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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 3, 2023 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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expired. gentlewoman's time has expired. >> she had to be removed from the committee because due hatred is not what america stands for. how dare she continue in the smearing of juice and of americans in general. >> gold is the inflation edge of the planet and everyone in the market knows when price of gold drops like that inflation prospects are much lower, not higher. that's exactly what the fed should be l following. none of the companies in these reports went through it rosie in this quarter or forward. >> this is the year of efficiency for meta and every other company is lawing off people -- laying off people and batten down costs to slim work force and cost structure and when this demand starts to recover.
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stuart: freezing cold for the statue of liberty. it is 11:00 on the east coast and friday, february 3. yes, today is national wear red day to bring awareness to heart disease and strokes in women. if you check the markets, we've had a complete turn around. we opened sharply lower following a strong jobs report and market didn't like that. we've recovered and the dow is up 35 and nasdaq down only 25 points. how is big tech shaking out this friday morning? it's a mixed picture but apple is up 3.13%. that's a significant gain right there. and meta is up another 1.8%, $192 a share right there. big loser this morning is amazon down again off 4%. where's the 10-year treasury yield this morning? moved back above 3.5%. you're at 352. that's a significant move up. let's get back to this.
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china now admits the balloon that's hovering over montana is theirs. they're calling it a weather balloon and we can confirm that secretary of state antony blinken will postpone his trip to china indefinitely and it is because opportunistic that balloon. ashley, what else have we got on this? ashley: well, here's the latest on fast developing story. china's foreign ministry claims it is a civilian weather balloon from china collecting data for reservice connected and have says it will -- research and will work with the u.s. to properly handle an unexpected situation. the pentagon, which has been tracking the balloon, the size of three buses, for several days says that's absolute nonsense. authorities say it doesn't present though a military or physical threat to people on the ground and while the balloon's current flight path carries it over a number of sensitive military sites, they say it doesn't present a significant intelligence gathering risk. okay. but in the last hour on this show republican congressman
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chris stuart of utah said, look, the administration must respond with strength. listen. >> this isn't a weather balloon. anyone who believes that, you're very, very naive. i don't think the opportunity to shoot it down may present itself again. we need to make it again, very clear, we will destroy any aspect such as this that we find over our air space if this occurs again. ashley: the u.s. government reportedly engaged with the chinese government both through the chinese embassy in washington and the u.s. diplomatic mission in china. china's foreign ministry said it was aware of reports but warned against deliberate speculation and now as you mentioned, stu, secretary of state antony blinken postponed scheduled trip to china indefinitely and set to meet with china's foreign minister on february 5 and 6. now that's not going to happen. stu. stuart: got t thanks, ashley. developing story indeed.
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now this, a democrat senator is calling on apple and google to ban tiktok from app stores. in a letter michael bennett argued that tiktok was "an unacceptable threat to the national security of the united states of america". steve hilton with me now. you know, this seems to be all part of anti-tiktok and anti-smart phones. there seems to be a developing movement against social networks and smart phones. i think you're leading the charge. >> well, i think both of those are really important issues but when it comes to tiktok, stuart, a lot of people are thinking about it the wrong way. yes in one sense it's a social network and users can up load content and share videos and so on. but the big difference between tiktok and how facebook and twitter and all the rest of it used to operate is that tiktok is programmed alga rhythmically and somebody is deciding what you see.
