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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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economics is not everything. as long as we remain happy, healthy, optimistic there is hope we can get through this rough patch and possibly elicit change in 2024. let's take a quick look at the markets at the close. volatility as i mentioned stocks closing in the red off the session lows on worries about inrates and recession fears. nasdaq ends down 1.5% in a tech led retreat. that will do it for us on "fox business tonight." we'll toss it over to "the evening edit" which starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we'll take you behind this breaking news. the supreme court just temporarily blocked the white house getting rid of title 42. now the expires in two days this is the last line of defense against rampant illegal immigration. the border is a catastrophe zone
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right now but democrats, they're not doing anything about it. this is worse than realized. new twitter emails, today, the files reveal the fbi's massive secret influence campaign to get a quote, uncomfortable twitter to censor and discredit the hunter biden laptop story in 2020. where does the house gop go with growing accusations that the fbi broke the law? with me senator marsha blackburn, congressman greg stuebe, jeff van due, former federal prosecutor katie cherkasky, dr. marty makary, "new york post" miranda devine. we have a hot show. gop house lawmakers will subpoena u.s. intelligence officials over the origins of covid. dr. fauci makes surprising revelations in a new lawsuit, and a new bombshell study, fda scientists found covid vaccines, they are lead to blood clotting
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like pulmonary embowism. authorities warn organized retail theft is increasing in violence. emails of politicians about dirty money they got potentially illegal campaign donations to ftx. it collapsed amid fraud allegations. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. merry christmas. look at your money. stocks are down. hopes are fading for a year-end santa claus rally. why? the fed is intent on raising interest rates above 5%. congress is wrapping up another massive spending bill, $1.7 trillion. more complaints all of this is fueling even more inflation and maybe even more potential rate hikes. the january 6 committee referred former president trump to the justice department for potential criminal prosecution on charges
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including inciting an inner recollection. the latest twitter files, internal emails at twitter a secret push by the fbi and u.s. intelligence to get twitter to help joe biden win in to 20 by censoring and discrediting the hunter biden laptop story but without any evidence it was russian disinformation. hillary vaughn at the white house with more. hillary. >> reporter: good evening, liz. this latest release of internal company twitter documents details how the fbi set the stage for the hunter biden laptop story to be pegged as a russian hack operation after independent reporter matt taibbi reported on deep ties between the fbi and twitter executives saying quote, twitter contact with the fbi was constant and pervasive as if it were a subsidiary. taibbi reports there were over 150 emails sent between the fbi and twitter's former chief of trust and safety, yoel roth. today author michael
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shellenberger reported internal twitter documents reported a organized effort by the intelligence community to purposely discredit leaked information about president biden's son hunter biden before and after it was published. saying in the latest document dump, during all of 2020, the fbi, all of other law enforcement ages is primed control roth to dismiss hunter biden laptop as a russian hack and leak operation. twitter engagement with the fbi also paid off during a two-year period, twitter collected $3.4 million from the fbi for its staff time. liz? elizabeth: what a story. hillary vaughn, thank you so much for your great reporting. you will be back with us in a little bit. look who is back with us congressman greg stuebe from house judiciary, former fbi assistant director chris schweikert. thanks for joining to us night. congressman, first to you, what is your reaction to that report. nothing is shocking. but what is shocking the american people are not rising
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up saying that enough is enough, we have our government and the fbi and our intelligence community coordinating politically with social media companies. you would think there would be this huge outcry from the american people and just conservatives are standing up saying you can't have this happen. it is illegal and thankfully we took the house back. the american people put us in charge of the house. there is going to be investigations. there is going to be significant ramifications for the things that the fbi and our intelligence community has done politically in our country for the last several years. elizabeth: chris schweikert, where do you come down on this? this is being called fbi interference. just take out the words joe biden, take out the words obama and trump, the fbi is accused of breaking the law here, violating the first amendment. up to 80 fbi agents reportedly like doing things to get twitter to look at the hunter biden laptop like a hack operation.
