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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 24, 2023 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> ukraine is winning and they can win and up to the united states and west to keep their foot on the gas. >> the pacific command said we're in a dangerous situation militarily with china and we have to move with a sense of urgency to fix it. they need help in all of the services not just with a couple of hundred troops. >> when this president says he wants to protect your social security, ask him what he's gone in do about inflation. that's my biggest problem. >> they lost control of inflation when they started raising rates. they should have raised rates out of the gait one full percentage point a year ago and ppi hotter than expected and what did they think? the pce was going to be weaker than expected? make nososense to me.
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stuart: all about tonight with blake shelton. it's 1:00 in the morning earn time and friday, february 24th. one year ago, the ukraine war started, remember that please. we've got a sea of read ink on wall street and dow off 450 and nasdaq 250. we had a hot inflation number this morning. investors don't like it. big tech down all across the board. i don't see a single winner and some are down 3%. look at yield on 10-year treasury going up, 395 right now. investors do not like that and it's the result of the sharp inflation number we got this morning. interest rates up and stocks down. now this. on january 25, according to the washington post, bernie sanders, senator bernie sanders, held a one hour high stakes meeting with the president in the oval office. bernie is the chair of the senate budget committee and he
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wanted to influence the biden budget, which will be announced next month. bernie's pushing for a massive social security tax increase. he wants to tax all your income, not just the first $160,000 as it is now. if he gets his way, millions of people will be hit with a 6.2% tax hike. he doesn't care. he's a socialist and he just loves to stick it to the rich. of course it's great -- it's a great political pitch as well. the democrats claim the republicans will gut social security, that's nonsense, while bernie and his comrades ride to the rescue of endangered seniors and plays well politically. that's not the only tax the rich idea. how about a wealth tax? there's a lot of talk about it and it fits the socialist model. you've got it, i want it, give it to me now. this is senator warren's idea. the rich will have to add up the value of all their stocks, bonds, real estate, houses, et cetera, et cetera and hand over a piece of it every year to the
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government. the left runs the democrat party, and the left wants your money. they want more of your income and more of your wealth. it's more than just needing revenue to pay for all the spending. no, no, no, they want to punish reach people and don't really like financial success and think you've got ahead on the backs of the workers and you exploited them and don't deserve to keep what you've earned. watch out, bernie will be running the senate budget committee for the next two years and has the ear of this president. third hour of varney starts right now. ♪ stuart: mike murphy with me this friday morning. good morning, mike. worried about the influence of the president and tax the rich? >> i am, stuart. i think think it gets past and becomes reality but the fact we have a large portion of our government, the people who are making the laws that you and i
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have to follow that we all have to follow, believe in it or stand for this or want something like this, it's really concerning. you know, it makes you question the american dream and the american way of life as we know it. stuart: yeah, they don't like rich people, as simple as that. >> they don't but america is built on success and immigrants coming to the country and creating what they want to create for themselves. stuart: climb the food chain in a stive atmosphere and win somehow -- competitive atmosphere and win. anyway, the inflation number this morning came in hot, 5.4%, and jamie dimon, a lot of people think he's america's top banker, he says the fed has "lost a little bit of control of inflation". what say you? >> i think jamie dimon is in this one instance, i think he's absolutely spot on with what he's saying because the fed wants to control the inflation number, but the inflation is still coming in hot but my question, stuart, is the consumer is strong. the consumer is out there spending money.
