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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 29, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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♪. david: update on a story we brought you last week. smells the cat was rescued free a checked bag at jfk airport. the cat was treated to a dell lechable thanksgiving feast after his fiasco. tsa spokesperson tweeting out this photo smells licking his chops in front of a plate in turkey at his home in brooklyn. good for him he had a quite a trip. u.s.-iran, u.s. won 1-0 against iran a couple hours ago. that is it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. jackie: more liberal bureaucracy, backing peaceful
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protests against lockdowns in china what about all the covid penalties americans faced right here? we've got congressman august pflueger who penned a letter direct to elon musk asking the twitter owner to report any censorship attempts by the biden administration. we have "the wall street journal" investigator reporter who led a watchdog group to demand probes to rampant insider stock trading by government officials. i'm jackie deangelis, in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. nolt. ♪ jackie: we begin by taking a look at your money. stocks ending mostly down. the s&p 500 falling for a third straight day. the dow managing to eke out a three point gain at the close. the white house treading carefully about china's covid protests. the biden administration say the
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people have a right to peacefully protest restrictions but stopped calling for widespread calls for xi to resign. jacqui heinrich with the latest details. reporter: they are expressing report for the chinese protesters not going to far to echo their calls for regime change. >> what is the president's reaction when he hears protesters in china chant freedom or xi xinping step down? >> the president will not speak for protesters around the world. they're speaking for themselves. >> so there is no reaction? >> these protesters are speaking for themselves. >> reporter: critics is say that is far shot of unequivocal warning about consequences of any crackdown. the chinese foreign ministry, the price of freedom in the u.s., one million covid deaths, one million gun deaths, 127,000
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fentanyl deaths alone. the american people deserve something far better than that we want to protect our peoples lives to insure them a better life. china says the protests are threat to xi xinping's rule that indicating that the response could be more severe. jackie: thank you, jacqui heinrich. we have house foreign affairs committee ranking member, congressman michael mccaul. kong -- congressman great to have you with us tonight. we're watching china closely. all eyes on the protests erupting this is a very brutal covid policy, brutal kind of a lockdown. appears that the people in china are not only fed up with that but also with a little bit of the rest of what's been going on there. your thoughts how this is going to play out and if you think it's a threat to xi xinping's power? >> yeah. i think it does threaten chairman xi's power. he went before his congress and
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became the imperial president but in some respects the emperor has no clothes here. we're seeing he doesn't have a tight grip on his people like he talks about. the fact is the lockdowns are not working and it is irritating his own people. he is cracking down on his own people. and also when i talked to health experts i think they will go into another covid threat because their vaccine doesn't work. they don't have any immunity to the virus in china and you're going to be looking at wide scale deaths in china due to covid that will erode chairman xi's power over his own people which he feels the most. the white house response is so weak. we need strength to stand up for the people in china just as we do this, right? we stand with the people in china over the dictator chairman xi. jackie: this is bizarre too because we have watched this
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pandemic for what, almost three years now? the covid-19 virus obviously originating in china of the fact that three years later it is sort of undergoing this massive wave of infections as you pointed out. the vaccine is not that effective. so it is resorting to these brutal lockdowns, these very restrictive lockdowns. it is interesting to see in some ways it is almost ironic to see this happening at this point in time. >> right. they're rebelling from the suppressive regime. you know they're cracking down, taking peoples phones, going through their phones to bross cute them, going through their social media they try to control. it just shows you how they operate in communist china. i think it is showing a failure on their governance as a communist dictator and what is great is the people of china are starting to realize this. when you look at mothers and children being thrown down on the ground during this lockdown