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doing searches on americans without a warrant. tracking locations of ordinary americans like actor billy baldwin. asking questions about americans making jokes on twitter. where do you come down? >> i know the attorney general guidelines inside and out and nothing in those attorney general guidelines or existing law that governs fbi operations allows them to do this. when i was serving at the fbi head of criminal investigations up through the ranks as an agent on the street, we knew we could not violate first amendment rights and i can assure you nothing in existing law allows the fbi to go rummaging through social media posts, bullying a private company to remove posts objectionable to the fbi. if were a russian intelligence operation it would be a totally different story. this type of activity would have to be connected up with a fully predicated investigation. looks to me like they just
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completely threw the guidelines out the window and were just free-lancing. elizabeth: to chris's point, congressman, it is like the fbi was "breaking bad" here. it was no information in this was disinformation at all from russia. known wants china and russia interfering in u.s. elections this is looking like the fbi was intervening. jon levine from the "new york post," a dozen more than fbi officials were in the ranks of twitter. paying 3 million bucks at one point for the work they did there, sending thank you notes after the election. taxpayers were funding what appears to be politically motivated fbi initiative that are first amendment violations. what do you think, congressman? >> the fbi, at the highest levels knew that russian collusion hoax and the spying on the trump campaign this was all 100% politically motivated. there has been no justice for these individuals for the crimes that they have committed. thankfully we have a house
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majority we'll swear in on january 3rd. we have jim jordan, judiciary committee and oversight will investigate some of these things and bring this information before the american people. make the criminal referrals because you cannot use your government position for political purposes, it is against the law and there should be accountability for that. thank god the american people put us in charge of the house and we'll bring that accountability on january 3rd. elizabeth: chris, to what the congressman is saying what you do think should happen? >> this is one of those occasions where i think a congressional investigation would shed a lot of light on this and maybe lead to reforms badly-needed like the church committee back in the '60s, following on the heels of domestic spying abuses but i also think the doj inspector general ought to get on this. this is what that inspector general's office is set up to do. he did a fairly good job in some of the investigations they did around the, the special counsel
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operations and the fisa abuses and some of the other things that happened, some leaks and other things that were happening at the fbi under james comey. i would like to see the i.g. fully engaged, go all hands on deck to look at this. this is too important to the american people. we can't have the fbi and the intelligence community out there violating basic fundamental rights that this country were built on. elizabeth: to what chris is just saying too, congressman, fbi officials were known to be leaking to the media in order to go after trump. you also have journalist matt taibbi fbi agent elvis chan in the bay area in july 2020 indicating fbi officials were you upset and unhappy that twitter cybersecurity had yowl roth, suggesting that twitter had not seen much propaganda dan on its site. they expect chan to answer written questions from the task force. roth says i'm perplexed i'm not
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comfortable with fbi and intelligence officials demanding written answers. the fbi goes in to debrief senators chuck grassley and ron johnson, that gets leaked. adam schiff, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer talking up in the summer of 2020 that the hunter biden laptop story was fake and russian disinformation. it wasn't. >> yeah it was all coordinated because you have democrats at the highest levels of the fbi and the doj are coordinating with elected democrats to put out a narrative to the mainstream media that they want the american people to know and they politicized the highest levels of our intelligence and justice department. thankfully we have the house back. we've got to put accountability on this for the american people so the person people see how bad corruption is at highest levels. thankfully we have appropriation power in the house how we determine on this, put accountability on the doj through the appropriation process. elizabeth: are you talking about
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defunding the fbi, parts of it? >> yes. there needs to be accountability for things done, the way to do that is through the appropriations process. put riders on the budget to do that. elizabeth: chris what could congressman said defunding parts of fbi to stop that part of sto. >> i don't think defund something the answer, reform, oversight, revision of attorney general guidelines. elizabeth: what worries you most, what worries you most about this story? >> we're realizing the full impact of a big brother. the intelligence community and the, our primary federal law enforcement agency being used as a political weapon. that is what dares me. that, under, even under director mueller, webster, freeh, all the directors that i served under