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now the government wants to give more free money to people to go out and spend that money so you're almost creates a feedback loop that will never solve itself. i don't think the fed needs to destroy the economy or fully stop the economy in order to bring inflation under control. keep going at the pace they're going. this will have an impact, inflation will come down. again, this is a january reading. it will have an impact on the economy, but we don't need to stop the economy and get too many people out of work in order to bring inflation under control. go slowly. stuart: if we had a modest increase in rates from here, say 2 or 3 small rate increases from the fed, would that be enough to get us a soft landing and get out of this mess? >> that's the hope, and i will tell you right now, yes, that's what we're in, stuart, what's in store for us. so many things come in to play. so many different data points will come up between now and the potential soft landing or potential recession so either
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way though, stuart, for the people watching at home, if we go into a recession, six months, nine months, that doesn't mean that people need to go out and change portfolios today and means the market they have an impact and we may have been impacted on a potential recession and people don't need to overreact to certain headlines in portfolios, especially if they're living on a fixed income. stuart: i hope you're right because i can't retire. >> you'll be okay. stuart: whatever you say. stay with me for the hour, please. i need you here. >> yes, sir. stuart: we've got movers that are indeed moving in morning. auto desk down 11%. lauren: yep, design software company taking down by guidance and auto desk is shifting the way they bill their customers and go from up front to annual so that actually defers a lot of revenue they would be getting. stuart: tell me about live nation. lauren: i can't figure this one out. i thought concert ticket prices were surging and demand is
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strong and it is. live nation grew the revenue by 44% over 2019 and 44% doing better than before the pandemic. they see no signs of a somehowdown. why is the stock down? the president during the state of the union called out ticket master, owned by live nation for excessive fees and now ticket master and live nation are exploring ways to have ticket prices be more fair and investors may be spooked by what that means. stuart: that isn't surprising. the stock is down 10%. do we have a winner here? lauren: yes, intuit. stuart: up 2%, tell me why. lauren: when the dow is down 425, that's a nice gain. it's your number one on the s cpi p and own turbo tax. strong earnings report and raising bet on the way they use artificial intelligence for finance. we put in ai and any sector of the company for bingo. stuart: i'm all for ai and going
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to use it. up goes the stock for a day or two. lauren: nice to file taxes with ai. would be easy. stuart: you sure? lauren: yes, i'm sure. >> as long as they get it right. stuart: and pointing you in the right direction. lauren: people file themselves, that would be very nice. stuart: hosts on the view lashed out at residents, the residents of east palestine after president trump's visit. watch this. roll it, please. >> why would they vote for him -- >> somebody, by the way, he placed someone with deep ties to the chemical industry in charge of epa chemical safety office and that's who you voted for if that district. donald trump who reduces all safety, he did. they need to look past the photo opportunistics. these people, and say who's doing the job here? forget about the photo ops. >> there's a big thing. >> showing up, this is donald trump's fault. stuart: i think it's donald trump's fault. everything is tram's fault, isn't it? tomi lahren joining us here in
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new york city. >> great to be here, especially when i get to talk about joyless behar and the ladies of the view. stuart: do the residents of east palestine want this blame chucked at them? >> these people are dealing with toxic situations and the transportation secretary taking nearly three weeks to come and see them and hear their concerns and they don't care much what joyless behar tells you about this. this is long trump derangement syndrome like long covid. the ladies of the view have it better than anyone and it's a bernards healthcarefect example and how they -- perfect example how they blame trump forker and they're honestly bitter. if their president was doing such a good job, they wouldn't have to talk about how donald trump ruined everything. they could talk about the accolades, the accomplishments of joe biden but that's not available to them so they still have to be mad at trump, everything is trump's fault, and
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i'm sure the people of east palestine really care about what joyless behar thinks of them. i'll tell you this, these people are good people and joy said the quiet part out loud because probably one of the reasons this hasn't gotten enough attention from the democrat party at large certainly this administration, because these are white trump supporters. stuart: oh, you brought that in, okay. do you inspect trump won politically by his visit to east palestine? did biden by not going lose big time? >> well, i'll tell you this, trump did win because part is showing up. showing people you care and bringing them water and even being there is comforting and shows those people somebody cares. that's their president and he cares but i'll tell you this, the biden administration has a strategy and it's worked for them thus far, ignore a situation and it'll go away. the border, hunter biden's laptop, classified docu documend that's their strategy and the
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people in the states like where i'm from, they're the ones that get the brunt of this stuart: pete buttigieg is no longer regard z as successor of new generation. he's on the edge. >> be careful, stuart, talking about the new generation and who's in their prime and not. don't want to get you canceled here. i'll tell you this, the democrats have a real problem on their hands because they want joe to run again and want him to run again because kamala and pete are so bad, they think joe is their best option. it's a dismal day for the democrat party. stuart: tomi lahren, you always hit the nail on the .h thank you r joining us. this week marked the official start of lent. we'll tell you the most common things people are giving up for the next 40 days. the answer is what you might call a sign of the times. new survey shows without the president's student loan forgiveness, many people will need a second income to afford their payments. the supreme court takes up the issue next week and we're on it.
