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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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giving on all of this. i had hope you remember cats and dogs for this thanksgiving. don't just talk about the family around the table, pay attention to the pets. everybody has to do it. that does it for us here on fox business. tonight. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: tonight we dig into how d.c. fell for ftx founder sam bankman-fried. turned a mind eye to epic
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corruption as he blew hundreds of millions of dollars in investor money on luxury properties in the bahamas, on campaign donations. on a house for his parents. the little guy has been stranded here. ftx's tentacles ran deep into washington. with us tonight congressman jason hill, french hill, excuse me, jason smith and french hill and carlos gimenez. congressman elect anthony es poet cito, sol wisenberg, dr. marty makary and joe concha. we have the latest on killings had colorado and idaho. a dangerous mob looting case in california that captured headlines nationwide. a big pushback against wild claims by president biden's covid czar. this news, the cdc said the vaccinated make up the majority
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of hospitalizations. the government emails surface showing dr. fauci knew much more about that problematic wuhan lab in china than he let on. we have news on that. is this foreign espionage, how does washington allow blizzard of chinese made drones fly in restricted airspace over the nation's capitol and president's air force one flight space? we have news about the hilarious fight between elon musk and novelist stephen king that blew up on twitter. hunter biden investigation intensified even more. we have the details. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. happy thanksgiving. start with your money, look at that. stocks ending higher. federal reserve released minutes of the recent meeting indicating
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the fed will slow down interest rate hikes. the an estimated 55 million now on the move, traveling for thanksgiving to be with their loved ones. look at this, railroad unions say no progress whatsoever has been made in a potential rail strike that could bring the u.s. economy to a halt during the holidays. the rail unions are now warning congress may need to step in. let's move on to this story. welcome to the show congressman french hill from house financial services, ranking member of house budget, he is congressman jason smith. great to see you both. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, liz. >> happy thanksgiving, liz. elizabeth: good to see you. congressman hill, this disturbing case of corruption and greed. ftx unit, the crypto exchange that collapsed spent $300 million on luxury mansions in the bahamas. bankman-fried spent $19 million on luxury properties for senior
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staffers and a $16.4 million luxury home for his parents, stanford university professors. congressman hill, you sit on an oversight committee. is d.c. not about the little guy anymore? >> isn't this disgusting? and what's more disgusting about it after complaining about crypto finance for four years the democrats are on the take for over almost $40 million of campaign contributions from bankman-fried and ftx affiliates. i hope they give all of that money back before we have our oversight hearing in early december and try to get to the bottom of what is clearly an outrageous misappropriation of funds and fraud by bankman-fried and his colleagues and it's pretty sad that his parents are professors at stanford law school. what does that tell you about the quality of the law school? elizabeth: reportedly to the congressman's point, congressman smith, the parents are reportedly trying to give the deed back. even bought condos in the swanky
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bahamas resort where tiger woods has his annual positively tournament. seven democrats sit on house financial services. maxine waters caught blowing a kiss to bankman-fried in december of last year. he gave out more than 40 million to democrats, right, congressman smith? that is more than 200,000 or so that republicans got. >> liz, he was the second largest contributor right behind george soros to all democrats. you're talking about tens of millions of dollars, giving that money with probably the expectation that the democrats wouldn't look underneath the hood of his corporate dealings? well maybe, maybe he was just able to take care of that? that is why the democrats did not do oversight. think about this, in the house ways and means committee there has been less than 15 hearings over the last go hearse. three of those hearings was all about giving tax breaks to the wealthy political donors. of course they will not give
