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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 10, 2023 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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ashley: fired up on this friday. nice partly cloudy skies and look at empire state building in manhattan and 11:00 a.m. on the east coast this friday. february 10 over 50 deg degreesn new york, we're stealing one from winter. hello, everyone. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. take a look at markets and a little mixed and the dow just slightly higher while the s&p essentially flat and the nasdaq down three quarters of a percent. take a look at big tech names and talking about nasdaq that could snap its five week winning streak the way things are looking. alphabet moving higher by about half a percent but apple, microsoft, amazon, and meta all moving lower and meta down one-third percent. the treasury yield and up 5.2 basis points at 3.71%. we've watched that yield on the ten year steadily go higher throughout the morning session.
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governor of arkansas sarah huckabee sanders clapping back to president biden. while governor sanders touts public safety, arkansas has one of the highest murder rates in the nation. well sanders responded on hannity last night. take a listen to this. >> you know, i learn add long time ago, sean, the if the left is attacking you, you're probably doing something right so i think it only further validates the actions we've taken over the last 31 days we're doing things the right way. i'm proud of the things taking place here in our state. let's not forget, he literally had to run ads begging people to stay in california not that long ago and every single town i go to in arkansas, i meet someone who has moved from california. ashley: good for you, sarah huckabee sanders. steve hilton joins us now.
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steve, great to see you. i mean, of all the governors to be throwing barbs at other gaviners. gavin newsom, seriously? >> yeah, it's a total joke. i love sarah sanders and arkansas. i'm not moving there yet, i'm still here in california but i can tell you first on the specific point he makes about crime. anyone with a brain and eyes to see can see how p preposterous that claim is. go to any city in california under his rule and the democrats, it's not just gavin newsom as governor, democrats had sole control of the state legislature, which passes all these pro crime laws for 25 years. so there's nowhere else to blame and people don't feel safe. they are increasingly anxious about just going about their daily lives because they can see the crime wave. they've de-criminalized a lot of crime so shoplifting and robbery is just now completely ignored
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by the police as is drug taking so, yes, the crime statistics may in some sense be a comparison because they've taken crime out of the statistics but there's a general point here as well, what on earth is gavin newsom doing endlessly picking fights of govern herbs of other states when his -- governors of other states when his own state is collapsing into chaos with the crime and homelessness and businesses all leaving because of the taxes and regulation, no one can afford to buy a house. the whole thing is a total shamble so focus on your job rather than critiquing other people. ashley: i think we've covered that one very well, steve. i want to go onto this issue. listen to how congresswoman elise steph nick characterizes the censorship of the hunter biden laptop story. listen to this and i'll goat your comments. >> the twitter files are the tip of the iceberg because there's so much more it. is the definition of election meddling and election meddling
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by the fbi on behalf of democrats paid for by the u.s. taxpayers. it's collusion, it's corruption -- ashley: you know what, she's absolutely right in my opinion, steve. is this just the tip of the iceberg? >> she's exactly right, and i'm so glad that finally a member of congress has said it so clearly. i think that even with all these investigations they've set up, someone dancing around it. when are we going to see accountability for the fbi specifically christopher wray, he presided over this and the fbi knew the story in the hunter biden laptop about biden family corruption was real because they had the laptop in their possession and yet they told twitter and facebook to lookout for what they called russian disinformation people coming out
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saying it's russian disinformation and the fbi could have corrected the record but they chose not to. that was election interference, it was to use the words of the democrats, an attack on our democracy. when is christopher wray, who presided over all this and may have well directed it himself and christopher wray may have detected the operation -- directed the operation and interfered and when is christopher wray going to be held accountable? ashley: very good question. the other question i have for you, steve, does all this change now that elon musk owns the company. >> it's clear they've found out and all this collusion is exposed and they'll be a bit elembarrassed and as far as twitter is concerned, musk got rid of huge numbers of people