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stuart: the white house announced new sanctions on russia today, exactly one year after the war in ukraine began. peter doocy joins us from the white house. peter, what are these new sanctions targeting? >> stu, they're targeting people helping the russian war effort, but you look at last year on this anniversary, a year ago russia was kind of on an island,
11:18 am
invading ukraine. today on the anniversary of the invasion, officials at the white house are expressing concern that russia might not be on an island and might be getting help soon from china. >> well, we've been very clear from the outset with china and with other countries that providing material support to russia to an invasion of the sanctions would provoke very serious consequences. reporter: anthony blinken secretary of st state said putin started this war and has the power to end it. we'll continue to defend ukraine till ukraine's sovereignty is respects and the people of ukraine can shape their chosen democratic future in freedom and peace. so with that, the biden administration is not pushing right now for peace talks. the u.s. position remains this is something putin did and something putin has to undo. there are no plans to scale back
11:19 am
taxpayer-funded weaponsshipments either. >> american -- weapons shipments yet either. >> it's helped them reclaim their territory and we'll stay on the course for them to continue to do that. reporter: president bind got on a zoom with zelensky and other g7 leaders for about an hour and a half today, and over the course of the last year when they would do that, president biden would then come out to explain publicly what the leaders discussed privately but today, not on the president's schedule until he goes to delaware this evening. stu. stuart: got it, peter doocy at the white house. thanks, peter. rob o'neil is with me now. he's the navy seal that killed osama bin laden. rob, welcome back to the program. always good to see you. two generals on the program this morning told me that if we give the ukrainians what they need, they will win and they will win quickly. what do you say to that, rob?
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>> great to be with you always, stuart. my question is the generals is what is winning because they never have animals what is winning. it's always as long as it takes. we've been good at doing mission creep sense after world war ii and we didn't do korea well and lost in vietnam and invaded a couple different countries and didn't have a reason for going to iraq and did for afghanistaned boggled that after two decades and what is winning? stuart: general keen said you expel all russian troops from the territory they've occupied in the last year. that's winning. push them out, all of them, from what they've taken so far. >> but pushing them out becomes offensive for a non-nato country with a lot of money we're sending from u.s. taxpayer withs no inspector general on the receiving end to tell us where it's going. we need to audit the pentagon. they can't show where 39% of their budget goes for the past five years. so why is this money we're sending to ukraine going where we want it? we're not talking defense but
11:21 am
offense. we're giving the best tanks in the world to people that can defend with them and go to the red square like they're saying and it's a very, very dangerous game they're playing and like anything from war to the vaccine, no money in the cure, just money in the treatment and they want this war to go as long z it goes because a lot of people making a lot of money in government contracts and people on the ground. most of the people that say they need to go as long as it takes have never seen the enemy up close and don't understand what it's like on the ground. stuart: would your position change if china gave russia lethal aid? >> that's just a dangerous spot because we've got people like janet yellen who's an economist and not a warrior saying when china comes in it could be world war iii and that's what zelensky is saying too. it's an issue when you notice the war hawks in the beltway keep saying tactical nukes like it's better than a regular nuke. they're not seeing what's happening on the ground. this is very, very dangerous. you've got to figure, we're funding russia and ukraine,
11:22 am