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and people being clubbed, lockdowns didn't work so well in the united states. they're not working well in china. jackie: yeah. >> the fact is their vaccine is awful and it is not working and chairman xi will pay the price. jackie: to the point that you made about what we've endured here at home and what the white house's response to this has been i want to play a sound bite from anthony blinken. you will react on the other side. >> when it comes to protests, protests that we're seeing in china, protests we're seeing for reasons in iran, in other places our position is, is the same everywhere which is we support the right of people everywhere to peacefully protest, to make known their views, their concerns and their frustrations. jackie: we'll talk about how this is playing out in china in a moment but i see some irony that statement as well. i think to the policies that we implemented here in the united
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states. when people protested against vaccine mandates or mask mandates or during the covid period when parents spoke up at school board meetings and they were saying they were not happy with some of the things that their kids were being taught in school they were shut down and they were silenced in many ways. >> uh-huh. there are some similarities there but we are, we're a freedom-loving country, we're a democracy and that is the antithesis of china and iran and if you see what is happening in iran as well -- i remember president reagan supporting through voice of america russia over the soviet union. we should do the same thing with the people of iran and the people of china against these tyrannical governments that oppress their own people. we have a great opportunity here to promote democracy and freedom and i'm worried this administration doesn't quite get it. i couldn't see anything more fulfilling today by the way to
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see the united states beat iran in the soccer match. you know and iran cracked down on their soccer players who didn't sing the national anthem, a very different form of government and i hope the clock is ticking on their regime existence throughout the world. jackie: i think a lot of people agree with you respect to iran and vladmir putin in russia and president xi in china as well. the question would be, what would we do about it here in the united states if president xi does decide to crack down in a harsh way, if say, protests don't remain peaceful or even if they do, and he just wants to squash it? >> i think the best thing we can do in both iran and china promote communication from within the country and we've been working with various agencies. i've been working with to get communication like starlink up an running in iran, to get vpn in china.
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you know i had, my origins of covid-19 report translated into mandarin and went through the chinese firewall. it went viral in china once we got it in through voice of america like reagan did with the soviet union. what xi fierce the most are his own people, because when they wake up to what he is actually doing to them they will not stand for it. if we can support them through communications, to help the resistance in both of these oppressive dictatorships, that is a force for democracy and freedom. that is what the united states should be standing behind and then democracy and freedom prevail and we win. jackie: that is an excellent point. thank you so much for making it. congressman michael mccaul, thank you for seeing you tonight. >> thank you. jackie: we have congressman august plugger who wrote to twitter ceo elon musk mcto disclose any censorship requests about the biden administration. we'll talk about that. biden touting his economic plan in michigan today but what about
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all the americans who lost their jobs? congresswoman ashley hinson and western energy alliance president kathleen skoma next on "the evening edit." >> if you look at the stated of michigan the economy is not recovering. in fact we've had one of the slowest recoveries for him to come here to say this is so fantastic we put billions of dollars creating a factory here in michigan that will bring maybe 150 jobs. ♪. ♪ over the last 100 years, lincoln's witnessed a good bit of history. even made some themselves. makes you wonder...
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♪. jackie: president biden pushing his clean energy agenda in michigan today while clearing the path for venezuela to increase its global oil supply. edward lawrence at the white house with more for us. edward. reporter: jackie, president joe biden in michigan today to talk about his transition to clean energy as he made a deal to allow more dirty oil on to the global market. now the president did not mention lifting sanctions on venezuela oil so chevron can drill there but he did talk about his transition. president biden: companies in every part of this country are expanding, making new once, creating batteries and creating of thousands of jobs in the process. folks where is it written the america will not lead the world in manufacturing again?
