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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 27, 2023 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> ron desantis is a very bright future for the republican party, but voters are not done with donald trump. >> elon musk jumping into every political controversy is a concern. >> we're woefully unprepared it the industrial base. we can see this in jew crane currentically we're -- ukraine and running out of ammunition and weapons. >> whatever biden is selling in state of the union and january el yellen, they're not feeling the love or in their wallet. >> i think it's just starting and will pick up a lot of steam in the next year or two. >> credits are being tapped out and auto payments. people will be saddled with all of these things. inflation will still be high. a year from now, republicans will be in an amazing place.
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stuart: tom petty, what could be wrong with tom petty on a monday morning. pace and rhythm and takes you forward. good morning, everybody. 11:00 eastern time on this monday, february 27. look at that market. it's pulled back from where it was say half hour ago. but you're up nearly 200 for the dow and over 100 for the nasdaq. big tech were all up and up in the big apple and up more than 1%. a 10-year treasury yield was left and earlier this morning it was getting close to 4% and backed off and it was 392 as we speak and that's the markets. now this. when i first came to america 50 years ago, i headed to california like so many other immigrants. it was the golden state. it was the future. now it's not. the state is in sharp decline and no longer the future and it is a monument to the failed policies of the past.
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it is extremely by cult to buy a horse and regulations out of about 40% of the cost of building. and chronic educational decline and you have an exodus and that's what's happening. california's population dropped by more than a half million people between july 2020 and july 2022. that is a real danger to the state because those who leave take their money with them. two-thirds of california's income tax revenues come from people making over $200,000 a year and those are the people who are leaving. the exodus is costing formally golden state billions of dollars and they've got a deficit over 22 billion and rising rapidly. what would it take to turn the state around? just consider for a moment, new york. in the 1970s, new york city lost 10% of its population driven out by taxes and crime.
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the state lost five house seats and now it recovered many years later when tax and crime issues were addressed by republicans. don't hold your breath waiting for california turn around. it's not quite bad enough yet. third hour of varney starts right now. ♪ stuart: a favorite guest returned to our studios in new york city. actually i think he lives most of the time in dc, but it is mark tieson, the best comist for the new york -- columnist for the new york post. florida and texas -- i mean california was the future and now it's the past. florida and texas, are they the future?
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>> i they are. if you set out to intentionally destroy a state, you cannot do a better job than gavin newsom. they ran out of u-haul trucks in the state of california and by contrast, they've reported about half a million people leaving california in the last two years and moved to florida with another 150 moving to texas and another 500,000 left and in california and about 500,000 500 moving to texas and florida. stuart: they're taking the money with them. >> the fox news poll and majority of republicans are the nominee and they don't want joe bide ton be the nominee. say they got their way, gavin newsom is a leading candidate for the democratic nomination and ron desantis is the leading for the republican and wouldn't that be an interesting election and have newsom versus desantis on the ballot in 2024. stuart: that would be fascinating but more possible. definitely possible.
