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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 28, 2023 9:00am-10:00am EST

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course next three years, roughly 50% of our government debt comes due we're going to have to refinance it now with higher rates that is with the fed no longer buying treasurys japan buying less china buying less, so less demand rates are higher going to continue to put upward pressure on interest costs. >> people don't focus on it too much, lee, but markets don't focus until they focus. then it is too late because you've got a spiraling out of control, of market performance, we will keep a spotlight on it mark tepper, lee carter great show have a good day we see you tomorrow markets up 72 points on dow industrials, "varney & company" up next take it >> good morning and here we go, the ever-growing threat of china, is front and center in the news today, florida governor ron desantis, slams what he
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calls, china's covid-19 cover-up to buy any said that the u.s. response is a major failure and president bidd that there is no consensus as te origins of the pandemic but he also said that you have a president who will get to the bottom of this and news today is that china has started building, thousands of fire plants cold vastly increasing cot emissions and they will not sacrifice for climate change and are they are rivalry enemy to the markets, yes a modest gain for the stocks and medicament to begin today, vidal looks like it again of 70 points at the opening bell, and 16 from the nasdaq in the interest rates and aging ever so higher and neil is now 394, and into your coming in the summer ejected was for innovative 2480, and a sidebar story and interest rates, according to the government being campers coming
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government spending plans will add $19 trillion to the national debt in the next decade and that will mean, that extra $10 trillion in interest payments and the elon musk headline of the day, he is back is the richest person in the world, is worth an estimated, $187 billion come the starting price of tesla stocking, posing back on top and it is a big internet, and again of 1.7 percent of the show today, the stock buybacks, are sent to hit a record $1 trillion in total, this year alone and the socialists, senators warren and centers are mad and shows quite pleased and tuesday the 28th of the last day of the month, bernie and company is about to begun. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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sue and aside from the rain, yes, i can understand, looking at manhattan, and is rain and sleet and it's cold and it was like winter. [laughter] we deserve this, the white house continues to push back on the theory that covid-19 was a result of the lab leak from china good morning lauren and what is white house saying. >> will they cannot make a definitive conclusion on whether it was a lab leak from china and listen in. >> there's no consensus right now, in the u.s. government about exactly how covid-19 started and there is just not an intelligence consistence. >> there is no consensus, there's no consensus and you for this from jake sullivan yesterday knew her this from iconic just moments ago and we are going to do everything we can to that you have a president that wants to get to the bottom of this sweet if does he want to get to the bottom of this and okay so here's what we stand, yaffe fbi energy department confirmed the lab leak oh they were for federal agencies that say likely national transmission
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from it animal to federal agencies are undecided. stuart: for federal agency said it could be from animals really speech of so when they talk about consensus, there's think it will not everybody is an agreement so what do you do about that will be energy department said there is new evidence of their looking at that make them say is likely a lab leak and declassify or at least that congress see it. stuart: the governor of florida desantis is calling the white house handling of the handling of covid-19 in the coming ancient chinese communist party the fact that the u.s. government and the chinese company's party does not love them accountable for the actions on the origins of covid-19 commencement a major failure of the thieves had to beg the ccp for peace and in key supplies to fight the pandemic that originated try to come that was humiliating potential because the ccc's roll in covering up the origins of the virus ever and killing come up with us this morning and brian, will we hold china accountable.
