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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 29, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is all about obama getting reelected. >> not only has this president bankrupted the country, he is pathetically weak and what has happened with the democrats this week is disgraceful. >> the democrats? >> yes, the democrats. >> sean: thanks for being with us. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. speaker boehner's bill is dead. just as senate majority leader harry reid had promised. the boehner bill was killed within minutes of arrive no contest the senate chamber. the senate tabled it by a vote of 59-41. but just before arriving in the senate the debt ceiling bill had passed the house and it was a squeaker for the speaker but he did get the votes. here is what the very fired up speaker said to get the votes in the house of representatives. >> this will be the seconded bill we sent over to the senate and yet not one lease of legislation out of the senate has passed that deals with this crisis. and my colleagues i can tell you that i have worked with the president and the
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administration since the beginning of this year to avoid being in this spot. i have offered ideas. i have negotiated. not one time, not one time did the administration ever put any plan on the table. all they would do was criticize what i put out there. i stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president of the united states. i stuck my neck out a mile. i put revenues on the table. in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are. but a lot of people? people in this town can never say, yes. a lot of people can never say, yes. this house has acted. and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table! tell us where you are!
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>> greta: rush limbaugh sees this as a victory for the conservative wing of the republican party. >> i want to say something to you conservatives out there. i want to tell you how damn proud of you i am. because you made this happen. the conservative intelligence, the conservative so called media inside the beltway would have accepted anything yesterday, the day before, last night, would have accepted anything that boehner put forth because they are operating out of fear. fear of being blamed. primarily. but fear of other things. the age old fears. the fears rooted in the mentality of being consistent constant losers. remember the republicans won
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the control of the house of representatives in 1994 for the first time in 40 years and one of the biggest problems they faced was they had 40 years of being in the minority as their mindset. it was hard within a matter of days to start acting like winners. they never have been. it is like the person who loses a tremendous amount of weight still feels fat. it is just what you get conditioned. you stop and look at yourself in the mirror every time you see a mirror just to confirm that you actually have lost the weight because you don't believe it. same thing with people who are consistent losers and ray lahood yesterday citing we need to go back to bob michael was a classic example. we have to go back to being full-time losers, that is our place in washington. well, you don't accept that and i don't accept it. and you have not accepted it and you have let it be known that you will not accept a loser attitude, a loser mentality among our leadership
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in washington. how in the world can we look at ourselves as losers with this man, barack obama as president? this man is on his back. he is on his last legs. the gross domestic product of this country is 1.3%. we are living in a man made disaster, personally made by barack obama. there is no reason to compromise with people who have not offered any substantive ideas of their own. there is no reason to continue to act like losers particularly coming off the november elections when we were landslide winners. >> greta: joining us is republican congressman tom graves who is also a member of the tea party caucus. good evening, sir. >> good to be with you. >> greta: you voted no in the house of representatives against what speaker boehner wanted from you. was is difficult?
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>> really not. i had peace about it. i vote my conscience and my constituents and then consider what the the leadership has to say. ultimately for me this solution did not fit the magnitude of the problem we face as a nation. i'm a big supporter of cut, cap and balance. we had a historic vote last week that i believe was one much the most powerful votes for a taxpayer and to move to a different position wasn't some where i could go. no, it wasn't difficult. >> greta: it had some wording about a balanced budget. that didn't satisfy you? >> that was after $900 billion released and credit extended as a nation. we were saying you can have 900 billion more dollars to spend but later we will consider a balanced budget amendment. my position is we need to discuss the reforms in place now today before we extend our credit limit any more. there were are cuts and savings. only $7 billion next year compared to $900 billion of credit being released and that is nothing. that is absolutely nothing.
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it is one fifth of one penny of what we spend each year is what we were going to say. >> greta: sitting on the house floor and you are voting no and speaker wants you you to vote yes on it. like bad vibes, you sort of want to get out the door? >> not really. >> greta: did you tell him yourself you were going to vote no on it. i offer solutions and ideas how can we get certain aspects in place so it might be a better bill and be perfect and we had those conversations but it didn't end up in the posture where i needed it or the other 2 members h who voted no. >> greta: moved over the senate and kill there and now the senate will vote on harry reid's bill and something will come back to you that certainly isn't going to be as appealing as even speaker boehner's bill. what do you think is going to happen? >> what i hope happens is that we step back to the one thing that america is behind. that is cut cap and balance. >> greta: to you think that is
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happening? >> i believe it could happen if we would stand for it and fight for it and get engaged and be resolute about it and not offer additional solutions, not plan b, c and d and whatever else is out there. the future of our nation, you think about it is really at stake and the decisions we make in the next couple of days determine where we will go as a nation. >> greta: i assume that the bill that is going to come from the senate is not going to have the balanced budget amendment when it comes back it will be less appealing to many colleagues who voted yes today. it will be less attractive. >> we heard a lot about compromise but that what has led to the mess we are in. $14.5 trillion in debt. after today's vote if the president were to sign the bill today it would have been over $15 trillion in debt because it extended the debt limit again without structural reform in place so we never end up in this mess again.
