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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this place up. hundreds of people behind the scenes at the patriot awards that make it happen. we're on camera.ehin without them, it doesn't happene of. so give pa round of applause t everyone on production that puts this thing together. [ applause ] >> and of course, thank you to you all of you at home forom watching. i also want to thank one more time our sponsors, tunnel to towers, golden corral and t camping world. good night, fox nation! thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ maria: good monday day morning, everyone. so much for join us. it is monday, november 28. your top stories, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast.
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today, uprising in china, anti-government protesters breaking out across china overnight as as the chinese people push back on covid zero lockdowns and authoritarian communist control, defiant protesters in shanghai, beijing and wuhan and other major cities after a deadly fire triggered the protesting. markets in china sold off on the news leaving asian markets lower overnight, the hang seng down 1 and-a-half percent, shanghai down three quarters of a percent. european markets lower and the ripple effect hitting markets at home as the potential for a rail strike also looms within the upcoming weeks. right now, the dow jones industrial average showing a decline of 201, two thirds of a percent, s&p 500 down 33 and nasdaq lower by 111, about 1% lower there as well. all this after last week's holiday shortened performance, all three major indices
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evenedded the week higher, -- ended the week higher. the nasdaq was up three quarters of a percent, s&p higher by 1 and-a-half percent on the week. the kickoff to holiday shopping is on, it is cyber monday and we're looking at all of the technology deals you need to know about this morning. plus, new records reached on black friday with sales hitting $9 billion, that is an online shopping record for friday. the november jobs report now is on tap, it is out this friday. we are expecting 200,000 jobs he created and slightly lower unemployment rate, holding he steady at 3.7%. a look at oil prices this morning, touching a 2022 low this morning, take a look at oil, president biden's treasury department is announcing it will allow chevron to resume pumping oil in venezuela, rather than opening the taps here at home. the price of brent at $80.84 a barrel, down 3 and a third percent crude oil at 73, 86,
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down 3.1% right now. european markets look like this. as you can see, the weakness is traveling across the world on the heels of those china covid-19 crisis protests, ft 100 down 34, cac down 58, dax lower by 135 a. back at home, dr. anthony fauci once again refusing to admit what the circumstantial evidence has already told us all, that covid-19 leaked from a wuhan lab, fauci on cbs over the weekend still pushing his no clue narrative, then saying he has a completely open mind regarding covid origins includiincluding that lab from . china's been too secretive according to touch hey on the day -- according to fauci. he will likely be subpoenaed in the new congress next year. we're on it all morning long. "mornings with maria" is live right now.
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♪ you better believe, i'm back. ♪ back in a new york mood. ♪ i'm back, back in a new york mood. ♪ maria: and protests erupting across china over the weekend sparked by anger over the country's zero covid policy, many ca calling for the communit party and xi jinping to step down. joining the conversation all morning long is fox business' dagen mcdowell and columnist and fox news contributor, liz peek. the question is, is it going to affect xi jinping who was just empowered just a couple of weeks ago and now we've got really protesting across the country. some calling for him to step down. your reaction? dagen: this will be difficult for xi jinping to contain. the wall street journal has an editorial about it.
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china's revolt against zero covid protests across the country he reveal deep anger and frustration at three years of lockdowns and social control and that's the point as the washington post has pointed out, that this exposes the flaw in zero covid and this three-year policy that people have no natural immunity. there was also a report that i saw on twitter from a reporter who covers sports in china, that in the broadcast of the world cup game in which china was involved, it did not show the crowds, that they edited out the crowds who didn't n have masks on. and i don't think that is an issue of igniting fear among chinese viewers, it's an issue of igniting reality, that the rest of the world is not locked down the way that china is.