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you're not just seeing what your friends post. somebody is pushing content towards you. who is that somebody? it's the chinese government because tiktok is controlled by the chinese government and so now we come to the real danger from tiktok. the fact that so many young people, majority of young people in one age category get their news from tiktok. it is their number one source for news. when you think about the fact that the chinese regime is now programming the news for young people in america. the way we should think about tiktok is not a social met i don't recollect in the way it's a -- network but the equivalent of a channel banned in america like russia today and everyone is concerned about russian interference in our elections quite rightly. this is chinese interference in our democracy on top of that in our society. the other thing they're doing is pushing harmful content towards young people. brendan carr on the federal
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communications commission was on my show recently pointing out that within a moments element of joining tiktok young girls are pushed content on eating disorders, self-harm, and it's incredibly destruct and i have it doesn't happen to tiktok users in china. it does happen to tiktok users in america. this is the chinese government deliberate strategy to undermine our democracy and our society too. it's incredibly dangerous and must be stopped exactly as the senator says. >> well said. steve, there's a lot of e-mails covering the la board of supervisors when they extended the eviction moratorium. if you don't pay your rent, you can't be evicted. people in la haven't paid rent in three years. now these people feel entitled to free rent. there's a lot of messages on that and people don't really like it. here we go again, la la land. what do you say? >> it's totally crazy. if you look at the rational that
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the supervisors present for why this eviction moratorium should continue, it's ludicrous. well, because of the pandemic still going on, even though it's officially over. people have to go to work because they have to quarantine and isolate at home. who thinks that's a reasonable way to behave? of course they should be working and earning money but it's all part of the strategy on part of the far left extremists here in california to take over the functionings of the private economy and society by saying, well, because of the pandemic we're going to stop you working and we'll supplement your income with government handouts and by the way because you're not earning anything anymore, you don't have to pay rent to the owners of the property. where will they get their income from? the whole thing is completely mad and has to be stopped. stuart: only in california. steve, we'll be watching the show, the next revolution on sunday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern
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on fox news. now this, folks. a master class this week in how the high and mighty can fall so far, so fast. adani has fallen far and fast. he runs a huge indian conglomerate and lost about $50 billion this year. what happened? a small american investment firm, hindenberg research accused mr. adani's company of brazen accountable fraud, stock manipulation and money laundering. hindenberg is a short seller. that is they make money when a stock goes down and adani's stock has gone way done. adani enterprises has been removed from the s&p, dow jones sustainability indexes and the losses are so big that india's financial system has been shaken. there are political implications too. mr. adani is close to mr. amodi and widely believes adani made
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lucrative deals because of political connections. last thing modi wants is a giant scandal to close to the prime minister's office. there's more. can investors trust india's corporate bookkeeping or governance and investors may think twice about a system that is uppeddenly lacks trust. adani's fall is not over. on the bombay stock exchange friday, the adani group stock fell another 30%. jonathan hoenig with me now. you invest all over the world, often in exotic instruments. can you trust indian bookkeepings and governance now? >> stuart, in the last month when international stocks outperformed and emerging market and performed very well and india was down about 4% in the stock market and individuals at hindenburg research have done us a huge favor. i mean, investors investigate,
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stuart. there's this pre-ception that people on wall street sit around and cash checks and smoking their cigars, but they're the ones that do the research, who crunch the numbers. they're the ones whee who -- who discovered madoff before the sec. we depend on the research to eke out the frauds. it's not for adani but i think the respite and international stocks will be short term. this is still a place i'll put my money, but the companies that have better disclosure, the industries with the best disclosure, they'll do the best in the markets. stuart: bring if t back home. big tech earnings have been somewhat disappointing, especially the three last night. where do we go from here with big tech, jonathan? >> it's a mixed bag, stuart. some will outperform and some are going to underperform. they're coming off almost amazingly low lows and there was a sense at the end of last year that for tax law purposes alone, everyone wanted out and names
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like meta platform and up 40%, 50% this year and down 50 or 60% from last year and could have a period of time where the companies are in effect choppy. the growth at apple is slowing and growth at a lot of big tech companies is at the lowest in years and it's quite possible, stuart, in the early 2000s, high growth big tech stocks turned into low growth value stocks so that's what we might be seeing right now based on the transformation from growth to value in a lot of big tech names. >> jonathan, have a great weekend and stay warm if you possibly can. see ya later. >> be well. stuart: lauren is back with us looking at movers. ford is down 5.5%. lauren: it was worse and the moral is they lost credibility with wall street and production target of 600,000 electric vehicles and investors think it's too much and don't like the cost and big miss on earnings. stuart: honeywell. lauren: down stock fell 25%.
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stuart: amazon way down? lauren: slower growth and saw the growth and ftc is preparing animality trust lawsuit. regulation is another issue for them. stuart: moved rapidly through them. lauren: i saw you going like this and trying to speak as fast as possible. stuart: there's a new push to make super bowl monday a official holoi did and means you wouldn't have to work after the big game. which state is considering the change. the military taking advantage of the bitter cold to train national guardsmen how to fight in the arctic. fox cameras were there to capture the drills. we have the video. aoc and the squad melt down over congresswoman ilhan omar booted from the foreign affairs committee. got to watch this. roll it. >> this is about targeting women of color in the united states of america. don't tell me because i didn't get a single apoll >> i my life was -- apology my life was threatened. stuart: rob smith has a la tech to say about that and he's on
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the show next. ♪
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mike, who would we be fighting in the arctic? >> russia or china talking about a near pier threat and heard people complaining alaska the cold and guardsmen have been out training, living, sleeping in this and the world filled with threats, they're preparing to meet that threat in any environment.