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they would have dug their heels in, they would have resigned before the fbi turned into this. elizabeth: wow, what a quote. congressman steube. jackie: chris schweikert, terrific interview. thanks for joining us tonight. good to see you both. gop house intelligence, they are moving to subpoena u.s. intelligence official what is they know about the origins of the pandemic. plus dr. fauci makes surprising revelations in a lawsuit about china. in a new bombshell study fda scientists they find covid-19 vaccines are linked to blood clotting like pulmonary embowisms. we have breaking news. the supreme court temporarily blocked the white house getting rid of title 42. it expires on wednesday. this is the last line of defense against rampant illegal immigration and abuse of the border. democrats doing nothing about it though. marsha blackburn next on "the evening edit." >> we've seen the floodgates. wednesday when this thing goes through, we'll see the dam
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show, senator marsha blackburn from senate armed services. senator, thank you so much for joining us. your reaction to the breaking
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news, the supreme court just temporarily blocked the white house getting rid of title 42 after 19 gop-led states appealed to the high court? what is your reaction to that story? >> it was an appropriate response and i'm glad that the court put the stay in place because every town is a border town, every state is a border state at this point and people have been so concerned with what was going to happen. you had the mayor of el paso saying there is only so much that we can take and, you see that across the border and then in our communities, you've got your sheriffs, your local elected officials, who are saying, look, this cost us a lot of money. when there are those that have illegally entered the country and we're to take care of social services and health care and education, the cost really does add up. so, regardless of what the press
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secretary at the white house thinks, the border is not secure and people are flooding across the border. and we have all seen the encamments of people waiting to come over in anticipation of title 42 ending. >> chief justice roberts gave the doj until tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. to respond. we don't know if the high court could issue a final order to keep title 42 before it expires wednesday. to your point, el paso declared an emergency disaster and the white house estimates up to 15,000 border crossings today. still no specific plan from the white house to fix all of this. we have stunning images pouring in right now, senator. >> you're right but they refuse to admit there is a problem and it is such a inappropriate type response. everyone can see this is a problem. people in their communities are seeing all the fentanyl that is flooding communities, that is
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killing people, especially our young people. you know, when you look look ate cost of death and and looking preteens, teens up to 24 years old, young people up to 24 years of age, the second leading cause of death is related to all of these drug traffickers and people are saying, hey, wait a minute, we've got to do something about this. elizabeth: yeah. >> so it is time to secure that border. elizabeth: so you know, the accusations against the white house is the president is taking it upon himself to do an end run around congress to rewrite constitutional about the law. joe manchin said president could ask for extension. congress could pass emergency len -- legislation. democrat henry cuellar not
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coming to the border. can hekeisha bottoms citing president's busy schedule. >> a leader has to be up there during the front. >> margaret, when the president travels, not like you or i jumping on an airplane getting off to come to a destination. everything comes to a halt. is that the best use of resources? all resources diverted on the ground when the president make as visit. elizabeth: criticism has been the president has never been to the border since he has been in d.c. since the nixon era, but been to his beach home in delaware 200 days out of his presidency. would everything grind to a halt if he went there? seems like it would be a morale booster. >> it would be a morale booster if you had the president or vice president go. if there were to be serious discussion about how to secure that border, think about these border patrol agents and their families, and the communities
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that are there along the border. think about these families that are losing loved ones, because of drug traffickers, human traffickers, sex traffickers, gangs, crime, in the communities that are gang-related. all of this has a tie back to that border. our nation's sovereignty, does the president not think that protecting sovereignty is important? you can't be a sovereign nation if you do not have a border, if you do not control who comes in and into your country and if you have an open border all come policy. elizabeth: white house calls criticism of biden's border policy political stunts. watch democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez in 2019 say that the conditions at the border are inhumane. watch this. >> we have done the work from this administration by securing record, record funding and we are asking congress for congress