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maria: well, you know, this time around i think there are other big issues facing the country and xi jinping, liz. and that is this economic he ecc slowdown. at best we're talking about 3%, 3.3% growth for china in 2022. the covid zero policy has rippled across the world and created weakness. we've seen this before but in the past the communist dictatorship has killed the protesters. will watching this to see if this is any different, your thoughts? >> i think what is different this time is it's not just students protesting as 30 years ago rivetted the world and tiananmen square, it's not just workers where we've seen protest after protest at various factories like fox com where people have not been a allowed to go home for months on end because of covid lockdowns. this is the entire country
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including normal citizens who were outraged after a fire broke out in another city and basically the people could not leave the building because they were locked in because of covid. so this is the first time according to some reporting that you have seen many factions of chinese society protesting. it's brought implications for the world economy. china has been an engine of growth for decades. now some people are thinking it will be less than 3%. we cannot count on chinese numbers to verify what they're doing in terms of their economy but this is a really serious uprisrising amazing that it coms on the heels of xi jinping just having won another term in spite of all the wreckage he has done to the economy. maria: by the way, if that weren't enough, the bbc yesterday said that chinese
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police assaulted an detained one of its journalists. the bbc is extremely concerned about the treatment of our journalist, ed lawrence, who was arrested and handcuffed covering the p protests. he was beaten. hes was-- he was arrested in sh. the ministry is saying the journalist did not identify himself as as a g journalist. we're covering this story. we noted the bbc statement. this does not reflect what happened, the chinese pushing back on this. the bbc says it's very concerned. the washington post reporter, taylor lorenz on damage control after slamming her paper for opposing china's lockdown. sheep wants the lockdowns in place, lorenz defending the ccp in had a tweet over the weekend, saying the u.s. is killing off millions of vulnerable people by
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not locking down, dagen. dagen: she is so dumb. you feel sorry for her. she's a social media columnist. on that note, and her own paper reported a few days ago 58% of coronavirus deaths in august were people who were vaccinated and/or boosted. the lockdowns actually kill people which we know. people in new york city were locked into their apartments and homes with their relatives and that's how it spread, rather than allowing people to go outside. she's a -- again, what is -- she's a cultural writer. but again, like -- i love when people reveal themselves to be the morons that they are. i said the game that was edited was a chinese world cup game. this is just broadly speaking, this is from mark drier.
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he said due the backlash from chinese fans seeing unmasked crowds in qatar, chinese tv is replacing live crowd shots during games and cutting to close-ups of the players and coaches. i think the concern there is about fomenting more unrest among the chinese people who can get a view into the way the rest of the world is living and it might cause even more unrest. maria: yeah. especially since if you're in china, your house is taped shut like seriously taped shut, that if the officials and the government sees that tape moved at all, meaning you opened the door, you're probably going to prison. we are just getting started this morning. we've got a lot of coming up. the federal reserve's final meeting of the year happening next month. we will preview it. then we're following the long line of investors and payouts related to the collapse of
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crypto exchange ftx. we'll tell you about it. new york city's crime crisis can be traced back to inaca shun of the manhattan district attorney, rising crime makes a buzz this morning. don't miss it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪ don't miss out on
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what should the future deliver? (music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability...
6:15 am you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music) visit maria: welcome back. social unrest in china weighs on he global markets this morning after the shortened holiday week. futures indicating a at the decline at the start of trading, down 162 on the dow industrials, nasdaq down 98. joining me to look ahead to year end and '23 is mahoney asset management ceo, ken mahoney. good morning to you. thank you for being here. wild pictures coming out of china this morning of all of the unrest, protest theres protesting zero covid policy and the communist party, xi jinping, calls to step down. do you think this will have an impact the way it's having on markets this morning? >> i think so.
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i think liz and dagen said all of the above which is the draconian lockdowns, for the rest of the world to see this. china does everything it can do to suppress information. this is an interesting test, this is a tiananmen square moment for the chinese people to be locked down an treated like animals. it's not about covid. it's more about control and power and xi exerting that power and using covid as an excuse. maria: well, look, we never heard from this administration in terms of support for the people of iran. you had courageous women on the ground in iran, pushing back on that authoritarian government. so don't expect any comments from this administration to side with the people of china. but we'll be watching to see if the white house has anything to say about this. meanwhile, markets this morning are impacted. they are down. oil is also down, dropping below $76 a barrel. biden's treasury department
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announced it will allow chevron to he resume pumping oil in venezuela, he ken. this as opec is set to make a big call o on oil production net week, a day before sanctions are set to strike russia's industry. what are your thoughts about oil and how it impacts stock. >> we saw y with china a slowdn because of the draconian lockdowns and demand coming down. we are in an energy policy miscue because of this administration. we went to energy dependent in about 19 minutes. really the atmosphere, whether you drill under your own feet or venezuela has the same impact. the logic never made sense. seems like we have to go around to people who hate us around the world, we go to saudi and venezuela for oil. this administration has put a
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cross hair into the oil industry. this is another one of those moments for the biden administration. maria: meanwhile, ken, we are right now on the doorstep of the final month of the year. we've got federal reserve chairman jay powell set to speak on the economy and labor market this wednesday. he's also expected to announce the fed will begin slowing down the rate hikes. this is one of the last times we'll hear from powell until the fed meeting on december 13 and 14. so what are you expecting from the fed meeting and how are you invested going into year end? december 1st this week. >> right. so first part, as far as powell they indicated they're going to sslow down, probably expect 50 basis points. i like to think we're in the seventh or eighth inning of this and we don't have to di go to ea innings. there are some fed governors that want to push the rate past 5%. value's had a pretty decent
6:19 am
year. it's the growth stocks, the growth names that inflation's been biting them. the nasdaq is down more than 20% year-to-date. i think going forward, the midterm elections are positive. that's a healthy tail wind, obviously. you have the seasonality effect and of course some of the other -- but i guess the problem we have to throw a et wet p blan this, it's earnings. higher unit costs, labor costs, and you kind of start playing around with numbers, you get to the s&p 5 a h 500 earnings arou2 l200to 210. we know by the way markets are very elastic. they can trade well above that value number. well below, for that matter. but again, just get a sense here.