11:19 am
>> the guards execute operation northern strike. >> don't get to pick the location or the enemy or the weather. so you got to train for all environments. >> charge one, lackey low. >> it's a training exercise to meet a near pier threat with mott earn attentions that translates to russia or china and meet them in any condition. >> equipment doesn't work as well in the cold as in the summertime. >> the weapons they're using to fight rush have. >> the key thing for us is to learn what they're learning in ukraine when they have high volume rates of fire so we learn those lessons and we can anticipate what might come in the future so our systems are always working. reporter: national guard does its best to simulate a real world combat environment and includes the part where the enemy get as vote and can attack at any time and that's why
11:20 am
there's guardsmen like this standing guard ready to respond. off in the trees, guardmen assumable role of op4, opposition forces ambushing at random with realistic blanks. >> the victim is the element of surprise. they don't know it's coming and op4 gives a realistic training event sot unit can get better unit readiness. >> the wisconsin national guard were the ones training while there and omitterring heavy machinery and sleeping in the gold and michigan national guard using home field advantage to plan and conduct the ambushes and that's how it goes in real world combat. all of it to build skills for fighting in the arctic, skills they hope to never use. stuart. stuart: mike, that was fascinating. thanks for a great report. see you again real soon. good man. texas congressman chip roy introducing a new bill that would eliminate the chief diversity officers at the pentagon. congressman says and i'm quoting now, pentagon's job is to develop the men and women in the
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armed forces into a united, lethal, and battle-ready force to defeat our enemies and defend our interests. it's not supposed to be a woke social engineering experiment wrapped up in a uniform. rob smith is with us. hey, rob, you're an iraq war veteran, a gay black man. what do you make of this plan to eliminate diversity officers? >> well, i think it's absolutely right. in fact, i read about this yesterday and here's the thing, stuart, about this whole role. this role as a chief diversity officer for the pentagon did not even exist not only two years ago. this is a very new role, okay. and the military dis-arkansas does not -- does not need this. i served in the maltier for over five years and it's one of the most diverse working places i've ever experienced of my life. in fact, it was the only place i had a black boss before i started working for myself. you have to understand that this isn't about even something as altruistic as i think to talk
11:22 am
about why there aren't enough black officers in the military. it's not about that. what it's about is using the biden administration's sort of woke ideology in sort of infecting the united states military with that. i think that chip roy is absolutely right to propose this bill, and i really do think that now that the republicans are controlling the house, they should vote for this bill. they should bring it to the floor, they should talk about it, they should debate it because people need to know exactly what is going on with the wokeification of the military. stuart: next one, explosion of anger from the squad after ilhan omar was voted off the foreign relations committee. we're going to roll this tape again. roll it please now. >> this is about targeting women of color in the united states of america. don't tell me because i didn't get a single apoll gutfelled my life was threatened. >> the gop doing what it is best at, weaponnizing hate against a black, beautiful, muslim woman.
11:23 am
ilhan omar will not be silenced. to congresswoman omar, i'm so sorry that our country is failing you today through this chamber. you belong on that committee. stuart: okay. i say she's off the committee because of anti-semitic comments. it's not racism or discrimination against women of color, it's anti-semitism. what say you? >> you know, of course ilhan omar is off the committee because of her anti-semitic remarks and people were outraged by them and it's been a long time coming. when i see there's nothing more cringe than aoc's black preacher black sent voice that gets worse and worse every time i see it. just the instability of what we just saw from rashida tlaib, these people are sitting congresswomen and it's completely insane. also i want to make a point as well that aoc in that clip that's been going all around the
11:24 am
internet, it's like she's not even -- it's like she's board with this role she's been playing right now. it's like a sitcom that used to be good at the very beginning but towards the end of the years, everybody kind of starts phoning it in. and i think that's what aoc is doing right here. it's like she knows she's acting, we know she's acting, we know that that was all about trying to get a viral moment, and not about any real feelings that she had because they know exactly why ilhan omar got kicked off the committee. stuart: rob smith, the douglass society, i love to mention that because it's a great idea. see you later, rob. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: you've got it. we showed you this $500,000 hover bike. it's sold by a startup in japan. to me, honestly, looks like something out of star wars. ashley, come in again. why is this in the news again? ashley: well, the japanese startup air winds technology says it's gotten approval to list on the nasdaq and merge with a blank check company. estimates put the companies
11:25 am
value at around $600 million. owen is taking orders for the ex-turismo hover bike with a motorcycle-like body on top of propellers it unveiled last year. it is star wars. it can fly for up to four -- i would like to see it in action. it can fly for up to 40 minutes at the speed of 62 miles per hour. we don't have the actual video. it's priced up to $777,000 but the ceo says he hopes by 2025 the company can offer a smaller hover bike priced at just $50,000. you're going to have to imagine it flying through the air. stuart: i wanted to see the video of that thing. that would have been great. ash, thank you. a group of catholic students say they were kicked out of the smithsonian museum just for wearing pro life hats. the students claim workers told them that free speech rights didn't affly there. we'll report.