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>> not yet not with this administration and they've had the chance is the lack of curiosity yesterday, and this comes up, the fbi and the department of energy with a scientist to say this thing came from a lab, and that all of a sudden you have almost a difference him of overlooking into it will see what happens will you know this administration, when they want to get something done, jim crow 2.0 and when they want to drill something into the republicans for example but they want to get rid of medicare and social security which is not going happen, they vetted out but they want the story to go away mr. vastly let it go away, millions are dead around the globe we don't seem to have an administration curious on how it happened nor do they know and what is your c1 we just spoke with the governor ron desantis, is there any after which are said to him after what he said he was there any doubt that he's running for president. brian: okay shocked if he is not him i would be shocked to meet after reading the book, get the book of the weekend, the
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blueprint he said this is how i did it, why i'm in politics and wanted to get here these are my policies, never pulled anything, i did but i thought was best for the state and i would sit down for the experts in the medical profession, that of a sedan with constitutional law experts to see that my powers are, and i executed in the and people voted to invite 19, and the cliffhanger is what is next for the 44 -year-old prayed and the question is, putting it up president trump, who said nothing but nice things about his book, is been getting some slings and arrows already from him but he does not want to hire back in the last question of asking which is when be in the radio right now, i recorded history so i could do this with you in the radio show starts as you know at nine oh six house question i asked him as was about president trump and he said i support a lot of what he did, nobody said lately i thought well that's interesting so it one point he's going to engage the sewer you know this, get engaged but if you lose the
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trust voter, you cannot win the election and a trump loses it to desantis does support you can not when the election and how will they navigate this. stuart: weirdo florida diner and i know you been talking to the diners there all morning new side of the on, mostly favor trump or desantis. brian: love desantis factual me to ask. stuart: yes do it now. brian: okay which running merchants them over here there we go, marcia, who's about for trump or desantis and we had the choice. guest: mixing us because i love desantis but the state of florida i would hate for them to lose them. brian: from for selfish reasons he wouldn't vote for him. guest: i think he i would we've had not the real many of leadership since four years ago. brian: weary talk to you, what is your name julie, have you had
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a choice between trump and desantis. guest: again it is a tough one in trump is really irritating me and talking and calling names to desantis which really irritates me before he started to do that i was a trump and if desantis runs, i'm voting desantis. brian: so 40 miles from the georgia border your thoughts. >> c5 i hate to lose desantis here and we just need to get in control again the boys we had desantis. guest: will for these guys i think it's almost like a family fight and they do not want to see the brothers fighting. stuart: good tell you, it's unusual to see you in a full suit, shirt and tie insider in florida what is without. brian: i think there's a little jealousy the way you said that and thinking that you're fully under underdressed when he went to the diner near angry at yourself, that is now rushing at me on your network and you know, if you need to do that steward
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and feel better i'm torn and that's a good question, i'm hosting a show this is how you dress and same time going to a diner and so i'm about to talk to the governor and senator and should i just like i met diner or interviewing engine interviewing the sinners on the biggest mysteries of life is a few other things we need to figure out and also the bermuda triangle i still don't know what happened to the ships. stuart: that was the longest answer that ever heard my life that is pretty good and i think that got the audiences attention and will see you again real soon and oh, they just read on home prices and i know it was backwards but when you have. lauren: give me time to get through the data thank you and prevents in the rope home prices have fallen from november - december, this is a december down 9 percent as you look annually, and still up, 4.6 process but that is the lowest annual gain since the life of 2020, so another piece of information is showing no prices are falling in the housing
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market has slowed. stuart: 's thank you's and look at the futures, left-hand side of your screen, little bit of rain and the dow is up about 40 mark avila is with us this money market, look, it looks to me lie this is a kind of ago know where the market at the moment and how it makes the money and coming onto it. mark: it is a bit of a go nowhere if you look at several months and it may not feel this way the market has been trending mostly naturally i think investments have to leave behind the playbook from the ten years prior to covid-19 or even during covid-19, where it was the u.s. in large-cap tech and easy winners think those days are behind us i think you have to branch out and be broadly distant riverside realize that in a higher interest ruled, the stocks paid dividends help investors and it returns the capitol and we also have to look at bonds in the demise of this 60 - 40 portfolio, this would