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doing this kind of censorship. no one to actually do the censorship, which is a good thing and by the way at the same time we're seeing this happen to me and it countless other people and my version of it and i've talked about on my show and instagram has been censoring me is not something the biden administration gas stove ban and they're censoring on behalf of the democrats and that's still going on with big tech and that's broader than election stuff and covid and every day political controversy and they've become the propaganda arm of the biden administration. ashley: yeah, they really have and that gas stove story, we're denying it and trying to walk it back, it's being proposed and they're just lying to us. >> of course. exactly. ashley: it's infuriating --
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>> we're talking and i'll have more on that on my show on sunday night so lookout for that. ashley: enjoy the super bowl and a couple of britts get it and watch it, steve hilton, thank you so much. yes, we will. the next revolution 9:00 p.m. sunday with steve hilton. great program, steve, thank you. jamie dimon saying "people should take a deep breath before declaring victory because a month's number looked good. it is perfectly reasonable for the fed to go to 5% and wait awhile. if inflation only comes down to 3.5 or 4%, it becomes sticky at that level, you may have to go higher than 5% and that could affect short rates, longer rates". i think we've heard this before and lot of people would agree with jamie dimon but what about
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jonathan hoenig. good morning, jonathan. think jamie is right or is high inflation gone? >> well, look, the old saying used to be one sparrow does not make a summer meaning to jamie dimon's point, one good number doesn't mean that the trend has turned around. even though we've seen some of the com commodity prices, ash, e down. history plays this out. inflation spike in the early part of the 70s, late part of the 60s and came down for a period of time and a couple years later in the late part of the 70s, early 80s it exploded higher and inflation was caused in dc until it's remedied in dc primarily by cutting spending sg and long term to jamie dimon's point. this is an inflation issue. ashley: i want to get into this issue. how you feel about joe biden's issue on a bigger tax on stock buy backs and the general public are like, okay, that sounds like
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a good idea. but it's not and tell us why. >> many conservatives and even republicans see it as a victimless taxes. it's on stock buy back and corporations and it's a tax on efficiency, it's a tax on capital and if they understood what a company gets older and doesn't see good investment opportunities, it has two ways to get that money back to shareholders and can pay a dividend and it's highly taxed and stock to reduce the numbers of shares outstanding and thus the people own those shares worth more. a lot more bloated companies thanks to joe biden's taxes and more mall investment and wasted money and ultimately less value for shareholders and no such thing as a free lunch and don't believe the stock buy backseat doesn't hurt shareholders. ashley: are you more bullish today, jonathan, than you've been in the past or is it more caution and a little bit of
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anxiety? >> yeah, ashley, more than anything, i think you have to take it slow in today's environment. look, between 1970 and 1980, the dow touched the 900 level about eight or nine times and we're in a raging bull market. one of my names on my list this week ironically seems like a shaky economy is italy. stock symbol ewi and we own it at my company. this has been in trading range for about ten years and as the dollar weakens and energy strengthens and bp popped out to a new 52 week high and there's places to make money here and for the better part of a year now, i don't think the beaten down tech stocks will be trading vehicles for quite some time. we didn't know really where a new bull market is. ashley: very good, jonathan hoenig, great inside. appreciate it. have a great weekend. >> be well, ashley. ashley: all right, thank you. all right. we're looking at some of the movers today and first up is a name familiar to all.
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lauren: it's up about 1%. this warning that wal-mart is giving is spectacular. they're telling their package good maker that they need to stop increasing prices because they can no longer stomach the high prices and neither can their shoppers. if you're selling to wal-mart and you're raising pr prices and expect wal-mart to do that too, wal-mart says this, "our shopper will turn to our own private label, the every day low price line and shift away from wal-mart to the dollar stores". this is an inflation story killing everybody. they report earnings on februar. marathon oil, they're surging, russia will cut oil production by 500,000 barrels a day. so the energy sector is higher. spotify, an investor value act taking a stake on the ground and the podcast player and looking back on the cost and their operating ex-pensions and on the stake by the investors and money coming in and spotify shares higher by 4%.
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ashley: yeah, all right. lauren, thank you very much. now this, travis kelce has a warning for his brother as they prepare to become the first siblings to play against each other in the super bowl. their poor mother. bill gates cheering on the bot chatgpt and thinks it's as successful as the internet and learning why the chinese spy flag was shut down on the east coast instead of alaska and would have made the recovery extremely difficult and debris could have fallen 18,000 feet underwater. off the coast of south carolina, next.