11:26 am
apply there. president biden delivers papers to the university of delaware over a decade ago. why can't we see them now? shannon bream tries to answer, next. ♪
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stuart: it's are 59 degrees in daytona beach and it's 51 here why i am and falling fast. susan is with me and time for a look at the markets and here we go. the dow turned around and up 80, and p down 2 and -- s&p down 2 and apple is rallying. susan: all the sudden. look at that. at 4.5% and delayed rally that's really helping the entire broader markets and biggest stock on the rally 4% and that helps everybody else. wall street is giving apple the benefit of the doubt after the
11:31 am
miss on holiday sales and profit and i spoke to tim cook, ceo that said three things to blame and mostly the global economy and the strong dollar and china now on macro. i asked him what he sees in the u.s. and the u.s. consumer. i kind of deflected here saying what i would say is we really invest for the long term and we're highly confident for the long term increase in traffic compared to november. that's also the same thing in why apple's guiding for re-acceleration in the iphone sales of the quarter. 165 worth 90 billion. if you want us to crowd source a ticket for you to get to florida, let me know. i think there's takers out here.
11:32 am
stuart: were you on the alphabet call as well? susan: no, i spoke before she got on the call. earnings miss and youtube disappointed and root said pull backs and spend by advertisers in grands and direct response she says to the challenging economic climate and as a result you saw that pullback from youtube and 2.6 billion. stuart: a third of the 307lation of the world? third of the population of the world? susan: yeah, you do math well. only the second advertising slow down in google's history. did you know ten brokerages raised price targets on alphabet's stock despite the miss? stuart: did they? susan: yeah, calling back to 2150 levels. stuart: got to deal with tesla. do we have time? susan: yep, rip continues and stock is up 52% this year. we're only six weeks in so we'll take it. u.s. treasury just likely announced they'll raise the price of electric cars that are
11:33 am
eligible for the $7500 tax rebate to $80,000. also we should talk about the china sales for tesla, pretty good. 66,000 last month and up 18%. stuart: it's up 52% did you say, that stock? since january 1. susan: you made most of your losses back from last year. stuart: i never invested in it so i didn't lose. susan: you're doing okay, stu. stuart: can't complain. thank you, susan. see you for friday feedback. a mystery surrounds the senate papers that joe biden donated to the university of delaware. the university refuses to release the papers or say whether they contain classified documents. fox news sunday anchor shannon bream with me now. shannon, why can't we see these papers? >> well, stu, there is an agreement with the biden folks and the university: they said when they took all these docudocuments and expected thous of cartons or boxes and hundreds of gigabytes of material and the deal is it'll take us after
11:34 am
going through the archives a couple years to go through here, but the agreement is that none of the stuff would go public until late december of 2019 or until two years after joe biden was done serving in federal office. okay, subpoena, we're coming to look through them. that's possible. the university won't respond to fox digital asking about whether or not they've combed the documents or subject for some other semper 6789 for those of us on the outside, the public, we have to wait. stuart: wait for how long do you think? this is so in the weeds. it is so complicated. it's like the hunter biden laptop story. nobody can figure exactly what's going on. i need clarity. when's this thing going to be wrapped up, shannon? >> if talking alaska the special council assigned to look through all the documents and investigate the current president with his documents, you guys know, i mean, we talk
11:35 am
about this all the time, special counsel, the john durham special counsel investigation is going on. these things can take years. with this president expected to announce he'll run for reelection in 2024, they want this wrapped up as quickly as possible and former president trump under special counsel investigation wants it wrapped up too and doj doesn't want to see it meddling in the election and these two will be the party front runners. stuart: got it. shannon, new fox poll, 81% of voters see the u.s. as a dysfunctional family. that's up 10 points in two years. shannon, the union is more polarized under biden than it was under trump. make sense of that if you can. >> this is so sad. i hate this. to think that's how our fellow americans feel. i understand the frustration and most of it lands at congress because they think these men and women aren't getting anything done and a lot of angst aimed at washington, but i find when i talk to people especially
11:36 am