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oversight, having a aggressive oversight on someone who has the second most amount of money of all donors. elizabeth: what will you do? to congressman smith's point, we broke the news last week, congressman hill, he set aside $4 billion, more than $4 billion of loans out of investor money for himself and his cronies. half a billion dollars for him. half a billion for his founder, his cofounder rather. congressman hill ftx tentacles ran deep in d.c. who is watching out for the little guy? who is watching out for the watchdogs? he packed his board with former cftc commissioner, acting chair under obama, former chief operating officer of cftc. so what are you guys going to do about this? >> liz, thank you, for your persistent investigative journalist attitude because you've been great on this topic. really do. you've been first on the news of
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this item. we have a hearing in december, i hope we use our subpoena power not only bring ftx to the table but anyone advising ftx invite the chairman of the sec, gary gensler, have all the documents of all the meetings he had with ftx or ftx advisors because american investors we're involved in losing money in this bahama beach party of bankman-fried. we want to get to the bottom of it, to make sure he is held accountable and that the regulators are health askeddable here for american investors. elizabeth: will you, sit tight a second, congressman smith. are democrats on house financial services giving you a hard time about this? what are they saying now? >> on what basis? elizabeth: congressman hill, sorry. >> i'm sure they will have one. look i'm sure they may have some but look, they have been very skeptical of crypto and yet they took this campaign contribution. that is what i find hypocritical about it. but this hearing is a joint hearing that is called by
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patrick mchenry of the republicans and maxine waters of the democrats. let's make it the starting point of getting to the facts around this ftx collapse. elizabeth: you know, to what congressman hill is saying, congressman smith, cftc, that is his company's regulator. he lobbied and weakened government oversight there. he wanted only cfc, not the sec to regulate him. he wanted to clear all trades through the cftc were no guardrails or safety nets. gary gensler apparently taught with bankman-fried's father. there is a lot of weird insider cronyism here, you know what i mean? >> liz, those points you brought up, i will agree with congressman hill. you're doing an incredible job investigating this but all of those points you brought up is exactly what needs to be called up in oversight hearings. these people need to come before congress. after january 3rd when the republicans have the gavel,
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whether it is financial services, whether the ways and means committee, whether the ag committee we need to call them all up in all areas of jurisdiction and get down to why and how this happened. elizabeth: you know, i appreciate you guys, that is very kind and generous of you. you know i covered corporate accounting scandals for "the wall street journal" in the '90s. it feels like we're back here at the same place, congressman hill, where, you know, political donations come in to these politicians that sit on the oversight committees tasked with doing oversight and then these companies complain to those politicians and weaken the oversight of the market regulators. let's listen to terry duffy. he runs the cme, the market regulator for derivatives. you will see congressman dusty johnson. he is about losing his mind. he was on our show with us earlier in the week. watch this. >> he didn't know the difference between regulatory capital and margin capital t made me laugh. dismissive when it comes to a guy like that. can you imagine the human being
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could have done to our country and the world? people literally, literally were turning a blind eye to it. it is absolutely an embarassment what went on. i knew he was a fraud the i met him. it was quite easy to pick out. >> i'm just so frustrated, we had more time for defunding the police or inflation reduction act, green new deal but speaker pelosi is not willing to put bills i support on the floor. it is amazing to me sam bankman-fried has been honest about this, liz. he said this, you know what? if you say the woke and enlight edged things the left will celebrate you if you don't have anything on your balance sheet. that is terrifying. we have to do better. >> here's the thing, sam bankman-fried, his activity took off when joe biden, he really started to get aggressive in 2020, 2021. his company started to losing money during the bullish crypto market run. it was losing money.