6:22 pm
to act. we are not, we are not asking for political stunts. we continue to see political stunts from many republicans out there. >> we thought today was unconscionable. no child should ever be separated from their parents. no child should ever be taken from their family. no woman should ever be locked up in a pen when they have done no harm. >> i guess i should go down but the, but the whole point of it is, i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. >> why go to a border state to not visit border. >> more important things going on. invest billions of dollars in a new enterprise. elizabeth: law enforcement in central and south america warn thousands of women and children are raped and killed coming to the border illegally every year. so that is not an issue for the white house right now? not an issue for aoc and the
6:23 pm
"squad" right now? not an issue for senator elizabeth warren? >> it should be a top issue for them because it truly is a humanitarian crisis and when you look at the way these young girls are treated, the way many of them are raped, the number of services they need when they get here, because they have been so badly mistreated, it is a human, humanitarian crisis. the president and the vice president should get down there. they should make it known that our border is going to be secure. there is a process if you want to come into the united states. open border is not that process. elizabeth: senator blackburn, thanks for joining us and merry christmas, happy holidays to you and yours. >> you got it. elizabeth: this story, authorities are now warning organized retail theft, it is now exploding into increasing violence where workers are getting killed. gop house lawmakers moving to subpoena u.s. intelligence
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officials over the origins of the pandemic. and dr. fauci makes surprising revelations in a lawsuit. plus this new bombshell study. fda scientists found covid vaccines are linked to blood clotting like pulmonary embolisms. dr. marty makary, he takes it on next during the "the evening edit" christian health care ministries is an organization with over 40 years of trusted care who understands the importance of family. a group that sees you for who you are, regardless of your health history, offering values based affordable health care cost solutions. learn more today at about health care that puts you in control. chevy silverado factory-lifted trucks. where will they take you? ♪
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elizabeth: millions of small businesses, they are now on the hook to pay back their covid
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loans. for some ever them it is coming at a really tough time. connell mcshane in new york city with more. >> reporter: the timing for paying back these loans could not be worse for many small business owners. the small business administration issued about $390 billion in covid disaster loans to almost 4 million small businesses and nonprofits. the terms of those loans were quite favorable, talking about 30 years with interest rate under 4 or even under 3 for non-profit organizations. it was essentially cheap money helping all kinds of businesses to get through the downturn. now the first payments are due on a million loans this month, a million more next month. times are tough again as we heard from tony who owns a marketing agency in texas. >> now that it is happening we're seeing belt-tightening. we're not seeing clients leaving, clients cutting budgets, 30%, 40% et cetera. so it is kind of like a slow death by many, by many, many
6:29 pm
pinpricks. and so you know, this loan payment seems like one of those pinpricks. >> reporter: tony says things are worse for him now than during the pandemic because of inflation and supply chain problems. he admits he should have started to pay back the 150,000-dollar loan when the online business was booming. but he didn't do that. sba deferred payments for 30 months. those deferred like tony accrued interest, have to pay money back at extremely challenging time. elizabeth: a tough story. connell, thank for bringing it to us. dr. marty makary, great to see you. this new study, nine fda scientists joined eight other scientists including one from centers of medicaid and medicare. they found covid-19 vaccine is linked to pulmonary embolisms in the, blood clots of lungs of older senior citizens. looked at data 17 million seniors. 35 million vaccine doses between
6:30 pm
december 2020 and january of 2022. what do you think of this? because the fda is not taking any action yet. it is still investigating the findings. it will reevaluate the vaccine doses on january 23rd. what is your take on this? >> well, liz, i did read that study in depth. i tell you the outrage in the scientific community we're learning about this now. up to 50% increase in pulmonary embolism. answering the question, if you have a serious adverse event right after the vaccine, is it random or is it linked? this shows a clear linkage here. it this an undercount, does not count those who died at home in the german study, where a link to vaccines proven in the autopsy. there are concerns out there. if you're high-risk maybe worth the risk. if you're young and healthy,. elizabeth: informed consent. you've been advocating that.