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>> greta: what is the plan? stand by for the weekend? are all of you in town? >> scheduled votes for saturday and sunday and plan on being here next week until it's done and i can tell you conservatives are going to stay engaged and stay leaning in the fight providing positive solutions to keep our nation in a direction that we know will be the right direction for our country in the future. >> greta: the "wall street journal" came out against many of you conservative freshmen senators around against the tea party and you were quoted assaying it was an interesting op ed opinion and they are welcome to run for office. you are not scared or terrorized by the "wall street journal"? >> the great thing about this nation everybody has their opinion but i'm the one with the voting card can vote yes or no. i voted yes for cut, cap and balance and no for the boehner bill today. >> nice to see you.
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speak boehner was not able to herd all the republicans in the house. despite the rogue 22 the speaker's bill did pass the house and last night's aborted vote followed by last minute revisions made some members of the house flip flop or at least that is what critics are saying. one congressman who divided to vote yes is joining us today. you are running for the senate to replace senator jon kyl in arizona and the democrats have come out and tagged you a flip flopper. the ink and the even try on your vote. >> the bill changed. myself and several other conservatives went to the speaker and others and said we would like to have the balanced budget amendment part of the bill. it wasn't before. we stood for cut, cap and balance. the boehner bill had cut and cap but it didn't have the balance and they were able to add that and therefore it got my vote. i don't begrudge those who voted against it. >> greta: why do you think there are those that voted
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against it? where is your difference with him. >> i voted for cut cap and balance. i think that is the right the approach. i think the other bill was far, far, far superior to the one we voted on today. just a close call as to whether or not you think it as good message to send to have the senate have to pick up another bill. so i don't begrudge those who voted against it. like i said, it wasn't an easy call for me but i felt that it has o had the balanced budget mendment as part of it. when we can put that out there and force the senators and democrats in the house to actually consider it, it is good for us. that is an 85% issue around the country. >> greta: all the tension and everything built up around that particular vote and that decision is now over because it goes across the hill past the capitol to the united states senate and lands there and
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kerplunk. it's dead on arrival. now, the senate will vote on senate majority leader harry reid's bill by doesn't have the balanced budget amendment in this form at all. i assume you won't vote for harry reid. >> there is not much difference between the reid bill and boehner bill in terms of substance. about the same particularly in the first year spending cuts, there are about $4 billion difference which in the grand scheme of things in these bills isn't that much. what i would like to do is take the reid bill, attach the balanced budget amendment to it and send it back to them. that way it would and give the president authority to have the debt limit increased until after the elections which he is insisting on. it is the reid bill so it is what the senate is insisting on. it contains a balanced budget amendment which house republicans conservatives are insisting on. i'm not suggesting that all of my colleagues or even a good number would vote for it but i
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would. i think that it is that important to get the balanced budget amendment in law and. >> greta: that might win because, i mean we do all our research on everybody and how everyone voted. there are 20 democratic senators who have said in recent history that they wanted a balanced budget amendment. if they get everything this he wanted in the reid bill. >> the reid bill which is theirs, we wouldn't change it word of it. take the entire reid bill or just take the first year and say let's do do the first year and deal with the intervening years later. frankly in washington i have been around long enough to know -- >> greta: nobody trusts beyond a year. >> what really counts is the year that you are in and what you are doing. so just include the first year if you want to and say we will do the first year and give the president what he wants in terms of when the debt ceiling goes to after the elections but you attach the balanced budget amendment and you are right, 20 some democrats including speaker or i'm sorry majority