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so the congressman hill, first to you, what were democrats doing this whole time while this thing was blowing up? >> well, patrick mchenry, our ranking member on the committee worked, tried to work for over a year to have a bipartisan digital assets bill where we define digital assets and then we define how best to regulate them and he has been forestalled by maxine waters until this past september when she began to work constructly with him on a stablecoin, digital assets bill, now still in the works but the point is, we have an enron moment in 2022 with the collapse much terra, luna, other things are in jeopardy, now the collapse on ftx. we have to get a handle on it and handle on it now. we have to have a hearing in december. elizabeth: there is contagion, two billion in losses in crypto potentially. what have democrats been doing
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this whole time while this has been ramping up? >> liz, the last two years, complete democrat one party rule in washington they have been doing three things. they have been benefiting their wealthy donors. they have been building the bureaucracy and they have been bankrupting our economy by spending trillions of dollars. if you donated to the democrat party you were benefiting under the one party democrat rule. that's the policies they pushed. >> feels so bad. the little guy feels the system is rigged against him. congressman hill, it can't happen again. congressman hill and smith. happy thanksgiving to you both. that was a great interview. appreciate you coming on. >> happy thanksgiving. elizabeth: to you too. pushback what are being called wild claims by the white house covid czar. more on the cdc now saying the vaccinated make up the majority of hospitalizations and government emails reveal dr. fauci, he knew more about the wuhan lab in china than he let on. plus the latest on the deadly
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. let's get you updated on that horrific walmart shooting in virginia. at least six dead including the
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suspect. now fox news griff jenkins he is live on the scene in virginia. griff, thank for coming on. reporter: liz, at least half a disease families are mourning tonight rather than preparing to celebrate at the dinner table tomorrow as authorities identify the alleged gunman. we show you him. andre bing, chesapeake resident. 31 years old. no criminal record. he worked with the company 12 years. his current position was overnight team leader. now he entered a break room with a handgun and multiple magazines. a witness on the scene says the moment was terrifying. listen here. >> pretty much, as soon as my team lead said all right, guys we have a light ahead of us, i looked up, my manager turned around and just opened fire on everybody in the break room. reporter: police giving us a
6:18 pm
timeline. they say that the first 911 call came into the dispatcher at 10:12 p.m. last night with officers arriving just two minutes later here on scene. at 10:16 they entered walmart where they found bing dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. moments ago authorities identifying five of the six victims. we can show them to you, lorenzo gamble, kyle pendleton, blevins and tamika johnson. the fifth victim is 16-year-old male. his name is with held being a minor. a vigil planned here in the parking lot to honor all the victims at 7:00 p.m. elizabeth: griff jenkins, thank you for your reporting. our heart goes out. it is awful for these families. we feel so bad for them. griff, happy thanksgiving to you. joining us congressman elect, anthony deesposito. great to have you on. you're a former nypd detective.
6:19 pm
you've seen a lot. you've been on the front lines. you worked hard for new york city and you served our city where we broadcast out of. talk to us about a major break through this news coming in out of los angeles, 91 arrested in the mob looting of car going trains filled with retail goods, packages from amazon. two theft cartels, sir it got so bad, they stole 1million dollars $18 million in images. it was brazen. they set up a square house outside of l.a. people to shop stolen goods like at a costco. what do stories like this tell you sir? good to have you on? >> it is insane. we've seen it here in new york during the protests. we've seen it recently, people just walking into high end shops in manhattan and other major cities throughout the country. they're walking in. they're taking what they want. they're walking right out. why? because democrats across this
6:20 pm
country have given criminals the right to do what they want. they have emboldened them. they have handcuffed the police and it needs to change. elizabeth: so how do you break this cycle? how do you break this cycle of criminality? i mean reuters is reporting that retailers from coast to coast are now battening down the hatches for the holiday shopping season. we're talking walmart, target, jcpenney, walgreens. they're installing surveillance cameras and security guards, locking down more items to stop shoplifters. will that stop this? >> well i hope it does, i hope it's a step in the right direction, because there many major stores out there that are actually, have a policy in place where they're not even stopping anyone. they're taking away those baskets at the front door to fill them up with goods because perpetrators were using them to fill them up with goods to walk out. i hope steps that are taken are actually a step in the right direction. what we need to do is take the handcuffs off of police. we need to take back our streets. we need to take out of office
6:21 pm