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announced of this wavering and infect now with the rates higher in the box a look at those and at that two years our portfolios i have been pushing six-month treasury bills yielding 5 percent think of spoken to you about this before and are you still the business you still thank you so a good idea at this point. mark: yes, we have talked about ineffective shorten the duration of it is also asked me about the tutor and of astute choices i looked into your because what is going happen coming it feels good to cling to that six-month or the money market is paying over 4 percent thought but if in more likely when the right struck him you were to be stuck lower rates and so go out two - three years to lock in this current form have almost 5 percent u.s. treasury, and not forget about corporate in a tax-free accounting an ira or tax-deferred account, by the corporate bonds, and if there in your appetite, because the
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interest is tactual five or even six and seven investment bonds and so probably diversify, and include fixed income. stuart: solvent socks for 12 years and now there's a shift and maybe a couple of months with effort, they give tony us and see you again soon and thank you and coming up, has oversight committee chair, james was a question top border patrol agents and there is mounting pressure to the republican house, will the administration accountable for the border crisis and will accountability, ever happened and we will see cleaning up the spill site in east balancing on waiting. minister michael reagan will make his third trip to the site, is looking to confirm levels and said they are within safe parameters letter report, right from their treasury secretary janet yellen made an unannounced trip and hunched biden support for ukraine for as long as it takes is america united and backing and paying for that long
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stuart: that is frank sinatra just for you on. lauren: is not wishful thinking for better weather ahead. stuart: will that is wisconsin, where it is 36 degrees seems warm for wisconsin in late
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february. lauren: it looks warmer. stuart: let's move on, treasury secretary yellen, made a surprise visit to khiv and while there she promised the u.s. about ukraine, for as long as it takes and kurt volker the former u.s. investor date of joins me now and is are investor is america united and back in ukraine and have million i don't think it is. guest: while think indefinitely, that is the wrong metric i think this race as long as it takes, it is time to update that because nobody knows what it means and as long as what it takes exactly sue went to win when i guess but well how would you define went in ukraine. guest: right, but i think that ukraine has to defeat russian forces in ukraine and push them back to the borders russia has to say okay, we're done fighting and that's what we have to do and if that is a measure, and president biden and janet yellen are going to khiv we should be
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putting everything and everything into this as quickly as possible so say let's get this over with as quickly as we can instead. stuart: could you make a military analysis or judgment here that if we did give them what they need, ukraine can win and win quickly. kurt: yes, i think so in a couple of things i need, meaning the longest range artillery we have so they can hit the russian depots that are in the ukrainian territory and further than ukrainians can range right now and i need that also to cut off coming at them and of the overrun them and use all of the forces trying to hold it but rather to cut it off and the ground line of communications in the land bridge in the south, this was a need to be able to go efforts of the long-range artillery and in the tanks, that we are others are sitting on, that would allow them to push the russian forces back. stuart: and f-16s. kurt: yes we should do that and
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remember a long time ago, we talked about a tenth as well and they are ground attack aircraft and they are ideal for with the ukraine a. stuart: try to accuses america bullying because a new sanctions on chinese companies played a roll in ukraine and it seems to be getting on this in the u.s. in the russia and china, the relationship and intentions just keep mounting in a global scale. kurt: frightening think we are misreading china a little bit china is trying to end this war as we see it. because they are negatively affected by attendant does not mean that they're going to side with russia and provide russia arms, and it actually they want to be part of ukraine's reconstruction a bigger economic interest with us and with european union than they do with russia as i think we should be managing this try to think a little bit differently in a bit more quietly because again, the goal should be to end this as quickly as possible and i think that china want that as well and so we do that to support ukrainians push the russians out and get a piece in place.