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leader reid have voiced support for it. >> 1995. >> hoyer in the house. >> and senator durbin. and think of those 23 senators running for reelection. 23 democratic senators running for reelection 2012 having to say we got everything we wanted with the debt ceiling increase except the balanced budget amendment which we say in our campaign literature are that we like but we are not going to take it now. >> greta: it is like check mate. explain awhy why suddenly they changed their mind on the balanced budget amendment. and it still has to go out to the states and at least 7 years from now before that happens. >> ime. precisely. i'm one always chaffed at the notion that we have to have a balanced budget amendment to balance our books. we should as members of congress be able to cut enough spending to be able to say i'm sorry, entitlement reform needs
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to happen but we simply have. been able to do that. and if we need to use mechanism like a balanced budget amendment, statutory spending caps. thethe problem with those, they are good for a couple of years and then we waive them, point to something and say i would like to give yo those benefits but i just can't. >> greta: that is a strategy i would not be surprised if it were pursued and actually worked. a long weekend. thank you. >> greta: , speaker boehner spent the day twisting arms to get vote and president obama tweeted. he turned to the social network today to put the pressure on republicans. >> monday night i asked the american people to make their voice heard in the debate and overchemming to all the american people keep
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it up. if you want to see a bipartisan compromise and little that can pass let your members of congress know. make a phone call, send an e-mail, tweet, keep the pressure on washington and we can get past this. and for my part our administration will be continuing to work with democrats and republicans all weekend long until we find a solution. the time for putting party first is over. the time for compromise on behalf of the american people is now. >> greta: now, since then both the white house and capitol hill have been buzzing with phone calls and the tweets are burning the internet. and earlier today the president tweeted this message saying the time for putting party first is eserri. if you want to see bipartisan compromise, let congress know, call, e-mail, tweet. and the president's campaign staff used his @ barack obama twitter account to post the oesid.are
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similar message saying -- >> what is next in the debt ceiling feud? perhaps facebook wars. and straight ahead, kaboom. u.s. stocks sink. this week the worst week in a year. investors jittery. how bad is it? congressman paul goes on -- the d word and it is not a d. it is an economic condition. what happens if the debt ceiling plans both fail? is there a plan b? and what about the gang of six. we ask in just minutes. president obama, speaker boehner and senator reid may
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>> greta: time is running out. four days to go. should we bescared about the
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debt ceiling does not get raced. the next guest says the failure to raise the debt ceiling could put us into a full-blown recession if not a depression. that is the d word. isn't it? bad, southbound >> it is really tough. there were negotiations in the republican majority. negotiating with themselves, against themselves. we spent hours of delay. a day's worth of delay and they i think in net gained three votes and really had to go to the far right to make that work by adding some measures that have not prove so proven so sul with the balanced budget measure and other items that have found the extreme end of the republican leadership in the house controling that outcome and bying very few votes in the process. >> greta: i have a different
10:22 pm
take on this. as you say it is not very successful. i think the reason we are in this discussion and this crisis is because the february '09 stimulus bill was a failure. because if it had been successful and the unemployment rate were down 8% instead of 9.2. a dismal report today about the second quarter and the gdp. people saying if they find a job in milwaukee they can't sell the house here to buy a house in milwaukee because they are underwater. the bad job reports. everything. if the stimulus bill in february of '09 had worked and the economy were roaring right now two and a half years later i think that the consumer confidence would be better, there would be more revenue because people would be employed and people would psychologically be inspired and that is what has put us into a tail spin and that is the bigger crisis. >> i think the 8.2 million jobs loss in the recession prior to president obama assuming office made it very difficult. a very deep hole out of which to climb.