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reporter: forcing a transitions energy is up 17% year-over-year for americans and fuel oil up to heat homes up 68 1/2%. natural gas and electricity up double digits. this president had a red line concerning his energy policy from day one. he is pushing opec plus, working on agreement with iran and now an agreement with venezuela to get more oil on the market rather than looking within the u.s. jackie. jackie: thank you, edward lawrence. joining us now, house budget committee member, congresswoman ashley hinson and western energy alliance president kathleen skcama. good to see you both. and i appreciate you joining us. congresswoman, start with you first. there is a lot of outrage among us especially from oil producing states and energy workers going to venezuela allowing chevron to pump oil there to enrich the maduro regime saying why aren't we changing policy here and why are we not investing in our own future? your thoughts? >> that is the question
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americans are asking, jackie. thanks for having me tonight. president biden is waging war on american energy from the day he took office. we've seen that happen. he favoring dirty oil from dictators over homegrown energy solutions. whether five dollar a gallon gas. whether increased costs you face to heat and cool your home or rolling blackouts we're now experiencing or possibly experiencing in this country, that is a direct result of the president biden and his administration and their war on american energy. jackie: yeah. we've got a tear from fors. i thought this was an interesting article. the headline biden's energy policy confusion continues with the venezuelan oil decision. the author says this is continuation of the chronic state of confusion within the biden administration when it comes to energy policy. kathleen, i respectfully disagree with the author here. i don't think the biden administration is confused at all. many people might be confused as they're watching this play out but i think the president's again today is to go green and go green as fast as he possibly
6:17 pm
can. and he realizes he has a shortfall in supply, that americans are unhappy about it. he tried to get saudi arabia to make up the difference. they said we will not help you out here. they allowed chevron to pump oil in venezuela quickly as a bandaid to try to get oil back on the market but having said that he could also control what is happening there and pull the plug as soon as he wants to as well? >> well i do think it's a bit of confusion though, right? because there is this desire to transition quickly to no fossil fuels but when the voters start to put pressure on him or the american public in general because prices are too high, then they have to scramble to go to opec and saudi arabia instead of coming to texas and colorado and new mexico. jackie: i see what you're saying that point is well-taken. look, this wasn't a well-thought out plan and we've been saying that since president biden took office and he reverses the extension of the keystone xl pipeline. many people said we applaud your
6:18 pm
ambition to go green. we support you. we'll try to help you do it but it will take a certain amount of time to do it, congressman. you can't throw the baby out with the bath water which is what the administration does here. listen to the energy workers in this country. we got a montage. comment after that. >> our life is wrapped in pipeline. that is all we have ever done and all we know. >> to see biden rescind that permit it is a literally a kick in the stomach. >> he does not care if he did care keystone would be going. >> biden administration ran on build back better that is, from where i'm standing that is crap. i think his new slogan should be butchering booming business. it is, literally pulled the rug out from under us and killed our economy. jackie: congresswoman, these people do not have alternatives. they have no other job waiting
6:19 pm
for them. the president promises tens of thousands of green energy jobs that have yet to materialize and they're struggling right now? >> what you heard from them is that raw emotion. they realize that they have been blindsided by these decisions coming from this administration. what it comes down to, they are ignoring again, homegrown solutions, energy production right here at home. i'm from iowa which is a ethanol producing state. we send most of our ethanol down to tex to blend fuel to help lower prices for iowans and americans. that is what we should focus on look to our solutions here at home. not only is this an american energy independence decision but a national security issue for us as well. you look around the world what we're seeing in the geopolitical environment. that is a serious issue for us. we're clearly headed down the wrong path with the biden administration policies. jackie: whateer seeing geopolitically underscores the importance of energy independence which we were
6:20 pm
before this president came into office. ashley, price of regular, $3.52, it is down a bit but still higher than where we were when biden took office. the diesel price when it comes to inflation. it is over $5 a gallon. there is concern that will increase as we head into the winter. that signals to me we have inflation and supply chain problems as well. as these prices are coming down though, the administration keeps touting it like somehow they have done that, right? we're really seeing lockdowns in china which is a good portion of the demand. we're also seeing consumers now starting to change their behavior here in our country as a result of higher prices across the board for everything. >> yeah, those diesel prices are really concerning because there is really not any great solution in sight for a while. because of esg or you know, pressure to defund fossil fuels,
6:21 pm
we're down about 1.1 million-barrels of refining capacity in the united states and that's one of the reasons that diesel stocks are quite low, particularly in the northeast. so we need to move towards a sane energy policy where we don't try to discourage fossil fuels but recognize that even biden's own department of energy projects increased oil and natural gas consumption through the year 2050. so if we do things now to suppress refineries and pipelines, it is going to increase prices for consumers and it is not going to be long-term sustainable. jackie: i got it. thank you so much, congresswoman ashley hinson, kathleen, great to see you both. appreciate it. >> thank you. you too. jackie: biden's student loan bailout and border policies falling short and outrage after the white house says they're keeping a close eye on elon musk and twitter. congressman august pflueger who wrote to musk to disclose any censorship requests by the administration. he is on "the evening edit" and he is coming up next.