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the energy department says a lab leak in china is to blame for covid and dr. fauci and administration down playing that theory forever. i mean, roll tape, please. >> the things that took to get to the point where it is now is totally consist with the jump of a series for animals to be human. >> what i would caution anyone is leaping ahead of international process and we don't have enough data and information to jump to a conclusion at this point in time. >> i have always said and will say today to you, john, that i still believe the most likely origin is from an animal species to a human. stuart: okay, the department says it's a lab leak. where to from here? >> you're saying dr. fauci got something wrong? stuart: i am. >> that's shocking. look, everybody knows this was a lab leak. it happened in wuhan, which is the -- location of wuhan
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institute of vir rolling and nothing to do with the lab -- virology and had nothing to do with the lab? makes no sense and bio-level safety 2 and not 4. safety 2 is in the dentist office and level 4 is with space suits. the first structure and supporter virus escaped -- sars escaped in the past and three doctors from the wuhan institute of virology got sick with covid-like symptoms in november of 2019 and you have to be an absolute moron to not see the connection there and the evidence for a natural outbreak, there's none. stuart: what do we do about it? >> what we need to do and shocked that hasn't happened yet is why is there no 9/11 commission happening right now, bipartisan commission investigating our failures? we spent so much time in a bipartisan way by the way, investigating the failures that led to the 9/11 attacks and far
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more people died of covid than died in 9/11 and there's minnesota multiple failures and you showed fauci's failures on this issue and failed to see the virus coming. they told us there was no community spread for six week when is we could have been doing something about it. they failed in the testing, they failed -- there's so many failures of our government. we didn't have enough equipment and ppe ready to go in case there was a pandemic. we'd been preparing for a decade and not ready. how did they happen with the failure to ms. vice president the lab leak and bipartisan commission to look into this and get to the bottom of it. stuart: we better get back to the markets and modest rally on our hands and nasdaq up just over 100 points and i can't say son catas katz joining me this y con katz joining me this morning. when will the fed pivot? >> the consensus on wall street was this year in the latter part
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and now that's pushed out to at least q1 of next year. so we have this data dependent fed and the data they're getting doesn't even remotely suggest a pivot in the offing let alone a pause. in order to actually avoid a downturn and we think it's inevitable that we have a mild recession, we need more workers coming into the labor force, that doesn't look like it's going to happen. getting the pause will be the proverbial pivot and get a more meaningful and sustainable rally. stuart: we have to wait till then. no sign of it happening and almost march 1. got to go through march, april, may, june, july, august and september and october. maybe by november we'll have more to talk about. we'll have something to talk about. stuart: a particular area of the market, which could rebound very
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nice and i'm thinking big tech because they've been hit. could they rebound nicely? >> of course because that's where your money is. stuart: that's right. help me out, jason. >> we have to win on the road and have a home bias and winning on the road is looking outside of the united states and a milder winter in europe and china's reopening and peak inflation and inflection point of peak inflation moderating monetary policies all happening in europe so i would look overseas where you have a 40% discount in valuation to that of the s&p. since the great financial crisis, the s&p up 260% and what the international market is up 40. stuart: i feel disloyal putting
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american-made money into other economies like europe or elsewhere. >> you can't have biases. >> might hear model two from tesla and maybe hear more about it on wednesday. stuart: maybe that's why the stock is up 5%. fedex, what's with them? >> they increased price target from 196-234 and about a 20% jump from here. stuart: don't tell me that buy do is getting into artificial intelligence. lauren: earny is their chat bot and -- -- ernie is their chat t
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and they're getting into the ais. stuart: governor of florida desantis said bob czapek chained to him about woke employees. >> hollywood burbank in california and a flight clear for takeoff when another was one mile awyoming uh oh, there's the story for you -- away. there's the story for you. member of britain's parliament has a solution for people struggling with high inflation. work more hours and we have an update for you. nigel is next. ♪
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the weight just fell off. i have people come up to me all the time and ask me, "does it really work?" and all i have to say is, "here i am. it works." my advice for everyone is to go with golo. it will release your fat and it will release you. stuart: we have the brexit leader with us, nigel firage. what's your re-sponges, nigel? >> sounds insensitive when food inflation is the problem and there's a kernel of truth in
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what she has to stay. if you can't afford today what you could afford two years aggs, you've got to make some changes and cuts. maybe what she should have said is stop buying so many expensive takeout, preprepared meals that make you fat, aren't very nutritious, and go out and buy vegetables in season when they're locally produced and ready so this idea that the state has to bail everybody out. is a mistake and she may have sounded harsh but if you can't afford things anymore, you've got to make changes. she's not entirely wrong. stuart: okay. i thought you were going to say something else. okay. that's all right with us, nigel. all good stuff. i want to hear from you about the royals. is it true that camilla after the coronation will not be queen consort but just plain queen?