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stuart: that's what we want to do, kurt volker mr. ambassador, thank you and seo get later. the white house is beginning to enforce its ban on tiktok, question, new federal have to have tiktok off of their devices. devices. lauren: three day spring morning, so they have about a month on government devices and tiktok is still in the bonds more than 100 million americans could change today the house of foreign affairs committee will vote on a bill to get president biden authority to man tiktok on all of those devices supporters say tiktok is basically the chinese bible and on your phone in a chair of the house, comedian china mike gallagher said the chinese communist party uses the same exact tactics that that uses the control the chinese people in china, un-american through the way it uses tiktok i thank you so really scary parallel and i look at young people and teenagers scrolling through those mindless
9:22 am
videos anything is innocent, china might be doing something as you do that c1 okay the next case what is this lauren, biden is no longer cracking down on use investments in china. lauren: that's a political report and they are saying the administration will not support this fully public china. they say the white house is scaling back their plans to regulate u.s. investment in china and so for example they want about new investments in ai but they will allow investments in other areas like biotech minute going to require personal by the government about serving business deal east killington transparency and so i would say that was the teeth in this plan. seventy people are you know, about all of this economic and decoupling now is a looking, the details are being fine-tuned as we speak and we will see a final version in the spring but yes, this is not, the bill would keep that c1 petabyte quietly of getting china on the way as
9:23 am
volker just suggested. lauren: guess it's a tricky dance of the u.s. house with china believe it or not many republicans are against the decoupling because they have business interests in china. stuart: this popped up a must win yesterday, and vladimir putin gave up was calling bridget award to an american actor. lauren: yes also russian citizens stevenson golf since 2016 and he is a friend of vladimir printed, and a vocal supporter of the invasion into ukraine and the annexation of crimea in 2014 so i started to go enforce the backlash you don't hear much backlash and i can tell you sanchez have been recommended against him. that's about it. stuart: and he's in russia. lauren: while right now, likely always working on a documentary about the invasion of ukraine and he has landed right area from putin and it just nobody talks about his. stuart: it was unknown to me lori thank you and quickly check the future space is very modest gains were stopped yesterday,
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stuart: the futures point to a flat to slightly over market at least they do know that many open up and greg smith is with us this morning look right, as it is to everybody the shows morning, it seems to me that this is a goes over market and utterly boring and tell me how you make some money. guest: i hate to be the brunt of bearish news but if you like being equity investors today's likely examine her they all go upstream and salmon run and work any of the mouth of the mayor. [laughter] stuart: this a great analogy. guest: acute philip it market it will continue to be write down with a negative bias is really hard being an equity investor or so will be pockets of picking the stocks from a macro standpoint, robust capitol preservation and choosing yielded the fed is really looking for a trend in inflation a downtrend before the reverse reevaluate monetary policy until
9:29 am
that happens is when be very hard being an equity investor c1-that pretty face shield and expose if you go for the dividend yield stocks in treasury securities the upper bonds, but are you stuck investor, limited to dividend payments and if you want that kind to fight well if you want to be an equity summerlike government/sci-fi family mention by and under both la and i would probably buy them the but i think that you have a decent yield there and i think the liver to any return the capitol markets business, financial is not going to have a financial crisis and we did many years ago and so their boundaries are in good shape and he want to hide some of the financials, i think it would pull back is a good spots but it is very hard here to chase equities market and can show up in the bank and get farnham percent, with the money and the money market himself until we see a sign of the consumer really getting checked out, and then pull back in the spinning, people continue to spend but we have a labor
9:30 am
problem at a spinning problem in this country and so until this thanks change, i think that is hard to chase equities. stuart: what about running to the safety of one year treasury, yields maybe 5 percent some something. guest: is a better place either losing a place in the market inequities and chasing stocks are now. stuart: you don't want to hide do you, you want to be out there making money they are equity markets. guest: you do but you gotta focus on capitol preservation you cannot fight them that we are salmon swimming upstream heading up into the mouth of their have to wait and figure spot. stuart: 509 and i'll take it in thank you benito they state and local taxes on the interest on a treasury security so you got a tax break to boot and well that treasury should pay me money for advertising their debt really. guest: teresa going to keep going higher. stuart: tough job but you did well and look at the board on the board, open for business, just at nine. that was open ever so slightly,
9:31 am