getting outside the beltway in the big cities and go home and see my family, people are talking to their neighbors and shoving each other's -- shoveling each other's snow and helps out when somebody has an injury, they care and helping each other and i'll fight back and don't want people to believe the narrative but the polling is pretty overwhelping, isn't it, stu? stuart: i'm afraid. 81 service81% is overwhelming, , we'll watch you fox news sunday on 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> stu, i'll kick in for your florida ticket should you want to go this weekend. just point me to your go fund me page, i'll go for it. stuart: i'll remember that. shannon, thank you very much. catholic school children say they were kicked out of the smithsonian museum just for wearing, you can see right there, those are pro life la ha. got kicked out. ashley, give me the full story, please. ashley: it's insane, pro life student patrick murphy was looking at an exhibit at
11:37 am
smithsonian national air and space museum when approached by two guards that told him to remove the hat that read rosary pro life. >> i said this is a violation of our first amendment right. this is a government-funned building. how are we paying for this with our taxes and i'm not allowed to wear the hat? he said it's a neutral zone and that doesn't apply here. we were blown away. ashley: interesting. after walking out of the museum, murphy was approached by a man claiming he had reports the group refused to take off the hats and they were in trouble. all nonsense. the museum responded by saying the actions were not in line with their policies and gave the statement saying "asking visitors to remove hats and clothing is not in our keeping with our policies or protocols. we provided immediate training to prevent a reoccurrence of this kind of incident. the american center for justice
11:38 am
says legal action could be imminent. stu. stuart: okay, thanks, ash. we're always talking about the big exodus to florida. turns out it's not the most popular state in move to. we'll tell you which state is. we know know the white house seriously considered banning gas stoves months before it received widespread pushback according to an internal memo obtained by fox. lydia hu has the full report next. ♪
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stuart: this really is front fry music. we're showing you tennessee because lawmakers pushing to make super bowl monday a real holiday and want to get rid of columbus day since it's not recognized as an official holiday in many states. they also cite research suggesting that super bowl monday is one of the most un-productive days of the year. welet you know if this picks up traction? don't hold your breath. another report reveals which state was the most popular to move to in 2022. come on in, ashley. it's florida; right? ashley, well, based on the amount of cars, i'd say yes. arizona had the highest percentage of inbound moves and 64% of moves in arizona were
11:44 am
inbound and 35.5 were outbound. south carolina came in second, 63.7% and 36.3% out. north carolina, tennessee, and texas filling out the top five states with the most migration last year. work and family by the way were the main reasons behind moving. on the other end of the scale, the usual suspects, illinois, california, new jersey, michigan, and pennsylvania saw the most outbound moves in 2022. new york also not on that list. one interesting side noted, overall migration between the states actually plummeted sharply last year by 20% due in part because of rising rents, interest rates and inflation. arizona was number one. stuart: that was a surprise to me. i thought it had to be florida. apparently not. ash, back to you shortly. a white house memo obtained by fox business shows it was series about banning gas stoves. lydia hu with me now.
11:45 am
what more do you have on this? >> we know this memo, it's costing doubts on the administration's denial that it was considering a ban on gas stoves. we know this memo is dated october 25th. written by a gentleman named richard trumpka jr. and he was a commissioner with the consumer product commission and he said the agency should move forward with a proposed rule to ban gas stoves. he said "the need for gas stove regulation has reached a boiling point. well, we know, stuart, what happened next. the public heard about the plan in january and the backlash prompted the white house to say, it does not support banning gas stoves, but now the revelation of the memo showing that the cpse was considering this ban last year while it's casting doubts on the administration's denials. watch this. >> who is lying? white house, secretary, mr. trumpka? >> the president does not support banning gas stoves.
11:46 am
the department of energy does not support banning gas stoves. >> there's another agency taking meameasures and action here. te department of energy is trying to impose restrictions on stoves and want to limit how much energy stoves can use in a year. right now officials say only around half of the stoves on the market would comply with these proposed standards, but industry insiders, they say differently. watch this. >> we knew that the products that are in homes today will not meet the standards that doe is proposing for 2027. 95% of the products that doe tested do not meet the standards proposed. >> texas senator ted cruz and west virginia senator joe mansion are jointly proposing legislation that would prohibit a ban on gas stoves. stuart: very glad to hear that i like cooking with gas.