rogue d.a.s who refuse to enforce laws. elizabeth: to your point, there is also this, this could be a debate-changer in washington. law enforcement coast to coast, sir, increasingly link rising crime in u.s. cities with collapse at border, due to drug gangs doing shootouts. we like your reaction what white house press secretary had to say about this. watch this? >> the republican party has no plan, they do nothing except do political stunts. we're stopping fentanyl before it even makes it to the streets of the united states. elizabeth: okay. here's the thing, the cdc data, the cdc says, 66% of the more than 107,000 overdose deaths were driven by fentanyl. those overdose deaths are most in u.s. history. not sure who is advising the press secretary toy to say what she is saying. dea say drug cartels are killing
6:22 pm
americans with fentanyl at catastrophic, record rates like they have never seen before. >> liz there is no stunt. i actually, you know, someone who has been a new york city detective i don't think fighting crime and taking illegal narcotics having open borders is not a laughing matter and nothing about a stunt. we need to hold those accountable who created this disaster. starts with joe biden, starts with his administration, starts with the secretary of homeland security. like leader mccarthy mentioned earlier this week at the southern border, about time we take back our country. we've seen it here even in my district in nassau county, where people are arrested for burglary rings and linked back to coming over the border. i visited the border. not that long ago, and i will tell you the open border policy is affecting every bit of industry, not only down on the southern border but right here. you created an issue -- elizabeth: finish your point. >> we've created an issue where every state is now a border
6:23 pm
state. elizabeth: so homeland security is pushing back on house minority leader mccarthy saying, secretary mayorkas should resign or face potential impeachment. homeland security saying this is finger pointing by mccarthy for border problems. your word on that, final word. >> i stand with leader mccarthy i tell you this, when we take an oath to defend and serve that is what we need to do. anybody can take an oath. it is about living out that oath and as we've seen the oath he has taken to defend our border he has failed. elizabeth: congressman elect. deesposito, happy thanksgiving. good to have you on. >> you and your family as well. elizabeth: okay. this story, is washington, d.c. so distracted with political infighting they're ignoring this danger? "politico" report as blizzard of chinese-made drones caught illegally flying over washington, d.c., airspace, also into the airspace for the president's air force one. and pushback what are being
6:24 pm
called wild claims by the white house covid czar. plus cdc reports that the vaccinated now make up the majority of hospitalizations. we've got leaked government emails indicating dr. fauci knew more about the wuhan lab in china than he let on. dr. marty makary has a lot to tackle. he is coming up next on "the evening edit." ♪. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: hhs, did you see this story? they're now talking about
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bringing back mask mandates. fox news david spunt has the story in washington. david? reporter: hi, liz. health officials see a triple threat covid, rsv and the flu at holiday travel into the mix, that is only expected to make things more challenging. a new health and human services report recommends putting on a mask over the next few months, whether you're traveling or in a large group. this is the season where people get sick and masking can only help. in addition to covid rsv, a common respiratory virus, is making the rounds not only in adults but specifically children. many who play in groups or go to day-care. health officials are seeing a increase in kids getting rsv this year? hospitals seeing a surge in visits as the weather is colder and more people get sick? what makes this different in 2020 and 2021, administration officials are openly ready to
6:29 pm
take on the challenges over the next few months. meantime, cdc officials say get those covid vaccines and boosters and get those flu shots as soon as possible. liz, back to you. elizabeth: david spunt, thank you so much. great reporting. fox news contributor, dr. marty makary. happy thanksgiving to you. great to have you back on. >> you too. elizabeth: people are calling this a pandemic much the vaccinated. cdc data came out, 58%, the majority of covid hospitalizations and deaths were the vaccinated? what is going on here, doctor? >> look, the people at risk are people with special medical conditions. vaccinated or unvaccinated. everybody has immunity at this point because if they have not been vaccinated they have had the infection and they have natural immunity. so the idea of ridiculing, blaming the current infections and hospitalizations on a group that they believe are stubborn and chose not to get the vaccine -- elizabeth: these are the vaccinated. these are the vaccinate who had are now hospitalized making up
6:30 pm
the majority of deaths. >> exactly. the idea, the problem is, blaming the unvaccinated when it is the vaccinated who are hospitalized is illogical. elizabeth: got it. i hear you now. so this story, we like your reaction to this, the covid czar for the white house, he is getting criticized for this claim, watch? >> if folks get their updated vaccines and they get treated, they have a breakthrough infection, we can prevent essentially every covid death in america. elizabeth: i mean every covid death in america? isn't he basing that on a really limited cdc study that has half a dozen caveats? >> the problem he is using that argument to justify getting the new omicron vaccine that just got approved by the fda six weeks ago that only 10% of americans have received because the clinical data that is the human outcomes data has never been made public. cdc minutes before his press conference yesterday posted
6:31 pm