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ashley: individual states and opportunities for investments in instrategies structure, manufacture -- infrastructure, manufacturing, and work force development and all 95 u.s. governments invited to the seventh that's going on at the white house right now. the fbi released new images of the chinese spy flight salvage operation. brian yenez joins me live from myrtle beach, south carolina brian, do we know how much they've accomplished so far? >> yeah, ashley, not much. the fbi says in fact much of the china spy balloon is still
11:19 am
underneath the water and in two separate areas within 15 football field long and 15 football field wide part of the ocean. we also do know that they have yet to recover a large portion of the payload, which is where they expect to find the majority of on board electronics on this spy balloon and they've been able to recover the balloon can pilot, wiring and "a very small amount of electronics". the fbi begun decontaminating some debris by removing salt and sea water and there's "extremely limited amount of evidence has made its way to the fbi lab in virginia". according to two officials and naval divers recover add bit of
11:20 am
classified briefing of the chinese spy balloon has western parts of english writing and the fbi is confident the balloon was manufactured by a chinese company with a direct link with china's military. more u.s. navy manned a semper to assist in the recovery of congressional hearings and defense officials said part of the reasons they didn't shoot down the spy balloon over the islands in alaska and recovering the spy balloon would have been more complicated in those waters. listen. >> the water depths offshore, the allusions at 6+ nautical miles go very quickly from about 150 feet to 18,000 feet in the baring sea. the winter water temperatures in the sea hover consistently in the low 30s, which would make recovery and salvage operations
11:21 am
very dangerous. >> the weather is starting to turn here in south carolina for the worst. right now they're doing some resupply operations and again, the weather this weekend could very much hamper their ability to continue that recovery operation, but they expect this to take two weeks, ashley, to finally be able to recover this spy balloon. ashley: maybe a bit of dramamine will help there. thank you very much. each day he's going up more and more. thank you. congresswoman young kim joins me now and the house unanimously voted to condemn china over the spy flight surveillance but my question to you is a little of what happens. >> congress has come together in
11:22 am
a rare moment of bipartisanship to unanimously vote to condemn ccp's action. look, this was no ordinary helium filled good will balloon floating around the u.s. air spaces. this was directly organized and orchestrated operated by ccp trying to test the resolve and the leadership of the united states and the world. i am glad to see that we came together to condemn this action and show that we are going to get some answers because while the balloon was shut down, there'd be more questions than we started when we first identified on january 8 and questions like why didn't we shut it down because it's identified it was entering the united states in the air space and going to shut it down in the water, why not in the beginning of the pacific ocean rather than waiting a week later allowing ccp to collect more information and then shut it down on the
11:23 am
other side of the atlantic ocean and there's more questions to get to try and get answers to and make sure that united states is not going to tolerate any type of this adversary behavior coming from ccp. ashley: congresswoman, the house passed resolution to block washington dc's bill to pass noncitizens including illegal migrants to vote in local elections and you came to the u.s. as illegal immigrant and became a citizen, so did i, so the question is do you want to see illegal migrants being able to vote. >> the answer is very clear. i want to first say that it's such a privilege for me to come to america to realize that american dream and so it is a privilege to live here in the united states as an american. but let me tell you, the right to vote is constitutionally
11:24 am
reserved for the american citizens including naturalized citizens like you and me. ashley: yeah, you're absolutely right. congresswoman, thank you for take the timeout to join me. we really appreciate it. thank you very and have great to see you on this friday. our absolute pleasure. i want to get onto this story now and chatgpt be change our world. that's a very big statement. how does he believe it'll do that, lauren? lauren: he thinks it'll be more significant than the invention of the internet and he says until now artificial intelligence can read and write but could not understand the content. the new programs like chatgpt will make office jobs more efficient by helping to write invoices or letters. this could change our world and honestly, ashley, being able to do our jobs; right. critical thinking and getting --
11:25 am
let's say i was to use artificial intelligence to use performing and robot knows my voice and style and i could command it to do this job and you have artificial intelligence lifting off in a huge way and it's hitting the tight labor market head on and it can eliminate not only the phacoreigns leading or rou routine-type jobs but brain jobs and writer jobs and office jobs, our jobs. >> ai replacing the human and it's all a little dramatic but a little scary at the same time but it's where we're headed for sure. lauren: is it traumatic though? i want to say, yes, but i feel like maybe it's not traumatic anymore. ashley: seems to me like the plot to a syfy movie but i'm old. we'll see. i'm all about new tech and it's interesting. lauren: i'll take you over a robot any day.