we're funding russia because of economic policies, we don't export enough oil so people are buying from russia like india, china and allies are buying thes to take a sharp look and be accountable to the taxpayer. that frustrates me and we don't teach winning. stuart: would you stop aid now? today we are announced $2 billion weapons package for ukraine. would you say no? no more? we're stopping now? >> i'm not saying no, but also this is not a nato country. just like nato that is also supported a non-nato country and not paying their 2% gdp and we always let them push us around. accountability, where's the money going and where? defensive weapons, fine. we don't need tank on tank battles. it's not world war ii. with have javelin missiles and teams that can run them. we have to decide what's what and there's no game plan. there's no preparation -- there's barely preparation and we're taking the ball off of
11:23 am
taiwan and china is laughing the entire time. they've been watching us fight forever and studying and stealing while we do so. wee need accountability and that's all i'm stuart: this is a real fierce debate cpi it's ratcheting up as the time moves on. thank you, rob. always appreciate your perspective. stuart: thanks a lot. country star brad paisley has a new song that features ukraine's president zelensky comparing people in america with fighters in ukraine. listen to this. >> fighting for all the people to defend our houses and families. ♪ stuart: all right, royalties for the song will be donated to a charity that builds homes for ukrainians displaced by the war. fox news digital filed a report which claims israel could be preparing to attack iran's nuclear facilities. ashley, what's prompting all this sudden attention?
11:24 am
ashley: well, it's always tense between israel and iran and israel regularly raised concerns about iran's nuclear program saying teheran is developing weapons-grade enrichment unhindered and israel is preparing for possible action against iran's nuclear fade pattern 'til seizure disorderses after a series of -- facilities after a series of secret meetings between prime minister netten yahoo and tensions already hundreding high after a drone strike hit i iranian military fade pattern 'til facilities and theleaked reporta plan to push western allies to act rather than leave israel to act alone. keep an eye on that situation, stu. stuart: you got it ashley, thank you. military equipment sales to foreign countries surged 49% in the last fiscal year reaching over $200 billion. both lockheed martin and raytheon reported record orders.
11:25 am
mike murphy with me. what are the best defense plays on the stock market? >> i'd go right to the top, lockheed martin and for people out there looking to invest, these companies have had a nice run. they've moved up and pulled back a little bit and for your portfolio and&when you're at home trying to move into a sector that you think is hot right now simply because of more is going on or orders coming in from countries trying to protect themselves, i think it's a very tough game for people to play, if you get in at the right time, you then also have to get out at the right time as well. it's tricky. stuart: lockheed martin and raytheon had a nice run up and talking about lockheed martin for a long time. tough to get in when it might be the top. >> absolutely. if anyone wanted to be in the space and felt it absolutely necessary, there's a way to buy etf basket of all those companies without single name exposure. stuart: makes sense.
11:26 am
we're almost two hours into the trading session and dow is still down 400 points. next case. a pizzeria getting a lot of attention for this help wanted sign. they only want non-stupid people to apply. wait till you hear the reaction. the white house says the next fed vice chair will be hired based on diversity, not strictly on experience. roll tape. >> diversity and representation is really important to this president. he will continue not just with this fed vice chair occupancy, but with any occupancy or any position. stuart: what ever happened to competence over identity? the evil shannon bream takes that on next. that was a joke by the way, we'll be back. ♪
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that's orlando, 76 degrees and sunny. that's a nice place to be right now. as for the markets, not a great place to be. all though we're improving the situation in the last 30 minutes. we're now down 360 on the dow and had been down 500. what are you laughing at? susan: no, it's a tough day i have to agree. stuart: is it possible that the market could close higher today? susan: no, not 300 points down. it'll be tough on a friday heading into a weekend. stuart: yeah, you're looking at the movers and adobe is moving down. susan: it's down with reports suggesting that maybe the doj might be suing to block the $20 billion deal to buy graphic software maker phigma and the ftc sued to block microsoft from buying activision blizzard and call of duty and they let that amazon one medical $4 billion deal go through and they said that we could sue retroactively possibly and had the supreme court decision on the internet