10:23 pm
>> greta: i understand he is not responsible for what he got the day he got in office but once he assumed office and made the promises including the head of the national economic advisors said 8% by the end of the year. larry somers who hit the road because he didn't do too well. he owns the trend and if you look at every single economic indicator the trend is bad. >> okay. we also had within there some very difficult international situations that caused an increase impact in the energy crisis that this country and the world has faced. >> greta: you mean like the tsunami and auto parts in japan? >> all of that. and i think also when you look at the jobs crisis which is the prevailing overwhelming crisis that america faces, the investment in jobs and investing in programs that create jobs -- >> greta: it didn't didn't happen. >> has to be done with intensity. >> last summer they bragged
10:24 pm
about 60,000 jobs but they were census jobs. six week jobs. there haven't been jobs that beget jobs. the thinking that they had is if you hire all the people to do the census that they will have money to buy cars or other things and really rev up the economy and you know, i'm sure everyone really wanted it to work. i wanted it to work. the president wanted it to work but it didn't and i think that is why we are where we are. >> but you had an upward steady climb in private sector job growth in the millions but got impacted of late with the downward loss from the states. >> greta: and that is the problem. >> with public sector jobs being crunched down simply because of the recession trickling down into the layers of government. >> greta: but they get rid of those jobs because their state economies are in such a mess. >> all caused by the reinvestigation and the private sector -- recession. and the private sector job growth was there. >> greta: i'm saying i never assume a job and promised the
10:25 pm
people i could do it. is the problem. there was the expectation and i wish it had worked out better i really do for him. i travel across the country and see all these people that don't have jobs. shopping centers without cars. as much as we like to say it worked i have a list of these indicators and they are all bad. >> and i think it is an aftermath of the recession. what i would point out, greta, is that you the cutting taxes deeply as they did with the trillions that they invested in tax cuts created ended up with an 8.2 million count for jobs lost. would you argue that cutting that investment and cutting taxes is producing jobs? or when you did invest in jobs maybe not deeply enough you came up with millions in the private sector and again the delay factor that impacted the state capitols found public sector jobs being crushed tremendously. >> greta: his experts told us and so did the president it
10:26 pm
would be different today. the question is how long do the american people wait. it bothered me tonight when senator reid said we are headed to economic carries disaster. a low temperature of people aren't headed to economic disaster they are feeling it right now. i thought that was the most out of touch statement. >> that is why the jobs crisis looms the largest here now. we we look at the days wasted in five days this week we lost more than p five years worth of savings that could have been accrued here. you know, the five days worth of loss on the market is equal to five years worth of savings that these plans would have produced. we are really the delay here and the playing politics with all of this we needed to boost the confidence of the economy. >> greta: i think it goes back to february of 09 dame i '09. congressman, i hope you will come back because there is a lot to talk about this economic stuff.
10:27 pm
>> absolutely. let's hope for the nation's sake we get it resolved and restore the confidence of the economy. >> greta: i just want it to get better. if the political leaders strike a debt ceiling deal in time will we be in the clear or is premiering the revolution by lg. the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library. powered by verizon 4g lte for an unparalleled streaming experience. see how mobile entertainment was meant to be seen. only with verizon 4g lte. now get the revolution by lg for $199.99 and receive 3 months of netflix free.
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>> greta: speaker boehner's debt ceiling bill took a road trip tonight. narrowly passed in the house and then headed over to the senate floor but won't get a chance to pass over to the
10:31 pm
white house. they tabled it and the trip is over. that only leaves the debt ceiling bill to be voted on and mitch mcconnell stepped up with an unusual offer. >> the house of representatives intends to vote on the reid amendment tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 but in order to accommodate the schedule is off senators we could accommodate the majority and have the vote on the reid budget tonight. >> we are happy to have a vote any time but it should be a majority vote just like the house had. the house had a majority vote today and they had an overwhelming extra vote of none. we would be happy to have a simple majority vote on the democratic proposal we are putting forward. >> is that a consent? >> that is a consent that we will be happy to have a vote if it as simple majority. >> reserving the right to object.
10:32 pm
let me say this is almost an out of body experience to have someone talk w suggest that wea 50 vote threshold in the united states senate. i'm perplexd that my friend the majority leader doesn't want to vote on his proposal as soon as possible. >> mr. president, please have order. >> greta: sounds like we will have to wait for the vote on senate majority leader henry reid's debt ceiling plan. what if that also fails. is there another idea? we asked about the gang of six. >> i take it you still fear the gang of six report. >> and whatever happens in the debt ceilingle is a big issue. we still have a debt crisis and that is what the gang of six plan is, changing the paradigm in america. >> greta: the gang of six long-term to solve the problem.