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>> what do you make of the white house saying they're keeping an eye on twitter? >> that is offensive to me. government will go after someone who wants to have free speech? what do they have to look at twitter about? i think they should stop picking on elon musk. ♪. my husband and i have never been more active. shingles doesn't care. i go to spin classes with my coworkers. good for you, shingles doesn't care. because no matter how healthy you feel, your risk of shingles sharply increases after age 50.
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hi, i'm darlene and i lost 40 pounds with golo in just eight months. golo has really taught me how to eat better and feel better. as long as you eat the right food groups in the right amounts, that's all it is. it's so simple and it works. golo was the smartest thing i ever did. jackie: welcome back. elon musk taking on apple as the major tech company threatens to remove the social media platform
6:26 pm
from its app store. this as musk declared the battle for freedom of speech is quote a battle for civilization. connell mcshane is here in new york with the latest. connell? >> reporter: while elon musk is going after apple in a big way the past couple days, a company that might matter more to twitter success than any other if you think about it. first the app store, it is seen as a gatekeeper of sorts that apple has tight control over software distribution. to that exact point musk responded to a tweet on all the power the big tech companies have as gatekeepers saying it's a real problem. apple and google effectively control access to most of the internet via their app stores. then there is advertising. google reported apple ad spending on twitter is $100 million a year. "the washington post" said it contributed more than 4% to twitter revenue in the first quarter of the year. that is the conquest of
6:27 pm
elon musk tweets. apple mostly stopped advertising on twitter. he asks do they hate free speech in america? apple threatened to withhold twitter from the app to go store but won't tell us why. we don't know the plans for twitter on the app store. it kicked other apps off the platform before because of concerns about content moderation. that is exactly what happened to parler a couple years ago. jackie. jackie: connell mcshane, thank you. with more on this is house homeland security an house counterterrorism subcommittee ranking member, congressman august pflueger. congressman, thanks so much for joining us tonight. before we get to the apple and googling part of this let's start with the letter you wrote to elon musk and what you were asking for. >> jackie, thank you for having me and the letter is very simple. thank goodness for elon musk standing up for free speech and making the statements that he is making. we want to know from the new ceo, from elon musk what sort of requests did the administration make to twitter specifically to
6:28 pm
be the purveyor of truth, to censor speech, to make sure that stories like hunter biden's laptop or the origins of covid were not actually told to the american public? it's a very simple request. it doesn't stop there with twitter this is our best chance this second to get to the bottom of what i think will be a much larger story. jackie: well, if anybody is going to reveal that information, might be elon musk. so we're going to have to wait and see specifically how he responds, or what he is willing to reveal. that brings us to this idea of apple and google, these tech behemoths. the amount of power that they have, they literally could crush twitter in some ways. they crushed parler. of course that's the fear. if you take the product off the app store, off of apple products for example, that is a huge issue. if you pull your advertising like they are doing, that is a huge issue for the company. we have talked a lot over the years about the power that these
6:29 pm
companies have been able to amass over time. congress really hasn't done anything about it. now it appears they're playing politics. >> well you're right and i think that the going forward in commitment to america is the republicans commitment to take on big tech and make sure that freedom of speech exists. that content moderation doesn't pick winners and losers. the analogy i heard lately is that when apple does something like this it is basically like having the pitcher and the catcher and the umpire all in the same team all as one person. that's not fair. there is no competition there. that is exactly what we as republicans intend to do, shoutout to cathy mcmorris rogers, hopefully the incoming chair of energy and commerce willing to take on section 230 to make reforms that free speech will survive and continue to be the most important amendment we have, the first amendment. jackie: governor ron desantis of florida slamming apple. let's listen.