11:32 am
section 230 and magna carta of the internet in that google case that protects online companies from being liable from what users post. if that adobe phigma deal falls there, it could be too expensive for adobe. stuart: synergy home is ford motor down, off a couple percentage points? susan: yeah, f150 lightning production suspended for another week because of the battery fire and embattled hydrogen truck maker nicola out of money and a few months and tesla has investor day next week and showcasing new exciting technology and innovations according to elon musk. stuart: not a good day for the ev guys. susan: or most people. stuart: jp morgan, what are they doing this morning? susan: some green if you want to look on the screen. jp morgan, i was a little skeptical but could be worth $1 trillion by the end of this
11:33 am
decade according to morgan stanley and higher rates will boost income and there's a chance that the stock could double by the end of this decade. more realistically 12 years is likely according to the morgan stanley analyst and this is pretty lofty expectations with online banking boom. i checked in with my mom and she's just like you, for some reason she's not -- she doesn't want to bank online. very hesitant. stuart: i bank online. what are you talking about? i bank online. susan: she doesn't use square or block or -- stuart: i check my bank act account online? susan: did you transfer money online? stuart: no, i write checks. susan: okay. it's not physical cash going from outlet to outlet. stuart: i understand that. susan: i just don't understand the hesitation. >> one thing on jp morgan chase, 10% a year for the next seven
11:34 am
years get them in double by the end of the decade, i'd bet on it not against it. susan: on it? a trillion dollars? stuart: jp morgan? >> yep. stuart: we'll look at it. the white house says i did visorty would be a top -- diversity will be a top priority in finding the next cries chair at the fed. roll it. >> diversity and representation is really important to this president. the president will look at a highly diverse group of work class economists just as we did for the previous fed nominations and this is something that the president prides himself on and he actually has taken action to show the diversity of this administration and he will continue not just with this fed vice chair occupancy but with any come pansy or any position that's within the -- c occupancy but any open position in the white house. stuart: evil shannon bream is here, that's a joke and she's at
11:35 am
anchor of fox news sunday. shannon, what happened to competence over identity? >> it's really interesting because this administration has made a big deal out of it. karine jean-pierre went on in the briefing to list the stats of how many people of color, how many women and all kinds of different cat go categories the president used and filled in his administration and does a couple tricky things for the administration. whomever your nominee and announcing in advance and you'll choose based on specific cry criteria and female, person of color or lgbtq background or whatever and people will look at that nominee and wonder if they're the best qualified. unfair to the nominee, they may be the best qualified but setting those characteristics out in advance, people will ask questions and you run into a situation that the democrats are now quietly whispering about less quietly here in washington about worries that if president biden doesn't run, his ratings have not been great, but the vice presidents are even lower
11:36 am
and if they're a party about identity politics, how do they brush aside a woman that could be the first female woman of color nominee to a major party nomination, they've got to have that conversation now internally. stuart: yes, they do, indeed. the supreme court had hear arguments in biden's student loan forgiveness plan, it's next week. if they rule that this plan is unlawful, that would deliver a significant blow to the white house, wouldn't it? >> it would. there's two cases back-to-back on tuesday on this student loan forgiveness plan and, you know, what the administration has argue second-degree people relied on what we told them and it'll be a mess if you undo this. you could say that about any executive odderrer and i signed an executive odderrer and people relied on it and -- order and too many people relied on it ani have a feeling lot of the arguments will center on that on
11:37 am