low about 50 points as we speak, i don't think i'm for them to open the dow is 30, that's, with if you intercept out there not that many in a downside move today across the board and the s&p 500, and look this is not much selling here, going down about .1.2 percent on the s&p and down .19 percent on the dow and nasdaq that is down opening lower, and .156 percent, that is nothing in big ticket makes position there, is up and will get into that in a moment in the rest of them, are down. key earnings reports all right before about including target, tell me more susan. guest: they did not mention after shrinkage is a lesson, the last quarter they said that a cost of $400 million but no mention of the holiday and they did before melissa higher sales higher profit and firstly for target and almost a year discounting help them to reduce the inventory issue you heard
9:32 am
that from the ceo brian cornell and he said is still a very challenging environment of this white target is giving every wide range of 2023 guardian so they say the same store sales which is basically how you measure for truck make could be capitol of single to be up and low single percentage points quite a hedge there but high inflation ultimately consumers are shifting convergences to the groceries beauty and household items essentials as they say. stuart: will foot traffic in the upper down and announce and we go, the cruise lines, what is happening there norwegian. susan: is disappointing looking at a cell if you're in the stock and this because of a bigger gloss of expected despite the fact that evidence revenge travel ready received that also their minds and resent to report the record profits, and the sales did beat butter next god below forecast and you know it market day dennis, i think using the commercial i think we use in here printed the software services provider and strong earnings last year subscription
9:33 am
revenue was up by 20 percent to in last year and recurring revenue when you people are payg you your monthly or yearly rights on their subscriptions however, workday is been conservative with the right decision about when reset 20 percent level live enjoyed just been conservative c1 facial recognition on stuart morning so, i am in immediately and we do have our take on my phone i can confirm, that we use this susan: julianna did a great job with facial recognition. stuart: she's dragon me into the 21st century. susan: that someone buffett in the largest holder in the company and they missed on both the profit in the south but here's the thing, they are doing what buffett said that people in this oxygen, which is by vector thought about that three billing dollars are they going to the dividend is up, and i figured evidence by about 40 percent so that is positive. stuart: give me ten seconds,
9:34 am
buybacks stock buybacks as you, follow $1 trillion in the first time ever is a record. susan: near record levels however, do you think try to get ahead of any proposed by back tax that you heard from biden during the state of the unit address. stuis within 20 doesn'ttell me . susan: so we have here's is yours because of the mexican tesla plans did you know that elon musk is now the world's richest person want to get in is worth $190 billion. when an 80 million okay but then run up and so basically that's gone up $50 million after tesla's 60 percent release of our in a weeks time this year, the stock is up again is a measure because of this possible new tesla mexican our plant, ill and must vaccine president of an art has a in a call yesterday, so over to the mexican plant will be very big no specifics
9:35 am
but a lot of wealth many jobs from this deal sounds really doesn't and no subsidies with researchers for tesla, he also they had yesterday, usually of his kind of runner tesla shares with eco- master plans and 20 master plan three for austin, and will hear more about the battery tech and self driving and pretty much like some forms of our past week or so. stuart: and that's making it richer. susan: when i was reading it, bernard report on did you know that leaders on makes 50 percent profit margins on those expensive bags of leather, 50 percent. stuart: despite the makes me knocked socialist recorder but i digress. susan: is all of the branding. stuart: you updated with the european union is doing to apple. susan: yes of this is actually positive because they are down narrowing the scope of allegations on antitrust concerns, that the race a few years ago so this is really focused on the app store, and you know, the commissions that apple takes from unep sales and
9:36 am
so no longer looking into the music enough charges, so that is kind of a novel commission that they take from spotify if you're buying a song or subscription in this spotify app we know that spotify has really complained by the way, about the wiggles egregious taxes and is equivalent to the charges that apple takes commissions in the app store. stuart: just a few moments ago we show you met let us performers big tech and i think that it is still is an this zuckerberg revamping the ai team. susan: [applause] do the means, so the avenue top-level product group on generative artificial intelligence, ai so you will see probably more of a chat, the functions and whatsapp and also in instagram, but if you yesterday we saw the same thing from snap, this morning integrate more ai duties that if you like this just goes up and you know they try to, is introducing a new chat bot early
9:37 am
in the middle of next month and so sue and i went straight up yesterday. susan: yes and google microsoft is also here's her ai boost socks there and microsoft c1 we want soon as up so this morning. susan: because i think will yes, so it is to notice much as that was after the earnings but i think that it was about so is pretty good thought was on the beach even though they lost money for the first time since 2019, two and last year but still i think we've accepted that those tripling sales on the 2020 and 2021 years are done yes and so they been cutting across and got around 50 percent of the workforce and i think that's pretty much what we were expecting to my post pandemic stability. susan: for the loss also comes from the stock compensation they had appealed to their employees suet thank you and will see you later in the show start of your cohost will be goldberg had something to say about the reediting of books roll it.