11:26 am
ashley: i'll take that to the bank. thank you very much, lauren. appreciate it. a new poll shows a shocking number of people would be okay with genetically enhancing their kids. what? to make them smarter. we're on that story. last year it seemed like every other super bowl commercial was about crypto. remember that? this year all the attention will be on electric cars. susan li has the preview and she'll be here next. ♪
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♪ ashley: you're take ago look at philadelphia and 78 degrees and not bad for february and they're getting pumped up for the super bowl and we'll take it. let's get a check of the markets for you and it's been an interesting day down at the
11:31 am
start and then coming back a little bit at least on the dow up a quarter of a percent and the nasdaq still down and three quarters of a percent and s&p essentially flat. let's get back to the super bowl. last year's super susan: as much as $7 million and no other industries are picking up the tab and more buying from car makers, technology, food, and streaming and maybe a combination of both and that includes this cross collaboration between general motors and will ferrel acting
11:32 am
out netflix segments and car companies have been using the showcase but tesla done a lot spend any advertising dollars last year and it's a poll star for the first time here in north america and see different alcohol brands here and anheuser bush and michelob seen here by the way and serena williams and co advertisement and they've given up exclusive point and last year's crypto bowl extends super bowl ad and pointing to a lot of companies that have bought in to the super bowl and they haven't done so well afterwards and carvana is a recent example for that and ftx and 12 months ago, it was all tom brady and remember this? >> trade, are you sure? trade, trade. i'm trading crypto. >> ftx is the safest and easiest way to buy and sell crypto.
11:33 am
get into the game. >> i don't think so. i'm never wrong about this stuff. never. susan: well, he had ftx, coin base, and etorro with a slash of commercials and no crypto buy ins or ads whatsoever this year. ashley: it's the safest and it's the best. boy, they regret saying those things now. susan li, thank you very much on ftx. former eagles punter and two time super bowl champion and great to have you, sean duffy. first, you want the eagles to win. what kind of game are you expecting, close? >> yes, i am expecting a close game and two best teams in the league this year. both outstanstanding and both ae great beyond the quarterbacks qs and should be a wonderful game and can't wait to see it. ashley: you know, there's an experience that many of us would
11:34 am
have never or never will get close to and you've been into a super bowl. what's it like? before the game, maybe on the morning of the game, do you get the nerves going? >> everybody is very excited. it's something you dream about your whole life and have a chance to play in the game and watch it on tv as a kid and really is everything it's cracked up to be. it's so difficult to get there and it's even hard tore win the game and great experiences and all of us that got a chance to be in it. we always remember it this time and braise up a lot of winners. ashley: do you get the feeling to strap on the old cleats again and get out there? it happens every super bowl weekend. >> all of us probably feel that way. once you get a little older and might not be a bad idea and get the juices flowing and remember what a great opportunity you have in the end. ashley: what's it like, like after the nfl? >> well, depends, it's different
11:35 am
for a lot of guys. i was very fortunate to be involved in the game. you know a lot of guys go into different businesses but the toughest part for most of us, it does not end on our own terms and most want to keep playing and we're told, you're not wanted anymore. that's the toughest part and a lot of guys deal with that the rest of their life. i was very fortunate to play along time. i was fortunate to stay in the game and it's been pretty good for me. ashley: do punters get the respect they deserve? >> there's one on every team and 32 punters and only one in 10 million people can do this and we all feel good about what we do. ashley: ever go out there and still kick the ball about? >> you know, i don't but i
11:36 am
should. it's a heck of a workout. i was fortunate to play for a long time and when i finished i said i'm not going to do it anymore but i should go out and quick a few. ashley: very good. sean landeta, thank you for joining and yous being a good sport. we'll see how the eagles do. it'll be close and a good game. appreciate it very much. speaking of the game, travis and jason kelce making history and first brothers to play against each other in the super bowl and travis has a warning for his big brother. what's he saying, lauren? lauren: feel bad for their mom. it's all business on the football field. watch. >> i'm going to act like i don't know you. the coin toss, don't look at me or shake my hand. you are the [ bleep ] enemy, man. >> that's your strategy? i cannot wait. lauren: trying to get into each other's heads and the parents are staying neutral and mom will
11:37 am
be wearing both jerseys to the game. i wonder if she really is rooting for one of them. do we all have our favorites? >> maybe. the game isn't the only excitement for the kelce family and this is jason, the eagles player and his wife kylee. they're expecting their third baby, a baby girl any day and she could be born on sunday. if that happens, they might name her sb for super bowl. or give her those initials. ashley: yeah, okay. lauren: sandra bullock. ashley: all right. very good off the cuff. thank you very much. by the way, patrick mahomes is football's most valuable player and the kansas city chiefs quarterback was honored with the award for the second time last night. he also won back in 2018. now if the chiefs win the super bowl, mahomes will be just the eleventh player in history just to win the mvp award and vince lombardi trophy. if that happens interestingly.