11:47 am
thanks, lydia. climate czar john cary under investigation by ---ashley: james comer, a republican from kentucky is investigating john cary's alleged sective negotiations with the counter part and high level climate negotiations with chinese communist party members. in the letter comer says "you continue to engage in activities that could undermine our economic health, skirt congressional authority, and threaten foreign policy under the guides of climate advocacy". cary engaged in private talks with the chinese counter parts including two meetings that took place last rear in china and comer said kerry repeatedly ignored requests for information
11:48 am
and document and refused to be transparent about his activity z as he flies all over the world in his carbon spewing plane to talk to people about climate change. stu. stuart: i knew you'd get that in about the private plane. ashley: had to get it in. stuart: you got it in nicely, okay. all right. look at this, a sense of the market. there's more selling than buying but the dow turned around and we're now up about 60 points. how about that. folks, don't go anywhere, please. friday feedback is next. ♪
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stuart: time for the friday feedback. let's go. ashley, lauren, susan. we're getting started now. the first one comes to us from rob. i knew this. was stu a classmate of mick jagger? no, he was about five years older than me and left before i
11:53 am
arrived at my college. we just had the same tutor, that's all. susan: i didn't see these questions beforehand. that was quite funny. stuart: wasn't it? jagger is 78 i believe. this comes from mark. he asks: what would be your ideal vacation? this is good. ewe start, ash. ashley: all right, no internet. tropical beach, i like one of those bungalows out over the ocean like in the mall dives. that would be just about perfect. stuart: lauren. lauren: can i come, ashley. tulum, mexico. susan: hawaii is what i'm deeping about and my own private island at some point. stuart: i'd like real peace and quiet out in the country. it's that simple. here we go, this is interesting, from chris: on a personal note, my wife would like to adopt you as her grandpa. please let us know when you might be available. i personally just like to hang out and watch some soccer,
11:54 am
futball, with you one day. i'd like to know how old this youngster is. lauren: me too. stuart: and how old they think i am, okay. susan: can we rent you and how much do you charge by the hour? stuart: it's a fortune. make me your grand dad but you're not in the will. this comes from norma. you're all wearing red today, was it planned and why? yes, it was planned but why? lauren: we support the american heart association cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the u.s.. we support that every single year here on fox. we all wear red. stuart: good stuff. all right, thank you. next one from tom: are there plans for an american-built book or book series in the future? it would make a great keepsake. no plan to do that, but it sounds like a good idea to me. all right. by the way, you're watching american built every monday starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. this comes to us from norah: mre
11:55 am
me, says he danced up a storm to chuck berry in his youth. yes, i did. i'd give a month's salary to charity to see some of that video. there was no such thing as video back in the day. susan: there was video. stuart: video? 50 years ago? susan: cam corders. stuart: it was film back in my day. lauren: pictures? stuart: no. ashley, you're the dancer on the show and we're waiting for video of you on the floor. ashley: yeah, i like to dance until someone kindly asks me to get the heck off the dance floor. i'm sort of in my own head. stuart: honest man. ross, stu, again, that's me, often says the producer is in my ear nearing the close of a segment. who are these producers and how close to a segment end do they go from calm reminder to def con 5? show me the control room. producers, all wave. that's you. can't see your faces for names. susan: where's the clock. they're going down. tick tick tick tick.
11:56 am
stuart: get real close to the wrap. system of articulation ashley: real close. stuart: close to annoying. lauren: you lost your train of thought and said wrap so much. stuart: friday trivia question: under a polar bear's white fur, what color is its skin: white, brown, black, gray? the answer when we come back. unique zinc formula. love zicam's it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold!
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stuart: this is a great question under a polar bear's white fur, what color is its skin? ash, we start with you. ashley: i have no ideament i'm going with black, just because i think that's interesting. stuart: ash says black, susan? >> grey. stuart: lauren says? lauren: white. stuart: i say black. let's see. the answer is black. yes. >> [applause] stuart: it's white so they can camouflage into the arctic environment. the skin underneath is black. have we got time for this? yes, we do. we told you earlier about that $500,000 hover bike from startup in japan. we couldn't get the video up in time but there it is. i think that's star wars. not bad at all, i'd say. >> that's a mock up. stuart: "varney" & company today , "coast to coast" starts now. neil: all right, you are looking live in washington, we're about to get a briefing from the


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