6:31 pm
dr. fauci, dr. francis collins early in the covid pandemic this was not a man-made virus. dr. fauci testified in the attorney general's lawsuit in indian and missouri, he did that blaming the chinese for the pandemic would increase tensions, reduce cooperation with china, the truth china would never let us into his labs any way, dr. fauci is not a diplomat and he is not a with the state department, doctor. >> dr. fauci had a good relationship with the head of the cdc public health in china. it is good he had a good relationship. very careful to make statements to basically stay on their good side in order to have good cooperation. it is very odd how much credence they gave to the natural origin theory it was very likely obviously a lab leak. they spoke about the natural theory, if it was the leading theory and any other theory was
6:32 pm
a minority view. elizabeth: get your reaction to this bombshell disclosure from dr. andrew huff. he was with us last week. dr. huff worked in the wuhan lab in china while he was at ecohealth alliance. ecohealth got funding from dr. fauci's agency. listen to this. that sequence was found in a lab in the moderna vaccine you're saying but not in nature? >> correct. >> scientists find the virus contain as tiny chunk of dna that matches sequences patented by moderna three years before the pandemic began. your reaction, stephon? what can you tell us. >> my scientists are looking into those data to see how accurate they are. as i said before, the appropriateness of this escape by a lab from an accident is possible. humans make mistakes. is it conceivable the wuhan lab was working on viruses in that enhancement or gene
6:33 pm
modification. there was an accident where somebody infected in the lab, infected families and friends. it is possible. on the claim you just mentioned the scientists don't know if it is real or not. elizabeth: it is about patenting a vaccine in 2016 for a virus that does not exist in nature that may have leaked from a lab in china? >> look the advocates for gain of function research like dr. fauci and collins at the nih argued that you do it to develop a vaccine. that is arguably why they were funding that laboratory and that's what i think many people are so concerned about. they want many of these questions answered. you should not be playing around with viruses in labs to frankenstein them in order to find a cure. you can mess with mother nature and create something catastrophic like what just happened. elizabeth: dr. marty makary, thank you for joining us. we'll stay on the story with you. we'll have you back on again. good to see you. >> thanks. elizabeth: big growing fight, authorityies emailing
6:34 pm
politicians about giving back potentially illegal donations from ftx just to law enforcement. it has now collapsed in bankruptcy amid fraud allegations. authorities also warn organized retail theft exploding into increasing violence. congressman jeff van drew takes that on next on "the evening edit." ♪. ♪ what will you do? ♪ what will you change? ♪ will you make something better? ♪ will you create something entirely new? ♪ our dell technologies advisors provide you with the tools and expertise you need to do incredible things.
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show congressman jeff van drew from house homeland security. congressman, periodically we like to check in on what the president is saying and congressman, he is making even more whoppers. watch this. watch. president biden: i've been in and out obviously combatant, in and out of iraq afghanistan, 38, 39 times. he had the purpose pet heart. won it in the battle ofbudge. uncle franc you won this. he said i don't want the damn thing. i'm serious. i don't want it. >> congressman, there is no
6:39 pm
evidence any of that is true. biden's uncle died in 1991. excuse me, 1999. biden wasn't elected vice president until 2008. the correct number of visits to the mid-east and afghanistan is half that, it is 21. >> you know what? this is a daily occurrence with him. he is cognitively degenerating mower and more and you know, not only is he responsible for a host of horrible things that are happening in our country he has, i believe, he has controllers who are behind the scenes because he is incapable of dealing with most of the issues that are around him. quite frankly i think he is incapable of dealing with daily life, much less being president of the united states. this is a shameful and terrible time in our history. elizabeth: congressman, we have a got a major problem with crime in this country. for example, retail theft, target, walmart, home depot, walgreens, they're saying this is a threat to u.s. society.