11:38 am
take a look at this. spacex pulling off a historic rocket test last night and we'll explain how they're one step closer to mars. i love this stuff. meantime, the school district is accused of helping an 11-year-old transition to a different gender without ever telling the child's parents. what! the mother is outraged and she's taking legal action. the report from california coming up next. ♪
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ashley: a mother is suing her 11-year-old child's school district for allegedly helping him transition without her knowledge or permission. claudia, why wouldn't the school tell the parents about this? >> yeah, just a shocking story, ashley. that would have violated the district's parental secrecy policy and that is really at the heart of what we're talking about. schools call parents because of all kinds of reasons but one parent is skewing because of the call she didn't get that her daughter was socially transitioning to a different gender. giant them to stop keeping parents in the dark.
11:44 am
>> california mom ease 11-year-old daughter was live ago double life at sierra view elementary school. the fifth grader was a girl at home and a boy named jaden at school. she's suing the chico unified school district for allowing students to switch genders without parental notification or abeautiful. >> they were -- approval. >> they were discussing breast binding with my daughter that i had no knowledge of. >> her daughter identified once again as a female. >> parents have the right to direct the upper education of their kids. >> kate anderson is senior director of parental rights. >> these schools coming up with the policies where they push a child towards a gender transition and lie to parents about that are violating the united states constitution. >> the chico unified school
11:45 am
district declined our interview request but addressed her lawsuit at a school board meeting. >> we're researching the issues and consulting state agencies. >> emotions from parents ran high. >> not every kid seeking emotional support is a candidate for gender transition. >> my daughter, the last two years have been asked for her pronouns on the first day of school. >> policy of school districts that say if a child says don't tell my parents, the educators will not tell their parents. essentially condones deception. in fact, it's teaching children it's okay for you to lie to your family. i think that's a terrible lesson for young people. >> as for regino, her lawsuit isn't about money, it's about protecting parental rights. >> goal is to make sure that this doesn't happen to anymore families and kids. reporter: she says her daughter is seeing a new school counselor who believe this is little girl was manipulated.
11:46 am
meantime the chico unified school district is expected to file a response to the federal lawsuit soon. ashley, it's a story we will be following. back to you. ashley: i'm sure you will. absolute insanity. one of those only in california stories. claudia, thank you very much. now this, a new study shows a shocking number of people are open to the idea of genetically enhancing their children. explain this to me, lauren. lauren: one-third of parents anh gene editing and for disease screening. gene edit asking a designer baby. and another part of this survey found many respondents were okay with it if it can make their kid smarter to get into a good college. ashley: oh my goodness. wow. all right, next one for you, lauren. change the subject here.
11:47 am
renditihere.renditrendition of g to perform at the super bowl months after giving birth to her first child. what's she saying? >> balance is almost impossible because no matter how you look at it, work is always something that's going to rob you of time with your child. when you become a mom, there's something that just happens where you feel like you can take on the world, you can do anything and the super bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world. lauren: she was asked to perform three months post-par temporal e took the challenge to show people mothers are amaying. the message we get as experts that rihanna said in the beginning, work robs you of time with your children. stop looking a @ like that.