9:38 am
>> you have to stop this, okay, just put a disclaimer on it to have the right to read how people thought so that they know how to make the change. stuart: what a concept, kids should be out to read as it was written and i think i agree with will be on this one and all right vandyke woke patriotic market place it's called public square, going public in $200 million deal back by donald trump jr. like nesters and coming promises to stop americans from giving money to companies that them as ceos. tell us how he will do that the government said spinning will add $10 trillion in interest alone printed national debt in the next ten years, and this happen is what is been like drunken sailors and larry kudlow is next.
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suet despite the report from the energy department that whiteness continues to say that there is no definitive conclusion of the origins of covid-19 and peter is with us, it is been three years, then when will we have a definitive conclusion from the white house. guest: maybe we've never will because nobody is jumping to any conclusions until some additional intel agencies, come to their will arrive to the conclusion that covid-19 jumped out of the lab. stuart: the president made try to find the origins of covid-19 a priority, right when he came into office has all government effort designed to do that there
9:44 am
is not a consensus right now, and he was government about exactly how covid-19 started. guest: is disputed by many critics on capitol hill however, some trump era health officials say that the biden administration is right, to have the energy department in the lead heard. >> i think that's a valid note that both the fbi and now the department of energy, have come to the conclusion that they believe this virus came from the wuhan lab and what is important about the workforce, is they have an enormous powerful scientific workforce and i think they really do the approach this in an aggressive scientific way. guest: what a start is road stories about the lovely were dismissed in favor of theories somebody eating a sick out market and move on some progressives are thinking of the recent we know today, it was a mistake.
9:45 am
>> of the gives was wrong and as know i am a defender of the first amendment free-speech and i think that it was wrong to try to censor the folks who were arguing that it was an accidental leak lab in the very least, we know that is a plausible erie that the department of energy has with this out. guest: not heard anything about this from president biden since the energy to barb about the report outing does not seem like today will be the day because when he beat missus virginia beach later, will be talk about healthcare c1 thank you peter see you soon and let's go to larry kudlow, he's with us this morning and right, ron desantis, and he said that this is a covid-19 cover up and that the u.s. response has been a major failure you say. guest: will i think desantis is right, enemy, as far as us quote is concerned i think he is completely right and i think this was a man-made lab leak,
9:46 am
okay, and the intel agencies are probably will never 100 percent agree that it think that the energy department now the fbi, a batch of the inside bureaucracy is pretty cover a lot of survive and i also think and i cannot prove this and i probably will never be able to process but i believe, that china, not only because of the cover-up of millions of chinese deaths, from covid-19, but also china unlike the united states, never imposed travel restrictions. and i think that is how they wound up weapon icing covid-19 and they saw how badly they were hit and their people were killed and their economy was destroyed and i think they decided to leave the travel door open particular by the way, with europe because trump closed the travel door here right and that's very important europe never closed is sue there are
9:47 am
300,000 plus chinese workers, and the milan in italy, fashion industry, and that is how the thing spread throughout europe, there was a prime source be coming to the united states, i cannot prove this, he would disagree with me or somebody i respect that disagreement but am saying to my gut tells me that china cover-up organize this terrible horrible covid-19 suite one oh prove it or taking very strong position what i know what we should do about it china and what we should which we do with china. larry: for the most amazing thing is that we still while years later we have not done anything about this, we would actually, remember you and i went about living a couple of weeks ago, happened to to that, nothing, nothing is ever happened to out now china may be coming to the help of russia and ukraine war. so we has to do something to