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that would seem like a promotion. >> going back to 2005 when charles finally married and that'll be the queen consort and she's paid her penance and all these years of the women because of that and i think the british people and those around the commonwealth and english speaking world have taken them to their hearts and the coronation will be a full one and she'll be a queen in her own right and you know what, i think she's earned it. stuart: okay, one more for you. we've got a new poll over here that finds harry and meghan as the least popular royals. how do they rank in britain?
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>> believe you me, they are down at the level of prince andrew, who of course after his association with jeffrey epstein understandably is not very popular and we have sick to the back teeth of this win jane couple and the couple forever telling us they want privacy while they do netflix films and write books and sue anybody in the media who's overly critical of them. we are sick to death of them and i have to say, i very much hope they don't come to the coronation. if they do, the people in the streets of london will boo them and i'm delighted that the american public opinion is catching up and hopefully in a couple year as time, nobody will want to hear a single word they have to say. stuart: whoa, that's debting them straight. telling them straight. nigel farage, time to come to
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the states some time. >> i'll be there this week for cpac. stuart: okay. thanks, nigel. all right, you better explain the investing rule, ashley. esg, what's going on? ashley: i'll do my best. yes, republicans say these are retirement plans that should be solely focused on delivering maximum returns not advancing a political agenda and department of labor's converse y'all rule investment plan i did fiduciaries can prioritize claimant change and other social issues to invest and house republicans vote on the rule and opponents say it's an effort to oppose a social agenda on more than 10 million americans who's -- 140 million americans whose retirement plans are set by the federal government and house passage by the government are assured and it's not clear that democrat leaders in the
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senate will take it up and it's not close. esg we'll have to wait and see and purely investing on the basis of climate change and other social issues and republicans say that's ridiculous. stu. stuart: so do i. ash, another one, governor desantis said former disney chief bob chapek complained about his own woes. ashley: yeah, former disney ceo called and complained about the pressure he was facing over the state's new parental rights bill that critics dubbed don't say gay bill. this revelation is made in desantis' new memoir released tomorrow and called the courage to be free, florida's blueprint for american revival. strong title. in one chapter though, desantis claim that had chapek didn't want disney to get involved in the theme and get ago lot of pressure to weigh in against the bill and desantis writes that chapek and disney "ultimately
11:23 am
caved to leftist media and activist pressure and pressed the false narrative against the bill". chapek left late in 2022 and replaced by the predecessor bob oil aiger that came in and didnt like the company embroiled in the controversial issues. stu. stuart: see this about a california man setting the world records for visits to disney? ashley: remarkable. three years, 14 months and 12 dais he's gone to disneyland every day. that sets a new guinness world record. he's made 995 consecutive visits and began as a joke and turn intoed a source of positivity and even got to know the disney employees and would receive
11:24 am
special gifts as the years went by and, yes, if you're wondering, he has a full-time job so he says he has to keep a close tab on the parked calendar to make sure he can make it to the park before it closes and what's his favorite attraction of disneyland? the mater horn bobsleds. if you went on it's a small world ride every day, you'd need psychiatric care. that's all i'm tellingout that's remarkable. stuart: i wonder if he get as discount because he goes every day. letting him in with half priced quotes. ashley: no, it's disney. stuart: thanks, ash. back to you later. quick check of the markets and keep on touch with them and dow's up 100 and nasdaq up 91 pulling back from the strong gains we saw at the opening bell. next case. forget about quiet quitting and now it's quiet hiring and we tell you about it. a new fox poll finds the majority of people finding less
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money in their pockets compared to next year and steve forbes gets into that next. ♪stuart: the market still in
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the green but not as much as we were an hour or two ago. the dow is up about 100 points. ssusan li with me again. it's gone straight up. just because the guy at the top leaves? susan: i was expecting another pun but okay. saving it for later. stuart: he got railroaded. susan: that's right. stuart: i stole that from steve forbes sitting next to me. susan: steve, thank you for the comedy this morning. best performer on the s and 500 so far and yes, the ceo got railrailroaded and lance fritz t forced out and they'll name a new successor later this year and had a 1% stake in the railroad and able to kick autolance fritz. their only demand for the company to find a new ceo. stuart: they've only got 1%? susan: $1.6 billion. stuart: that's enough power to chuck out the ceo and the board