6:40 pm
no plan from the white house. last we heard from the white house on crime, they were spending taxpayer money on justice department initiatives. store employees are dying over retail theft. eight out of 10 retailers in a new study it is becoming more violent out there. walmart, other stores, they're threatening to shut down the stores if this doesn't stop. >> well first of all this is going to hurt the people that supposedly the other side cares about so much, that you know, they really want to help those that are in urban areas, those disadvantaged. guess where the stores are going to leave? those are the worst areas of all. but it's a problem everywhere. fancy stores, stores that are not so fancy. you know why? we're demeaned, diminished, defund the police. we don't follow the rule of law. this issue, many other issues, i find it hard to believe, again that this president, that this majority, that his cabinet, even cares about or loves america with the things that they are
6:41 pm
allowing to happen on every single level. this is just another example of it. murders up. rapes up. every form of crime you can possibly think of. these are all fixable things, and they're able self-inflicted by this administration. >> congressman van drew, thanks for joining us tonight. good to see you. >> good to see you as well always. elizabeth: same here. we'll stay on breaking news. the new twitter files today, the massive fbi influence campaign inside of twitter, to get twitter to censor the hunter biden laptop story to help joe biden in 2020. it is worse than anyone realized. plus big and growing fight. authorities emailing politicians about giving back their potentially illegal political donations from ftx. now collapsed in bankruptcy, amid fraud allegations. former federal prosecutor katie cher cherkasky next on theth y
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elizabeth: okay. let's get right to the news coming in. sam bankman-fried, he is the former ceo arrested on fraud charges over the collapsed crypto exchange ftx. he may get out on bail but a new york judge has to sign off on that. hillary vaughn at the white house with more on the story of ftx. hillary? >> reporter: good evening, liz. sam bankman-fried has changed his mind. he now has agreed to be extradited to the united states. sources telling fox he should be back in the u.s. as soon as tonight and is expected to be released on bail but ultimately that is the judge's call. bankman-fried showed up in court today reportedly appearing disheveled, kept his head in his hands, shaking his knees during the proceedings. bankman-fried will soon be here in the u.s., democratic campaign groups he gave millions of dollars to are weighing their options looking to give back about a million dollars in donations.
6:47 pm
the democratic party's three top campaign groups say they are setting aside the campaign cash from sam bankman-fried. the dnc saying this, quote, given the allegations about potential campaign finance violations by bankman-fried we're setting aside funds in order to return the $815,000 of contributions since 2020. we will return as soon as we receive proper direction in the legal proceedings. "new york times" reports federal prosecutors in manhattan are also pouring over bankman-fried political donations for possible clues that might help their case against him but there is a lot more money than the one million dollars that the thee democratic campaign groups received from sam bankman-fried. he reportedly gave $45 million overall to democratic candidates in campaigns. so this is just a drop in the bucket what is still left out there. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, great reporting as always. let's bring in former federal prosecutor katie cherkasky.
6:48 pm
great to see you again. what do you make of the story, the white house won't answer if it will give back donations to the biden campaign? >> it is such a tragedy, really. all of this money is not accounting for and there is really not a clear legal avenue for prosecutors to demand that it be returned. as you can see the u.s. attorney's office is issuing statements asking for people to morally return the dirty money that they received. that is going to be the most streamlined way for them to do that at this point. campaigns cannot knowingly accept illegal contributions. that, they would have to know that at the time and that's a long way from where we are now where there are these allegations and it seems very clear this is illegal, stolen money. there is not a obligation on the campaigns at this point. they're pleading for the moral high ground from these folks that received funds. that is the best that they can do. elizabeth: watch the msnbc host claim everyone should just
6:49 pm
believe sam bankman-fried. watch this. >> sam bankman-fried it turns out wasn't a partisan donor. by his own admission strays month he gave just as much to republicans as he did to democrats. >> that is not true. that is not true. he gave to dark money groups. don't know how much he gave. 45 million to democrats. 20 million, maybe a little more to republicans. we don't know the answer. so the problem here is, katie, should we really believe a major alleged fraudster who misled people about taking their money? he took out four billion dollars in loans, including a billion dollars for himself, the balance went to his cronies. he blew more than $200 million, 200 million in investor money on luxury properties in the bahamas for his parents. we're just supposed to believe this guy? >> of course there is no reason to believe anything that comes out of his mouth at this point. the investigation is continuing. i think anybody that has any