online a very flawed study, it was poorly conducted, used the wrong population, did not account for confounders and said in it that there were six limitations to its results. that is what dr. jha h said was crystal clear science. that is not crystal clear science. elizabeth: ifs, ands or buts, the it did not take into account immunity, vaccination, status, their own antibodies, variants and mutate and change all the time. effectiveness of boosters can dwindle down to 20% a few month later. even new york discourages booster shots for everyone except the immunocompromised. let's get to dr. fauci. this is a bombshell, considered a left-wing magazine called "the nation." he is being deposed by the attorney general lawsuit from missouri and louisiana. he got government emails between dr. fauci and former head of
6:32 pm
nih, dr. francis collins, start of the pandemic in early 2020. the email chain was joking that the wuhan lab was quote, the wild west when it came to really poor, below standard safeguards, but dr. fauci, nih approved funding for the wuhan lab. now in these emails in early 2020 at the start of the pandemic they're calling it the, email chain was calling it the wild west? >> dr. fauci called the wuhan lab leak theory a shiny object. he told dr. collins it will go away. there is this arrogance. when you have so much power centralized in two individuals, dr. collins and fauci, both at the nih, both like-minded, both political appointees who are in lockstep in every single aspect of covid policy, they have pa hammerlock on every doctor in the united states. they fund every university and academic medical center. there has been this arrogance if you disagree with them that
6:33 pm
defines misinformation. elizabeth: there a lot of back and forth in the government emails on this chain, doctor, about the quality of the science behind a famous paper that claimed that covid-19 came out of the wet market. it was of natural origin. that paper, you talked about this, was written by a virologists who originally believed covid was man-made and leaked out of a lab by somebody who was asymptomatic. this paper that it was saying came out of a nature, by the way never been discovered in nature, was written after the conference call with dr. fauci. >> that famous conference call where dr. fauci conveneed world, respected virologists, a bunch of them said it was the lab leak. they believed it was the lab leak and they mysteriously changed their view shortly thereafter. elizabeth: dr. makary, have a good thanksgiving. good to see you soon. >> you too. elizabeth: we'll get you the hilarious fight that broke out on twitter between elon musk and novelist stephen king.
6:34 pm
is d.c. so distracted by political infighting they're missing potential foreign espionage? we have a blizzard of chinese-made drones caught illegally flying over washington, d.c. airspace. we're bringing in congressman carlos gimenez from house homeland security. take this on next on "the evening edit". ♪ can he stand on his own... once he's all on his own? this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there. as you plan, protect and retire. ♪ in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life.
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but golo's so easy, the weight just falls off. ♪. elizabeth: let's get you updated on this story, police in idaho making news today with a press conference on their investigation into the murders of four university of idaho students fox news dan springer love in moscow, idaho, with more on that breaking news. dan, it is good to see you. reporter: yeah, good to see you, liz. you know we had a lot of high hopes for this news conference. it was the first one they held since sunday but as far as big critical stuff, we didn't hear that. almost no new information. one thing we did learn that was new when the 911 call was initially placed to police from
6:39 pm
inside of the house the dispatcher talked to numerous people in that call. so it could have been a chaotic scene inside of there. again police are still not releasing that call to the public but just to clarify the people who were on that call and also the girls, the roommates who were unhurt, in the house sleeping when the murders took place, and those other friends who showed up before the 911 call, they're not involved in any way according to police. this is a big complicated investigation. police say they have collected over 100 individual pieces of evidence, taken 4,000 pictures, many 3d scans, conducted 150 interviews and received 1000 tips but when i asked why they're not releasing who the killer's initial target was, captain lanier said this. >> first and foremost we have the integrity of the investigation to preserve. we feel like that information is integral to house how we conduct our investigation. releasing that to the public may or may not flood us with a lot
6:40 pm
of information that's not relevant or specific to what we're looking at. reporter: he went on to say that the people here in moscow and beyond will have to trust the police. i got to tell you with this lack of information it has been difficult. the families want to know more. as far as the community, they just want justice for the victims and they want to feel safe again and right now they have neither. liz? elizabeth: dan, let me come back to you, of the news was they were killed in their sleep, right, between 3:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the morning. investigators are saying this looks like a blitz attack. he may have been a stalker or knew them. this is what we're hearing from investigators on the case because he knew their behavioral patterns and knew when to break into the house. plus the knife that was used would likely have been purchased by a man. so there are more details like that coming out, dan springer. final word. you got 10 seconds. reporter: well, yeah, let me tell you that information is not coming from moscow pd.