11:30 am
agreed with them? susan: apparently so. look at stock reaction and you're lance and now your stock gets two upgrades and rbc, bank of america and agree it's good moves for the stock and bank of america is calling it a 241 stock and rbc says worth 210 and acts victimses very busy over the past year and activity has really picked up and it usually does in a down market and falling stock prices means added pressure for these activist investors to ra wrangle changes. stuart: that's up with that? susan: yeah, microsoft was up 1.5% and microsoft said it's integrating more ai capabilities into the cloud azure services and snap chat plus subscriber and the chat bot subscriber and
11:31 am
one of the best performers today and anticipation launching chatgpt and cybersecurity like crowd strike get ago lift from the ai boom. so crowd apparently worth 150 according to morgan stanley this morning. stuart: one more item to bring me up to speed with and that's the chip sector. susan: ai boom continues and that draft in the high tide in the video and that's the monster stock over the past week and that's the monster stock this year and it's up 60% in eight weeks. that's because they're seeing the main beneficiary of the ai boom supplying all the fast chips too and creating the software and also qualcomm developing satellite messaging on android phones. stuart: socks earlier and 78% in eight weeks. susan: that's impressive. stuart: for a stock that size, nvidia, up 67% in eight weeks? that's a stunner. susan: $400 billion chip maker.
11:32 am
stuart: look at this, a new fox poll finds and shows 57% of people have less money in their pocket than a year ago. steve forbes on the set in new york city with me now. is that biden's fault? >> yes, he's been in charge for over two years, he's ft. put in massive new regulations x-rated for energy and inflation gone up and border is open and more crime hurting the chips act and wants to raise taxes even more. what's not to dislike about a program like that? stuart: well, what's not to dislike? we start a double negative and it's a terrible record. it's all inflected and can't blame trump for raising taxes and can't blame trump for piling on regulations and trump did just the opposite. stuart: he did exactly that. i want to bring up warren buffet pushing back on crit ibrams and letters to -- critics in his
11:33 am
letter to investors saying what you're told, all repurchasing and stock buy backs are harmful to shareholders or the country or beneficial to ceos, you're listening to either an economic it literal or silver tongued demdemigod. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders want to stop the buy backs. >> look at companies trying to tell them how to run their companies. stuart: why shouldn't a company not be table to re-time-based their own data? >> the company if you can't put the cash to work and shareholders and others that can put to work and have higher opportunities and it's good for the companies are not hording cash and taking out of the economy and productive investment.
11:34 am
let investor haves it and investors own the company theoretically, legally, elizabeth warren might not recognize it. stuart: she wants to change that one. stuart: thank you, steve forbes. we've spent a lot of time and this is me talking about quiet quitting and staying in the workplace called quiet hiring and, ashley, tell us all about this. ashley: rather than hire new workers and employees are reallocating current employees s or new and quiet hiring getting high marks from the hr leaders and say jump in largement and that's one way to encourage employees and break the boar democrat of existing duties and if -- boredom of changes and leverage the opportunity to build new skills and it can also be a opportunity apparently for
11:35 am
a raise and retention is key for employers and they boost or pay cash bonuses and it's likely cheaper than filling that role externally in terms of time and money. bottom line in a tight money retaining and retraining workers is a big benefit for any employer. employer. stuart: bring up the topic of ccostco $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. now a $10 roast beef sandwich? ashley: yeah, not big fans about this and i suspect this new item on the costco menu is a little rich for mr. varney's taste and a social media post showed a new roast beef sandwich at a cost koenen location in -- costco location in washington state and $9.95 and cause add stir with
11:36 am
many people criticizing the price and pointing out it's the equivalent to the whole costco pizza and costco asked just $3.99 for hot turkey and provolone sandwich and barbecue beef brisket is $4.99 and a slice of pizza is $1.99. unclear if the new roast beef sandwich is limited to washington state location or if it'll be tested in other locations. i have a feeling it's a little too much. stu. stuart: just as long as it's not used as substitute for the $1.50 hot dog and soda. ashley: that's going away. stuart: thank you very much. let's get serious again. a teacher in washington state wants schools to keep students gender information hidden from their parents. what do you think? wee going to be all over that one? of course we are. staffing shortage with airlines cutting more flights and leaving some rural airports with no service at all. we have a report on that as well and it's coming up next.