6:30 pm
>> apple is threatening to remove twitter from the app store because elon musk is actually opening it up for free speech and is restoring a lot of accounts that were unfairly and illegitimately suspended for putting out accurate information about covid. jackie: this is a republican governor reacting to what's happening. then we've got a tear from "the washington post." "the washington post," the left's opinion on this opinion, elon musk is harming free expression on twitter, not protecting it. that's the situation that we're in right now, congressman. you have half of people saying that they liked it exactly the way it was. that was you know, because the other side was spewing falsehoods according to them, that they should be censored and what elon musk is trying to say, what the right is trying to say, why can't everybody have a
6:31 pm
platform for free speech, have a healthy dialogue and debate? why should anybody be censored? >> that is exactly right. governor desantis makes an excellent point. you see the trend with this administration. they started with dhs trying to have a disinformation board. they want to control the narrative. when the facts don't back up their story, it doesn't have the narrative, the narrative isn't good, they change it or squash it or censor it. that is exactly what is going on here. why it is so important that we stand up for freedom of speech. even though we may not like it or may not agree with it, it is called freedom of speech for a reason. it is really the essence of our country, we have to protect it. jackie: elon musk put himself out there in a very real way. nobody else seemingly wanting to take the issues on. he is. he may triumph. he may fail. you have to give it time to play out. your thoughts on the fact he was willing to put his head on the chopping block this way? >> well again, like i mentioned
6:32 pm
earlier, thank goodness for elon musk, for his ability to get back into twitter and really regain that platform so that it is a public forum, that is not beholden to a government narrative. yes he is taking a risk. i think at the end of the day, regardless where you stand on the left or right of political ideology, freedom of speech is absolutely an implicit right that our country is based on. we're going to get there. jackie: i think a lot of people would agree with you. they believe in defending the constitution and they support elon musk so we shall see. we appreciate your time. we look forward to having you back on to discuss what happened with the letter, the request, this is a story that just is ongoing on a daily basis. congressman august pflueger, thank you. >> thank you so much. jackie: the inspiring story of legendary venture capitalist alan petro could have, his experience with his wife's alzheimer's battle. the latest on biden's failing
6:33 pm
student loan hailout and border policies. we have former utah congressman jason chaffetz here on "the evening edit," next. >> it has become so bad we need to have our own military embedded with the border agent to be on a level competing with with these cartels what they have done. the control of our border is lost right now. ♪. it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ who's on it with jardiance? ♪ ♪ we're the ones getting it done.
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♪. jackie: the supreme court today debating two major cases. one on whether to uphold a nationwide injugs blocking the biden administration student loan forgiveness plan. hillary vaughn is on capitol hill with the latest. hillary. reporter: good evening, jackie. well the biden administration is proactively approving some people for student loan bailouts even though the lee galty of president biden's plan is up in the air. education secretary miguel cardona writing in an email to some people applied to get some
6:38 pm
of their student loans paid off this, we reviewed your application determined you are eligible for loan relief under the plan. we sent the approval to the loan servicer. unfortunately a number of lawsuits have filed challenging the program blocked our ability to discharge your debt at present. while weigh wait for the supreme court to decide whether or not the president can follow through on his promise to pay off millions of peoples student loan debt republicans in the house are not waiting for the supreme court to decision. they say they will use their oversight power once in the majority to look into the timing and rollout of student loan relief. the top republicans on the house budget and education committees telling the office of management and budget to preserve records and are questioning the timing of the rollout right before the midterms and whether or not the costs of the plan and the impact on inflation were ever considered. jackie. jackie: hillary vaughn, thank you. here with more on this, former utah congressman jason chief gets. jason, always great to see you.