tuesday. stuart: what do you think the outcome will be, roughly guess. >> my guess is they're not big fans of executive action and this administration said the covid emergency is over in may and if they're using that as justification for the "forgiveness program" the courts will be skeptical. stuart: shannon, we'll watch you on fox news sunday, on sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox. shannon, we'll be watching. >> thanks, stu. stuart: see you later. a luxury car maker teaming up with tiktok? the new cars will have jumbo display screens and built in selfie cameras. we'll tell you which car company is rolling them out. lifestyle like the jetsons could be closer than you think, roll it. >> may be homely, buster, but i'm s-m-a-r-t smart. stuart: okay, robot maids are coming, that's what the prompter says. they'll be able to cook, clean and fold your laundry. that would be important,
11:38 am
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♪ stuart: didn't recognize that. doesn't that picture look like a painting almost? it's so dark. it's columbus, ohio, 36 degrees and that looks colder than that to me. look at this, a pizzeria peaud this sign outside their shop and they want to hire non-stupid people. ashley, was this a joke? ashley: yeah, it was. the restaurant's manager says the non-stupid people sign was meant to be a joke with the pi rendpizzeria taking a humorous approach to hiring because they're having problems finding employees that will stick around
11:43 am
for more than training. but it turns out the sign is a big hit. watch this. >> we had not had much lock traditionally on monster or indeed or flags in the yard and overwhelming response to people supporting us. i can't even walk into lowe's without somebody recognizing the shirt or our pi a soft and average up front and come back and tell us don't stop, keep it up. ashley: non-stupid people and manager said finding good workers just isn't easy and one employee brought a new f gun to work to give you an example and just looking for workers reliable, on time, and don't come to work in sandals. not sure what that means. a sign of the types literally, stu. stuart: i got another one for you, talking about the surge in artificial intelligence, ai. is ai soon going to be taking over my daily chores?
11:44 am
ash? ashley: well, we all hope so. pull up the lazy boy and researchers from the university of oxford are suggesting by 2033, that's ten years from now, many household chores will be automated, decreasing the average amount of time we spend on domestic task by 39%. researchers are 65 ai experts from the uk and japan to predict the degree to which every day tasks will become automated in five years and within the decade. here we go, they say time spent doing house work will decrease by 44% over the next ten years, time spent washing dishes will decrease by 47%, amen. and cleaning and cooking by 46%, you can see there the laundry 43% and task that's predicted to be the most taken over by automation on that graphic is grocery shopping, 59% of the burden being put on robots and algorithms. stu. stuart: thank you, very much, ashley. mike murphy still with me.
11:45 am
you worried about the takeover of the robots because i'm not. >> i'm not at all, stuart. look back just a few years and we talked a lot about ai for driving and smart vehicles and driverless cars any day now. we're still waiting for that. i when we need to pick bananas and fruit or something in the grocery store, i don't think a robot will be doing that any time soon but however, artificial intelligence is a real thing and has real practice in medical, has some real practice in education so it's great that we have this new tectology that can make -- technology that can make the world a better place, but just not grocery shopping in my opinion. stuart: no robot will be folding my laundry for a lis long time o come. ash i come back in. what's this about mercedes, the new mercedes has features for tiktokers, tell me more. ashley: yeah, mercedes e series sedan will allow drivers to film
11:46 am
tiktok and more on the road. we ask the question what could go wrong. the german automaker bragging that music, games, streaming content experienced in the car with all the senses. what about safe driving? the vehicle is equipped with a monitor system that alerts motorists if they become distracted by analyzing the driver's eye movements. when the vehicle is stationary, the driver can then participate in all sorts of things including online video conferences and take personal photos and videos. i don't know. the vehicle will roll out in the u.s. this fall but mercedes has not yet announced how much it will cost but now i don't think stu varney will be pulled over on the road doing tiktoking. stuart: highly unlikely. what are people giving up for lent this year, what's on the top of the list, ash?