11:48 am
spin work as a positive as the way you provide for your family rather than something that takes mom away from the house. so that's my message with three kids. ashley: wow. and you are -- i was going to say if anyone can talk about work life balance it's lauren simonetti and great podcast too, lauren. lauren: thank you. ashley: take a look at -- oh, i don't know how you do it. 30 stocks on the dow get a sense of where we are right now. more green than red as you can see and we're only up 54 points on the dow and chevron and united health leading the way on the other end and walt disney and that's where we are. don't go anywhere and friday feedback is next. ♪ get powered by innovation refunds can help your business get a payroll tax refund, even if you got ppp
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ashley: all right. guess what, it's time for friday feedback. lauren and susan are all here in their chairs ready to go. let's goat started. this one comes from pieta. i think. the question is what is your favorite and least favorite food for super bowl sunday?
11:53 am
i'll go first and say i love nachos. i love chili, i love pizza, can't go wrong with those but anyone that brings out the veggie platter on super bowl, forget about it. susan? susan: deep dish, extra pep renpepperoni, please. lauren: i feel like ashley said the veggie platter makes no sense and all of the above is my most favorite. ashley: susan, your least favorite? susan: too much chili, the indigestion and we have to pace ourselves. it's a four hour extravaganza, isn't it? ashley: i'm willing to pay the price for chili. this one is from al. he asked the question, al said if you were interviewing potus, what would be your first
11:54 am
question? that's a good one there. lauren, what would be your first question to mr. biden? lauren: do you really want to be the president of the united states for four more years? ashley: good. i like it. susan? susan: what's your least favorite super bowl food because that just stumped me so i figure i'll ask him. lauren: he'd say yes to that interview. easy one. ashley: that is great. firstly, i'd be shocked he'd give an interview and secondly i'd say who's really in charge at the white house? anyway, this one comes from facebook, he or she said: serving in the navy daily is challenging, listening to "varney & co." on sirius xm makes it easier. susan: it helps that ashley has a wonderful voice and we can listen to it all day with the deep tones of ashley webster.
11:55 am
ashley: oh, you're so kind, susan. all right. this one cops from dave. dave says i am not certain but i believe malimars have shrunk in size. isn't that the chocolate -- lauren: yellow box. with the gram crackers and marshmallow and chocolate over them. i know all about them. s i don't think they strang this size. ashley: have you guys noticed things shrinking food-wise in the store in lauren, how about you? lauren: i notice the price has gone up astronomically. i don't look at my receipt anymore because i don't want to know what i spent, seriously. ashley: yeah, i know. susan, how about you? susan: apparently you're counting size so i would say when i walk into whole foods spending $150 on only one bag of groceries and they told me in the past, you can get two bags for for that. ashley: that says it all. in restaurants too the serving
11:56 am
sizes have definitely gone down. no doubt about it. lauren: i'll take two but acan't afford it. ashley: all right. i think we're out of time. thanks to everyone who sent in their feedback. i hope we answered some of those questions. time now for friday trivia question. good one. doritos were invented in which amusement park? hershey park, six flags, pacific park or disney land? good question, the answer right after ♪ at's the real question. with fidelity income planning, a dedicated advisor can help you grow and protect your wealth, even when you're not working. they'll look at your full financial picture and help you create a flexible strategy designed to balance growth potential and guaranteed income. so you can stop worrying about the future and enjoy the life you've created. that's the planning effect. from fidelity.
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ashley: all right. earlier we asked doritos were invented in which amusement park? lauren, what's your guess? lauren: oh, you're starting with me? i'm going to go with disney lapp. ashley: very good. susan, what do you say? susan: struggling with that. six flags. ashley: i was going to go with six flags as well but, guess what? the answer, disneyland. the first degree the eaus were made from stale tortilla at a mexican-style restaurant in the theme park. what do you think about that? we were going to get in a story on spacex, i don't think we're going to have time. we can have a look at the markets very quickly, the dow up, the s&p and nasdaq down. we are out of time. that's it for "varney & company" odd. guess what? "coast to coast" begins right about now. ♪ neil: all right. we are ready to ache to you to the white house right now where the nation's governo


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