6:20 am
the clouds are forming in china. with the weight of the s&p 500 kind of around fair value-ish we would be looking to sell into this rally a little bit. maria: cautious going into year end after a pretty good november. depending on which average you look at, talking about 2, 2 of and-a-half to 4% gains for the major indices in the month of november so far. ken, it's great to catch up with you. thank you so much. >> thank you m. maria: ken mahoney joining us. cyber monday kicks off today as we come off of a door busting black friday. we take a look at the big sellers and what deals you can expect today. stay with us on that. back in a minute. ♪ oh, my starry eyed surprise. ♪ dance all night. ♪ we're going to dance all night. ♪ dance all night to this dj. ♪ dance all night to this dj
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>> republican house has said that they're going to -- that's fine with me. i'm very much in favor of legitimate oversight. they've clearly politicized it. i'm not political at all but it is very clear when people are running their campaigns with an anti-fauci element to it, i mean, that's ridiculous. maria: he's not political. he's science, remember. that was dr. anthony fauci
6:25 am
saying he will cooperate with ebb republican investigations next year. fauci is dismissing gop criticism, claiming republicans politicized the pandemic. joining me now is tennessee congressman and member of the house ways and means committee, david kusoff. your reaction to anthony touch ease. >> good morning, maria. dr. fauci does have a lot to answer for. it's going to be a priority for us in oversight in the next congress. i can remember early on in the pandemic, when the pandemic started when republican members and democratic members were gathered to get information about covid, dr. fauci was asked directly do we need to wear masks. and i remember his answer because i quoted it a lot. he said masks don't work. he said the only mask that would work is an n-95 mask. it would only work if you have covid, it would prevent you from transmitting it, not from
6:26 am
contracting it. we have a lot of co contradictis from dr. fauci even before the pandemic started and i think a number of questions. where did it originate? could it have originated from a lab in china? did we fund -- did taxpayer funds go for that lab for funding in in wu man? we-- wuhan. we'll have a lot of questions about the origins of covid and how things have been handled over the past two and-a-half to three years. maria: i want to get your take on the protesters on the ground. we don't know where this is going but should the u.s. be coming out and siding or making a comment for the people of china? we never heard a peep out of this administration when we saw protesters on the ground in iran and women were killed because one woman killed because she wasn't wearing her scarf properly, the protesters
6:27 am
continue, they're going on as we speak and now we've got unrest in china. what are your thoughts on this? we don't know how this will go. will it be successful to take down xi jinping? will this be another brutal blood bath crackdown and is there an impact to america? >> no doubt about it. number one, we've seen a lot of brave men and women and a number of students who have been protesting, who have been demonstrating in china, even holding up blank pieces of paper, and so what is the response of president xi? certainly i think that our government ought to be encouraging that speech in china for the people who want to demonstrate, who want to protest against the lockdowns. you know, china made a crucial miss the take early -- mistake early on and that is not allowing our vaccines, the vaccines developed in the united states and in the west from
6:28 am
being distributed to the chinese people. they relied on their technology. their lockdowns haven't worked. there's an outbreak in china. we need to be encouraging the people who want to give their free expression about the lockdowns and all the other issues and give them the support, that support should come from the u.s. government. maria: yeah. i would think so. you're on house ways and means. i want to get your take on economic issues like the black friday success but first here's liz peek. go ahead, liz, jump in. liz: good morning, congressman. when you're quizzing anthony fauci, seems to me the american people are fairly toll rent of the idea that no one knew what to do with a brand-new virus. what seems to me the most egregious hateful thing that fauci oversaw was the complete lockdown on dissenting opinion, on how we should treat the virus, what kind of information should be allowed on social media, et cetera. i hope that your committee will talk about that because that to
6:29 am
me is so unscientific and so unamerican, honestly. i hope you'll talk about that with fauci. >> well, i think we will. you know, the fact of the matter is, this was brand-new. nobody knew what to expect. when dr. fauci came out as an expert with answers, responses that he had that were kind of the end all to be all, to me that's problematic. frankly -- maria: right. >> he was wrong in the way he treated himself, he contracted covid, he took that medication, had the rebound covid. so there are going to be a lot of questions about what we did right, certainly what we did wrong so this never happens again. maria: well, look, i mean, clearly there are a lot of open of questions. so we'll be waiting for those hearings. i want to get your take on what we just saw on black friday.