10:33 pm
is the boehner bill and reid bill just something to sort of handle things in the short run and get us through to the next time and not really a solution? >> they are big parts of the solution. i'm impressd that we are talking in the terms of $3 trillion and a vote on the balanced budget amendment. this is nothing small but we have a $14.5 trillion national debt and if we do nothing it will be $28 trillion in ten years. we have a much bigger issue. we need the cap cut and balance bill or boehner bill and need the gang of six bill and probably need another in short order after that. >> greta: you say you are happy we are talking about it. acting on things is a lot different. and still you like the boehner -- the boehner bill coming over here is going to be dead in the water coming over here. >> senator reid said he will bring it up immediately and they have the votes to kill it immediately. unfortunately, his bill does
10:34 pm
not have the kind of substance it in it in real terms. his will probably die in the senate as well. even though the votes will probably take them down the substance and content of them can easily be pieces of a deal coming together and i'm hopeful that we will be able to put that together in terms of getting a big deal that will help us take major steps. >> greta: when do we get the big deal that is going to correct everything in the government? >> i wish i could tell you it was last night or tonight but obviously has to be within the next couple of days. i believe there is a good chance because we simply can't get to a point where we go to a potential government shutdown or the threat of causing us to lose our triple-a rating simply because we would not deal with our debt ceiling. >> greta: you raise triple a rating and the two area for the life of me i can't figure out. one is why going to be a two part question. the people who do the ratings are largely responsible for the mess that we are in. >> right. >> they are largely
10:35 pm
responsible. yet they are now the ones that we are sort of bowin bowing tod don't want them to hurt us and downgrade us. a bad situation that very have such an impact that they put on us what is the first thing what are we going to do about them. the second thing is the gang of six and commission gao report, about 1200 pages sitting on my desk which talks about billions and billions and billions of government waste, inappropriate payments, duplicate services and you hear nothing about that this week, nothing. >> the first is why the rating agencies were given such credit or attention when they are big part of the problem we recently had. we don't have to convince the rating agencies. we have to convince the global bond markets what we are doing is real. what the rating agencies are doing right now is simply repeating that their understanding it of how the markets are going to react and saying that they are going to mirror that in their ratings. >> you don't think the bond
10:36 pm
market mirrors the ratings. seems like they give the ratings and the bond market responds. sometimes you wonder which is the cart and which is the horse. i really believe we are getting to a point where regardless of what the ratings agencies do if the bond markets don't respond positively to what we do we will still see the rating agencies follow with a credit rating reduction. >> greta: the tom coburn gang of six mixed gao record. any discussion here in the last week, heard any about the billions of dollars of government waste and inappropriate payments. any discussion about that? >> that report showed just in terms of cup mycation there is a couple of hundred billion dollars a year that we are wasting here at the federal government. >> it is an easy fix. >> an easy fix. >> greta: a blueprint it is even easy to read, unlike other bills. >> and although there hasn't been specific discussion it is a big part of what we discussed in the gang of six and a lot of targets or caps being
10:37 pm
considered in any bill being considered the boehner or reid bill or other bills would have to take advantage of the kind of findings in the study to achieve their targets. the things we are talking about here are more setting the caps and controls on the overall spending levels and getting those things enforced and putting meat on the bones if you will would come from looking at those kinds of reports and finding those savings. >> greta: so obvious, i mean the report is so crystal clear. >> it is. >> greta: hundreds of billions of dollars. you would think for political reasons everybody would be seizing on that and talking about that because it is so unbelievably wasteful and yet i hear so little about it. >> and you do letter little about it and see a lot of pushback frankly and i will tell you why. in our country today special interest groups are so invested in their particular government programs they don't care whether there is a study that shows there is waste and fahd and abuse and could be provided more efficiently. they are worried about and afraid of adjust things and
10:38 pm
changing their part of the pie, if you will. >> greta: i would be worried if i were an elected official i would be worried that every american was downloading that jao report and seeing fraud because there would be a lot of unhappy politicians. >> and see phenomenal ways to change things without reducing government services. we argue about what has to be cut and there needs to be trimming back of government services as well. you can acleave phenomenal savings by reducing the dupe mycation and getting rid of the inefficiencies. coming up, is democratic senator joe manson going rogue senator joe manson going rogue on senate leader harry [ male announcer ] imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place. the winning horse you could have picked. ♪ that "old flame" you should have called. ♪ that leap of faith you never took.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm craig boswell, financial markets are growing more and more aircrafts as tuesday's debt ceiling deadline
10:43 pm
nears. the do closed today 97 points lower, that wraps up a week-long slide. since monday, the dow jones industrial average has dropped more than 500 points and the s&p lost 8 and the nasdaq dropped 10. people in texas hoped tropical storm don would bring badly needed rain, but it fizzled out in a sparsely populated area of south texas. it had been forecast to have 50-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rain. don brought lingering scattered showers. much of the lone star state is in an extreme drought. the tropical storm warning has been lifted. back to "on the record." for all your headlines, go to record." for all your headlines log on to fox news .com. >> greta: one senator is breaking ranks with his party. first term senator joe mention says he will not vote -- joe
10:44 pm
manchin says he will not vote for speaker boehner's plan. earlier today, senator joe manchin went on the record. you don't like senator reid's bill or speaker boehner's bill. what is wrong with both and what do you like? >> i respect both of those men and they are trying as hard as they can to get what they can done. i said one is short and one is shorter. i came here to fix things as a governor in west virginia who had to live in a balanced budget amendment and had to work within my parameters. we had to face tough situations and we fixed things. i came here and told the people i would be coming from west virginia to try and fix what i thought was wrong and maybe we could help by showing them what we did and i found out it is a little bit more challenging but we are working hard and we are going to get it done. if we are going to have a twist every economist says you need a four trillion dollars swing.