6:50 pm
information that might come out in that might be wise to come forward sooner than later because there could be more trouble for some of these recipients if there are things uncovered that shows there was more knowledge about the source of these funds than what it appears at this point. of course it is ridiculous to suggest we take him at his word and i think there is a lot of people that are hoping that some of this information maybe doesn't come out, some of those details. elizabeth: so the idea that he could get out on jail, depends on a new york judge what is the deal-making here? what goes on behind the scenes? want to get more information on sam bankman-fried in return for him getting out on bail? >> i don't know that is necessarily the analysis. he is likely to get bail based on the nature of the offenses. they're not violent. he has no prior record. he has agreed to assist the united states by waiving extra decision. he has proven himself not to be a flight risk. he was overseas. he did not flee. he voluntarily, will be returning to the custody of the
6:51 pm
united states. so those factors in terms of the bail. on the defense side are very favorable for him. it is also difficult, i'm sure his defense attorneys will make this point to prepare a defense from jail, especially when you have to go through so many voluminous records and prepare so many things with your attorneys. frankly just practically speaking it is very difficult to do that. elizabeth: got it. >> i believe he will probably get bail based on those factors. elizabeth: katie cherkasky, thanks for joining us. good analysis. good to see you. more on the explosive twitter nice today. emails reveal a massive influence campaign by the fbi to pressure twitter to suppress the hunter biden laptop story to help joe biden win. this is being called election interference. mirandhowsa devine takes it nce, next
6:52 pm
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elizabeth: joining us now, "new york post" miranda divine, what is your take on latest twitter file drop today? fbi pressures twitter?
6:56 pm
>> all twitter files yet with the fbi's infiltration of twitter to sensor americans. that included censoring our hunter biden laptop story, c accurate story, they characterized it as hacked material that came from russia, that is what they told twitter and facebook and others. what is interesting, is that the aspen institute. was involved in a desktop exercise in 2020, part of the grooming operation by fbi to make sure that twitter employees when they saw our hunter biden laptop
6:57 pm
story would recognize it has a warning about hacked material from russia. it was false and a lie. that is what they were doing, prebunking our story, aspen institute had a lot of specifics, they invited journalists from "new york times" and "washington post" to attending and twitter employees, they did a hypothetical that hunter biden there was laptop material about hunter biden or derogatory material about him taking breaks from ukraine, they made it out to be a -- by russians, a month later it was easy for bain stream reporters and twitter employees and facebook to immediately recognize our story as this sort of russian hoax that they were
6:58 pm
told about before. elizabeth: sounds like the fbi was conducting training syseminars on how to deal with "new york post" story and reporters, not -- you know shoe leather journalism, they were doing illegal searches of twitter information without an fbi warrant, tracking locations of americans who have political opinions on at twitter, fbi leaking to the press, where does the house g.o.p. go from here? >> i think this is interesting good information for them, they need to really get to the heart of the rush at fbi, who mastermind, we know james baker who was top lawyer at fbi was involved in all of russia solution sabotage of donald trump when he was
6:59 pm
president, 5 months before 2020 election he shows up at twitter, seems to be a great keeper to ensure no der derogatory m m in infor mamation about joe biden. he knew nothing about his son hunter's business dealings but the laptop showed the opposite of the case, having multiple meetings with hunter biden's business partners including from ukraine. elizabeth: so we're not supposed to have conformed consent about anything. 80 fbi agents on the stick
7:00 pm
there over this. john levine at "new york post" saying former fbi officials working in upper ranks of twitter to suppress the story. final word. >> yes, there were over a dozen former fbi. employees embedded in twitter an 2016 election, same for facebook and google. elizabeth: we'll stay on it, thank you for watching, join us again tomorrow night. kennedy: hello lamb chop, welcome to a fantastic new week, latest installment of twitter files dropping, shows fbi had a very cozy relationship with the social media giant. and bureau bulliesed company to doing its


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