11:47 am
ashley: sacrifice cans take many forms but how about giving up social media? most people give up candy and vow not to do late night shopping online perhaps, lauren simonetti, but these are different times and people are taking a break from instagram, twitter, facebook, and tiktok. it's a trend that started as far back as 2014 when 16% of people back then said they'd curtail their use of social media. according to to a survey by u gov, the traditional items top the list with 24% of respondents sacrificing candy. that's never easy, while giving up soda came in second at 20% as you can see, social media 14%. lot of people cannot give up social media. stuart: ashley, i'm giving up watching liverpool after they lost 5-2 to real madrid in liverpool this week. that's it. i'm out of there. ashley: fair weather supporter, stu. stuart: i'm giving up. mike murphy is with me. are you giving anything up at
11:48 am
all? >> i'm not giving up. my kids gave up chocolate and i'll make sure i get all the kids to church every sunday during lent and hopefully carry on through the rest of the year. stuart: auropracticing christian. >> i most certainly am but my kids would not give up social media for a day never mind 40 days. wouldn't be a thing for them. stuart: neither would my grand kids. now show me the dow 30. you get a sense of the market from this. heavy selling, 27 stocks down, three are up. don't go anywhere, folks. friday feedback is next. ♪ lomita feed is 101 years old this year and counting. i'm bill lockwood, current caretaker and owner. when covid hit, we had some challenges like a lot of businesses did.
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11:53 am
first stock you purchased and how old were you? me first, good year tire and rubber and i was 26. mike. >> back when i was 20cns. lauren: gillette, fourth grade and it was part of a project and didn't really buy it. stuart: not that long ago. ashley? ashley: lloyd's bank in england and i was 16 working as a teller. stuart: okay. you got the stock. okay. we're not going to include you, susan, because you don't want to play on this particular one. susan: we could. stuart: what's the first stock you bought. susan: pepsi probably in the 90s during the cindy crawford commercial. stuart: from matt, stuart, you need to make a correction. new jersey is not the only state where you cannot pump your own gas, oregon is the other one. you're right, sir. you're absolutely right. there's two states you cannot pump your own gass and i live in one, new jersey.
11:54 am
mike, when staying at a hotel -- here we go, staying at a hotel, do you take the soap, shampoo, tissue, towels when you check out? i know the answer for stu. no, i don't take any of those items. ileusessed to when i was poor and i don't know. lauren: you can afford your own shampoo. stuart: i can and the soap too. susan: you can't take the towels that, charge you. stuart: that's stealing. >> the robe you can take. stuart: they charge your credit card. last one -- no, from david. thanks for the filamina konk recommendation. have you watched it? susan: no, it was a great recommendation from you. i was impressed. stuart: lauren? lauren: not yet. stuart: ashley has seen it and falls out of bed every time. mike, do you know? >> i do not. look forward to finding out. stuart: netflix should pay me
11:55 am
for advertising. carhart should pay me for advertising. $10 a loaf for bread but why do you go to tiffanies for your bread. i understand they have breakfast but go to a local grocer. i paid $9.99 for a regular loaf of bread. i bet you that lauren doesn't know how much a loaf of bread is. lauren: i would know more than ibram else. i buy three different types of bread a week. i know the exact brand you bought and where in new jersey i won't say it. if you do the french brioche bread, it's $10 a loaf. stuart: it was whole wheat. how much is a loaf of bread, susan? susan: probably more than that for the organic brands at whole foods. stuart: really? we sort that had one out enough it. is from mark. the only three hour show i know of. do you think the show is too
11:56 am
long, too short, or just right? i want six hours. 6-12 daily, mike? >> it's perfect. three hours is great and a great supporting cast and do a great job. stuart: flattery. lauren? lauren: is three enough or six? what are you asking me? stuart: i'm asking if you want more or less than three hours? lauren: more than three hours. stuart: i knew i liked you. we're out of time, sorry. we could use another hour, couldn't we? ashley: yes. stuart: friday feedback now the trivia question cpi president was injured in the revolutionary war: washington, adams, jefferson, minnesota row? monroe? the answer after this. ♪ you can't buy those. but you can invest in them. at t. rowe price, our strategic investing approach can help you build the future you imagine.
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♪ stuart: got to get to the quickly, which president was injured in the revolutionary war. ashley, you're first. >> george washington. stuart: mike? >> two, john adams. stuart: lauren? >> washington. stuart: washington, it is from me. james monroe, he was severely hurt at the battle of trenton the, a musket9 ball hit him in the shoulder. a. >> saved him -- a doctor saved him by tight his severed artery immediately. i believe that's called a tourniquet. what a show we've had. coast to coast starts now. ♪


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