9:48 am
stand up to china and i don't know donald trump was still present maybe he would've slept $100 billion in tariffs and maybe it is time to get them out of the wto maybe it's time to do something and stop all exports to china, the couple economically, which normally is a free-market guy come i don't like it but in china's case, there his so subversive and they undermined american interests return and here's the thing, biden as a nothing and they just get away with these things whether it is a violent, or whether it is the wuhan steward or something with russia, they do not do anything and are intimidated by what china does it is crazy. stuart: right and larry did you see with simeone said the other day, that of overspending going to have a $10 trillion worth of extra interest to be paid international just in the next ten years enemy, it's a debt crisis frankly with that kind of
9:49 am
money. larry: well look, 20 trillion increase in total deficits, total deficits, i think their interest rate assumptions alone i do not think deficits because the interest rate i think inflation causes interest reason i think inflation is going to be an ongoing problem ands i want to be so easy and 20 take a couple of warriors, we have very bad inflation numbers, and the cpi, the ppi in the pcd inflator, and i think that's the fed funds target rated low, the real interest rates go up and then the big problem right here and they have not gotten that done, and the root cause of the deficits, and the spinning, we spend too much and we grow, too little still and what we need to do is make the trump tax cuts permanent and stop all of this crazy spinning. stuart: yes, i wish it would happen but it will not hey larry, you're right and we will
9:50 am
see you. lau.larry: working really hard n this c1 you intrigued us would you suggest we live a living, i think that's a slight limp what we will be watching you at 4:00 o'clock eastern today on foxbusiness and larry kudlow and coming up, take a look at this, cnn said that biden student loan it out, but is in the hands of nine relatively wealthy people who graduated from the public schools and that would be the supreme court wouldn't it will take it to pieces and in a moment we have a report on where covid-19 money is being spent, it is not always on covid-19, back after this.
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stuart: we are learning how much of the covid-19 money, was spent on non- covid-19 causes and triple on capitol hill, grady, what are some of the non- covid-19 programs that we spend money on. guest: new apartment buildings, government vehicles, walking trails, the list goes on and on,
9:55 am
$140 million in covid-19 eight went toward a delay is student loan payments under the biden administration, let's take a look at how some cities and states use the money, and washington dc set aside to have million dollars for parking enforcement and iowa allocated 23 and half million to build a permanent field of dreams ballpark, arguing that would have the hospitality industry hit hard by covid-19 and new jersey governor phil murphy, have proved $12 million to build a state all of fame, but another half a million dollars, went toward new administration suvs, and the nonprofit opened the books tells foxbusiness, the congress was in a rush to get paid out to americans in a crisis, they should build routine spinning controls that could be attached to any new appropriations and even in a hurry and these revelations about where all of this covid-19 money went, comes as obviously republicans are trying to rein in the government spending, admit that debt ceiling showdown, that is still ongoing
9:56 am
here. >> will have the six week with the republicans and democrats because the debt is that big of a problem, that we will sit in the auditorium, were going to listen to the congressional budget office and were going to start the conversation but how do we turn the tide for the next generation. c5 back to the covid-19 money we should note that all of those uses, that i listen, were perfectly legal and there was nothing against doing all of the states and cities did rules of the pandemic spinning, and that is what the critics say, has a problem. stuart: got it and think you grady and here's what we have for you a still ahead of the 10:00 o'clock hour, mike huckabee, leader duffy, and jason in the texas congressman in the 10:00 o'clock hour, is next.
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