6:41 pm
it is coming from people who are speculating about this. elizabeth: yeah. reporter: they are saying almost nothing to the media. they're being very tight-lipped. they want to control the information very tightly. elizabeth: got it, dan we got to go. reporter: idaho state police are working on this as well. elizabeth: we're working on sources. dan, thank you very much. welcome to the show, congressman carl carlos gimenez. intelligence officials gave a classified briefing at that chinese made drones flying into restricted airspace over d.c.? what is going on here? >> i supposed headlines is what is going on. chinese manufactured drones, not necessarily flown by the chinese but they're made in china. they are getting into restricted areas and so that is a concern not only in the capital, it is a concern around the united states. areas such as airports, the, critical infrastructure.
6:42 pm
look four years ago when i went to israel on a trade mission we made, we made an effort to stop by tel aviv airport to talk about drones, the threat of drones to airports and what the israelis doing about it. the israelis somehow seem to be a step or two ahead of us on these threats and how to handle them. elizabeth: is that security at risk or espionage? what do you think? >> it could be espionage or physical threat. the drones are more physical and carrying higher payloads. they are electronic and you can use geofencing to knock them down. they will be eventually able to pick out bigger targets with bigger payloads. we need electronic counter-measures to knock them down. we need kinetic energy to knock them down for those drones
6:43 pm
autonomously flying around. elizabeth: congressman, your insights are important here because drones can easily capture wireless information from a government building a power grid or infrastructure. i mean the u.s. secret service said the last four years has caught hundreds of drones violating temporary arrow trickses meant to protect the president and his air force one. >> yeah. so look again, drones will become increasingly a bigger threat especially since they are now able to carry higher payloads. they're able to more capability inside the drones whether electronic surveillance or other kinds of threats to our national security. they have longer, they will have longer range and again, as i said, some of them will be piloted but my fear, my greatest fear is autonomous, basically intelligent drones and a number of them being lodged against a particular target and basically overwhelming any defense system they may have. elizabeth: got it. >> that is something that will come in the future. something we have to take care of. something we're looking into.
6:44 pm
elizabeth: congressman jimenez. heavy thanksgiving. good to see you. the hunter biden investigation is intense filing. house gop say they have treasury and bank records warning about suspicious activity surrounding hunter biden, potential links to overseas human trafficking rings. we'll break it down with sol wisenberg. plus a hilarious fight breaks out on twitter between elon musk and novelist stephen king. "the hill"'s joe concha next.
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is it possible the only thought that comes to mind is... ♪ finally? this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there. as you plan, protect and retire. ♪ elizabeth: back with us now, look who is here, "the hill" media columnist joe concha, great to see you, joe. >> in person. elizabeth: in person. joe, let's show the viewer, we want your reaction to this, hilarious twitter fight between elon musk and stephen king. stephen king looks like only remaining advertiser with twitter will be my pillow. elon musk tweets back. hi, is my pillow actually a
6:49 pm
great pillow. i'm curious, what do you make of this fight. >> elon musk like old twitter leadership embraces his product a lot. he uses it to perfection. that was rhetorical technical knockout of stephen king who is basically a troll on there. i want to know, how is twitter still operational. i keep reading all the reports that it will implode because of layoffs and resignations. it seems to get better and more efficient. you ever hear of whaling and browning? i don't no. >> when 10% of your employees do 90% of the work. what elon is doing here, who are my 10%? who is loyal? who are the ones doing all the work? the other 90% resign or laid off but he is trimming the fat here at this point and after he finds out who that 10% is, he will build around that. make twitter a more efficient company. you know from hosting the show for years on fox business twitter is one of the most underperforming stocks. elizabeth: it is dead money.