6:30 am
today is cyber monday. americans spent a record amount of money, $9 billion online on black friday, adobe estimating $35 billion in total cyber week spending. these strong numbers countered by soaring inflation, congressman. what are your thoughts on the 2023 economy? and how would assess what we're seeing right now for holiday spending and activity? >> well, you cited all those facts which are right. the other thing is, is that we're still dealing with rapid inflation and so you talk about those consumers their savings have been diminished over the last year to year and-a-half because of inflation. the credit card debt has increased dramatically for these people. when you talk about people in my district who may shop at walmart and two years ago they were spending the same money on electronics and clothing and a lot of that spending has moved to gas and groceries.
6:31 am
to me that's -- they're spending but their overall bank p accounts are diminishing and unfortunately we're seeing credit card debt continue to increase during this holiday season. maria: yeah. and how much of the revenue was actually just a result of inflation because that was a point that bob nardelli made on the show recently, former ceo of home depot, a lot of the revenue that we're seeing for these retailers was actually the retailers raising prices which we're all suffering and faced with. it's great to see you. we'll be watching all of that. we have the fed meeting coming up december 13 and 14 to give us a clearer view of where things head next. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: quick break and then unrest in china as the country's zero covid policy causes a spillover of anger and protests. we're on it. then a looming rail strike could upend the holiday shopping and
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maria: welcome back. democrats are trying to push their agenda through as congress returns for a lame duck session. cheryl casone with all the details right now. cheryl. cheryl: maria, good morning. first up is passing a critical government funding bill. congress has until december 16 to avoid a partial shutdown. also, on the agenda, solidifying access to same sex marriage and democrats are likely to try to push through a ban on the sale of assault weapons while they control the majority in the house. that turns over to the republicans after the first of the year. well, it's been more than two weeks since the brutal killings of four university of idaho students. police still have not named a suspect or a motive. students are set to return to class today but the university is giving them the option to finish the semester remotely over concern that a killer remains on the loose. police say they've seen a spike
6:37 am
in calls from people concerned for their safety in the community. finally, there is this, a terrifying scene in maryland as a plane crashes into live power lines and gets stuck there for seven hours. the dangerous rescue, 100 feet in the air, could only take place after the tangles of power lines were cut. 100,000 customerses lost power as a result. the pilot and passenger finally freed, taken to a nearby hospital. their injuries are serious. and the cause of the crash, maria, is under investigation. and those are some of your headlines from here. back over to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you so much. protesters erupting across china over the weekend over the new covid lockdowns with some residents if in shanghai calling for chinese leader xi jinping to step down. watch this. >> [chanting]
6:38 am
maria: now, we don't know where this is going. is this going to be a brutal crackdown or is this going to work? meanwhile, apple partner fox con is offering up to $1,800 to employees who stay and work at china'slargest iphone factory ar resignations over the weekend. joining us now the heritage foundation senior fellow, brent sadler is here. great to see you. thanks very much. first, assess what we're seeing in china. these are big cities. this is shanghai, this is beijing, wuhan, across the weekend we know they have the best surveillance around so all of those people will likely be getting a visit from the authorities soon but how do you see this playing out? >> well, the most likely is that chinese communist party will be able to keep a lid on these protests and the dissent that we saw over the weekend. so far, it's monday, day there
6:39 am
you now, it seems to be true. we have to see how things unfold as the week progresses. it's clear that the chinese people are fed up with this totalitarian covid zero policies which can find you at your office or a mall and all of a sudden in a weeks long lock dowrch and that's impact -- lock darn and that's impacting so many people that the party will be challenged to address or mitigate in the longer testimony. they've been in it for three years, the chinese communist party has chosen oppression and control over of medical addressing of the covid pandemic. maria: yeah, i mean, i'm wondering when the tanks start rolling in, in china. and the crackdown from government officials really takes hold in a big way. you would think that free nations across the world would want to side with the people of china, given the history of the chinese communist party and its bad behavior on the global stage. will we see any of that?