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>> technical issues involving the engine ignition system and supposed to go to the international space station and not going and the next attempt could be as early as thursdayment. >> if you're trying to get to a rural area and not near a city and american airlines pulled out of dubuque, iowa, el rio, texas,
11:42 am
and columbus. in columbus they are able to absorb and not that far from atlanta and not that case in del rio and close to the mexican border and nearly three hours in car and we're told in dubuque local companies already are talking about moving out. >> rural america is being left behind by the airline industry. we are the ones that are the first and worst. we're the first impact and their decisions have the worst impact on our smaller communities. >> our hotels will be impacted from 15-20% because if they have to fly into san antonio, they're going to fly either early or the night before and spend the night over there and come to del rio and go back to sa san antonio ad catch an earlier flight.
11:43 am
>> most of them are small regional airports with the blame on pilots and another airline moves in and picks up some of the slack and many times there's no replacement and overall it's clear these moves have had an impact on rural areas and not located in airports near big cities. stuart: it's a real problem. good stuff, connell. thank you very much. ashley: ntsb and faa on this latest case, a close call that happened last wednesday at burbank airport in southern california. it's a great little airport. according to initial report that a pilot with mesa airline cleared if r landing was forced to abort when realizing at plane was taking off on the same runway and the instrument panel put out a warning and the latest in a number of close calls that
11:44 am
occurred at u.s. airports recently and in this case mesa pilot circled around the airport before making a safe landing and no injuries reported thank goodness but investors trying to find out who -- investigators trying to figure out how something like this could happen and i hope they find out quickly. stuart: it happen as lot these days. ashley, thank you. it's that time when we show you all 30 of dow stocks give you a sense of the market. when the market opened 9:30 eastern this morning, every single dow 30 stock in the green and all up and that's changed and now we have about a third of them on the downside and the dow is up just 74 points. school choice, a wonderful thing and seems to be advancing everywhere, my next guest says this could be the best year in history for educational empowerment. wonderful stuff and we'll tell you more about it after this. ♪ this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again.
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stuart: despite school districts receiving about $190 billion in federal aid, students continue to fall even further behind post-pandemic. garret tenny with me. what are schools doing to get these students back on track?
11:49 am
>> stu, the two most common things are after school tutoring and adding extra days to the school year and bigger question is are they doing enough. some school districts lost equivalent of a year or more during the pandemic and harvard education researcher thomas cain said if schools don't do more than they are right now, the learning loss from the pandemic could be permanent. >> we can't have normal school and have to have normal school plus to help kids catch up. the problem is most people don't realize that just how much grounds students lost and catch upward mobility. >> done by national assessment of progress, in both chicago and los angeles, only 20% of fourth grade students proficient in math and 11% drop for chicago from 2019.