6:39 pm
which feel good story. start with student loans of the supreme court hearing this. the challenge is biden didn't have the authority to essentially for give billions of dollars in student loans. now we're dealing with a situation where he is extending the pause period until mid next year because it is not fair that people have to pay these loans back. they are still unstrain and it is an emergency and it is not. people are just saying you overstepped on the line here. this is just one more spending plan that you're pushing through? >> well of course it comes on the heels of joe biden declaring that the covid emergency is over and -- jackie: right. >> obviously he is moving forward. jackie: it is not for this. >> yeah. so he wants to keep doing this. it is fundamentally and totally wrong when a court puts injunction in place a stay in place, and is reviewing the case for the secretary of education to continue to send out notices saying well, there is some
6:40 pm
lawsuits but we're going ahead. we would have done it anyway. that is pure political mail of anything else. it is totally wrong and they are totally, i don't think they're oblivious. you and i were chatting up there. i don't think they're oblivious. i think they know what they're trying to do but i think most of america will figure out and has figured out it is fundamentally wrong, why all of these people who didn't take out loans who have to pay for the people who did take out loans. so i think it backfired a little bit on the biden-harris administration but i think the secretary of education is in for a little bit after rude aweakening when the house controls, when the house is controlled by republicans. he will have to come up, provide the documents, answer the questions in the face of what the court ordered. jackie: yeah i think you're absolutely right but the timing of course was all very questionable. >> how convenient. jackie: right before the midterm elections. oh, by the way one of the first things president biden said all the day after, all these young people turned out to vote, my
6:41 pm
goodness. anyway, we'll switch gears for a moment to talk about title 42, in that case as well of course. republican say we need to keep title 4in place. migrants need to go back to wait for their cases to be heard. the left that doesn't want to do that. >> they don't want to do that. a secretary of homeland security saying the border is secure but nothing is going wrong. every day we watch video of people down at the border. it is not safe. it is not secure. not at all. this is a very important ruling because if the country doesn't have the ability to send these people back across the border. i think the world is laughing at us. we're bringing in people by the millions. these drug cartels rule the southern border. >> criminals. >> criminals, drug cartels, human trafficking, drug trafficking. all kinds of things. they're getting rich by billions of dollars. meanwhile you have people with their hands up in the air saying, what should we do? it is, it is just again, it is another one of those issues that
6:42 pm
i think is morally and fundamentally wrong. jackie: more than two million coming in illegally this year. >> that we know about. jackie: that we know about. if title 42 is lifted, 8,000 more per day? the country just can't handle it. >> they can't handle it. we bring in legally, lawfully about one million people a year. jackie: right. >> we just can't have this totally open border. it is fundamentally wrong. jackie: yeah. you know, there was such backlash when some of the republican governors who are in border states started to send these illegal migrants to the blue states. the blue states that declared cities, cities, rather, declared them sanctuary cities. no, no, you can't send them here. you have to keep them down there. as long as it is your problem i support the policy i'm getting behind. >> 50 people show up in nantucket, overnight, put over into boston because they can't, they couldn't possibly be there in nantucket. but this is an important court ruling. i think it is up to the congress
6:43 pm
to make sure they use the power of the purse, if kevin mccarthy and republicans will control the house they have to actually do that. jackie: we will be watching. we'll have you back on to talk about it. always great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. jackie: all right, the bombshell "wall street journal" report on government officials trading stocks in companies their agencies oversee. plus a titan of wall street shares his personal story on the loss of his wife from alzheimer's disease. apex founder alan patricof is right here on "the evening edit" next. ♪.
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6:48 pm
touch so many people across this country. it is so difficult for families that are struggling to be caregivers. tell me a little bit how you got involved in caring kind and your own struggle? >> well my wife passed away about almost two years ago after, during the alzheimer's for almost 12 years. the first eight or nine were not that bad. we managed to survive but the last three were very, very difficult. she lost her speaking and a lot of other functions. and i heard about caringkind and joined a support group which met every other week for hour 1/2 with eight or 10 other people who had different types of problems with neurological diseases including alzheimer's and we shared each other's stories with each other. i used caringkind to recruit a caregiver. i sent my wife and i went down
6:49 pm
there for events that they ran and i looked to them for social services also in talking about you know, how to deal with this whole issue one-on-one basis. so it was an amazing support to have during this very, very difficult period. and i, you know, i can't say enough about the support i got. jackie: i'm so sorry for your loss and i can share with you, we are struggling with it as a family. my grandmother is 100 years old and, undergoing, dealing with very, very extreme dementia. so i do understand how difficult it is. we found as a family, having caregivers come to help because we're not equipped to deal with it. having social workers advise us what to do, what the right steps are, it is absolutely been a godsend. so tell us how caringkind is working with families to help guide them through this process, because so many people don't know how, how to handle it.