6:40 am
>> it's an open question. you had germany's leader go to beijing to actually try continue and open up more eco economic relations. it's the economic connections to many developed countries across the world that rely on china which is still the factory of the world and so these covid lockdowns actually impact that directly. so you would assume that at least quiet et diplomacy is pressuring the chinese to relent. i think the longer the protests continue, you might see that take on a more public face of discontent from overseas governments that are having ttheir economies impacted by this. maria: the federal communications commission voting to ban sales of new telecom and surveillance equipment made by china, made by 10 chinese companies, over the concern for u.s. national security. this rule change impacts companies already subject to other restrictionses, i'm talking about huawei, zte, and
6:41 am
prohibits them from mark a continuing or importing new -- marketing or importing new technology. is this too little too late? because this is really talking about prohibiting the companies from marketing or importing new technology from china in the u.s. what about all of that technology and the surveillance equipment that's already in place right now? >> that's a major problem. we're years into this and very late in identifying it and also our allies in europe and in asia also face the same problem. a lot of this chinese technology is already in their infrastructure. and so trying to root that out or at least mitigate the eavesdropping and spying that it might offer the chinese or even worse the outright coercion or aggression against chinese nationals living overseas which we've already seen, that's a big problem and we're late to it and while it is a little, it's a little step, it's better than nothing and it's coming a little too late, unfortunately. maria: yeah. i was reading what mark simon has written and mark simon is a
6:42 am
friend of this program. he was a friend of jim any leigo was put away, one of the freedom fighters in hong kong, he says here comes the cia is causing this. already stories of police and neighborhood enforcers telling protesters they're the enforcers. will this be the propaganda coming out of china, that it's the u.s.'s fault? >> nothing would surprise me, the chinese communist party pointing the finger anywhere other than their decisions and choices they've made. this is the third year of the covid pandemic for the chinese. it was this time in 2019 that the covid-19 appeared in china. they have chosen not to address the medical well-being of the chinese people. maria: it's a similar story in
6:43 am
iran. iran's foreign ministry is claiming today that tehran has proof western nations have been involved in the recent anti-government protest as the treasury department is now you announcing new sanctionses against three iranian security officials involved in the crackdowcrackdown of protesters. the courage and strength of the iranian people has been on display right now for months and a it continues with people in the street protesting that dictatorship. >> absolutely. that dictatorship has long worn its welcome out to many iranians. unfortunately it hasn't reached a point where the regime is challenged effectively. it has echos what we're seeing now, we're going months into these protests, it has echos of the 1978- 79 revolution in iran but there's no galvanizing figure or people that is
6:44 am
bringing them together. when you look at the trigger for this, it was a young woman's death at the hands of security forces for not wearing her hijab correctly. most of the protests seem to be more regionally centered to the west so that's where the arab ob population and kurdish population. if it breaks out to south and east as well as tehran, maybe we're going to see something play out much like we saw in he '78 and '79 but we're not there by any stretch right now. maria: yeah. very disturbing. great to get your insights on all of that. thank you very much. brent sadler joining us. quick break, and from iran and a china to new york city, the crime crisis can be chased to the inaction of the manhattan da. the rise in crime making a buzz this morning. don't miss it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. new york city district attorney alvin bragg downgrading 52% of all felonies to misdemeanors in 2022. that's up 39% from 2019. that is the number of downgrades is up across the country, in portland, one small business forced to close after 17 breakins over the last year and-a-half with no consequences. they keep getting broken into. the store owner left a note saying we have decided to permanently close. our city is in peril. small businesses can not sustain doing business in the current state. another portland business threatening to move headquarters out of the state after an emploe was held at gunpoint. after the midterm elections, after new yorkers voted in more of the same,.