11:50 am
in baltimore and detroit, the already low number of students who tested proficient pre-pandemic got cut in half last year to just 7.13%. in reading it's not much better. in la, 75% of students can't read at grade level and that's the high mark for the group. in detroit, 95% of students aren't able to read at the level they should be. nationwide it's not much better with just a third of fourth graders proficient in math and reading and professor cain from harvard said most don't realize how far their kids are and coming home with good grades and those grades don't show how far behind their classes are on the curriculum because of all that lost learning time during the pandemic. stu. stuart: what a situation. garret tenny, thank you, garret. we appreciate that. then we have this, howard university is a historically black college and a white student suing for racial discrimination. ashley, what grounds is he
11:51 am
suing? ashley: good question. michael newman is suing the school for racial discrimination alleging the university create add "hostile learning environment". he attended the law school from 2020-2022 when he was expelled on claims that he racially harassed classmates. now newman is suing the school for that racial discrimination and the hostile education environment and says that newman suffered depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts of public ostracism and vilification and more. he is seeking $2 million for pain, suffering, and emotional damage to his reputation. howard is prepared to vigorously defend itself and calls newman's suit one si sided and self-serv. interesting. stu. stuart: ash, thank you. look at this headline, school choice revolution, governor's driving this fast growing
11:52 am
movement. i like that. valuerrhea -- valarea gerr wrote that and joining me today. it's making big gains in oklahoma and arkansas and various other states as well. how strong is this thing? >> it's very strong and working in school choice for a long time now and i never seen anything like this and we're expecting texas, oklahoma and like you mentioned south carolina, arkansas and idaho and more and even purple states like nevada are pushing the governor here and also pushing for school choice and it's called school choice revolution and 2023 will be the revolution of school choice. stuart: do parents get to spend
11:53 am
some of the money they're paying in taxes to the school and they can spend that money on the charter school and the voucher system or whatever. the parents control the money. is that the commonality of school choice? >> correct. we believe every child should have access to quality implication regardless of choice and money belongs to parents and not the system. stuart: is this about breaking the influence of the teacher's union? >> well, i work at the teacher's union and have for a couple years and experienced myself one of the things they were all about and all about the students about the money and not the students. essentially in the teacher's union not sayreing alaska the students and seeing the reports and wouldn't see the reports showing what we're seeing right now and kids and the gaps have widened and they're very, very large in comparison before the pan democrat and i can really large and now even -- pandemic
11:54 am
and now even larger and they would be doing something about the students and not just focusing on getting the funding. it's about getting kids a quality education. and the parents get to decide that. stuart: good, one last one. a teacher in washington state wants schools to keep students gender information secret flat configuration their parents -- secret from parents. kids aren't safe from their "cristo fascist parents". have at it, valeria. >> it's some traditional schools don't want families and pans to have a say in the education of their children and this is why we need school choice and families deserve to have a face of the education of their kids and even more the traditional system has been failing students for way too long and with not accountability and essentially i
11:55 am
believe they need to empower families and have access to quality education and despite zip code or where they come from and parents need to know what's going on. stuart: valaria gurr on school trend. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: protect the markets and we're in rally mode but just. when the market opened the dow up over 300 and nasdaq opaqued 150 and we've come back from that level and dow up 70 and nasdaq 90 and s&p 18 points. it's 11:55, almost, time for the monday trivia question. it's a good one. before florida, which state had the original nickname of the sunshine state? new mexico, texas, arizona, mississippi? we'll see if ash knows the answer after this.
11:56 am
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stuart: this was a good one. our producers labored mightily to come up with a really good trivia question and they came up with this one, before florida, which state hat had the nickname of sunshine state, new mexico, arizona, texas, mississippi. ash, you're on deck, what do you think? >> mississippi the show-me state. texas lone star state. new mexico land of enchanment. i lived in arizona. has to be. stuart: so am i. new mexico. there it is new mexico.
12:00 pm
i have to explainer for you. in 1892 the state's unofficial nickname was the sunshine state. we're talking arizona now. they never actually made it official. in 1970 florida's state legislature adopted the nickname by legal resolution making it officially theirs. how about that? a nickname grab. >> impressive. stuart: pretty good. that's florida. we like them, we like them. thank you, ash. see you again tomorrow. quick check of the markets. i see green up and down. not as much green we had before. don't forget to send in the "friday feedback." do it anyway. email us, critiques, comments anything you like. a little hate mail wouldn't hurt. varney viewsers that's it for us at "varney & company" today. "coast to coast" starts in three, two, one. neil: now the anger is leaking out. amid reports that the u.s.


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