6:50 pm
>> they are an organization that met in new york and, they have large number of social workers who are providing these zare russ services very effectively. you know there are six, i believe there are over six million people in this country currently with, some form of dementia and, you, it is very difficult to deal with this alone, because various things take place and you don't understand what is happening. you need someone to reach out to give some advice, whether it is eating or walking or talking or, there are some functions that get lost as the disease progresses. for some people it lasts four or five years and they pass away. for others it can last as long as i think 15 or perhaps even 20, but unfortunately, at the
6:51 pm
end it always does have a terminal experience associated with it. i think people like myself would like to keep their loved ones at home as long as possible but, that's not possible for everybody because of financial and frankly the physical responsibility because there are different degrees of neurological diseases. dementia, for example, has a much more extreme violence to it. there are other extremes like my wife who was a very passive, calm person who went through this process, and, i think, i think that you know, it is a terrible thing to experience that but, you know, it is something many of us are going to live with just like you expressed. i think there will be a lot of people who have been
6:52 pm
unfortunately suffer this problem at some point in their life, whether a relative or, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, support group i was in, was made up of up kinds of relationships of people who had neurological problems which was a very interesting fact that some people had very remote relationship to the person and wanted to be helpful. jackie: i totally understand. we're showing beautiful pictures of you and susan throughout your life and certainly as you said you form the emotional bonds with people. it is difficult to just say at this point i can't take care of you. but when you have the support system it helps at least to navigate a very difficult time. so we appreciate the work that caringkind is doing and the work you are doing with them. alan patricof. thank you. >> thank you so much for having me. jackie: sure. a "wall street journal" investigative reporter brody mullins is here on his bombshell
6:53 pm
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jackie: "wall street journal"'s bombshell reports on develop officials trading stock in companies their
6:57 pm
agencies oversee, joining us now "wall street journal" reporter brody mullins, this has been a concern for some time, now it seem to to be moving forward, happening across the board. and there are many saying, we need to do something. >> yes, you are right. in past people have looked at trading my members of congress, we looked at trading by officials across the government. found that thousands of officials running our government are trading stocks in companies they oversee. and we found also that now members of congress and lawmakers are starting to look into whether we should change that law. jackie: and with changing the law, you know i could tell you from my experience, when you have a conflict in some ways, most cases, when your job conflicts with your investing for example, the blanket rule by private
6:58 pm
employers is just you know you can't trader hire someone to trade for you blindly had. but to be making direct trades when you have access to p proprietary n information is not legal. >> it could be a problem. we found there are tons of exemptions and loopholes and waivers that people get to, to get around the rules people at environmental protection agency own energy stocks and. >> you start with probes, you shine a lot on the problem. how does this process play out? >> it really is up to congress, is that really where we want to put you know the people who are going to solve this problem, congress does not have a
6:59 pm
great track record. it seems like some republicans and democrats are talking about moving legislation or changing policies to make it illegal for executive branch employees to own stock in companies they oversee. jackie: what about spouses of federal employees there has been a lot of conversation around paul pelosi who works in finance industry we have some questionable trades we'll see here. in many big name companies, usually happening at times where congress is is -- to pass some sort of legislation that replaces. >> paul pelosi's trade has grabbed a bunch of headlines, this is broader. it would apply to spouses of members of congress or executive branch employees. at the end of the day the
7:00 pm
money is is all the same in the family. but with nancy pelosi no longers speaker and democrats no longer in charge of the house, republicans could make this an issue next year. jackie: we'll watch that. this is something that angers a lot of people. they think this is unfair. and something that needs to be done. thank you for joining us brody. >> thank you. jackie: i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald, you are watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us, thank you for watching, have a wonderful evening. ♪ ♪ kennedy: usa! we. we're getting into our big world cup wi


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