6:50 am
dagen: da alvin bragg here in manhattan is leading the charge of the what i'll call crime and no punishment brigade. so just to lay out the figures you talked about, the f felonie, 52% of felonies have been downgraded to misdemeanors, his predecessor, cy vance, never downgraded more than 40% of felonies and you would think there would be more convictions for felonies, conviction rate would be higher if you're not going to prosecute as many and that's not the case either. he has won convictions 51% of the time and that is down 17 percentage points. and the new york post points out that da a alvin bragg's day oe
6:51 am
memo explains this is what he was going to do. he ordered prosecutors to downgrade he'll felony charges including armed robberies and drug dealing and to stop seeking prison sentences in many crimes. now, he's kind of backed off some of the downgrades on armed robberies, but nevertheless, he promised this and this is what the people of manhattan get. maria: that's right. liz? liz: yeah. i mean, it's really almost unconunconscionable. the campaign lee zeldin ran, a whole bunch of bodega owners in manhattan signed an agreement they would back zeldin because their businesses can not survive the onslaught of unpunished crime and that's exactly what dagen is talking about. but this is not just new york.
6:52 am
it is also portland. it's also other cities like philadelphia. i don't see how any sane person can imagine that the right thing to do about reining in crime is to not punish criminals. it's time that our legislators and governor hochul in new york is really on the line here, take a stand in protecting the innocent. and by the way, when retailers of all sizing, big and small, say they're having to raise prices because crime and petty theft is out of control, who pays the price for that, maria? it's not people who are well off. it's the lower income americans are being hit from so many sides. it's really unbelievable to me. dagen: i just want to point out one quick thing in terms of the bodega owners here in new york city. alvin bragg jailed and sought murder charges against a bodega clerk in the death of a craved
6:53 am
customer who -- crazed customer who attacked him. the da only backed down because of the public outrage. so bodega owners, workers, want something different. they want to feel protected. but they're not. because bragg is there. maria: as we all do. exactly. and we haven't heard anything about this from kathy hochul. as soon as she won the election she went to puerto rico so we're still waiting on some answerses from the governor of new york. we're going to take a quick break and we're following the money this morning. a long line of investors and payouts related to the collapse of crypto exchange ftx. they're pouring in. i'll be speaking to one investors who lost m millions. what will the debtors get? stay with us.
6:54 am
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maria: welcome back. so where is the money? following the ftx collapse, at least $1 billion of client funds missing. many investors are demanding answers. joining me now is one of them, investor and entrepreneur evan luthra. thank you for being here. i want you to walk us through what happened to you. you are one of the investors who were scammed by ftx. how much money did you lose? were you able to get any of it back? tell us how you got hoodwinked. >> i joined ftx a couple years ago, deposited $12 million on the platform. i lost some of the money during
6:58 am
the crypto crash. i had over $2 million in ftx when they went down. i withdrew most of the money but it never processed. i was able to process $200,000 before the rest of the with drawls got stuck and all the money stuck there. today i can't log in anymore. the website goes to a bankruptcy page. maria: they're going to push back and say, look, you be put your money on the line and you took on the risk and that's your risk. but you say you tried to withdraw it and then you were unable. how many days before you tried to withdraw and then it was -- you were unable to get anything back? >> i tried to withdraw once the news started coming out that ftx was going under. there was a lot of news online. i actually tried to process he's once they made the statement. so, yes, i did take on that risk but i wouldn't just blame myself here. this was a con.
6:59 am
he committed a fraud. you won't expect it to turn out the way it happened. this wasn't a risk i took on when i invested. he can committed a crime, he intentionally defrauded users. you can see that by seeing the news story that was developing. he used user's funds to buy property, was flying private jets with users' money. you can see this now. maria: it's a fair point. what are you going to do about it? many investors have taken legal action against even the celebrities involved in the ads, the mark a continuing for ftx. have you taken any legal action? are you planning to? >> my legal team is working on finding what's the best legal way but the legal route is very slow. i have 2 million followers on social media. i post it everywhere, jail for ftx, hashtag. i have a $10,000 give-away on twitter trying to get the news out there.
7:00 am
i'm frustrated seeing the mainstream media talking about this is not a scam, it's not a fraud. this is an outright fraud. ftx stole users' funds. i'm doing the best i can to get this out there. i want the lawmakers in the u.s. to take action. i think there's more action being taken like individuals like myself than all the lawmakers in the u.s. combined. one of my fellow friends, big boy, flew to bahamas to try to get hold of ftx and he came to find out that not a single resident filed a complaint so we're quite surprised how this is developing. i don't know what kind of connections he has, maybe he donated tens of millions of dollars to the democrats also with our money and he's been able to stay away. he should already be in jail. there's no doubt this is fraud at the highest level. he should already be in jail for this. i'm doing the best i can to inform more people that it's a scam and ftx is to blame. maria: the founder sam bank


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