10:45 pm
the simpson bowles debt commission, everyone was shooting for that target. everything since then, neither one of them fix it and with all due respect with senator boehner it gets us into an election year. if you think this has been a fiasco you ain't seen nothing yet if you put that kind of turmoil during that period of time. in all fairness, senator reid puts it to right up to the election. that is not fair either. it really hasn't fixed a big problem. if we are going to do it give something that gives aus guaranteed vote before the end of the year that we will vote on the big package to fix what we can. laid out and worked out with the simpson bowles, the debt, the gang of six. a group that basically makes sense. >> greta: are both speaker boehner and senator reid's bills creating more trouble
10:46 pm
later and not solving the problem and just an effort to sort of get something done and even like a band aid to get us to the next step. >> i'm brand new up here but i have always looked and my mind thinks if you have a problem you fix it because you will have another problem tomorrow. if you have a problem and you don't fix it and you put a band aid on it and that scabs maybe doesn't heal up and you got to deal with it again. we do we want to go back and do this again. >> greta: you are not the only ex-governor. senator warner and senator ben nelson as well. >> lamar alexander. john hogan. >> greta: are you sort inform a special club here? you must all sort of recognize the problem and all come from states that have balanced budget amendments. >> we have comfortable conversations understanding we knew what it took to run or states and have a hard sometimes understanding process. just hunker down. you know what, we can do it when you look at the good of
10:47 pm
the country. i used to tell both democrats and are republicans we are going to work with what is best for west virginia. i can't basically just kateer to one side or another. if you want to play politics i will give you something to play politics with. this is real serious and itth is serious what we are dealing with, greta. we are talking about the insolvency of the nation and the credit rating. credit rating i know something about because as governor ours had been dismal for far too long at west virginia. our goal was to get the financial house in order and get the credit rating raised. >> greta: something is going to happen and probably not going be something you like. and worse from what you say, something that is not even going to work. >> i still think that they can put something together that basically takes care of our in insolvency, we are pay our bills and put a parallel path
10:48 pm
where they can put the legislation because it is complicated and the tax code and has to work through committees and give it the deadline through the end of the year that we must vote. i think john boehner wants to put a commission together and harry reid. >> greta: many american people, we talk about a commission. we had the simpson bowles commission that was sort of their job and they came out with a solution. didn't have enough votes within the commission. >> we had to get 11 out of 18 or 14 out of 18 jet but that >> greta: but that was a good eye me. >> there should have been a guaranteed vote. >> greta: nothing to prevent everyone from resurrecting their ideas. >> basically this commission has to follow the frame work and a parallel legislation which is a debt commission gang of six and there is 35 or 40
10:49 pm
that signed on even split. >> greta: what did senator harry reid say when you talked about his views? >> harry has been open. he is trying to reach out. >> greta: when you tell him this isn't $4 trillion, just a kick it intong to dick it into the election. >> i said i got to go back home and say we are fixing thing. they didn't expect me to come home and say guess what we took care of it until after the elections. >> greta: what does he say to that? >> trying to work through it. he is reaching out and i think there is more going on with hopefully him and mitch talking. we will have -- if we can't make it in the senate i don't know what to do then. >> greta: balanced budget for the federal government. good idea or bad idea? >> i like it but you have to make sure, the federal government is a little different. has to meet national disasters and wars and other parameters. you can put conditions on that but it keeps you basically in the parameter living within your means. >> greta: and i say good you gave me a fast answer is what i
10:50 pm
meant because we are running out of time. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. i appreciate it. >> greta: straight ahead. looks like ipod ♪ we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? check out huge savings during the bass pro shops summer clearance sale, like... and make plans now for the fall hunting classic starting august 5th. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you considered this by motorola ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps.
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>> greta: it's time for last call. the senate majority leader harry reid get his pizza? an embar yags month for the leader caught on camera. >> he said he won't negotiate with me. that is... >> your pizza is ready. >> okay, got to love that one. >> that is your last call. thank you for


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