6:50 pm
>> why is that? overweighted with too many employees. elizabeth: costs were, you're right, over head was bad. >> yeah. elizabeth: but the fights were like, is my pillow actually a great pillow? i'm curious. one person tweeted stephen king just advertised for my pillow. stephen king my pillow was haunted. read myhundred page book about it. somebody else said dude, why do you care. stephen king you're acting like rob reiner. you're jealous because elon musk is good-looking. that is really funny. to your point people say twitter will die. "washington post" have not seen jeep or mars advertising on it or kellog. main that is their advertising deal. could be a month ad buy. media matters say it is on it is death watch. it is used for news. even the police in virginia on that walmart shooting were saying go to twitter. we'll put updates on twitter. people are using it. do you think it is going to die? >> no, absolutely will not die.
6:51 pm
only get better. journalists so mad elon musk took over. what was twitter elon musk he before he got there? it censored accounts. censored hunter biden laptop story, target many conservatives. donald trump is back, he can't go on it because of truth social. "babylon bee" is back, kathy griffin is back. that is what it should be, let people decide what information is real, leave it to members that have accounts. you can't have a pole politburos is disinformation. covid came from a lab. that is misinformation. you are locked out. elizabeth: best fix for bad speech is more free speech is that what you're saying? >> absolutely. we've seen the opposite, right? elizabeth: that didn't work. >> no, it did not work. the hunter biden laptop story was called russian disinformation. if you shared the hunter biden laptop story from the "new york post" you had your
6:52 pm
account locked. elizabeth: the bullying, the bullying that went on that covid vaccines should take it without any questions. >> right. elizabeth: what about informed consent, right? >> that is also. or the vaccine, you take it you can't get covid like the president said. turns out that is not accurate. what is accurate, what is not. elizabeth: got it. happy thanksgiving. >> love seeing 3 d, enjoy martinis. elizabeth: hope not. with pickle juice. hunter biden investigation intensifies, treasury records and bank records, look at that warning about suspicious activity that hunter biden is linked to potential overseas human trafficking rings. we've been reporting about this with the senate report in 2020. this information is coming out. so was there political espionage involved with hunt hunter biden here? legal eagle sol wisenberg is next.
6:53 pm
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elizabeth: look who is back, former department independent counsel sol w weisenberg, happy thanksgiving, your reaction to congressman comer. let's watch this. >> we actually have to from outside source we verified
6:57 pm
to be true in the two suspicious activity reports they reference illegal activity pertaining to potential human trafficking and money laundering. were alleged with accounting that hunter biden had complete control of. we have been told by whistleblowers which a accounts were possibly comingled with joe biden. private checking account of joe biden and hunter biden. elizabeth: talking about fbi whistle g glow blowers providing a road map what to look for. >> it is amazing, i read interim report from house republicans, they said there were 150 suspicious activity reports filed by banks with the treasury involved hunter biden and james biden,
6:58 pm
president's brother. that is an astonishing number, those are reports that of suspicious activities that banks are required to file with treasury. elizabeth: one suspect activity report from ja jpmorgan chase, implying that hunter biden was involved in a sex trafficking operation. they are like tip sheets, people pointing you in the direction where to look, we saw senate 2020, homeland security finance report that hunter biden allegedly made money to women who are russian nationals involved in human trafficking, that is the key gateway to espionage, what are your concerns? >> he was a walking espionage risk the entire time he was doing drugs and what he was doing with his lobbying with china and with
6:59 pm
the ukraine. this is an astonishing number, it is like a tip sheet, suspicious ast ractivity report the sar. it is just a tip sheet, but the fact that there are that many 150 if this report is right they only have access to two. that is really astonishing. a big number. elizabeth: have you heard of any individual situations with 150 sars reports. >> i don't have -- no. but you know this is not particularly my specialty. that is eye-popping to me. i don't know whether it sever been with anyone else. you talk about the brother and the son of the then vice
7:00 pm
president and now the president, that was something that surprised me, a lot of this interim report was political in nature, they always are no matter what side. but we have talked about this, there are things that to have to be looked at. >> treasury department is holding back the sars reports. >> they don't get to do that. because the republicans were in a minority, they will not be able to do, that they will look really bad if they play heard ball. >> sol happy thanksgiving, you have been watching "the evening edit," have a good time tomorrow, join us tomorrow on friday, i'll see you week after next. good to see you. ♪ ♪ kennedy: hello friends do i have a try the for you, special game night of kennedy. wawoot woot, so packed with entertainment you will need a


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