there they don't want us to see. maria: that is the point how are you going to deal with this? they are not answering any of kwloir requests the white house is reportly preparing
8:43 am
for number of investigation from republican house majority for months, looking for, new hires they want to hire additional lawyers, to beef up oversight response team congressman. so, yeah, you are going to be i guess i assume, putting out subpoenas, demands for documents, what if they just blow you off in they've got all lawyers that they are going to hire what are you going to do about it. >> they are going to pushback we are going to be aggressive do it within -- according to constitution but in aggressive faction, i will say this in, two weeks we have the first witness coming to talk to us while still in minority, we've had a witness a former employee at justice department, she is coming to talk to us, on december 2nd, already started where saying sock republicans are in charge, we've better give them information asking for we will see with a we learn in that that is our first deposition in whole -- this whole political nature, at justice department, how they've bn
8:44 am
operating based on, 14 agents, remember 14 agents come talk to us fbi taken whistleblower status to talk to us first sort of witness in front of us we did that without having to do a subpoena. >> i mean, i am very concerned about the cchina communist part and their festers how far can you take that congressman? we have one piece of important news i have been talking about, this fbi agent named elvis khan one of the fbi agents tried to hide the hunter biden laptop before 2020 election, he is going to be deposed now i understand, that his family is chinese he is first american born and isn't it true if he has family in china that the ccp can bully him into reporting back to the ccp? mike pompeo said to me many
8:45 am
times ccp is inside gates of america do we have somebody within fbi agencies that are reporting back to the ccp? >> i mean i hope not i don't know that there is i certainly hope not the case i doubted that is the case but do i think it is all kind of concerns all kinds of ways that china tries to have meddle in american affairs, we i think all understand that we are interested in talking to mr. chan about this relationship between, big government working with, big tech, to change the kind of information americans can see, in this situation, to big tech was giving information looks like to the government, about people that they thought spreading this information, disinformation talk about attack on first amendment lirpts couple what what we know it happened mark zuckerberg said it happened in fall of 2020 days before most important election in the
8:46 am
country for the commander in chief, fbi going to facebook saying be on the lookout forrun disinformation, that meeting happened to happen just about the same time that 51 former intel officials put out that letter that said oh -- earmarks of russian disinformation that is a big kefrn when you got the government weighing in on election process, what americans get. >> that is right, "new york post" called it 51 spies who lied are you going to subpoena any of those spies who signed that letter to call hunter biden's laptop disinformation? >> we want to talk to lots of people maria we are putting out that list together we do want to talk to a number of folks. as we go through this investigation. maria: all right. we will be watching thanks very much for leadership, thanks very much for being here this morning, congressman jim jordan, in ohio. we'll be right back.linc
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why not give it a try? maria: welcome back air of traveling rebounding passengers itching to fly with more style federal plane manufactures airbus boeing issuing new plane designs that could redesign the air industry joining me right now is special correspondent barbara peterson thanks so much for being here we want to
8:51 am
talk about your article about these planes tell us, about these five that you chose, to look at and what is featured in new plane designs. >> yes, well one thing that is exciting is thankfully is rebounding a new generation of of aircraft coming on line, passengers will notice the difference. they may not have the sex appeal if you will of 747 when it launched a few years ago, or concorde, the supersonic plane but some ways, they are going to be more pleasant to fly in more comfortable. so one of the ones that i focused on in the story issue was breeze airways 2 airbus a220, okay, when i say breezy air aware of these because that is a new airline that has basically built whole business model around this aircraft. it is an interesting one very nimble, it is sort of between size between regional jet and
8:52 am
say a full sized 737. but boeing 737 is really the workhorse of the examine domestic fleets overall but the narrow body, single plane two things passengers will really welcome one is wider seats, bigger windows. and you might wonder who cares about windows in you really notice the difference when in other natural light coming into the airplane, so that is one of the ones that was really a game-changer other airlines fly a220 as well delta, jetblue -- the more airlines ordering it so that is that is a really good one. it is just a really comfortable plane to fly i flew it recently. across the country, and it really was a nice ride. >> that is great. tell us more about the models that you see for the commercial flights i know
8:53 am
breezy airways offering three up aboutels on scale nice, nicest. they have some fares as low as 29 dollars one way but that is that is, obviously, another aspect of some of these other new planes, and the other new planes also include long range airbus a321, will be flying people to europe, and people aren't used to flying to europe on signel aisle plain more economical to nie will help keep fares low the other aspect that we need to think about not something passengers generally think about when they book a flight but more efficient more fuel-efficient, at the time when fuel prices are high, that is another thing that will help keep fares down. they won't nell be low i think
8:54 am
everyone knows fares are pretty high right now, but at least they won't be shooting up, the way they might normally have in the past. maria: any other changes that consumers are flyers will see from these new planes? what will we feel in terms of being on that new plane with new designs, more cost another one do i mention in story, the boeing 777 x, hasn't come on line convalescent there have been delays in production, but that one is really being billed as successor to the 747. one of the biggest distinctions is old planes were made completely of metal. that is why they had to be bone-dry inside the cabin otherwise would risk eroding metal, the newer planes are partially made come passes interior can be more human
8:55 am
that dehydrated sort of headacheing feelin' you get after a long flight that goes a long way to making that improved so that is going to be, another game-changer another thing is. >> very cool. >> yes, voed overhead bins, believe it or not, huge thing you witnessed bin battles, that they making overhead bins digger. >> more space very good thanks very much get a to talk about that you will from peterson a quick break almost time for the ugly christmas sweater to come out microsoft comes out, make big buzz this morning stay with us. ♪ i've got the power! ♪ ♪ ♪ bu i've got the power ♪ . and buying your starter home. or whatever this is.
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they make me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. be confident to and through retirement. maria: welcome back. time for the big buzz of the morning. microsoft jumping into the ugly christmas sweater market, and it's already sold out. check this out. the sweater features the company 's iconic cartoon paper clip, clippy. it'll set you back 75 bucks, all proceeds will be donated to the college success foundation this year. we love ugly sweaters on this program, adam. would you wear this one? >> well, maybe if you bought it for me. i'm not sure i'd buy it for myself, maria, but it's a
9:00 am
clever ploy. maria: what about you? remember we used to do this every year around the holidays, all put these sweaters on and take pictures, get ready for the holidays. >> we sure did and i still have every single one of them. maria: me too. >> i love them. i think it's hilarious but i'm kind of surprised they do that. do they really want to put back in our memory microsoft vista? and the disasters that came along with that operating system , and the hopping paper clip where everybody was like i don't need a hopping paper clip. i just want microsoft to work. so they are reminding us but it is hilarious so good for them. maria: adam johnson, lee carter great to be with you both this weekend thank you so much for being here and thank you, everybody for joining us this morning i'll see you tonight on wall street 7:00 p.m. eastern and sunday morning on fox news "varney" & company begins right now stu take it away. stuart: good morning, maria, good morning, everyone. business news seems to have been taken over by a couple of very well known characters who are absolutely wreaking havoc. mu


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